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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": now at noon on cleveland 19 news, if you stepped outside this morning, you better have bundled up, because it was crazy cold out there. plus, we were under a wind-chill advisory. it's cold outside. >> laura: it's absolutely frigid. that's for sure. it's still a bitter blast when you head outdoors now. so we will turn it over to samantha. so sam, what exactly do you have in store for us today? >> samantha: well, you know, the cold of course is not going anywhere this afternoon or tonight. and we are also contending with those snow showers. they have yet to wane in some areas. want to take you straight to the maps because just in from the national weather service office, we have a lake-effect snow advisory in place now for cuyahoga, lake and geauga
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this is brand-new information. the lake-effect snow warnings have all expired. but now an advisory in place for these areas. one to four inches of new snow are possible where bands persist closer to one to two inches for most of us. snow covered roads also possible in these areas through 7:00, 8:00 tonight. so, please be weather aware. some of you down around youngstown may be actually seeing a little bit of sun. but here along the lake shore of course we've still got snow ongoing. it is the steadiest right now in eastern cuyahoga county and in north geauga county, as well, around munson and back toward mayfield heights, 271, if you are traveling in these areas around the noon hour be aware that you are going to run into some snow and it may slow you down a little bit on the roads. the good news is our lake-effect event is slowly winding down. i'll tell you when conditions minutes. >> "q": all right. thank you, sam.
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outside, a lot of people have to work outside including our very own danni carlson but she was smart enough to bundle up. how is it going out there? >> reporter: well, you know, what? our cleveland 19 weather app says it's a balmy 14 but with the wind-chill feels a lot more like one below zero. you can see behind me there are still some people out working again including us like you mentioned, q., but usually we will see more people just out and about walking around downtown. but today, that's not the case. obviously the extreme cold probably has something to do with that. and as you mentioned, we are bundled up. if you are planning on heading out at all today and staying outside for any period of time, it's important to layer up, wear loose-fitting clothing but many different layers. you have to have gloves, wear a hat, and just try to be smart, because frostbite can set in cold. so stay with us all day.
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latest weather conditions. >> laura: thanks, danni. dress ler road in jackson township is closed because of a fire at tristan rubber molding. reports say everyone at the molding company did get out safely, fortunately. dressler is closed at whipple and promway. we have a crew on the way and will bring you more developments on air and online at >> "q": toxic lead contaminated water had hundreds protesting in flint, michigan. they want the governor to step down. >> reporter: dozens of people demonstrated outside michigan monday. many say his slow response to criminal. >> he should have switched it back over to detroit water as soon as he knew of the contamination. >> volunteers and state troopers spent the martin luther king holiday in flint handing out
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a street named for the civil rights icon. >> ok. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> need any help with that? >> no, i got it. >> reporter: thousands of others like patricia marshall are making daily trips to distribution centers to pick up water. >> we do still have to go out and get water. we have to do that. how do we survive? >> reporter: in an article published monday, the national journal asked snyder if comparing his handling of the flint water crisis to president bush's management of katrina is unfair. he replied -- no. it it's a disaster. >> the governor says as soon as he found out that the lead was coming from the water, he told people to stop drinking it. >> no. that's bull. >> reporter: elaina says print needs more than emergency declarations and bottled water. >> what happens after the walter and filter's gone? we are still going to have the lead, we still going to have the pipes, we still going to have the poison, we still going to have the disease. >> reporter: the governor is expected to lay out a more detailed plan during his address tonight.
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at state house. >> laura: a man accused of shooting and killing a lorain county woman over the weekend plead not guilty. anthony davis is being held on a $1 million bond in the death of carina charlton. she was found in her home with several gunshot wounds. the central ohio community of danville is mourning the loss of officer thomas cottrell. he was found shot to death sunday night outside the danville municipal building. cottrell was a little league coach and did a lot for the community there. a go fund me page has been set up for his family. so far, it has more than $10,000. the suspect herschel ray jones has been convicted of breaking and entering and in one case tried to claim he was lylely insane. ohio prison records show he served nearly four years for
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jones was released last april. >> "q": well it's day five in the search for 12 missing marines continuing near hawaii. searchers found three or four life rafts deployed after two choppers collided midair off the coast of oahu. they eventually spotted the fourth. but all four rafts were empty. so far, there's no sign anyone survived the crash. >> laura: with just two weeks to go before the iowa caucuses, the two leading candidates in the state are taking aim at each other. craze boswell has details on the trump cruz battle. >> reporter: donald trump and ted cruz continue to attack one another with each other claiming the other is caving. trump tweeted wow new polls have trump up and cruz down. he's a nervous wreck. and this response from cruz. >> listen, you know, donald -- seems to be a little rattled. >> reporter: each candidate is hitting the campaign trail hard with trump making three stops in iowa, the most events he's had in one single day so far. and cruz has six stops in new
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trump in the polls. cruz has used the granite state to open up a new line of attack on trump saying the businessman was m.i.a. during the 2013 senate debate on immigration reform. >> when that fight was being fought, donald was no where to be found. >> reporter: and trump made fun of cruz's new calls for a bothered wall. >> one of the folks said we are going to build a wall. i said -- >> it's not just trump firing shots at cruz. fellow senator marco rubio is also taking aim at the texan accusing him of being a flip flopper. >> in the last year alone, cruz switched on immigration, syrian refugees, ethanol, trade, you name it. >> reporter: rube yes is third in the polls in both iowa and new hampshire. >> laura: well the trump campaign has promised to unveil a special guest during his last iowa stop.
