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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from cleveland's news
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starts right now. powerball fever. it is a whopper of a jackpot, $524 million. it is up for grabs tonight. >> if you played you should grab your tickets right now because we have the winning numbers. we are told were just drawn. so let me see those numbers. here they come. 2, 11, 47, 62, 63,17. >> it is very frustrating that the murderer is still walking among us. >> you no at 11:00, police are searching for eliza sherman's
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the new year brings new hope for the family and friends of eliza sherman. it has been almost three years since she was murdered in the heart of downtown cleveland in broad daylight. as tiffani tucker report, the people who loved her are hoping this year they will get justice for eliza. >> i thought to myself when we brought in the new year, 201 ukes 6 i -- 201 ichs is, i thought this will be it. >> it has been almost three years since jan's best friend aliza was murdered outside her divorce attorney's office in downtown cleveland near the galleria. the 53-year-old cleveland clinic [inaudible]. someone running from the scene. >> do you know who killed your best friend? >> i really can't say for sure. i know what i feel in my heart. >> lash talked to aliza every
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killed she spoke with her friend and asked her if she wanted her to go with her to her appointment. >> i get so frustrated because i couldn't help. it is very painful when i think about it. >> years gone by have given lash time to think about when there will be justice for aliza. the vigils, the birthdays, the marches and the moments going on without per best friend and knowing a killer is still out there and the belief and hope that investigators will make this the year her loved ones get closure. >> i am praying they will do what they need to do and hoping that someone will come forward with some information. >> as you saw there, there is still a $50,000 reward for anyone with any information leading to an arrest in this case. lash says she hasn't heard of leads or possible suspects. ramona? >> breaking news out of maple
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police are investigating a shooting in the area of lee and libby road. once investigators arrived on the scene they found a man laying on the sidewalk. we are following more breaking news. trading has been halted on the chinese markets after another huge plunge. >> what will that mean for the u.s. stock market? details. >> it is not going to be a good day on the market, i will tell you that right now. it is the second time in the past four years the chinese market has had to close. it is a preemptive closing of the market because it already lost 7% of the value. put that in perspective and if the dow jones ever lost 7% in the first hour of trading, yes, there would be panic in this country as well. let me show you right here. we have the cnn money map here. this is the shanghai composite. it closes in three hours, but it has already closed because it lost 7.32%.
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circuit breaker in there. it is a safety valve that if the market ever starts tanking they shut it down. they halted trading when it lost 5% and hoping they can stabilize. they opened it back up and then they shut it down. what does this mean for the u.s.? we are talking u.s. futures. this is the important number, the dow. this is like a predicter. with what is going on in asia, what would happen to the u.s. markets, they are predicting right now a 1% loss for tomorrow. let me tell you that number could probably be bigger. it might slide to a two. if it slides to a 3% loss for the dow, hold on to your 401k's. not to panic is what the experts will say. hold out. the problem in china is because their economy is weak and they are fearing being down graded by other economies when it comes to loans. it will be one to watch on wall street tomorrow. that's for sure. denise? >> dan, thank you.
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breaking news that we told you about at 9ing on. an hour ago police reopened i-71 after an accident closed the southbound lanes just past i-90. a vehicle flipped on its side blocking the lanes for about two hours. no word on injury. new at 11:00, cleveland police arrested a 14-year-old male wanted for several aggravated robberies in the past two days. >> and police say he was wielding a fake gun. this is the weapon officers confiscated. it is a replica revolver with no orange tip. police say the teen complied with officers' orders and was arrested without incident. >> making our neighborhood safer, this is a seaver security alert. >> rocky river police say more than 100 storage lockers were broken into over the weekend. it happened at the presidential apartments and the continental west condo complex. those are both on worcester road.
