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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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p>> oh, yeah. pyou can call it weather pwhiplash. podot getting ready for snow pafter spring-like conditions. pit was earlier today in pnortheast ohio. pnot much on the radar behind me pnight. pforecast. p>> it felt like spring today. pwe are 70 days away from spring. p52 is where we made it. pwe should only be in the low p30's. pthere is a winter blast coming. pit doesn't take much of any now.
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pthe tip of the lower part of pmichigan all the way down pthrough indiana and pindianapolis, because there is pwinter weather coming our way. pwatch boxes out to our west. pwe are looking good but for pfirst alert outlook for tomorrow phas been changing. pbig winds coming after the pmorning time. prain in the morning. pheavy snow between the hours of pabout noontime depending on pwhere you are to about 4:00 ptomorrow afternoon afternoon. pwe are going from one extreme to panother. pa live look at the radar. pyou can see the change over pthrough chicago at this point. pnot that far down. pthis is pushing towards the pnortheast. p300 miles from us. pit will take the next couple of pdays to get to us or next couple pof hours. p50 is where we are right now. pwe'll be into the low 40's by ptomorrow morning. pi'll explain how we get there pand how much snow we are talking pcoming up. p>> you can stay ahead of the
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pforecast app for your smart hone or your tablet. p>> a lot of people coming in and pbuying 10, 15, 20 tickets at a ptime. p>> people are buying tickets, phoping to hit the huge powerball pjackpot. pthe top prize has jumped again. pit is at least $709 million. pit is the biggest jackpot and pticket sales at a record rate. pshanice is live with the power pball frenzy. p>> a lot of people feeling plucky. pwe are at the shell gas station pon smith. pyou can see right now, dozens of eople inside and you can't even psee outside. poutside, it stretches all the pway around the building. pthere is a reason why there are pso many people here. pthis is the lucky gas station, psome people will call on pchristmas day.
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pand someone hit for the red ower ball number and got p$50,000 fblt obviously, a lot of eople out here feeling lucky pand talking to me about what pthey would do if they won all pthat money. p>> i would buy a new condo on pthe beach in miami. pno more winters. p>> we say why not give it a pchance. pwe are shopping and exploring. pgive it a chance. pwhat can we lose? p>> the employees we talked to psaid this line has been like pthis this morning up until now. pthe machines have been working pso hard. pone of them actually out, which pis why there are so many people pin line. pyou have until 10:00. pthe drawing is at 10:59. pwe'll see what happens and who pgoes home with all that money. pa lot of people feeling lucky. pcleveland 19. p>> thanks.
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pdo if you won. pi would tell you what beth and i pwould do. p>> the power ball ball, tell us what pyou think. p>> two women recovering in the phospital after they were hit by pa car in cleveland. pthis one happened on east 71th. olice are not releasing the pdetails on that driver. pa spokesman says it was not a phit and run. pthere is also no word on the pcondition of the victim. p>> police is a cleveland man pwas shot while driving at pwoodland. pthe victim crashed into another pcar before stopping. pno word right now on his pcondition and police have not pmade any arrests. p>> another protest in downtown pcleveland, people are outraged pover the decision not to charge ptwo city police officers for the
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ptamir rice. pthis group demanding justice pfrom city hall. p>> a canine officer is precovering after he was shot at pleast three times, responding to pan armed robbery. pthe suspect was also shot by olice. pbill has details. p>> well wishers packed the arking lot. pall are praying for this atient. olice canine wrote who was shot pin the line of duty early this pmorning. p>> he does as much work as the pofficer themselves. p>> people who never even met the pshepherd are stopping by with pdonations. p>> i made this. pit says we are praying for you. pthis is the picture. p>> it was at 2:00 in the morning pand canine was responding to a pburglary call.
