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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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investigators are searching through the rubble. >> th e music world is mourning the loves frank sinatra junior. >> john:` announcement that is putting an end to orna breeding. >> amy: let's see how it look on this st. patrick's day. >> jayme: another mild if not warmish morning out there. 70s reporting in many locales. 60s out the door this morning for the kiddos at the bus stop scene. a mild morning giving way to a few p.m. showers. we have a front moving in. this is the first one that will come on through. a series will move through the region through saturday.
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despite the increases of clouds, the rain chances are 20%. higher north to ocala and gainesville. despite the increase and clouds and rain odds, a warm day, 86 by 2:00 p.m. isolated rain chance by 20%. sharp uptick for tomorrow. that's the pinnacle, the peak of the storminess. all the rain should fall before 2:00 p.m. on sunday afternoon, 30%, and then we clear out and cool down. highs in the 70s, and 50s, a bit cooler for you into early in the work week. >> kristin: out in deland we have a crash on i-4, the westbound lane of i-4 before state road 44. it's not causing delays, but we'll keep an eye on that one.
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this morning, rouse road to downtown will take you 9 minutes. >> john: a major announcement from sea world. >> amy: the company said that days of orcas in captivities will be coming to an end. luanne has the details. >> reporter: sea world entertainment has just made several major announcement, including that it's ending all orca breeding today. the killer whales currently in their care will be the last. they will have natural encounters. they will focus on orca enrichment, exercise, and overall health. the changes start in the san diego parking and then followed by san antonio, and then hear in orlando in 2019. they are partnering up with the humane society of the united states.
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quote, sea world has introduced more than 400 million guests to orcas and we are proud of our part of contributing to the human understanding. this this came after the announcement of the till kim may be dying from an infection. >> reporter: good morning. crews are still on the scene here monitoring for hot spots here in mineola. i spoke to a neighbor who said when he came home last night he could see the flames coming out of this home from miles away.
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lived here lose a loved one, they lost the entire house. three lake county fire departments plus paramedics responded. crews rushed into the home and pulled out one person. they tried to revive that person on scene but they were unfortunately unable to do so. everyone else, we're told, escaped with minor injuries. the city of mineola is not identifying the person who was killed. they wanted to make sure all family members are notified before they release the name. mineola is a close knit of people who deeply care about each other and now is the time to come together to pour out love for of the family, was the statement made. fire officials are saying they still don't know why the fire
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working smoke detectors were a factor. they are reminding people to check to make sure that your smoke detectors are working this morning. >> john: developing in orlando, deputies say that a man has been detained in connection with a deadly shooting. at the chowder bay apartments. a 26-year-old man who died at the hospital last night from his wounds. deputies are not saying though if the man who is detained is the shooter. >> john: the music world is mourning the loss of a legend. we're talking frank sinatra jr. has died. >> he passed away while on tour. >> reporter: good morning. sad news for the music world this morning. frankcy gnatry --cy
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he was admitted to halifax high school after complained of being light headed. and he suffered a massive heart attack, the same thing his died from. he followed his father in the music business. he worked with his dad as musical director and conductor. pes with a on his sinatra sings tour. the family said they mourn the passing. and the peabody auditorium is sending love on to the family. >> john: he voiced himself on
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>> john: a news alert. road rage. >> amy: a family fearing for their lives after a car rolled up and rammed right into them. right across the street from the boys and girls club. a 27-year-old smashed into the car of a woman with her children. she said she feared for her life and sped off. robinson followed bell to a nearby gas station and rammed her car a second time and bell's cousin called police. >> i said, can you send out police. she is trying to kill us. she's ramming the car, and we have kids in the car. >> she was charged with five
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bell said this is not the first time that robinson tried to attack her. she suspects that robinson may be involved with her children's father. >> john: we first brought you a yesterday. two men broke into an apartment on conway road just after midnight on wednesday. officers say that the suspects robbed a man at gun point, shot, killed his dog, and made off with the victim's car. that victim is facing drug and weapon's charges. witnesses say that a man was running from the apartment with bags. they had cocaine, marijuana, and a stolen gun. officers said they found more cocaine on the kitchen table. >> amy: a boy is in a mental
