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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> john: it's 6:00 here on your friday morning. i'm john brown. >> i'm luanne sorrell. thanks so much for waking up with this this morning. details on closures that could impact your morning drive. to find out that somebody did that. >> john: heartbreak after a local teen dies in a house fire.
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together. >> why researchers say that central florida is the perfect virus. how is the weather shaping up? >> jayme: if we are going to have rain, why can't it be on a monday or tuesday. but at least it's friday. the 60s. and as we go throughout day it looks like pretty much in all time frames it'll be fair game for pop-up showers. some rain could be possible through the day and the overnight hours. this is going to be the primary folk yap point for additional
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the front will move to the south and we dry and cool things off. overall now light returns and a few sprinkles and lower lying cloud deck is focused on the area. you can see the front closing in. quite a bit of a rain ramp-up in the gulf. little disturbances in and along the front. that's the case through our saturday evening. distinct times of rainfall. 40% today. despite the clouds. a warm one day, and a one day tomorrow. and better odds of a 2:00 p.m. and into the overnight. after that, the chances wipe clean. and cooler, drier, sunshine prevails, and a high of 68 as the roller coaster ride of weather continues. >> kristin: taking you out to downtown orlando. the 408. we have some construction
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408 intersections. will you see traffic lights and traffic cones. we have some work for the next three years. major changes. westbound on ramp from orange avenue is shutting down. it's actually being relocated to division avenue. an alternate route you can take. south street and hop on division to get on the 408 westbound. coming from the south you can use gore street and take that to division and hop on 408 westbound. that's where we'll find andrea jackson right now. what more can you tell us about this construction project? >> reporter: you summed it up quite nicely. i can show you the pictures. if you are used to hopping on to 408 from, you will need to come to anderson.
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situation, short-term meaning three years. they plan to wrap this up in about three years and have the orange avenue westbound 408 ramp wrapped up. you will still need to use south or gore street to access the detour to division. and the temporary ramp is one of the first major changes for 408 commuters. get used to it. it'll be in effect for at least three years. >> kristin: now taking a look at our drive times been i-4 westbound, 14 minutes. eastbound, the attractions to downtown, 12 12 minutes. new details this morning in a deadly house fire in mineola. investigators have identified the victim as 17-year-old trevor ross.
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the mineola high school student sent to us by one of his friends. the fire broke out wednesday night on west mineola street and ridge crest drive. crews found the house fully engulfed in flames. they found rocks in the front door. he was the only one inside when the fire broke out. the community is organizing efforts to help out his family. >> the community has been wonderful so far iner. ing out their donations of clothing, food, monetary gift cards, the businesses are stepping it up and asking what they can do as well to help. so we're just trying to keep that going. now we're told that the family is mostly in need of clothes and temporary housing. a donation drive will be held at city hall from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. sea world's decision to stop breeding killer whaleses is
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>> the company's stock soar. they said they're phasing out theatrical shows. sea world announced they're abandoning its $300 million blue world orca be habitat project. >> humans and animals and educational so you get to see them. not in their natural has habitat but you still get to see them. >> i think it's kind of sad that the next generation won't be able to see the orcas. like we got to see them in sea world when i was a kid. >> it can't be good to keep an animal that size in captivity. >> there are three animals at sea world, and one of which is pregnant.
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cities most at risk of a zika outbreak this summer. >> reporter: the map for the national center for atmospheric research. orlando is one of the biggest hot spots. there's circles when it comes to zika outbreak. one of the cities expected to have a warmer than normal summer. researchers said it makes that it makes orlando the perfect breeding ground. they take a look at the number of international travelers that are expected. news comes as four new zika cases were announced in the sunshine state. officials discovered one case in brevard. three in alachua. so far that brings it to 66 confirmed zika cases in florida according to the state health department. all new this morning, the volusia county man convicted of hitting and killing a horse will be sentenced. last february he got into a verbal argument with a group of
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st. johns river. they were fighting over how fast todd was driving and then they said that he rammed his truck into one of the horses and took off. he was caught, charged with animal cruelty and aggravated battery. suing the domestic shelter. carol wick was fired last month. she served as ceo for nearly a decade. our news partners have reported that she filed a lawsuit. she said she was fired without package. equipped with body cameras. the sheriff's office has been cameras. the new gear will cost about $2.5 million. that will be paid for by money
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one of the things we look at is what are the people looking for, what do they want, and we're seeing that they are looking for more accountabilitity. it helps in the credibility towards the people.444444444444n document what we've doon. they can see it. it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. the money is coming out of confiscated funds. the cameras will be used starting next month. >> the next time you head to the movies you may not be able to bring your kids with you. regal movie theaters are banning kids understand the age of 6 from going to their theaters even if with their parents. joining us is lauren simonetti. >> reporter: isn't that just common sense that you not bring a child to a r-rated movie. >> exactly. why would you want to anyway. >> reporter: the policy used
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allowed after a certain time of day. but now no kids in a r rated movie. what the theater owners are thinking now the other people buying the expensive tickets to see the movie don't want a baby or a child in the theater with them. it ruins their experience. shawn parker's idea of the screening room, say $50 you can watch, and see the movie from your own couch, that's getting popular. so trying to make the movie experience more comfort glbl you can't bring your 5-year-old but you can bring your 7-year-old? is that right sna? . >> reporter: yeah. i guess. >> hmm, that's interesting.
