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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: we can't catch a break this week for our morning commute. east siders hit hard with a massive lake-effect band of snow. this looks like wet roads on the screen. our entire area is waking up to windchills below zero. >> brian: yeah. all right. the silver lining is this cold weather could go away if you hit tonight's $1.5 billion jackpot, right? you wouldn't have to sit in the cold weather. good wednesday morning.
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>> tia: you may have to fill this seat tomorrow, brian. i'm just letting you know. i'm tia ewing we have live team weather coverage this morning. what's going on out there right now, sam? >> samantha: it's really snowy. of course, you guys all morning long have talked about school closings. those are scrolling at the bottom of the screen and they're also on our website. very easy to find. a lot of these are confined to eastern sections of our forecast region. that's why we call it the snowbelt, right? a lot of snow out there this morning coming off lake erie. you can see from mentor into ashtabula is where the bulk of it is. around cuyahoga, lorain and trumbull counties and portage county as well, tracking a few spotty little flurries. most of the snow, the steadier county. if you wake up in mentor,
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geneva, ashtabula, these are the areas hit the hardest. snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. we have a lake-effect snow warning still in effect inland ashtabula, geauga county. heavy snow possible if you're out there this morning. be aware that visibility may drop rapidly, and the conditions could change very quickly. lake-effect snow advisory along the lakeshore there in ashtabula and lake counties. snow in the snowbelt should come to an end this afternoon. the rest of us are dry for most of the day, but everybody is going to get in on the cold. a windchill advisory in effect to the west of cleveland where we've seen some windchill values this morning as low as 14 degrees below zero. crazy cold out there this morning. i've got a thaw to tell you about, though. we talk about when that happens in a few minutes. you can't sit inside all day,
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you have to get out and make the money. if you're out in the snowbelt, you're going to have to drive through some snow. john is out there. he's riding along with the plows in chardon township. what kind of conditions are you dealing with out there? >> john: well, take a look. i've been covering cleveland snowstorms on television for the past 25 years, but i've never had an opportunity to do what you are looking at right now. we're looking over the blade of a snowplow in chardon township. i'm here with dave biel, who has been doing this for the last 25 years, clearing roadways. this is what it looks like on the secondary roads. these are folks that have to get off to work. this last night out in the heart of geauga county, the chimney, a place that gets on average 100 inches snow picked up 3 to 6 inches of snow last night. these folks have to get to work, and dave is out here making sure
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as you can see, there is plenty of snow on the roadways. they've been doing this now. salt coming out of the back of the truck. these roadways are heavily snow-covered courtesy of last night. dave worked from 3:00 yesterday morning until 7:00 yesterday evening. he's out here again today and expects he won't wrap up until the evening tonight as snow continues to fly in the heart of the snowbelt where they're used to it. i'm excited about this. this is the coolest thing i've done in a long, long time. haven't ever ridden with a snowplow driver. maybe in the next half hour we'll get dave to tell us what he's done in the past 25 years. right now we talk with mickey i-90. where are you?
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beachwood area getting to 480 west. wanted to check it out out here. we'll look at what we're seeing. roads much different picture as you head west. further east, a complete 360 from this. roads are dry, traffic is flowing nicely. on the east side like we just showed you about a half hour ago, the exact opposite. roads are snow-covered, semi are pulled along the highway because they know the further west you go, the worse the conditions are. we wanted to head out to this area, because we know this is a popular area as people head into the city for the morning commute. wanted to let everyone know out here 271 south now on 480 heading west looking good into the city. what about the rest of the commute, laura? >> laura: people are wondering what it looks like. it depends. the really rough areas are out to the east, of course, this morning in the snowbelt area.
