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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first... developing overnight-- firefighters are on the scene of a deadly house fire in lake county. we are going live to the scene-- where the city says a local family needs your support. plus -- the music 1... mouring the loss of an amercian icon. "frank sinatra junior" dies.. while on tour in daytona beach. how family and friends are reacting this morning. then... the p-g-a tour... teeing off in central florida. a look at the packed field at the arnold palmer invitational...
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looking to get off to a fast start. but first, let's get over to jayme king. new this morning... a lake county
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and a family is in need of support.. after a
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it happened last night on west minneola street and ridge-crest drive in minneola. fox 35's dana jay is live on the scene with more. good morning dana. not only did the people who live here lose a loved one,
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orlando -- deputies have detained a man in connection with a deadly shooting. it happened just before 10 last night -- at the "chowder bay apartments," off of "south rio grande avenue." the sheriff's office
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victim is a 26-year-old man... who later died at the hospital. deputies are not saying if the man they detained is a suspect. the world of music is mourning the loss of a legend frank sinatra, junior-- the son of frank sinatra-- has died. the singer passed away yesterday-- while on tour in daytona beach. fox 35's andrea jackson is live at the "peabody auditorium" where he was supposed to perform. good morning andrea. sinatra junior was
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celebrities. he voiced himself-- on the show "family guy" a few times. the show's creator "seth mcfarlane" tweeted--- "frank sinatra junior was a friend
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i'm saddened at his passing-- but grateful to have known him." and "larry king" tweeted-- "i always admired frank sinatra junior. he was born with a hard name to live up to.. but i loved his talent.. and his ability to be forthright." news alert... a woman-- accused of targeting a family in a fit of road rage-- is heading to court today. orlando police say she rammed right into their car... across from a "boys and girls club". investigators tell us 27-year-old "brentney robinson" smashed into "sharonda bell" on raleigh street yesterday... while bell was driving with her kids. they say robinson continued to follow bell to a nearby gas station... where she rammed bell's car a second time. that's when bell's cousin called police. police arrested robinson and charged her with 5- counts of aggravated battery with a motor vehicle. bell says this isn't the first time
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she believes robinson is in a relationship with her children's' father. new details this morning in an orlando home invasion. police now say-- the public is not in any danger. we first brought you this story as breaking news yesterday on good day orlando. police tell us two men broke into an apartment on conway road --just after midnight they say this was not random. officers say the suspects robbed a man at gunpoint... before shooting and killing his dog... and making off with the victim's car. cqthat victim is now facing drug and weapons charges. witnesses say michael magie was seen running from the apartment shortly after the shooting... carrying two black bags. those bags were found nearby... filled with cocaine.... marijuana... and a stolen gun. officers also say they found more cocaine on magie's kitchen table. police are still looking for suspects in the break in. arion county-- a 13-year-old boy is in a mental facility
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trying to sneak a loaded assault rifle to school. the marion county sheriff's department says the boy had well... as he set-off for howard middle school in ocala yesterday. but no students were ever in harms right now they are the boy was planning to do. county...two students have been arrested after a bb gun was found at markham woods middle school in lake mary. over to the sheriff's office. no students were hurt. fox alert. problems continue to pile-up at the orange county election's office. more than a thousand workers-- who have tried to cash their checks-- had them bounce. according to the office... 14-hundred people who worked at polling stations during tuesday's election... were unable to collect their pay. we are told the payroll company failed to move money into the correct account. the issue has since been fixed.... and receive their checks in the mail. if they need their money sooner-- checks can be picked
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county supervisor of elections office. " the p-g-a is in today... as some of try to conquer bay hill. the arnold palmer invitational gets underway in just a field is loaded with major champions. the tournament morning at the bay hill club and lodge in orlando. tee times start at 7- 30... with the last group going at 2. there's no shortage of firepower at this year's event. adam scott.... rory mcilroy... and jason day will all be here. so will 4-time p-g-a tour winner ben curtis... who says he's excited for his first event of the year. curtis and the field will have their sights set on matt every. he's won the last two arnold palmer invitationals. this year's purse is