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parents caught him taking a loaded weapon to school. trying to take it into howard middle school yesterday. no students were ever in harm's way and it was an isolated incident. they're investigating what the teenager was planning to do. >> amy: two students were arrested after a bb gun was found at markham woods middle school. no students were hurt in the case. >> amy: the pga in central flerd today. some of the world's best trying to conquer bay hill. 444444444444s loaded with major champions once again. the tournament kicks off this morning. 7:30 tee times and the last group going off at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. there's major fire power. we're talking adam scott, rory mcilroy, and jason day along
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and four time pag tour ben curtis. >> been home since august. played one other small event, but being able to get out of the north and come down here for a few weeks and get ready for the event, it's good to get started here. >> and this year's purse is $6.3 million. >> amy: pile on the bug spray. demand for insect repellant is expected toab two or three times higher this year and all because of zika. and joining us from the fox business studios wearing her lovely green, is the lauren simonetti. >> reporter: the start of march madness, st. paddy's, and this is a fun day. >> amy: down here in florida, the mosquitoes never go away.
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nights ago and getting eaten alive. we are accustomed. >> reporter: you are but you have to be careful. 200 confirmed cases, and some in florida. there's no vaccine or treatment. that's why a lot of people are piling on the bug spray. insect repellant sales, $168 million. that's expected to increase by two or three times this year. that's how big demand will be because folks are scared about zika. and one of the few lines of defense is arming yourself with the can of bug spray. >> amy: i probably have 100 cans of bug spray. every time we go somewhere, i forget it, and then i have to buy another can. do you do that? down here it's an epidemic. the centers for disease control will be hosting a conference
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workers to update them on the zika virus. governor rick scott requested help from the cdc after he learned that the virus can be transmitted sexually and was in polk county. all cases in florida are travel related right knew, but the -- right now, but the department of health wants to keep it from mosquitoes. >> amy: as expected the president's choice for justice scalia's replacement. >> . >> john: a woman crashed a car with a dog in the back seat. details straight ahead. arnold palmer teeing it off shortly, how does it look. >> jayme: it looks good.
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lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month for 12 months. welcome back to "good day orlando." 6:15 right now. look at the beautiful view here down on international drive.
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looking lovely. there is still some fog in some places. not quite as bad as yesterday. but something to look out for this morning. >> john: a woman is happy to have her dog back after the car was stolen with the dog inside. >> amy: this is quite the ordeal. the dog was missing after the suspect crashed the car into the@ power pole and the car went up` in flames. yesterday morning in deland. the victim was sitting in her kenzie. that's when an 18-year-old jumped into the seat of the car and the woman jumped out. the suspect jumped into the car and took off with her dog.lee investigators said that he` crashed into a power pole and the car burst into flames. >> helped get him out of the car and get away from the fire because it was fixin' to blow.
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he was dragging a man out. the next thing you see is the car burst into flames. probably 20-foot flames coming out of the car.`9@ >> police and deputies searchedv6 for hours after the crash. they finally found the dog wandering around in the neighborhood. she did have some injuries. they're still trying to figure out why the suspect jumped into the car in the first place. he is expected to have his first appearance in court today but he's in critical condition, so i am not sgrg how he will show up. >> john: president obama nominates merrick garland to replace justice antonin scalia. >> reporter: the president's decision was met with quite a bit of opposition from republicans. zfi19 is the chief justice of
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his name has come up scon consistently. republicans say no confirmation should happen until a new president is elected. >> it is attempting to make the confirmation process simply an extension of our divided politics. >> the dwetion the senate announced weeks ago remains`_ about a principle and@[ not a person. >> reporter: of course, referring to the biden rule, joe biden said that then president george bush should not nominate. several republican leaders have said that thre discuss garland's nomination and the process. and senator mitch mcconnell is not among that group. we'll continue to see this battle on capitol hill.
