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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: a rough day expected on wall street. chinese markets shut down, and now brokers fear for the worst. >> brian: new developments on johnny manziel and where he was at least for a portion of the past weekend. >> tia: the numbers are in. sorry, folks, no big winner in the powerball jackpot. now the massive pot of money for
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history. >> brian: good luck. good thursday morning, january 7th. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. no one will complain about a little warm-up. let's turn to sam roberts so she can tell us how warm it will be. >> samantha: earlier in the week, tuesday, many woke up in the single digits. that's not the case this morning. the 20s are outnumbering the teens this morning. we take it. let's look outside and show you what's happening over downtown cleveland. a beautiful shot there. what a gorgeous morning in northeast ohio. a little bit of cloud cover especially along the lakeshore, but it looks like the clouds are trying to erode. you can see a little bit more cloudiness back to the west west of i -75. if those clouds hold together, they may clip us. it won't be an overcast day. we call it a blend of clouds and sunshine.
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warmer than the last couple of mornings. brecksville, good morning to you. we're at 20, linndale is at 26, and look at that, lakewood 30. isn't it funny? i don't think a week or two ago we would have been excited to see numbers in the 30s, but after the cold start to the week, it doesn't feel too bad. 34 at 10:00. as you head out to lunch today, upper 30s and then highs today top out in the lower 40s. we're about 10 degrees above average this afternoon. i'll talk about how warm we'll go by the start of the weekend in just a few minutes. laura. >> laura: out there on the roads this morning, mighty quiet i-90 into chester this morning into downtown. this is as you hit the border of downtown on the highways this morning. in the inner belt it looks good in both directions. no issues there. across the map we see nothing but green. this is a perfect start to the 6:00 hour. 6:02 right now getting close to 6:03.
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across 480, 58, 67, 60 miles per hour. no slowdowns there. normal construction has been out there -- i'm dropping my clicker. did you see that? i caught it. quick hands there. slippery little sucker is what that was. across the map not having much of a problem. 60 miles per hour out there on 480. i'm going to try to hold onto this for the rest of the morning. i'll be back in about ten minutes with another update. >> brian: breaking news out of upstate new york. crews are trying to rescue 17 mine workers who are stuck 775 feet down an access shaft at a salt mine. they became trapped late last night when part of the mine collapsed in the town of lansing. right now the rescue efforts are focused on securing the rest of the mine. we'll keep you updated on this as it continues to develop this morning. >> tia: overnight flames lit up the night sky as cleveland firefighters spent the night battling a blaze at a junkyard on the west side.
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we are told as many as 35 cars burned overnight at that junkyard on pearl road. some people even hard explosions. the good news is the fire is out and there are no injuries to report. are you feeling lucky? are you? >> brian: you have to be pretty lucky to win this thing. >> tia: you may get lucky. you could be the winner of $700 million. saturday's powerball jackpot could grow to that amount. >> brian: the winning numbers here they are. you don't have them, but you can look anyway. 2, 11, 47, 62, 63 and the powerball was 17. cleveland 19's nicor vrsansky joins us live. good morning, nichole, we did not win the powerball but people are still rolling in to buy tickets aren't they? >> nichole: absolutely. good morning, guys. good morning, brian and tia and
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we all get to fantasize about what we would do with that kind of money. the powerball jackpot is a record $675 million, and that is supposed to get bigger by saturday for the drawing as more people come in to buy these tickets. we're at the shell on snow in brookpark, and people have come in all morning to get their hands on a ticket hoping to win the jackpot. i did research for you guys. the $675 million has a cash value after federal and state taxes of $413 million. 413 million single dollar bills would create a mat the size of eight vaticans. it would also fill freight train cargo containers. that just puts into perspective how much cash we're talking about. i did buy my ticket, and i'm one of the dreamers out there.
