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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  March 16, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good day at 8:00 >> announcer: this is "good day orlando." >> john: 8 o'clock on "good day orlando." in the big doings downtown, much of downtown just disappeared. >> amy: a lig
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>> john: i'm john brown, i'm amy kaufeldt. quite a few crashes on i-4. and now, here's the stories we're working on for you. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination. >> we'll make our country rich again. we'll make our country great again. >> donald trump and hillary clinton riding high on momentum. are we already in the general election in our political analyst will join us with whether or not the other candidates matter at this point. >> investigators working to figure out what sparked a fire that destroyed an iconic mansion in cocoa beach. we'll have a look at the history lost in the massive blaze. >> amy: a homeless lesson out of volusia county schools. we'll have details how the school district plans to convert a school into a homeless shelter. still to come, plus, david martin, good morning, my friend! >> hello, my friend to you, we're live outside the
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if you can see and hear me, ditch your office an ditch the computer, bring your laptop and mobile devices out to a mobile outdoor office to work. how do you do? you have to drink a lot of red bull, who is putting on the wonderful event. wings at work on the 8 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! [cheers] >> john: arnold palmer invitational. >> jayme: yes. today! pro-am today. a lot of people untown for that. >> jayme: should be fun, warm, though, know that and, wear your sunscreen today. all right? >> john: yeah. we have fog, i'll trade you a round of fog and we probably get the rain here sometime during the day tomorrow. >> john: here's the problem, if you hit a golf ball really well like i don't. you will lose your ball. and won't know where it is. >> jayme: good to admit that on live television. >> john: a bummer.
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your numbers for you, around 70 degrees. a lot of location. that is how it goes early this morning. it is very, very mild out there. and, not a lot of cooling last night, obviously, we are still under the regime here. of westerly air flow, i mean, it is very dominant and prevalent here but it is overall a lot lighter today. the winds overall cross the interior and toward the coastal areas, a sea breeze may develop along the beach front and should help to keep temperatures down, kind of, sort of, along the beach front and low and mid 80s versus the business of upper 80s, and close to 90 today. west of i-95. 85 by 5:00 and by 8:00, down to 79. we officially heat things up and don't efficiently cool things down. how it goes, i have changes, a rain chance begins to rise into the weekend and then temperatures take you a big dive by monday. around 70 there, maybe a little breezy from the north. with 51 that morning low and no chance of rain kicking off next work week and the weekend,
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traffic. >> kristin: good morning, major delays on i-4, this first crash at maitland boulevard. it is causing back-ups to lake mary, the westbound lane, i-4 at maitland boulevard. and i want to take you to another crash, further west, this is at kaley avenue. it has two lanes blocked, only two lanes are getting by and it is causing some significant slowdowns. i want to show you what i'm talking about, right here, a lot of red on the maps. here is fairbanks, kaley, you can't see it. it is further down underneath the live drive traffic banner. but those delays are going all the way up to fairbanks, so this is something you want to avoid, i-4 if you can to i-4 westbound. taking a look at our drive times, a ton of red, i-4 westbound, lake mary boulevard to colonial, will take you 55 minutes, eastbound, i-4 from the attractions to downtown will take you 21 minutes and, if you are using the 408, this morning, the 417 to downtown, will take you 25 minutes, john and amy, back to you. >> amy: thanks, this morning
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are closer to clinching their party's nominations. >> john: one of the contests too close to call. ryan joins us now in studio with how the presidential races shaping up this morning. >> ryan: good morning. fascinating night, a big night for hillary clinton and donald trump and a very close race in missouri. they have a winner on either side. first we want to hear from clinton and trump this morning. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! >> we're going to win it and make or country rich again. we're going to make or country great again. >> and look at the map, trump wins three states and look on the far left, actually the northern marietta islands voted, tiny, nine delegates an trump won and it is the win in florida which was a huge win for senator marco rubio out of the race. and, the race in missouri too close to call on both sides. trump leads by less than 2,000
