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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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n.a.a.c.p. delivered a letter for the cuyahoga county prosecutor tim mcginty. they are requesting the grand jury transcripts on the case. dan deroos with a close look at the letter. >> dan: mark, i have read through the entire page, it is one page long. you can find it on there is a little legalese making court requests for this. here is generally what they are looking for. they want copies of all grand jury transcripts recorded, generated, maintained by the cuyahoga county court reporter. they want transcripts of all witnesses who testified and any reports, diagrams, manuals or other documents presented. they close the letter saying they hope they don't have to get a court order for this but if they do, they want mcginty to support him on this. although we recognize the traditional secrecy that surrounds normal grand jury
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situation they want full as opposed to partial disclosure of facts and proceedings that occurred before the cuyahoga grand jury that investigated the death of tamir rice. they have taken their ball, the n.a.a.c.p. branch of the cleveland n.a.a.c.p. and put the ball in tim mcginty's hands. it will be up to him to make the next move. if they don't they seem to be threatening court orders. mark? >> thank you. a grandfather speaking out in court as a cuyahoga falls man is sentenced for abusing his own three-month-old daughter who eventually died matthew scott pleaded guilty to child endangering. the judge gave him the maximum sentence of 8 years. scott had another baby died four years ago ruled a sids death and not charged. now prosecutors wonder. >> romona: a man hunt continues in lorain county. the sheriff's department is
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an escaped inmate. tillman climbed a window and left the correctional facility there in a court-ordered drug treatment program. meantime in akron six inmates had to be treated for drug overdoses. officials rushed three to the hospital. the house works with felons who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. the four are suspected of using synthetic marijuana. >> don't say one other word. don't tempt the court. >> angela stokes rants like that one led to the judge losing her law license. more than a year of expensive litigation paid for by city taxpayers. today she formally agreed to step down. paul orlousky first reported the agreement had been hammered out last month. now it is official. >> don't roll your eyes at this court.
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i gave you a warning. will you will not conduct yourself like this in a court of law. >> reporter: it is official judge angela stokes is now former angela stokes and agreed to resign and not run again at this hearing in december. all that remained was a three-judge panel hearing evidence against her to prove it. that happened today. in return for her stepping aside the panel dropped all charges and agreed not to oppose reapplying for her law license. larry zuckerman is stokes lead attorney and fought a fierce battle to defend her. no question about that. any questions of the representation of the half dozen lawyers she has hired, fired and rehired and no new legal bills submitted since last october and the total is stuck at $1.1 million. intense negotiations since then to get this resolution are sure to booth the total significantly >> litigation is expensive as
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>> that gets to the bigger question. the state of ohio caps what they will spend at $10,000. after the case and billings are reviewed before another dime is spent on the case. and is it time for the city of cleveland to review that in light of angela stokes blank check. >> paul, we are looking at this closely. i have not seen an administrative case cost this month. >> when final numbers are available it is anyone's guess. they are hoping to see attorney-client privilege. department store macy's is cutting thousands of jobs and closing stores. that includes chapel hill mall in akron and midway mall in elyria. they will run clearance sales for 8 to 10 weeks before shutting down the stores. macy's hopes to save $4 million with the cuts. how does having half billion dollars sound. the cash value is a hefty pot at
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powerball drawing. today harry boomer talked to some people who are jackpot dreaming. >> if i win, i will buy the browns. [ laughter ] >> reporter: obviously gunter michaels likes the browns. here is what he said he would really do if he is the second ohioan to strike it rich at this shell station. >> reporter: $500 million that's a lot of money. >> yeah. i would buy conneaut. >> good luck, gunter. >> reporter: how many tickets did you buy. >> just a couple dollars worth. just takes one to win. >> if you win what will you do. >> retirement. go somewhere warm. get out of the snow. >> he would help family members and others if he wins the 500 big ones tonight. mary ann thompson won $124.9 million here at this gas
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2014 and last ohio resident to win the powerball jackpot. >> i just bought one. if the good lord wants me to win it, i will win it. >> what will you do with the wings. >> i would like to help family and friends and donate to church and homeless shelters. i would like to help people less fortunate. >> and spend $500 million being on the line and not buy a powerball ticket myself. >> will you give me, please, two powerball tickets. >> okay. thank you very much. >> i wish everybody well. but i wish that i win. >> harry boomer, conneaut, cleveland 19 news. tonight? >> we have the most picked numbers that pop up. >> romona: they are: the most picked red ball is 20. we will have the winning numbers tonight on cleveland 19 news at 11:00.
