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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it is cold out there. bitter. >> when we start the news in the weather center it is pretty serious especially tonight. what can we expect? >> jeff: well, you know it might be a night in the lake-effected areas i wouldn't go out. it is treacherous out there and right where dani carlson is is where we have some of the heaviest snow. right here. mentor area. see the darker blue area. i will go to the key wall. mentor, concord, leroy and chardon area and heavy snow coming down in mentor which is also impacting willoughby, eastlake and chagrin harbor. we have lake snow warnings in effect for eastern cuyahoga county lake, geauga, ashtabula county through early tomorrow morning and a wind chill
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when they issue a wind chill advisory it could get to 10 below zero or lower with wind chill readings. we have that going in the lake-effect regions and seeing that all day. treacherous travel especially with it being so cold and cleveland 19 weather app when you are away from the tv. looks like steady temps around 20 and with the shifting wind tonight we could cece some of these snow showers move back into the greater cleveland area tonight. here you see the current numbers 106789 to 15. wind chills. you get the idea below zero and dangerous stuff. feels like 7 below zero in canton. at about 5:it 2 i will have all the forecast details of what you need to know including the bitter cold straight ahead. tiffani? >> tiffani: they have been used to the snow but it is especially dicey out there. some tricky traveling and dani carlson is in the thick of it
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closer look at it all. dani? >> reporter: you know what, jeff said we are in one of the worst spots and in the past hour it's definitely gotten a lot worse here. the snow is coming down a lot more heavily and it feels like the wind picked up. in the past we have been out here and the snow is starting to gather on my jacket right here. it is not just snow coming down and blowing snow. the big problem, if you are out on the roadways is this. you can see there's snow on the road contributing to the slickness for cars that are braving this weather to head out on the roadways. it is that slickness that led to slide offs and leading to multiple accidents and video from earlier today. roads, off ramps and shutdown and slow traffic. police are saying don't go out to. if you do, go slowly and cautiously. it is important to remember to pay attention to what you are
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even in this treacherous weather and these treacherous conditions. we did get a chance to speak to a guy who slid off the highway, hit a patch of snow, spun around and what was going through his mind at that exact moment. >> i hope nobody is behind me. i hope i don't stop in the middle of the road and hope no one hits me and i slid slowly to the side. >> so again, if you are planning to head to the roadway tonight and coming to the east side it is coming down pretty hard right now. and be smart. it can be treacherous driving out there. the same things we tell you every winter leave early, drive cautiously, pay attention. leave enough distance between you and the other driver and all those things should keep you safe if you head out and drive on the snow-covered roads tonight. live in lake county, disarcina dargs, cleveland 19.
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we want to get from where you have seen the snow, your pictures that you have been sending in. we have the slide show on we will go through a couple of them on geauga county and 13 inches of snow and has the tape measure to prove it. this was sent in by lori in willowick clermont road. i would love to tell you where clermont road is in this picture but that's how bad it is. shelley sent in pictures and a reminder how dangerous this is. it was taken by mentor police. this car slid on the road and ended up in the pond. this. this is the type of conditions we are seeing out there. we want you to be safe. if you are driving, you should not be snapping pictures. if your passenger is driving and show something in your backyard this is how easy it is. use the cleveland first alert weather app and get your
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jeff is posting to that all the time and hit the menu. share your photos and videos right through the app or send them to tiffani? >> tiffani: a man is in custody after police say he shot and killed a central ohio police officer overnight. police say herschel jones told his exgirlfriend he was looking to kill a cop. danville police officer thomas cottrell was found shot behind the municipal building a few minutes later. cottrell's weapon was missing and police found jones about an hour and a half later. >> dan: it was breaking news on cleveland 19 at 4:00, someone fired several shots at the home of the young murder victim. cleveland police were on the home and investigating on east 131st street. 3-year-old major howard was killed in a drive-by last september. two people are facing charges. his grandfather called police
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shot at his home. no one was hurt and the home was not hit. it's been less than a month since the cuyahoga grand jury decided not to charge officers >> dan: for tamir's mother that reality is painful and won't stop her demanding for change. scott taylor live with details. rec center. you can see the gazebo where tamir was shot and it is still up. samaria rice asked for the city to take it down. they have yet agreed to do that and yet mom is still fighting for justice for tamir telling me she feels sorry for the police officer who shot him. samaria rice tells me every day is an emotional struggle. >> i am in this fight for justice for tamir. and that's my motivation of getting things accomplished, you know. and hoping that for some change.
