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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  January 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p [ no audio ] p morning. pforecast details coming up. pmark. p>> mark: jeff, thanks. pso these conditions they put peverybody on edge. pit's tough to stay warm. p yes. plocal fire and ems crews have palso been busy in this cold. pdenise zarrella is live in pcleveland with the cold weather pemergencies. pdenise. p>> denise: p>> denise: we're here at pcleveland headquarters where pthey have some calls. pit appears it got cold so fast pit definitely caught some people poff guard. pdieja woods push her son to the plibrary. pthe temperature at the corner of peuclid reads 7 degrees pfahrenheit. p>> we bundled up. pwe put on all layers. pwe put on a lot of layers. p>> denise: it's so cold that pthey took a ride.
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pspokesperson says there have pbeen a few calls. p>> people have been out in this ptype of weather for a longer eriod of time than they should phave been and they had periods pof distress with hands being pvery, very frozen, semi frozen, pand people having their feet pfeeling like their feet is being pfrozen. p>> denise: the last couple of pmonths have been so mild maybe pcatching some people off guard. p>> you've had this type p to pthis point. pyou start getting those types of pcalls. pagain, we stress that people pmake sure they have proper layer pclothes. pthey make sure they think about pwhat they're going into. p>> denise: no major injuries to preport because of the cold. pwinter appears to be here to pstay. pso ems and the fire department, eople here asking if you see psomeone who looks like they
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pneed to get inside either call pfor help or get them somewhere pthat's warm. pmark. p>> mark: okay. pdenise. pthank you very much. pall the snow and bitter cold pconditions slammed up state new pyork. pseveral inches fell in just a pfew hours triggering whiteout pconditions on the roads. p>> when you're out here you see eople coming through with no plights on their cars. pif you look down there right pnow, you can't see across the pstreet. p>> mark: when you see snow pblowing and stuff comes back at pyou, more lake-effect snow. pmore than two feet of snow may pfall before the round of weather pis over. p and here is another example pof just how cold it is outside. pyes. pcheck out this car. pit's frozen nearly solid. pthe owner left it parked on the pstreet over night and this is pwhat they woke up to this pmorning. pencased in ice.
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pthe weather here in northeast pohio or anywhere in the country pwith the first alert forecast papp for your smart phone or ptablet. p this was a real shocker to pmany. pthe world is mourning the death pof rock hall of famer david pbowie. p>> mark: yes. pthe british artist and the pop pstar died after an 18 month pbattle with cancer. ptina crouse remembering bowie. p ground control to major p. p>> reporter: to his most recent pjazz inspired album released plast week, he kept the audience pskeptic. pfrom his persona to his white psuit in the 80s, bowie kept pchanging. p>> he really did have it all. p>> reporter: a bowie biography prapher.
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p>> reporter: he was born david pjones in london in 1987. phe told cbs in 2003 he always pknew he was an artist. p>> i didn't know if i was going pto be a musical or if i was pgoing to be fainting. pi kept going back and forth and pi opted for music eventually. p>> reporter: it was a decision pthat influenced generations of erformers. p>> there would be no madonna, no plady gaga with david bowie. phe showed them out to make art paround him. p>> reporter: today fans left pcandles and flowers on his phollywood star. psome of the tributes can be pfound here in london in the pneighborhood where bowie was pborn. p>> you can listen to music any page pick up from what it meant pin the 70s like say no. pit's timeless. p>> reporter: and his testament
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pfrom madonna to kanye west to pthe head of the culture council ptweeted their condolences. ptina crouse, cbs news, london. p>> mark: he made his debut at ublic auditorium. pit was in 1972. phe was inducted into the rock phall in 1996. pand hearts were mef heavy at the prock hall today. pthere's a special exhibit on his plong career from zig ee star pdust to his gender bending pfigures. pwe'll take you there on pcleveland 19 news at 5:00. p what a huge talent he was. p all right. plet's talk about the browns. pthe front office rumbling in the psearch for a new coach and gm. pthe team confirmed seven pinterviews but still no big pannouncement. pmark schwann is joining us now. p>> mark: they'll take as much
