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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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starts now. >> six of nine. he's come back. >> it was ugly. crushed on their home court. the cleveland cavaliers took a beating from the golden state warriors monday night. it is a loss for the record books. we will talk about that coming up. first, here we go again. some of you are under a lake-effect snow advisory. >> dan: let's get to meteorologist jeff tanchak for details who is affected tonight. >> jeff: it is winding down. i am not too concerned about the snow situation here. we just have flurries out there. they actually dropped the lake-snow advisory recently. that's the update. geneva, leroy. in lake county this is just some flurries. but you have up to 20 inches of snow on the ground in the madison area. you get the idea. a few more flakes there. won't hurt anybody. quiet night. calmer wind.
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windchill factor tonight. we have a shot of snow tomorrow afternoon and mainly along the lakeshore and east and we will dry things out thursday before we draw our attention to the east coast and major east coast storm expected to develop. temps in the teens to around 20. that's warmer than what it's been. area wide we are down to 18. 21 sandusky. again, the wind is dying down and the windchill factor not too bad as we look at the forecast temperatures here. the trend got us falling 12 to 14 degrees tonight. clouds will be on the increase. we have that shot of snow. overall, the forecast is looking quieter. and we will warm up those temperatures forecast details later on. dan, over to you. >> dan: thanks, jeff. temperatures like that letting pet owners to know it is too cold for our four-legged friends to be left outside. still below zero people leave
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bitter cold. denise zarrella is live where in one community that could soon change. >> reporter: dan, it is hard enough to stand out a few minutes to do this live shot. can you imagine being an animal left outside in freezing temperatures tied up, no less. now, tonight willowick city hall council will get together and meet and take the first step in that making it illegal. >> clyde and drexler were left tied up to a tree and abandoned county humane society. >> a good samaritan found them and contacted our humane agent in. >> reporter: if a new ordinance is passed willowick can better position to help animals tied up outside for long periods of time especially in the snow and freezing temperatures. >> this antiquated system leaves dogs out in the elements so they are actually subject to rain,
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if they don't have proper shelter and food, you know it is inadequate care. >> reporter: city council will have the first reading of the ordinance tonight n. it, animals cannot be tied up more than six hours a day and no longer a than two consecutive hours with an hour in between tethering. animals cannot be tethered 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and can't be tied up if no one is home or severe weather. tethers must be at least 20 feet long and cannot have a choke or pinch collar. mayor richard bondi, a dog owner himself thinks the ordinance will pass. >> we have not had a big issue in our city in the last 12 years i have been mayor. we have had other issues of animals left in houses and abandoning animals and especially cats. i think this fits into the same philosophy we expect people to take care of their animals.
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cities like east lake, willoughby and mentor passed an ordinance similar to this one and willowick city council will meet at 7:30 for the fist reading. >> denise: thank you, denise. >> a factory fire in canton had firefighters scrambling in this cold weather. jackson township got a call before 9:00 this morning for a fire in the wall at tristan rubber molding. when crews got there, flames were through the roof. ladder trucks from jackson, canton and north plain township came to help. all the employees made it out safely. this afternoon we are told the roads are back open. driving in the winter weather is tough enough. >> dan: imagine having to work outside in this bitter cold while our own harry boomer did that today and also caught up with others getting paid to freeze. >> anchor: well, dan and
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i often joke i don't do anything in the cold i am not paid to do. apparently i am not the only one. >> he manages a group of valets who have the task of braving the cold and doing their jobs. >> we like helping our guests. even though it is cold we have on dress appropriate and make sure we are ready for the day. >> her co-worker feels the pain and bitter cold. >> it is cold and if you don't have the proper attire on under here, actually you could get by when you are running and your body can get warm. it gets cold at times. >> the hilton cleveland downtown is under construction next to the convention center. workers there are dressed for the occasion. they still look cold as they man of mother nature. >> those of us warm and cozy inside somebody has to deliver them. let's not forget about those who
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snowplow salting and shoveling as needed. we knew it was coming as swirls through and around downtown. >> that's all right. i have been doing it a lot of years. >> ask donald hard at work shoveling the snow. experience taught him a few things about being out in dangerously cold temps. >> gear up. two coats. couple of sweaters, three pair of gloves. go in and out and get warm. >> you know, when temps get this cold and wind blows this hard i know why birds fly south. it helps me to appreciate those of us working outside what we must do to stay warm in a very cold downtown cleveland harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> all right. get warm, harry. >> denise: if you have to go outside bundle up and cover exposed skin with wind chills dipping below zero. it doesn't take long for frostbite to set in.
