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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> and we continue to follow breaking news out of summit county. a house explosion in northfield center township. >> we broke this story around 9:00 tonight, and since then we learned the situation has turned deadly. scott taylor is live on the scene with the late et. scott, what can you tell us? >> just a few minutes ago we got a terrible update. it is the type of update you don't want to get here. it is the scene of a house fire. but a fire official said they have found two bodies inside. one belonging to the mom of the family and the other one to a child.
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missing and they all -- they also are search for the dad too. let me step out of the way to this tragic scene. you can see firefighters still working inside. there is smoke coming from the roof. most of the roof on the top of the building and the top of the house is gone. they did ventilate it from the side on the go ran, but we now know a mother has perished in this fire along with one child. i want to give give you a chance to listen to one of the neighbors who saw this moments after he heard an explosion. >> i was in the garage when it happened. i had the heat on. my mom was like, hey, did you hear that? i walked outside and as soon as i walked outside the garage , all i saw was a big fireball. it was about 30 feet high. i'm like, oh boy, that's not good. my mom said, hey, 2003 have to
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we ran toward the house which would be behind ours. we got here and half of the fire department is here and hopefully nobody was in the >> reporter: unfortunately we know there were two people in the house and they found the body of the mom of the family and also a small child and another another child, a second child is missing is so is the father of the family. you can see in front we have two cars there. we have a van and we have the other car as well. we did see flames up on top of the house. that was p 20 minutes ago and it looks like they have gotten that out and they are inside searching to see if anyone else is inside this home. north in northfield, scott taylor, cleveland 19. >> scott, thank you. an awful night to be out there fighting a fire, and more
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>> it could be a snowy commute tomorrow morning. our chief meteorologist jeff tanchek is here with a look at the forecast. >> jeff: this is a system snow. it is not going to be a ton. it is just enough to make things slippery on the untreated roads. let's show you the system right now. we are getting reports of up to two inches of snow in the chicago area from this storm or this system. and all of this is moving in. we have light snow reported now in the toledo avenue and now in sandusky. it is beginning to develop and the trend will continue. a winter weather advisory for the entire area. we have the alert overnight and tomorrow. i think the morning commute will be the worst part of the day. and there could be school delays and closings especially inland. and those winds are going to be gusting over 40. look at the temperatures. they are actually warming.
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at 21 degrees in cleveland. the wind driven snow tomorrow morning and mid20 downtown. weather impact is a six. watch out for the slippery conditions. tomorrow morning at 4:30, saw samantha roberts will keep you covered. they will be tracking the latest road conditions and where the heaviest snow is. ramona? >> romona: o-dot is preparing for the a.m. drive. there will be 80 trucks in cuyahoga lake. 56 crews will be in portage, stark and summit counties, but they will not be pretreating the roads because of the leftover salt on them from the weekend. now you can stick with cleveland 19 all wint every long for school closings and delays and you can see them on air and on our app. have them sent through our website. >> they of offered a new plan to pay for more officers on
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it is a plan that they say will keep you safe. the proposal calls for an income tax increase and pays for over time and equipment for officers. what does it mean for you? dan deroos is here to break it down. >> dan: it means you will pay more. it means you will be paying for this as anybody who works in the city of cleveland. remember zach reid has been pushing for some time trying to find new ways to get officers on the street. he said let's raid the rainy day fund. that was shot down. here is the proposal. a .5% increase for the city income tax. what does that mean? well we are going to go down three brackets, three pay ranges. if you are in the 25 thousand range that's an extra 25 and so double it to 250. if you are at 100,000 double it again.