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pthree more interviews over the pweekend meaning they have had 7 ptotal. pnow, two of those names are now pout of play. padds padam retired in miami so there pare five candidates left. pmatt patricia. pnow, austin could come off the pboard here too. pcoach. pif that happens, austin is a pcommon sense plug in for him but pit is not known when the lions pwill make a decision on his pfate. pthe browns have yet to an pextended offer to anybody, and pthey're probably not done pinterviewing. pthey've asked for permission to pinterview the bengals defensive pcoordinator but they never got paround with that. pthey could talk with him and plook for additional candidates. pmark. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: thank you. pand, boy, there it is. pwe've seen a few peeks of sun pout there, but that's not
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pat least it's dry for now. pit looks like traffic in and out pof the city. p77 in and out of the city. pthe volume not all that bad peither. p remembering jethro. pmourning the loss of a canine pofficer and the commemorations
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pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent. pthis is cleveland 19 news. p>> mark: it is an emotional ptime for canton police. pthey're planning a funeral for pbeloved canine officer jethro. pwe told you about this over the pweekend. p>> romona: a man is now facing pcharges for shooting the animal pin the face. pwe have the update. p>> reporter: this story has pgone viral. pit's all over the world in the pfacebook page of the canton olice department has over 2 pmillion hits. pthat's because people are heart psick over a dog named jethro. presidents continue to drop by pand give the canton police pofficers ryan davis. phe and his canine partner jethro pearly saturday morning answering pa call for a birthday. pjethro was first to spot the psuspect, and that suspect, olice say, shot the german pshepherd they times. olice fired back and shot the
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pjethro's trainer eric sambro. p>> i've kind of brought him from pjust a green rookie to the dog pthat saved his partner's life. p>> reporter: jethro died from phis injuries and since his death pthe community has been showing ptheir support. pthese cops protect us. pthese dogs protect us. pit's very important that we as pcitizens think about those pthings. p>> reporter: sambro says the p3-year-old wasn't just special, phe's exceptional. p>> his nose was exceptional. phis drug work and tracking psuspects and stuff, he was top. p>> reporter: the suspect is pstill in the hospital being ptreated for his wounds. pthe 22-year-old faces multiple pcharges, including now the death pof a police canine. pand this is new to canton, says olice chief bruce lobber. p>> as far as something like pthis, it's the first time and phopefully the last time. pbut it's affected everybody pdeeply. p>> reporter: for officer davis, phe knows the dog died so he
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pbut when i spoke to him, he was pclearly upset. p>> and also there's no greater poter than no fear or friend. p>> reporter: and funeral pservices for jethro will be on pthursday at noon at the canton pcivic center and police say pyou're all welcome to attend. pin canton, lydia esparra, pcleveland 19. p>> mark: lydia, thank you. p and now a cleveland 19 news phealth alert. pcampbell soup will become the pfirst major company to warn pconsumers about gmos on its plabel. pthe labels will soon appear on pspaghettios and all of pcampbell's other food products. pthe company says it supports pmandatory labels for gmos or pgenetically modified organisms. pit's all about transparency. p a new study finds workplace rograms that financially reward eople for losing weight are pineffective and flat out don't pwork. presearchers found the lower pinsurance premiums are often
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p the ride sharing service puber is cutting prices in more pthan 100 cities, including here pin northeast ohio. pthe price cuts are an effort to pboost rides in the winter slump. puber says it's when business pslows down, the size of the pdiscount depends on the city. p a big day for the automotive pindustry. pnorthern american international pauto show opened this afternoon pin detroit. pand it comes after a very rofitable year. pu.s. car sales hit an all time phigh of 17.5 million. pthe cleveland auto show hits the pix center during the last week pof february. p and good news for every pdriver watching this show right pnow. pthe price at the pump is falling pfast. pthe average in northeast ohio is p$1.86 p$1.86 a gallon but the triple a pmotor says it could push gas to pa buck a gallon in some places.
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pfive. pa buck a gallon. p>> mark: 1999 was the last time pit was a buck a gallon. pit was briefly there. p>> that would have been right. p>> anchor: that comes out pexactly. p>> romona: you're absolutely pright. pthat's your story. p>> mark: i know the rules. pit says it right here. pmake sure -- all right. p coming up on cleveland 19 pnews, we are talking hollywood pfashion finally. pand the best and worst today, you have more ways to access the number one care, the number one care in ohio than ever before.
