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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> laura: tense moments in became trapped. >> stuck hundreds of feet underground in an elevator. kenneth craig has the story from the big apple. >> reporter: rescue crews brought the last of the trapped miners to the surface around 8:30 thursday morning after a 10-hour ordeal hundreds of feet below ground. the mine's manager says the workers were cold, but their spirits were high. >> i am moved and inspired by how well that they dealt with this, that they worked together. >> the 17 miners got stuck in an elevator at the start of their shift just after 10:00 wednesday
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they were 800 feet under ground when the elevator suddenly stopped on the way to the floor. the miners huddled together. crews lowered blankets and brought in. >> it's a difficult task. there's not a lot of cranes that are readily sitting ready and able to do that type of a depth. >> reporter: the miners were brought to the surface in groups. >> in true fashion they waited 'til the last ones were up to make sure they were all good together. >> reporter: operations at the mine are on hold for now while safety inspectors investigate what caused the elevator to break down. >> "q": the salt mine is the deepest in the western hemisphere. >> laura: paris is on edge after french police shot and killed a man they say tried to attack a police station. it happened on the first anniversary of the terror attacks on the charlie ebdo newspaper. the interior minister says a knife-wielding man shouted allah-akbar as he tried to storm
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sidewalk. >> "q": and the dow dropped more than 300 points shortly after today's opening bell before recovering a bit. here's a live picture. it's now down about -- no, back down to 201 points right now. the s&p fell about 1.4% while the nasdaq about 2.3%. the latest comes after china's stock market trashed 7% overnight. losses so severe, trading on the chinese market was shut down just 15 minutes into the day. >> laura: a tennessee high school's basketball season is canceled after a hazing incident turned into sexual assault. the hamilton county school superintendent told the school board last night he's canceling that high school boy's basketball team season. three student players face charges after a hazing incident while an out of town tournament. a freshman was raped with a pool cue there. >> "q": johnny manziel, billy vegas, whatever you want to call him, he's in the news again for all the wrong reasons.
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report he got a ticket for expired plates over the weekend. now we have video proof. cleveland 19's propertier paul the dash-cam footage and joins us live. >> reporter: well q., it's not nearly the trouble he's in in the court of public opinion but he is with north olmstead police and mayor's court. he got this ticket for expired plates about 20 minutes after i-480 eastbound. we have the dash-cam video. it's pretty uneventful. this is from the north olmstead police. he was pulled over on 480 near barton road, cited for having expired plates. his car was eastbound presumably to the browns' training facility where the team was preparing for sunday's steelers game. he was due to be medically checked out. in order to have been in vegas now on saturday night as the now infamous billy, he would have had to go right to berea for the flight. not very far obviously.
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said was unknown. it appears he was cooperative. manziel was given a court date of the 21st of january or he can avoid that by paying a $125 fine. just when you thought we had heard the last of this story, we haven't. it's the story that just keeps on giving. >> you are right there, paul. they may have been the most popular christmas gift this year. but don't bring your hover board to bowling green state university. the college is banning hover boards from their campus. the university says it's a safety issue. bgsu says the risk of fire associated with the lithium batteries is too great for a dorm setting. >> laura: ted cruz is riding high on the hawk eye state so now his owe points are going after the texas senator. the latest attack centers around his constitutional ability to be president because he was born in canada. >> reporter: ted cruz is on a bus tour in iowa. a state he's doing quite well in thanks to support from
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>> all across the state of iowa, all across this country people are waking up. >> reporter: but donald trump questioning cruz's u.s. citizenship has turned into a distraction for the texas senator on the campaign trail. >> i don't like the issue. i don't like even bringing it up. >> reporter: earlier this week, trump brought up the issue on whether cruz is a natural born citizen because he was born in canada to his american mother. cruz initially dismissed the accusation, but was forced to iowa. >> the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. people will continue to make political noise about it, but as a legal matter, it's quite straight forward. >> reporter: trump has a history with the birther battle demanding president obama release his birth certificate. but this time, his birther attack is aimed at an opponent who has overtaken him in the polls in iowa. the real clear politics average of polls shows cruz with a four-point lead over trump and both are well ahead of marco rubio in third place.