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close enough for a recontinue. we'll see if they go that route. and john kasich won his home state of ohio, first and only victory, the primary season. and the democratic side, the question mark from missouri, appears if clinton wins that, she's ahead by less than 2,000 votes, again, will have swept smiling face from bernie sanders on the map. of course, clinton claims victory in missouri and we'll see if she gets that. and we leave you with that. a fascinating fox exit hole poll found 50% of nondonald trump voters would consider a third-party, over 50% who did not vote for donald trump would consider a third-party candidate. >> john: interesting, bernie sanders supporters say that, too. and, our political analyst joins us, and start with the northern marietta islands. a big night. wow, it came out of nowhere and rick keller joins me, and we spoke with marco rubio live and asked what happened if he'd lose
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>> we're going to utah, either way, this difference is, i'd much go to utah, the winner of the primary with the momentum than someone who didn't win the florida but we're going to utah nonetheless. >> john: i see the talk this morning is, well, somebody cut a deal with him. who knows. why did he get out after last night? >> he had to. the math was not there and the fund-raising would have dried up. getting out and trying to be optimistic aren't thinking about your future and thinking about your future was the only ticket he had. >> john: amy showed us a poll, where do marco rubio supporters go. they are not going for donald trump. as the people drop out, donald trump has his core group but people are not gravitating for him. what does it mean if he gets the >> we'll see. i can tell you from being at bike week and thousands of people there, it is a broad cross-section of folks who were there for trump. surprised me, the guy who got out of prison next to the neurosurgeon and has a lot of
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one positive is a huge increase in voter participation. i suspect a lot of marco rubio's folks go to cruz, but, still, trump is in the drivers seat clearly in terms of getting the nomination. >> john: democratic side, quickly, bernie sanders supporters say they'll be with him until the end. but is there any hope for him? hillary seems to be on a roll. >> hillary clinton has it locked up. bernie sanders has the 18 and 19-year-olds because he wants free college and legalized pot and i'm no stephen hawking but that is what is attractive about him. hillary clinton has it locked you be. >> john: there are news stories about bernie sanders supporters, not going for hillary, and some will go for donald trump. a weird dynamic right now, where you have the far left who would go with the republican nominee. because we'll take an outsider, and we mean any outsider, this year. >> yes, i guess the common denominator,people want a revolution and aren't happy with
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want to shake things up and see banner as someone who -- bernie sanders as doing a revolution an trump doesn't like what is going on up there. 2/3 of the people think we're on the wrong track and trump tapped into that more than anybody, really. >> john: political analyst, former congressman rick kelly, appreciate your time today. 8:08 on "good day orlando." we'll have much more coming up. >> amy: right now, investigators still trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire that destroyed an iconic cocoa beach mansion. the fire broke out at 8:30 last night. on 3rd street and atlantic avenue, the house was once owned by al newhart who founded u.s.a. today and florida today. he died three years ago and we'll pass on details of the investigation as soon as we get them. also happening now, hundreds of homeless people living in volusia county will soon have a place to go. >> luanne joins us in studio with more on what is happening there. >> luanne: good morning to you both. last night the volusia county school board decided to turn one
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we're talking about hurst elementary school will have enough space for 300 parents and kids. the news journal reports it will also have a medical clinic, and classes for adults to build their resumes. that facility is expected to open sometime next year. amy, john, back to you. >> all right, thanks, all new at 8:00 the vfw auto show getting underway today in dallas. >> john: i hate when we do the story. >> amy: jealous? >> john: incredibly. we'll check out the headliners including the jaguar suv. and first here's david martin. >> reporter: don't, jealous, but where we are, this morning, john, live downtown at an outdoor office, red bull is inviting you to bring your laptop and your coworkers to come down and work for free all day. free wifi, food trucks, free red bull, and a chance to network with some of the neatest people hear in downtown orlando, we'll
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>> in today's consumer corner we're doing one of two things, dreaming a little bit or about to get into a lot of debt. >> amy: exactly, we're checking out the hottest cars at the dsw auto show.
