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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> laura: now at noon on cleveland 19 news, thick smoke hung in the air of a new development in summit county this morning as four houses burned. it was a scary situation for not only the families living in those homes, but for the entire neighborhood. >> "q": yeah, and mother nature didn't help the situation. blowing winds made the flames even more unpredictable. tia ewing joins us with the story. >> tia: well this is what we know at noon. the flames moved fast. so strong, the blaze spread to multiple structures in cuyahoga falls early this morning. this is the aftermath that you see right there on your screen of a serious fire. smoke billowing out from the charred remains that were left. fire crews were called to the hidden lakes development just
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two homes under construction were on fire and the blaze took off because of the wind. engulfing two other homes where families live. no one was hurt and some good news in all this, firefighters rescued a cat and returned it to its owner. >> it's very emotional. i mean the whole neighborhood was out watching in this allotment and division because it was such a -- it's a devastating thing. and, you know, if you can help out one little, one little child kind of cope with things and realize that maybe, you know, it wasn't as bad as or you know it makes her day a little bit better that makes it all worth while. >> tia: residents did say they heard an explosion. fire officials will say an investigation is underway. one of the newly built homes will be knocked down and that is the information that we have right now. >> laura: thanks, tia. $2 million bond for a man accused of murdering his mom.
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guilty to the murder charges. cleveland police say he stabbed his 54-year-old mother in her home back in october. investigators say burly then fled the scene in her car. him. now this man, the man accused of shooting and killing canton morning. he's charged with burglary and assault charges. investigators say he shot jethro during a burglary last saturday. his bond remains at $5 million. another man is being held on $100,000 bond. the 20-year-old plead not guilty to charges he attacked and robbed several people in little italy back in december. one victim was a priest. >> "q": 12 people missing after a military aircraft collide over hawaii. two helicopters are misting off the oahu coast. the aircraft from the first marine aircraft wing were
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witnesses in the area reported they heard a large boom over the sky. the u.s. coast guard is searching for survivors right now. and the republican presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail today after debate. the event last night in south carolina turned into a slug fest between the two leading republican candidates. craig boswell has details. >> reporter: donald trump is fresh off what many are calling his best debate performance yet. >> all of the different online polls had me winning the debate, you know, by a lot. i immediately look at that. i want to see how did i do? i check online polls. >> reporter: trump spent most of thursday night taking on rival ted cruz and argued the texas senator isn't eligible to run for the presidency because he was born in canada. >> there are other attorneys that feel -- and very, very fine, constitutional attorneys -- that feel that because he was not born on the land, he cannot
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>> reporter: cruz struck back at trump's values. >> the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion or pro gay marriage, focused around money and the media. >> reporter: this is the first time cruz and trump have openly attacked each other in a debate. >> it's such a thing when friendships go bad. >> jon dicker son says cruz' comment was directed at -- >> evangelical voters in iowa saying he's not one of you. that's quite effective to sow those seeds of doubt. >> the pundits say one other candidate helped himself thursday night. >> i know you have a lot of good choices but no one running for president feels more passionate do. >> florida senator marco rubio is hoping to capitalize on his performance with five rallies in new hampshire. >> "q": former florida governor jeb bush who has struggled to gain track should be in this campaign picked up an endorsement today from south carolina senator lindsay graham
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presidential race before the first vote. >> laura: miss washington u.s.a. has resigned after having a run-in with the law. she resigned before the organization stripped her of her title for driving drunk. the 23-year-old was crowned in october, but back in april, she was arrested for drunk driving and spent two days in jail. pagent rules say contestants cannot engage in illegal activity, but they can't crown the first runner-up yet because she said her crown and sash were stolen two week before the drunk driving scandal even broke. >> "q": sean penn sat down with charlie rose to talk about his rolling stone interview with drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman. kenneth craig has a preview. >> there is this myth about the visit that we made. >> reporter: sean penn tells 60 minutes' charlie rose that he does not believe his october interview with joaquin el chapo
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capture last week. >> so as far as you know, you had nothing to do, and your visit had nothing to do with his recapture? >> the mexican government -- they were clearly very humiliated by the no eggs that someone found him before they did. well, nobody found him before they did. we didn't -- we aren't smarter than the d.e.a. or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> reporter: guzman escaped one of mexico's maximum-security prisons last july by crawling through a hole in his shower and then a mile-long tunnel 30 feet under ground. guzman is believed to be responsible for as many as 34,000 deaths. officials say his cartel is the number one supplier of heroin, cocaine and marijuana to the u.s. >> do you believe that the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to
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risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the >> yes. >> are you fearful for your >> no. >> penn says his article which was supposed to bring attention to the war on drugs, has failed. >> "q": if you have plans to watch 60 minutes, just know that week. you can see the entire interview with el chapo and sean penn on sunday night at 8:00. >> laura: coming up on cleveland 19 news, general motors making buying a pre-owned car a whole lot easier. >> "q": and a girl suspended from school for trying to help another student during an asthma attack. the story coming up. >> laura: and, stick around. we are giving away a family four pack of tickets to the mid america boat show.