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she's coming westbound right now from 271, so she's not quite to 77 here. that's where she is headed. all travels in this area look perfect. no troubles up 77 and no issues along 480 either. as we look across the wide map here, i see a little slowdown along the metro curve. that's a typical slowdown. this is not so typical out there on route 2 and i-90 where you see the yellow there. that's related to the snow over there on the snowbelt. from akron up 77, it looks really perfect towards 480 this morning and beyond as you make your way towards 490. you won't have any issues. >> tia: any school closings our delays this morning run at the bottom of the screen. you can also get them on your smartphone by downloading the free cleveland 19 mobile app. a 9-year-old boy is many metrohealth medical center this morning after being hit by a car while sled riding in north ridgeville.
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into traffic on hunter lake drive. he was flown to metro with life-threatening injuries. >> brian: autopsy results are expected today for the family killed in a home explosion. neighbors have identified them as jeffrey and cynthia mather along with their 12 and 8-year-old daughters. so far no cause of death or a cause for the explosion. there's no strike today for westlake school staff members. a contract offer for ohio association of public school night. just for now no strike. the two sides are not done negotiating. that's good news. no word yet on when westlake schools will present the union with a new contract. everyone wants a piece of tonight's $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. if you don't have the ticket yet, well, you're in luck. >> tia: where is your green? we were supposed to wear green because we're the winners, money green. you feel me?
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radio host rover is giving away $1,000 worth of powerball tickets today. q. mccray is there live this morning with how to get free tickets. q. >> q.: yeah. wmms 100.7 rover's morning show. i'm with the man, the myth, the legend. this is rover. if you don't know what he looks like you can recognize his voice. i'm seeing green. >> could be a billionaire. what i have done, i was actually -- i tell you what, i don't play the lottery too much, and the other day i was in the shower naked. that's where i do all my best thinking is in the shower. i had so much fun the last drawing checking on my tickets. it's up to $1.5 billion and we should do something. i took out $1,000 of my own money. this is a true story.
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anything into this. i took out $1,000 and bought 500 powerball tickets and these are hidden somewhere in town and we will give away hints starting at 7:00 a.m. you find them, one person is worth of powerball tickets and could be a billionaire. >> q.: are you guaranteeing winner? >> i can't guarantee that. i can guarantee someone will tickets. don't copy these numbers. whoever gets these, don't play the numbers because i want my fan to win the entire thing. what would you do? let me ask you a question, what would you do with $1.5 billion. >> q.: now that i'm an educated reporter in finances, i'm going to hire myself a cpa, attorney and financial adviser first and make sure i have my ducks in a row. then go out on a spending spree. only spend about 10% of my
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>> he's already dressed like a billion bucks. look at this guy. look at this guy. we start to give away clues at 7:00 on the air. >> q.: we'll be there for that, too. you will share the hints with us. >> i'll give you a little clue. where are you? cuyahoga county. i will tell you that. that's it. somewhere in there. >> q.: you narrowed it down, buddy. we're going to be here all morning with this guy and his pals charlie and jeffrey on skid fact. stay with us. throughout the show. >> brian: so he's giving away all 500 at once? >> tia: yeah, one person if they find it. >> brian: that's pretty good. >> tia: that is impressive. >> brian: 6:10. if you're dressing the kids for school, get them all layered up. >> tia: you have to. windchills across the area are in the single digits or below zero. the coldest we've seen thus far,
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>> samantha: it is frigid outside. mansfield, good morning to you. your current temperature is 2, but with the wind factored in it feels like 13 below zero. it is ridiculous outside. sandusky, good morning. 10 degrees. cleveland, 9. yeah, it's cold. we have that lake-effect, too. i'll track that for you and tell you when we thaw out coming up in just a few minutes. >> brian: for the last time president obama delivers the state of the union address. will some of his speech and the republican response when
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i believe in change because i believe in you. the american people. that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. >> tia: you heard it there. lots of optimism in the voice of president barack obama in his final state of the union address. democrats call the speech inspirational, and as you can imagine, republicans disagree. gop up and comer and south carolina governor nikki haley responded to obama's speech. she offered a unique perspective calling on all republicans to take responsibility for any issues in washington. >> we need to accept that we've played a role in how and why our government is broken, and then we need to fix it. >> tia: of course, we're going to talk about this in much more depth in the next half hour. cleveland state professor and
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joins us to break down president address. >> brian: this is a nasty 40-car pileup on interstate 74 outside of cincinnati. this is actually from yesterday morning that happened during whiteout conditions there. there were six injured but they weren't seriously hurt. lots of damage to cars and semi trucks, and this was hours and hours of backup and cleanup out there. boy, it gets nasty in a hurry, and once people run into each other, there's no stopping it. >> samantha: no. it's like the domino effect. >> brian: chain reaction. >> samantha: be careful out there this morning. a lot of folks out on the east side, lake, ashtabula, geauga counties and it's coming down 1 to 2 inches per hour. we were showing the roads and we'll have updates through the morning. be careful. do not go the speed limit. go well below the posted speed limit, because you can't see in this stuff.