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surveillance video of those crimes. two macy's department stores here in northeast ohio are closing. those stores are in chapel hill mall in akron anded midway mall in elyria. there are 36 locations that will close their doors. macy's will run clearance sales at those stores starting monday for the next eight to 12 weeks. the cincinnati-based department store hopes to save $400 million with the cuts. lebron's marketing firm lrmr and johnny manziel have parted ways. the cavs' star's company is moving away from endorsements and more on business deals. in a statement released by them says i will continue to support and advise him as a friend. however, because johnny needs to focus on personal growth, the next phase of his career
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expand beyond marketing we made the mutual decision that it was best to terminate our business relationship. let's talk about the browns now. they interviewed the first of two of what could turn out to be many coaching candidates. >> one coach they spoke with today may not be available much longer. mark schwab is here now with the latest on the search. probably going to be a lot of people rolling through town. >> a lot of people rolling through town and they will go out of town to talk to people. a lot to talk about. the browns rolled up their sleeves. they spoke with adam gase. they interviewed him before, but were not able to get him then. he is somebody a lot of teams like to talk to. despite turning them down he came back to speak with them. he called plays in chicago where the bears' quarterback raved about him. he is best known for his ties to peyton manning when they were in den vr together. he was -- he was their oc when they made the super bowl two
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they interest -- interviewed teryl austin. he has other teams chasing him as well. the browns have competition if they want these two guys. we will be back. >> hopefully we get a winning team soon. >> they need a coach and a quarterback and for crying out loud they need somebody that can draft. they are working on getting all of those things. >> fingers crossed. stay with cleveland 19 for continuing coverage of the shake up in baria. as soon as they pick a coach we will let you noah cross our social media platform. >> late this afternoon members of the local chapter of the naacp delivered a three-page letter to the county prosecutor demanding the release of a grand jury transcript and report in the tamir rice case. according to the state law, only a judge can order that
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mcginty just released a statement that reads in part, this office has always been extremely careful not to release any grand jury testimony. and to comply with the law. but every time police use deadly force and kill a citizen an independent investigation will beacon ducted and will make those results public. and we should also mention that the sheriff's public. you can read the entire naacp letter of request and mcginty's response on cleveland ems employees will be safer the next time they answer a call. they are required to wear bulletproof vests. it is designed to keep workers safe if they come across violence on a call. >> a new list released by terminix shows five cities are some of the most infested cities for bedbugs.
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third and dayton checked in at five. columbus and cincinnati were seventh and eighth respectively and toledo was 12th on the list. the cities on that list were ranked by the highest call volume to the pest control company. today judge angela stokes retired. she resigned from the bench as punishment for disciplinary charges for her unruly courtroom behavior. as part of the deal all charges against her have been dropped. the 13-month long case cost taxpayers a million dollars. john kasich will name stokes' replacement. you better rot in prison. >> in this case these women were heros. >> seeking justice tonight. how one woman helped bring an accused child molester to justice. >> an alert tonight for people using fit bits. see how criminals are
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>> and we have the warm up. that continues. then the second half of the weekend, big changes ahead. i'm gonna explain coming up. >> it is a bond between two kittens that will melt your heart. he is blind and has a seeing it it -- a seeing eye cat. >> breaking news and weather 24/7. download the cleveland 19 news app.
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> police say an indiana mom did the right thing after she found out a man had molested her daughter. a friend was using the man's phone and discovered pictures he took of the assault. she demanded that he tell the 4-year-old's mother or she would. after the 44-year-old confessed to the girl's mom she took things into her own hands. >> where is he at in the house? >> he is in the laundry room. >> where are you at some -- where are you at? >> in the doorway of the laundry room. he is not going no where until you take him out. >> right now the suspect is being held on a million dollars bond. they are also checking to see if there are any other victims
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well fit bit wearers may have been hacked. according to buzz feed news thieves gained access to a small portion of customer data like gps history and sleeping patterns. fit bit recommends users change their account pass word in order to protect themselves. well experts fear a rare tropical disease that can cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads may be on its way to the u.s. the virus used to be confined to africa and asia, but it spread to brazil last year where more than a million people have been affected. now doctors have found a case in puerto rico. it is spread by mosquitoes and those affected by the virus usually experience flu-like symptoms and sometimes no symptoms at all. it can cause birth defects in newborns like smaller heads or incomplete birth developments. so far the virus has been
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a new survey shows nearly 80% of us suffer from digital eye strain after spending too much time on our computers or our smartphones. symptoms range from dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, headaches and neck and back pain. doctors recommend taking a 20-second break for every 20 minutes staring at your device. pushing your screen back farther and increasing the font size on your device that can also help. chipotle was hit with a federal grand jury subpoena. it is part of the criminal investigation into the fast-food chain after a norovirus outbreak at one of the california restaurants where 100 people were sickened in august. chipotle say it is an isolated incident and they will cooperate with the investigation. he is a cat that was born with a life-threatening condition. but now he is getting a second chance.
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help from an unlikely source. sara golden -- sara goldenburg has the story. >> he looks like a playful, friendly kitty. but look closer and you will see he is missing his eyes. stuben was born without eyes. >> the eyes were too small in the socket and probably had extremely limited vision. >> now he has been taken in by the cleveland animal protective league. he met eshes pr, a female kitten in foster home and they are inseparable. jay they created an incredible bond. this kitten took stuben under her wing and started leading him to the food ball and tapping him when it is time to eat. stuben is healthy and relying on his other senses more and more. >> his challenges will be he can't see, but he gets around really well and precious will
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he will need to go to a family that will understand his limitations and give him time to adjust. >> president and ceo sharon harvey says the kittens are a pack kennel deal. she says we can learn a lot from them. >> i think the generousity of spirit and that we need to stop and help each other out. >> stuben may not be able to see, but he found a friend to show him the way. >> as we have seen with precious and stuben, they have completed their own little family. now we want to find the right humans who are going to really finish their happy ending. >> in cleveland, sara goldenburg, cleveland 19. >> isn't that the sweetest thing? >> for more information on how you can step -- help stuben or any other animal head to our website, cleveland >> sounds like you want to bring precious and stuben home. >> i would love torques but i'm uh -- i would love to, but i'm allergic of cats.
