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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  January 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p it's been almost 24 hours psince the browns announced its p16th head coach. pmoan p>> mark: yext and today we're pgetting a more in depth look at pthe man hue jackson. pdenise zarrella has the story on pthat. p>> denise: off the field the pman we seem to get personally is panother big score for the pbrowns. p>> i came here to win. pi came here to help our team phave an opportunity to win pfootball games. p>> denise: 52-year-old hue pjackson speaks with the same
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pit seems to come from the pcollege quarterback that worked phis way up to be the oakland praiders praiders coach. p>> in the years in nfl, hue pjackson has one of the most poffensive minds. p>> denise: jackson's firing pafter one season was a personal pand professional blow that he pworked hard to bounce back from. pthe husband and father of two pdoesn't seem to show his pemotions or other side. pwe had a chance to interview pjackson frequently after he pbecame offensive coordinator for pthe bengals. p>> everything you've heard about phue jackson is true. phe's a great guy. phe's one of those guys that what palways struck me is he would be pcoming off the practice field pand every time i asked hue just pone of the many times in the pmedia seconds not once did hue pjackson say, no, man, not today. p>> reporter: in his personal plife, hugh jackson appears to be
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ublic pictures of him with his pwife, daughter and son are not peasily found. p>> you wouldn't see him with his pfamily very often, but we know phe cares much about his family. pit was huge in the move. pthat's why it was so hard for phim to uproot everything and pleave cincinnati. p>> denise: they're going to pmiss him there. phue jackson was involved in the pcommunity. pyou'll easily find pictures of phim doing charity work. pvisiting sick children. pover all he seems to be a tough pguy with a very soft side too. promona. p>> romona: all right, denise. pwe have continuing coverage on pthis huge decision on the pcleveland 19 news app and on our psocial media pages. p all right. pthe chill is gone. pwell, not exactly. pbut we are warming up. pjeff shorts this weekend? p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: shorts this weekend. poh, my goodness. pthere might be a few folks with pshorts on now because compared pto where we're coming off of phere, we're above 40 degrees out pthere right now.
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pall of a sudden just like that pwe have turned the corner for a plittle bit. p41 degrees downtown cleveland pwith that south wind. pobviously warmer air moving into pthe picture. p39 in the akron-canton area. retty windy in the akron-canton parea. pand it's going to be a windy pnight. pinteractive radar severe weather palerts on the cleveland 19 pweather app. pit's indicating temperatures pholding steady around 40 here. pupper 30s. pright around 40. pi even think we can sneak up a pcouple more notches by morning. pand there you see the snow melt phas started. pthis will be a short lived pwarmup. pbut tomorrow will be even pwarmer. pin fact, we could even approach p50 degrees. pand then we got rain arriving plater in the day and tomorrow pnight. pno shorts over the weekend, pthough. pwe're going to be turning psharply colder. phere comes the next arctic shot. pthat will be arriving by mlk pday. pand that's going to mean more plake-effect snow out there. pforecast details in about 4:17. pmark. p>> mark: okay, jeff. pthank you.