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a volusia county woman is carjacked while sitting at a red light. deputies finding the vehicle-- blocks down the road... up in flames. we'll tell you what happened after the suspect got behind the wheel. plus... president obama has chosen the man he wants to replace justice scalia... and-- as expected... he was met with heavy opposition from the republicans. coming up... which g-o-p leader says he won't even entertain
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woman is happy to have her dog back, after her car was stolen with her dog inside! missing-- after the car... and it went up in flames. h,h|this all started morning in deland. deputies say the victim was sitting at a red light in her car .. with her dog "kenzie". that's when deputies say 18- year-old "andre pomperleau" jumped into the passenger seat. the woman jumped out...and the suspect got into the driver's seat and took off. investigators say he ended-up crashing into a power pole--and the car
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ee` @````ee`@`dx`dh@ ``dduu`````@```` police.. deputies.. and some good samaritans searched hours after the @` pdpfpg`o@o p``8o4@xh `9@sw@`_@/@/;?? ,?@p`x`p`p `o @| crash until "kenzie" was found. |py9xz@{x |yp( `pgv6>p.w`p deputies say they are still trying to figure out why the suspect jumped into the car in the first place. he is expected to have his first appearance in court this morning. developing at this hour... the white house is now demanding that north korea release the university of virginia student... sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. 21-year-old "otto warmbier" was found guilty of trying to steal propaganda from a hotel in january. president obama has `@ nominated "merrick garland" as the ``` nominee-- to replace antonin scalia in the supreme court. the president's @ decision was met with much ` controversy from republicans. garland is
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justice of the d-c x court of appeals. president obama `` says garland's name has come up consistently from lawmakers as a `@` qualified nominee. garland is ready to h start courtesy calls with senators. democrats hope his rounds in the capitol will make it harder for republicans to refuse any of the president's nominees. meanwhile... republicans say no confirmation should happen until a new president is elected. garland will travel to capitol hill today ``p`\@[@_`_@[_p^__4ttt|u`||`h@h@h`p@ pp`p@(p@p(` ` @ to begin meeting with senators one- ! on-one. several republican leaders say they will discuss garland's confirmation. senate majority leader mitch mcconnel is not among them.
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"good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud, chief justice merrick garland is considered a moderate.. so why the push-back from republicans? garland... is 63 years old-- the oldest high court nominee in a
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appeal to republicans? you can listen to bud --on his show
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on f-m 102.5. saving you money on the fox 35 pump patrol-- regular gas is 1-65 at the sunoco on oak ridge road and winegard road in orlando. you can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic.
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coming to o-i-a. still ahead-- find out how the massive airport is about to get even bigger. plus... you better have a big wallet -- if you want to park close to "it's a small world." coming up.... how much disney is charging for
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even bigger. orlando's aviation authority board approved funds for the airport's new south terminal
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new 1 point 8 billion dollar project... just south of the existing complex. both international and domestic flights would use the terminal. construction is scheduled to start next year... and be completed by 20-19. it's a small world- better have a big wallet. disney world is testing preferred parking now- but it'll cost you more. it's an extra 15 dollars on top of the current parking price. that's a grand total of about 35 bucks. right now it's being tested at magic kingdom and epcot. parking is free at disney springs and the water parks. disney is releasing details about a new live show, "star wars: a galaxy far, far away." the park says the show will premiere april ninth at disney hollywood studios. there will be five shows a day, between 11-30 am, and 5-30 pm. the search for a cop impersonator is
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p9=unty. coming up.... who investigators say lled over a clermont woman
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i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first... while you were sleeping... a deadly fire breaks out in lake county. crews rushing inside--but they were too late. the details coming up. and... spring break is getting out of control in daytona beach.... after an officer is injured while trying to make an arrest. why police say this year is one of the worst they've seen. plus... it is one of the fastest lights in orange county.... and drivers say they
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frustrating safety hazard... coming up. but first, let's get
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new this morning-- a lake county community is in