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that too, my bischon. >> the commute is looking good in the morning. no problems there. the next bout of rain will be on friday. that's not even going to be a huge deal. 7:00 a.m., around 27 or so. downtown we will be mid20. outside of the city limits, colder. so an easy weather impact of one for the kids heading to the bus stop. and the drive. moisture out to the west. by the time it makes it here it will be in the form of rain. and just some high clouds are in place. the clouds have been thick enough so we are not seeing a huge drop. they will thin out later tonight for a bit. so outside of downtown cleveland around 20 for the plow and akron akron -- for the low and akron canton and 16 with the high clouds around. the temperatures are warmer along the lakeshore and cooler inland by 10:00 a.m. 30 or better and then by 1:00 p.m. we will be around 40 at
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and same deal here at 4:00. i have us warming to 43 in the greater cleveland area. partly cloudy sky and mild this time of year. mixed clouds and sun in akron canton. your high will be at 42. the planner tomorrow, 21 at 7:00 a.m. 39 at lunch. 40 degrees at 5:00. all right let's talk about the system on friday. still looking dry in the morning. it will be a little piece of energy that moves in. the moisture will be on the increase rapidly on friday. a warm day though even with the clouds. it looks like by the afternoon that's when the rain will get in here. this is 7:00 on friday evening. the back edge is moving through. friday afternoon and early friday evening that's going to be the best time frame. a threat of rain and not such in the morning, but afternoon travel you will be encountering wet roads.
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26 tomorrow night. warm for this time of year. and friday night, we don't move in temperatures. mid40s. 53 on saturday. and windy. look at that. then the temperatures will fall on sunday as the much colder air comes in. it is rain on saturday night. temperatures falling through the 30s on sunday. here it comes. lake affect snow by monday on the lakeshore. 28 the high. >> all right, jeff, still coughing over here. if you missed these at the top of the show, here are the winning power ball numbers for the $524 million scrak pot. jackpot, 2, 11, 47, 62, 63 and the all important powerball is 17. >> now it is time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. in the buzz tonight a hit
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>> and janet jackson addresses cancer rumors. according to radar on-line the singer canceled her recent tour because she has throat cancer, but a few hours ago janet jackson released a video saying she does not have cancer. she promised the canceled dates will be made up including a stop in cleveland. hbo canceled the his series "girls" but you will still have two more seasons to watch the golden globe and emmy award-winning show. the show's creator and star says it feels like the perfect time to wrap things up. it is time for the cheap gas president are. $1.79 in cleveland at liberty gas on clark avenue at west 51st. $1.83 in brunswick at the circle-k. and it is $1.85 in euclid at
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> the cavaliers hit the road. they are in the nation's capitol to take on the wizards. kyrie irving was getting more allstar votes and irving was out earlier in the season, but irving is back and he shows he definitely belongs on an allstar stage. he went nuts. mr. fourth quarter earned that nickname and then some. he entered the fourth with 11 points and he finished with 32 on the night. irving poured in 21 in the final stan swraw to help the cavs beat the wizards. lebron finished with a game high 34, but irving stole the show with that act in the fourth quarter. that's what put the dagger in the wizard. wall finished with 20 in a losing effort.
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as i told you earlier in the newscast the browns interviewed gase and austin today. they are not close to being done. they have multiple interviews lined up on sunday downstate. one of them with the bengals offensive coordinator hue jackson. he may be the top candidate available. everybody has interest in this guy. the other interview is with the other coordinator for the bengals. he runs their defense. they finished second in the league in scoring defense this year. but i don't think he is going to bring geno atkins and carlos dunlop with him. just a thought. this is a head scratcher. several reports is they asked for permission to interview jerome henderson. he was once the coach here under mangini. i have no idea why they lined up this interview. zero. cooperstown population has gone up by two. major league baseball will induct two new players.
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piazza will go in. griffey was voted in on 437 of 440 ballots. i want to know what was going on with the three guys who left them off? 13-year allstar and 630 homers. when he goes into the hall it will be the first time he has ever been in the place. >> no. i think everybody knows -- i am really superstitious. i have played in the hall of fame game three times and i never set foot in the building. i have never even seen the front of. it i have gone from the field to the hotel and the hotel to to the bus and never looked at the front of it because the one time i wanted to go in there i wanted to be a member of it. >> no kidding. >> so it will work out for him that way. >> mark, quickly tell us why are they giving hue jackson most of the credit for the bengals' success. he is not even the head coach. >> dalton is having a career year and lewis, a defensive
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he has great numbers out of dalton and play calling is
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if you played the $524 million powerball, 2, 11, 47, 62, 63 and powerball 17. >> wrote them down. i have to check the ticket after the show. >> we are all still here. we didn't get them.
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