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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  March 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> amy: we're back and i don't
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five minutes, i got a tweet from george johnnie magic, that really happened on live television? yeah, it did. i don't know how we'll get through the hour. >> john: i misquoted the water boy, alligators are onery because they have teeth and no toothbrush. why he's not onery, she brushes his teeth. >> amy: we're still in awe. >> john: here's what is coming up today. >> amy: $5 million mansion goes up in flames, we'll tell you who owned the mansion in cocoa beach. >> john: plus a 12 carat diamond in the dumpster. what a woman had to do to get it back. >> and you know, dr. quinn, medicine woman, jane seymour is joining us live on the curvy couch. why she's in town. plus... david martin! >> we are live in downtown orlando, at the plaza, at the
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you are invite to an outdoor space. ditch the stuffy conference work. my friends at red bull, we'll show you the action on the 9 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! [cheers] >> amy: waste. . >> john: aj, big golf tournament in town this weekend and people heading to the arnold palmer invitational. >> jayme: it starts today and the next front is dropping southbound across interior texas and mainland mexico and cloud cover increasing by the end of the day, thin, wispy cirrus and spread it across the sky, ample sunshine all day long and highs moving into close to 90 again over the deep interior, west of i-95.
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mid 80s for highs, 70s, starting to pepper in, looking good. next 7, if you like it cooler, i got your forecast, but no one likes when it is super-dupes rainy, saturday, next system drops and we scour out the moisture and bring back sun and fun, monday, cooler and highs around 71. over to you. >> all right, 9:04. look at this. an iconic cocoa beach mansion is burnt to the ground. >> amy: firefighters are still trying to figure out how it got start. it happened on third street in atlantic avenue in cocoa beach, where andrea jackson is standing by life with the latest details. hey there. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy and john, a very active scene, tower 51 working from the sky, and hot spots flared up early this morning, as the sun comes up and the sky starts to clear we're getting a better idea of the actual damage that was done.
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manages in cocoa beach. the birthplace of u.s.a. today. here's what we know, the fire broke out at 9:00 last night on third street, atlantic avenue and florida today reports firefighters had a tough time fighting the blaze, because of high winds, and issues with water supplies and the home once owned by al newhart who founded u.s.a. and florida today and died 3 years ago. the 10,000 square foot home was built in 1975, 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and the property recently sold for $5 million. this highest price ever paid for a house here in brevard county. last night of course hundreds of people lining the coastline to watch history burn down and the house was being renovated and it was planned to use the home for special events and weddings. this is southbound a1a, blocked off at 4th street and the traffic is a nightmare.
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miles and some folks taking an hour, along southbound a1a, if you are travel from cocoa beach use an alternate route. no one was hurt and the house is empty, under construction and the bad news, a big piece of history in cocoa beach is lost. live in cocoa beach, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> gunmen burst into an apartment and terrorized the homeowner and killed his dog. >> now a manhunt for the suspects and holly joins us now in the e studio with more. good morning. >> lease were working the scene until early this morning and after midnight got a call into 911 about a home invasion and robbery where a victim's dog was shot and killed. it happened at the cambridge apartments off of conway road. two unknown suspects forced their way into an apartment and robbed the victim at gunpoint. investigators say while making their getaway the suspect shot and killed the victim's dog and then stole the victim's car, we talked to one of this neighbors this morning. -- the neighbors this morning. >> when i got ready to go into work and see a police officer,
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doesn't make me feel too good. into police were out there, until 6:00 this morning, several officers out there on scene. they say it wasn't just the dog shot and killed, we're told the victim was pistol whimmed by the suspect and investigators say the suspects took off in the victim's car, a 2004 silver mercedes, license plate number 479 mfe, if you know anything about what happened at that apartment you are asked to call investigators. now reporting live in studio, fox 35 news. >> amy: thanks, donald trump and hillary clinton really closing in on their party's nominations. >> john: ryan joins us with a look at how the race is shaping up this morning. after super-duper tuesday. >> right, john, a big step forward for hillary clinton and donald trump. they dominated the rest of the night. here's how they reacted to their super tuesday win. [cheers]
