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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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@ 444444444444 a big night tonight, good evening. florida is the big prize for republicans, it's a winner take all state. >> thanks for joining us , the polls are supposed to be closed in an hour, but the election supervisor, asked for extra time, because of a ballot shortage. >> we asked the governor, through the secretary of the state for the governor, of the possible of expanding the voting time to 8 p.m. tonight, that would coincide with the central time zone of florida. >> tom johnson, he's at the supervisor's office, looking into what went wrong. i'm guessing, it's not a florida right? hearing you. we did speak with the secretary
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us to expect the issue, the decision on this any minute now. and i also spoke with someone inside the supervisor of election's office, and they don't expect to have a decision for the next half hour. time is running out, polls are supposed to close at 7. the problems that got us to this point, started this morning. >> and we shouldn't have these kinds of problems in this country. >> she was i guesser to vote when she -- eager to vote this morning. her mood soured fast when she was told the precinct was out of republican ballots. >> i was angry, and told them that was unacceptable, and tell me what was going on, and they said, they ran out of ballots. >> election supervisor, bill cowell, says a printing error, caused a shortage of republican ballots, too few democratic
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>> what appears to have happened, the numbers for ballot order was transposed and we're winding up having a reduction in the number of ballots for like the republican party ballot or the democratic party ballot. >> a dozen places are affected, all in the six orange county cities, also holding municipal elections today. >> there's no reason, in this country that we can't vote. no reason. we have computers, we have all kinds of things and it's unacceptable. >> now the supervisor cowell says that once they got word of the ballot shortages happening in the six cities, they began printing replacement ballots in batches of 500 here in the office and having them sent to
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once again, we're told by the secretary of state office, they expect a decision any minute now, to extend by one hour voting in those affected precincts but the supervisor's office says the best bet, is to make plans to be in line at your polling place by 7 p.m. if you want to cast your vote many this primary. fox 35 news. thank you, let's talk about the candidates right now. half of them, to spend the day in florida >> we have team coverage with the candidates in the state. mike simon with donald trump's campaign. and daryl with hilary clinton's, and we start with dana with marco rubio's camp in miami. >> hi, and marco rubio hoping to pull off a very big win tonight. just a few of his supporters
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he's supposed to meet the numbers, he's hoping to appeal to the cuban supporters, and the expectation is, he'll get out of the race if he doesn't win in his home state. we heard him the past few days, not to be swayed, and he's never come close to trump in the polls in florida. today, however, rubio says, he's polls. >> quite frankly, a lot of people will be embarrassed tonight, and will want refunds, we'll win florida, and we feel optimistic about that. >> now, even if he does pull out a big win, he's set up with an intimate celebration here. you're looking at the event space here, we're looking at the
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not a very vig venue, and -- big venue, and most of it is taken up by press at this hour. fox 35 news. and thank you, and rubio will have to overcome big odds if he wins florida. going into today, donald trump had more than a 20 point lead over marco rubio. mike is from trump headquarters in palm beach. the mood there is happy. >> yeah, pretty confident actually. donald trump expecting to win here in florida tonight. he's hoping to deliver a knockout blow to two different campaigns tonight. he's not on the campaign trail today. he told a crowd yesterday, he will win florida, and today the polls have backed him up on that. he spoke more than an hour yesterday, picking on the opponents by calling them names,
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>> go home to their moms soon, let me ask you, i don't want to ruin someone's life, but do we prosecute someone like that? it's on their card forever, seems harsh, but we're trying to be nice. >> now the last two times, i've been to a press conference here at donald trump's winter home, he's been calm, more subdued. interested to see if that happens again tonight win or lose. live in palm beach tonight. fox 35 news. thanks, and senator ted cruz's campaign volunteers are hosting watch parties, in several big states tonight. including here in florida. but the senator is back in his home state of texas, we'll monitor the satellites for any sign of him tonight. and 66 delegates are up for
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state of ohio, governor john kasich was out the early to cast his vote today. >> i've been doing the same thing for a long time and the last two weeks, we got more attention than the last seven months. people get to hear the message and the record, we've been able to grow. >> he also says, there's no way to join forces with donald trump. thank you, and let's move on to the democrats right now. according to the recent poll data, hilary clinton stands to win in florida. we have more on that angle. daryl? >> that's right, and keep in mind, we're three and a half miles away from where mike simon just report there. trump's place there in palm beach.
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behind me is the podium, we expect hilary clinton to speak tonight. she's already talking about donald trump on the trail. today, in north carolina, we have video from that as well. she made a stop there, the democratic front runner, campaigning there. she greeted supporters, where like florida, she is heavily favored to collect the majority of the delegates. she's not taking any chances with the memphising. she's -- message. she faces a much tighter race in the mid western states, illinois, missouri, and ohio. today she made her case to supporters, that she's the one to take on trump. >> i've gotten more votes than anybody, including donald trump.
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p ready to take him on, if he's in that position. obviously, i will continue to build the number of delegates who support me. >> and this is where she'll watch the delegates come in today. here in florida, she landed at the international airport, and stopped by a dunkin' doughnutses. she'll come here, the doors have opened for the public and they're streaming in now. she's expected to take the stage here sometime after 9 p.m. fox 35 news. vermont senator, bernie sanders, is hoping to gain big victories in ohio. and illinois and missouri could also be up for grabs.