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there for portions of the snowbelt. cleveland to the south, to the west, no problems. certainly a much more quiet drive in for most of us. then this time yesterday. if you wake up with me in mentor and ashtabula and even inland ashtabula county and far northeastern cuyahoga county, you may see light snow right now. the messiest stuff is lake and ashtabula counties where we have blowing and drifting and significant loss of visibility. here's where the worst of it is right now. mentor, painesville, back into madison, geneva and ashtabula as well. this is gradually trying to lift off towards the north and east. so conditions will improve in lake county first. then conditions will get worse in ashtabula county before they get better. so we have a ways to go. it's going to a morning of lake-effect snow out to the east. for the rest of us, just really cold. we may have a few snowflakes flying around in cleveland this morning and in other areas, but
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you any trouble. the steadier snow through the morning and midday time frame will be out to the east. 8 degrees at 7:00 in the morning. 13 at noon, and then highs today, well, i think they happen very late tonight as the temperature slowly rises. for a daylight hours high temperature we go about 17 at 3:00. feeling like it's around zero or even colder than that throughout the day. bundle up. that wind will get you. it will hit you hard as you walk outside. you'll feel it especially on your exposed skin. we're not totally done with snow just yet. after 6:00 tonight, we have snowshowers moving back in. this is not lake-effect. this is a little disturbance dropping in from the west. 1 to 2 inches of additional snowfall is possible area-wide tonight with slightly higher totals out in the snowbelt where we may have a little bit of lake-effect again early tomorrow.
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sorry you're dealing with this early today and then potentially again early tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon i think we are dry area-wide, and we'll be dry through friday evening. 17 today, 34 tomorrow. won't that feel nice? 46 on your friday. it's not often we get pumped about temperatures in the 40s, but i think this is going to feel really good. then our next system comes down the pipe. friday through the weekend, this is the breakdown. we start with rain on friday night and transition to a wintery mix on saturday and all snow late saturday into sunday. additional snowshowers monday maybe even tuesday. winter is really here this time. >> laura: yes, it's here. it had to come eventually, so we're going to deal with it now that it has arrived. outside right now i have i-90 at fulton up. this is where we have the accident. the accident is affecting the commute out there, but not too bad with traffic out there on
6:19 am
you can kind of see right here what's going on. we have a lot of vehicles out here, and obviously, it's dark outside and headlight reflection, too, because of all the wetness on the ground there. what we have is a vehicle that did spin out and sort of run into the barrier wall there. so we have fire trucks on the scene there, and they're blocking the lane to continue on to the inner belt right now. it could cause issues as everyone works their way into the lane into 71 and works its way back around. you can see where that accident is not causing much of an issue. even though it's not snowing on this side right now, we have slippery conditions. no matter where you are, it's a great idea to still be cautious. guys. >> tia: great advice, laura. meteorologist john loufman will be back with us for a look at geauga county. >> brian: the browns are still looking for a head coach. they had an interview with one
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>> john: i'm meteorologist john loufman in a char done township snowplow. sam roberts is watching the snow fly on ford first alert doppler radar and keeping track of the wind and those ugly, ugly windchills. nikki is out on the roadways in the storm chaser keeping an eye on the major thoroughfares as folks try to get into town, in to work and off to school. it is a morning where we have you covered on "cleveland 19 news this morning." >> brian: the browns have interviewed cincinnati bengals offensive coordinator hugh jackson for a second time. he's the only guy they talked to twice. reports say, however, the team has not yet offered him the job. that's curious. jackson still plans to meet with