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pthat home explosion where four pwere found dead. pharry boomer tells us what's phappening. p>> harry: well, mark, caller pafter caller called 911 about a phouse fire in their pneighborhood. pthat house. pyou'll hear an emotional caller pin just a little bit, but first pthe latest from summit county pauthorities about how the family pmost likely died. p>> a father, a mother and their ptwo children all dead inside ptheir home on sky haven road in pnorthville center in summit pcounty. pthe house was rocked by an pexplosion pexplosion leading authorities to pbelieve that jeff and sydney pmather and their daughters p12-year-old ruthy died as a presult of the fire. pit has been ruled arson. pnow it has been determined that pthe deaths are due to murder psuicide. pthe father's charred body was pfound in the dead. pthe bodies of his wife and their pdaughters were found in the
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pthe mother's body on top of the ptwo girls as if she was rotecting them from harm. pit appears they had fallen pthrough the floor to the area pbelow. pnow a frantic 911 caller trying pto get them help. p>> hurry. pthe house just blew up. pit's in flames right now. p>> is anybody in the house? p>> we don't know. pwe're the neighbors. pwe heard our house rock and the pneighbor's house is on fire. p>> harry: metroparks rangers preport that earlier this month pjeff mather was found at the plagoon's picnic area with a ploaded shotgun. phe told them he was suffering pfrom depression and ems unit ptransported him for evaluation. pit all ended here at this house pin northville center. pand i'm out there live now ptelling you all about what phappened. pwe'll have more coming up for pyou on later editions of pcleveland 19. pharry boomer, cleveland 19. p>> mark: awful story. pharry, thank you very much. p stocks have recovered a plittle bit here this afternoon
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pof crude oil regains some lost pground. pthe dow industrials are really p250 points higher through the pafternoon. ptrading yesterday and the market osted its worst dropped since pseptember. pwe'll see how the market closes. plook pretty good here in pcomparison. p16379 up for the dow up. p well, the final but fond pfarewell to a canine whose pdescribed as giving his life for plove. pdannie carlson was at the pfuneral for jethro and joins us pnow. pdannie, a huge turnout for the pcanine. p>> reporter: a huge turnout. phundreds of humans and also more pthan 100 police dogs. pand you can see behind me here pin canton flags here are at half pstaff and that is in honor of pjethro, the canton police pdepartment's canine who was pkilled in the line of duty over pthis weekend. pand just a few hours ago here at pthe civic center, it was an
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pcame out to honor the first pcanton police dog ever killed in pthe line of duty. ptoday on what would have been phis third birthday, hundreds of pofficers gathered to mark a pdifferent milestone canine pjethro's end of watch. p>> jethro's legacy is to remind pus all that bravery and devotion pcan travel on four legs. pand that loyalty and love can be pdelivered by the playful nudge pof a wet nose. p>> reporter: jethro, a canton olice canine was shot in the phead, shoulder and chest while ptrying to capture a burglary psuspect saturday. phe died on sunday. pthose with the canton police pdepartment tell us this memorial pservice is just enough to honor pone of their fallen. p>> we owe it to him. pi believe 100% that without pjethro today is ryan's funeral. pnot a dog funeral. p>> reporter: hundreds of human
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p100 canines from as far away as pnew york city filled the civic pcenter today to honor the canine pkilled in the line of duty. pa loss that was mourned leading pto a memory that will be phonored. p>> a lot of people love dogs pobviously. pand they know that the dog is pdoing it for us. pand he doesn't really have a pchoice, so to speak, so i think eople really identify with pthat. pthey know a lot of people have pdogs they believe that would do pthis for them. p>> reporter: now, the man paccused of shooting jethro is in pstark county custody. passaulting and killing a police pdog is a third degree felony phere in the state of ohio. unishable by 1 to 5 years in rison. plive in canton tonight, dannie pcarlson, cleveland 19. p>> mark: dannie, thank you very pmuch. p 2016 is a very big year in pcleveland when it comes to porgan, tissue and eye ptransplant. pthe donate life transplant games pare coming to town in june, and pwe are just as excited as we
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pevent sponsors. pit's life bank. phealth reporter catherine bosley pis here. p>> reporter: the transplant pgames mean so much for so many preasons. pit's all about celebrating pdonations. pit's also cleveland's chance to pshine showing us how our fine pcity really can make a pdifference. p[ applause ] p. p>> reporter: with the ceremony pat the convention center, the pstate-wide torch carry is on. pit will be taken from city to pcity for rallies like this pgearing up for the donate life ptransplant game's kickoff right pback here this summer. p>> to me the torch is the sign pof life. pthe flame is ever glowing. pand i think that what happens pwhen someone gets a transplant, pyou pass the love one of a hero pon to another individual. p>> reporter: the leaders of plife bank, ever site ohio. p>> it's an opportunity to pcelebrate what the gift of life pand sight has done for people. p>> reporter: and. p>> there's something so special pand magical about this event. p>> reporter: the greater pcleveland sports commission
