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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> brian: uh-oh. this was a bit of a problem. a finals rematch beatdown. the warriors walloped the calf leers in what is the cavs worst loss at the q during the lebron james era. more lake-effect snow overnight on the east side and
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delays this morning running on the bottom of the screen, and the snowfall not the only factor. >> john: i'm meteorologist john loufman. frostbite and hypothermia always show up in weather like this. i'll have tips to keep you safe in a live report. it's all coming up. >> brian: thanks so much. good morning, everyone. about 6:00 on this tuesday, january 19th. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky in for tia ewing this morning. we'll hear from john in a few minutes. we start with sam roberts in the warm and cozy weather studio. >> brian: she's never warm. >> samantha: i'm never warm. 70 and i'm still chilly. it's weird. some people are cold-natured, right? maybe you're cold-natured and dying inside it's so cold out there. hang in there with me. we have some warmer weather on the way. not warm but warmer. so a little bit of good news to
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last three hours, of course, the quiet weather sticks around. sandusky, norwalk, mansfield, akron/canton no problems here. it is in the snowbelt and surrounding areas that we're contending with that snow. almost all of cuyahoga county waking up to snow, almost. once you get down towards strongsville, brecksville not much happening. closer to the lake here, mayfield heights, good morning to you. we see those snowshowers, solon, downtown cleveland into euclid out to westlake we have snow on the near west side. and then out into geauga and ashtabula and lake counties. most of the heavy snow is on the east side of cuyahoga county through geauga county, chesterland, burton, chardon, huntsburg, middlefield, back to cleveland heights and shaker heights with the steady snow. be careful on your morning
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this is a high-impact forecast for you and it's also very cold out there. look at the forecast temperatures here through time. we start off in the teens and single digits, and we really don't warm up much. 18 is your forecast high temperature today, but it's not going to feel even that warm with the wind factored in it will feel all day long as if it's either below zero or not that much warmer. check out that windchill 2 degrees. you're driving home later today. it feels like 4 degrees. i promise to warm up. it's coming. we'll talk about the good weather gospel in a minute, but we have to get through this morning, right? we have to get through that snow. laura, how are the roads looking in comparison to the last several mornings? >> laura: they look a little better than yesterday right now. this area yesterday morning was snow-covered. yesterday they had a tough time keeping up. now it's not that much better today.
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actually just took a bit of a dive here. coming in from the east side all in the yellow now on i-90. rough. the commute time went from a 28-minute normal commute time from mentor to downtown cleveland, city center to city center, and an extra 12 minutes right now. slowdowns. it's 6:04 this morning. this is much, much earlier than the slowdowns. 37 miles per hour, so moving slower as you should. those roads are snow-covered in many places, and you need to take it much, much slower to avoid spinouts. guys. >> nichole: as i mentioned earlier, we have school closings and delays running at the bottom of the screen for you. you can find the full list at >> brian: the snow, of course, is a big factor for the morning commute, but consecutive days with windchills below zero, that's absolutely brutal, right? so we go back live to our
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the toll these temps can actually take on your body. john. >> john: yeah. you know, actually this is dangerous weather, he is spshlly for kids. they have the day off from school, let's go sled riding and hit the local hill. well, frostbite can set in very easily on exposed flesh mainly noses, ears that are uncovered, covered. the first sign is a little bit of tingling and itching and numbness. you start to feel that, you know frostbite might be setting in. also, if your skin is waxy and starts to get a yellowish or whitish glow to it, it could be a sign that frostbite is setting in. it doesn't take too long for frostbite, and kids like to stay inside even when it's cold. their friends say stick around. we'll stay outside and play. it could be april sign frostbite is setting in. windchills as cold as this, frostbite can set in in 30, 40
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i've been standing out here in the cold for a couple of minutes. i have my infrared thermometer and push it on my cheek here and see what it feels like. 43 degrees. so that's 11 degrees above freezing. freezing, of course, is 32. my skin temperature should be around 90, but in the wind that's out here and in the cold, frostbite could be a real concern. your fingers and your ears don't get the circulation that the inner part of your body gets, and they're the most susceptible ones. bundle up those little ones before you send them out. i'll send you back to the nice, warm studio. >> brian: crazy weather days like this make for some pretty interesting pictures. we love to share some of on our slideshow. upload them through the cleveland 19 news app or e-mail them to
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gunfire at the home of major howard's grandfather. howard is the 3-year-old boy killed any adrive-by shooting last september in cleveland. yesterday his grandfather said someone fired shots into his home on 131st street. police are still looking for donnell lindsey wanted in the 3-year-old's murder. an update now on breaks news. we know the suspect's name in the police officer murder in knox county. investigators say herschel jones told his ex-girlfriend he was looking to kill a cop. the victim, danville policeman thomas catrell. charges are pending. >> brian: the gold enstate warriors first trip back to cleveland since they won the title on the cavaliers floor last june. you'd think the cavs would want to come out swinging. didn't actually happen.