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media attacked her after tamir was shot and killed and police officer timothy loehmann at cudell rec center. many are filled with racism and hate. >> i will not entertain stupidity. >> and they are in shock how the cuyahoga prosecutor's office treated her and her family in front of the grand jury. >> i believe the way prosecutors try to make me feel when i was in front of them and they were almost like attacking me. that was a little uncomfortable. i still held my composure. >> reporter: a grand jury handing down no indictment of loehmann or partner frank garmback. county prosecutor tim mcginty recommended no charges and said a number of times he was just doing his job. >> my family is terrified of the police. i am terrified of the police. being pulled over by the police
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you don't know what to expect. >> reporter: samaria is now an advocate for special independent prosecutors for all police-involved shootings and wants federal criminal charges handed down against timothy loehmann. >> i feel sorry for him. but there definitely has to be accountability for the murder of my son. and it's quite sad. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, samaria has a message for all of her supporters. you won't want to miss that at 6:00. live, scott taylor, cleveland 19. >> i have a dream. [ applause ] >> my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream.
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life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. today in our nation's colm gathered to remember the life of dr. martin luther king , jr. at his memorial, f.b.i. director james comeie participated in the wreath-laying ceremony. washington, d.c. mayor and city council were also in attendance. dr. king came to cleveland many times during the civil rights movement. >> dan: some of the people he met during the turbulent times still alive. harry boomer has a minister's personal stories and thoughts about where we are now. >> reporter: you know, the black and white keys on a piano make beautiful music together. that's not always the case of people despite the life and , jr. >> racism is not worse. it is just out there. >> reporter: dr. joan brown campbell mother of former cleveland mayor jane campbell turbulent times of the civil rights movement. >> when i look at my own life,
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had been a major issue and something we have to be very much a shamed of. i happen to think because obama has been our president and though it appeared at first that there was real recognition because he got elected, however, the prejudice not only remained but began to come out of the woodwork. >> reporter: president obama credits king's leg agency as a major factor in him being america's first african-american president. >> i think the times we are in are a bit frightening. one wonders what will happen to the leadership of this country. i have to hope that the promise of people who have good sense and know what the country needs will come to the fore in the leadership. >> dr. campbell remembers the first time she met dr. king. >> it is a scary time. i most people people we talk to, my age, young, black white, muslims, good muslims, they are
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we had a young muslim woman at our church the other night. six policemen had to come with been made. the last time in that church we had someone speak that had to have the police come with them was martin luther king. >> and she says she has hope and prays america realizes dr. king's dream before we wake up to a worst nightmare. you can see more of my interview on back to you. >> dan: nice story, harry. many local organizations held their own and a prayer breakfast and baldwin wallace is planning a candelight march at 7:00 tonight. other events a gospel concert. chapel service and student art >> tiffani: it may be cold outside and red-hot inside the q game.
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rematch and possible preview of the finals. mark schwab live courtside with a look at tonight's game. >> mark: not a bad place to be at all. cavs and warriors tip it off at 8:00. preview, rematch all in one contest and obviously didn't go well when cavaliers played them christmas day. they are feeling a whole lot better and warriors are not. don't look now, they actually lost in the last game and lost two of the last three. the cavaliers could hand them their first losing streak since cavs beat them in 23 and 3 of the series and they won to win the series and christmas and warriors won four straight against the cavaliers even though they are not playing very well right now, they usually play amazing basketball. they are fluent and everybody knows where everybody is and like a finely tuned six-figure automobile that comes from a fancy pants factory in germany and lebron loves watching them play as long as they are not
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>> their consistency and around the floor. and and this will be the first time cavs played with the full team and games under their belt since warriors were here last season and cavs won the game. back to you guys. >> thank you. big plans or going to the game, guess what, we want you to send the cavs spirit pictures and e-mail them to or social media using #19cavs. coming up at 5:00 a heads up for itunes radio customers. you may be playing more. >> dan: a book about george washington slaves gets pulled from the shelves. the reason behind the controversy coming up. >> tiffani: an alert for
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. live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> tiffani: tonight a new polish. new research claims dangerous chemicals from the polish are getting inside your body. julie watts with the alert. >> i will use yellow now. >> reporter: from the nursery to nail salon polish is popular of girls of all ages. a study from duke university says chemical from some polishes can get inside your body. ewe says researchers tested
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chemical of tphp. every woman had elevated levels after their painted their nails. >> nail polish is the only personal care product with this chemical listed as an ingredient. they estimate half of all nail polishes have tphp used as a flame retardant in foam furniture like couches. more research is needed to the effects of this chemical in humans, animal studies indicate tphp is linked to reproductive and developmental issues. that is surprising to jenna who lets her kids play with nail polish often. >> i was shocked. i would say i am pretty cautious when i expose my kids to and nail polish is definitely one of the things i never worried about. >> reporter: in a statement of a nail polish group representing manufacturers is speculative and misleading and tphp is safely and widely used across industries to prevent electrical, automobile and furniture fires.
