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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it will be a breezy night and not real windy out there. we have rain tonight and colder into the weekend. cold enough for heavier lake-effect snow and especially sunday night and monday. look at the temperatures now 39 sandusky and we will be falling once the rain hits. 47 in cleveland. and weather information and track rain to snow and drop in temperature on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. romonaly? >> romona: thank you, jeff. a heartbreaking story in north ridgeville. a 9-year-old died after a sledding accident. a car hit drew hidden. and he was treated at metro and died this morning. police are investigating and they don't believe the driver will face any charges. >> the hayden family released a statement saying drew's organs are donated to life bank and we find comfort in knowing a part of him will live on through others.
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the cleveland 19 news app. >> mark: a vigil is planned tonight in summit county. a community coming together after the death of a family of four. >> the medical examiner says signs point to this family's tragedy as being a murder-suicide. dani carlson joins us from north ridgeville center. dani. >> we have learned from notes of a medical examiner's report a gas can was found near the body of jeff mather. we do know tonight this home on sky haven drive has been officially condemned. when you look at the house about the bright orange condemned sign is a growing memorial in honor of jeff and cindy mather, ruthie and 12-year-old allison. >> i think it is a heartfelt tragedy and people in the area are looking for some sort of
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it is unbelievable it occurred. >> reporter: the causes of death still haven't been released. a medical examiner's report states cindy mather was found crouched over her two girls and jeff mather was found with a gas can next to him and the arson was a possible murder-suicide. a group of neighbors plan to hold a battery operated candelight vigil tonight in honor of the mather family and wanted to specifically remember the two little girls and honor everything that cindy mather did for children. but they are asking people tonight saying this neighborhood is small and there's limited parking and hoping only close friends, relatives and classmates of the two girls show up for the vigil. >> recognizing others may want to grieve local officials tell us there's another public vigil family. we are told macedonia city parks will be available for the vigil
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family well and those who didn't try to find closure. >> it is a loss for all of us. >> we have kids in the school system. and those, unfortunately, what happened and we are trying to heal. it is a healing process. >> organizers of tonight's vigil ask in lieu of coming out to put handles in your window or on your porch or driveway. >> four houses burned in cuyahoga falls this morning. many residents stood in shock and watched smoke billow out of the homes in the hidden lakes neighborhood. two under construction caught fire and spread to homes where two people live. >> my mom was yelling for us to wake up and running all the way
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and running to our aunt's house. >> blowing winds made it difficult for firefighters. everybody made it out safe and barney the cat. >> reunited with his owner. the newly built home will be knocked out. firefighters are investigating. >> romona: a drop on wall street. the dow dropped 391 points. the s&p 500 lost 2.3% and nasdaq plunged to its lowest level since october 2014. friday's market slide was fueled by a crash in fuel prices and china's stock market tumbling into a bear market. wal-mart announced it is closing hundreds of stores. on the list, the one in bedford. harry boomer went to get reaction from those affected. for me. i live close to this. >> wal-mart shopper thomas dorsey is not happy to hear this
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month. >> a lot of employees work there. job. it is a bad time to lose them. >> this is the only story in ohio. the bedford city manager told me about 400 employees will be affected and the city stands to lose $250,000 a year. >> wal-mart will close about 154 stores here and in the u.s. in that 10,000 people in this country will lose their jobs. of course, folks are concerned about that. >> i think it is sad. jobs. >> i can pray for everybody that's going to lose their job. i hope they find another as soon as possible. >> donnies he has been shopping at wal-mart all his life. >> that would just suck. buy stuff. >> wal-mart has been part of our community for a long time.