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joins us live in downtown dallas, good morning, good to see you! >> good to see you guys. a little something for everybody at the auto show from the 1.5 $1.5 million to entry level vehicles, at $15,000? >> i love at the show, seeing stuff you have never seen before and one of the cool things about the show is an introduction of a new partnership between ford and broadability. the world's first high production suv that is also handicapped accessible. really cool features here, extra-wide, 54 inch door height, 28 inch ramp width. sliding shift for increased space and the front seats can be taken in and out so the person who is wheelchair bound, the driver or passenger, and gone are the days of the only option is the minivan for handicapped accessibility and now your vehicle can really, truly speak to your personality as well. back out here live, let's talk about this, speaking to me this
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it is jaguar's first entry into the suv market, their brand new f-pace, starting to roll out in showrooms across the country and the one you are looking at is 56,000 and start at $40,000, and look inside. tons of technology in here, an 8 inch touch-screen display and options from led lights to heated and vented seats and heated steering wheel and heads up display but i want to walk you around to the front of the vehicle. look at the styling of it. this is a really great looking suv, as far as the size, it will be similar to an x-3 and x-5. if you are familiar with the bmw size of suvs on the market. remember, your request creates our coverage, you can follow me on snap chat, instagram and facebook, let me know what you want to see at the show. we'll do my best to hunt it down and take pictures for you. live at the kay bal i
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convention center in dallas. >> good job for steve today. >> john: a severe weather alert. video of a tornado touching down in illinois. the twister hit a rural area west of peoria. severe weather causing damage across that part of the state. no injuries have been reported in that twister. as jayme king was in that area, illinois for a little bit and that time of year when it is -- >> jayme: i served my time in rockford, illinois, many years ago for two years and went there after leaving florida and never saw snow in the my life, a florida boy, born and raised in the south florida, and a shock to the system. severe weather at times. down south, looking good, near 70 at the villages, gainesville, looking, you can see, here quite a bit of cloud cover moving toward the region and we only begin to intensify the cloud cover, in advance of our next front, here north of dallas and i'm calling the system front number one, number 2, begins to move in out of the northern
8:17 am
to just streamline, steam full speed ahead toward us and makes an impact on the weekend forecast. now we have the fog, those low clouds, slowly but surely will peel them back and see the sun resurface and looks like highs today, solid, upper 80s, and, looking now, you can see the model forecast, shows us what is going on, and, tell you, it is all about potential low pressure developing over the central gulf of mexico. a as we go deeper into the forecast cycle. by saturday, saturday night, we see the pocket of lower pressure, modeling grappling onto the notion of this, now and we'll send44444444444 energy streamlining across and making the front, and -- masking the front and will make a tremendous impact on the rainfall forecast, 50% and scattered showers and few isolated storms this weekend. severe or crazy or nasty. we'll keep you posted. across the nation, traveling today, you can draw the line here, much milder times here. the northern fringe, high
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times now, another shot of cold, canadian air mass impacts the rockies and some will spread our way, by monday, for example, of next week, highs around 70 or so, breezy from the north and lows by that time returning to the upper 40s, if not at 50 on the mark. the latest now. across the nation. you see the snowflakes flying here, eastern rockies and east of denver and slowly begins to creep into the warmer air mass, down towards st. louis and see the snowfall potential turning over to plain old rainfall for st. louis, chicagoland, northern illinois and the region experiences outbreaks of strong storms. rain over the upper midwest. let's talk about seminole county today. upper 80s, here we go! after the fog peels back, sunshine dominates, by 3:00, looking or orange county temps, close to 90, 87 winter garden and 88 or 89 for orlando, toward downtown. and brevard county, the beaches looking good, looks like cocoa beach, 85, compared to rockledge at 87.