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and even my little ones. things you think could be big, or know just can't wait. more ways to trust- that cleveland clinic is here for you. anytime, anywhere. simply click in wherever you are for an express care online visit any hour of the day, or night. walk in to our express care clinics or our 24/7 emergency departments. and yes, and yes, you can always call in today for an appointment today. because today and everyday, we believe you deserve world class care. anytime, anywhere. find your way to the best care,
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p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: are you all right? p>> romona: i'm okay. p we are talking about the pgolden globes and fashion critic part mckay is here. pthank you so much, art, for pjoining us. p>> anchor: thank you. p>> romona: we're going to break
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p>> mark: the first red carpet pevent and, art, there was a lot pto look at last night? pam i right? p>> there was a lot going on. pnot only the actors getting pgreat awards but fashion. pthere was fashion all over the lace. pyou had clothes, plunging pneckline, lace, fully clothed pfor a change. psome of the women we finally got pto see in beautiful dresses pinstead of everything open. p>> romona: you're not calling pany names? p>> no. pbut alicia is awesome in this pbeautiful, beautiful, white, plouie plouis vuitton. pfresh, clean, it had a little -- p>> it didn't show her figure. p>> reporter: very a line pstraight down, which was nice to psee. pwasn't fitted, which was a pchange. pbut i think with the vap in the pback really -- strap in the back preally stepped it up a little pbit. pand then we go to ava longoria
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pone of the trends is the floral pbeaded gown which is very nice. pand she was covered up in the pfront with a beautiful beaded plittle bow tie around the neck. pand the back was totally cut pout. pjust beautiful. pit was the work that needed to pbe done to put the beading on pthere. pi can't imagine. p>> i'm sure hours and hours and phours to wear. pand then i'm sure most of the pdresses go back to someone so pthey don't get to keep them, pwhich is why i'm sure they're pvery upset about that. p>> they're busy for you. p>> romona: i'm more simple. p>> mark: we'll leave all of the pbeading off. p>> romona: exactly. pthen it's a hit. p>> anchor: then lady gaga. pthis is from 0 to 100. pa full beautiful marilyn monroe ps type of look. phourglass. pthe dress was very fitted, cut pout in a very sweetheart top prounded around the shoulders.
4:19 pm
p>> anchor: there's the hip ocket. p>> romona: they didn't mean pthat. pshe's pulled in very tightly. pand i don't know if you've seen pthe part where she actually pbumps into leonardo dicaprio, pwhich is an interesting thing to psee. pthe look on his face was worth a pmillion dollars. pit was elegant and classic and i pwas impressed to see how she plooked. p>> romona: your number two. p>> anchor: jennifer lawrence. ptrendy, classic. pbut it's done right. pit's in the right area. pit's proportioned right. pa beautiful metal necklace and pthe back was cut out very retro pbeautiful, beautiful. pand, romona. p>> romona: this is the one i plike. p>> anchor: she actually has pclothes on this year. pwhich she said she was going to pdo this year, which i'm very pimpressed. pyou almost didn't recognize her pat first. pher hair is a lot lighter. pand the dress is beautifully pdraped through, which is
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p>> and the necklace. p>> anchor: the jewelry is over pa million dollars in jewelry, pwhich does go back, by the way, pi'm sure. pi really, really love the dress. pa very long train which was pgreat. p>> i was not afraid. p>> anchor: she still gave you a plittle bit of that j lo. p>> romona: no, mark. p>> mark: no? p>> we'll leave it to her. p>> mark: that's a good idea. p coming up in our next phalf-hour, a look at the five pworst dressed at the golden pglobes. pi hate this part. pbut we have to do it. p>> mark: we work owl ur way pthrough it. p>> anchor: you'll help me? p>> romona: you're not going to pbe mean, are you? p>> no. p jeffrey is up. p>> jeff: i can do that too. pthe hollywood pose. pget it going there. p>> romona: no, jeff. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: all right. pwe've got 15 right now. pbut here is the deal. pwe've got warmer air coming in pin advance of the next front. pso, believe it or not, ptemperatures are going to be on
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pit's not going to be nearly as pbad as what it was last night. pthe problem is we also have more psnow going. phere you see temperatures pupstream. pthis is where our weather is pcoming in from. pcincinnati is at 22. pthis is about as cold as it's pgoing to get for a little while. pclouds are on the increase. pthe lake-effect snow that we had pthis morning has lifted out over pthe lake with the wind shift. pnow we're beginning going to get ready for pthe next system snow. pthat means everybody is going to pget some here over night and ptomorrow morning. pand here you see it. pit's kind of still developing. pbut this is going to form into a psnow shield. phere is the next front that's pgoing to bring us a reinforcing pshot of some colder air. ptomorrow afternoon, tomorrow pnight. pyou can see all is quiet here at p7:00. p10:00 tonight the snow is moving pthrough toledo, approaching psandusky and mansfield. pand here you go, 1:00 a.m. to p4:00 a.m., we got snow across pthe area. pnow, it's not going to be much.
