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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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distribution] good morning. it's friday, march 18th. i'm ryan elijah. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. a major change for commuters this morning! a ramp in the middle of downtown orlando is now closed-- for the next three years. what you need to do... to get around all the traffic. plus-- we know now the name of the victim... who died in a house fire in minneola. coming up... how the local community is working to help his family. and-- it's day two of the arnold palmer invitational. find out who is at the top of the leaderboard right now
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a traffic alert -- a ramp in the heart of downtown orlando is now closed for the next three years! one of the ramps along i-4 west shut down down overnight, for the i-4 ultimate project. we are talking about the on-ramp that gets you out of downtown orlando-- to head west on state road 408. fox 35's keith landry has the details. new details this
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minneola. the victim was a 17- year-old, identified as "trevor ross." you're looking at picutres of the minneola high school student... shared by one of his close friends. we first told you about this fire... yesterday on good day orlando. the fire broke out wednesday night on west minneola street and ridge crest drive. when crews arrived... they found the house fully engulfed. they went inside... and found ross near the front door of the home. he was the only one inside when the fire broke out. the community is
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efforts to help out his family. we're told the family is mostly in of clothes and temporary housing. a donation drive will be held tomorrow at city hall from 8 to 5. a news alert now-- the decision to stop breeding killer whales is already paying off for seaworld. the company seeing a major stock boost... hours after making the announcement. when the market opens this morning.... seaworld stock will be up 9-percent. the stock jumped after the company announced three major moves..... no more breeding of orcas in captivity.... the phasing out of theatrical shows.... and a new partnership with the human society of the united states. the stock rise is the biggest the company has seen in five days..... and financial experts say it shows support for seaworld's dramatic move to stop
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according to the orlando business journal... seaworld says the changes could increase nearly 1-million visitors and generate 80-million dollars in new revenue. 29 orcas at seaworld's 3 parks.... one of which is pregnant. a health alert now-- new research predicts which american cities could have a zika outbreak this summer. and orlando is near the top of the list! map from the national center for atmospheric it shows the cities zika outbreak this
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orlando is one of the biggest hot zones in the county. anaysts say orlando is one of 50 cities expected to have a warmer than normal summer.... making it a breeding ground for zika-carying mosquitoes. the map also takes into accont the number of international travelers each city will get over the summer months. the news comes as four new zika cases are discovered in florida.... including one in central florida. according to the florida department of health... that case is new in brevard county. it joins three cases found in alachua county. there are now 66 zika cases in florida.... all are travel related. new this morning-- the volusia county man--that deputies say hit and killed a horse-- is expected in court today. christopher todd is scheduled for sentencing this morning. it was back in february of last year.... todd got into a verbal arguement with a group of horse riders near french landing... along the saint johns river in volusia county. deputies say the arguement was over how fast todd was krn. that's when they say .j"iuck into one of the horses... and took off. he was caught and
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cruelty and aggravated battery. starting next month... volusia county deputies will come equipped with body cameras.... and the sheriff's office has found a unique way to pay for them. the sheriff's office has been given approval to buy 225 new body camera. deputies rolled out this new video... warning the public of the new technology. the cameras will cost nearly 2-point-5 million dollars. but... they're being financed by money seized in criminal cases. the cameras will be used in the field starting next month. we are hours away
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invitational... and if it's anything like day one... we're in for a battle at the top of the leaderboard. 444444444444ason day leads the field... but there are 3-top-10 players right on his heels. day came into the tournament as the number three ranked player in the world. after a first round 66... he's living up to hype. day sits atop the leaderboard at 6- under. _@ but adam scott and henrick stenson are `` right behind him at 5-under.... and justin rose is 2- shots back at 4- under. we caught up with stenson... who's makes his home in lake nona... and says @c sleeping in his own bed may have something to do with his play. h@ p on the disappointing side of things is rory mcilroy. the number 2-ranked player in the world struggled in the
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he shot a 3-over 75... which puts him in danger of missing the cut. @ coming up-- spring break in getting more and more out of hand. more on how authorities are even harder. plus-- as donald to the presidential nomniation... ...democrats are working to make happen. efforts to block him from the white house. p
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spring break is getting so out of aytona beach...extra atrols are being called in. there are now deputies and beach patrol officers patrolling the 3- block area near the bandshell they have been forced to beef-up enforcement... because far more students are visiting this year. in the last 10 days
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been 150 arrests. that's dramatically higher than the 90 arrests made in 2 months last year. developing at this hour-- new information this morning about dq*niversity of california student who went on a stabbing spree last year. investigators now believe the attack was inspired by isis. officials say 18- year-old "faisal mohammad" was inspired to attack-- by an islamic terrorist group website. investigators say they found pro-isis propaganda on his laptop. mohammad stabbed four people in november of last year, before campus police shot and killed him. investigators say he planned the attack.... after he was kicked out of a study group. all of the victims survived. you decide 2016-- with candidate donald trump at the top of the g-o-p ticket-- liberals are now stepping in to try and stop him! several groups want to ensure trump never gets the presidential nomination. fox's rich edson has the story. slug: bc-fox-90- aehq-dem-road-to- the-white-house-3-17 category: national / politics / aehq item: 90 block: evening slug: aehq: dem road to the white house
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source: fox trt: pkg runs 2:18 notes: embargo: nns script: (anchor intro) the prospect of donald trump -- at the top of the g-o-p ticket -- is no longer getting smirks and eye-rolls from democratic leaders
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fighting to protect florida's black bears. why they say the bears are now at the risk of extinction. plus this-- alex morgan hits the field in central florida, to practice for orlando's new women's soccer |@ team. coming up-- more on
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you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's we'll be right back.