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today is graduation for cleveland emt workers. up next we will tell you why they will now be required to wear something to go out on call. yeah. >> jeff: weather vision source a time lapse with high clouds coming in. there you go. we will be tracking some rain but not until friday.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. cleveland ems workers now have to wear bulletproof vests. >> we learned this today as 15 emts and paramedics graduated from the training academy. the group will work on an ambulance for field training and cover vacancies created by attrition to maintain the number of ambulances available in cleveland which is 18. >> making neighborhoods safer. this is a sievers security alert. rocky river police tell us dozens of storage lockers were broken into at the presidential apartments and also continental
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wooster road happening over the weekend. no word how much the thief or thieves got away with. police are reviewing surveillance video. >> romona: johnny manziel has been a hot topic these days with code name billy and a reported las vegas disguise. >> well, we went out looking for him again today. dani carlson is live with what she found. >> reporter: we are live near johnny manziel's house in avon tonight. we have been on the public street for hours. we came here at first to try to give johnny manziel a chance to explain for himself what happened or didn't happen. just within the past 20 minutes we finally saw signs of life at the house when two people appeared to leave in an s.u.v., the unidentified driver gave us the middle finger as he drove by and again we still don't have any answers for you guys tonight. >> reporter: what better person
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we went right to the source. but a package was on the doorstep. a sheet was covering the front door and the door was firmly closed for hours. that is until about 5:00. when a friend came out front with manziel's puppy telling us he didn't know where manziel was except saying he is definitely in town not in vegas. >> the friend says he is house and dog sitting. when i asked if he knew when johnny would be back here he says he doesn't know he has to talk to the qb's family. we tweeted and calling his agent erik burkhart. when i asked him over the phone if he had anything to say about johnny going undercover in vegas he chuckled and said "i'm not going to comment on any of that." no comment on the trip and infamous blonde wig, glasses or
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same response from the browns. and the rep said there's nothing to comment on about johnny today. no confirmation that johnny manziel was here at his house or was in that car that i saw earlier this evening. and still no answers for us tonight about what happened or didn't happen in vegas. >> live in vegas dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> romona: shameful giving dani the finger. >> mark: unfortunate. you hate to see that. >> romona: we will turn to our weather. jeff. >> jeff: only on bad weather days. >> we have 33 in cleveland and dropping this cloud cover. we will drop because of a thin cloud cover out there and chilly out there and got to bundle up. 40s upstream from our weather coming in from and high cloud cover in place and closer look
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20 will be the overnight low in cleveland and warmer in the city. we have been seeing that trend on the calm nights and some high clouds akron-canton down to 16. here you go for tomorrow 43, mild this time of year with partly cloudy sky. i will show you, though, the next threat of rain on friday. doesn't look like it will be in the morning. won't be heavy rain and moisture coming in. future view has it developing in the afternoon and pretty much one wave that could last into early friday evening as well. the alert friday a good threat of rain and morning commute looks good and the afternoon travel, though, you will encounter wet roads there. look at the warm up saturday after the rain comes through. in fact, friday night we don't drop in temperature. 53 on saturday.
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cloudy sky and more rain saturday night and much colder air will get in here monday with a sharp drop in temperature. some snow showers around and lake-effect snow kicks in monday and an alert for that on the lakeshore and 26 monday. mark schwab is live in berea
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: hey, it is mark schwab live in berea outside browns headquarters going through a couple of interviews today. i told you about that earlier in the newscast and tell about you a couple lined up including the guy, somebody put odds on who will be the next browns head coach and so far the guy with
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offensive coordinator of cincinnati bengals. he is considered one of the best candidates available and if browns really want him they will have to throw some bucks or power at him or something. they will interview him sunday along with the other bengals coordinator paul guenter. both guys busy saturday night. got a playoff game against the steelers, win or lose they should available for interviews. a new name entered the fray. a head scratcher jerome henderson secondary coach of dallas cowboys positional coach, somebody they want to talk to. you hope to get a glance at a guy for a defensive coordinator if they bring in a defensive guy. i don't know. they say he is in the mix and on the list. we'll see. he, by the way, coached with the browns. cavaliers have taken on the washington wizards tonight in d.c lebron doesn't really care that
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kyrie is ahead of him. he says kyrie is better than an all-star. >> he is much better than an all-star. much better than an all-star f. he continues to play the way he has been playing and progress in his name he can do something special around the league. i won't put too much pressure on him. >> all right cavs and wizard tonight at 7 on fox sports ohio and news coming in lebron's company lrmr marketing company that represents players cut ties with johnny manziel and that news coming into cleveland 19
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>> jeff: all right next three days 43 tomorrow and rain by friday afternoon 44 and saturday 53 mostly cloudy and windy. >> mark: thank you so much for joining us at 6:00. a guest editorial is next. >> romona: we hope to see you back here at 11:00. have a good evening. now this is a cleveland 19 news editorial.
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cleveland browns. and browns are once again ignoring the past and writing the same script they must analyze the affect of past decisions and engage a different model and sashi brown has no experience and given the title of director of football operations. with the final say over the roster and role in interviewing coaching candidates, hiring a coach first will prevent a team from getting the most qualified general manager candidates. look at the history and analytics of hall of famer bill and gm and architect of indianapolis superbowl teams led by peyton manning and he built the buffaloes four-time superbowl team which was anchored by hall of famer jim kelley. another example is hall of fame ron wolf architect of oakland and green bay's title teams anchored by jim plunkett and brett favre. browns must have a field of
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if you build it, will you come. talent like john gooden an ohio guy and superbowl coach and bill cowher played for the browns and also a superbowl coach enticed to cleveland if power breakers like wolf were here. new england, green bay, denver. the list goes on for a franchise that relied on tried and true nfl analytics to win. this is the direction we should go. hire the general manager who then hires the director of player-personnel and the two of them hire the head coach. let's find experience, decision makers to escape this 15 year nightmare. thank you. >> we encourage your response to this editorial.
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