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families usually come here and get stuff. i am really wondering why. they make a lot of money here. a wal-mart spokesman says financial performance and realignment are factors. trey allen used to work at wal-mart. >> people who work here, that's sad given the economy is bad and people who have kids to take care of and rent to pay. >> reporter: that's the bottom line harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> romona: the man accused of killing k-9 jethro appeared in court. kelontre barefield shot the dog after a burglary. officers returned fire hitting barefield in the leg. after a hospital stay he pleaded not guilty at arraignment. his bond is $5 million. jethro's funeral was yesterday. you can watch it on our web page. copper pipes stolen and
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a cleveland homeowner wonders why he is looking at a more than $700 water bill. paul orlousky went looking for answers. >> why am i paying for something i am not using. >> reporter: don young is frustrated by the cleveland water department. the water has been off nearly four years and the basement, can you see why. copper plumbing was taken by scavengers from the water heater and nearly everywhere else. >> the thieves took everything not nailed down. copper thieves took copper. >> called the water department that evening. listen, there were break-ins and i need the water shut off in the main because the water is not working properly. >> he figured since he wasn't using water he wasn't charged until a couple of years later. he is being charged. the bill is up to $728 and hasn't used a drop of water.
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thank you. it. it is a law. you have to pay it if you are using no matter or not. >> the explanation is correct. he had the water shut off but not capped. had the line was capped, charges would have stopped and that involves digging and would have cost him $1,800. >> like going to best buy and looking at the tv and you are billed. >> on new year's eve, the place caught fire. me is going to demolish it. it will end the billing but not the bill. >> orlo, thank you. a classic at playhouse square annie capturing the hearts for over 40 years. tiah ewing talked to the star of the show. >> the audition is hard. >> you have to be confident to
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house 2800 at playhouse square. >> i got annie. it was pretty amazing. >> outstanding considering little heidi gray is just 11-years-old. a part of a tony award winning production. [ music ] by annie's side 8-year-old macy and sonny who is five-years-old both take the stage helping to tell annie's story. this duo, they were rescued just hours from being euthanized. >> it is a 24/7 job. they are with me all the time. the hotel room, the first half of the tour when we were at a week at a time in places and we had a van and i have driven literally from connecticut to seattle to tucson to arkansas to delaware. i have driven the whole country with these dogs. dogs trade off jobs in the show. >> if you come see the show and
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mind blowing. insane. they are smart. i think that lends to how people -- you can underestimate a rescue dog. >> it is a hard knock life for us. >> it is a hard knock life for us. they share similarities with the character annie. life started hard for annie and sonny and now they receive this on stage. it's a hard knock road. >> a whole lot of love. >> i love dogs. >> while the show is in production only a few people including heidi can interact with the dogs so they understand all her commands on stage.
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and i did the jump command where i pat my legs and put my hands up like this and then they jump up on me. it is really fun. >> excitement that will play out on the connor palace stage now through january 17th. >> tiah ewing cleveland 19. >> the guy that plays daddy warbucks he is actually a teacher here. great guy and he is excited about the show, too. check it out. >> that's his given name. >> nice. >> all right. i hope the dogs are getting paid, too. they are pretty good. after recent food troubles chiptole announced its stores will close next month for a few hours.
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live from cleveland's newscenter. driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. so you may have heard about it. chiptole has had a string of food problems.
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plunged since a e. coli outbreak last year. now the chain plans to close all the locations for a few hours. dan deroos is here to tell us about the all-staff meeting. >> dan: that's right. chiptole fanatics say they will close february 8th. let's talk about the problem. there have been e. coli cases in nine different states. a couple dozen. the big one was when 150 boston university students who all ate at a chiptole got the morrow virus similar to flu-like symptoms and all got sick. that's what prompted chiptole turning a blind eye to this. another reason to look at this. sales in the month of december in their stores open down 30%. when that happens you have to take notice in the company. february 8th they will close a few hours.