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put all my family on it and fly to my private island in the bahamas i would also purchase. it's the best part of buying these tickets, is decides what you'd do with the money. what would you do with the money? >> brian: nichole has it all figured out. i don't know yet, nikki. i'm not sure. we have to find you on your private island when you're all set up. >> tia: i think a yacht. why not? yacht party, yeah. some bikinis. hae hey, get the party started in miami. i'm not going to be in cleveland. it's too cold. >> brian: it's what everyone talks about. what would you do? we know what tia would do if she won the powerball. you can sound off on her social media pages and you can find the winning lottery numbers on our website, another big story we're following this morning. chinese stock exchanges close early for the second time this week after plunging more than 7%
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>> tia: q. mccray joins us now. q., what happens overseas typically has a direct effect on what happens on wall street. >> q.: that's right, tia. they implemented this mechanism with chinese markets this week. they use circuit breakers that shut down trading if the market starts to nosedive, and that's what happened overnight. a move of 5% in the chinese market triggers a 15-minute halt for stocks, options and index futures. a move of 7% closes the market for the rest of the day. they shut it down when the shanghai market dropped 7.3%. they're doing this to prevent wild swings in the chinese stock markets like the ones we saw over the summer. stocks fell at chinese central bank, and as they weaken the currency daily rate, that's the lowest since august. their dollar is depreciating is
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expectations which is causing a scare. the shanghai stock exchange is down 12% this year, which is barely a week old. now, the overseas markets typically affect things here on wall street. dow futures are down 30 points, and the nasdaq will likely open 74 points down if things hold up as they are right now. so what about your money? according to financial experts, if you're worried about your 401(k) losing value, don't. they say it's still too early to make any long-range predictions. brian. >> tia: actually, it's tia, and that's okay. this is a crazy story. come on, johnny. you anymore. unravelling for johnny manziel. scott taylor was the first to discuss manziel got a ticket for expired license plates. now this isn't a serious offense, only a $125 fine but happened saturday morning on i-480 in north olmstead. there's still no confirmation on where johnny was saturday night, but there is numerous reports
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partying in las vegas. this ticket comes hours after lebron james' marketing firm announced its parting ways with johnny manziel. in a statement released to, he says i will continue to support and advise him as a friend. because johnny needs to focus on personal growth, the next phase of his career and because lrmr continues to expand, we made the mutual decision it's best to terminate our business relationship. >> brian: the browns are focused on their head coaching search, and they should be. they need a strong x and o guy and a great leader and he has to buy into the organization's obvious emphasis on analytic. they interviewed adam gase and
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they will talk to hugh jackson along with the dc paul gunther. the bengals play the steelers saturday night. stay with us at cleveland 19 for continuing coverage of ongoing shake up and rebuild in barea. as soon as they hire a coach we'll let you know. this is going to be fascinates ing to watch this coaching search because they have to talk this head coach and talent evaluator thing is this analytics things is something to get on board with. >> tia: it's a rebuilding process. let's hope it works. >> brian: it's 6:10. something for calf leer fans to tell brat after last night's performance. you can say kyrie irving is officially back. >> tia: el nino continues to slam the west coast. southern california is now dealing with relentless rain. sam. >> samantha: the time is 10
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i don't know about you, but i'm ready for spring after a cold start to the week. are you dreaming about pafternoons at the ballpark? 88 days until opening day there. they take on boston. i don't know about you, but i'med ready for spring-like weather. it may feel like spring as soon as saturday. we'll talk about it when we come back. >> brian: sam, i hope it's 88 on the day the indians open the season, right? drones were flying off the shelves during the holiday
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>> brian: live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: well, drones were a
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you can tell by the registrations taken in by the faa that it's been huge. in the past two weeks alone, 180,000 drones have been registered, and the feds are expecting at least 200,000 more. drone registration costs 5 bucks but it's refundable for people that register by january 20th. the latest in the week of el nino storms is drenching southern california. >> brian: danielle nottingham is in newhall, california where the threat of mudslides has forced people from their homes. >> reporter: parts of southern california already soaked by days of rain are bracing for more wet weather this morning fueled by el nino. a third round of heavy rain uprooted degrees in the san diego area. >> the whole house shook. i hope my roof doesn't come off and me with it.