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expected in texas today where people are already battling record high flood waters. overflowing rivers have forced thousands to evacuate their homes over the past week. more rain is expected to hit the gulf coast this morning and continue through tomorrow night. to see. >> jayme: that same system will focus its attention on us, later this evening, tonight, and certainly by friday and saturday. tomorrow all the way paving into the weekend. we have distinct times of rain possibilities. let's break it down. good morning. 60s to around 70. 72 at villages. another day of very pronounced westerly air flow. it's a very warm wind direction in the current pattern we're in is a warm wind. high pressure flanking the front to the south. another ridge to the north of that.
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you sigh a lot of deeper greens in the gulf south. that's the rain over texas. later today, areas in eastern texas explode with the possibility of heavy rain. we get our share for the afternoon. 20% orlando metro. as you go higher northbound, out of the orlando metro, up towards ocala and gainesville, can you see how we bring in heartier rain amounts and the possibility of thunderstorms getting into the mix in the afternoon and early evening hours. all that have kicks off shore by tomorrow morning. known boundary moving into the state. we have an enhanced chance, again, of more rainfall. distinct possibilities on friday afternoon and evening. we'll do it again. a rinse and repeat cycle, if you will, come saturday. here's the background -- the boundaries responsible. low pressure developing on the western end by saturday p.m. into the late morning and early afternoon.
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possibilities gliding our way out of the gulf of mexico. we could see stronger storms. the situation we're seeing unfold normally bodes well for small hail production and storms. the upper atmosphere of the will remain cold compared to the lower levels. that's one thing we'll watch for you. check out the wave grid. things look rather than fun. 9 to 12, and 16 second interval. increasing out of the northeast atlantic. you can see how that moves in and getting into the local coastal waters. we add a touch of swell on top of that. the surf should be good foo tomorrow, and by saturday and sunday. the winds clock around with the arrival.
6:22 am
ahead. ponce inlet, 4:53. and 9:56 at port canaveral. and high tide at 4:13. the next several days. again we have the potential now to bring in the possibility of that rainfall in here later today, tomorrow, and into saturday. you see the chance of rain on saturday. a good chunky 50, 60%, highs that day in the lower 80s. >> kristin: i want to take you right out to cokee. we're seeing patchy fog on state road 407 and 528, right at that`` intersection.`` in brevard county, give yourself`` extra time on the road. everywhere else, lots of green on the map for this st. patrick's day, so it's smooth sailing. westbound from the 434 to fairbanks, 7 minutes. using the 408, rouse road to
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time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. regular gas is $1.76 at the citgo in winter springs. you can find gas saving tips a the our website at >> john: did you notice that gas jumped $0.20 right next to our station? >> amy: yes. big time. >> john: the election may be over but the problems not. >> amy: why more than 1,000 orange county workers were not
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>> john: happening right now, the volusia county sheriff's office is ready to fit deputies with body cameras. >> amy: according to the daytona beach news journal, they have finally selected a vendor to buy the more than 200 cameras from, and they'll talk to the county officials tonight. the deal will cost $2.5 million over the next five years. if approved, the cameras are expected to be in use by next month. >> john: more than one thousand workers who tried to cash their checks had checks bounced. according to the office, 1400 people working at polling stations on tuesday were unable to collect their pay. the payroll company failed to
6:27 am
account, we're told. workers will receive a new check in the mail now that the problems have been fixed. an overnight fire leaves one dead. the search for an officer impersonating is over in lake county. he wasn't trying to pretend to
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6:30. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. happy st. patrick's day today. we're so glad you're waking up with us. >> reporter: a deadly house fire in lake county. crews rush in, but it's too late. >> john: plus spring break getting wild once again in daytona beach. an officer is injured while trying to make an arrest. why police said it's one of the worst they have seen in a long time. >> amy: one of the fastest likes lights in orange county.