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guest will be sarah palin . >> "q": republican presidential candidate jeb bush got a surprise at a meeting yesterday. he learned his apple watch actually takes phone calls. >> hello? >> is that your watch? >> my watch can't be talking. >> um, hello? >> it is. >> is it my watch? >> yeah. it sounds like it. >> hello? >> i'll call you back. [laughter] >> i've never had my phone be turned on. that's the coolest thing in the world. i know when it's ringing but i've never actually used it. >> well, there, you go. >> "q": yes, it does talk, jeb. bush discovered the feature during a meeting with the des moines register and the whole thing was recorded by usa today. after he got the call he actually said he never saw the watch light up. i think it's crazy that he had no idea that his apple phone
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>> "q": did you turn off your watch? >> "q": my inspector gadget talk to me watch is off. >> laura: coming up, a racial divide over the academy awards. see who's speaking out now about the lack of diversity in the nominees. >> "q": yeah, and a monumental moment on jeopardy last night. see what happened straight ahare company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting marr ied? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you.
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>> we have some hollywood drama to share this noon. the academy of motion pictures
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lack of diversity in oscar nominations. academy president is speaking out. she released a statement saying she is heart broken and frustrated by the situation and says the racial makeup of voters who decide awards needs to change. this is the second year in a row that no one of color is nominated for any acting category. >> laura: the world lost another musician yesterday. eagles guitarist and founding member glen frey died at age 67. he started the band with drummer don henley in the early '70s and the band was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1998. the eagles are best known for hits including hotel california, and life in the fast lane. >> "q": all right, and a pint sized room star busted a move after his big critics choice award win last night after
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speech for his best young actor trophy. he shared this video of him celebrating his big win to his favorite jam uptown funk by bruno mars. >> laura: it's a good day to go to the movies or break out those packages at home because it's national popcorn day. the average american -- get this, q. -- eats 17 gallons of popcorn a year. sam's definite on this. and combined, that is 4.3 billion -- i said billion -- gallons a year for the entire country. >> "q": that's a lot of popcorn. what's great about popcorn is if you don't get it covered in butter, it's healthy for you. well, straight ahead, two local restaurants closing their doors the stories coming up next. >> samantha: i think i'm going to go to campbell's after the show to celebrate, guys. sounds good. some popcorn always good. right? on a cold or a hot day. today, it's cold. maybe some hot soup for lunch, huh? 13 in cleveland. got that snow on the ground and
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there's another chance tomorrow. we will talk about it when we
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>> "q": two northeast ohio max and erma's at crocker park in westlake and the one at belden village mall in canton were told yesterday about the bad news. the company says it's
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a total of 13 stores closed in ohio, michigan, and indiana. >> laura: what stumped all the jeopardy contestants last night? well, all three contestants risked it all and they lost on the -- >> all right. randy we come to you first. this was a tough one. struggled with this immensely. let's see if you were able to come up -- >> laura: all three risked it all and lost on the final question on state capitals. a 1957 event led to the creation of a national historic site in this city signed into law by a president whose library is now there. the answer is -- what is little rock, arkansas. now the clue was referencing the 1957 desegregation of central high school and the president was bill clinton whose national library is now in the capitol there. that means there will be three
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>> "q": you know what? i shouldn't laugh. because i didn't know the answer to the question or the question to the answer. but, that's some funny stuff to me. >> laura: i bet all three of them want a do-over. maybe we should -- we should tell them this little fact. there hasn't been a sweep like that on final jeopardy since 2013 in a teen tournament there. >> "q": interesting stuff. >> laura: oh, boy. >> "q": sam you knew the answer. >> samantha: no, i didn't. i tried to guess this morning and i was wrong. i won't tell you how wrong i was because my answer was pretty wrong. but the answer today -- what is freezing cold. that's thousand how it feels outside. with the wind factored in, you don't need me to tell you this, you know how it feels out there. right? like zero up to five degrees on your exposed skin. that is the wind-chill. bitterly cold for the rest of the day and into tonight and tomorrow morning, as well. the good news, by tomorrow
