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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p4:00 out of berea. pit's official. pthe browns have named hue pjackson the team's 16th head pcoach. p>> romona: tony zarrella has pbeen following this story all pday and joins us now. ptony, i haven't heard one pnegative comment about hue pjackson. p>> tony: well, he's very pwell-respected. pfans are calling in comparing phim to urban meyer when he went pto ohio state. pthe optimism is at an all time phigh. pi think all of that is because pthis is a guy other teams wanted pand the browns beat him to the unch, and there's a great deal pof enthusiasm when that is done.
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pmeeting to meet with jackson one pmore time, there was no way phaslem was letting jackson get pon a plane today to go to new pyork and meet with the giants. pthey spent most of the afternoon pfinalizing this deal, and hugh pjackson is officially the new pcoach. pyou wanted a guy with coaching pexperience, jackson has it. phe's only the second higher to pfit that bill since the browns pstarted hiring coaches again. peric mangeni was the other. pjackson did big things as the pbengals coordinator but he was pnot coming here without a strong psay in the roster. pand that voice is already being pheard. paccording to espn, jackson's parrival will mean johnny pmanziel's departure. pthe browns are going to move on pfrom johnny manziel. pthat's according to espn. pthe browns will meet with us in pjust about, what, two and a half phours they will officially pintroduce hugh jackson. pthe press has started arriving phere.
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paway from the team introducing phugh as the head coach. p>> reporter: yes. pyou can kind of feel it building pup out here, tony. pyou know, just about a week ago retty cold out here, and now pit's a hugh day because hugh pjackson has agreed to come on as pthe head coach of the cleveland pbrowns, and he brings a lot of pcredibility to this franchise. phe's a great communicator. phe brings the credibility. pto collaborate. pabout that. phis former boss with the oakland praiders who was the former ceo, pshe talked about him and said phe's great at evaluating talent. pthen he puts that talent in a osition to succeed. psomething else people like about phugh jackson is the fact that plong, long time. phe's been with several teams, pso he knows all of the teams and
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pof course, he's going to go up pagainst marvin louis a couple of ptimes each year now for the next pseveral years. pit should be very, very pinteresting. pnews conference coming up at p6:30. pwe'll be here to cover it on pcleveland 19. p>> tony: all right. pthanks, carl. phe is saying he will hold guys paccountable. pcome on, that situation with the layers and the stuff off the pfield was obviously out of pcontrol. p>> romona: so when they hire a pgm, what if he wants manziel? p>> tony: not going to happen. pthat's why they wanted the coach pfirst. pwhether you agree with it or pnot, the gm is going to have to pbe on board now with brown and pnow hugh jackson. p>> romona: all right. pwe'll have continuing coverage pon the coaching decision and pwe'll air the 6:30 press pconference live on air and ponline. pyou'll want to stick with us for pthat. pfor more on coach jackson preaction, download the cleveland p19 news app and head to our psocial media pages. p now to the weather.
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plast few days that we haven't pseen in quite awhile. p>> jeff: -- p>> mark: what is this stuff. psnow and lots of it. pjeff, there's more where that pcame from, right? p>> jeff: another disturbance on pthe way here tonight. pand most of us will see minor paccumulation. pcould be out in the snow belt. pthis isn't going to be a repeat erformance as what happened plast night. plet's go to the radar. pfast moving. pone of these clipper-like psystems. pyou can see that light snow pdeveloping west of sandusky. pright now the toledo area preporting a little bit of light psnow. pand there's more where that came pfrom. pwe do have an alert for the psnow. pcould see as much as one to four pinches along the lakeshore. pmost of us will see an inch or pless. pit remains windy, so a little pbit of blowing snow out there. pit could be a shot of snow that pcould end as a little freezing pdrizzle tomorrow morning. pand then we get into a brief pthaw period. pcurrent temperatures low to mid pteens out there.