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>> general motors is launching a new website next month that will give you access to more than 30,000 low-mileage pre-owned cars with just a few clicks of a mouse. all the vehicles will either be leased, daily rentals, or company-owned cars and all will have less than 30,000 miles on them. each purchase will come with an extended bumper-to-bumper limited warranty as well as other perks. >> laura: chipotle will close all of its stores across the country february 8 for a few hours.
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giving away food yesterday. this is next. the corporation is having a company-wide meeting. it's aimed at rallying employees behind a new strategy to keep food safe. now the company has been in the hot seat now since chipotle was tied to a series of disease outbreaks including e coli, salmonella, and the norovirus. >> "q": wal-mart plans to close hundreds of stores. the mega retail giant announced it is shutting down 269 stores. more than half of them right here in the united states affecting more than 10,000 employees world wide. but, there is a silver lining. wal-mart also plans to open more than 240 stores globally this year. many of them within miles of the stores that are closing. so, the company says -- it's switching its business model. building more super centers and closing its smaller express >> laura: i've seen more of those neighborhood markets popping up, too. >> "q": they like those. they are keeping those.
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well, cleveland has a chance to shine even before the republican national convention. the transplant games are coming to cleveland in june. we will show you what it's all about coming up. >> jon: we will be flirting with 50 on this one day, january thaw. then the bottom falls out, the snow returns. so does the cold and the wind. all about it in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> "q": then at 4:00, going to the grocery store could be worth $20,000 for a local chef. we are talking to eric williams of mimocha, one of my favorite
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>> laura: air force officials in georgia apologize for the poster of a shooting event in very bad taste. they put out posters bearing martin luther king jr.'s image for a, quote, fun shoot on the holiday that celebrates his birth. robbins air force base said it was created by a marketing team and apologized for associating the slain leader with target practice. >> "q": the spotlight will shine on cleveland when it comes to the transplant games this june. we cleveland 19 are partnering with life bank one of the game's top sponsors. health reporter catherine bosley explains the mission behind the event. >> catherine: it's all about
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donation. but it's also cleveland's chance to shine when it comes to showing how our fine city can really make a big difference. [applause] cleveland rocks. >> catherine: with this ceremony, the torch rally is on. it will be taken from city to city gearing up for the games summer. >> to me, the torch is the sign of life. the flame is ever glowing and i think that what happens when someone gets a transplant, you pass the love, one of a hero on to another individual. >> catherine: the leaders of lifebank, eversight ohio -- >> it's an opportunity to celebrate what the gift of life >> catherine: and -- >> there's something so special and magical about this event. >> catherine: the greater cleveland sports commission could not be more thrilled. they are the host organizations behind it and they estimate upwards of 10,000 people will come in for it from all over the
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in houston in 2014 with ohio -- [cheering] -- showing strong there. you could only imagine what it will be like here. >> catherine: like in houston, 25 sporting events planned altogether. all the competitors, organ, tissue, eye and even bone marrow transplant recipients as well as living donors. you can see the competitive spirit. it's about so much more than a win. everyone involved already victorious. >> we are talking about the second chance for life for the recipients and also the opportunity for a donor family and a donor to particular the hero so that, again, that donor family's recipients all celebrating life at the same time in one venue. >> catherine: taking inspiration, you might say, to a whole new level. >> you hear stories and see these donor families and they are meeting somebody who crossed the finish line with the heart that used to be in one of their loved ones. >> we hope our community will come to the heart of cleveland at the convention center and the
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witness this remarkable thing that happens in our own community. >> catherine: then of course there's the awareness that comes with the games about the importance of registering to be an organ donor and there's plenty of opportunity for anyone to get involved with the games. they run from june 10-15 and volunteers are needed. you can find much more information on our website, >> laura: a texas teen suspended for sharing her inhaler with a classmate after having an asthma attack. 7th grade honor student india rush noticed a girl wheezing and having trouble breathing during gym class. so, india gave her inhaler. yeah, well now both india and the girl having the attack have a hearing today to find out how many days they will have to attend in alternative school for kid was drug problems because of that shared prescription inhaler. now the school says they could get zero to 30 days at the alternative school for this.