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7 day forecast, you may ask, of course, always have an answer for you! shows the increase in ran chance for the weekend, all the while, temperatures drop like a rock by sunday and monday and high 70, bright sun, no chance of rainfall to kick off the next work week. that's your forecast, let's talk live drive traffic with kristen. >> an update for you, the crash on i-4 at kaley has been cleared. but, take a look at i-4, westbound, still seeing some major delays, this is a live look right now, at i-4, colonial, again the westbound lane stop and go, a mess. we had several crashes this morning on i-4 and still crews are working on the crash on i-4, westbound, at maitland boulevard. you can see flashing lights there, things are backed up all the way to lake mary. so you see a ton of red on those maps there. taking a look at your drive times, i-4 westbound, from lake mary boulevard to colonial, will take you an hour. eastbound, i-4 from the attractions to downtown, will
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westbound, 408, from the 417 to downtown, will take you 30 minutes. time now for our fox 35 pump patrol. regular gas will cost you just $1.75 at the citgo on south dillard street and east cypress avenue. in winter garden. and you can always find gas saving tips on our web site, john and amy, back to you. >> amy: thank you, a fun event is underway for professionals who work in downtown orlando. >> john: called red bull wings at work. david martin is there to check it out. highly caffeinated. good morning! >> reporter: yep! hong on one second, i'm on television here. john and amy, i'm in the phone booth, the red bull phone booth! say that two times! 2016 is what it looks like, part of the the brand new wangs at work celebration -- wings at work celebration at the dr. phillips center for the performing arts. the plaza, outside the center. you can bring your laptop and your mobile devices and all your
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in any size iced tea for 99 cents today. america runs on dunkin'. >> john: sounz like a fun way to
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wings at work. >> amy: a day of collaboration and creativity! and fox 35's david martin joins us live, right outside of the dr. philips performing arts center. tell us more about it. hi, david. >> reporter: remember the hashtag, #wings at work. we'll explain in a moment. in the meantime, let's figure out what is going on. chris stevens, who is the founder, co-founder of maven. >> an advertising agency in downtown orlando. we work with gray brands like florida hospital and, disney and help with advertising and branding and video production. >> reporter: every month you run creative mornings. >> we have a great creative community in orlando and one of our goals is to -- there is a monthly ly ly lecture series and bring somebody from the community or outside the community and to highlight the creative class we have here and give an
8:25 am
and we do it once a month, every month. creative >> reporter: what will this be in a few minutes. >> steve fisher, will be here to share things and speak on the topic of change. >> reporter: it runs from 8:30 to 10:00. >> reporter: get down here, downtown, starts shortly. thank you very much, i appreciate it. where is my friend, sarah from red bull! how are you? >> fine, how are you? >> reporter: what are you doing. >> it is a working space, we have a couple in town and they removed it, at the plaza at the dr. philips performing arts center. >> reporter: anybody who needs to work today, network at least, to come down and bring laptops and coworkers and have lunch and free red bull at the wonderful tables and work outside? >> absolutely. there is a bunch of other great events, and the we'll be host be a panel with women
8:26 am
interested in learning about that, and, everything you see here, most of what you see here has been made by a local spot in town called factor, hand-made. orlando is amazing. nice to be outside and hopefully everybody who needs wifi we have you covered. >> reporter: and the new red bull orange drink. nothing like a good orange drink with caffeine. >> i like original, sugar free. >> reporter: what is this web site for people to know more about the stuff. >> go to >> complex! >> yes! >> reporter: google wings at work orlando. red bull, they'll find you there. appreciate that. back with more about what it means and how to take part in the 9 o'clock hour as well. >> amy: thanks, david.
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>> john: you posted one picture and quit. how it is becoming more like facebook and twitter. >> amy: i don't get it.
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>> you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> it is party music. not a party view, foggy in downtown orlando, a lot of traffic troubles on i-4 this morning, and, not trying to put you in a bad mood or anything. >> john: and tomorrow is
8:31 am
national you can't go wrong day. national everything you do is right day. >> amy: everything has a thing now and it is starting to get annoying. >> john: most i don't embrace and this one i do you, one divide guy said, it is okay to rob a bank? that is still wrong, know what i'm saying? see what i'm saying? >> john: but are you right? >> amy: no. you will get arrested. >> confusing day. a guy like you, criticized no matter what happens and today you can do no wrong. >> you think? i mean, john, if you like it warm and sunny, turning sunny, you can see how the day plays out, 88 by 2:00 and 85 by 5:00 and 79 by 8:00. the gulf of mexico, the increase in west-southwest air flow in advance of a front that will move down yonder here and that is going to spin those winds, pretty solid out of the west. keep them there. we have been there days on end, a warmer scenario today, very much like yesterday. already, we're seeing proof in the pudding as we warm things
8:32 am