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let my kids use nail polish every once in a wholes and a thing they obviously enjoy doing but be more cautious in doing so. >> reporter: julie watts, cbs, san francisco. >> dan: apparently you don't have to give up the fashion. some brands out there are all natural or nontoxic. heads up, apple will start charging for music. it will require a subscription to apple music costing about $10 a month. the company sent an e-mail warning customers and those changes take place in about 10 days. >> dan: lots of people talking about this on social media. scholastic is pulling a controversial new picture book about george washington. it is called a birthday cake for george washington. it contains upbeat images of washington's cook and slave named hercules. in a scholastic blog post the author blames the story was
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meant to honor the slaves resourcefulness. amazon readers gave it one star. >> jeff: all right. i am tracking this heavy snow squall through lake and geauga county lifting to the northeast and painesville, thompson and
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forbes magazine offers proof of the growing financial divide between the richest and poorest people. a global poverty group found the 62 richest people in the world collectively has as much wealth as half the population of the planet. another stunning fact this report found the top 1% own more than everyone else combined. >> jeff: all right. that's good to know.
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lake county pretty bad. we got this one main squall right here. i guarantee within this combine with the wind you are looking at maybe a couple hundred feet visibility at best here. so let's kind of get into this. concord, this is i-90 right here. i-90 and route 4 come together. you are looking at maybe a 10-mile stretch. 6 to 10-mile stretch of pretty bad snow coming down. mentor on the lake, mentor and this is drifting to the northeast right now towards painesville. here you see the winds. 20mile-an-hour wind. higher gusts than that and strongest winds on the lakeshore and my goodness these wind chills are pretty bad and the wind chill advisory in effect. notice where the worst will be 10 to 15 below wind chills sandusky and mansfield throughout the night and further inland.
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of itself may be delaying some schools at least just for the windchill factor alone. as far as the lake-effect is concerned it will be a west wind shifting northwest later on tonight and that could move the lake-effect around. we are still thinking 7 a.m. and it will wind down and still thinking the worst of it will be east of cleveland and we are an additional 3, 4, 5 inches on top what you already picked up and isolated cases up to 8 inches of snow here in the higher terrain south of i-90. i have 1 to 4 inches in the greater cleveland area heavier east. windy and frigid around 12. and falling into the single digits air temperature akron-canton. you may see an inch or two and more than that depending on the wind north of akron. tomorrow we have snow early in
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then a clearing sky. so eventually it does wind down. 17 the high with a west wind there 12 to 24. things will be a lot quieter tomorrow night into wednesday. although a weak disturbance wednesday bringing us cloud cover and some flurries we are thinking here. mid to upper teens both days and then it starts to moderate. we lose the heart of this arctic air. thursday increasing clouds 29. there will be an east coast storm wrapping up. we think we will miss out on a lot of snow here. that's the latest thinking. wind will be a factor and i have an alert out for friday afternoon and friday night. 32 friday and the weekend not too bad. windy saturday and 30 saturday night 22 and mixed sky sunday and up to 34 degrees.
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showers there. after tonight and then even tomorrow morning things will start to improve from there. not only the snow situation but the cold. >> tiffani: that sounds warm. >> dan: i have to hand it to the people on the east side smacked by the snow and they take it. >> they are clevelanders. >> tiffani: the clock is ticking to the iowa caucus and candidates are changing how they campaign and focusing on their
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>> tiffani: just in another death from the music world. we have learned the founder of the eagles glen fry passed away in new york city. fry has been dealing with several medical issues in the past few weeks.