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the cavs didn't have a chance. the cavs defense gave up 30 1/2 points. the cavs have only lost at the q once this season. the warriors win by 34 points, 132-98 was the final. lebron, kyrie and love combined for only 27 points. steph curry alone put up 35 for golden state. >> i would say that we had a breakdown, and we didn't respond to it. you know, that and that lack of, i think, mental preparation more than anything else really hurt us. i told my guys, that starts with me. they're not mentally ready to play. i take responsibility for that. >> brian: we have a twitter poll going right now. we'd like you to participate in it. the question is after last night's loss against the warriors, do you think the cavs
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championship? #wakeup19. 53% say no, the cavaliers cannot still win an nba championship. 47% say yeah, sure, cavs can still win. >> nichole: twitter is back up, though. twitter was down. >> brian: twitter was down. the world almost stopped spinning for a moment. >> nichole: you getting back on your cavs soapbox? >> brian: yeah, you can't react to one game in january. they came off a great road trip but laid an egg last night. you have to back off on the cavs are no good and people want trades made and the coaches don't know what they're doing. one game in january, man, right? >> nichole: one game. one brutal game. >> brian: that's all it was. 6:09. believe it or not, we're just three weeks away from fat tuesday. >> nichole: q. make kra -- q.
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aren't you? >> q.: yeah. the votes are in. we'll introduce you to the winner coming up in about a couple of minutes, and i'll be talking to the queen lydia trimp coming up. stay tuned. sam, how is the weather out there? >> samantha: you know that it is cold, q. i know you had to deal with it on your way out the door. one of the those punch keys sounds so fun right now. anything hot to keep you warm with the windchill advisory in place.
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>> nichole: an yupt date on lake erie and the ongoing threat of ongoing blooms. they're providing a special plane to monitor water quality and is currently working to monitor it faster by using drones. >> brian: a lot of water issues, of course. we have a big concern about those. when that happens in the spring because of those algae blooms they say it's the runoff from the fertilizer. flint is having their own problems. >> nichole: that's a whole other story. the cold is top of mind today. everyone is tuning in to see if schools are closed and delays. >> samantha: and there are. >> nichole: there are a lot of them. >> samantha: they're scrolling at the bottom of the screen. they're on our website and on the app as well. get ready for a cold start out there.
