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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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p````p``pl@` i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- a traffic alert-- major changes for drivers.. heading through the heart of orlando. details on the closures... that could impact your morning drive.... trt: oc: heartbreak.. after a house fire. details on how the friends and loved together. do to help... then - could orlando see a zika outbreak this summer? why researchers say.. central florida is the perfect breeding ground for the virus. but first, let's get
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fox 35's andrea jackson is live at the
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p```````````````````` the westbound state road 408 entrance ramp from orange avenue/lucerne circle has been relocated for the long term to division avenue, just south of anderson street. elocating the ramp creates room for crews working on the interstate i-4 and 408 interchange. you will need to use south street or gore street to ss the detour to the new short- term ramp on division avenue this morning - a heart-broken community is helping
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dies in a house fire. friends say 17- year-old trevor ross - loved animals... and photography.. and volunteered in the community. cqfox 35's dana jay is live outside ross' eed up home in minneola... with more on this story. dana, the whole
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*(es clinton... and that campaign is nearing however... the reports-- sanders ``|g@wpp|f|ftpptwhhhttx|||wttlwt claims that dropping out of the race onppo|o\goopp would be un- democratic. pllldnnxxwt| t@ttttt|||```
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fox 35 is saving you money with this morning's pump patrol!
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p````````````````````````````````0 "chevron" on south volusia ave and east gardenia drive in orange city. you can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. it's only being sold in 2 cities in america.. and orlando is one of them. coming up... the mystery food... that a major fast-food chain is testing here in central florida. plus... regal cinemas .. banning kids? details on the new rules parents should know about
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places you can get it! the new item is called the "smokehouse b-b-q salad." the salad is so exclusive.. it is only being sold in two cities right now. customers in orlando and houston are the lucky ones who get to try it out. and if the salad is popular enough... it could roll-out nationwide. "ron jon surf shop" is opening a new location at the florida mall today. +will have a weekend full of activities for the grand opening, there will be live music... face painting.... and free . one lucky customer will have the chance to win a free shopping spree and a honda ruckus. the store opens at 10 am today. finally... regal cinemas is banning kids under 6 years old from all r- rated movies.... even if they are accompanied by an adult. the policy used to be that young children could not go r ratd movies after 6 pm.... but now --they can not go at all. regal says the reason they are doing this-- is because they want to make it a better
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the theater. still ahead-- a major league baseball player is walking away from the game... and 13- million dollars. *p... the reason he says he's being forced to pick between family... and a fortune. xx vtt,,(l,
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i'm ryi'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. 3 years. that is how long a traffic ramp-- in the heart of downtown orlando-- will be closed. ct-- the construction could have-- on your morning commute. 444444444444... spring break getting so out of control.... police are calling in backup. find out how many people are needed to patrol just 3 blocks. and.... could florida's black bear hunt be coming to an end?
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activists are joining together... to make sure it never happens again. coming up.
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``````````````````````````hy jackson is live at the new ramp with more.
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spring break is getting so out of hand at daytona beach...extra patrols are being called in. there are now 10 deputies --and 10 beach patrol the 3 block area-- they have been forced to beef-up enforcement... because far more students are visiting this year... compared to recent spring breaks. in the last 10 days alone-- there have
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that is dramatically higher than the 90 arrests made in 2 months last year. beach patrols are also trying to control the crowd--s by making anyone with alcohol- dump it out. $njeing-- bones found in marion county have been identified as a missing man. the ocala star banner reports--the remains belong to 45-year-old jeffrey keith. keith was reported missing about 11 months ago. deputies have suicide. keith's remains were found back on march springs shores... when a hunter found bones and clothing a little more than two miles away from the last place keith was seen. no bond for an orange county millionare convicted of murder. our morning rush. bob ward's trial is being appealed right now. in 20-11... ward was degree murder for
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that conviction was recently overturned. ward's attorneys were asking that he be let out of prison until the new trial.... but that was denied. no date has been set for that new trial. two people are thankful to be safe .jn after their car plunged p into a lake near orlando. the car was found partially submerged in a retention pond along kirkman road and i-4. both the driver and passenger were able to get out safely. an international coalition is petitioning to have federal protection for florida's black bears. the group says last year's hunt potentially put the bears at risk of extinction. out of the more than 300 bears killed-- they say-- 21-percent were mothers. "florida fish and wildlife" has not yet decided if there will be another black bear hunt. baltimore ravens's cornerback tray walker is in critical condition... following a motorcycle crash in florida. the crash happened last night in liberty city... just three miles from walker's former high school, miami northwestern. ccbb@lhx#h into a s-u-v. hhpp@xxx000rpppxp@``>/
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.l\l $0h and was wearing dark colors. `` ` "king james" comes to town... and "orlando city" will be the home team... in an opponent's territory. orlando sentinel sports columnist mike bianchi.. and host of "open mike" on the new f-m, ninety-six-nine, the game ... joins us live to talk about it. magic play host to celveland tonight. orlando city plays new york city at