6:31 am
what is causing the frustrating hazard. >> john: 2:30 or 3 in the morning the ones we sit in. you're like, should i go? >> amy: sometimes i do. the law. >> amy: i look first. i would never try to. >> john: she's angelic and breaks the law on occasion. >> jayme: upper 60s if not right on the 70-degree mark. and mild times. and the only thing we bring in now is a general increase in moisture. a bit more cloud cover than yesterday. we had pretty good cloudy skies. nice field of strato cumulus developing, kind of a flattened pancake. it'll be elevated today, jacked up, and allow a rain chance to set up. 20% of us seeing rain drops.
6:32 am
the gainesville area. and maybe down south towards ocala and everybody in the nix by friday and saturday. low pressure moving in from the glufl. we'll have windows of drier weather but rain chances on the rise approaching the weekend. >> kristin: we have a crash just off of i-4 here at hotel plaza boulevard and buena vista drive. up in volusia county, we have a crash going on on i-4 westbound, before 44 in deland, not causing any delays, no roadblocks as of now with the crash. taking a look at drive times, i4 westbound, lake mary boulevard. eastbound, attractions to downtown, 13 minutes. west bound 408 from the 417 to downtown, 11 minutes.
6:33 am
state fire marshal will be in lake county investigating a deadly house fire in mineola. >> john: it happened on west mineola street. fox 35's dana jay has more. >> reporter: good morning. not only is the family mourning a logs of a love -- a loss of a loved one but the home is a total loss. it was engulfed in flames when the crews arrived at 9:00 p.m. last night. three fire departments and the chief responded. they tried to revive the person( but were unable to do so. everyone escaped with minor injuries. they tried to get their loved one out. >> it was amazing because i'm
6:34 am
whatever, what's going on. when i seen the guy run in, his girlfriend pulled up and said it's a boyfriend, and try to get them out of the house. >> reporter: now according to the city of mineola, a dropoff location is being set up for donations to the family. the fire chief is warning folks to make sure they check their smoke detectors. they don't know if that was a factor here in the fire, but it is definitely something you should do for your own safety and your family's safety, according to authorities. >> john: it is 6:34. a man thought to be impersonating a trooper in clermont was actually the real deal. >> amy: he pulled a woman over this past weekend, and she thought he was pretending to be a trooper because he was in an unmarked car. the clermont police had a hard time figuring out the case because the trooper didn't call in the stop.
6:35 am
warning instead because she recognized him her as his neighbor. obviously, she didn't recognize him as her neighbor. >> john: a woman tried to use fake 100-dollar bills at a cvs stores. and the same woman tried to use a fake $100 bill at super cuts. she speaks with an accent. >> amy: six pounds of heroin were found in a backpack. they checked the backpack from a man who arrived from mexico city on sunday. they noticed lumps in the bag and that's when they found the drug. both were handed over to homeland security. >> john: accused of assaulting an officer around 1:30 yesterday. the officer wasyku+r'g to arrest
6:36 am
alcohol violation and took off running. the officer took off and arrested him but dislocated his own arm during the struggle. the officer said that they have had a record number of arrests. >> our crowds are a lot bigger than the previous years for spring break. last spring break for march and april only 94 alcohol arrests. right now. >> john: it's illegal to drink on the beach in volusia county. police say that you will be ticketed or arrested if they find alcohol. >> john: magic had trouble keeping the momentum going. >> reporter: a better year than last year, but you have to be an optimist to think that the magic can make the playoffs,
6:37 am
like last night. 107-99 they lose to charlotte. they have a rest for a day before playing the calves at the amway center. it doesn't get any easier with lebron coming to town. 7:00 p.m. pretty excited about march madness set to tipoff today. 64 teams. we're 6 hours from tipoff, and, yes, i am counting down. many predict buffalo will win. and florida gulf coast playing well but they have to play north carolina, top seed. the games tip off around 12:30. at the arnold palmer invitation, that he are teague off. they are teeing off. a lot of it competition.