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securing the democratic party nomination and winning the election in november. >> we're going to win it and make our country rich again. we are going to make our country great again. >> you notice trump with a more subdued tone and won three states including florida and the race in missouri too close to call on both sides, less than 2,000 votes separate the republican and democrat race and trump and cruz separated, and the law allows for a recount and john kasich won his home state of ohio and marco rubio dropped out of the race after his big loss in florida. speaking to his supporters in miami, he was very classy in his speech and said the future is now in god's hands. >> on the democratic side, clinton won 4 or 5 contests including a landslide win over bernie sanders in florida and no winner is declared in missouri. a close race and clinton is claiming victory there and sanders had half the delegates clinton has and of course you
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the territories that vote and the marietta islands, 9 delegates to trump and 4 to hillary clinton. 300 people vote there and they matter and the next round next tuesday, three states bigger than that in play. john? >> john: edid research on the islands and we aren't sure about the vote count and we'll have to actually go and -- >> are they still counting in 1... 2... 3, count faster, please! >> john: it until take a while. 9:09. let's talk more about it and bring in our political analysts, good to see you and appreciate you being here. we'll start with you. on the democratic side, hillary clinton seems to be closer to wrapping it up. what are your thoughts of what happened yesterday. >> you are right. she continues to do what she has done, winning in larger states and delegate counts and more
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representation and, carrying the african-american vote and there is a question whether she can carry the latino vote, an overwhelming win in florida shows she can. and, north carolina and illinois, won her home state, the state frankly up for grabs, close to michigan and missouri has not been call but she'll probably take the win as well. looks like a clean sweep. >> john: a lot of people came up and said, john, what do you think of the race and at this point i don't know what to safe. you have seen a lot of presidential, congressional races, what -- how do you some this up with what is going on right now? it's the outsiders dominating everything? >> i think it is just a pendulum swing away from obama and you see trump is about the farthest you can get. the two things that stand out for me, one, that is positive, more people are turning out than ever, saw that at bike week with thousands of people with trump t-shirts and stickers and the second thing, we learned from the exit holes, trump is tapped into the feeling that people
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in terms of excess spending and amnesty and are frustrated and trump read the tea leaves better than anybody on that. and has been connecting with folks. >> we had marco rubio yesterday, rick and we asked him, what happens if you don't win hear in florida? and he said he was not going to quit. here's what he say yesterday on "good day orlando." >> well, we're going to utah, either way, the difference of course is i'd much rather go to utah, the winner of the florida primary with this momentum an 99 dregs than someone who didn't win the florida primary but we're going to utah nonetheless. >> john: rick, some of the sights saying,somebody got a vp offer for him. i don't think so. he did it not long after the count. what are your thoughts? >> it was a tough day for him, but, god works in mysterious ways, 100% of the people who won the white house in the last 50 years, were elected, lost an
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lives and so it helps give him humility and modesty, maybe running for governor or president again and handled himself nice with his exit. it's not over for him. it's a bad day but not over. >> john: we had a brief 444444444444break, how the republicans and the democrats are viewing the opposite party now, democrats say a trump bid is the end of america as we know it and republicans say if hillary clinton or bernie sanders are in, it is the end of america as we know it. we've heard the discussion before. >> i remember in 2000, the state of florida where we believed the secretary of state here in florida, and the governor of florida, and, more so the u.s. supreme court, simply handed the election to george w. bush and i remember myself, my family, many of my friend, many democrats thinking the world would come to an end and in fact that is the beauty of the system, the fact that we have three equal parts of government where we have an
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judiciary branch checking each other and made it through what was way difficult 8 years for many, right after the election, 9/11 came, finally in 2008, barack obama came, on hope and change type of flachl and so, look, the bottom line is, if we don't get the person we want, we'll look for the person to still recommend the entire united states, and look to our local elected officials and congressional elected officials and people like rick killer who will represent the things that are important and we'll be fine. it is just -- it will not feel good, initially. >> well said. all right, good to see you. appreciate you guys coming in today, we'll talk to you soon. over to you. >> amy: about the way the cookie crumbles. good words, thanks. developing news this morning, president obama has made his decision on his supreme court nominee. the white house just said the president will make the announcement at 11:00 a.m from the rose garden, now there had been a vacancy on the nine member court for a month now since the death of justice antonin scalia.