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with a noticeable shift to the right on immigration. >> we aren't going to have -- >> rube yes once led the fight for immigration reform in the senate but says isis has made it a national security issue. >> laura: kentucky senator rand paul who has been in single digits in the polls jumped on the cruz birther topic saying he's qualified to particular the prime minister of canada. according to a soon-to-be released survey by university of akron, american voters, and those here in ohio are fed up with national politics. dr. jon green says 24% of ohioians surveyed chose the factor. the survey found a very large percentage of ohioians very washington right now. most voters are frustrated nothing is being done or being accomplished in washington. and democrats and republicans are equally fed up. >> laura: well buckeyes head coach urban meyer held a press
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players -- nine of the players -- are entering the nfl draft this spring. let's listen to carl who joins us live. >> reporter: yes, it was a very relaxed urban meyer who met with the media here today at the woody hayes athletic center. very relaxed after beating notre dame at the fiesta bowl. he praised his football team. said they ignored all sorts of distractions from uncles and from agents and everybody telling them this, that and the other. they stayed focused. they stayed focused on the task and played with great intensity against notre dame. he was very proud of his football team. talked about the nine guys who are leaving and he said yeah, that's a lot of guys to leave a program. however, he still feels optimistic about the future for his football program and he says, quote, we have a hungry nasty team that's coming back next year. so, it all bodes well and we will hear more from your ban coming up later on on cleveland 19 news this afternoon. >> "q": i don't think any buckeye fans are worried about next year's team.
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listen to that. >> "q": meyer can coach, he can recruit. he's balance here for four years. his record as the ohio state buckeyes coach is 50 and 4. ok? he went undefeated his first year. national championship last year. buckeye fans have nothing to worry about. >> laura: that probably gives some ease to awful the fans as well. all right. coming up on cleveland 19 news, a fire destroyed their home and all of their belongings. but one item miraculously survived the flames. see it next. >> "q": mistaken identity. a television host having to alibi up after this man robbed a bank in oregon. see who people thought this man was coming up. >> laura: plus, we are giving away two two-packs of tickets to
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>> "q": here's sad footage to show you. it it's what's left of a couple's home in tennessee. their mazda unrecognizable. the garage where it all started, destroyed. loss. but something they never expected turned up while they were trying to clean up. >> i was digging down in here and found the bible and it said for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. >> "q": it reassures them that god is with them and he saved >> laura: amazing.
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is causing some major changes with macy's department stores. the company is closing 40 stores. northeast ohio. the macy's at akron's chapel hill mall and elyria's midway mall are closing up shop. macy's will run clearance sales at those stores starting on monday for the next eight to 12 weeks. >> "q": and no sham wishes or caviar dreams for powerball players. unfortunately no one won the half a billion dollar jackpot during last night's drawing which means saturday's jackpot is a whopping $675 million. the previous record for a jackpot was $656 million. that was in a mega millions jackpot. it was won back in 2012. that being said -- not that that's anything less than the powerball, but their jackpot is $165 right now. >> laura: money money money. all right. straight ahead, el nino driven
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knocked out power near san diego. heavy rain and flooding even closed roads around california. the latest on the storms next. >> samantha: well for ohio, el nino typically means warmer and drier. and that's exactly what we are getting today. let's take a live look outside. cleveland oh, you are looking so good right now. 43 is our current temperature. can't beat that on a january day. right? i'll tell you when all the warmth comes to a screeching
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>> california's getting drenched as heavy rains and strong winds from el nino storms continue to push in off the pacific. >> laura: roads are flooded and mudslides are a growing threat to hillside communities there. >> it was like about six or seven- foot thing of water that just came over. >> nadine garcia walks across the mud-covered spot where her mobile home stood for 20 years. it was moved to safer ground tuesday morning because of possible mudslides. an hour later, the hill side came down. >> they said run. and we ran and the water just came over like a surge. like -- like universal studios. everything. >> work crews are working to clear the mud. they are here 24/7 until it becomes too dangerous. >> mother nature looks down on us. we do everything we can and when
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pull out. >> reporter: in all, 10 mobile homes were evacuated but it's not a localized problem. el nino storms are soaking the entire state of california. >> from mount shasta all the way south to the beaches of san diego, more rain in san francisco over the past two days than the past three januaries combined. >> between los angeles and sad, powerful winds snapped trees and rattled nerves. >> stuff was going every which direction. it wasn't like blowing in one direction. >> reporter: but in the mountains, ski resorts welcomed as much of a foot of snow. >> there's a good chance we will see more snow this week than we did all last season. >> reporter: another storm is expected to hit the coast saturday followed by another on monday. >> laura: the storms have also dumped heavy snow in arizona and the grand canyon national park was forced to stop all shuttle
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>> samantha: the time is now 12:17. and just a beautiful day out there. our average high temperatures for this time of the year, a little bit closer to 34 . we are already warmer than that. pretty much everywhere. it's 42 in akron. 43 right now in cleveland. still sitting at about 40 in wooster and one of our cooler spots dover new philly, upper 30s. even that's not that bad for this time of the year. we've got sunny skies to the south. the farther north you go, a little bit more in the way of higher level cloud cover. but these clouds are not producing rain. we will stay dry for to the rest of the afternoon into tonight. but it's tomorrow that rain here it is. if you look down toward the mississippi river valley, the southern end of it, you can see there are showers here and these extend all the way up into the central plains. that rain headed in our friday. for today, no problems at all.