4:22 pm
pbut here is the problem. pright during the morning commute pi think that's when the worst of pit is going to be. pand it's not going to take much pto make things slippery. pso the weather impact tomorrow pmorning will be at a 6. pyou can see downtown ptemperatures will actually be pwell in the 20s. pbut it's going to be windy, and pthere could be some blowing snow pin there as well. pi'm forecasting about 24 at p7:00 a.m. p1 to 2 inches of snow here over pnight. pakron-canton around an inch at p7:00 a.m. pyour temperature 24. pyou can see most of the snow is pout in the morning. pand then we'll get ready for psome good old fashion plake-effect. pnow, this is what the future pview is indicating for the psystem. pyou can see around an inch to as pmuch as two inches here in pmansfield. ptwo inches in mentor. pthat's what i'm thinking right pnow with the snow showers and pthen some lake-effect snow will pkick in later tomorrow. pfalling temperatures.
4:23 pm
pgusting over 40. plake-effect snow tomorrow night palong the lakeshore and east of pcleveland. pthis as the next shot of arctic pair comes in. pso you folks east of cleveland, pyou're looking at more snow paccumulation out there. pas we drop down to 13 tomorrow pnight. pand wednesday will be windy, but pthe snow will wind down. pthe lake-effect snow. p19 the high. pthursday cloudy, 32. plook at the warmup. pfriday we're actually up to 43 pand the weekend is going to be ptricky. pright now i'm going with rain pthat develops friday night pthrough the day on saturday for pan alert there and then it ptransitions back over to snow as pcolder air comes in the second phalf of the weekend. promona. p>> romona: thank you, jeff. p coming up on cleveland 19 pnews, teacher talk. pno contract for several months pand a local school district is
4:24 pm
p. p a funeral this week in wayne pcounty for a woman who was shot pand killed wi the father of two pof her junk young children. p>> romona: a disturbing case of pdomestic violence and a pfundraiser to help those young pchildren. pdannie is live with the update. pdannie. p>> reporter: well, the owner in pwellington said that she knew pemily young, grew up with her, prode the same school bus every pday and she said the family was pthe least they could do and it pbecame a fundraiser and a psupport group of sorts for those pwho loved the young mom. pa haircut or a style. pusually just pretty surface pchanges. pbut today they mean so much pmore. p>> this is what she would do. pshe was always getting her hair pdone. pi just feel like we had to do it
4:25 pm
peveryone worked for free and pevery dollar was donated given pto help the three babies emily pyoung left behind. plittle ones who don't realize pthat their lives were changed pforever. p>> they're just the best and pthey're just like helping us get pthrough it. pand i can just see emily pwhenever i look at them. p>> reporter: police say p24-year-old young was shot to pdeath thursday night in orville pas she sat in her suv talking to pher husband woods. pwoods allegedly shot young prepeatedly in the face while the pcouple's twins 6-year-olds pdaughters sat in the back seat. p>> i'm blessed he didn't do psomething. that was emily pwatching over them. p>> reporter: young did have an pactive protection order against pher husband at the time. phe was arrested, charged with pmurder and is being held on p$1 million bonds. p>> i think you definitely are a pmonster if you kill the mother pof your children in front of pyour kids. plike how are you not at that oint?
4:26 pm
puntil 8:00 tonight. pwe're told so far it has raised pat least several hundred pdollars. pthere is also a go fund me page pfor the children that was set up pthree days ago which at last pcheck had raised nearly $20,000. pmaurice wood is scheduled to be pback in court on those murder pcharges later this week. p>> mark: dannie, thank you. p sentencing is set for today pin akron for a woman who pattacked her boyfriend last year pfor eating all of her salsa. hyllis jefferson pled guilty to pa felony assault charge. pshe admitted stabbing her pboyfriend with a pen during a pfight over that salsa. phe was taken to the hospital for phis non-life-threatening pinjuries. p labor unrest at westlake pschools and there is a potential pfor a strike. pthe teachers and support staff phave been working without a pcontract since the start of the pschool year. pthey vote tomorrow.