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florida today, he's in phoenix tonight. fox 35, we're your election headquarters tonight. the polls close at 7 p.m. and then we'll break in with results from florida and across the country. we're broadcasting online at, followed by fox 35 news at 10 and 11. and also live reports from the campaign headquarters. developing tonight, the florida highway patrol is investigating a serious crash that was reportedly caused by five or six home invasion suspects. tonight they're still on the run. >> the police say the men were running from the cops after raiding this townhouse, then beating and tying up the people who live here. during the chase, the mercedes t-boned this nissan, sending the
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he's now recovering after the surgery. after the crash, the men jumped out, and took off. the police think this house is targeted, because this men who live here, has been open on social media of their money. posting pictures of the large amount of cash. >> and hopefully they can put gates and key codes up there. >> and the men are still on the run tonight, the police are still searching through the merdz, calling -- mercedes, calling this the key to this investigation. fox 35 news. now most bikers are returned home from bike week. >> one is staying behind, to hunt for his pet parrot. someone took the bird and he's offering a reward for the return, we'll tell you more in a bit.
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knights are back on the and unusual crime coming out of bike week this year. a stolen parrot. >> one biker is on the hunt for his missing bird, but this is no ordinary parrot. >> he misses his little girl, spike. >> [inaudible]. it's an unusual [inaudible]. >> he's been putting up the flyers, and this is where spike, his 22-year-old macaw was taken off the motorcycle. >> she was forced off the crowd.
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and tried to chase them down. >> spike can't fly, and likely put up a fight. >> she really enjoyed being in the wind. and riding something, she has over 130,000 mild of riding underher wings. >> she's chipped, and he's offering a $1,000 reward, leading to her return. >> she has so many friends and i really miss her. >> fox 35 news. hot and humid, that's been the forecast over the last several days, and continues to be the case for one more day. tomorrow is another hot one, right now, radar is rain free. 88 in melbourne, and the westerly breeze is making it cooler on the west coast, and hotter on the east coast. 87 in daytona, 87 on palm coast. temperatures are warmer today. compared to yesterday.
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the west wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. live picture right now, in the metro area, 87 crees. the west -- degrees, and the west wind. the sun settling a lot over -- setting a little over 7:00. and 89 was the high for this afternoon, and 69, the early morning low. that was 13 trees warmer than -- degrees warmer than normal. goes to show how moist the atmosphere is. we'll be warmer than normal through friday. and then scattered storms rolling in friday, saturday, sunday. but right now, sunday looks to days. 82 in miami. 86 up around jacksonville. storm system wrapping up across the great lakes. this one is producing heavy rain and it'll switch over and produce he have snow.
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wisconsin and the orange here, we have the threat of severe weather, in illinois, for early for this evening. there goes the storm system to the north, but a trailing front is moving in our direction. it'll slow down, and not get here until later in the upcoming weekend. partly sunny skies444444444444thursday, the front slowing down, but still enough heat of the day on thursday, we'll produce scattered showers, mainly in the afternoon, and also through the evening hours on the east coast. and during the day on friday, saturday and sunday, another exactness of a thunderstorm. a warm one tomorrow, 88. 85 on thursday. there's the chance for showers and a few storms early in the weekend, and look at the great weather. cooler, highs in the 70s next week. thank you, the knights are
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we report from the first day of spring drills. >> day one of ucf spring football practice, the scott frost era has officially begun. it's different, higher tempo, and the energy has picked up. even the music changed has improved things. it's all geared to one thing, having fun. >> we work too hard and too many hours to be miserable, we want the guys to enjoy what they're doing. i want them to have the confidence and the love for the game again. new music, brings energy to practice, and that's the way we've done it, and it has noise factor that helps to prepare, and operate nonverbally. anytime a song comes on, it gives the guys some juice. >> adds some excitement, the excitement factor when things get dull, and there's not music,
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you going. that's just natural. it just adds another element, one more thing that could possibly help us. that's what it's all about. >> it's fun, we're playing music and enjoying ourselves. and putting in the work. the flow of the game and having fun >> they'll have two or three practices a week for five weeks and a spring game in a few weeks. coming up, famous for laying down the law in the courtroom. >> but now she's on the other side of the bench, who's suing judge judy. and first, we'll save you some money.
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an update for you, orange county is not extending vogue hours. -- voting hours. they didn't have enough ballots, and asked extra hours, and
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the polls will close as scheduled. and judge judy is getting slapped with a lawsuit, someone is suing her, claiming they discovered her, and not getting enough cash for her. gather, who's behind the -- gary, who's behind the lawsuit? >> so it is richard lawrence, and he claim that he discovered judge judy, and hooked up with the tv deal. he would get 5% of the profits from the show. but, he said in 2009, judy restructured the contract, and got a huge bump, and that's eating up the profits, he now wants his cut of the money and he filed the lawsuit. >> all right, we'll see what happens in that. she's not a lady i would want to mess with. back away slowly. >> definitely not.
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>> that doesn't sound like small claims to me. >> the forecast is very warm for tomorrow. much cooler weather for next week. >> thank you, and our election
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