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pthey're the host organizations pbehind it and they estimate pupwards of 10,000 people will pcome in for it from all over the pcountry. plike the last games held in phouston in 2014 with ohio. pshowing strong there. pyou can only imagine what it pwill be like here. plike in houston, 25 sporting pevents planned altogether. pall of the competitors, organ ptissue, eye, and even bone pmarrow transplant recipients, as pwell as living donors. pyou can see the competetive pspirit. pit's about so much more than a pwin. peveryone involved already pvictorious. p>> we're talking about the psecond chance of life for the precipient and also the popportunity for a donor family pand a donor to be the hero. pso, again, for the family pthey're all celebrating life at pthe same time. p>> reporter: taking pinspiration, you might say, to a pwhole new level. p>> you hear stories and see
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pmeeting somebody who crossed the pfinish line with the heart that pused to be in one of their loved pones. p>> we hope our community will pcome to the heart of cleveland pat the convention center and the pdifferent venues to really pwitness this remarkable thing pthat happens in our own pcommunity. p>> reporter: yes. pthen, of course, there's the pawareness that comes with the pgames about the importance of pregistering to be an organ pdonor. pin fact, with that torch carry, pthere will be a rallies held at pa number of bmvs across the pstate where, of course, you make pthe decision with your driver's plicense whether or not you want pto be a donor. p>> and, catherine, there's still lenty of time for people to get pinvolved in the games? p>> oh, yes. pjust going is really getting pinvolved. pbut they're going to be needing pvolunteers. pso there's plenty of time to pthink about that. pthe games one from june 10th puntil the 15th. pyou can find out much more pinformation on our website pit's going to be a big deal. phuge economic impact as well. p>> mark: yes. p>> romona: awesome. p>> mark: they do great work pover there. pvery good. ptouching. p>> anchor: absolutely.
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poscar nominations are in. pbut not without their share of pcontroversy attached. pfind out why folks are a little
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, driven by don joseph ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p>> romona: three lucky people pfrom california, florida and ptennessee with the numbers. p4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and powerball p10 will share the world's plargest lottery jackpot of p$1.6 billion. p>> mark: missed it by that pmuch.
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pcome forward yet, but that is pnot stopping crowds from pcelebrating. pedward lawrence is in california pwhere one of the tickets was psold. p>> reporter: there was no pstopping the celebration of the pdream come true. p [ cheers and applause ] p>> reporter: the 7-11 in chino phills where luck built out pimpossible odds, and that pincludes the store owner who got pa million dollar check for pselling one of the winning owerball tickets. p>> it feels so great. p>> reporter: california lottery psold $386 million worth of owerball tickets. pinside, customers are hoping the pstore will bring them luck for pthe next powerball drawing. p>> i bought ticket. pmaybe it's a lucky one. p>> reporter: the powerball pwinner here overcame pastronomical odds. pone in 292 million to win the pjackpot. pthat person will split the pwinning $1.6 billion with two pother winners in tennessee and pflorida.
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pwas sold at this melbourne beach pgrocery store. pbetsy miller didn't hit the pjackpot but is a little richer. p>> i won 100. pi'm going to spend $2 on a pticket today. pwas sold near memphis, ptennessee. peach winners will bank nearly p$529 million before taxes. pedward lawrence, cbs news, chino phills, california. p>> mark: edward, thanks. pso somebody in northeast ohio pwoke up a millionaire. p>> romona: yes. pwe'll find out where they bought pthe golden ticket at 5:00. p as we all know, there are pbig things happening in pcleveland, but could it be the pnext big tourist destination. pcleveland appeared number 6 on pfox news top of the radar travel pdestinations for 2016. psome of the other top places on pthe list are scli hri lan ka,
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p and siri drops beats. pwhen they ask siri to beat box, pshe does. plet's check it out. p [ laughing ] pbox? p>> here is what i've been racticing boots and cats and pboots and cats and boots and pcats and boots and cats and pboots and cats. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: cats and boots. p>> that's not the beat boxing. pboots. p>> romona: okay. pshut that woman up. p>> mark: sorry, siri. pcats and boots. p what's up with the weather? p>> jeff: warmer weather, warmer pweather, colder by the weekend. p>> mark: see that. p>> jeff: yes. pdegrees. pnice little break. pi'll tell you, it was nice to pstep outside today for a change pand not dealing with that biting pstinging cold that we got going pon.