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limbs into homes. >> it came where i was sitting. if i didn't move, it would definitely hurt. >> many drivers had to be rescued from vehicles as roads transformed into rivers. the deluge caused mudslides that spilled onto highways. >> you can drive right into it, and all of a sudden you're up to your window shield here in mud. >> reporter: here in newhall the mudslide threat has forced residents to leave homes. even more rain is on the way for the weekend and beyond. >> number 5 on saturday, and the sixth storm of the month will hit the top of next week leading to widespread rainfall totals for the entire state of california and nevada and arizona of at least one inch from the coastline from top to bottom, and we're talking phoenix also getting an inch to two inches of rain. >> reporter: the system brought more than a foot of snow to the mountains, helping to recharge the region's snowpack.
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>> tia: here it is. we're dry right now. >> samantha: meanwhile in cleveland, all is quiet, right? it's been such an inactive weather pattern really all winter long so far. things are going to turn more active next week. the pattern is very unfavorable for el nino-type weather here. it will get more unsettled and colder next week. this morning, though, things are really quiet. look at the clear sky south of cleveland into cincinnati, kentucky, east tennessee, the central appalachians here. nothing going on this morning. look to the south and west back towards solution and wichita. you can see the rain there headed in our direction for tomorrow. in the upper midwest this morning snowshowers, wintery weather there. but that will stay out of northeast ohio at least until the end of the weekend. we'll talk about our chance for wintery weather in a moment. i want to show you the hour-by-hour for today and help
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8:00 in the morning, 25. so we are a little bit warmer. it still feels like january, but, you know, it beats the single digits and teens we had earlier this week. 40 at noon, 44 is your forecast high temperature for today. about 10 degrees above average. we'll have a blend of clouds and sun and stay dry today. we're dry tonight. the clouds do thicken up tonight in advance of our next system, which will bring rain starting in cleveland mid to late morning tomorrow. showers will move in for us. 44 will be the high again, so despite the rain tomorrow, another very mild day. look how warm it gets by saturday. 52 degrees, and then things really start to cool off for us. by sunday afternoon we're only in the lower 30s. we start off sunday morning in the 40s. the temperature drops through the day. so got a little rain around late saturday night and through the
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snow, and then the period turns really, really wintery here. late sunday this part of the seven-day forecast, the second half of it, is very cold. sunday through next week looking at a big push of cold arctic air. highs in the 20s next week. even some highs in the teens. frosty, cold nights dipping back into the teens and lake-effect snowshowers possible each day next week. all the winter we have not had, well, it's coming late this weekend into next week. >> laura: out there on the roads this morning, we're just set perfectly okay. we're looking at 71 and 490. that whole area that gets busy later on, but right now all of traffic moving through there free and clear. maybe you watched and saw a loved one's car whiz on by out there. you can hear them moving perfectly well passing by the
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busy area a little bit of time from now. across the wide maps, not a problem in sight. that's just where we were. we're moving through there with very, very great ease this morning. down in akron it's the same story. we have perfect commutes all the way around town. if you come up route 8, 55 miles per hour through the cuyahoga falls stowe area and all points north. 77 is 65 miles per hour to the north, and here's part of the ride from fairlawn to brecksville headed towards independence there. you see cleveland off in the distance and even the lake if you dry towards the lake looking like an easy commute out there. guys. >> tia: time is 6:20. let me get my life together. i'm not together, okay? another big box store is on closing doors including two locations in northeast ohio.
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>> tia: look up at that sight.