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it is freezing. most of the lake-effect is confined to the east side, but out on the near west side there's a little bit of snow. most of it, though, again is off to the east. you can see from cleveland up into lake county, geauga, ashtabula, even northwestern trumbull county seeing light snow. now most is into geauga and eastern cuyahoga county and shaker heights to chesterland, burton, huntsburg and chardon, over a foot of snow in some areas over the course the last sefrl days. this has been a prolonged lake-effect event. so your drive in from the east side, you got to take it slow. it's cold and it's around 10 degrees, even colder in some spots. snowy roads are likely on your morning drive. this is a high-impact weather event for the east side. for the west side you should have minimal issues. now, once you get closer to downtown, you start to see a little bit more snow falling and
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so plan ahead but it's really my about. if you're coming in from the south, you also should have minimal problems. it's so quiet in akron and canton, but out to the east you've been stuck with it. the good news is the lake-effect event will wind down today. while. we'll see the steady snow in the morning, and in the afternoon snow will become more scattered and lighter. in cleveland any snow is in the morning, and then the afternoon we're good to go. 16 at noon, though. feeling more like 3. highs today around 18 feeling more like 5. very chilly weather today and tonight. we drop back down to about 12, stray snowshowers are possible out in the snowbelt this evening. eastern cuyahoga county you may see some light snow tonight, but most of us won't see anything like what we have been seeing as the lake-effect event starts to wind down.
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more snow, but this is really light stuff coming in from the west, scattered snowshowers moving in by late morning. up to an inch of accumulation and nothing more on top of what we have already seen, right? do we need a break yet? we need a little bit of a quieter day. we'll get that on thursday. thursday will be my pick day of the week. 29 and partly sunny and looking good compared to the last couple of days and friday into saturday clouding up. chance for snowshowers, very windy friday and saturday. second half of the weekend looks good but more snow is possible laura. >> laura: i had to put up this camera shot here. this is i-480 at warrensville center right now. the snow is making it hard to see, and visibility is diminished as you try to drive through and it's very, very tough. there's slowdowns to the farn eastern points especially closer to 271.
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yellow all the way southbound from 90 all the way down to 480 this morning moving out on 422. you see some slowdowns and, of course, on 90 as well. in akron it's a totally different state and maybe a different country they're in. everything in the green in akron. if you come up 77 traveling from the south, not much positive worry about for you. there might be points where you hit snow out there, but looking much, much clearer than what friends to the east are dealing with right now. guys. >> nichole: we get you hungry this morning. paczkis are popular on fast tuesday. >> brian: the polish doughnut is a great pig-out food before lent begins, but this morning they party in parma because they're celebrating the dawn of a new flavor. q. mccray joins us live where they held a contest and will begin to serve the new flavor
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>> q.: yes, and it's paczki, and it's paczki and that's how it was explained to me. if you're from the cleveland area, quit stealing the lime light. >> this is lydia here. >> stop it! she's going to give me the lowdown on the paczki craze. you know that paczki day is on fat tuesday, but right now what's going on is paczki convention 2016. there was a vote yesterday. here's the ballot. there are four choices, and the winner you'll see is marked off and it's breakfast of champions. this is history in the making at rudy's stru dell. we're so excited. thank you very much everybody. we love cleveland. we've been around for longer than you. i don't know. i don't want to age myself.
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partnership and collaboration with the brick and barrel. we won, big winner last night was breakfast of champions! yes. >> that includes breakfast literal in a pawn chicago. it's infused with maple beer with the brick and we have eggs from the west side market, bacon from the south side shop over off of memphis. >> q.: all morning long we'll at, and they're orr here in the back. they will help us put together all the new paczkis, and maybe we'll get to taste a couple. >> a couple? how about a whole lot? >> a whole lot she says. we'll see what happens. stick around. i'll be here with my new best
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back to you in the studio. >> brian: paczki. >> nichole: i didn't know. q. said he was indict yetting and he wanted a bite. >> brian: no chance of that. q. will woof down some of them. >> nichole: time is 5:21. it's cold out there, but we're already thinking ahead to the spring. we have an update for the indians for you. go tribe. >> brian: if you're a lover of this leafy green, you might have to start thinking about what you would do without it.