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warning signs. numbness, skin that's waxy with gray light blue or bluish discoloration. these are symptoms of frostbite. if you experience those symptoms after spending time outside in the cold seek professional possible. >> you can download the free cleveland 19 news mobile app for more tips on surviving this bitter cold and like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and get updates on the winter weather right in your news feed. >> the biggest home loss for cleveland with lebron james, a member of the team. >> dan: if you think the weather is bad, did you happen to catch the cavaliers last night? it was a blowout at the q. the golden state warriors thunked the cavs in what was probably the worst loss of lebron's cree. >> denise: embarrassing to say the least. sports director tony zarrella joins us more with the brutal
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>> tony: a lot happened and a lot bad and the scoreboard this was the worst loss in lebron's career and losing the finals carries more weight and pain and no question there were reasons to be concerned. it is not that they have lost five straights to warriors going back to the finals. for the first time in that stretch the warriors look like they are on a completely different level and cavs have everybody healthy coming off a road trip and completely overwhelmed. does that mean they can't hang with the best of the west? they have a lot of time and a lot to do. >> top teams you want to play well and top teams in the west. >> and so far and we have them ready to go. tonight was an example how far we have to go for a championship level. we have to continue to get better. >> some of our wins have been
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we get by sometimes based on our talent and whether it is the 4th quarter executing and players we have sometimes we get away with it. tonight they took us out of our stuff. >> great point by kyrie irving. >> cavs look like they met in the parking lot. >> they have nets, clippers and bulls on deck. nobody is worried about those teams of the it is warriors and spurs cavs need to measure up with. they need to know they can beat those guys and last night they were not even close. >> denise: all right, tony. >> cavs fans, are you worried after last night's game or maybe it was a bad night. share in your conversation and we will share at 6:00 tonight. >> dan: the countdown is on to the national republican convention in cleveland and we will be here in july just six months away. the rnc committee of arrangements held an open house
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preparations for the big event. plans are falling in place. there's some work to be done. as cleveland gets ready for the republican national convention follow us. it will be here july 18th-21st. cleveland will update through the process on air and social media. >> denise: two local max and erma's restaurants are closing their doors at crocker park and westlake and belton village mall in canton. the company told workers the news yesterday, 2 of 13 underperforming stores they are closing in ohio, michigan and indiana. >> dan: well, if you have ever had one you know sinus infections are no fun. they are a frequent problem for some people. coming up, how doctors are using high-tech tools to bring sinus relief. >> denise: a lot of people around here could use that. later a new weapon in the fight
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> dan: after a heavy snowfall emergency departments are often busy treating people who overdid it shoveling their driveways, muscle pulls, back strains and
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but the way you choose to tackle the snow can make a difference. first of all, buying an ergonomic shovel can relieve pressure on your back, pushing snow instead of lifting it relieves the strain and it is also important to dress in breathable layers and staying hydrated while working in the cold. doctors at the cleveland clinic say the best thing can you do is pace yourself. >> the key is never overexert yourself f you feel chest discomfort, faintness or trouble breathing take a break or call emergency department. >> dan: it is important to be aware of your physical limits if you are using a snow blower instead of a shovel you can still overexert yourself. if there are several inches of snow, not waiting until all of it has fallen is not the best. the best is remove it in shifts. >> denise: this is the time of
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viruses and allergies, 37 million people in the u.s. this year. one way to stop it is surgery and that's come a long way. health reporter catherine bosley joins us now with more on that. >> catherine: sinus surgery is a way to cut back scientists are using fantastic technology showing them exactly what to expect with each patient. surgery, talking about tricky spots and even the outcome. >> reporter: for years brian cooked dinner for his family and missed out on the savory aroma. brian had sinus problems, whether he was cooking running or sleeping it was difficult to breathe. >> doctors say i don't know how you breathe the way you do. the body kinda finds a way. eventually brian underwent surgery to clear his surgery. a surgery that takes place about every 40 seconds in the u.s. the surgery is complex.