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working hard out there in cleveland. good morning to all the hard-working folks there and all the people watching us here at cleveland 19. maybe you're leaving for work this morning. we hope you have a fantastic day. an update on cleveland's downtown hilton hotel. construction is not only ahead of schedule but also under budget. the project manager says the 32-floor hotel is on track to be done june 1st and could return 24 million of the 310 million the county budgeted for the project. the 600-room hotel is expected to play a big role when the republicans come to town for the republican national convention come july. two macy's department stores here in northeast ohio are closing. the stores in chapel hill mall and at midway mall are among 36 locations nationwide that will close their doors. macy's will run clearance sales at those stores saturdaying
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weeks >> brian: a party of sorts for kyrie irving last night. he put 21 points in the fourth quarter alone helping the cavs beat the wizards. kyrie finished with 32, 21 in the fourth. lebron scored a game high of 34. cavs continue the road trip tomorrow in minnesota against the wolves. no one has hit more home runs in baseball than barry bonds, but for the fourth straight year he was not voted into baseball's hall of fame. the alleged connection to performance performance-enhance ing drugs keeps him out. kenny griffey jr. is in. griffey and slugging catcher mike piazza are the only two players. next year indians record holder manny ramirez is eligible for the hall. we'll have to see if he gets in. >> three people didn't vote for ken griffey jr.? what's up with that. haters. >> brian: should they be voting anymore?
6:24 am
get in the first year, and some people don't want anyone to be unanimous. >> tia: good it good, man. that's ridiculous. he's excellent. >> brian: he deserves it. >> tia: that upset me. time is 6:26. coming in our next half hour, we will show you what might be the most epic photo bomb you will ever see. >> brian: it wasn't a photo bomb but a selfie that this monkey took that landed him in court. sam. >> samantha: i'm not sure how to follow that up. it's almost 6:30 on this thursday, and maybe you're at home getting ready right now and trying to do the hair. what kind of conditions are we expecting today on that bad hair index? not a windy day. a little light breeze out there, maybe a little extra hold hairspray, but i think it will be a good hair day for you. no rain.
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afr trying brooide ocolate, pele talk abouit oine. lovet fit taste. woulliquy it and bathin it. cue you, broside! yourefarus plans haveucceed. nefaous? are sti talking abouchocate? ookside.
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>> brian: new this morning. this may be the beginning of the end for johnny football. not only did he have a run-in with police over the weekend. lrmr the lebron james backed firm is cutting ties with him. >> tia: everyone is waiting to see what will happen on wall street today after the chinese stock exchange closed early because the numbers were so low overnight. >> brian: saturday's powerball jackpot is the largest of any lottery game in this nation's history after no one matched all six of last night's winning numbers. >> tia: good morning.
6:27 am
almost the weekend. >> brian: almost. >> tia: that's a reason to smile. january 7th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. just 40 days away from the cleveland indians pitchers and catchers reporting to goodyear, arizona for spring training. yes, sam, we have some spring showers in our january forecast, right? >> samantha: yeah. tomorrow, guys, we will have rain around. today we'll be dry, and then the warm-up begins. let's go straight to the maps and show you our big weather stories, which for today we are having one last night day before everything changes. it's going to get a little rainy tomorrow, and then behind the rain, well, it's going to get downright cold going into the end of the weekend and next week. if you have any dry-cleaning to do like your big, puffy coat hasn't been dry-cleaned yet from last year because it's been so mild, you need it. next week it is going to be freezing, literally, every day
6:28 am
for now temperatures are actually not bad. we're a lot warmer than the last several mornings. 20 in akron, 26 in cleveland, worcester, one of our colder sports at 16. i'll tell you why it's colder to the south. that's because we have clear skies here. we've been hanging onto cloud cover along the lakeshore. god bless you, tia. all morning. but to the south we have the clear skies, so things have gotten a little bit colder there. we'll eventually make our way today up to about 44 degrees. laura. >> laura: i-90 at chester looking like a clear shot into downtown if you come from the west side or the east side this morning on i-90. the traffic commute is still looking really good. of course, we're not in rush hour. it's 6:32 right now, but we always like to look and there. happening. we're accident-free on the roadways and across the wide map you see how good it looks. a whole lot of green all the way
6:29 am
all those arrows means we're up to speed. 480 is 58 miles per hour on the west side. that's closer to the airport and 71 there. 480 on the east side 57 miles per hour and there's 71 for you. it looks like a smooth ride the whole way into downtown if you come from the south. guys. >> tia: saturday's powerball jackpot could grow to a record-setting $700 million. what would you do with that money? any plans? >> brian: i don't know. i'd figure something out. >> tia: that's your answer. i'm thinking a yacht party in my mee on my brand-new yacht. you'd be invited. you and the wife could come down. >> brian: that's what i would do. >> tia: after no one matched all six winning numbers in last night's drawing that's why that jackpot was high. >> brian: cleveland 19's nichole vrsansky has already told us that she would have a private island and she would have us all there as well,
6:30 am
>> tia: oh, i'm down. >> nichole: i will. brian, if you can't figure out anything to do with the money, just give me a few million and i'll help you out with it, okay? the momentum for this jackpot is building. we've gone 17 drawings without a winner since back in november. thus, we have the whopping jackpot. we talked all morning about what you would spend that money on. here are a few suggestions if you can't come up with your own. how about a 38-acre island in the bahamas? that will set you back $85 million. enough left for a 38-bedroom castle in italy for 58 $58 million. left over. we've been at this shell on snow in brook park all morning long where people have bought tickets. one guy said he'd be very generous if he won the jackpot?