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either, in my opinion. >> 6:10 is the time. president obama has sphrois for his fellow democrats. >> bernie sanders said if they listen it would be undemocratic. more on a stunt that led to frightening moments.
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>> amy: 6:14 is now the time. 65 degrees. jayme king said that changes are on the way. terrifying moments at a. rally at a florida high school. >> a stunt goes wrong after a man catches fire in front of hundreds of students. >> this all happened at atlantic community high school in delray beach. rickey charles was waiting for someone to breathe fire on him. he dunked the ball and then
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they quickly put out the flames hospital. he thinks it's because he used a new type of oil. >> i'm a circus performer, a professional, i have done this millions of times but i never practiced with this oil. >> he suffered severe burns. several students were treated on the scene for smoke inhalation. the race to the white house may not be as clear as once thought, at least on the republican side. >> analysts are saying it's almost certain that the nomination will be determined on the convention floor. in order to win, donald trump needs 1237, that's 5% of the remaining delegates. 55%. he has gotten 45% so far.
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republican party would have a a fight on the floor to pick a nominee. even if that happens trurch says that should be him over cruz. >> if they say he's 50 votes short, and we're going to give it to someone that was thrown out of the primary in the second week, you're going to have a problem. >> if we go forward and beat donald 65 to 45, we end up winning 50%. >> and another endorsement. south carolina senator is throwing his support behind ted cruz. the largest union federationsetting its sights on donald trump. they will launch a campaign against the republican front runner. trump supports right to work laws which bans businesses from requires employees to pay union dues.
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workers said it would target trump through text messages. marco rubio back in the nation's capital. he returned to the senate yesterday for the first time since suspending his campaign. he was quick to shut down rumors that he will be on the ticket as a vt. >> would you consider being cruz's vice president. >> i am not going to be anyone's vice president, i am not interested. i don't mean that in disrespectful way. i'm going to finish out eye term, we are going to work hard, we have some things we want to achieve and i'll be a private citizen. >> he insisted that he will not run for re-election to the senate. telling democratic supporters to move on from bernie sanders. the president hold a closed door meeting with liberal donors. he reportedly told supporters to
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that the standards campaign is nearing its end.p however the washington post reports that sanders said that dropping out would be undemocratic. rain is going tock the weather word for the weekend, unfortunately, as a front moves into the region. it's on top of the northern portion of the state. very mild readings right now. 60s area-wide. rain chance into early afternoon. not to say we may not have a few rain drops early this morning. the chance will be there. the imhis emphasis of rain, the bulk of it in the p.m. hours. corresponding nicely with the sea breezes. coast. and the day time heating cycle today. we're tracking a couple of clusters of light showers.
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everyone side of the state. another ramp up waiting in the wings. you can see it gelling up nicely over the big bend region. favorable breeze activity. day time heating cycle taking shape. we should see a few pretty good thunderstorms over north central florida. dumping rain, where we do find it small peaized hail, and winds, i wouldn't necessarily call them damaging winds but you never know. as the front moves in, things to material. after 2:00 p.m. for late tonight. and then saturday a slight chance for east central florida early. i think a better chance for you guys up in gainesville. probably not what you want to hear with the big gator national
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35 area, in the p.m. hours. rain chance swelling up to 60%. holding the general line and notion through the overnight hours. sunday, 40%. however, if the front clears out and we start to see this thing passing to the south early sunday morning, sunday may actually be more of what i would call a saved type of day, meaning you can get out and enjoy. things dry out rapidly and we cool down and we have sunshine replacing the rain. the low pressure drags across. if it spins up quick and passes east of the carolinas, and this front comes racing through and deliver a shot of good looking air by sunday afternoon. not a total wash all weekend long, but saturday, 1:00, you see the rain chances ri
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the time stamp here, 7:20. into the overnight, drips and blips on the radar in the overnight hours. we scour out the moisture and bring in fantastic weather. beginning some time on sunday. and monday, tuesday, and wednesday it'll be delightful and cooler. if you like 60s for highs, they're coming back briefly, but back in place. waves spaced out. getting into the beaches today. surf 2 to 3 feet. plus saturdays. tides outgoing all morning long but we have offshore flow. conditions should be good to fair at times. lightning and thunder may accompany any of the showers and storms that develop later today. it could be a thret if you are on the water, so just know that.