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pcould be some sprinkles as this pwarmer push of air. pbut not much more than that pcoming up here tonight. pas a matter of fact, i'm going pto be watching this cloud cover pclosely because it could thin pout. pand i'm apt to adjust the ptemperatures a little bit here ptonight. pit's going to be warmer than pnormal. p41 is where we are now. p40s. plouisville plouisville, kentucky, 60. pst. louis 66. pa strong push of warm air. ptomorrow we could be approaching p50 around here. psprinkles, windy and punseasonably warm. pby 7:00 a.m., the temperature pwill be at 42. pand that's the key. pthe wind if it stays up, we pshould be able to warm to at pleast 40 by morning. pand you may see a sprinkle or ptwo in the akron-canton area. pnow, tomorrow late day we're ptalking mainly from 4:00 on in pthe afternoon, rain is building pin. pcould impact the evening pcommute, especially west. pand if you have some friday pnight plans, it looks like you pmay be dodging the raindrops
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pnot snow. phere is 1:00 in the afternoon ptomorrow. pand there you see the showers pcoming in. pfuture view at 4:00 still has pmost of the action away from us. pbut after that is when the rain pis going to be coming in. plook at the temperatures warming pwell into the 40s during the pafternoon. pand i can see if we can get some psun going the first half of the pday, a couple of spots might peven hit 50. pi'm going with 49 in cleveland. pshowers. pand future view is saying the pbulk of the action will be ptomorrow night. pthat's the cold front. pon saturday temperatures start pthe downward trend sharply. psharp downward trend. pwe're going to start to develop pa little lake-effect snow. pout of the two weekend days and pthere you see the falling p36. pslowly falling.
4:19 pm
pbut out of the two weekend days, psunday is going to be the better popportunity to get some plake-effect snow in here. pa little better moisture. pso and, of course, colder ptemperatures as well. ponly to be followed by the next pshot of arctic air that arrives psunday night. pwe drop down to 12. pmlk day on monday. psnow, wind and 16 degrees only. psome leftover lake-effect snow ptuesday. p20. pso i have alerts out starting plate tomorrow afternoon through pthe weekend. pand then right up until tuesday. pthen things will slowly moderate pagain. pwednesday 21. pthursday we could be back up pabove freezing. phere is traffic. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> mark: the weather and ptraffic together. pdarn right. pthere's a peek at 77 and 480 pright now and independence. pnot all of that bad really. pit looks like the volume is pbuilding a little bit there but peverybody moving along just pnice. p still to come in the buzz,
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pa special honor for rap legends prun dmc. pthat's after the break.
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p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> romona: sad news to tell you pabout today. pthe husband of celine dionne has pdied. phe died in his las vegas home pafter a long battle with cancer. p the oscar nominations are pout. pleonardo dicaprio leads the pack pwith 12 nominations. p>> romona: that was really pgood. pmad max and the martian showing pstrong. palthough the actor failed to nab
4:22 pm
pwe have a look. p>> reporter: the oscar race pleads with 12 nominations, pincluding best picture, best pactor for leonardo dicaprio and pbest director who is going for phis second win in a row. pgeorge miller's action epic mad pmax fury road earns 10 pnominations. p>> beginning of work procedure. p>> reporter: and the martian pnot seven including the best pactor nod for matt damon. prounding out the best picture pcategory are the big short, pbridge of spies, brooklyn, room pand spotlight. p>> if we get one big movie. p>> reporter: brian kranston psurprised some with his best poscar nomination with trumbo. p>> would you like to come visit pme this sunday? p>> reporter: the critically a pclaimed carol was shut out of
4:23 pm
pwon a nomination. pjennifer lawrence and joy and pcharlotte rambling in 45 years. p>> i don't even know what i'm pdoing here today. p>> reporter: sylvester stallone pis anything but the underdog in pthe best supporting actor pnomination. pthe academy snubbed his creed pco-star michael b. jordan. pthat along with the absence of pselba sparked backlash as they pall went to white performers. p>> romona: adding to the pcontroversy, the nwa biopic pstraight out of compton failed. p>> mark: it also brought about pthe resurgence from last year
4:24 pm
p run dmc are, however, prunning towards a lifetime pachievement awards at the pgrammy. pthey'll be honored right along pthese guys. poh, yeah. phere we go. pthe r&b empire earth, wind and pfire to name a few. pthe emmies will air right here pon february 15th at 8:00. p>> romona: i think i meant to psay biopick. p>> mark: oh, yes. pthat's fine. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: just saying. p>> mark: it's a good safe. p and where do ohioans rank pwhen it comes to managing their pcash?