6:31 am
what do you do with all that money? i'd hook my family and friends up and stuff. >> nichole: so i'm signing up to be richard's friend. since he's going to be someone so generous with his money, although your chances of winning are not very good. you're more likely to be struck by lightning. the chances of winning are about 1 in 295 million right now. that will get worse into saturday. that jackpot is $675 million. also expected to grow possibly to 800 million is what i'm hearing as people flock to buy these tickets. live in brook park, nichole vrsansky. back to you in the studio. >> tia: 800 million. you got to win. >> brian: getting close to a billion dollars. >> tia: i won't be here. for the second time this week chinese stocks took a nosedive. >> the drop was so bad trading was suspended for the day. q. mccray is following the story
6:32 am
they have safeguards built into the deal so it doesn't turn into a complete disaster. >> q.: you're right. a big-time nosedive here the stocks fell at the central bank as they weakened the country's daily rate. the dollar is depreciating investors' expectations which is causing the scare around the globe. that's not the only thing. take a listen. >> another concern for the markets are falling oil prices. they're nearing a 12-year load and a global oversupply and less demand sent prices lower. >> q.: a fall of 5% in the chinese market triggers a 15-minute halt for stocks, options and index futures while a move of 7% closes the market for the rest of the day. that's what happened overnight. the shanghai composite index tumbled 7.3%. they're doing this to prevent the wild swings in the chinese
6:33 am
saw over the summer. the overseas markets typically affect wall street. dow futures are down 30 points and the nasdaq will open down about 74 points if all of this holds. when it comes to your money, financial experts say if you're worrieded about your 401(k) losing value, don't. they say it's too early to make any long-range predictions. tia. >> tia: gregory tillman, we told you about him, is back behind bars this morpg. he escaped from the lorain correctional facility on tuesday night. the chronicle telegram reports he turned himself in yesterday afternoon. how he escaped is under investigation. a 14-year-old boy is under arrest this morning accused of several aggravated robberies in the last two days. during the arrest they found a fake gun on the teen. this is the weapon officers confiscated. this happened in cleveland. it's a replica revolver with no orange tip. police say the teen complied
6:34 am
arrested without incident. >> brian: more drama for johnny manziel. overnight our reporter scott taylor uncovered that manziel was ticketed this past saturday morning for having expired license plated on i-480 east in north olmstead just before 8:30 in the morning. no big deal. worth reporting, right? here's a screenshot of the filed report. manziel has to pay 125 bucks. that's chump change for a guy accused of spending the same night on the vegas strip. making matters worse lebron james' marketing firm is cutting ties with manziel. they will continue to support him as a friend, but they feel manziel needs to focus on his personal issues. we have a twitter poll going on our twitter page. do you think manziel mania has run its course. is it over? #wakeup19. those numbers are running big-time in favor of people are
6:35 am
some 80% last time i checked. >> tia: i'm still waiting on this supposed video or pictures of him in vegas. >> brian: it's one of two things. number one, it doesn't exist, and so maybe it wasn't true. number two, what i keep hearing is somebody wants to be paid for it, and they haven't received their price. >> tia: which is likely. i could believe that. time is 6:39. think of the funniest photo bomb you've ever seen, because we're going to show you one that's guaranteed to top it. >> brian: i haven't seen this. looking forward to it. one of the weekend's nfl playoff games could turn out to be the coldest. we'll tell you how low the temperature may go, sam. >> samantha: that is not a stadium i'd want to be at. that's a cold game. stay tuned for that one. your morning drive is problem-free in the world of weather. very low-impact weather today. you might have to deal with a little glare once the sun comes up. i guess that's not a horrible problem to have.