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you would pay in city income tax. this is a proposal at this point and we have to see where it goes. >> making our neighborhoods safer this is a seaver security alert. >> romona: more than a dozen cars have been targeted in several neighborhoods in one west side suburb. at least one of the crimes caught on camera. tiffani tucker has the alert from avon lake. >> reporter: you are looking at surveillance video of thieves in action. watch as one guy goes up to the door of an unlocked car and helps himself to what's inside. it took a total of two minutes to steal thousands of dollars of drum equipment of the car parked in the hope of the development. >> we looked at the surveillance camera and that's when i in thed they had stolen my drums. >> it was one of eight that was hit within hours early friday morning. he says he usually locks his car and unfortunately forgot
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police got several calls on friday of items stolen from cars including cash, designer sunglasses and gloves. three incidents in the development alone. one in the south side subdivision. >> i was shocked at how bold they were. they were walking along and walked along the entire street and hit every car casually walking along. they had their backpacks on like they were doing this more often than once. >> other residents are glad the cameras are rolling and they hope the video helps catch the crooks and reminds others to keep their valuables safe and always lock your doors. >> whoa would like to catch them is what we would like to do. you feel violated. >> i didn't think anybody would be bold enough to come up there. >> if you want to take a little closer look at the video head to cleveland if you have any information on the suspects give avon lake police a call. denise? >> thanks, tiffani. the canton police department
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for a fallen k9 officer. jethrow died after a burglary suspect shot him. >> there is no greater honor than to lay your life down for your friend and that's what he did. >> police say the suspect shot and killed the k9 officer. the suspect was also shot in the leg by police and is still in the hospital. a go under if me account -- go fund me account is set up to help pay for jethrow's vet bills. they have raised $2 sick,000. >> romona: the white house says the state of the union address will describe who we are as a nation instead of a wish list to get accomplished. this comes as a time as the country is divided on gun control and terrorism. reaction to the speech tomorrow at 11:00. >> it is a week and the browns are searching for a head coach. >> romona: they interviewed
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have decided to go in another direction. mark schwab is here to tell us who is available. >> they knocked out seven interviews, but they may not be done. here is the guys they talked to. in order, adam gase and teryl austin. thursday doug merrone. henderson on friday and mcdermott and jackson. also over the weekend they lost two guys. gase was hired by miami. cross him off. and then he hired henderson to run the defense. one team took two guys. the browns are down to the five on your screen. ian rap -- rappaport says the browns will make a push to get jackson and the giants want to interview him. there are a lot of smoke screens out there right now. >> romona: continuing coverage of the shake up in barea on air and on-line. as soon as they hire a coach we'll let you know through our
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across our social media platforms. >> chances are many of you have come down with powerball fever. wednesday's jackpot is now worth $1.4 billion. hundreds are lining up at gas stations and grocery stores across the country. officials put your chances at winning the lottery, the largest lottery in the states ever at one in did 92 million. after taxes the figure would drop to a mere 400 million. >> how often should you have a mammogram? there are new recommendations again tonight. plus -- >> a wrestler beat the odds to compete. i'm sara goldenburg and he will tell you how he is inspiring other wrestlers coming up.
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downhill from here. we will be tracking the overnight snow into the morning commute. that's coming up. >> and a popular heartburn disease. what you need to know in the health alert still ahead. >> breaking news and weather 24/7. download the cleveland 19 news
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> we are continuing to update the breaking news on a house explosion in summit county. the fire investigators tell us two people are dead. a mother and a child and two others are missing in the township. the explosion happened at a home near the intersection of south oakmont and sky haven. since the top of the newscast officials are trying to find one adult and one child. that's the father and one other child. it is not clear if they were home at the time. we will continue to follow this story and bring you any new information. denise? >> it is heartbreaking. a national task force on mammograms has released the final recommendations. they say screenings for women every other year between the anales of 50 and 74
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and 74 are recommended. some doctors are concerned with over diagnosis. >> the benefits are smaller and the task force supports women having this information and making individualized and informed choices. >> the task force is calling on new research for technologies to diagnose breast cancer including 3d mammograms. that comes three months after the american cancer society says women should start annual mammograms at age 45. >> it is a warning tonight. if you take medication for a heartburn, a certain type of the drug is linked to long-term kidney damage. previsid 1k3 prilosec has proton pump intib hour -- pump inhibitors. according to the study if 15
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in 2013. >> apple is doing its best. they are introducing a night mode. they are cutting back on blue light which makes it hard to fall asleep. they will help you decide when to shift your screen's colors to warmer tones and making it easier on your eye. i don't know how it affects us night owls. our eyes are different. a local high school wrestler is having a season despite the odds. >> he was born without legs, but he is not letting it keep him down. >> he may not have legs and that doesn't keep him from wrestling. >> i have always wanted to do this sport and i found one.