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overnight 69 orlando, and leesburg, 67. the next seven day, rain chances up and up saturday night through sunday morning. after that we clear it out, cool it down, and bring back the sunshine on monday. partly cloudy by next thursday as winds are east, northeast. we may inherit a light shower chance. but from here it looks rain free, but for this weekend it's a different story for the rain. >> kristin: slow downs between princeton and par which is causing back ups. you can see from par street` looking` westbound in that lane. it's pushed over to the side. we're starting to see that clear up now. taking you out to ucf, a crash
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looking at your drive times. eastbound from attractions to downtown, 12 minutes. if you are using the 408, 417 to downtown takes 12 minutes. time for the fox 35 pump patrol. $1.65 at the sunoco in orlando. you can find gas saving tips on our website at learning new details on a student that went on a stabbing rampage last year. >> why they believe that the
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>> luanne: new information on the university student that went on a stabbing attack last year. >> they said that it was inspired by isis. they believe that after finding pro-isis propaganda on his laptop. he stabbed four people in november of last year before campus police shot and killed him. he planned the attack after he was kicked out of a study group. all of his victims survived.
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missiles. the south koreaen military said that two missiles flew into the sea of japan early today. this comes after heightened alerts. how beach444444444444 volusia county deputies are joining forces to keep crowds under control.
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day orlando." i'm luanne sorrell. happy friday. we're so glad you're with us this morning. >> john: i'm john brown. here are the stories we're working on this morning. >> luanne: a major change for commuters. a ramp in the middle of downtown orlando is now closed for the next three years. what you need to do to get around all of that traffic mess. plus dana, good morning. >> reporter: we're live in lake county with new developments on a deadly house fire and how the
6:31 am
who lost their son and everything they own. >> john: also in just about an hour the arnold palmer invitational tees off. day two starting off hot >> luanne: good weather yesterday but i don't know about this weekend. >> jayme: i have 60s for you. and trending a little cooler than we were this time yesterday, 24 hours ago. you look here, and the rain chance rises in the early afternoon. i will call the entire day fair game. the emphasis today will be generally after the 2:00 p.m. hour. that coincides with sea breeze development and the day time heating cycle. and experiencing our big surge of warm going into the mid-80s with ease on the day today. another big rain ramp up in the northeastern gulf. light to moderate rain.
6:32 am
i suppose down the line those of you in gainesville, and dunnellon, and southwestern marion, and east to ocala may get wetter weather before you noon hour. but generally speaking, everything hinging on the boundary. and the proximity to us in the sunshine state and the pockets of energy that ripple along the boundary. promoting the chance of rain tomorrow, 60%. i wouldn't be shocked to see rain early in the morning, and a surge in the day time heating cycle. and then the chances drop off. after that we're cool, dry, and breezy. monday, 68 for the high. and lows around 50 degrees. that's your forecast. >> kristin: good morning. sky fox flying over i-4 heading east. things are looking good. everything is up to speed at the` moment.` we're accident free at this hour.
6:33 am
downtown orlando where we have major changes happening and it has to be with the 408 westbound onlamp. that's where we find fox 35's andrea jackson. construction will go on for quite some time. >> reporter: for three year, kristin. l it be a long-term, temporary closure, so to speak. commuters used to get on the 408 from orange avenue will be redirected. this is off of division street. all thanks to the i-4 ultimate project and it's i-4/408 makeover. relocated from orange avenue to division street at anderson and relocating the ramp. needing to use south or gore street to access the detour to the new short-term ramp.