6:23 am
kyrie, a long three! drains it! >> tia: key kyrie with a clutch three-pointer in the final dallas. they win their eighth in a row, 110-107. >> brian: kyrie didn't waste any time coming back from the busted kneecap. cavs are on a roll. playing pretty well. >> tia: i'm excited about it. at least we have something to be excited about sports-wise. >> brian: they can do it. they will heat that q up all 6:25. school closings, 40 of them. >> tia: 40 school closings and nine delays. >> brian: they're at the bottom of the screen. >> tia: a lot of schools are out east. >> samantha: that's where the worst of it is this morning. this time yesterday we all had snow. now it's the primary snowbelt areas, lake and ashtabula counties. we want to zoom you in here and
6:24 am
of it is. mentor, madison, ashtabula, painesville. just this fire hose of moisture coming off lake erie. snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour and dangerous driving conditions especially on i-90. go slow if you have to get out and about. this should be out of here by the afternoon.
6:25 am
>> brian: we are keeping an eye on your morning commute. you're looking at live pictures
6:26 am
this is chardon township notice plow crews getting the job done. geauga and ashtabula counties are in a lake-effect snow warning until noon. >> tia: the snow is staying out east. but everyone in the viewing area is dealing with bitter cold wind making the feel-like temperature well below zero. >> brian: that's right. we have live team coverage this morning. meteorologist john layoff mon is in that plow in geauga county. nichole vrsansky in the storm out east. we have all kinds of action on 90 but we start with sam roberts with the wake-up forecast. good morning, sam. >> samantha: if you're just rolling out of bed, 6:30 and maybe you woke up on the alarm. if you're out on the east, snow. look at what's happening on the radar. we want to time it out for you. we have that morning snow out to the east. system snow coming in tonight, and then we have our next system
6:27 am
so it's a very active weather period here from now through the weekend. current conditions. it's 9 in cleveland. wind is coming in from the southwest at about 10 miles per hour, so very breezy. it feels like it's below zero. doesn't the road there in cleveland look a lot different than this time yesterday? well, that's because most of our action this morning is out in the primary snowbelt. here it is. lake and ashtabula counties, this whole band is drifting off towards the northeast. so as we get deeper into the morning sunrise and onward, conditions will start to improve in places like mentor, but they may worsen out towards ashtabula as this drifts towards the north and east. mentor on the lake, mentor, painesville, concord, north perry, madison all areas that are contending with that heavy snow right now. snowfall rates are 1 to 2 inches per hour here with blowing and drifting snow. geneva, ashtabula, other areas
6:28 am
snow right now. now is not the time to be in a hurry out the door. you got to be sure that you're taking your time this morning and planning accordingly. we want to show you exactly how things look, because, you know, you can look on the radar. but what does that really say to you? you want to see it, right? john loufman is here. i know you're out there with the snowplows in the middle of things. tell me where you are right now and exactly what you're seeing. >> john: sam, we're in the heart of the snowbelt, geauga, chardon to be exact where the annual snowfall is 100 inches. i'm doing something i've wanted to do since i was i a little kid. i'm driving with a snowplow driver. shar char done has a lot of snow and i'm with dave biel.
6:29 am
>> about 25 years. >> john: he's going to be in the snow plow driverers hall of fame. what kind of hours did you work yesterday? >> we started between 3:00 and 4:00 and worked until 7:00 last night. >> john: 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. the stuff you're plows right now just came down last night. how much snow would you say fell last night? >> about 10 inches to a foot. >> john: just last night? >> yeah, just last night. busy. can you see the snow flying across the blade of the plows, in it. we're on the secondary roads, the neighborhood roads, the ones that folks need to get out of driveways to get off to work and school to. behind me our photographer is in a truck that is following us, and we're taking a look at the salt put down here behind the snowplow that dave is driving.