villages, near 70 in most locales, space coast should officially warm up quite nice today. 85 tomorrow, for st. paddy's day and 81 by friday and down while the rain chances swell up by saturday. down with temperature and rain chance by monday, high there at around 70 or 71, bright sunshine during the time. enjoy. that's your forecast, here countries tonight with traffic. >> the crash at maitland boulevard has been pushed to the sidelines, but is slow on i-4. ay live look at maitland boulevard. you can see this particular accident has caused delays all the way back the 434, a live look, looking westbound, things are stop and go, i-4 westbound, and the traffic continues through, you can see the red goes through through downtown orlando, i-4 westbound looks like a mess, you want to take
8:33 am
westbound i-4 from lake mary to colonial, 74 minutes, eastbound i-4, attractions-downtown takes 15 minutes and the 408, significant delays from the 417 to downtown, take you 27 minutes. john and amy, back to you. >> thank you, ma'am, 8:32. an iconic mansion in cocoa beach burns to the ground. >> amy: firefighters are trying to figure out how the fire got started in the first place. the house is on third street in atlantic avenue and, that is where we find andrea jackson, joining us love with updates. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, amy and john. we're now dealing with cloudy skies and winds are picking up but the mansion behind me, famous, the birthplace of "usa today," now reduced to ash and rubble. >> it is more real than you see in the movies and everything. >> reduced to an orange glow along the coast in cocoa beach,
8:34 am
the fire broke out on third street an atlantic avenue, florida today reports firefighters had a hard time fighting the blaze because of high winds and issues. from the ground up, dousing flames with water from every angleal. it was owned by the founder of u.s.a. "usa today" who died three years ago. it was built in 1975, 11 bedrooms an 12 bathrooms and the property sold for $5 million, the highest price ever paid for a house in brevard county and last night hundreds lined the streets to watch history burn. >> i walked the beach every day. walked right past here. >> and, some black smoke billowing now from the burnt-out structure here, as tower 51
8:35 am
douse some of the hot spots leftover from that overnight fire. and, looks like the investigation will continue throughout the day today, as a result, a1a southbound is shut down at 4th street causing a backup, well before 8th street an cocoa beach police asking viewers to please use an alternate route, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> thanks. also new from overnight, gunmen burst into an apartment in orlando and terrorized the homeowner and killed his dog. >> amy: an all- out manhunt for the suspects and holly businesses tow joins us with more. good morning. >> just after midnight orlando police got a call about a home invasion and robbery where the suspect's dog was shot and killed. it happened at the cambridge apartments off of conway road and police say two unknown suspects forced their way into an apartment, and robbed the victim at gun 444444444444 investigators say while making their getaway the suspects shot and killed the victim's dog and stole the victim's car. not what neighbors wanted to hear about waking up this morning.
8:36 am
go into work early today and see a police officer, out here, i mean, that is, yeah, it doesn't make me feel too good. >> the victim got injured when the suspect pistol whipped him and investigators say the suspect stole the victim's car, a 2004 mercedes-benz, license plate 479 mfe. if you have any idea who is responsible for the crime you are asked to call the orlando police department or crime line, 1-800-423-tips. holly bristow, fox 35 news. >> instagram changing the way you view your friends' posts. before you saw the newest post first, like on twitter, but the new update, posts are arranged by popularity like on facebook. all of the posts you miss will be there, but just in a different order. a future update, it is possible low quality posts will be filtered out entirely. >> amy: coming up, he's 73 years
8:37 am
we are talking about indiana jones, but is he too old for adventure. what to look forward to in the latest sequel and when it will be in theatres and on this day in history, march 16th, 1983, cindi lauper entered the charts for the first time with this song, girls just wanna have fun. two years later the song got a movie starring a relatively unknown actress at the time. who was it? who starred in girls just wanna have fun, sarah jessica make today smile with
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> amy: all right, it is today's history question. do you remember this day in his, march 16th, 1983, the day cindi
8:41 am
the first time as a solo artist. the first big hit, girls just wanna have fun, within two years the song got its own movie starring a relatively unknown actress at the time. 1985. who do you think it was, who starred in the movie, girls just wanna have fun, 1985? was it sarah jessica parker? phoebe cates or winona ryder? one of the three starring in the classic film of the '80s, out to david martin first the king of the 80s. >> it is true. he has the crown as the king of the '80s, what do you think? do you remember the flick? >> reporter: i'll take -- you know, i don't. i know the song, of course. of this. i'm going to go with sarah jessica parker. >> i remember when she was on square pegs, remember the show? >> john: old school. >> amy: old school, baby. over to luanne and ryan.
8:42 am
>> i still don't know phoebe cates. >> ryan: she was huge at this time. and -- i do think it is sarah jessica parker. >> amy: okay. >> jayme king? >> amy: over to the weather center. jayme is back to try to sway kristin. what say you. >> jayme: no swaying, the eyebrows are up. and we have come to the consensus here, reveal the answer: >> sjp. sarah jessica parker. >> amy: all clustering around the answer this morning. >> a recipe for disaster. i'm going to go with winona ryder, as we know later the girl did wanna have fun, right? and it was caught on camera. i don't know. >> amy: a problem. >> john: i'm guessing. >> amy: all right. let's see who got it right. here's your answer.