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yankee stadium. day leader at bay hill. scott, stenson one shot back you can catch mike bianchi on "open mike" from 6 am - 9 am
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ninety-six-nine, the game. it is not your typical home someone breaks into a sanford the pets inside. how the owner is hoping to get them back. bill sits on governor scott's desk... and some to make sure never gets signed. coming up.... the latest effort to stop it from
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thing you expect them to steal is your pet. but that is exactly what happened to one woman in sanford. roberta fowler says someone broke into her house on monday...and stole her two pure-bred english bulldogs-- kara and beauty. according to police-- a contractor --working for fowler--- asked for a ride to the store... right before this happened. she says the dogs were inside a cage... and she locked them up before leaving. fowler says she has an idea why the thief
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roberta is offering a 1-hundred dollar reward for each pet. anyone with information should contact sanford 5 happening now... an abortion bill is sitting on the governor's desk... and critics want it vetoed. opponents brought more than 12- thousand petitions to his office yesterday. the new bill would tighten regulations on florida's 65 abortion clinics- and cut off state funding to those affiliated with planned parenthood. the governor did sign a new $82 billion dollar state budget yesterday. but not before vetoing dozens of spending items... including money for roads, cultural projects, health care and law enforcement programs. the u-c-f downtown campus was one of many projects that survived governor scott's veto pen. that means the university will be getting 20-million dollars in state funding for the project. but... the school cannot access the money... until it raises 20-million of its own in donations. u-c-f says it has raised 16-million-
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the governor also announced a florida disaster fund yesterday. $100 thousand dollars will be given to escambia, santa rosa and charlotte counties for victims of the severe storms and tornados in february. they destroyed more than 45 homes... and damaged almost 50 others. a weather alert-- more thunderstorms are expected in texas today. yesterday-- violent hail storms swept through the state...damaging buildings and cars in its path. some of that hail was the size of tennis balls! it was so destructive-- that emergency vehicles have been taken out of service... because they need several hundred thousand dollars worth of repairs before they are "road ready" again. the storms also brought heavy wind and lightning...leaving thousands of people
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444444444444 your first headline comes from "the chicago tribune." it reads... "adam laroche leaving after white sox clubhouse time." chicago white sox player "adam laroche" is retiring from baseball. he says he's out... because team officials asked him to stop bringing his 14-year-old son to the clubhouse everyday. not only is he leaving the team, but he will be walking away from 13-million dollars that is left in his contract. team execs insist they only asked him to quote.. "to dial it back" when it came to how much he brought his kid to work.
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wall street journal." it reads--- citigroup to millennial bankers: take a year off." citi-group says they are giving some of their younger employees the chance to take a year off... so they can do charity work. they will still earn about 60-percent of their pay during that time. there are rumors that there will be a second program in kenya. workers will help run a mirco-finance project while they are there. the company hopes this will attract millennials to working in investment banking. your last headline comes from "m-s-n." it reads-- simpson's writer who predicted trump presidency in 2000: "it was a warning to america." it was a funny line
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about... until now. that episode premiered back in the year 2000. the writer behind it "dan greaney" says it was quote.. "a warning to america about hitting bottom." during the show bart's sister lisa becomes president... and has to deal with a budget crunch left behind by the trump presidency. that was 16 years ago. two south florida palm readers are arrested... accused thousands of dollars! find out how they are accused of ripping people off-- in a "money plus-- one florida county is now seeing
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pythons. why researchers say the snakes are breeding faster
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welcome back-- lu and i had the honor of throwing the first pitch at yesterday's braves spring training game. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida.
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closing arguments begin today.... in the "hulk hogan versus gawker" trial. hogan is suing for 100-million dollars in damages... ...because the website posted a video of him having sex with his best friend's wife. both hogan --and the woman-- say they did not know they were being filmed. jurors must decide where hulk hogan's wrestling persona ends-- and his private life begins. in manatee county-- two women are accused of scamming people out of thousands of dollars... while :"blessing their money". deputies say "rosalita santos" and "alejandra solis" advertised and palm readers.. who claimed they could "cleanse" in some cases, deputies say the pair simply took and replaced it with counterfeit bills. one county in south record number of pythons. according to the researchers in collier county bagged more than 2- thousand pounds of the invasive snakes--
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researchers say the snakes are breeding faster than ever-- because they can easily hide in animal burrows. coming up on good day orlando at six. your morning commute could look different. a ramp in the middle of downtown orlando is now closed-- for the next three years. find out where it is...and how you can get around it. plus-- we know now the name of the victim... who died in a house fire in minneola. coming up... how the local community is working to help his
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>> john: it's 6:00 here on your friday morning. i'm john brown. >> i'm luanne sorrell. thanks so much for waking up with this this morning. details on closures that could impact your morning drive. to find out that somebody did that. >> john: heartbreak after a local teen dies in a house fire.


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