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>> nichole: welcome back. it's a trending food for a while now, but kale farmers are having a hard time keeping up with the increased demand for the leafy vegetable vegetable. sales are up 30% and some farmers have a difficult time finding kale seeds to meet the
6:23 am
trader joe's is recalling the store brand cashew pieces over at possible salmonella contamination. the nuts come from one specific lot and sent to stores in two dozen states including right here in ohio. they're asking customers to throw the product out or return it to the store for a full refund. >> brian: your browns may be showing some signs of life, but that's still a big question mark, and not too many fans are that fired up about the cavs this morning. how about the tribe? we're counting down to spring train. today marks 30 days until they report to goodyear stadium in arizona. tickets go on sale in early march. by then the second phase of the progressive field stadium renovation should be complete. now all the tribe has to do is put bodies in the seats. not a good report from 24/7 wall it ranks the indians fan base fourth on a list of sports team
6:24 am
30%. >> nichole: i love a good baseball game. nothing better than that when it's nice outside. >> brian: fans don't come out there. the indians have won, maybe not as consistently as some want. the browns get all the benefit of the doubt. people show up in droves for whatever reason. >> nichole: remember the good old days when the jake sold out time after time. >> brian: the indians really have to be good all the time for people to show up for whatever reason. it's your money. do what you want with it, right? >> nichole: time is 6:26. moving on. we have a whole bunch of school closings and delays running at the bottom of the screen. we know you're interested in that this morning, so we have it there and also on our website at >> brian: a lot of school closings out there. sam, is it ever going to sop snowing out east? >> samantha: you're not the only one asking me that, right? everybody is saying make it stop. it will stop. today is the last date of this
6:25 am
cold. temperature is 9 degrees at the bus stop for the little ones who do have to go to school today. we'll talk about when conditions
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tastfreend it clicall fuer lger d helpkeepe healy inde a out beneber althshap th, i n do find benefer hlthyshapin t fib ais. >> brian: more lake-effect snow in morning and bone-chilling temperaturing. >> nothing frigid about the warriors last night. they were red hot dominating the cavaliers at quicken loans arena. >> spending time with your pet while getting in soothing
6:29 am
believe it or not it's becoming a fad. i don't believe it. >> nichole: whatever works. >> brian: i guess whatever works. >> nichole: happy tuesday morning. it's january 19th, and i'm nichole vrsansky in for tia ewing. >> brian: another big weather day for your morning commute. we have windchill advisories and snow. we have live team weather coverage. meteorologist john loufman is tackling the windchills and laura demaria is tracking the delays on the road. sam is in the weather center. >> samantha: you know the deal. cold and snowy this morning. it's not snowy for everyone, but it is cold for everyone. i love that we're showing that bank sign or whatever sign somebody got a camera shot of. minus 11 celsius. i had to think for a minute. i think that would be 12 degrees
6:30 am
so that shoot must have been from the morning. that means it's cold out. let's go straight to the maps and show you what we are seeing in northeast ohio. now, youngstown, akron/canton, dover, san daufky, no problems. but in cleveland it is snowing, and that snow extends out to the east. it's mainly now geauga county and eastern cuyahoga county that are contending with the snowshowers. it's very steady out here to the east. places like huntsburg and chardon and chesterland. up to the north along the lakeshore there in lake county, sun is bad this morning. mentor down south into euclid, snow picks up again. we still have that lake-effect snow warning in effect for a big chunk of northeast ohio extending from cuyahoga county out to the east. this is in effect through this morning. if you're in ashtabula, lake, geauga counties, 1 to 3 inches
6:31 am
morning especially in geauga, and less than an inch on the eastern side of cuyahoga county. we have that windchill advisory in effect until 9:00. it will feel as if it's as cold as 15 below. that means layers, layers, layers this morning, and really all day, right, laura? >> laura: very, very cold out there. definitely need the layers. a lot of kids in our area still have school today, so when you do have school that means if you head out to the bus stop, make sure they're completely wrapped up waiting for the bus. even better, wait until car or drop them off at school. get them on the bus as warm as possible this morning and safely to school. we're looking at i-90 and 271 right now. there's going to be a lot of snowfall out here, and that's why the image is much, much blurrier as we look at the farther away shot. the roads are snow-covered in many parts of the east side as well. look at all the yellow. we rarely see this unless there's an issue with the