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outside from the amway center
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no bond for an orange county millionaire convicted of murder. he's waiting for a new trial. that story kicks off our morning rush. bob ward's trial is being appealed right now. ward's lawyers were asking that he be let out of prison yesterday. in 2011, ward was convicted of 2nd degree murder for killing his wife, diane. that conviction was recently overturned. no date has been set for ward's new trial. an international coalition is petitioning to have federal protection for florida's black bears. they say last year's black bear hunt put the bears potentially at risk of extinction. over 300 bears were killed in the hunt and the group says 21 percent were mother bears. florida fish and wildlife has not decided yet if there will be another black bear hunt next year. a weather alert now-- more thunderstorms are expected in texas today... just a day after violent hail storms swept through parts of the state...damaging buildings and cars in
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large chunks of hail fell across the lone yesterday. in some parts--the hail was the size of tennis balls! houses and cars were damaged. some emergency vehicles were put need several hundred thousand dollars worth of repairs. 8p orlando city may have already
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women's team is just hitting the practice %1. "the orlando pride" "iining on monday. but they added some star power to the lineup yesterday. superstar alex morgan took the field for the first time with her new club. many consider her the best female |@ soccer player on the planet. morgan jumped right into fitness training and drills.
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morgan and her teammate ashlyn harris coun't hit the pitch with orlando until yesterday because of duties with the u-s national team. they will play their first pre-season game this saturday. on the men's side-- orlando city are fighting for their first win of the season. they're in new york to take on "new york city: tonight. that game is at 7 at yankee stadium. lebron james and the cavaliers are coming to the city `@ `@ beautiful tonight. the 48 and 19 cavs hit `h`t8888g the hardwood against a struggling magic. @ that game starts at 7 o'clock at the amway center. < luanne sorrell and i had the honor of throwing the first
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xp``||| pitch at yesterday's braves spring training game. as you can tell we both have good arms! `>|pp coming up-- two south florida palm readers are arrested... accused of stealing thousands of dollars! find out how they ripped off people-- in a "money blessing" scheme. plus-- one florida county is now seeing a record number of pythons! why researchers say the snakes are breeding faster than ever. time to take a look at the stories looking great and stepping out with confidence includes having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest
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making headlines around florida. in st. petersburg-- closing arguments begin today.... in the "hulk hogan versus gawker" trial. hogan is suing for 100-million dollars in damages... ...because the website posted a video of him having sex with his best friend's wife. both hogan and the woman say they didn't know they were being filmed. jurors must decide where hulk hogan's wrestling persona ends-- and his private life begins. in manatee county-- two women are facing charges-- accused of scamming people out of thousands of dollars. deputies say "rosalita santos" and "alejandra solis" advertised themselves as card and palm readers.. who claimed to
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people's money. but-- deputies say ripped off their customers. in some cases, the pair simply took the cash they were supposed to bless. they also replaced real money with conterfeit cash. the pair has since bonded out of jail. p:: one county in south florida is seeing a record number of pythons! according to the miami herald-- researchers in collier county bagged more than 2- thousand pounds of the invasive snakes... over the last three months. this comes just one month after f-w-c wrapped up a python hunt-- where more than one-hundred pythons were killed. researchers say the snakes are breeding faster than ever-- because they can easily hide in animal burrows. new in entertainment-- the next chapter in an acclaimed sci-fi series hits the box office this weekend. it will try to knock disney's "zootopia" from the top spot. fox's jonathan hunt takes a look at
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444444444444l `4@3 `qpp closes in downtown orlando overnight-- for the next three years. we're live with the details on how you can get around all
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p````p``pl@` i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- a traffic alert-- major changes for drivers.. heading through the heart of orlando. details on the closures... that could impact your morning drive.... trt: oc: heartbreak.. after a house fire. details on how the friends and loved together. do to help... then - could orlando see a zika outbreak this summer? why researchers say.. central florida is the perfect breeding ground for the virus. but first, let's get


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