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pand as is standard procedure, pjetro went in first but within pmoments the sound of gun fire. pthe canine was hit at close prange. p>> having to find the guy before pthe officer did and then he was pshot inside the building. p>> the suspect was taken into pcustody and is waiting to be pcharged. pbut in the meantime, jethro has pbeen fighting for his life. palthough there is no internal pbleeding, he could have some psevere brain damage. pat this point, only time will ptell. pin the meantime, many are hoping pand praying for the best. p>> people have been awesome. pit started this morning. pa lady stopped by, saw the pcruisers, saw what happened. pbrought donuts and coffee and pfood. pwe have had people putting money pon the books towards the vet pbill which has been incredible. p>> we wish him luck. p>> police investigating after a phuman skull was found on an
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olice search add 1300 block of pmarci street looking for any ossible clues. pthe medical examiner is also pworking to identify the remains. p>> a standoff between an armed pman and police ended peacefully plast night. pofficers were called to the home pseveral weapons. pthe man surrendered after a psquad was called in. pevacuation. p>> all right. pthis is a big weekend for the pcleveland browns. pseveral coaching candidates due pin town. pone name is already off the plist. pcarl is here with the update. pcarl, do we know who they are pinterviewing? p>> the browns continue searching pfor that someone who -- oh, pthere we go. pas the browns continue searching pfor that certain someone who can plead them out of the wilderness, pwe can cross one of the more
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pthe offensive coordinator in pchicago and denver is no longer pavailable. pmiami took him off the market. pgates was the first man the pbrowns interviewed this past pweek. pwe all knew he was the hot item pin this cycle. pa lot of teams interested in the pguy who came with peyton manning pstamp of approval. pmiami sealed the deal making padam pace the league's youngest pcoach. p>> i know what you are thinking, pthe browns missed out again. pbecause gates was the first team pthe coach interviewed doesn't pmean he was the number one pchoice or the best fit. pthe search continues. pwe'll have more on that in psports. p>> let's talk about some olitics and former president pbill clinton while he is in pnortheast ohio tonight. pclinton is expected at a pfund-raiser for his wife phillary. pas she makes a bid for the white phouse. ptickets start at $500 a pop.
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pbernie sanders opened a pvolunteer office in lakewood. p>> and coming up on cleveland 19 pnews, airline penalty, one of pthe largest local carriers is pslapped with a huge fine our how pit treats passengers. p>> backyard blizzard, one man pmade his own yard full of snow. p>> you won't be needing to do pthat, our weather is changing. pwe have rain coming in overnight ptonight. pthen it will transition as ptemperatures begin to trop. pyou'll be able to see three pinches of snow. prain comes in first first. pby tomorrow night, we are ptalking low temperatures in the pteens.
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p>> a series of new year's sex passaults. pthey are angry the men were pseeking asylum in europe. p>> a $275 million fine for not preturning wheel chairs. punited was also penalized for ptarmac delays that lasted three por more hours. p>> another bad year for the pnevada gaming industry. pnew numbers show casinos across pthat state lost $626 million
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pit is the sixth straight year of plosses. panalysts say fewer tourists are pgambling. pthe world famous playboy mansion pis up for sale. pmillion. preal estate experts doubt it pwill go for that. pthere is also a catch. pthe new owner must let play pbound founder li there until he pdies. p>> back here at home, a live plook outside in cleveland. pthe temperatures slowly falling pafter hitting the mid 50's ptoday. pyes, snow is on the way.
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p>> now he is making this stuff phimself. p>> had a lady pull over to the pside over there, get out of her pcar, look both ways, run across pthe street, touch it. p>> michelle janson is the talk pof the town in this pneighborhood. psome people stopped to take ictures. phe is cranking out an inch of psnow an hour and it is 10 inches pdeep in some spots. pyou can have it. p>> we'll get some. phere comes our winter. pwe have been so lucky.
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pthe record for today is 56. pthey topped out at 54 degrees. pdegrees. pi know you'd take that. pyou can see where the colder air pis out towards chicago. pmy goodness, single digits. pi don't even want to say it. pfuture view, let's get to it. ptonight, the rainshowers return. pyour evening is absolutely fine pand dry. pwe have some starting to creep pup from the south. povernight tonight, rainshowers preturn, the rainshowers that are pout towards indianapolis is what pwill ultimately come here. pwe ged soaked overnight, heavy pat times. phere's 9:00 sunday morning. phere comes the front and the pcolder air towards toledo and psandusky. psandusky will get it first. pthen it will move towards the peast. plet me put it in motion, there's pthe great divide. pright down through kaihogie pcounty.