6:32 am
that's what we're dealing with today. 271, 480, 90 and route 2 looking rough. we look over at route 2 and i-90 right now. 53 miles per hour and everything is moving much, much slower through the area where snow is actively falling, and also roads just covered with a sheet of that stuff. guys. >> brian: thanks very much. we have dozens of school closings and delays this morning mainly out east. mayfield, south euclid, lynn hearst and a few schools closed. you can see them on the bottom of the screen or check out the full list on our website, you saw some of the temperatures sam is talking about this morning. it is just bitter cold. >> nichole: the last thing you want to do is spend an extra ten minutes trying to scrape the ice off of the windshield of your car. meteorologist john loufman is here with a household remedy to make cleaning off your car a little less painful, right,
6:33 am
>> john: yeah. nikki, a lot of us don't have a garage, and you have to park on the street. you find out you have ice on the windshield and you grab this thing and scrape away or maybe come out early and waste game turning the car on early. here's the easy tip. you grab this. for 99 cents at the drugstore. i'm grabbing the wrong thing. isopropyl alcohol is the same as rubbing alcohol. i like 70%. mix it with water and put it into one of these, a spray bottle. shoot this on the windshield and head out of the house with a bottle of this, and two-thirds of this, one-third water. you discover all of a sudden the ice disappears from the windshield. it will safe ve you time, and for 99 cents it's worth the money. this is how it's done. we'll simply head out and spray a little on the windshield. it clears things up very, very quickly. it saves you a lot of time, and
6:34 am
cold scraping windows all over the car left outside at night. just a tip we want to pass along to you. i'll be back with more tips on how to avoid frostbite next time up. right now, back to the studio, nikki and brian. >> nichole: thanks, john. great information. you can keep track of the arctic temps today by downloading the free first alert forecast app. you can track local radar and hour-by-hour temperatures all in the palm of your hand. today, january 19th, marks six months until the rnc arrives in cle. later this afternoon we get an update with how it will operate for the convention at the q. look for the story tonight at 11:00. the republican national committee is cutting ties with nbc and instead will hold the next republican debate on cnn. this is after the candidates complained about how an nbc debate was handled this past october. this debate now on cnn is
6:35 am
>> brian: a tentative deal has been reached between kent state university and the professors association. the record courier says a record deal has been reached and just in time. students are returning from winter break, and the threat of a strike was causing major concern for students and parents. those parents, of course, want those kids out of the house. all right. talk about a letdown. cavs fans were ready. it was a playoff atmosphere. unfortunately, the cavs did not bother to show up. the finals rematch against the warriors was brutal by bad. they lose by 34, 132-98. that's the worst loss of lebron era at the q. they try to rebound tomorrow when they play the nets in brooklyn. >> nichole: i'm in for tia ewing this morning because she was up late participating in a special ceremony last night honoring the dr. martin luther king jr. at the q. she did a great job, too.
6:36 am
at halftime they replayed an iconic speech gave by king at glenville high school. >> if you can't be a pine on the top of the hill, be a scrub -- shrub in the valley. presentation. everyone stopped and listened. you can watch the entire thing on our seen on page at >> nichole: time is 6:38. they say yoga is good for the soul. what about your cats? this is an interesting one. >> brian: a reminder. keep an eye on your pets with this weather. this is very important. if it's cold to you, it's just as cold for them. dinky, sam, is not going out in this cold. >> samantha: no. you open the door, and he feels that breeze and turns around and walks right back inside. he's like, nope, i'll just hold it. i don't know. maybe your dog loves it, but mine is not happy about 8 degrees this morning. it feels like 7 below zero.
6:37 am
hot. speaking of breakfast, well, q. is out live, and he's got one of our favorite pastries on deck this morning. q., what are you up to? >> q.: yeah, that's right, live bakery. we're celebrating polish heritage and culture when it comes to the paczki. i'll tell you about this year's winner. ingredients right here. come back.