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will have to be confirmed by lawmakers, and that might be this sticking point because senate republicans say they won't consider a nomination by the president, bass it is an election year, they say the next president should be the one to make the choice. a woman loses her 12 carat diamond ring. look at this thing. what she had to do to get the monster stone back, coming up, plus, david martin? >> i know where you are going after the show this morning. you have to go to a stuffy conference room and meet about tomorrow's show. do yourselves a favor, skip the indoor meeting and come out here to the outdoor work space, yeah! like this guy is doing right here and, by the way, get yourself free red bull at the vending machine, all day long, watch, ready? boom! wings at work!
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and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. >> john: 9:17. a woman from missouri is thanking her trash company for typing her lost wedding ring. luanne joins us with more on that story. it was huge. >> luanne: look at this rock!
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is worth almost half a million dollars. imagine throwing that away. here's how it happened. scarlett accidentally tossed her ring into the trash. it was all the way to the landfill when she realized what she had done. so karla and her husband, bernie, called the trash company and told them what had happened. so the company ended up diverting the truck to a facility where they could search through all the trash. and less than a half-hour later, an employee found that ring. >> yeah i found it and i took it over to her and opened it up and both pieces were laying there. >> the oh, feeling! that was the lotto for me! >> luanne: i think she hit it when she got the ring in the first place. the couple were impressed by the honesty of the worker, because a lot of people i think would have just tucked it into their pockets. >> john: no, didn't find it! wow! >> good for them and got the ring back.
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something in all of that trash, too. >> they sifted through every, little piece. >> john: thanks, 9:18. jayme king with your accu-weather forecast. >> jayme: let's bring you up-to-date. a live look at lake eola, a texture on the lake surface and wind on the rise early this morning and will contribute to a massive warm-up today. again the wind em mating out of the west, heeding eastbound, from land to sea, a warm wind direction showing us 60s and few 70s, now, peppering in. a veil of clouds over the gulf. not a tremendous deal, though, kind of fair weather clouds and thin, wispy cirrus in advance of an acoaching cool front. -- approaching cool front. warm temps and dry skies, no rain anticipated. boy, we need rain around here, things change for the better, though in regard to a rain chance, the needed rain the only thing we find, though, it comes in just in time for the weekend. front number one comes through
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much, and bringing the temps done a bit and contribute to a minor rain chance and by saturday, we see lower pressure developing over the gulf and it is this low that graduallyins to shuffle our way, and this is going to set the stage for the increase in clouds. and ultimately a sharper rise in rain chances by saturday. 50% there, you see highs will be behind the front now, cooling done by monday, closer to 70 with bright sunshine and a chance of rain during that time, that's your forecast. here's amy now, good morning. >> amy: thanks, this is something we look forward to every year, we have great guys on and gals from st. walters to talk about a big event, whenever the weekend is close, this year it is coming up saturday, their big event, and, are raising money for cancer awareness for kids. pediatric cancer awareness. we are joined by a couple of awesome firefighters and local firefighter john clayton and a paramedic here from orlando fire, great to see you both. thanks for coming back to visit us. it is a wonderful event you do
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but it is a lot of fun, tell me quick about the event, john. >> we get these people to shave their heads in solidarity. cool. i know it is close to your heart. talk to me about why the van is so important and where the money goes. >> it is my wife and my lost our first child at the age of 5 months to leukemia and a lot of people including us didn't know kids that young could be affected by such a disease and so we got involved and doing cancer research, awareness and raising money, and, trying now to support other families that may be going through the same horrible situation that we went through and hopefully don't have the same result we did. >> amy: it is easy to do, easy to help. all you've got to do is shave, right and raise a little money! >> suck it up and shave your
9:22 am
choice. they have hair chemo treatment and radiation and they lose choice. we do and we are the adults and we are supposed to be the so... >> amy: we'll set the example
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stay tuned, the shaving will >> john: welcome back, these guys are outside -- >> that's right, technically it is work outside day and david
9:25 am
right in front of the dr. philips center and if you have been there you know there is a beautiful greenland scape there and, they've got it set up and are asking people, essentially to come outside and work, right? >> john: red bull. >> amy: >> reporter: we're at orange and south, at the dr. phillips center for the performing arts. the beautiful green lawn you see. and, you bring your work today, down here, and you have meetings. a friend -- our friend dixie will introduce you. hello. the wifi password and find a beautiful table and bring your conference outside and work until 5:00. i love this thing, good morning to you, you are the emcee all day and will make sure the events go prim and proper. >> introductions, all the orlando goodness you will be witnessing. >> and we see a lot of folks coming down here, and you expect a lot of folk at lunch time, as well, right.