6:34 am
detour in effect for three years. by 2019 the westbound ramp from orange avenue to should be reopened. >> kristin: again, this is where she is right now. that's where the ramp is that's closing, right there on orange. this is the detour that andrea told us about. take south street as an alternate and hop on the 408 from there. coming from the south, the other direction here, you take gore street to division and hop on the 408 westbound. if are you using the 408, from the 417 to downtown, that will take 10 minutes. luanne and john, back to you. >> luanne: a heart broken community is helping a local family after a teen died in a
6:35 am
>> john: fox 35's dana jay has more on the story. the fire has impacted a lot of people there. >> reporter: it sure has. there's been an outpouring of support for trevor ross and his family. there are photos of him posted here at the end of the driveway where he was killed in the house fire. he was 17 years old. a lake mineola high school student. and according to a go fund me page he was into robotics and animal rescues. he survives by parents and and they lost everything they owned. >> the community has been wonderful so far in pouring out donations of clothing, food, monetary, gift cards, and the businesses are stepping up and asking what they can do as well
6:36 am
we're just trying to keep that going. >> reporter: over the last 24 hours or so we learned that the rest of the family was not home at the time of the fire. trevor was sleeping in his room. although firefighters tried to resuscitate him, they were unable to do so. investigators think they may never know what happened to start the fire because the house was so badly damaged. >> john: spring break getting so out of hand at daytona beach that extra patrols are called in. >> 10 deputies and beach patrol, patrolling the area around the band shell. they are beefing up enforcement. far more students are visiting this year. the last 10 days a i loan, 150 arrests. last year, 90 arrests over a two-month period.
6:37 am
we didn't expect to have that many. apparently some of the other beaches they're not going to, so they're coming to daytona instead >> luanne: beach patrol is trying to help and making everyone with alcohol dump it out. >> reporter: hopefully no rain. jason day leading the field. three top ten players. and day coming into the tournament as the no. three ranked player in the world. he shot a 66 yesterday. a gorgeous day yesterday. if you had a chance to for go out there, i'm very jealous. andstenson at 5 under. and justin rose at 4 under. and rory mcilroy did not play well. he is in danger of missing the
6:38 am
yesterday at bay hill. they'll tee off in just about an hour. the orlando pride starting training. super star alex morgan taking the field for the first time with her new club. many consider her the best female soccer player there is. she jumped into the drills and training yesterday. >> it was good. meeting some of my teammates i have not met before. getting the first training under my belt, and getting nerves out. i didn't know anything coming into today. >> reporter: morgan will play in tomorrow's preseason game. a big day yesterday. [ cheering ] >> reporter: thex` braves game.p and lu and i had the chance to throw out the first pitch. what a great day. green jerseys. look at luanne's arm. firing a fast ball.
6:39 am
i was impressed with you, ryan. you went on the mound. you rocked it. >> john: two guys that never would make the team? >> reporter: i threw to no. 98. which is never a good sign >> luanne: that's a bad sign. >> reporter: you don't see many catches with 98. it was fun. >> john: great for you guys. more controversial surrounding the bear hunt last year. >> luanne: activists around the
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>> luanne: it's friday. >> john: .>> john: a lot of u/ kids are off today. spring break started today for many, and next week. it'll be packed again in the entertainment area. >> luanne: bones have been identified as a missing man. >> john: ocala star banner reports that the remains belong to 45-year-old jeffrey keith. he was reported missing about 11 months ago. they classified his death as a suicide. remains found near silver spring shores. a hunter found bones and clothing a little more than two miles away from the last someplace placehe was seen. >> luanne: bob ward's trial appealed.
6:43 am
degree murder for killing his wife diane. that conviction was recently overturned. his attorneys asked that he be let out of prison until the new trial. a judge denied that. no date has been set for the new trial. >> john: international coalition petitioning to have federal protection for florida's black bears. the group said that last year's hunt potentially put them at risk of extinction. of the more than 300 bears killed they said over 20. were mothers. florida fish and wildlife has not determined if there will be another hunt. >> luanne: a homeowner said that thieves grabbed her pets. >> they're worth a lot of money. >> luanne: how the homeowner hoping to get back her beloved
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>> john: 6:46. a consumer alert. bumbleby tuna expanding its recall. 100,000 cans of chicken of the sea tuna are added to the 31,000 cases recalled. malfunction at a tuna plant may
6:47 am
cooked which could make people sick. >> john: crime alert. when someone breaks into your house, the last thing you expect pet. >> luanne: roberta fowler said that someone stole her two english bulldogs. a contractor asked to take them to the store right before this happened. she said that the dogs were inside the cage. she locked them up before she left. the contractor could have left the back door unlocked. fowler said she has an idea why the thieves targeted her pets. >> they're worth a lot of money. they're purebred. $2,000 a dog. that's $4,000. i think someone stole hem for the wrong intentions and that's why i want them home. >> luanne: roberta is checking with the humane society and offering a $100 award for each
6:48 am
anyone with any information should contact sanford police. >> john: 6:47 on your friday morning. jayme king stepping in. a lot of kids are on spring break. how is it shaping up? >> jayme: well, it's up for debate. one of the weekends where there's a front bearing down on the weekend. and a front is notorious for crummy weather, and that's what we have at least at times. rain chances and gobs of cloud cover. happy weekend. you made it to friday. congratulations. a long road we've traveled. 60s right now. it looks like a mildish morning. a little coolish. and looking like yesterday in the skies. the sharp afternoon rain chance on the rise at 40%. day. the atmosphere is increasingly unstable. as we see temperatures climb through the 80s through 2:00 p.m.