6:30 am
i haven't done this, and i've been covering snowstorms for the last 25 years. something i've always wanted to do. we're going to continue to do it throughout the morning, keep you apprised of what things are like in a snowplow with a snowplow driver who has 25 years behind the wheel doing this. right now we're going to turn it over to nikki. she's on the interstates, and i know she's been east all morning looking at semis just one after another after another pulled over on the roads. nikki, what do you have for us now? >> laura: we're going to talk about the traffic situation out there. thanks, john. that's great video out there right now. it shows the tale of really two cities. out there this chardon they estimate 10 inches overnight. this is i-71 at west 25th right now. really didn't get much of anything overnight. west side really, really dry. the roadways not necessarily dry, though. keep in mind there's all that snow. it kind of melts and runs into the roadways.
6:31 am
it off and clear off the shoulders more so there's more room if anyone is pulling over onto the shoulder. look at the ride up 71 right now towards west 25th street. i'm not seeing major issues this morning. really looks good. again, that accident that's on i-90 eastbound this morning right at the 71/490 split could cause issues. it's closed off right now, and drivers have to get into the 71 lane and jump over to 90 to continue on the inner belt bridge. slowdowns are definitely over there on the west side. guys. >> brian: laura, thanks very much. keep up with the changing forecast with our cleveland 19 first alert forecast app. it's a free download in the app store. by the way, 40 school closings and delays right now. >> tia: an arrest has been made in connection with the death of 3-year-old major howard. 23-year-old aaron dunnings who was arrested for the shooting death of the toddler is on the screen. the 3-year-old was shot sitting
6:32 am
cleveland's east side back in september of last year. police are still looking for their second suspect in the case who's remained at large, donnell lind see. philip lips wanted in a series of robberies in little italy last month. he's accused of robbing three point of impact a gunpoint. one was a priest leaving a meeting at holy rosary church. a lot of people are still playing even though the odds are not in your favor. millions of americans want to win this thing. >> brian: look behind us. what's going on? >> tia: the green. >> brian: we're talking about the powerball. tonight's jackpot is up to a record $1.5 billion. our guy radio host rover gives away $1,000 worth in powerball tickets today. q. mccray is at the mms studios this morning with more on how you can win.
6:33 am
>> q.: yes. mm p s and rover's morning show. that's rover himself. what he's done, guys, is spend $1,000 of his money and bought 500 tickets that he will be giving away for free. the catch is you have to figure out where he hid the tickets. he has them on his person now. somebody is going to go out and hide them in a moment. he has a bunch of clues for our friends at home. real quickly quickly, i know you're busy. >> it's the news. welcome. >> q.: this is charlie in charge here. not so much. >> i hit the fart button. that's my job and duty. >> q.: that's his gig. let our friends at know exactly when you make these announcements. >> under a half hour from now, 7:00 a.m. we give away the first clue to where they are. i think rover has hinted to one clue already.