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the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 1988. zone fry was only 67-years-old. >> dan: with time running out before the iowa caucuses, the polls are tightening. >> tiffani: they certainly are. the candidates are reaching out to the base of their parties. cleveland 19 political correspondent ryan nobody els joins us live from washington with why that is so important. hi, ryan. >> reporter: people who show up and vote in primaries and caucuses tend to be the most passionate. with time running out, candidates are tempted into the passion. both democratic and republican races are competitive and candidates are focusing on voters who make up the back bone of their parties. >> far too many black people are dying after encounters with the police. >> reporter: for democrats and martin luther king , jr. day it meant reaching out to the african-american community and addressing concerns about criminal justice and poverty.
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we have also got to combat income and wealth and inequality. >> reporter: on the republican side frontrunner donald trump made a play to evangelical voters by speaking at the christian liberty university. >> you look at syria. if you are christian they are chopping off heads. you look at the different places and it is under siege. >> reporter: trump's biggest rival in iowa ted cruz launched his campaign at liberty and favorite among evangelical voters and touch tried to steal away the support cruz stepped up criticism of the billionaire reminding voters of past democrats. >> ronald reagan did not spend the first 60 years of his life advocating for big government and politics. >> says not reserved to republicans. in saturday's debate hillary clinton and bernie sanders battled over guns, health care and the financial system.
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>> i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> candidates no longer a playing nice as the first votes in iowa loom. >> reporter: just how close is the race in iowa? the cnn poll of polls shows clinton and sanders tied at 45%. cruz leads trump by only 2 points. tiffani and dan? >> tiffani: donald trump had an awkward moment during his speech at liberty university. can you tell us exactly what happened there? >> tiffani he went to liberty with a stated goal and that was to reach out to evangelical voters which are very important in iowa and tried to show off a bit of his knowledge with the bible and here's what happened. >> i hear this is a major theme here, 2 corinthians, 3:17 that's the whole ballgame where the spirit of the lord, right, where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. >> reporter: of course that book
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as 2nd corinthians and you could hear chuckles from the crowd at liberty university. what is interesting that event trump was at is a required thing students have to go to. it can be a tough crowd and they let trump hear it when he made that little miscue. >> dan: ryan my career has taken me through iowa caulk us weeks. this is the dead push how important iowa is and it springboards to the other states. who do you look to come out in the last two weeks to push so hard. who will push hardest in the next two weeks. >> i really think donald trump has most at stake because his whole campaign is based on winning. tomorrow he has a big announcement which they are playing close to the vest right now. the rumor is, he will unveil a prominent endorsement, perhaps sarah palin.
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and she talked very highly of donald trump. she also talked highly of ted cruz. someone like pay lynn could bring them out to caulk us and in the last two weeks a lot can change and voters who still haven't made up their mind and the very nature of the caucus is a long process where you try to go and convince people to support your candidate. all bets are off. we don't know what will happen until the votes actually come in. >> dan: ryan, you are a guru and look forward to seeing you in the next couple of weeks. >> tiffani: stay up to date on all the poll numbers and news on the campaign trail download the cleveland 19 news app. >> dan: big debate by british lawmakers whether or not to ban donald trump from the u.k. thousands signed an on-line petition calling for the billionaire to be blocked from
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calling on a ban on muslim refugees following terrorist attacks. british law forces a debate but no formal vote on petitions with at least 100,000 signatures. a small northeast ohio community is grieving today after one of the town's six police officers was shot and killed sunday night. >> tiffani: a very sad night. danville is located halfway between ashland and columbus with a population of just over over,000 people, a tightly knit group. denise zarrella is here with how they are coping with this terrible situation. denise? >> reporter: the shocking murder of thomas cottrell sent shockwaves through the community. people did whatever they could to pull together. >> at mcfadden's hot spot breakfast came with a side. >> why us? >> of disbelief. >> i just don't understand. >> i figured this was the least i could do was come down here
5:32 pm
morning and offer any kind of services that i could to the law enforcement. >> reporter: donna mcfadden opened her place unexpectedly after tragedy came. next door at the danville police department an officer was shot and killed deputies found thomas cottrell's body outside late last night. his gun and police cruiser were taken things betty durbin says just doesn't happen in this village. >> this is a close community. everybody knew everybody and helped look out and he was trying to keep us safe. >> she has lived here 75 years. >> we are safe. he is not. >> the knox county sheriff's office says officers arrested herschel jones. investigators say he told his exgirlfriend he was looking to kill an officer and she tipped off deputies and the suspect was caught after investigators say he ran from a nearby home. deputies found a miss cruiser a half mile from the police department. during it all donna mcfadden
5:33 pm
daughter who works in law enforcement. >> it scares me. that's my daughter's dream and i think it could have been her. >> which is why breakfast today cost only a donation and all of it mcfadden will serve to the officer's family. >> the knox sheriff's department is investigating whether the officer might have been specifically targeted. tiffani? >> tiffani: a tough story thank you, denise. a cleveland woman escaped from a house fire on the west side. crews were called to the 3900 block of astoria avenue. firefighters wore extra layers due to the extreme cold conditions. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> it is that time of year again. the 2016 convention and this year something different. four new flavors are competing at rudy's bakery in parma to be the next taste sensation.