6:38 am
we talked with matt every live. he said don't bet on me, and he did. >> amy: maybe that's the way to go at it. >> john: one of the article, he doesn't play well -- i don't want to say anywhere -- but he plays great here. >> amy: something about the home town. >> reporter: that's his spot. >> john: the sweet spot. donald trump turning his attention to the democrats. >> amy: specifically, hillary clinton. >> the whole concept is very simple. bill my whole concept, make= america great again.=00 that's what we're going to do. she can not make america great again. >> amy: it's his only party that he may need to watch out for. we'll explain why. look, everybody is in the spirit this morning. >> john: that's cool. >> amy: happy st. patrick's day. you will see a lot of green. if you are not wearing it,
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>> john: there's more speculation that the republican party could try to take down donald trump. >> amy: after he had a@ huge night at the polls on tuesday. trump had a big night, winning three of the five states outright. he is leading in missouri. missouri has yet to be called?
6:42 am
>> john: they're having some troubles. >> amy:@ laying out the ground work for a possible third party run. trump warns that there could be serious problems. >> i think you would have riot, i think bad things would happen. i wouldn't lead it, but i think. that. bad things would happen. >> fox news calls off the next g.o.p. debate. they made the move after trump said he would skip it. and john kasich said he wouldn't go if trump wasn't there. the next debate is march 31 in salt lake city. >> amy: marco rubio will not seek re-election for the senate. he is considering a possible run for florida governor in 2018. >> john: hillary clinton turning her attention from bernie sanders to donald trump.` with sanders trailing by more
6:43 am
taking aim. some calling trump a bigot, and inciting violence and a firearm for democrats. >> they need to be able to defend not embarrass it. >> john: she said she doesn't want to anger his supporters who they will need down the road in a general election. >> amy: it's one of the quickest traffic lights in orlando. it's forcing people to gun it to try to get to the intersection in time. >> john: now drivers are worried about pedestrian safety there. >> it's frustrating when you try to get to work on time. you have family here, and you worry about them getting hit if they were trying to cross the intersection.
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to guess which >> john: 6:46 here on good day. a consumer alert. san diego based bumleby foods is recalling 31 cases of tuna. a precautionary measure because it may be contaminated. so far no illnesses have been linked to the food. >> amy: one of the quickest lights in orange county but creating safety concerns. >> john: a left turn at sand lake and turkey lake road coming from dr. phillips.
6:47 am
phone and it was less than 10 seconds long. our cameras caught several cars speeding through the intersection. drivers can call 311 to report concerns about traffic lights if they have a concern. >> take it in your own hands and do something about it. we all have a civic duty. >> they said that the light has a broken sensor and it'll be fixed. we all know of a light like this, and it's not long enough, and people can't get through, so call 311 and they'll come out and check it out. 647 on "good day orlando,." >> jayme: 2 to 3:00 p.m., highest chance of rain over north central florida. we have chilly temperatures over
6:48 am
from the dakotas to the rockies. better in phoenix. and 68 back home here in orlando. surrounding communities, suburbs, counties, it's a warm morning. a good morning to you. the temps are up. the rain chances ensue. heading upwards. clouds streaming in as i speak to you. the bright greens and the flashes of light. rainy air, and moisture in the atmosphere moving through our way. through. low pressure over interior texas glides out into the northern gulf of mexico and by friday into saturday and increasing the rain chances yet again. mixed skies and 20% chances for rain in orlando metro. a touch higher ocala north to gainesville. and out on the golf scene, heading out to bay hill, or a
6:49 am