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ponly at -- mansfield is only at p12. pbe had widespread single digits pthis morning, and that wind is pstill blowing at about 10 to 15. pso wind chills, well, it feels plike five below still in pmansfield and three below in a prear yeah phere yeah. pyou get the -- elyria. pyou get the idea. pforecast details on that at pabout 4:16. pmark, back to you. p>> mark: jeff, thanks. p with weather like this, it's pso tough on firefighters. pthey had to wear extra layers of pclothing. pthey were battling a house fire. pearlier. psmoke and flames coming from the pempty home. pthe firefighters arrived. pnobody hurt. pthe cause still under pinvestigation. p fire investigators have pruled a house explosion as parson. pa family of four was found dead pcontinues. pdannie carlson joins us with the pvery latest. pdannie, this is just shocking. p>> reporter: it really is to pthe people who knew the math er
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pfamily and people here in this pcommunity. pit started out as a tragic pfamily house fire. pas you heard today, it was ruled pthat that tragic fire is, in pfact, an arson. pand we still have no word on pwhat caused the deaths of the pfour people who were found pinside. ptwo parents and two little pgirls. pin the cell phone video given to pus by a witness, you can hear pneighbors, would be rescuers pyelling desperately into the phome within minutes of the pexplosion. p>> is anybody in there? p>> i told them, i says, that's pnot a gas explosion. pthat's what i said. pi said it wasn't blown out like pa normal gas explosion. p>> reporter: investigators from pthe state fire marshals office pruled today that the fire and pexplosion was caused by arson. pintentionally set. ptelling us that that decision pwas based on their on scene pinvestigation. pbut they said they can't say pmuch more than that since it is pan ongoing investigation. pwe're told that there was ossible evidence of an
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pwon't say for sure if one was pused until samples get back from pthe lab. pwhen we asked today, both fire pinvestigators and investigators pwith the sheriff's department psay that people in the area pshouldn't be concerned about pfuture arsons in their pneighborhood. pthey wouldn't say at this point, pthough, what they think happened pmonday night. p>> what a shame that these eople couldn't get out of pthere. pi mean, the mother and -- you pknow, if he did it. p>> yes. p>> and like they said, mother pand the two kids were huddled p>> yes. p>> just a shame. p>> reporter: now, the medical pexaminer today did positively pidentify the two girls that were pfound in the home as 8-year-old pruthy mather and 12-year-old pallison mather. pand, again, as far as the causes pof death for each of the four pfamily members, we're told the pautopsies are still ongoing on pthe two little girls. pand we won't know the causes of pdeath for all four people found pinside until there is further pinvestigation.
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pcenter township, dannie carlson, pcleveland 19. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> it looks like a pretty puneventful afternoon. pwe're looking at 77 and 480 in pindependence right now. pand it looks like volume is up a plittle bit, but everybody moving palong at a pretty good clip here pthis afternoon. pjust a few slick spots here and pthere. p and now this. pa horrible sledding accident. pand today a 9-year-old still in pcritical condition. pharry boomer joins us now with pthe 911 call. pharry. p>> harry: well, mark, that p9-year-old is drew hayden. plike any kid playing in the psnow. pbut only this time it turned ptragic. pdrew here at metro fighting for phis life. p>> it looks like somebody got phit. pthere's a person under the car pon meadow lake boulevard. p>> where on meadow lake? p>> by hunter lake. p>> reporter: that good psamaritan made the 911 call that
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phe was out sledding in the new pfallen slow. pvehicle? p>> it looks like there is psomebody. pi pulled up a little bit. pit looks like there's somebody punder there and the people pbehind me saw him talking. p>> harry: at the time of her pcall, she didn't know it was a psmall child playing and the sled pdidn't stop in time not to get phit by oncoming traffic. pyou can still see the sled ptracks left in the snow on the pridgeville. pthe car hit the boy around p5:00 p.m. tuesday about 20 pminutes before sunset. pthe 9-year-old child sustained plife-threatening injuries after pbeing struck by a southbound pvehicle. pdrew was transported to st. john pwestshore by the north pridgeville fire department and phe was taken by life-flight to pcleveland metrohealth medical pcenter. pand at last check, drew is still pin critical condition. pif and when that changes, of pcourse we'll let you know.