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warmer. so, a glimmer of hope there. the south. west side looking good. but as you get a little bit closer to the city of cleveland and out to the east, we still have snow here. now on the near west side, there is a little bit of light snow and then down on the southern end of cuyahoga county, all the action really for most of the morning has been on the eastern side of cleveland out toward mayfield heights, beachwood, pepper pike, and then out into geauga county where we have accumulated in some spots up to 20 inches of snow over the course of the last several days. we have had on again off again snow and out in portions of geauga county, again, 20 inches of snow on the ground. it's winter. it's here. right? chesterland, russell, mayfield heights, shaker heights all areas, that 271 corridor if that's where you are headed for lunch, driving around there or even through the evening
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that lake-effect snow advisory in effect for us for cuyahoga, lake and geauga counties until 7:00. an inch or less as you get out toward the west and south side. on the east side of cleveland, one to four inches. that's valid for geauga county and then northern lake county will go an inch or less of new snow through tonight. so, here's the breakdown for the rest of the day. counties. snow hanging on through the evening commute. out in the snowbelt, potentially through tonight. but no major accumulation with that. everywhere else, just really cold. and hey, we have been talking about this all week. we aren't done with snow just yet. now, not so much lake-effect but a little system swinging through here tomorrow. that's going to provide the focus for snow showers mid-to-late morning and into the afternoon. you can see clearly that this is not going to be a major snow event. but guys, there will be some snow showers around, accumulation should be on the
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well, here's a question for you guys at home. do you love the scent of citrus around your house? you know the grocery stores shelves are filled with items oranges. well, according to one news study, the stuff could be it. the b.b.c. and university of new york says sweet-smelling limonen is in some candles, air freshners and cleaning products. the stuff can turn into cancer causing formaldehyde once it's airborne. the carcinogen can make your eyes burn, irritate the skin, create coughing fits and nausea or even cause nose and throat cancer. so, i'm throwing that stuff out as soon as i get home. >> laura: not a bad idea. european scientists have fine tuned an ultrasound test that can determine whether ovarian tumors are cancerous. doctors looked at 5,000 cases and found the new techniques significantly improved. diagnosis accuracy. researchers at the
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catching up on some sleep may help lower the risk of diabetes. they found diabetes risk jumped 16% for healthy young men who were sleep deprived but with two nights of extra sleep, insulin levels returned to normal. epidemic. heroin abuse is a deadly problem and it claimed more than 1,000 lives right here in ohio back in 2014 alone. now vermont is struggling with the same problem. so its governor is introducing a new method of treatment. here's correspondent kenneth craig to tell you about the new vaccine. >> reporter: sean limon brings his family to a standing office. every 28 days, the recovering heroin addict is injected with the his life around. >> when you look back two years ago -- >> makes me literally sick. >> the 25-year-old vermont resident has battled addiction for years. in and out of jail and rehab
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now, he's among a small, but growing, number of addicts embracing the drug vivitrol. it is the first treatment that's kept him clean. >> see you in a month. >> yep. >> users go through detox first. then the monthly injection stops cravings and blocks the body's opiod receptors so even if they try to get high, they don't feel it. >> you actually sort of put it to the test. >> yeah. i tried it. at the time i was very angry that i didn't get high. but the next day i was so thankful. >> reporter: vermont governor peter shumlan has been candid and outspoken about his state's heroin problem. he thinks vivitrol may be some of the solution. >> we are approving it in treatment centers. we have been building them like mad in vermont. we also wanted to try it in our prisons because frankly that's a good place to do it. >> reporter: this state prison begins a pilot program this month offering addicts the injection before they are released. the drug maker believes vermont is the only state approving it
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in treatment centers and eventually all prisons. >> let's start to provide treatment and medicines that can actually get people back to productive lives. that. he has a full-time job and a daughter. a constant reminder of why he's fighting to stay clean.
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>> "q": it's no surprise that kids like jumping on trampolines. washing machines, too. >> laura: someone put a brick rip. the washing machine looks like it's dancing around. it rocks back and forth and then wildly begins to bounce around. the person who posted the viral video simply writes in the description -- it's time to wreck some washing machines. look likes it's time to wreck some trampolines as well. too long. >> laura: aren't there usually >> samantha: there's no way that's real. have i no many questions. >> samantha: no. i need facts. i'm a scientist. >> "q": you are. >> laura: can we do this tomorrow live in studio? >> "q": yeah, right. >> laura: not going to happen. >> samantha: i need more information. sceptical. light snow out there right now. especially on the east side. go slow.
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jeff will be tracking it live on the air for you. more snow tomorrow. >> "q": there, you go. well thanks for joining us. the young and the restless is up
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