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lots of sunshine but clouds will thicken up for tonight. they just aren't going to produce rain. we do stay dry and we will fall back to about 29. by early tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow despite the showers right back in the 40s. we will stay pretty mild even through the start of the weekend. but rain moving in. we will say cleveland mid-to-late morning. but as you go further off to the south and west, down around bucyrus, we will be seeing showers first and then it will all head in our direction here along the lake shore. tomorrow night. we may have a few lingering light showers or more along the lines of drizzle throughout the day on saturday. but no more steady rain until saturday night into sunday. our temperature trend is also pretty interesting. 44 tomorrow. 52. sunday. we will start off in the 40s. we fall into the 30s through the afternoon. so, any rain that's around on sunday is going to transition
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and we think that transition should happen pretty early. so, we might even see some light accumulations on your sunday. maybe a little bit of snow out there when you wake up on monday morning. and there is a chance, guys for at least some light lake-effect temperatures are going to be really cold. even for this time of the year. 24 for a high on monday. tuesday, not too far off the mark for january, 31. but you got to look at 18 your forecast high. >> "q": my eyes are focused on that right now. i'm loving that 52 on saturday. >> laura: i'm loving it, too. i'm living for that one. y'all can have the 18, you know. [laughter] >> samantha: we can't avoid it forever. >> laura: snow flurries all all right. check this out. a television personality says he does a lot of dirty jobs but robbing a bank is not one of them. oregon police posted an image of a bank robber online and people
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commenting that it looked like dirty jobs host mike rowe. i totally see it. rowe says he's taller than the suspect and says he can prove that he wasn't in oregon at the time. he was in kansas. >> "q": look at that face. can that face commit a crime? >> laura: oh, my gosh. >> "q": i love rowe. >> laura: he's hilarious. he does a great job. i don't think needs to rob any banks or do any kind of crime. >> "q": i'm sure he's financially set. >> laura: i think he's in a pretty good spot. but that does look like him. >> "q": speaking of look-alikes check out this one. who does this look like to you? i'm talking about the lady right now. if you said taylor swift, you would be wrong. that's actually somebody's grandmother. now, this reddit user shared an old pic last week and the pictures of her grandmother and she admits, you know, it does look like the pop star. but her grandfather also kind of looks like hugh hefner and i think the grandpa looks more like hugh hefner than the grandma looks like taylor swift personally.
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>> laura: you know they say everybody has a double somewhere. >> "q": yeah, yeah. >> laura: i don't know who mine is. someone said you look like denzel washington. >> "q": i'll take that. >> laura: there's still more to come at noon. denzel. >> "q": yeah, right, right. but first, here's a chance to win a two-pack of tickets to the ohio r.v. super show going on right now through sunday at the i.x. center right by the airport. call 1-866-464-woio. that it's 866-464-9646.
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>> laura: well star wars the force awakens is still breaking records at the box office bringing a galaxy from far far away to a new generation. >> yeah, but this next clip proves that the original flicks aren't too shabby, either. do you know who luke skywalker's father is? me. >> "q": this little girl we are about to show you had no clue. check out her reaction. [laughter] >> "q": she was speechless when luke's father. though. luckily her dad was recording
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empire strikes back came out 35 years before way before she was even thought of. i think that might have been my reaction, too. we will see you tomorrow. i am sam rutigliano, former head coach of the cleveland browns. wisdom is the daughter of experience. the browns are once again ignoring the past and writing the same script. they must analyze the effects of past decisions and engage a different model. sashi brown has no experience, yet he has been given the title of director of football operations with the final say over the roster and a role in interviewing coaching candidates. hiring the coach first will prevent the team from getting the most qualified general manager candidates. look at the history and the analytics of hall-of-famer bill polian, gm and architect of indianapolis' super bowl teams led by peyton manning.
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four-time super bowl team which was anchored by hall-of-famer jim kelly. another example is hall-of-fame gm ron wolf, architect of oakland and green bay's title teams which were anchored by mvp's jim plunkett and brett favre. the browns must have a field of dreams vision. " if you build it, he will come." talents like jon gruden, who is an ohio guy and super bowl coach, or bill cowher, who played for the browns and is also a super bowl coach, could be enticed to cleveland if power brokers like polian or wolf were here. new england, green bay, denver - the list goes on for franchises that rely on tried and true nfl analytics to win. this is the direction we should go: hire the general manager, who then hires a director of player personnel and the two of them hire the head coach. let's find experienced decision-
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