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pcleveland 19. p>> romona: thanks, harry. p reaction is pouring in to resident obama's final state of pthe union address while many pdemocrats characterized the pspeech as inspirational, some prepublicans criticized the pspeech as being light on the pissues. pcraig boswell reports. p>> mr. speaker. p>> reporter: president obama pdelivered his final state of the punion address and conceded he's artly to blame for the olitical divide that has shut pdown washington. p>> it's one of the few regrets pof my presidency that the ranker pand suspicion has gotten better. p>> reporter: senator haley says pher party needs to resist the psiren call of the angry voices. p>> all i have to say is we have pissues and the way we talk and phandle situations should be ptowards solutions and not pdivision. p>> reporter: president obama phas one year and one week
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pthose who want to precede him phave plenty to say. p>> some of you get back to iowa. p>> reporter: hillary clinton raised the speech. pshe continued the praise on cbs pthis morning. p>> the president made a pcompelling case about the rogress we've made. pbut the work that still lies pahead. p>> reporter: but texas senator pted cruz to skipped the speech pin order to campaign says he pcan't wait to give his own state pof the union address. p>> that state of the union will pbe very, very different from ptonight's state of the union. p>> reporter: cruz is in the pfight to win the gop nomination. pa new poll in iowa shows him pwith a 3 point lead over donald ptrump with less than three weeks pto go. pcraig boswell, cleveland 19. p>> romona: president obama hits pthe road to taut his vision for pamerica followed by a speech in pbaton rouge on thursday. p coming up at 5:00, a focus pon the republican response. p and still to come in the pbuzz today, the best of the
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pthe rasys. pwhich films crashed and burned. p plus a financial expert ptalks powerball and how you pmight need to put those lavish pdreams on hold.
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news
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pthis story has people everywhere psaying ew. pthey have pictures of someone pwashing their hair in a cooking ot. ptwo customers whipped out their pcell phones. pthey got pictures of two pworkers. pone holding a pot, the other pwashing her hair in it. pthey get a towel and dry off. pboth were relieved of their pduties, as you can imagine. p>> jeff: all right. pboth relieved from their duties pwithout pancakes and waffles. p okay. pwe've got -- look at this. pmost of this coming down last pnight. pmondayville on the ground 13 pinches. p11 and a half inches on the pground in chardon. eer pont 11 inches. pmentor, south madison, 11 inches pof snow on the ground. erry, madison, you're up there pover 6. pjefferson you get the idea. pwe do have a snow pack in the psnow belt. pother areas generally two inches
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pbut here comes another shot of psome light snow. pthis will give most of us an pinch or less. pthere could be a little more peast of cleveland with some lake penhancement and along the plakeshore. pit remains pretty windy out pthere, not as bad as it's been. pbut 17 mile an hour wind in pelyria and in mansfield. pbut as this happens, as this psnow moves in, look at the pmilder air. pbriefly that will be coming in. pso i expect temperatures to pactually go up tonight. pthere you see the leftover plake-effect. pnow we're dealing with this fast pmoving clipper system. pnot a lot to it. pmost of the snow, i think, will pcome down in the evening. pand then should be out, at least pthe snow, over night. pand this could end as a little pbit of freezing drizzle tomorrow pmorning. pso here we go with 7:00 on pfuture view. pthe timing of this, i think the pworst of it area wide will be pbetween 7:00 and 10:00. pbut watch what happens here east pof cleveland. pyou see that.