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7:15 with champagne and polka celebration. >> so good. >> a local 15-year-old girl is wheelchair bound and not keeping that from making a dream come true. >> dan: she is the first person approved to take part in the half marathon race while being pushed in a wheelchair sia nyorkor with her inspiring story. >> look at that. >> dan and christina boyle say they lovingly push their daughter courtney even though she is a princess. three years ago dan and courtney started running all over northeast ohio with dan pushing courtney's wheelchair. courtney is diagnosed with intestinal failure and they started getting some attention. >> we have run down streets of cleveland and people have been on porches and cheering us on in different events and she gets a lot of love from people for sure. >> the duo started running marathons much to courtney's delight.
5:35 pm
pushed and wave her hand and pompom and liked the wind in her face. >> when dan learned of the disney half marathon he knew it was the perfect race to run except disney didn't allow wheelchairs for safety reasons. dan was baffled. >> we have run all over northeast ohio and had no problems. >> he got a call from disney and they invited him and courtney to run the race. it is the first time someone will compete in a wheelchair. >> we are able to help change one thing disney does and able to participate and i call courtney a trailblazer and she is making a change. >> the daddy daughter oh duo is running the race for many reasons to celebrate courtney's life and raise money for arena, a special needs woman their salvador. next year she will show the world that being in a wheelchair doesn't keep her back.
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>> wow. >> tiffani: such a good story. very inspiring. >> you are talking about the family has other special needs children as well. >> reporter: two special needs kids and trying to make their dreams come true. >> tiffani: my gosh. >> dan: cool of disney to make the policy change. makes sense. >> reporter: very cool. as a result some other families will be able to compete in the race as well. >> dan: great. >> tiffani: good to see that. any day you are complaining, look at that story and you won't complain. a state of emergency declared in flint, michigan.
5:37 pm
outraging is growing over the flint, michigan water crisis. response teams visited 5,000 homes handing out bottled water. adrianna diaz reports. >> reporter: frustration over the tainted water supply is spilling over. >> flint is also a crime scene. >> michigan governor rick schneider declared a crime scene and state officials may have announced it earlier because of a spike in head. bernie sanders blasted the republican governor. >> the governor of that state acted as show he didn't care. >> a man who acts that
5:38 pm
>> protestors gathered outside flint city hall saturday. >> we need federal help and seeing federal activist michael moore growing up in a city of 100,000 and says president obama's emergency declaration is not enough. >> it is not just a water crisis it is a racial crisis. it is a poverty crisis. >> to save money in 2014 flint stopped paying for water from detroit and tapped intuits own river instead. the river water stripped lead from pipes. since the move, the number of children with high lead levels doubled and 10 people died from legionnaire's disease and the city reversed the switch and the water is unsafe. this is what residents can actually drink. many will protest tomorrow at the governor's state of the state address. >> reporter: adrianna diaz cbs news, flint, michigan. >> dan: the national guard is doubling its presence to deal with the crisis. 70 guard members are stationed there today.