6:36 am
20s. i'll have your full forecast when we come back. >> tia: what prompted a teacher to fight a 9-year-old boy in the
6:37 am
you gea co. yocan'breae through your nose. suddly, u're uthbathe a mohbreher! how n anne sep le th? well, justut oa brthe rit stp anpow! insntlypensour nose up to 38morehan ld dici alo. youan bathend sep.
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goodght uthbathe. eathrigh >> brian: good morning, everyone. look at downtown cleveland on your thursday morning. hope your thursday's off to a great start. thank you for starting it with us. a teacher's aide is on administrative leave after video is released of her hitting a student. this is in antioch, california. the 9-year-old boy says he
6:39 am
then things began to escalate. the video shows the aide and student hitting each other. the school is investigating. >> tia: wow. look at this. a makeshift igloo is all the buzz in the windy city. chicago. turns out the creator lives in a building right across from the intersection. he told reporters he spent about 15 hours building the structure and he put the big chunks the ice together using a shovel, chisel and tarp. it doesn't look that great. >> samantha: that's an ugly igloo, but props for effort. >> brian: wow. you look great, however. look at this fabulous dress you're wearing today. >> samantha: you like it? >> tia: not mine. that's why he's doing that. it belongs to denise. you know that. i had a wardrobe malfunction. i tried to zip up the zipper and it wouldn't go. i couldn't wear it on tv.
6:40 am
dress hanging around? >> tia: no. this was denise's dress hanging around. this is your dress. i sent you an e-mail explaining the situation. denis here. >> samantha: all lovely. your dress looks fabulous. thank you. i borrowed it from tia. yus kidding. it's totally mine. cedar point camera. target, by the way, i had to give them a shout-out, they have really cute women's work clothes. if you're shopping and looking for, you know, a nice outfit, somebody tweeted me and asked me where i go it. it's from target. i don't know where tia's dress is from, but it's really pretty. cedar point camera here and so is yours, laura. it's back. this is the scene at cedar point right now. really quiet conditions. it's a beautiful morning, and
6:41 am
had single digits in some areas and temperatures in the teens. most of us are well into the 20s, so definitely an improvement. sandusky, good morning to you. it's 27. wellington is in the teens. it's about 17 there. most of cuyahoga county are 20s, and lakewood is at 30. 29 in euclid and checking in at 26 this morning in shaker heights. we'll hit 44 later in cleveland with partly sunny skies area-wide. akron/canton 43, mansfield 44 and youngstown headed for the mid-40s today. about 10 degrees above average for this time of the year. our overnight lows also above average. mostly cloudy skies tonight that will help to trap some of the heat from the day. again, it won't be as cold tonight as it has been. we'll top out around 44 again tomorrow, but the difference between today and tomorrow is that we do have rain on the way. showers are likely on your friday. i think they're out of here by
6:42 am
get another steady batch of rain saturday night. i think saturday is a good day to get outside and get something done. there won't be a lot of sun but 52 degrees. sunday a total turn around. we have ray -- rain around on sunday, but as the day snowshowers. we have a chance for snow every day this week, and you have to look at how cold it's going to be. highs by the middle of the week only in the teens. good-bye el nino, huh? >> laura: every day next week snow? oh, boy. goodness gracious that sounds like something for our commute to deal with next week. this week it was a little bit rough bun day this week, but the rest of the week it's easygoing out there. slowdowns out there, they're inexistent so far this morning. you see that 37-mile-per-hour marker but the drive time still
6:43 am
no slowdowns from strongsville to points north here. maybe you head out towards mentor this morning. your commute is looking good wherever you're headed. there's i-90, though. sheffield village there and bay village into lakewood and cleveland. it's a perfect drive in on i-90 on the west side right now. the average price is $1.93 per gallon. it's $1.75 in lakewood. here in cleveland it's $1.73 at kinman's gas food mart. the cheapest find at the alliance on parkway boulevard, it's $1.71 there. tia. >> tia: an epic photo bomb is giving a little girl a picture to remember forever. this is why i made the sound.