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penhancement. pso there could be a few more pinches of snow. pi-90 pretty much the same spots pthat got hammered last night. pfuture view snowfall area wide, pit will be an inch or less. pbut take you to the east side phere. pbecause of the west wind it pcould be a little more. pyou can see by morning giving pcantiat around two inches along pthe lakeshore of ashtabula pcounty. pyou know, it's not going to be a pbig system. pcould be a few slick spots here pand there. pso just watch out for that. pby 7:00 a.m., the temperature pwarms to 27. psouth to southwest wind 13-26. pless than an inch of snow pakron-canton. pyour 7:00 a.m. temperature, 23. pand then tomorrow some freezing pdrizzle in the morning. potherwise a cloudy sky and 35 pdegrees for the high. pfriday we warm to 48 with late pday rain. pso that's going to be the
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pswitch back over to snow friday pnight. pand right now i'm looking at psnow showers on saturday, pespecially in the snow belt. ptemperatures falling. p25 saturday night. psnow and wind on sunday. pespecially in the snow belt pareas. pand another shot of arctic air pearly next week. pmonday's high 15. pso an alert for that and for the psnow showers as well. pan alert for low wind chills on ptuesday. pmostly cloudy skies and 18 pdegrees. p all right. plet's talk about the new coach, pguys. p>> romona: all right. pjoining us now to discuss this phuge news for the cleveland pbrowns is the top dog hanford pdixon. pthank you so much for being with pus. p>> mr. top dog to you. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: all right. p>> jeff: hue worked for him at pthe ravens. p>> yes. phe was the quarterback coach in p'08 and '09 with the ravens.
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p>> jeff: what do you think of pthe hire? p>> i like it. pi like the hire. pi think we finally got a pfootball guy. pwe have a guy with 15 years pcoaching experience. pwe got a guy obviously who's pbeen a head coach before. phe's been with the oakland praiders. pi think this time he's probably pgoing to get it right. pbut, tony, and guys, what i preally like is this guy has been pin the afc north for nine years. p>> romona: yes. pdid you forget my name just now? ptony and -- p>> no, no, no, no. promona promona, i would never forget pyour name. p>> romona: enough of this nice ptee stuff. pwe want a winner. pi heard you say i think he's a pwinner. pdoes he carry the weight needed pto attract good coaches, passistant coaches to come here? p>> there's no question about it. pand i think another thing that's pimportant with this guy, he's a layer's coach. pwhat we call a player's coach. pall of the players like him. pand i think the most important pthing is when we've had a roblem with this franchise is
4:19 pm
pmanager and all of those guys pgetting along. pi think what's going to lap is pjimmy p-- to happen is he's going to ut them all in the room. pthe most important thing these pguys have to collaborate on ptheir decisions and all get palong. pi think we finally get it right. p>> tony: we talked so much pabout analytics since sasha was romoted and paul hired. pdoes it surprise you at all that pthey went for a guy that's 50 pyears old that's been around the pleague. pi think we all started to think pif they went in this direction, pit's going to be some rocket pscience young kid. p>> they say the stats and all of pthat. pstill you have to have a pfootball guy. pyou have to have a guy with a pfootball mind, and that's what pwe have in hue jackson. pagain, obviously the guy has pbeen around. pthere's nothing that he hasn't pseen. pi think he's probably going to pcall his own plays. pbut if he doesn't call his own lays, i still feel confident pwith him because i think he'll phire someone that he trusts. p>> romona: what i was really pasking is you ask aj green to pcome here, would you get him to pcome here? p>> i would take aj green in a pheartbeat. p [ laughing ] p>> i don't think marvin is
4:20 pm
pgood talking to you. p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> mark: well, listen, we have pa big honor for cleveland from pthe oscars. pbut first it is the best of the pworst. pthe ras ees. pyes. pthose awards are named the years pworst achievements in film. pincluding 50 shades of a gray. pa foil to the academy awards. p50 shades got six nominations. padam sander's video game padventure. panyone can sign up for 40 bucks pto be on the voting committee. pthe ceremony will be in phollywood the night before the poscars. pthe cleveland international film pfestival now qualifies for the pdocumentary short subject award. pthat means short films that win pthe award here are automatically peligible for an academy award pthat same season without a ptheatrical run. pit's already the case for live
4:21 pm
pthis year's oscar nominations pwill be announced tomorrow pmorning. p by the way, the 2016 pcleveland international film pfestival starts march 30th. pit's the 40th anniversary year.