5:39 pm
crisis. the singer partnered with the water company to send 180,000 bottles of water to flint. the water is expected to arrive by the middle of the week. we were just talking it will get bigger and bigger. it is a big problem. >> jeff: that's probably not going to end well. slow reaction time. >> let's get to the snow situation here. we have the alert out for wind chill and lake-effect snow that's out there. you know how it works. some areas won't get anything and other areas could see as much as 8 inches of additional snow out there in the snowbelt east and that's obviously going to affect travel and saying don't go out if you don't have to in the snowbelt areas and wind chill 10, maybe 15 below especially in the western counties and inland. here is your wind chill advisory through early morning and the
5:40 pm
not as low but dealing with lake snow eastern lake county and lake geauga and also ashtabula county. this is the main squall right here through central lake county. looks like it is starting to let up in mentor and this extends through eastlake and now painesville and leroy. route 20 pretty bad and coming down in painesville and that obviously is a bad stretch of i-90. all right. here is a look at the storm impacts up to 8 inches in the here. it will start to let up by afternoon tomorrow. that's when we will get drier air in here. current temperatures between 9 and 12 degrees and the wind chills 5 to 7 below. it feels like 6 below in cleveland. 7 below in canton and ashtabula because of the wind.
5:41 pm
the pets on nights like this that is for sure. they are affected by the wind chill. 11 at 7:00, 10 at 9:00. we will hold steady between 10 and 12 degrees. here is the update on the snow forecast and especially areas east. you are looking at 2 to 4 inches at least and some spots getting over 6 inches throughout the night. much more coming up at 6:00 of course on this. tiffani? >> tiffani: still ahead tonight an important alert to tell you about an antibiotics alert. it is cold and flu season, but
5:42 pm
it is the season for colds, coughs and soar throats and new coughs and soar throats and new recommendations are reminding doctors to prescribe antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. kenneth craig explains. >> do you feel congested at all? >> mckenzie meyers has a soar throat and so. >> after five days i decided to stop in and make sure it wasn't strep. >> city md doctor determined it
5:43 pm
likely a virus not treated with antibiotics. >> seems like a lot of people think antibiotics are the answer for everything. >> kenneth, it is important to remember most coughs, colds and runny noses and sore throats are caused by viruses. >> the american college of visions and cdc want to cut down on prescribing antibiotics for common respiratory infections and 50% of antibiotic prescriptions may be unnecessary. >> the goal is to prevent antibiotic overuse which would cause antibiotic resistance which is literally killing people in this country. >> recommendations include prescribing antibiotics only when strep is confirmed. for sinus infections lasting more than 10 days or severe symptoms more than 3 days and meyers was told to take meds and rest. >> my body will be able to fight it off and antibiotics will help. >> she was told to come back if
5:44 pm
>> kenneth craig, cleveland 19. >> dan: doctors found when they prescribe antibiotics people experience more side effects than benefits. if you frequently get sore throats, getting your tonsils out could actually fix the problem. german researchers tracked over 100 adults who had a tonsilsectomy and reported they suffer fewer sore throats and the study found people visited the doctor and missed work less frequently. >> dan: spike lee and jada pinkett-smith take a stand
5:45 pm
>> dan: in "the buzz" hollywood heavy hitters have a message for the academy. >> tiffani: they certainly do
5:46 pm
acceptance awards. >> this is super cool. this is the best day of my life. i know where to put this. right on the shelf right beside my falcon. >> yep. that's where i would put it. that's the 9-year-old jacob who won best actor trophy at the critics choice awards. he plays a boy held captive with his mom in a small space. >> i was that cute as a kid. >> spike lee and jada pinkett-smith will boycott people choice awards because of the lack of diverse nominees. this is the second year in a row that all 20 nominees are all white. smith says she will neither attend nor watch at home due to lack of color. >> miley cyrus is sporting an engagement ring the australian actor gave her four years ago.
5:47 pm
times. back and forth, back and forth. they'll be fine. the rumor mill went into overdrive when the two were spotted at a music festival on new year's. >> from the back center it is how a local actor is talking about how the theater in cleveland gave them the education and boost to move to the movie business. the story coming up at 6:00. >> tiffani: a real quick look at the view of the day. maddie and kara spent the afternoon playing in the snow.
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live from cleveland's newscenter cleveland 19 news starts now. >> dan: crash after crash in mentor today due to our wintry
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nobody was hurt in this one.
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