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will be closed. maybe in the lunch hour february 8th getting chiptole. probably won't happen. here is what will happen. 60,000 employees will report to the chiptole stores and watch a satellite feed from corporate and tell them how this problem happened in the first place and tell them how they should operate in the future how to clean lettuce and make sure how the product is cleaned and roll out a new marketing campaign. yes, that's what you do when you lose 30% of sales in a month. you come up with a new marketing plan. free chiptole and see how corporate will respond very interesting and public move by chiptole trying to win back customers. romona? >> a man accused of pistol whipping and robbing a priest appeared in court. john phillips pleaded not guilty at his a poincianament.
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of robberies in little italy and a judge set bond at $100,000. >> south euclid police busted sheryl crenshaw. her 61st arrest accused of stealing something from wal-mart. the other offenses mainly for thefts. >> 61 times. >> that's a lot. >> that's a wrap sheet. >> i will take 61 degrees. see the transition. >> that's good. >> always gear towards weather. >> we did hit around 50 for the high. i know we hit 50. at cleveland hopkins. got a wind out of the south. on the breezy side. with tham here comes the rain. sandusky. marblehead, vermillion and heavier rain. heavier rain totals. and another batch huron county willard and norwalk. it is here.
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you have a lighter rain in ashtabula. within the hour this rain will be in the cleveland areament. greater cleveland area. 47. as the rain comes in we will drop in temperature. as the front comes through we will drop in temperature tomorrow. >> it will be about .1 to .2 of rain and most coming down in the evening. still a risk of showers through midnight. once the front passes the temperature drop will happen. 10:00 we've got the rain. by 1:00 a.m., the latest run of the future view model has it out of here. we develop either some drizzle or flurries, i think going into tomorrow morning. what are we talking as far as rain? through the evening .1 to .2 and ponding on the roads and bring
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night tonight. showers west to east. windy and warm this evening. but by morning dropping to 36. that still is pretty warm for this time of year. showers very warm. akron 35 and most of it coming 8:00, 9:00. tomorrow cloudy, windy, less than inch of snow and not concerned about the snow winds out of the west gusting to 30. 36 at a.m. and lunch 2 and temperature at 5:00 light snow and windy up 29. we will be falling in temperature throughout the weekend. >> saturday night here just flurries. notice, no alerts for tomorrow or tomorrow night. on sunday this is an alert. that's when the snow will pick up. lake-effect snow heavy at times sunday united and mlk day and
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12 sunday night for the low. 14 only monday and wind chills below zero. tuesday mostly cloudy 16, 22 wednesday and lake-effect snow thursday and high of 23. get ready for a bitter cold week next week. mark? >> thank you, jeff. up next, the latest on browns to fill up their coaching staff and made an announcement today. plus lebron james with cavaliers losing to a team you would hope
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: the browns mid their big announcement about the coaching staff. chris tabor is staying on. he keeps his job as he has before when they have made head
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tabor was hired in 2011 when pat shurmer started. hue jackson will be the 4th head coach he has been under and considered a very good special teams coach despite with field goals blocked special teams unit are generally very good. some of the problems with the blocked kicks were on travis coons with issues elevating the ball. nothing else to report on the browns coaching front other than ray horton being of interest to hue. bengals-steelers prize fight disguised as a football game come in. bengals adam jones fined and the. >> on the pittsburgh side of things ramon foster fined $17,000 and two assistant coaches fined $10,000 each and i don't think the two coaches will
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they will probably pay it for them and porter since he won the game. cavaliers get right back at it tonight in houston after losing in san antonio last night in what may have been a finals preview. cavs led the game early. the spurs rally in the second half to win it playing defense and kyrie irving. 6 of 17 shooting for him. afterwards lebron talked about losing to a team you don't want to lose to if you have hopes of beating them in the playoffs. >> and spurs and golden state and so obviously it was tough to prepare in a regular season game match up. and they did a good job. and that's good looks. >> cavs and rockets from the
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9:30 tip with fred and ac on fox sports ohio. >> you are nervous. >> the west is tough. win. fortunately since cavs are in the east. you won't play spurs and warriors. you have to get one or the other.
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thank for joining us at 6:00.
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