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p. p folks all over are saying pshow me the money with ptomorrow's $5 billion drawing. p>> mark: financial experts say pnot so fast. pwe have the things folks don't pthink about when it comes to the pwinnings. p>> reporter: $1.5 billion. pthat's a whole lot of money. plife changing money. pdreams of buying megamansions pand luxury cars immediately jump pto mind for most. pbut financial advisors with pstructured growth strategies in
4:23 pm
p>> there should be no drastic pdecisions made within the first pthree to six months. pthat's where the most people pmake the most amount of their roblems. p>> reporter: why these huge pjack pots have made several rags pto riches stories, they have palso spelled disaster for some. pthe fact is, 70% of people who pcome into sudden wealth lose it pin 3 to 4 years. pwhat should you do? p>> first i would recommend they pneed to take a deep breath and ptake some time and assemble a pteam of professionals. p>> reporter: hiring a cpa, pattorney and financial advisor pis a good start. lanning is key. palso keep in mind you won't be ptaking home $1.5 billion. pthe lump sum payout is p$903 million or you could get 30 pannual payments of $50 million. pbut, remember, uncle sam, he pwants his cut too. p>> you do have to be concerned
4:24 pm
pwhen you give away money, you phave to be concerned about gift ptaxes as well. pyou can't just go give money to peverybody in millions and pmillions of dollars and expect pthat there's no ramifications. p>> reporter: oh, the gifts. pit's just a matter of time pbefore a friend hits you up for psome cash. pluckily for you, though, you plive in ohio where you can premain anonymous as a winner. pthat doesn't mean you can't have pone with all of your new cash. p>> and it's instance like this i pwould tell the individual to pcome up with a wish list, make psure that it's probably 10% or pless of the net proceeds that pthey receive. phave a blast. phave fun. penjoy it. p>> reporter: cleveland 19. p>> romona: it's nice to dream, pbut i wouldn't want that presponse presponsibility. p>> mark: i'll do it for you. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: okay. p coming up at 4:00, it's the pdress that has everyone talking. pmichelle obama's state of the
4:25 pm
pbut what color was it? pwe have the answer straight pahead. p and new video as two browns layers are cuffed. pthe story behind this right
4:26 pm
p. p welcome back. plet's take a look at our top pstories now. pa home explosion in summit pcounty has been ruled arson. pit happened in north field pcenter township on monday night. pa family of four was found dead. p it's the day millions of pdreaming about. pthe record setting jackpot for ptonight's drawing. pnow up to $1.5 billion. pa single winner could take home pa cash payout of 930 million. ptune in tonight at 11:00 on pcleveland 19 for the winner. p and it looks like the browns phave a coach. pthey have named hue jackson the phead coach. pjackson was the bengals poffensive coordinator.
4:27 pm
pbrowns news. punfortunately we have our hands pon new dash-cam video this p>> romona: scott taylor broke pthe story of the arrest of two pbrowns players and the dash-cam pis revealing a lot more. p>> reporter: troopers tell me pthey found add ral, marijuana pand a loaded gun. pnow we have two players starring pin a dash-cam video that doesn't pdo them any favors. pthat's former cleveland browns psafety deonte sanders being phandcuffed after he just pcompleted a field sobriety test pwith the ohio highway patrol on pchristmas morning. phe's being arrested for ovi. pcurrent browns linebacker armani pbryant is in the back of the pcruiser and will be arrested pmoments later. plisten to sanders explain in the pdash-cam that the marijuana pfound in his car doesn't belong pto him. p>> obviously the other bag there pwith the marijuana, little pcontainers of marijuana that plooks like it's marked up, pnot yours.
4:28 pm
p>> reporter: troopers first ptell bryant he'll be issued a pcitation for marijuana ossession, but it appears that pnever happened. pafter the officer leaves bryant, phe calls a friend on his apple pwatch and guesses that the pamount of marijuana he had on phim. p>> i probably have -- i probably phave less than three grams. p>> reporter: bryant also tied pto add roll, a banned substance pthat was found in sander's car. pthe trooper wants to know if pbryant has a prescription. p>> do you have a prescription pfor this? p>> add roll? p>> yes. p>> i'm working on it. p>> reporter: sanders no longer pwith the team pled not guilty to povi and speeding. pbryant so far hasn't been pcharged but had a lot of pquestions for his buddy on the hone. p>> they're going to hear about pit. pbut do you think it's going to pbe on the news? p>> reporter: the loaded gun pbelongs to sanders. phe doesn't have a permit for it.