6:34 am
>> q.: way to narrow it down, i said. >> 7:00 a.m. listen to 100.7. he'll give away the first clue. every 15 minutes clues. they're not scattered. whoever wins wins 500 tickets. >> q.: they're one winner for 5 500 tickets. i'll be here all morning long with these cool guys, and i'll let you know what the clue is as well. there you have it. reporting live from the wmms studio, i'm q. mccray. back to you in the studio. >> tia: that's good odds. if you have 500 tickets, it's possible. >> brian: no. there's people that are buying more than 500 tickets. >> tia: really? >> brian: absolutely. >> tia: that's crazy. i bought one ticket. that's all i'm buying. if that doesn't do -- >> brian: two whole bucks? >> tia: two whole bucks. if that doesn't do it, it's not meant to be. don't you say that. i'm winning this thing. time is 6:38. >> brian: we have an office
6:35 am
>> tia: what will happen tomorrow if we all win? >> brian: i'll be here. >> tia: you'll be alone. odot trucks and other plows are out in full force this morning trying to clean up the roads. >> brian: sam, when will this lake-effect snow move on out? >> samantha: through the afternoon conditions will really improve out there for those in the lake-effect zones, but all cold. it's 3 right now in new philly. good morning to you. hey, with that wind factored in, look at the windchill values. 13 below zero on your bare skin in mansfield. that's why you have to cover up everything. fingertips, your little nose. i've heard horror stories about people -- the tips of their nose getting serious frostbite because it wasn't covered up. i know it sounds crazy, but you got to bundle up. we'll talk about when we break the chill coming up. >> brian: coming up, what americans can take away from
6:36 am
>> nichole: good morning. we're live heading east on 90 near willoughby hills. this is a peek of what we're seeing. you see the semis lined on the shoulder of i-90 starting at willoughby hills. they know what's further east and don't want to drive in it. this is the situation here. here's another rest stop with more semis lining that rest stop up there. the story of the day is the further east you go towards
6:37 am
worse the road conditions get. out west a completely different picture. we're trying to keep you covered. john loufman in a snowplow. back to you guys in the studio. >> samantha: i love that you said little, too, thank you. that's great for the ego early this morning, right? >> brian: there are crews out there, you know. they have a tough job. we've all done that. we've all been out there. the pictures that john loufman and dave are getting and also nikki and i believe she's with bob jones this morning of those cars -- those trucks backed up on i-90. great pictures all morning long. that's why you need to be with us every morning. that's what you get here. sam is working as nikki so dramatically put it. >> samantha: busy week. we've had snow every day, right? maybe you're sick of it because you have to drive.
6:38 am
it, especially the kids out of school today. the school closings are scrolling at the bottom of the screen. a lot have reached out to us and said, hey, that's really hard to read. i can promise you we're working on it. we have a lot of things in the works to make that crawl, that school closings crawl better for you. we will be working on that over the coming weeks so that you're more easily able to see the closing down there at the bottom of the screen. they're scrolling on our website, too. looking south, abbing abbing ran, canton, dover. it's the snowbelt where it's coming down. off lake erie. this is where it starts. driving i-90 here, euclid towards wickliffe the snow will pick up. willoughby is lighter there. you travel towards mentor, concord, look at painesville,
6:39 am
all these deep purples is where the issues are right now. north perry and north madison and i-90 towards eastern lake county and western ashtabula, geneva, saybrook and harpersfield impacted by the snow band. the band is drifting off towards the north-northeast. you're going to dry out first farther to the south. mentor is the first to see things get a little bit easier. then conditions will worsen as we get deeper into the morning towards ashtabula, but i promise by the afternoon things look better for all of us. another big story today is the cold. it's freezing outside. so bundle up this morning. i want to time this snow out for you because i know that is an issue for you traveling out east. it will be a morning event. by midday conditions should really improve for us in many of these areas, but this evening after 6:00 more snow is coming
6:40 am
an additional 1 to 2 inches, and this isn't lake-effect. this is a little disturbance bringing us more widespread but light snow through tonight. temperatures look like this. through the day we gradually climb into the teens, but it will feel as if it's below zero pretty much all day everywhere. it's another windy day, but the warm-up begins soon. tomorrow morning we're in the 20s, and then in the afternoon we'll be in the 30s. 46 on your friday. i told you it was going to get a lot warmer. that snow that comes in tonight, remember, about 1 to 2 inches possible this evening. some of that may linger to the he's early tomorrow morning. by the afternoon we're dry before our next system arrives late friday into the weekend. that starts as rain and transitioning to wintery precipitation through the weekend. one after the other this week, huh? >> laura: of course. that's how it has to come.