6:49 am
will begin to rise. mixed skies. we probably see a lot of clouds. at times the sun may play a little peek aboo with us. and don't be shocked to find rain overnight and first thing tomorrow, and the chance for rain growing exponentially through the day. and uv index, because of the rain, will be a 5 today. and more rain is reloading. we're looking pretty good right now, rain-wise. the skies are mainly dry. a couple light sprinkles. this is the culprit, the boundary. i wish i had better news. a primer to ignite the atmosphere and get things going. for today, generally after 2:00 p.m. through late tonight will be round of rain number one.
6:50 am
rain chances. don't be shocked to find a few clusters of rain around, and better chances in the afternoon, 60%, and maybe higher into the gainesville, 60% through the overnight. and sunday, the chances drop off. and it all hinges on the boundary and how far it slips. overall behind the system, wow. wow. if you like it cooler. what a difference this will make. we've been above the norm, which is upper 70s at this time of the year, exceeding that by many, many degrees, and now we go below normal, go figure, by monday. and wednesday and thursday, 80s return. breezes commence in off the ocean. we modif the air mass. and we keep it dry, and then high near 83 and lows closer to the low 60s.
6:51 am
sky fox is on the way to apopka where we have a crash reported on the 4 429 northbound, right when you get on to the 414, or maitland boulevard. it's causing delays indicated in the orange colors. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. i-4 eastbound from john young parkway to downtown, 3 minutes. westbound, 434 to fairbanks, 8 minutes. and on the 408, rouse road to downtown, 10 minutes. >> luanne: the trending headlines. the first from the chicago tribune. adam le roach leaving after white sox sought to end son's clubhouse time. he said that he is out because the team officials asked him to stop bringing his 14-year-old son to the clubhouse every day. not only is he leaving the team but he is also walking away from $13 million that is left in his
6:52 am
team execs insist that they only back. fox in atlanta. couple finds purple heart at goodwill and reunited medal with the family. they found this purple heart at a goodwill. they bought the priceless heirloom for just $5. the back of the medal had a name engraved on it. they found the man's family. he passed away in 1991. he didn't have any kids and so it's on the way to missouri where his nephew lived 1 they bought it knowing they were going to give it away. two palm readers arrested and accused of stealing thousands of dollars all resolving around blessing money
6:53 am
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>> john: new in theaters. the next chapter in the sci-fi feature, divergence. a battle filled mission to go beyond the wall of chicago. miracles from heaven. and midnight special and the preppy connection which is out now in limited release. >> john: looking the the stories making headlines >> luanne: in st. petersburg. closing arguments in the hulk hogan versus gawker trial. he is suing for $100 million in damages because the website posted a video of him havings sex with his best friend's wife. hoeingian and the woman said that they didn't nope they were being reported. they didn't know they were being recorded. >> john: in manatee county, two women accused of scamming people out of thousand of dollars while blessing their money.
6:57 am
>> luanne: it's bizarre. >> john: they said they were palm readers who could cleanse cash. they took the money and replaced it with counterfeit bills >> luanne: here's your blessed money worth nothing. >> luanne: a record number of those nasty pythons. according to the miami herald, researchers in collier county bagged more than 2,000 pounds of the invasive snakes over the past three months. and that's like a truck. right? truck worth of snakes. the snakes are breeder faster than ever because they can easily hide in animal burrows. >> john: that's a big animal burrow. >> luanne: a local professor is
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> john: 7:00 on your friday morning. dpand. i'm john brown. >> luanne: i'm luanne sorrell. happy friday to you. >> reporter: good morning. big changes coming to your commute in downtown orlando. how the 408 has been affectedded. >> john: plus how a community is helping the family of a teenager


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