4:29 pm
pdecide if any of the charges pwill be filed really the highway atrol handed all of the pevidence over to them. p>> mark: a little bit of work pto do here. p>> romona: not a good psituation. p>> mark: thank you, scott, very pmuch. p additional charges could be pfiled after a canine is killed. pshanice dunning has more. p>> big boy. p>> shanice: not all dogs are pborn to be police dogs. ptim willmoth knows that well. phe and his wife are canine phandlers and both worked as olice officers. p>> this was the first one in 30 pyears that we've lost. p>> shanice: so when he heard pthe news that canton officer pjethro had been shot and killed psaturday by a robbery suspect in pthe line of duty, he was hurt. pand not just because he knows pthe bond between officer and pdog. p>> they're family to us. p>> shanice: but because he has
4:30 pm
pthis is jethro's father win sell pwho he trained along with his pbrother and half sister. p>> a good police dog comes from pgood breeding stock. p>> shanice: and three years ago pwhen officer davis was looking pfor a police dog, he said there erfect match. p>> what happened was the dog icked the family. phe didn't pick the dog. phe just took to the family. p>> shanice: in the end, that plife. pcanton police will hold a pfuneral for jethro on thursday. pwould you call jethro a hero? p>> absolutely. pthe dog did his job. pand it's tough to take. pbut that's what he was there pfor. phe did his job. p>> shanice: in tall midge, pshanice dunning, cleveland 19. p>> mark: shanice, thank you. p just published text messages pare apparently revealing how pmuch you wanted to meet latin pactress kate delcastea. pwe're talking about the drug plord. phe wanted to set up a secret pmeeting with her saying he
4:31 pm
pwilling to if she brought wine pand tequila. phe apparently never heard of pel chapo had to look him up on pthe internet. p 10 u.s. navy sailors are pback in american care. pthat's according to the entagon. pwe report. p>> reporter: new video shows pu.s. sailors on their knees and psecurity forces. pnine men and one woman on two pnaval patrol boats were captured ptuesday when u.s. officials say pa mechanical breakdown caused pthe boats to drift into iranian pwaters. piran released the sailors after pholding them over night. p>> all indications suggest or ptell us that our sailors were pwell taken care of, provided pwith blankets and food and passisted with their return to pthe fleet earlier today. p>> reporter: iran's
4:32 pm
pthese photos of the ten u.s. psoldiers relaxing, some even psmiling while in their custody. pthe sailors were traveling from pkuwait and captured and held. pthis iranian general says we've pconcluded that passage of pamericans in our waters was not phostile or for espionage. pthe crews will be debriefed and pgive their version of the pevents. pu.s. navy officials say they're pnow investigating what exactly pwent wrong. pcleveland 19. p secretary of state john pkerry expressed his gratitude to piran for their "cooperation" in pswiftly resolving this matter. p over in the first alert pweather center here. p>> yes. p>> mark: jeff, another shot of psnow heading our way tonight. preally? p>> jeff: a little guy.
4:33 pm
p>> jeff: yes. pevening. pi'm concerned about the freezing pdrizzle in the morning. pair will be coming in. pso we're going to be seeing a prise in temperature. phere's a look at doppler max pnetwork. pyes, around the sandusky area, preturns. pthis is pretty light at this pmoment. pand i think it's going to be plight snow over all. pand expected to be in the pcleveland area a little after p7:00 tonight. pfirst alert, i have an alert out pfor this snow. pespecially in the snow belt east pwhere one to maybe as much as pfour inches of snow along the plakeshore and east. pbut most of us will be seeing an pinch or less as this rolls ptrough. pthe snow should be out by pmorning. p15 ac p15 akron-canton. p17 degrees in downtown pcleveland. pthat wind is going to stay up, pwhich means we're going to have pa wind chill. pit feels like 5 below in pmansfield and 3 under par there pin elyria.