4:27 pm
p a new report is out on the pcraft beer business and ohio is pa national leader. p>> mark: there are dozens of pbreweries here in the buckeye pstate responsible for thousands pof jobs. pdan deroos takes us inside the pnumbers. p>> dan: beer is big business. pnot just big beers, but micro bu pbreweries here in ohio. pthe impact in this state alone pestimated at $2.16 billion in p2014 putting ohio at number 4 in pthe country in the production of pcraft beer. pand ohio city is quickly pbecoming the micro brew capital pof ohio. pbrewery, nano brew and the pnewest pour to the group. p>> we're going through a pthe state of ohio. pyou know, it's similar to other pstates in the united states, but pi feel like in ohio we're pgrowing a little faster than pmany others. p>> reporter: and for a latform, the beer business is pbooming.
4:28 pm
roduce 32 barrels of beer in a pbatch. pthey've expanded twice and are pnow producing 320 barrels at a ptime. p>> yes. pa thousand percent growth in one pyear. pthat's not common. pbut the point is this is what pcan happen in the beer industry pin today's environment. p>> reporter: according to the pohio craft brewers association, pthere are 140 breweries in ohio pright now totaling some 11,000 pjobs. pand there are 62 more breweries pin the planning stages. p>> craft beer is something you pcan learn a great deal about. pget geeky with. pit's very social. p>> dan: all of that brewing, ouring and consuming is adding pup to big dollars. pconsider this when talking pconsumption in ohio. pit's as if every adult drank p4.7 billion gallons of draft pbeer. pthey're now up to 25. pand the demand for their beer is pexploding. p>> it's almost scary. pas soon as we make an order for
4:29 pm
pokay, we'll be set for a little pwhile, a few months passes. pand as soon as we get those ptanks, it's like, oh, my god, we phave to put another order in. p>> dan: how about one more pnumber to toast you with to show pthe industry isn't going panywhere. pin the united states since 2011, pthe number of breweries has pexploded up 252%. pcheers. pi'm dan deroos for cleveland 19. p here we go. pif you have plans this evening, pyou're good to go. pover all good travel. pright now. pthat will be changing, though, pby morning. pjust a heads up here. pnotice the temperatures. p16 at 6:00. p19 at 8:00. p20 degrees at 10:00. pand then right there that's when pthe snow is going to start to pmove in around midnight. pand temperatures will continue pto go up. pthe wind is also going to be pincreasing. pso we have a winter weather padvisory in effect over night pthrough tomorrow morning. pand this is telling us whenever
4:30 pm
pwinter weather advisory, that pmeans that travel on the area proads could get pretty nasty pjust in time for the morning pdrive. pwe're not looking at a big pokay. pit will be an inch or two. pbut it will be enough to make pthings slippery. phigh risk of snow heading into pthe morning commute. pthat will be affecting travel. pcould be school delays and pclosings in the southern pcounties especially. ptemps are in the teens right pnow. pand we're going to continue to pgo up from there. pthe wind will actually die down pfor a time this evening. pso we got that system snow, the pstrong winds along with the pslick roads by 7:00 a.m. pand another arctic punch on the pway and lake-effect snow. pmore on the seven day forecast pin just a minute. promona. p>> romona: thanks, jeff. p coming up on cleveland 19 pnews, powerball fever is pgrowing. pfind out why your odds of pwinning hasn't necessarily
4:31 pm
p. p now for a quick time out pwith romona and tony. p>> romona: all right. ptony never brings scripts for me pover here. p>> tony: do you like this. promona.
4:32 pm
p>> tony: we don't need no pstinking scripts. p>> romona: let's just talk. ptony is not here. p>> anchor: no. p>> romona: let's turn to this pcoach and the term analytics. pwhat's the latest? p>> peter king has been around a pfew other places. phe wrote that he's hearing it pto find a gm and a coach really. pbut let's include the gm in this pbecause it's a bigger deal. pobviously it's a non-traditional papproach. pin baseball it's seen as a slap pin the face to traditional pscouting. pa lot of people in the nfl, pthat's all they have is ptraditional scouts, traditional rocedures and scouting. pthere's a lot of people that are pgoing to be like i don't know if pi really want to work for this pteam if it's where we're going pto go because my opinion may not pmatter much and it may be chal pchallenge ing for the browns. p>> romona: nothing else works. pso let's try. pwhat about these coaches? pare these coaches that are fired
4:33 pm
pgoing to the superbowl. p>> anchor: some have asked to pretain and some let go. pnormally if you get let go, pthey're still able to buy psuperbowl tickets. pit's a perk that nfl players are pallowed to do. pbuy superbowl tickets. pa lot of these guys will turn paround and sell them because pthey'll make a nice profit. pthey weren't going to let them pdo this. pthey weren't going to let them pgo to the senior bowl. p>> romona: that's where they pcan get hired. p>> anchor: it sounds like the pbrowns are going to get tickets. psome of them have been asked to pstay if the new coach wants pthem. pand, frankly, if they hired a pdefensive guy, keeping them pmight be a good idea so they can phave the same offense. pbecause that hasn't happened in pten years. p>> romona: that's not good job psecurity. plebron james got hit in the face pwith a basketball. pi have not seen it. p>> anchor: check it out. pthis was before the sixers game. pi got it.