9:26 am
and people will come in and out and, come back and visit us with coworkers and en john young parkway the outdoors. >> reporter: what are these guys doing. >> this is the crew having their own -- >> reporter: i know the yelp crew, how are you doing! >> over here, what are you doing, holding your meeting all day here. >> once again you can you tell us last year when we had our regional meeting and we have the communities in the southeast in orlando for a conference to discover the city. >> where is your normal office. >> we actually -- >> a bar. >> we work from our homes and opportunity. and the team needs to come out and coworker today. >> watching at home and see me and hear me, you have to do what the folks are doing, bring your office out here. a neat idea. round of applause for yelp. you're not alone, on the right, much more serious meeting with the mayor of orlando.
9:27 am
of the city address. ho are you guys doing? working outside? and, testing out the new orange flavored red bull. how is it, mayor? do you like it? does it taste like orange juice. >> yes, i'm a little amped up here! he has his wings at work. that's the idea. you can take advantage of this until 5:00 at the plaza outside the dr. philips center, lectures all day. and food trucks, and you can come hungry and get fed, as i said, free red bull from the vending machine, can't beat that. john, amy, luanne, take advantage of that, "good day orlando." >> john: sounds like fun. >> amy: having too much fun and we'll check in with these guys, the shaving is about to begin even ladies are getting their head shaved -- >> not jane seymour. >> amy: we should ask her, we'll
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>> announcer: you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> welcome back to "good day orlando," it is 9:30. we have a lot still to come on this half-hour of "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us. we want to get you caught up on the headlines of the morning. investigators trying to figure out what sparked the massive fire that destroyed an iconic cocoa beach mansion. it started 8:30 last night and home was once owned by al newhart, this founder of u.s.a. today and florida today and the property recently sold for about $5 million. up last night hundreds of people lined the streets to watch history, burned down and we'll pass along new details on the them. firefighter around central florida busy on brush fire patrol right now. several fires breaking out yesterday. this one right near jackson heights middle school in oviedo and there were fires in cocoa
9:32 am
smelled the smoke. >> ucf received the state funding it needs to build the campus downtown. the governor signed off on the project when he signed the budget and, there are $16 million in donation and they are putting in $20 million for the project and the campus is set to open later next year. >> time for morning business headlines and joining us live from the fox business network studios is this lovely lauren simonetti. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. good to see you as well. >> a couple minutes in the trading day. how are the markets looking. >> a little lower, dow down 22 points, expected, relatively flat, a couple of hours we get the federal reserve's decision on interest rates and i guarantee no rate hike at the meeting but investors want to know when the next rate hike is coming, there is a 50% chance one is coming in june and 75% by the end of the year. we'll see. >> let's talk about netflix.