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shock-- and a family is in need of support-- after a deadly house fire. it happened last ht on west minneola street and ridge-crest drive in minneola. fox 35's dana jay is live on the scene with more. good morning dana. not only did the people who live here lose a loved one, this home is total loss, too. ((vo)) it was a engulfed in flames when crews arrive around 9 o'clock last night. three different fire departments from here in lake county were on scenealong with paramedic. according to the fire chief, crews did nto the homeand pull out one personwhom they tried to revive on sceneunfortunat they weren't able to do that. everyone else in the home was able to escape with minor injuries. the city of minneola is not identifying the person who diedthey're waiting to make sure all family members are notified. ((take gfx?)) vjanager released this statement: "minneola is a close knit community of people who deeply care for each other. now is time for us to come together a pour out love for is family." (dana on cam)) a donaon drop-off is bei aed. and while it's not
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ttors or notthe city is encouraging everyone to check eirs and make sure they work. ven minneola, dj, fox 35 news. inneola is a close knit community of lusia county-- sing breaker is cing multiple chargesaccused of saulting an beach. it happened near the oceanwalk section of the beach around 1-30 yesterday afternoon. investigators say the officer was trying to arrest 20 year old jayme gordon for an alcohol violation when he took off running. the officer caught up with gordon and arrested him...but dislocated his arm in the process. gordon says they're only 2 and a half weeks into this spring break
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already have a record number of alcohol arrests. it is illegal to drink on the beach in volusia county and you will be ticketed or even arrested. it is one of the quickest lights in orange county... and it is creating safety concerns at an intersection near the "doctor phillip's performing arts center." we are talking about the left turn signal at sand lake road and turkey lake road coming from dr. phillips. we timed the light-- on a smart phone--and it stayed green for less than 10 seconds. our cameras caught several cars speeding through the intersection -- after the arrow clearly turned red. drivers can call 3- 1-1 to report concerns about traffic lights. a spokeswoman for orange county
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light has a broken sensor-- and it will be fixed-- within the next 48 hours. a man --thought to be impersonating a trooper in clermont-- was the real deal. that story kicks off our morning rush. the trooper pulled a woman over this past weekend. she thought he was pretending to be a trooper... because his patrol car was un-marked. clermont police had a hard time figuring out the case... since the trooper never reported the traffic stop. he says he gave the woman a warning instead, because he recognized she was rockledge police need your help finding a woman accused of using fake 100 dollar bills. police say she tried to use the cash at a c-v-s store last month... but was turned away. the same woman is accused of using another fake 100 dollar bill at a super-cuts this month. witnesses say she speaks with an accent. a suspected drug smuggler is dt o-i-a... after federal agents found six pounds of heroin in a backpack. customs officers were checking the
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to a 38-year-old man who arrived on a flight from mexico city on sunday. they noticed lumps in the bag, and found the drugs. both were handed over to homeland security. good news for u-c-f students... the school ranks number one in florida for higher education. u-c-f tied for the top spot with "florida atlantic university". the florida board of governors considered graduation rates... along with the number of graduates who found employment... and their wages. u-c-f is the only university ranked in the top three during all four years that the board of governors have done this review. once again.,.. the orlando magic fail to keep the momentum going. after a much-needed win at home tuesday night... the magic headed into charlotte to take on the hornets. and the team got stung... losing 107 to 99 last night. orlando will have a day to rest before
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conference champions. they play the cleveland cavaliers at amway tomorrow night... with the game set to begin at 7-pm. with the play-in games decided... march madness officially gets underway today. 64-teams are set to duke it out over the next two days. florida fans can catch miami going up against buffalo tonight... or flip it over to north carolina versus florida gulf coast. the games begin at 6-50 and 7-20 respectively. ``,bbq m and he was hired to be their batting %$ coach... but now barry bonds is looking like the miami marlins' best hitter. the 51-year-old got into an impromptu home run derby during batting practice yesterday. and the seven-time m-v-p is said to have "wiped the floors" with much younger stars like giancarlo stanton and and christian yelich. later in the day... the marlins lost to
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stanton did not participate... and of course... bonds didn't either. a texas cheerleader is getting a helping hand... literally. how u-c-f is helping her participate in the sport she loves. plus... after a dominating performance tuesday night... donald trump is turning his attention toward hillary clinton. but it's his own party he may need to watch out for. we'll explain why
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support him-- or risk a violent backlash. but this morning... there's speculation his own party is meeting to replace him. while missouri has yet to be called... trump won 3 out of the five states up for grabs on tuesday. but the prospect of another candidate hasn't gone away for republicans. today... a group of leading conservatives will meet to lay out the ground work for a possible 3rd party run. meanwhile.... trump warns there could be serious consequences if the party tries to take the nomination from him.