8:43 am
>> amy: sarah jessica parker! who also made a debut, helen hunt. also got a movie role. i never saw the movie. i thought i saw every movie and never saw this. >> john: it was on tbs, and i watched it. i had no idea what is the name of the movie. i watch it! >> jayme: were you watching with your daughters? >> john: yeah. are we done? done. >> john: i'm the one that got it wrong and i've seen it! >> amy: we understand. good job, guys, thank for playing. >> yes. the daughters were there, ryan. >> jayme: weather time, accu-weather forecast update time, it is roughly 8:43. good morning, watching gdo here on fox 35. and, downtown, it is improving, thick veil of fog, and the veil of fog is now on the way out and, the bright central florida
8:44 am
in, you don't like it hot, it will be another toasty day, fog, you know, you don't like the heat, maybe you would flog me. it goes what? john? >> john: walk away! >> jayme: keep walking, man, keep, seriously walking away. here's your numbers, now, 70 at the villages, 70 kissimmee, 68s in brevard county, on the north end and on the south end. day ahead, featuring a very warm temp, 88 by 2:00, 85 by 5:00 and by 8:00, only down to about 79. here we go. benign weather in place, warm or hot, i think you would call it for the date of mid-march but changes now coming to fruition as clouds increase and the front begins to dip down south. will bring an effect to our local weather, bringing a slight chance of a few showers tomorrow afternoon, 20 or 30%, the odds
8:45 am
north. uv index forecast, a ten, high today. our burn time, 10, 15 minutes and that is it. if you are out today, do your due diligence and put a good sunblock on and protect your skin. 88 at the local golf greens and west winds pretty much all day long. a front approaches this weekend, rain chances coming up. by friday, notable rain chances, tomorrow is light and slight. friday, we're talking about broader coverage and better and more enhanced type of rain chance and you can see, the system one comes into front number 2, i'm showing you how what plays out over the northern central gulf of mexico. it is the energy here, starting to bundle up, low pressure modeling, bringing it across the entire state. as we go deeper into your saturday and sunday, thus a higher rain chance during that time. this increase in clouds and not a lot of available sunshine, a lot of heating during the course
8:46 am
reduce temperatures back down into the possible 70s for highs. again, beach forecast shows us what is going on out there. and as i advance to the 7-day forecast, because the computer doesn't want to cooperate with me, wrapping up for you now, showing we're 85 tomorrow and 75 by sunday and 71 next monday, that's your forecast, weather baby time, everybody, check out the weather baby, mckenzie, oh, my! she's got the good book on her, too. look at that, love the shot, is the place for weather babies, here's kristin with live drive traffic. >> kristin: good morning, right out to i-4, westbound, at 434, you can see things are moving slow right now, the crash at maitland boulevard is cleared but we are seeing significant slowdowns on i-4 westbound, it has been a mess, really all morning, i want to change things up and take you out to cocoa beach, if you can, try to avoid
8:47 am
4th street causing significant delays in cocoa beach. looking now at your drive times, i-4 westbound, from lake mary to colonial, will take you 15 minutes and eastbound, a lot better from the attractions to downtown, 15 minutes and the 408 from the 417 to downtown, 26 minutes, john and amy, back to you. >> time to check out what is hot in hollywood today. >> amy: let's get to jenny cast still low joining us from the i-heart studios. good to see you. >> good morning. >> amy: we were joking about harrison ford earlier, god bless him, he has been around a really long time. does he have it in him to do another indiana jones movie? >> what! of course he does! i love him. i really do! he's returning to this iconic role of indiana jones and who better than harrison ford?