9:33 am
a lot of people aren't paying for it. how is that happening? >> a big number. moochers, right? share your account. log in and your password with someone else and you pay for netflix and they can stream house of cards from your account and not pay for it and you can legitimately share account with family members but we are talking about when you give your information to somebody else. and not living in the same house. the culprit here is young people, teenagers of course. but young adults and i'm not sure netflix is concerned. they had 4.2 billion in revenue last year and, look at it. the young people grow up, get jobs and have their own netflix subscription. >> amy: and i'm sure they are making plenty. this is interesting, too. the brands we might be familiar with, from all the way back in the 1990s are making a come back. like which ones.
9:34 am
i rob some of these items, and, surge soda. mountain dew. and, crystal pepsi. >> amy: i do remember that. the clear one, okay. >> transparent cola. okay, ginko jeans. >> amy: i don't remember that. >> wide bottoms, big pockets, basically, you would remember those. >> amy: okay. >> hydrox cookies. >> fake oreos. >> amy: oh! >> they are coming back. french toast crunch cerealful. >> amy: i remember that one, yeah. why is it -- >> you know -- i just found this out. the whole time, you were able to get it in canada and folks here would have it shipped south of the border. i did not know that. >> amy: too funny. desperate for what is it called again, french toast -- >> crunch cereal. >> amy: got it. good stuff, i love it.
9:35 am
about products i want to bring back and start a campaign, we love ya, talk to you later. >> good luck. >> glad to see you. catch her each week day morning on the fox business network, starts at 5:00 a.m not sure where to go, go to finder. 9:34. >> jayme: good morning, accu-weather forecast update, good morning, central florida. let's update you as we made a lot of progress, local temperatures, streaming through 24e70s, most communities and i think about everybody seeing 80s, returning for highs today. a little bit of thin, wispy cloud cover over the gulf of mexico, outside of the approach of our next front and the front will bring a slim chance of rainfall in here by tomorrow. but, the rain chances really rise by friday. and, certainly by saturday, a stronger system works right behind front number one, number 2 will be on the way for the weekend. warm temps, dry skies, 88 by 2:00 and 85, the 5:00 hour for the drive home them.
9:36 am
changes, not only a decrews in temps, but a decrease in temperatures. as we get into monday or so, looks like a high of around 70, lows closer to 50. no chance of rain, a return of bright vivid central florida sunshine. looking good. that's your forecast. over to you. >> feel sorry for yourself. you should watch your back. you have little ones at home! >> i'm saying. a lot of folks don't take kindly to sympathizers, west known for her role as dr. quinn on dr. quinn, medicine woman. let's not forget, many movies including james bond movies that she has done, numerous films and other tv shows, as well as what she might say is her most important effort. her own foundation, that she started to honor those who have overcome adversity. and for those who help others.
9:37 am
joins us live on "good day orlando." great to see you, appreciate you being here. i find the oldest tv clips we can find! taking you back in time and you still see that. could you sit at home and, hey, my own show. >> every once in a while i run into it and, my god, i'm so young! >> amy: you look amazing. >> thank you! >> amy: you do. >> i think it is fascinatingal i'm a history buff and, i will go and check out her wikipedia page and i go and look and i didn't realize where your name came from. but if you are familiar with history, and henry viii you might know where her name came from. a great story. will you tell us. >> my real name is joyce hill me mina frank ean -- wilhemina and i wanted to keep the initial j and jane and
9:38 am
wife. >> amy: a great story. here. >> i'm really excited. you should be, too, because you have a great organization here, started by a little girl. called haley. and she was diagnosed with childhood leukemia and went through all the treatments and everything and she and her parents decided to start an organization called hugs from bugs, and what they do is provide care packages, gifts, and sometimes get the princesses to come and visit and they play games and all kind of things to help kids who are going through the chemo process and get hope and they also, at the hospital they have a bell they ring when they finish their chemo treatments. so, she is doing extraordinary things. and, they've benefitted her, the 300 families and we have a comfortable tigs with the open hearts foundation, my foundation, across the country,
9:39 am