6:44 am
the little girl said cheese, and the clydesdale behind her chimed in with a cheesy smile of his own. >> brian: that's good. remember this indonesian monkey that took a selfie. peta filed a lawsuit saying the monkey should receive the money made off the photo because the monkey took the picture. a judge ruled that the monkey can't be declared the copyright owner of the picture because, well, because he's a monkey. >> tia: duh. not surprising. new reports about janet jackson rumors say why she may have canceled her tour that would have brought her to cleveland. >> brian: we've been telling you about all the records "star wars" in breaking, but this
6:45 am
brooide ocolate, pele talk abouit oine.
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woulliquy it and bathin it. cue you, broside! yourefarus plans haveucceed. nefaous? are sti talking abouchocate? ookside. lk aut dicious.
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sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> tia: miss jackson if you're nasty. janet jackson speaking out about rumors why she canceled the recent tour. radaronline said she's being treated for thoet cancer, but last night she released a video she doesn't have cancer. she promised the canceled dates will be made up. the again. >> "star wars" is officially the highest grossest movies ever to hit theaters in north america. last night it passed up "avatar's" record. next is eyes up the worldwide record which is expected to happen because "the force awakens" is all right second on the list and hasn't even premiered in china yet. >> tia: if you were one of the sfoined "star wars" fans that complained on social media about
6:48 am
toys and games based on the movie, monopoly players rejoice. hasbro will add the female hero ray to the newest version of the popular board game claiming they originally left her out to avoid giving away the plot line. got to love that, sam. >> samantha: time is 6:54 on this thursday morning. it's 25 in cleveland, so actually a lot warmer than the last several mornings, but definitely a chill in the air. of course, today is january, but today we're going to be about 10 degrees above average. we go through the hour-by-hour forecast and help you plan your day. school forecast looks like this out at the bus stop. 20s, and by lunchtime upper 30s and then highs today around 44 as you head home. so i'm going to go ahead and say an 80% chance of outside recess it today as long as you're bundled up. >> a little warmer lately. we'll take that. maybe heat up the car if you can. it still is winter, right?
6:49 am
cleveland. we're moving well on the roads and don't have that precipitation out there hindering our routes. we have perfect commutes this morning. 6:54 right now with perfect drive times. look at that in the green. 28 minutes from mentor and elyria 28-minute ride for you and 37-minute drive from akron up north to cleveland. guys. >> brian: as you head out the door to start your day, here are stories to know before you go. nowhere last night in the powerball. it doesn't about the numbers, but you don't have them and didn't win. saturday's jackpot will be the biggest grand prize in american lottery history. could approach $700 million. >> tia: the downtown hilton hotel project is ahead of schedule and under budget. that's good. the project manager says the 32-floor hotel is on track to be done in june. it is estimated to be $24 million less than what was expected. the 600-room hotel is expected
6:50 am
republican national convention comes to town. that's coming in july. we want to mention we have a few things going on on dlnz. we have comedian capone in the studio. you want to make the switch for that. we have a relationship expert to talk about, you know, what it's like being single in cleveland since cleveland isn't the best place for singles according to >> brian: we have a big problem. somebody is finishing the coffee. >> tia: and just not replenishing it. >> laura: what's the phrase? >> samantha: if you kill the joe, you have to make some mo. >> brian: if you start making coffee, i won't pursue you. if you don't, i will find you. > tia: you're going after that. >> samantha: wow, drama. >> brian: i'm trying to do the speech from "taken." start making the coffee or
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