4:25 pm
p. p let's take a look at our top pstory now. pofficers from near and far pattended the funeral for canine pjethro at the canton civic pcenter earlier today. pjethro died after being shot at pleast three times while presponding to an armed robbery
4:26 pm
p at least three people will pbe sharing that record pshattering $1.6 billion owerball prize. pone winning ticket was sold in ptennessee, florida and chino phills, california. pthere were $3 million powerball pwinners here in ohio. pgood luck to them. p>> all right. p okay. plet's talk about the weather. p>> jeff: yes, jeff. pwe're hearing that there was -- p>> mark: what was that? p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: r2, was that you? pit's happening right now. pwe're above 40. pyou're going to be good to go ptravel wise. pi know that hasn't been the case pthe last couple of nights. pyes, we're looking good right pnow. pcleveland 19 weather app when we pdo get snow. poh, it's going to come back this pweekend. pinteractive radar and alerts. pthe hourlies here. p6:00 we'll be around 40. pthe latest weather app hourly phere in cleveland does have us pbriefly dropping into the 30s. pi don't know.
4:27 pm
pwind stays up, we're going to phold steady. pupper 30s, right around 40 the prest of the night. pnote the cooler temperature pthere in ashtabula at 34. pdeeper snow pack there. pand across cuyahoga county, we phave 36. pmoreland hill and 41 lynn dale. p42 olmsted falls. pthere we go. pthis will be a relatively pshort-lived warmup but the pwarmest day out of the stretch pwill be tomorrow. prain arrives later tomorrow and ptomorrow night. pthat's the cold front and pturning sharply colder over the pweekend. pbut not tomorrow. pi think we could spike up well pinto the 40s here after morning ptemperatures right around 40. pthat's unseasonably warm. pthere's your first alert for psome late day rain that will be pcoming in. pand that could start to impact pthe evening commute. pcertainly your friday night lans. pdry with even a little bit of psunshine. pthe first half of the day ptomorrow. pand then there you see the pbuilding moisture.
4:28 pm
phere, especially after 4:00 in pthe afternoon. pmuch more on the 7 day forecast pin just a few minutes from now. pmark. p>> mark: all right, jeff. pthank you much. p british film and stage actor palan rickman has died. pthis after a battle with cancer. prickman was best known to modern paudiences as professor snap in pthe harry potter films and hans pgroomer. prickman had a large body of pwork. phe was 69 years old. p a 9-year-old from north pridgeville remains in critical pcondition at metro after a psledding accident. pdrew hayden was struck by a car pafter sledding. pthe driver stopped after that paccident. pa go fund me account for drew phas raised more than $14,000 for phis medical bills. p aaron donning is being held pon $1.5 million bond.
4:29 pm
pguilty in the killing of major phoward. pthe 3-year-old was killed in a pdrive-by shooting back in pseptember. pa second suspect whom you see pthere, donell lindsay, remains pon the loose. p and now this. pthe ohio supreme court is not pmoving forward on a proposal pthat would end plea deals for plesser charges. psupporters of the proposal say lea deals such as reducing rape por sexual assault charges to passault or kidnapping undermine ublic confidence in the justice psystem. p an error being acknowledged pby a republican presidential pcandidate. p>> mark: yes. psenator ted cruz didn't disclose pmajor bank loans he took out pwhen he ran for senate in 2012. p>> romona: the move a federal pviolation. pafter the new york times preported the error yesterday, pthe cruz campaign acknowledged pthe mistake by calling the issue pa matter of semantics. pbut it wasn't exactly the best pnews too on the cusp of the next prepublican debate.