6:38 am
you get a ld. u cat brthe thugh your nose. suenlyyou' a moutreatr. well, justut oa brthe rit stp whh inantl opens yo nosup t38% re thanold dici alo. shut your uth d sa odnit mohbrehers eathrigh
6:39 am
a live look as traffic rolls in and out of cleveland. it's cold. >> nichole: it just looks cold out there. >> brian: it not only looks cold, it is cold. brults. brutal. >> nichole: if you like paczkis and you're thinking we need a new flavor, today is your day. >> brian: that's what everybody is thinking, right? they're partying in parma because they held a contest to find something new and we have a winner. q. mccray joins us live from rudy's bakery where they will begin serving the new flavor this morning. what's up? >> q.: the new flavor is breakfast of champions. yes, the good people here at rudy's strudel and bakery in parma, take a look real quickly. they've been hard at work for hours.
6:40 am
raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, lemon meringue, and the flavors go on and on. this right here is the paczki that won. it's called the breakfast of champions made with a special bun with maple flavored beer, eggs. i mean, it's literally a breakfast of champions for you at home to come out here and enjoy. with you right now is summer barlocan. you're hard at work. look at all these. >> the great thing about us is we hand-fill everything. everything here is handmade and we stay with the traditional flavors like the fruit ones and everything like that, we have the butter cream over here. >> q.: right. they are killing dunkin' doughnuts over here really quickly. these things are packed to capacity. any more filling and they would explode. what time do you guys wake up to
6:41 am
>> a little too early, yeah. i don't know if i've gone to sleep. if i did, it wasn't for very long, because it's a party. >> q.: exactly. last night was the official paczki convention of 2016. they had a vote. there were four choices. breakfast of champions won. they've been partying ever since, so summer, you haven't been home? >> not today. not yet. i'm hoping that after this maybe i might get to. no guarantees here, because it's a paczki party and that's my favorite kind of party. >> who doesn't love a paczki party, right? it's right here as rudy's strudel. thanks for inviting us by the way. >> of course. >> q.: we'll be live with summer and lydia and jim. this lovely lady just showed up. what's your name, ma'am? >> my name is tonya. >> q.: straight from poland, okay? we work on them all morning long and taste one soon enough.
6:42 am
back to you guys in the studio. >> nichole: polish paczki party in parma. say that five times fast. >> brian: i cannot. good. i know you like the chocolate-filled, right? >> i'm not a big fruit filling person. >> nichole: i like the new one. i think the breakfast sandwich sounds good, breakfast of champions. >> brian: q. will take care of us. >> samantha: wink, wink, q. if you can still hear us. the big story this morning is the chill. it is 8 degrees in linndale, 6 in shaker heights and a little warmer along the lakeshore. with that wind factored in, that will hurt! 10 below is the windchill in worcester. good morning in akron. feels like 6 below, 9 below in canton, and feels like 8 below zero out in warren. notice that most of us are snow-free.