4:34 pm
pinformation on the cleveland 19 pweather app when you're away pfrom the tv. pand notice how temperatures are pon the rise. 9:00, 18. p11:00, 20. pthat's when the light snow will pbe here. pand over night warming into the pmid 20s in the cleveland area. pso we got this shot of snow ptonight. pcould end as a little bit of pfreezing drizzle in the morning. pright now i'm not too concerned pabout that. pbut we'll keep an eye on it. pand we're getting into a brief pthaw period here. panother check on that snow that prolls through. pwatch what happens, though, ptonight right here. pyou see that little lake penhancement cleveland geauga pcounty, especially lake and pnorthern ashtabula county. pthat's where we could be looking pat a few more inches of snow pthere. pa check on the seven day pforecast coming up in just a pknew minutes. pmark, back to you. p>> mark: all right, jeff. pthanks. p it could be tough to talk pwith a lot of applause like that pin the background.
4:35 pm
pduring last night's state of the punion, the president was pinterrupted 77 times. p77 times for applause. p30 of those were for standing povations. p>> secretary. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: that was john kerry's riceless reaction as he entered plast night's state of the union pand somebody asked him about his pattire. phe's not used to that question. p>> romona: hence the look. pbut it's what michelle obama pthat has the internet going pwild. pthe brightly colored dress by pdesigner rodriguez is now sold pout at neiman marcus, but it pseems no one can agree on the pcolor.
4:36 pm
pfrom mango and tang rin. pno matter the color, she looks pgorgeous pgorgeous. p>> mark: i'm going mango. p have you heard, we have a pnew coach? p>> mark: there was something pabout that in the beginning of pthe show. p plus good vibrations, try hone vie brations vibrations.
4:37 pm
p. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> romona: he is back. p>> tony: missed you. p>> romona: welcome back. pmissed you too. pyou come back, we get a new head pcoach. pthis is awesome. pdo you like the hire? p>> tony: i like the hire. pwhat i really like is that jimmy phaslem zeroed in and didn't let phim get on the plane. pyou got the guy you want. pif this is the guy you think is pgoing to work well with your panalytical guys, go for it and pdon't let him leave town. pno one wants a plan b anymore. pthis is the guy you target the. p>> romona: now, tony, prealistically, how much power pwill he have? pwill he be able to pick his own layers? pwill 50% of the players be pleaving? p>> tony: i think you'll see a plot of departures for various preasons. pi know that was key. pmaybe the 49ers weren't going to
4:38 pm
pbrown will still have final call pbut this guy is going to have pgreat, great input. p>> romona: i can't wait to see pwhat he does. plet's talk about mark cuban. phe has words about lebron. pwhat is this all about? p>> tony: i love mark cuban. phe was passive aggressive. pif you watched the game last pnight, spectacular ending down pin dallas. pthere was a moment in overtime pwhen darren williams was driving pand lebron goes up and blocks pthe shot and hits the pblackboard. plet's check out what cuban did. phere's the tweet. pi have a question, if an pofficial nba backboard is hit pfull force, will it cause the prim to move or vibrate. p>> romona: oh, come on. p>> tony: it's a legit question. phe goes up and slams -- here you pgo. pwatch this. pboom. phe slams the backboard. pcan that affect the shot as it pgoes down? pcan it affect the rim? pis the rim vibrating? pmark cuban is just one of those pguys.