6:41 am
far, and then all of a sudden it came and it just came in like a pack of wolves. it's here and here to stay, apparently. look outside right now. this is i-480 at warrensville center right now. no problem there. traffic is picking up a little bit. more commuters are out on the road and that's typical closer to rush hour now. across the wide map, there's a slowdown related to that accident, but good news with that accident that was on i-90 eastbound right at i-71/490. that has cleared up, so it should make it easier. it cleared out as we head towards rush hour. you see that east side slowdown related to the snow, but over on 480 it looks great the whole way. guys. >> tia: a lot of reaction on social media this morning to president barack obama's final state of the union address. >> brian: to talk about this we have joel lieske professor of politics at cleveland state.
6:42 am
making a direct response to mr. trump? >> at the end he did. it was a command performance, golden globe, academy award style. >> brian: you enjoyed it? >> i thoroughly enjoyed. it was one of the best in his eight years in office and i've seen. >> tia: some people gave harsh criticism to the state of the union address specifically on social media some called it weak saying it lacked real substance. what was your response to that? >> no. he talked about his goals in the beginning and the accomplishments on the economy and affordable health care. finally he ended by praising the american people and telling us that america is great because the american people are great. we're caring. we're decent. we're giving. it makes all the difference in the world. >> brian: a lot of people, obviously, the president is taking on gun control right now. that was a big push also last night.
6:43 am
he would have done this a little bit earlier. are you among them, or how do you view what the president is doing right now with gun control? >> i understand the position because of the acts of violence and terrorism. i think america is split between those who feel that there needs to be more regulation and those that are concerned if we have more regulation, then the right to keep and bear arms will be taken away. >> brian: professor, appreciate you being here. >> tia: thank you so much for coming in. time is 6:50. we will continue to bring you details on the winter blast hitting northeast ohio. >> brian: live team coverage will continue at 7:00 on cleveland 43. we'll show you the six things you need to be doing now so that your car doesn't break down in the snow. then we don't have to push it somewhere.
6:44 am
when caret crangs t, ali cathinabou getng rief. onlyicorte mi haa pateed fastissoing rmul it startto rievesudd crangs st. i ner kn whei'llneedelie
6:45 am
>> tia: browns fans can shiez with st. louis fans. the rams are relocating to l.a. >> the team left l.a. after the '94 season. two decades later they're ready to move back. the chargers are also negotiating to move from san diego to l.a. david bowie's final album is on its way to number one, "blackstar" is predicted to sell over 130,000 units and will likely debut at the top of the billboard's album chart, a first for the late artist. >> tia: we are giving away to see florence and the machine. the band is coming to blossom so union june 4th. this is early. head to the cleveland 19 facebook page. look for the logo on the left side of the screen. sam. >> samantha: all right. it is almost 7:00.
6:46 am
take some time and grab every winter thing that you have and put it on. it's cold out there. we're in the single digits, but it feels like 14 below zero in mansfield. got to cover up any exposed skin. even the tip of your nose. we were talking earlier about the horror stories i heard about people getting frostbite here. i have a big nose. i have to cover that thing up. i'm right there with you. it catches that wind, and it's awful. so, urn, cover everything because all that skin is going to feel that windchill. no major snows for most of the areas today, but out in the snowbelt this morning, lake and ashtabula counties, we're stick tracking heavy snow. we have a comprehensive update and more live coverage from the field coming up at 7:00 on cleveland 43. so switch over and follow us. >> laura: i-90 and route 2 just
6:47 am
snow cover is where we find the delays right now. not along 77. 77 is looking good. you can see mostly green across the map. there was an accident on i-90 eastbound at i-71. that has since cleared away. the issue is east side out here where we get the sensors coming in. people are moving much, much slower this morning as we should. the commutes are looking good. i expect the mentor-to-cleveland commute to slow down as the morning progresses. that's a couple minutes behind. a quick mention of this. chester avenue is still closed between east 40th and east 55th. they're trying to work on that and get it fixed. apparently it was a bad break and can't let us know when it will be ready. >> tia: that's insane. that's a long time. for a lot of people's commutes. >> brian: you got blueberries, so i'm sure. >> tia: make the switch to cle43.
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