6:43 am
worcester, canton, dover, no issues here. it's all in the snowbelt and we expect it to stay today, mayfield heights and solon is lighter traveling back into cleveland. look here in geauga county. snow really picking up, and you can see around chardon we have snow south into middlefield. mentor, snow is lightening up for you and same thing towards madison and ashtabula counties seeing the snow lighten up a little bit. it does pick up in central and far western geauga north of chesterland there really coming down, and that will be the story for you out in the direction through the morning because the lake-effect snow warning still in effect for noon. for cleveland the warning expires at 9:00. the snow in cleveland should be long gone by lunchtime. out in the snowbelt you may hang onto a few scattered snowshowers through the afternoon and potentially even into tonight. the most accumulating stuff, anything that's going to stick
6:44 am
the morning hours. less than an inch in cleveland, 1 to 3 out to the east. blustery and cold everywhere today. 18 is your forecast high temperature. of course, feeling like it's below 8 degrees all day long simply because that wind is going to be up. the wind will relax tonight. look at the numbers, though. 12 early tomorrow morning, and stray snowshower possible on the east side of cleveland tonight. and then tomorrow we get another chance for snowshowers. i know a lot of you out there were really disappointed in december's weather because it was so mild. none of that in january, right? 21 tomorrow, and now tomorrow is not lake-effect that we're seeing. the system will drop through by late morning and bring us light snow up to an inch. no significant accumulations with this. thursday we're dry, and that's my pick day of the week. sunday is looking pretty good, too, but between thursday and sunday, things get a little interesting here. we have a system off to our
6:45 am
to make things very windy friday into saturday. that's why we issued an alert for friday, because it's going to be inconveniently windy. there may be a few snowshowers around late friday into saturday, but that is something that we'll have to watch plan ahead. my money is on snow south of laura. >> laura: all right. when we look outside right now, this is i-90 from east 185th street or so looking down. this looks much better than yesterday. yesterday at this time these roads were nearly completely snow-covered. i was out there, so i saw it. i did just see two snowplows come in and go right by here headed into the city of cleveland this morning, and they were going two at a time through there trying to get everything cleared and everything salted for the snow still moving through the area. you can see where the yellow is. that's where we report slowdowns and red in some spots. moving slower whether visibility
6:46 am
roadways. this is 71 and your commute is not looking too bad. maybe a typical delay, but ha congestion is the major issue, and that's going to be over there on the east side because of the snowfall and the snow-covered roads. guys. >> brian: forget downward involved. this is the new trend in yoga, taking the class with your cat. the cats sit on owners as they do yoga exercises. the instructor of one class said yoga is just as helpful for the cat as it is for people because cats have mood swings like we do. yoga teaches both the human and the cat, nikki, evidently to relax. >> i have a dog, and i'm picturing my boxer. it would not work. >> brian: no. it works for the cats because cats don't do anything.
6:47 am
would dinky do yoga, sam? >> samantha: no. he'd be so irritated. gumpy old man. giguere >> nichole: a local 15-year-old girl is wleel chair-bound, but it is not keeping her from making a dream come true. we'll meet her. sam. >> samantha: east siders, good morning to you. your commute is going to be messy again, he is especially in geauga county, eastern cuyahoga county and southern lake county. temperatures in the teens and single digits. snow is likely. west side, south side for the most part, we're looking good. i've got good news for you in terms of better commutes in the days ahead. we'll talk about it when we come back. >> brian: plus, we take a ride-along with the apl. find out what you need to do to keep your pets safe in these cold winter temps.
6:48 am
now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> nichole: a tough start to 2016. >> brian: we lost david bowie and then last night another legend passed away. [ music ] glenn frey has passed away at the age of 67. he's best known as a co-founder for the eagles. the band sold more records than any other group in the '70s, and he also enjoyed a successful solo career. frey was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 1998. sam, i know you're a big eagles fan. >> samantha: i love the eagles. that's sad. it's a tough year already for music. last three hours quiet conditions and maybe you turn on
6:49 am
spotify had an automated eagles play list, if you use that app you can pull it up and listen to it in the car. go slow on the east side because we have that lake-effect coming if from cleveland through the heart of geauga county and even northern portage and northwestern trumbull county. a little snow there. it picks up in intensity in geauga county right now, so you have to go slow around the chesterland area. snow is out of cleveland by noon, and snowbelt off and on through tonight and everybody else just cold. >> laura: i put up the drive times, you can see where the slowdown is. it's affecting the east siders from mentor, so almost a double commute time coming in tr there. it looks mighty icy on many roadways. that's the slowdown issue. >> that's 25 minutes, 28 minutes. >> nichole: thanks for
6:50 am
make the switch to cle43. i trhardo gea grt she. this. can easy. benefibehealy she helpcurbravis. it's aleartastfreeaily suleme... ...thas clical oveno he keep mfull nger beneber althshap
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