that really fit what the open heart theme is, which is someone or someone you know who has been through a challenge and used that as an opportunity to help other people. and we have 100 entries and four time finalists, april 7th you vote and you can see everything about them with the package and the other three and, then, april 23rd, anyone want vote from anywhere in the world and the winners will get a bigger contribution to their charity, big as 10,000, and today, a $5,000 check and more than anything, everyone will know about their incredible organization and it will inspire people in other parts of the country to do probably something like that. familiar with your foundation because of your jewelry line. you are wearing one of your beautiful necklaces this morning and the beautiful ring. tell me how that came about and how it helped propel the charity. >> my mother survived world war
9:40 am
indonesia, a japanese camp. and, when i was growing up, she told my sisters and i in times, in life there will be challenge, you just don't know when and everyone gets challenged at some point and you your natural instinct is to close your heart but accept what happened and open your heart and reach out uniquely to help someone else, by doing that you find purpose, and once you have purpose, happiness comes into your life and then love. i interpreted this, i was painting one day and, the heart ended up open and i said, i wonder if i connect it to another hope heart and that is what it is about and i didn't realize until i made a neck lass, turned it around and -- necklace and actually it turned out to be js, joy and serenity, are the spiritual and contemplative. >> john: a lot of people view hollywood stars like yourself, once they are off of main shows like the ones you were on hanging out by the pool and
9:41 am
does it consume your days now. >> you have no idea. i have ten different businesses, i have a major furniture business and i design -- now, sheets which will be coming out soon, and, all kinds of things, and, silk flowers, to be put in children's hospitals, because a lot of people are allergic and i write books and do a lot of public speaking. i had 50 shades of black came out recently, and, i played marl lan wayans mother. marlon wayans mother and had a movie open this week, a great movie, another one opening a week after next, high strung, a dance movie. and, another mainly movie and show in england, hoot anyone in' and the lady and rehearsing a play... >> amy: when do you sleep? how many hours a night.
9:42 am
a four hour experience. but normally i'm pretty good and sleep anywhere, you know, trains, planes, wherever. >> john: we have to wrap it up. how can people find out your web site, more information. >> keep an op heart -- open and kay jewelers or but vote because there's, you know, also a possibility when you vote, that you can win the necklace as well. >> john: and we were going to ask you to shave your head. >> amy: you don't have to! >> i think i'd be in big trouble! >> john: it would be huge. >> it would be viral. >> amy: gorgeous hair! >> all you have to do look at -- >> she has done it before. thanks for coming in and honoring one of our charities. it means so much to us. >> hugs from bugs! >> thank you.
9:43 am
new items for your pets are on display, this week only. check it out. >> john: fido may be a vegan, what is trending in the pet industry when we come back on good day and the st. baldrics people shaving for a good cause, let's start cutting some hair.
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>> john: flag 'em! >> welcome back, it is time for your cool school of the week. and your choices are the following: gateway high, dr. philips high, new smyrna beach high and, send it to 87057, and you can also vote on our web site, go to go to the tab and click on cool school. and gdo will go live from the winning school, next -- to the winning school, next week.
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pet expo is underway at the orange county convention center, where the people and pet industry learn about this hottest new pet items and we are joined by the pet lady. great to see you. who are our friends. >> this is butter cup, and but your cup is ready to go green for st. patrick's day and his brother, lucas. and, bow tie, and, a little, little green outfit there and they want to get carried away. this is actually an eco-friendly pet carrier. >> john: what makes it eco-friendly. >> made from recycled plastic bottles and a great way to travel in style, and also saving the planet. and really fun to go green st. patrick's day and have fun and festivities and we want to think about going green and saving the planet. >> john: cool stuff. >> and what else did you find? so much stuff here. get through it. what else do you have for us.
9:48 am
actually, a durable ingredient that, an eco-friendly option and are recyclable. check it out for dog training and something that is fun is the screen toys, the hammerhead tug toys. >> john: cute. >> and, you know, for the different things, you want to check out costumes, and they are good for a picture, right and you want to think about sensible options like, a great option, to wear, a cute little bandanna and handkerchief handkerchief. last time, i.d. tags. >> and now like a handkerchief style and if you want to give your44444444444treat. these are awesome. made in the u.s.a. and nongmo, organic, natural. >> john: and the next one. no more burn patches on your grass.