4:30 pm
pnorth charleston, south pcarolina, comes less than three pweeks before the iowa caucuses. pand after taking heat from resident obama and republican pgovernor nicki haley, donald ptrump is defending his rhetoric psaying he's not angry. phe just hates what's happening pto the country. pand joining us now to discuss pthese presidential politics is. p>> romona: dr. david johnson. pthank you for joining us this pafternoon. p>> good to see you all. p>> romona: i want to ask about psouth carolina governor nicki phaley first. pshe delivered the republican presponse to the state of the punion. pshe criticized the democrats, of pcourse, but she also criticized pher own party and she's pconsidered a rising star within pthe party. pdo you think good move by her? p>> no. pand i thought her speech was phorrible. pit was dishonest. pit was disingenuous and she pattempted to rewrite history in pa way that's not true. phere's what is important to premember about the presidential
4:31 pm
pnumber one, even though everyone pthinks it's going to make you pshow, it doesn't end up putting pyou in the prime time. pthere's only been two people pthat give a rebuttal that end up pon a presidential ticket. psecond, she spent the majority pthat is supposed to one day pembrace her. pand she completely rewrote the phistory of the fact that she was pstrongly in support of the pconfederate flag and really pdidn't want to do anything about pthe shootings that happened in pnorth or south charleston. pso i wasn't all that impressed pwith her speech. pand a lot of republicans have preally slammed her for it. p>> mark: jason, how can you phave a debate without rand paul? phappen? p>> yes. phappened. phe's always been the sort of pjohn lovits of these debates. phe would say why am i not beat
4:32 pm
phe brings clear thinking, even pif you don't agree with the olitics. pi think it's a clear sign that pthe fact that his campaign has palways been struggling and the plibertarian wing has been pushed pto the side. pand this may be the beginning of pthe end for him. phe's already not doing well in pthe polls. pbut if you can't even make a pdebate, it's unlikely he'll be pable to make it. p>> romona: we can't do an pinterview without mentioning pdonald trump. phow come nothing sticks to him. pthe other candidates have tried pto throw things at him because pnothing seems to work. p>> because donald trump is the pbest of all at television. phe's essentially shameless. phe doesn't care about what he psays or how people respond to it pit. pand the problem is this. pi think this is really key. pa lot of what he's saying, the pother candidates on stage pactually agree with him. pthey just don't like how he's psaying it. pthe difference between ted cruz pand karly fiorina and donald ptrump is not really at the core pof their belief system.
4:33 pm
pbuild a wall doesn't mean they pdon't want to prevent muslims pfrom moving into the country. pit's hard to attack somebody who pthink. p>> mark: dr. jason johnson, pthank you so much for taking the ptime with us here today. pwe'll all be watching. pwe'll see what happens. pwe'll talk to you again soon. p>> all right. pthanks, david. p>> mark: or mark. p ohioans are great at pmanaging money. paccording to credit, pwe are one of the best states pfor managing money coming in at pmontana was number 1 with pmaryland in red ink at the plowest ranked. pthe list is based on residents paverage credit scores relative pto the median household income. p it's getting cheaper to take pflights from cleveland hopkins pairport. pfigures from the u.s. department pof transportation says the cost pof flying from cleveland $371 pduring the second quarter of plast year. pthat is down from, holy cow, p$465 just the year before. p>> romona: don't i know it. p and forget snakes on a lane. p [ laughing ]
4:34 pm
pa passenger recently brought a pturkey. pyes, a turkey along on a flight pas an emotional support animal. p>> romona: a fellow passenger ptweeted the photo. pthe bird was actually sitting in pthe cabin. pbut chill out now, we hear any panimal can be a service animal pas long as it is okayed by a plicensed mental health rofessional. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: there you go. p no words for that. p>> mark: yes. p did you hear today is pnational dress up your pet day? p>> mark: i did. pit's the day all over get to pembarrass their furry friends pand many post them online. pdan, show us your best photos pover there. p>> dan: some of these people may pneed a mental health rofessional. pi'm just saying. pi don't know how much time you phave on your hands to dress up pyour dog. pthey're members of the family. pthey need costumes too. pif you scroll up. pwe have featured slide shows and pwe have it right here. pslide show national dress up pyour pet day.