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>> the senior has been wrestling since second grade. he is strong and fast. >> there are things i can't do. you always have to try something. you never know what you can do until you try. >> he has helped zion develop his skills on the mat over the last six years. >> he is the strongest kid i have ever had in wrestling. he benches 225 pounds and weighs 88 pounds. >> you are going to go out tonight and you are going to shine. >> when zion competes he starts in the neutral position thanks to a rule change. after the team wrote a letter to the state. >> the top and bought stomp -- the top and bottom position he was not successful at. >> otherwise the regular rules apply. his record is 20-4 after hoe won monday night's match. >> he is a very, very hard worker and he leads by example and the other kids see that and it does run off to the
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>> for zion this is not a disability. there is nothing he can't do. he works harder and pushes his teammates to be their best. >> wrestling is all or nothing. i have to go 100% for it and hopefully i get it. >> he has big plans for his future. >> for college i want to major in architecture and i am definitely going to wrestle at the next level. >> his advice to anyone facing a disability -- >> you have to look at it positive. you have to see the brighter side. try your best at everything you do. >> cleveland 19. >> such a test meant to the people who have all of their limbs and say they can't do something. he proves you can do what you put your mind to. >> what a wonderful story. >> a huge inspiration. >> the snow is so the way and the next few hours is when i think it will be snowing here. we are starting to get returns along the lakeshore in
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a light snow around sandusky and also elyria on the live scan. you can see how things continue to develop and move in. some of that is not reaching the ground, but it is here in toledo. you have a steady snow in northern indiana. this is what we call a clipper system. it is a fast mover and there is the back edge moving through chicago. look at the temperatures warming. we bounced up to 21. i think because of the south wind we will be in the mid20s with the snow coming down. you can see 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. that's when things get going. and then this will be the problem. your early morning drive especially from cleveland to mansfield and points east could be tricky. it is only going to be a one to two-inch snow, but it is all about timing here. the worst of it will be during
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7:00 a.m., temperature 24 and wind gusting to 25. at 10:00 in the morning, the first batch of snow is out and then it changes over to some snow showers during the afternoon. and then the lake affect snow kicks in as the much colder air moves in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. in fact, it will be a west northwest wind. even the greater cleveland area could get in on some of the lake affect snow. it is going to be a one to two-inch snow area wide, but when you factor in the lake affect it will kick in tomorrow evening. right here parts of the snow belt, three, four inches. i can see that happening. even eastern cuyahoga county. here comes the next shot of winter. snow mainly in the morning and then lake affect snow developing by evening. look at that wind gusting over 40 and the temperatures will befalling through the twenties. wind gusting over 30. that's your forecast
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24 at 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 21. during the afternoon it will be more snow showers. the steadier snow is earlier in the morning. we'll drop down to 13 tomorrow night and then we have a mix of sun and clouds. windy and 19. another shot of light snow on wednesday night. thursday will be cloudy and 32 and then friday we are up to 43 with a mostly cloudy sky there. over the weekend this will actually start on friday night and i think it starts out as rain on saturday and 44. that's the latest for now. saturday night changing over to snow and then sunday it will be a rain pea weekend. a rainy weekend. monday we'll see a high around 2 tbhien degrees. a high around 29 degrees. denise? >> now it is time for the buzz sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> in the buzz tonight, no
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drug-fueled party at a las vegas brothel. >> and the industry is mourning the loss of a legend. >> ?eet change >> tributes have poured in across the world remembering david bowie. the pop star died of cancer at the age of 69. fans left candles at his star in hollywood and some of the more powerful tributes found in london. >> and lamar odom will not face cocaine charges in connection with the drug and alcohol party at a nevada brothel. the former nba star was hospitalized for months after being found unconscious in october of the right now the 36-year-old is still recovering at a private facility. >> romona: it is $1.75 at the shell station. broad view road and pleasant valley road.
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northridge road and eastlake avenue. i can't see for some reason. >> romona: $1.84 at the sonoco
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g >> now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> mark: earlier in the newscast i gave you the latest on the coaching search. they don't have a coach yet. and also on the assistant coach with news that those guys are not happy campers. the browns will not pay for them to go to the senior bowl. it is a job fair for nfl coaches so it would help them get new gigs. should they be upset about it? not really. king reports they were not
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super bowl tickets. since then the browns have changed their mind on that one particular thing so maybe they will be happier even though most will be fired. the nfl has seen enough of burfect. they told him to sit down for three game. he has been suspended for the first three games next season after rough housing the steelers a little bit. this is believed to be a cul ma tiff decision. he was fined several times in the year including a $50,000 17. the burfect is not the only one flagged. pac man jones was in on it as well. he is back in the news. he was on the dan patrick radio show and he said antonio brown faked being injured. if that's true, it is part of the all time bits of gamesmanship ever. >> antonio brown was not hurt. it?
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go back and look at the play. if you go back in slow motion you tell me he was hit in the head or did his shoulder pad barely touch him. >> you think antonio brown was acting like he was hurt to get the flag? >> i think he should get a grammy award. >> brown winked at you guys to say i am okay? antonio saw me and i said i see you and he gave me a wink. >> a grammy, not an academy award. a grammy. >> here is what is going on in the national championship game. it was a 14-7 lead. it was one of two touchdowns so far. the second quarter and bama got a touchdown and clemson leads it 24-21.
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>> romona: we are staying on top of breaking news in summit county. a house explosion in northfield center township. we just learned the top of the newscast a mother and a child were found dead. >> denise: a father and another child are still unaccounted for. fire crews plan to be on the scene all nightlong. check the cleveland 19 news app throughout the night. jeff? >> jeff: there is the snow and it will continue to develop here in the next few hours. i do expect the worst con -- conditions in the morning. the entire area is under a winter weather advisory. check in with the cleveland 19 weather app at anytime. the temperatures will be in the mid20s with snow and we will have team coverage at 4:30 in the morning with samantha roberts and john.
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