4:39 pm
pbuzzer and he's jumping on the ile. phe's like owner/fan. p>> romona: right now the cavs pare facing the best of the west. pthe spurs. pcome home to the warriors. pthis is a test of what we're pgoing to see in june. p>> tony: cavaliers, think about pthis, kyrie irving, the look on phis face p [ laughing ] p>> tony: after he knocked that pshot down. pknowing that he has that shot pand he is healthy right now. p>> romona: yes. p>> tony: their numbers when pthey're healthy is staggering. pthe cavaliers by far are the pbest team in the east. pvery likely to be in the finals pagain. pthey have it all. p>> romona: i was watching the pstate of the union last night, pbut i went home to watch sports pcenter to watch. pit was awesome. p>> tony: i was going back and pforth. pof course i was watching you. p>> romona: good answer. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: we'll be right back. p. p>> breaking news and weather p24/7. pdownload the cleveland 19 news
4:40 pm
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p. p how cold is it? p>> it is dang cold. in fact, i pwish i could do just this preport. pit's dangerously cold. pit's about 5 degrees right now. pwind chill about 15 to 20 below. pdon't be stupid. pback to you. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: there you go. pwgm reporter nancy lou skipped pthe drama. pgot into the meat and potatoes pand got a standing ovation from pher co-workers. pwell done for her succinct pdescription of the weather. psomebody said finally the pauthenticity. pthe wgn morning show, if you're pever out in chicago, you have to pwatch it. p>> romona: i love it. pno gimmicks or props. pshe's telling it like itting. p>> mark: don't be stupid. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: my whole thing is, plook, i don't really like to
4:43 pm
pyou're old enough. p>> mark: right. p>> jeff: it's my job to give pyou the temperature. pif you want to wear shorts in p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: you're not going to phurt my feelings any. precommending it. p>> jeff: if you want to be pstupid. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: i don't know if that's pgoing to come my way. poh, boy. plet's focus on the seven day pforecast here. pand mid 30s tomorrow. pand after the shot of snow we phave coming tonight, this could pcome as a little bit of freezing erhaps some drizzle tomorrow pnight. pwe'll have a lot of low clouds. pand then friday we spike up to p48 and a little bit of late day prain that will change over to psome light snow friday night. pand an alert on saturday. pnow we're getting back into the pcold. pwe'll be at 33 saturday, but ptemperatures slowly falling, pespecially in the lake-effect parea. pyou're looking at more snow
4:44 pm
pi'm not seeing anything too big. psunday the lake-effect could ick up a little bit as we get peven colder. p25 degrees the high. pmonday snow showers and windy. p15. pwind chills are going to hit pthat danger level monday. pand also on tuesday, 18. pso this is going to be some retty cold stuff again. pback up to 21 on wednesday. pit does look like we could warm pup a little more after that. pafter wednesday of next week. pbut, yes, there's your little pthaw. pand then back down we go. pkind of like what the stock pmarket did today with that down p15 arctic air again. pback to you guys. promona. p>> romona: all right, jeff. p trending today, are you psuffering from phantom vibration psyndrome? pdo you even know what that is? pwell, if you ever think your pmobile phone is ringing or pvibrating when it's not, that's pcalled phantom vibration
4:45 pm
pone study that involves u.s. pcollege students found that pnearly 90% of them say they felt pthe phantom phone sensations. pand 40% say it happened even ponce a week. pthe university of denver doctor psays it's almost a phomo of a pmissing text or call. p>> mark: fear of missing out. p>> romona: yes. p>> mark: i get those every once pin awhile. pmy right leg. p>> romona: i don't have that roblem, thank goodness. p all right. pforget flight of the
4:46 pm
p. p it's time for a little puseless trivia with me, mark pnolan. p>> mark: hey, romona. p>> romona: what. p>> mark: hey, romona. pa third of these have one of pthese at home that doesn't work.
4:47 pm
p. p that was neat. pwelcome back. ptake a look at this. pa drone display that sets a pworld record. p>> romona: and here is why. pa swarm of them danced across pthe night sky earning the title pfor most unmanned aerial pvehicles. pairborne. psimultaneously. pand, yes, that's an orchestra in pthe background playing bay tow pven's -- beethoven's dramatic pcentury. pthis may be the new fireworks. pthis video was posted on youtube pjust days ago and has more than p500,000 views and counting. pthat is spectacular. pi like that. p>> mark: that is cool.
4:48 pm
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