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and she's an honor student? i don't -- i don't get it. i know rules are rules but -- she's trying to help. >> laura: exactly. >> "q": her classmate out. and now she's going to be in an alternative drug -- >> laura: i mean -- [sigh] >> "q": i don't know either. jon, what do you think, buddy? open here. and -- yeah, no good deed goes unpunished. right? i mean -- you try to help somebody and -- what happens -- you pay for it. gray skies over us. all right. i am in for sam today. sam will be back on monday. the rain is headed our way. in fact, we will do an hour-by-hour futureview of what's going on. here it is. it's going to be sticking around here through the late afternoon hours, overnight, and then there's going to be a transition to snow. let's walk it through. 3:00 in the afternoon, ok,
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sandusky, seneca counties maybe the corner of erie county you will be ok as kids come home from school. on the western tier, there's lorain county's corner. erie and huron county into the mix. region. i'm stopping this down at 5:00 why? here's the change over to a little bit of light snow. accumulation. even as we head into the day saturday early part of the day, we are talking an inch or less. here again. but we are at 47. so is akron canton. the warmest readings around. we share that with new philly and with columbiana. wooster at 43, average high this . handily. the record is 68. we aren't going to come anywhere near that. 49, gray skies. late afternoon rain. winds already gusting in excess of 25 miles per hour and they will probably continue to do that. akron canton is going to share in this late day rain showers
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up and as the temperatures climb. but, if you are climbing to the slopes, peak and peak has a base of six to 20 inches at the summit and it has packed powder. trails open, 25. lifts open, five. and with a drop in temperature as we make our way to the weekend, no reason not to hit the slopes. tonight we are at 34. rain ends as light snow. note the 34. because, 34 will be the high on the day on saturday. and then a slow drop through the day. again, maybe some light morning snow showers. night. and then 25 on sunday with more snow coming our way. afternoon snow generally. five days of alerts, wind and snow all way through. . 20 on tuesday. we start to come out of the deep freeze on wednesday and 24 and 30. blast. so enjoy the mild weather today
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of anything outdoors that have you to do early this afternoon >> "q": gotcha. are awesome. i'll take it. >> "q": hopefully it's still warm when the concert happens. we are talking janet jackson. she's coming to the q. after all. the unbreakable tour show was rescheduled for august 28. the five-time grammy award winner had to cancel her february cleveland date so she could have surgery but she never said what type of surgery she was having. jackson promised every date she canceled would be rescheduled and told fans to hold on to their tickets and it looks like she kept her word. >> laura: you know people are thrilled for that one. misty a ewing will be thrilled for that one i know. all right. here's your chance to win a four-pack of tickets to the mid america boat show. q. knows it's awesome. >> "q": yeah, it is. call now call now call now. 866-464-woio. that's 1-866-464-9646.
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>> "q": all right. well donald trump has a new groove and the artists don't ever. >> laura: they performed it hawaii. take a look. down because donald trump knows how to make america great deal from strength or get crushed every time
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took center stage performing the donald trump pop anthem. the girls performing are ages eight to 11. the girls recorded the track back in november and gave him a copy. trump staffers asked for a digital copy to use as ring tones and there are talks going on about taking those girls on the road with the campaign. >> "q": well good for them. good for them. >> laura: you think they wrote that on their own? >> jon: ehh. >> laura: do you think their parents are hillary fans? hey, fun times. love the kids. >> "q": exactly. thanks for joining us this noon. the young and the restless is up next. >> laura: be sure to join us for cleveland 19 news at 4:00. thanks for watching. >> jon: have a great weekend. hello i'm pastor larry macon sr., president of united pastors in mission and pastor of the mt. zion church of oakwood village. soon we will be celebrating the national holiday that commemorates the birthday of one
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dr. martin luther king, jr. dr. king was a man who fought for justice for all people. the great thing about this special time is that it reminds us all of the successes and great strides we' ve made in our nation, but it also reminds us all the work that is yet to be done. one fact about his legacy is that dr. king was more than just a black civil rights activist. he was the chief proponent of the term "justice for all." his story encourages each of us to be nonviolent in our thoughts and actions. his hope was that one day we would all be judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin or by the neighborhood we live in. his legacy is that of a man who brought hope and healing to america. so i challenge you today to make a personal commitment to serve humanity and to achieve the beloved community that dr. king dreamed more than fifty years ago. it starts with you, cleveland. let's dream big and keep his legacy alive! i'm dr. macon and that's my message to you.
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