8:48 am
it was -- was interested in having chris pratt join and they haven't officially announced it. it is still to be determined. but, for now, harrison ford is it and it is expected to hit the big screen, july 19th, 2019. and, steven spielberg has been the director for the previous four and will be the director now and i think it will be another hit. -- >> it wouldn't be the same >> amy: you're right. movies. but the video we showed of him is not long ago. he's 73 and he looks phenomenal. >> amy: he takes good care of him. >> john: there were times 73 would have been old and this day and age, not at all. >> amy: and crashed his plane not long ago. banged up and he's looking good. >> i think it will be another great hit. i'm sure it will. >> amy: thanks for doing that. >> john: justin bieber going grunge in seattle. all in a tribute to someone, why
8:49 am
it. he did it because of the amazing kurt cobain and wore the t-shirt and did it all. and, when we started performing as people weren't really sure what he was doing, until he started singing the songs the crowd was singing with him and it was amazing. to the point where people started talking on twitter, specifically will smith's son, gade en tweeted, kurt cobain is still alive and is alive on the soul of the youth and i think he hit a home run. >> amy: i like it. >> john: it looked like a maccauley culkin arrest photo, it is a little strange, yeah. >> john: mccall accauley culkin getting arrested somewhere out west. >> amy: sorry, jenny. >> wait, wait, wait. i'm talking about the performance.
8:50 am
okay. he tried his best, he really did and you can't compare one to the other. but, i think he did a good job, and, the audience loved it! >> john: you know what it auto like about -- >> he always -- you always have something positive to say. >> you have to! >> every time we talk about him we have nothing nice to say and, this is a cool thing that he did. >> john: i love his new music and amy was singing it. >> amy: and i was singing his song in the commercial break. >> john: we went long. we have to russia. see you soon! >> thank you, guys. >> john: jenny, rumba 100.3. >> amy: funny. it was. >> amy: you got one there, all right, only in florida, a woman fighting to keep her pet gator. >> john: she says the gator is well behaved and trained, wouldn't hurt anybody. >> amy: aww... >> john: we're talking to her live when we come back here on
8:51 am
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8:54 am
>> welcome back, a florida woman fighting to keep her pet gator. >> look at this. the gator wears clothes, rides on the back of motorcycles, and, as she says, it is even trained not to bite. you see him there on the four wheeler. in lakeland. an interesting story, i believe you have her with you today? >> i have her sitting to my left, your right. and, you can see, rambo is the gator and we have been here since 5:30 this morning and that gator is so tame.
8:55 am
this gator since it was four years old and it is now 15 years old and according to her follows 70 commands and what she is doing now is a command. and she's about to do what she calls the florida smile and will open its teeth and give it a command and that gator will stay in that position until -- and of course she'll give it a kiss and it will stay in that position until she tells it to do otherwise and what she has been able to do with rambo is incredible and she has a permit for the alligator. she says it is a rescue gator that she has been working with, since it was four years old. and, this gator has lived indoors all its life. she has taken it to a vet. and the vet says it is alearn shgs lleging rgic to the sun and has other medical issues, in terms of leaving it
8:56 am
the gator will die because, a it cannot live in the wild, and, b, has a negative response to sun, it overheats and it will die. gator. she does several shows, nonprofit -- whatever money is collected goes to a charitable organization, she doesn't work and it is her family member and doesn't want to lose it. the issue at hand is that -- she has a permit for it but the permit is for the gator to be less than four feet and the gator is well above that and 5'7 inches around that and wish and wildlife asked her to relocate the alligator. she obviously does not want to family. in fact, when i talked to her a while ago about relocating it to
8:57 am
emotional and started crying, because again she considers it a child, her chide and wants to keep it and the next step for her is to request a judge and ask for a special permission permit to keep the alligator, so we'll see how it pans out. the craziest story i ever covered and she'll be the first to tell you, this is probably the craziest you have done, i've done my fair share of crazy stories and this is right on point. and you see my distance. >> to the only -- >> it is crazy. >> he has never bitten her. >> no. i am not touching this thing! no! a great question. >> i love you but it ain't happening. see all over there? >> come over here. as mary would say, she said that
8:58 am
day and, get this, it is potty trained and, because it lives in the house and when it needs to do its business she takes it outside and it does its business. she has an 8 by 8 foot pool inside her house. you know, we talked about it on social media and everyone is like, some pete hate it or love it and, people were saying, to each their own. i don't know. >> wow. >> i don't know what to say. i tell you, i love the clothing. is that a hawaiian shirt? >> yeah. says rambo on the back, no fishing is what it says. >> amy: i noticed your photographer. >> john: thanks. >> dma adam sandler was right,
8:59 am
they have a bad tooth and -- i


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