4:34 pm
p>> romona: he was hurt. p>> anchor: if this was an paverage person, okay, i got it, pyou're focused on one. pyou're lebron james. p [ laughing ]. p>> anchor: you're like the most pathletic guy in the planet. ut your other hand up. p [ laughing ]. p>> anchor: he still scored 30 psome on points. p>> romona: i was surprised pabout this next one. pi tweet out about lebron all of pthe times. phe actually reads some of the ptweets? p>> some apparently. pthis showed up on his instagram pfeed, i believe. pit was john schumann of phe put on a graph that showed pjames was the worst shooting layer outside of the paint in pthe league. p>> romona: oh, come on. p>> anchor: 34%. pkobe bryant was right behind phim. pmisery loves really good pcompany, right. layers had to put up at least p240 shots. phe saw it on his instagram feed pand said, do you know what, i've pgot to do better. pso he just got up from a nap. phe saw that. phe went out and had a good game pagainst denver. p>> romona: good for him. psince he listened and promised
4:35 pm
pdoesn't happen. p>> anchor: they're on the road pright now. p>> romona: somebody is plistening and pass it along. p>> anchor: someone pass it palong. p>> romona: i want my interview. plet's go over to my guy mark. p>> mark: i'll call my guy, pbron. pwe'll get you out there. p powerball is growing. pyou probably know by now. pno big winner. pthe jackpot now 1.3 billion with pa b. psome are spending big bucks to pget a piece of the price. pthe lottery hopefuls. p>> reporter: at $1.3 billion, pthe powerball jackpot is pworld. ptoo big for some billboards and ptoo hard to resist for those who prarely play. p>> i normally don't buy lottery plucky. pso crossing my fingers. p>> reporter: a historic jackpot precord breaking ticket sales and pit all comes down to this.
4:36 pm
podd saturday night after it pfailed to produce a winner. peven though 75% of the nearly p300 million possible number pcombinations were sold. p>> you got 20 tickets. pwere all those all for you? p>> for me, yes. p>> reporter: doug evans decided pthis time. pbut with the odds at 292 million pto 1, the chances of winning pmore you play. p>> you may see yourself as pgetting coaster to the pot, but pyou actually are not. pand the more frenzy there is, pthe more tickets, the longer the podds become, which works against pthe hard working americans who pare buying those tickets. p>> reporter: in 2014 alone, pamericans spent more than p$70 billion on lottery tickets. pcritics maintain that those who lay the most often are the ones pwho can least afford it. p>> when you see numbers like a pbillion dollars or now a billion
4:37 pm
penthusiasm and desire and hope pthat they could be the one? pabsolutely. pat the end of the day, it is preal money. pand it adds up. p>> reporter: now, if you pactually win the powerball and pdecide to take the one time cash ayment, you're looking at p$806 million. pthat's before taxes. pcbs news, queens, new york. p>> romona: everybody excited pabout possibly winning. p what's coming up at 5:00? promona. pkilling their boss. pthey entered plaes today. pwe'll have the latest from the pcourtroom. p also cleveland helped launch phis career. psee how the rock 'n' roll hall pof fame is paying tribute to pdavid bowie. p and the life-threatening pignoring. plook for those stories and much pmore tonight at 5:00. p>> mark: all right.