9:49 am
water bowl and it extracts the nitrates, when your dog peas, no more burn mark and st. patrick's day, no alcohol goes to the pets and the other great option, take a little bullion cube and put it into your dog's water and mix it in, a fun treat for them, not alcohol related and if your pet is stressed out by loud noises and bagpipes and fun stuff going on with the festivities, ped remedy is a natural solution, made from sage, and it is actually, a spray and spray it into the water bowl or your cat or put it on them, a natural thing and has naturally soothing things to calm them down. a great option. >> john: out of time. >> no beer for dogs but celebrate and give it to your friends. he'll help celebrate st. patrick's day with a nice -- >> who are you!
9:50 am
the show. what is your web site. >> >> john: he's still going, impressive. jayme king he's ready for festivities! >> jayme: let's talk about the clouds now, moving across the gulf. all tied to a front loading to the knot. we'll bring a slight chance of showers tomorrow, and thursday afternoon, but not today. bright sun, warm temps, dry skies, 88 by 2:00. here's where we stand now, 70s, peppering in from the coast all the way into the deep interior and look at the model forecast, the next system, bearing down, slight rain chances and secondary front over the weekend and might we find low pressure developing over the gulf, the energy moving across the boundary and heading into the sunshine state. may be the case by saturday, why our 7-day forecast looks like this. increase in rain potential
9:51 am
front, cooler, drying out by monday and high like magic, 71 and bright sun and lows closer to 50. that's your forecast, double weather babies for you now. looking good, kid, love the smile, love it! chubby cheeks! the good book on her now, mckenzie enjoying rest and relaxation. visit our web site for weather baby information, go to, as always, at your fingertips, 24/7, 365. >> amy: thanks, brave souls going bald for a good cause. >> john: happening right now! look at that, why they are shaving their heads thi rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
9:52 am
9:53 am
you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three
9:54 am
6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. orlando." i've taken the show outside because there is air, one of the main reasons. >> great cause and every year we love having these guys back to show case what they do. and, it is a wonderful organization, and the head shaving has begun and they are looking good and, i want to get back to mike and donald. where does this money go? how is it helping people? >> steve. >> okay. >> all right, once again.
9:55 am
national organization, it relies on these little local feeder events to create money and it is all volunteer based, and, the national organizations. >> and, very close to steve, we saw a picture of a sweet little boy who died at five months old and it is one of those things, the kind of -- it really impact everyone, everyone knows someone, who has had a circumstance like this. >> they are troopers and they have been on board 100%. a threw it out there and i said, do we have any volunteers to shave their heads and these weapon, women, christina and laura, said, we're in. and took no coercing and i didn't have to buy them a drink troopers. yeah. so, troopers, and, any active
9:56 am
give them perspective, you know, live strong is huge and, the organizations like that, they've raised so much awareness and, breast cancer, everybody knows about that as well and oftentimes i pose the question to people, would they rather have their breast or their children and a lot more money goes to breast cancer awareness and things like that, pediatric cancer and, i'll even ask the guys, would you rather have your significant other, have breasts or your children or nephews, and of course, 100% say we'd rather have the kids and we're out here to try to raise some more awareness and, get this more on the map and for me, to support other families, like i said earlier. so they know they are not alone in this fight and are good people out there. >> john: how raw are you feeling?
9:57 am
>> i'm awesome! i'm free, i love it! >> yea! >> get out and be free and do this and support our foundation, please! >> 30 second. can you at least shave a little -- >> tell us where to go, saturday. . on saturday, to johnnie's filling station, what is the address where they need to go. >> michigan and third creek, grab yourself a great cheeseburger, good food there and shaving is going on from 3:00 to 7:00 and if they want
9:58 am
9:59 am
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