4:35 pm
psome of the pets that have been pset in. eople taking the time to send pthem in. pkitties pkitties, dogs. pthere's one i want to get to pthat's very funny here. pthat's a nice dachshund. pif you can read that sideways, pit's not a wide receiver. pit's a wide retriever wearing a puniform. pvery cute. pbut, of course, we want to see pyour pet and embarrass your pet pas much as you can. pwe have the address. pwe're going to put it up on the pscreen right now. pthere it is. ix at pnow, romona, i didn't get a pchance to put soldier. p>> romona: soldier is his name. p>> jeff: what was he dressed up pas? p>> he hates wearing clothing. pbut since we got hue jackson pyesterday, he said he will wear pthat dumb browns hoodie that i pmake him wear sometimes on psunday. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: there is my little pman.
4:36 pm
phis expression. p>> dan: turning really. p? pyou just did this to me? p>> romona: i think he was a plittle warm, so i took him out pof it. p>> dan: there you go. pvery nice. psend in your pictures. pwe want to see as many as we pcan, and we'll put them on the pwebsite. pyour dog or cat or goldfish will pget to be famous. p>> mark: the goldfish is a ptrick. p>> dan: put a costume on the pgoldfish. p a home fit for a king right phere in ohio. p plus tony and i talk about plebron's leadership in timeout
4:37 pm
p. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> romona: all right, tony. pwe're talking about the browns psearch for -- you said they're pnot calling him a gm. pwho are they looking for then? p>> tony: well, they're looking pat talented guys. pthis is where it gets a little ptricky. pby not using the gm title, it's pnot considered let's say you pwork for the steelers and you're pthe pro personnel guy. pwell, you're going to come pinterview for the pro personnel pjob here. pthat's not a promotion. pthe steelers don't have to give pthem permission to come. pthe browns have already been pshot down by the chicago bears pbecause of that. pthey do have an interview set up pwith the former lions executive psaturday. pthey did good things turning paround a winless team. phe deserves another shot. pmaybe he's the guy. pbut it's funny how that title is pactually going to hold them back
4:38 pm
plet's talk about the browns and plebron's leadership style this pseason. pi heard it's changed a bit. p>> tony: kyrie wasn't playing pso lebron said everything is pgoing to funnel through love. pnow he's building kyrie up to phigh heavens. prightfully so, by the way. peverything lebron is saying is pon target. phe's taking about david blatt as pthough he's phil jackson. pit's incredible the way he is pspreading the confidence on this pteam. p>> romona: and they have the pspurs tonight. pi know last year i believe kyrie pdropped 52. p>> tony: 50 plus. p>> romona: against the spurs. p>> tony: the spurs have won peight straight. pthe cavs nine straight. p>> romona: all right, mark. p>> mark: okay. pguys, thank you very much. p for sale, one of lebron pjames' very first homes right phere in northeast ohio is on the pmarket. plebron has owned this home from
4:39 pm
pnow, the two story, five bedroom phome can be yours. pall you need is more than p$605,000. p>> romona: that's all you need. p>> chunk change laying around. p>> romona: what's coming up, pdenise. p some new details in a house pexplosion that killed a family pof four. olice say new evidence shows pthere may have been foul play pinvolved there. olice are investigating to pdetermine if it could be a pmurder-suicide. p plus a video going viral. pa 101-year-old man shows that pyou can do something nice for pyour neighbors at any age. phow about that. pthose stories and more coming up pat 5:00. p>> romona: i can't wait to see pwhat he's doing. p>> breaking news and weather
4:40 pm
p. p all right. pno thunderstorms in the pforecast. pat least not right now. pall right. puseless trivia is coming up next psegment. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: so you're going to pwant to stay tuned for that. pthat's my favorite segment. plook at this tomorrow 49 pdegrees. pand late day rain. pmost of tomorrow is looking dry. pat least during the day into pfriday night. pso an alert there. pand that will be the next front pcoming through. ptemperatures will be falling pthrough the day here on saturday pthrough the 30s. pthat's where we're going to get psome snow showers around. pa little bit of lake-effect. pbut i think the lake-effect will pkind of pick up on sunday. pso sunday the snow is going to pbe worse because the heart of pthe colder air will be coming pin. ptemperatures falling through the p20s. parctic air. pso get ready for that.