into the mid-80s with ease despite the looming rain chance. clouds are chunked up over the deep south and east as the front moveses our way. the cloud cover will move our way. underneath the canopy of clouds comes the inherent rain chance by 20%. and the modeling is doing a great job. the heaviest stuffere stk&qq" around ocala, and gainesville. and by 6:00 p.m., and then it drops south and kicks you have of a shore. the next system coming in, the ramifications on the weekend forecast brings a higher chance of rain during that time. by saturday, 50% to 60% blend up and even by saturday evening well. i wouldn't call it a total wash out but distinct times of rainfall. ocala to fort mccoy, rain
6:50 am
to gainesville. as we bring you down to lake county, leesburg, groveland, clermont, everybody in the range of mid-to-upper 80s. despite the increase of clouds. volusia county, more of the same. a rain chance at 20 to 30%. am touch lower at the coast. the sea breeze likely picking up going through the day. the sea breeze may prop up showers and isolated showers moving through the weekend. and sanford, 85. tonight, heading down to the mild 60s not as warm as we've been but still pretty mild. up tick in rain chance on saturday. 80 degrees on the nose saturday floorn with the rain chance of 30%. >> kristin: we are seeing some slowdowns in st. cloud on u.s.
6:51 am
old hickory tree road on u.s. 192. taking a look at drive times. westbound from the 434 to fairbanks, 8 minutes. if you are using the 408, rouse road to downtown, 11 minutes. >> john: time to look at your online trending headlines. >> amy: luanne is at the wall wearing her beautiful green. >> reporter: happy st. patrick's day. the first headline from the daily mail. it reads, egypt says scan of king tut's burial tomb shows hidden rooms. researchers speculate that the hidden rooms could contain members of king tut's family. they're trying to get a closer look without damaging any of that history. the final headline from fox news. navy staffers find california dog believed lost at sea for
6:52 am
the puppy went missing off the coast of a california island used as a navy base. they were 2 miles off the coast when the up. puppy vanished. the owner insisted that the dog was a strong swimmer. and then they found luna sitting by the side of the road wagging her tail. the navy said she was thin, but otherwise healthy. two miles is a long way to swim. >> she's beautiful. a great reunion. thanks, lu. >> john: you can be healthier depending on what county you are in. >> amy: which counties are the healthiest and which are the unhealthiest here in central florida. plus ... >> if i did anything
6:53 am
what happened in a miami
6:54 am
arm robbers turnin if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> john: time to looked at stories making headlines around the state of florida. >> amy: terrifying moments the a
6:56 am
a clerk said that armed robbers threatened to shoot her baby. miami police released surveillance video. they said that the two guys walked in and pretended to shop. they walked up to the register, and one pulled out a gun, demanded money, and even pointed the gun at the baby's head. scared to show her face. >> he told me to put the baby on the ground and i put him down. he told me that if i did anything stupid or anything that made him uncomfortable, he would shoot the baby. >> the victim said she handed over the money. thankfully, the guys left. morning. >> john: at least a dozen horses barn fire. it happened at a horse training
6:57 am
12 of the 24 horses perished. the fire is under investigation. >> amy: annual report provides a snapshot of health across our state. seminole dropped from the fourth healthiest to fifth. orange county to 21st. osceola from 18th to 32nd. ranked on factors such as overall income and access to healthcare. st. john's care, the healthiest. st. augustine is locateds. >> you have the beach and you can walk. >> sea worlgd has announced that they're ending their orca breeding. we have details from the
6:58 am
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>> john: thursday, march 17. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. thanks for joining us on this st. patrick's day. fox 35's dana jay is on breaking news. >> reporter: a deadly house fire in lake county. emergency crews rush in. we'll tell you the latest from the scene. >> amy: also this morning, x annn end to an era. the days of orcas in captivity are now numbered, sea world says. >> john: all new at 7:00, don't leave your kids with an unhealthy inheritance. why what you eatlon before you


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