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the republican party would tag paul ryan as a potential candidate. ryan has since come out saying he is not interested. the news comes as fox calls off the next g-o-p debate. they made the move after trump said he would skip it, and kasich said he would not go, if trump was not there. the debate was scheduled for march 21st in salt lake city. after winning the florida primary... donald trump has also picked up the endorsement of governor rick scott. scott is urging republicans to rally behind the g-o-p frontrunner. he says he didn't endorse sooner... because he didn't want to intervene in tuesday's vote. as for marco rubio... we now have a better idea of his future plans. rubio has announced he will not seek re-election to the u-s senate. he is now considering a possible run for florida governor in 2018. on the democratic side of things.... after sweeping tuesday's contests-- hillary clinton appears to be shifting her focus
5:46 am
locked up 65-percent of the delegates in play. bernie sanders is trailing by more than 700 delegates. the democratic party now seems to be shifting its focus away from its own candidates.... and going after the republicans'. leaders are calling trump a bigot... who incites violence... and is a fire-alarm for democracy. despite her big ud... clinton says she will not try and push sanders out of the race. her camps says she does not want to anger his they will need down the road. new this morning.... a texas cheerleader is not letting her disablitity stop her from enjoying the now... thanks to the central florida... all those flips and getting a whole lot easier. linton is missing her
5:47 am
but... that doesn't stop her from participating in competitive cheerleading. yesterday... linton took a break from all the flips and tumbling to visit u- c-f.... where she became the 15th child to recieve a limb from "limbitless solutions". the non-profit group... based out of u-c-f.... builds custom-made arms and gives them to children at no cost. the u-c-f cheerleading team was also there... along with a set of pom-poms. toss to john at the
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our first headline is from the new york post. it reads: "friendly fire that killed maryland cop was deliberately aimed." according to police... the shot that killed an off- duty cop... was deliberately targeted by another officer in a "tragic misunderstanding." last sunday... officer jacai wilson not in uniform, standing outside a police station near washington, d-c. that's when the suspect-- michael ford-- walked up and opened fire. officials say wilson was accidentally shot during the chaos... as officers arrived on scene... and may have believed he was the shooter. the next headline is from fox news. it reads: "bergdahl had psychiatric disorder when he left post."
5:51 am
from the u-s army... bergdahl suffered from "schizo-typal personality disorder" when he left post in 2009. medical experts say people with that disorder-- can develop "significant distrust of others." bergdahl was held for five years by the taliban, before being released in 20-14. he now faces charges of desertion. his attorneys say 444444444444documents to stop negative publicity in the case. the last headline is from fox news. it reads: "nike unveils first power-lacing sneaker." the company revealed this new sneaker at a media event in new york. these use "power laces," which means users can make the shoe looser or more snug... with the press of a button! this lets people custom-fit their 0 shoes in the moment-- depending on the exercise they are doing. the "power lacing" shoes will be available this holiday season... in 3 colors. no word yet on the
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a new report shows central florida... dropping when it comes to health care. a look at which counties are
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going green for st. patrick's day. the fountain at the white house is turning green for today's holiday. first lady michelle obama requested the dye seven years ago during the president's first year in honor a chicago tradition when the
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time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. terrifying moments--caught on camera-- at a grocery store in miami. a store clerk says... armed robbers threatened to shoot her baby! miami police released surveillance video from the incident. they say two suspects walked in... pretended to shop... and then went up to the register. that is when police say-- one of them pulled out a gun, demanded cash, and pointed the gun at the baby's head. the victim says... she is still too scared to show her face.
5:56 am
and thankfully the suspects took off. they are still on the run this morning. at least a dozen nj5wm are dead-- following a massive barn fire in lake worth. it happened wednesday morning--at a horse training facility. twelve out of 23 horses died in the blaze. two firefighters were also injured. officials say about two-thirds of the barn was destroyed. the surviving horses are being treated for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a new report shows that some central florida counties have dropped in their health rankings. the annual report provides a snapshot of health-- across florida. seminole county dropped from the 4th healthiest county -- to 5th place. orange county dropped to number 21. and osceola dropped from 18 to 32. the rankings are based on factors-- like overall income and access to healthcare. the healthiest county in florida was saint john's county.
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here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. crews are investigating a overnight fire that e life of one person. we go live to the scene for the very latest details. plus-- breaking news. seaworld is announcing today that it's stopping orca breeding...immediatel y! we have the details. then all new: pile on the bug spray. demand for insect repellent is expected to be 2 to 3 times higher this year becuase of zika. but--are companies ready for the demand? plus your weather and traffic updates.
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. welcome to "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us on this st. patrick's day. a home goes up in flames in lake county. not everyone made it out.
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investigators are searching through the rubble. >> th e music world is mourning the loves frank sinatra junior. >> john:` announcement that is putting an end to orna breeding. >> amy: let's see how it look on this st. patrick's day. >> jayme: another mild if not warmish morning out there. 70s reporting in many locales. 60s out the door this morning for the kiddos at the bus stop scene. a mild morning giving way to a few p.m. showers. we have a front moving in. this is the first one that will come on through. a series will move through the region through saturday.


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