4:41 pm
pcould be heavy at times. pthat's martin luther king, jr. pday. pand then some leftover plake-effect snow on tuesday. pan alert for that. p20. pwe'll start to climb in ptemperature. pat least moderate. pwednesday 21. pthursday 33 degrees. pmark. p>> mark: jeff, thanks. p tonight's top talkers, all pright, fellas, probably -- you robably suspected this all palong. pbut the man flu. pit's real. phow do i know? pwell, researchers at john phopkins university say it's a plack of estrogen that might be pto blame. pthat's the sex hormone that rotects women from more pviruses. pestrogen can help reduce the rem preplication in the influenza pvirus making women more able to pfight it off. p a record 17.5 million pvehicles were sold in the u.s. pin 2015. psome of the latest cars are on pdisplay at the north american
4:42 pm
pchris van cleve got a sneak review of what's driving the pcars of tomorrow. p>> reporter: it has the feel of pa fashion show but the models pare measured in tons and the pdesigns think metallic sheet. pjust unveiled, the return of plincoln's famed continental. pceo mark fields. p>> we're using the lincoln pwhat we call quiet luxury. p>> ladies and gentlemen. p>> reporter: lexus wasn't being pquiet with this debut. pvolvo and mercedes are pushing psafety. pthe sedan can do much of the pdriving for you. pconcept cars like this one from pbuick are fan favorites. art of the reason more than p800,000 people come to this pshow. pbut also on display this year pare fundamental changes going on pin the auto business. p>> it's so nice. p [ laughing ] p>> they're seeing the writing pon the wall that as autonomy pcomes out, people are sharing pmore and more cars, they're pgoing to be interacting. pthey may not even be purchasing pcars. pit's going to be a whole pdifferent world.
4:43 pm
pthe chevy bolt for that. pgetting a slice of the p$5.3 trillion p$5.3 trillion transportation pservices pie mean smarter calls pcollecting your personal data. p>> we're a technology company. pand more and more we're becoming pan information company. p>> reporter: are you talking pabout tracking where i'm going pand what i'm doing? p>> well, this is not about ptracking individual customers. pthis is about customers peffecting to share their data pwith us so that in the ago gre pgit, we can -- aggregate, we can pdiscern patterns. p>> reporter: patterns in a pmarket that everybody is pchanging. p>> romona: that buick was nice. p>> mark: that was nice. p>> romona: not my grandma's pbuick. p>> mark: no. pnoararare company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting marr ied? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean
4:44 pm
operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. medicaid. medicare. marketplace. for more information,
4:45 pm
p. p it's time for a little puseless trivia with me, mark pnolan. p>> mark: romona, this is jeff ptanchak's favorite part of the pshow. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: i know. pi hear. p>> mark: 38% of newlyweds say pthey miss this most from when pthey were single. pwhat do you think it is? p>> romona: closet space. p>> mark: no.
4:46 pm
p. p we've heard of women doing a plot of different things to speed palong labor and delivery. p>> romona: dancing is just one pof them. pthat is what one couple did at pthe advice of their birth coach. pthe two did a style of dance pfrom the dominican republic to pget that baby to drop and the pdelivery was on. pthe video was taken earlier this pmonth, and now the couple has a pgorgeous, healthy little girl. p>> mark: super sweet. p>> romona: that did it. p a health alert that impacts pyou and your pets.
4:47 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter cleveland 19 news starts now. and we start with a new
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