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pof sleet and ice before it pchanging to snow. pbecause we haven't seen a lot of pthis, i should remind you the pdeeper the purple, the heavier pthe snow is. pthere is a good portion, there pis a small window of opportunity pof two hours of very heavy snow pas this system moves through. pif you start that two hour clock pin the downtown area, around pnoontime tomorrow. pit takes it a good two to three phours to push through. ponce it does, it will leave a pgood coating of snow. pafter this pushes through, then pit becomes all lake enhancement, pwarm lake, icy cold air ptomorrow. pwindchills back down into the psingle digits. pthen your monday morning we'll pbe dealing with lake effect snow pshowers early monday morning, phow much snow are we talking? pi look at this, sandusky by p11:00 because we have seen a
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psee upwards of two inches of psnow. pthis is measuring how much comes pdown. pit is not going to stack up that pquickly, that fast. pwhen it is all said and done, it pgets the county near three pinches of snow. pwe definitely have an pinteresting day coming our way. p43 tonight, we start off at 43 ptomorrow. pand then we slide all day. povernight, we are fine. pthe rain comes in, 6:00 in the pmorning, 7:00. prain will still be happening. pwe make our way to lunchtime. pit is 44 by lunchtime. pit will be in the 30's. pby dinner time, we'll be into pthe 20's. pby the time you get to bed and pyou think, maybe i should get pout and shovel, we are in the pteens. pmonday is not a bad day, we pcould see more sfoe. pon tuesday and wednesday, carl, plook at the snow. pit could start stacking up. pi hope you brought a snow blower pwith you into town. p>> it makes me feel like i am at phome. pthe browns weren't able to hook phim but the dolphins did. pthey reeled in a big catch.
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p>> in this episode of as the pfootball turns, we find the pbrowns still seeking an answer pold testament troubling question pkeeping everyone in cleveland up pall night. pwho will be the chosen one, the pone anointed to lead a franchise pto the promise land. pcould it be matt patricia? pa tweet claiming they will meet pwith the coordinator. pthe last two and he has gone to pthe super bowl twice. p>> still the browns are hedging ptheir bets. pthey'll meet this weekend with pcincinnati's, who went 8-8. phe had the reigns with the praiders. pthere is talk of a get together pwith sean mcdermott. pthe panthers defensive pcoordinator who caught the eye pof the buccaneers. phowever, there is some question pwhether the browns will meet pwith the bengals defensive
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pthat is supposed to happen on psunday. pstay tuned. pmaybe the browns couldn't make a pstrong enough case. pin think case, agreed to be the pnext head coach. p>> by 11:30 sunday night, the plandscape may have changed even pmore. pmake sure you are in the pmcdonald's sports zone on pcleveland's 19. p>> the cavs, they are in a good pgroove. phaven't lost a game in 2016 and psince new year's. pthey have been abusing anybody pwho gets in their way by an paverage of 20 points per game. pthe highlight reel coming within ptwo assists. pmeanwhile, almost had a double pdouble himself in his return pwhere he played his first six pseasons. p23% last night.
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pin the last three games, he has phit 18 out of 30. phe finished with 27 last night, pmaking sure kevin would have a phappy home coming. p>> as far as seeing all the eople i still have a prelationship with, it was really pnice. pi told him i miss it. pi want to come back it is a lace that will always be one of pmy homes. p>> calves have the night off on pfox sports sports. pseven in a row. pnobody has come close. p>> they shouldn't. p>> that's the way it should be. p>> i'm so glad they are not pcoming home to the mess we are pexpecting. p>> no. pthey are in philadelphia now. pthey'll get that after we get pit. pit will be windy.
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plunchtime in kaioga county. pwhen the snow comes down, there pis a good period of two hours pmaybe from one until 3:00 ptomorrow afternoon that we see pheavy snow. p>> i'm going to have to find my pshovel. pi don't know if i know where it pis. p>> thank you. pthank you for watching tonight. pa guess editorial is coming up pnext. pwe are also on at 9:00 at cle. phave a great night, northeast pohio. psee you also at 11:00. pgood night. pi'm the head coach of the pcleveland browns. pthe browns are once again ignore pignoring the past and writing pthe same script. pthey must analyze the effect of ast decisions and gauge pdifferent models.
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pyet has been given the title of pdirector of operations. phiring a coach will prevent the pteam from getting the most pqualified general manager pcandidate. plook at the history, hall of pfamerer, gm and indianapolis psuper bowl team. pled by peyton manning. pthe team was anchored by jim pkelly. panother example is hall of fame pgm, architect of oakland and pfwraeb title teams which were title title. pthe browns must have a field of pdreams vision. pif you build it, he will come. ptalent hike john gooden who was
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pwho plays for the browns. pthe list goes on for franchise pthat relies on tried and true pnfl analytics to win. pthe general manager and the two pof them hire the head coach.
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