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p. p now it's time for the buzz pmill outlet. p>> romona: more now on the pgolden globes. pwe are joined again by fashion pcritic art mckay. p>> romona: pmoan p>> mark: in the last half-hour, pwe talked about the best dress pugly. p>> anchor: just a little bit. p2016. pi will be nice, i promise, to pget the point across. pwe were talking earlier about p>> mark: yes. p>> anchor: yes, sir what, i saw p-- neck lines. pthis was on blind spot when i psaw this dress. p>> romona: oh. p>> anchor: very busy pattern. part deco. pthe front was cut down so low, i pthink she should have filled her pbody with tattoos she should phave went out and dressed like pthat. pi wasn't a fan.
4:41 pm
pmelissa mccarthy. pi love her so much. pi was a little disappointed. pi know she has her own clothing pline out. pfor a larger woman, you should preally -- i feel too much pmaterial. pshe was just on the people's pchoice awards the other day and pshe looked amazing. p>> romona: yes. p>> anchor: a little more pfitted. psomething that accentuates some art of her body would be nice. pher hair is longer, and i love pit. pjane fonda, an icon. pwe love her so much. p>> romona: always classic. p>> anchor: i wasn't sure if she pwas in alice in wonderful opping out of a mushroom or i pwanted to say happy birthday. p [ laughing ]. p>> anchor: she looked like an picing on a cake. pwhat is with that? pthis is where ruffles went too pfar. p>> romona: she's usually spot pon. p>> anchor: she's 77. pi love her. phappy birthday to her. p>> romona: yes. p>> anchor: she got her cake and peat it too. p [ laughing ]. p>> anchor: then here is what we phave. pi love kristen dunst. pi'm so let down by this. pthis is what happens when you phave extra pipe cleaners and pstring laying around your house. p>> romona: i thought you were pgoing to be nice.
4:42 pm
pshe bought them. pi can't help it. panother girl who brought her pglobe. pas we said before. pit was too much. pit was romanesque. pi like better of her. pthen, my goodness, my goodness, pbryce dulles-howard. pshe's a beautiful woman. pshe did actually go through a pdepartment store and purchase pthis dress. pi give her kudos for this. pshe gets to keep this dress pwhich is not attractive, so she pcan wear it again and again and pagain. pit's not what i expected from pher. pshe's a beautiful woman and i pexpected more. pshe's an upcoming actress big ptime. p>> mark: i think you've done penough damage here. p>> anchor: i was kind. pi was kind. pi was very kind. p>> romona: i should sit out the pworst dress. p>> anchor: you were perfectly pon trend today. pi told you that with the lace. pand mark always handsome too. p>> romona: come back again. p>> anchor: i will. pi'll see you for the grammies. pthank you very much.
4:43 pm
pnews, the shirt off his back. pwe are learning more about a ptouching image going viral of a pguy helping a homeless man. p. p>> breaking news and weather p24/7, download the cleveland 19 pnews app sponsored by kisling, pnestico & redick.
4:44 pm
p. p all right. phere. pas we've been telling you, we pover night. pmorning. pthis is going to give the entire parea 1 to 2 inches of snow. pwindy. p27 will be the morning high phere. pand then temperatures will be pdropping. pin fact, let me show you the lanner tomorrow. p24 to start things off. pwe'll hit 27 in between p7:00 a.m. and lunch. pand then we'll take the plunge phere. pvery windy with wind gusts over p40 miles an hour. p19 on windy. pwindy. panother shot of light snow
4:45 pm
pbut milder. pfriday mostly cloudy sky and as pwe warm up at the end of the pweek. prain on saturday. pthat will change over as the pweekend moves on. pstay tuned. pmark. p>> mark: jeff, thank you very pmuch. p the amazon website in canada pis in the middle of a pcontroversy and coming under pfire over a shirt. pan unknown vendor is selling the pshirts and they seem to glorify ptaking your own life. pthere are captions. psome are calling and saying pthey're tasteless shirts. p>> completely disgusted what i psaw. pthese things were dangerous. pthis is the first reaction that psomebody could really get hurt. p>> mark: no comment so far from pamazon canada on the request to ull the shirts off the website. pbut out of the six or so styles pshirts remains on the site. p some heart warming video now pyork.
4:46 pm
pthe video shows the moment a man pliterally gave the shirt off his pback to a homeless man riding pthe subway. panother passenger captured the pscene and this video is now pgoing viral. pand right after this video ends, pthe homeless man wipes away ptears. p>> mark: well, that is a truly ositive story. p>> romona: oh, yeah. p>> mark: helping for real. plove to see that. p coming up here on cleveland p19 news at 5:00, google pexpedition.
4:47 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now.
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