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the sinuses are surrounded by the brain and the eyes. you have to be very precise within millimeters. >> long-term complications can be severe including loss of smell or taste, nerve damage and empty nose syndrome where air passages are wide open and patients constantly feel congested. to eliminate complications researchers at the ohio state university wexler medical center are designing 3-d custom models. they use computation fluid dynamics to allow doctors to test the outcome of a sinus surgery before hitting the o.r., virtually reality. >> remove tissues and back compute what is this affect on the nasal air flow. >> we use ct navigation, which is like gps for your head and allows us to be a fraction of a millimeter in terms of accuracy.
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printed models to give doctors detail. keep in mind patients have to live with the results forever after. >> reporter: researchers are very much in the tenetsing phase of their presurgical models f. they do what they are expected to do it can be helpful. 12 million suffer from chronic sinusitis getting infections four to five times a year or more. >> in the newscenter, i'm catherine bosley. >> all right. clearly, the biggest lake-effect event we have had this year with 20 inches on the ground here south madison eastern lake county. chardon 16 inches, ashtabula, over a foot. there's jefferson there with a foot of snow. west side, nope, you don't have it. foot peirpont, conneaut, montville and willoughby 10 inches of snow and lake-effect is winding down.
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it looks like a pretty good swath of snow out there but it will fall apart by the time it reaches us. one thing we will get from it is enough moisture to kick off lake enhanced snow from this system primarily tomorrow afternoon and along the larry soulsby and east of cleveland. this one will not have a whole lot of wind and won't be arctic air associated with this guy either. let's look at temperatures cold tonight well in the teens further inland if not around 10 depending on what clouds do. i expect an increase in clouds as the night wears on. 1 a.m. generally teens. the good news the wind will be light as i mentioned. no wind chill at 7:00 in the morning and get low to mid-teens to start things off. i have us dropping to 14 in cleveland with increasing clouds. west to southwest wind less than
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in fact, the wind will be light akron-canton with increasing clouds and your forecast low right around 11. a quiet start to the day. good morning commute and you can see how a lot of snow falls apart with the system. i worded it as flurries west and south. you see how we are getting a little lake enhanced snow here later in the afternoon. and into tomorrow evening. so that could lead to some accumulation. not a lot. it won't be a significant snow. larry soulsby and east, that could be impacting your afternoon ride home temperature in the lake-effect areas. but travel outside the lake-effect zones you are looking pretty good. i went 1 to 4 inches in the afternoon on larry soulsby and east right around 20 for the high. tomorrow night snow showers around. i think by thursday things will
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in fact, we should see a little more in the way of sun on thursday. >> 20 tomorrow and drop to 12 tomorrow night and gradual clearing overnight. thursday, partly cloudy and 26. big east coast storm and will you hear about this during the national news. big east coast from washington, philadelphia and new york city and we could see snow from that friday evening and more likely wind. 30 friday. saturday. 31 and the weekend looks dry and saturday night i have us clear and 18. sunday a mix of sun and sun and clouds and up to 3 for the high. quiet early next week and monday and tuesday and another round of snow to contend with. one thing you don't see on the >> that's nice. >> temperatures are moderating. >> dan: any chance to get el nio 40s, 50s or are we done with that.
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soon. the rest of january i don't see any big shots of cold air. that's something. >> denise: 20s and 30s sound pretty good right now especially after the teens. coming up airline changes could have a big impact on your next trip out of town.
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>> denise: a consumer alert before you hit the friendly skies with man's best friend. >> dan: one of the biggest airlines is making big changes to rules with flying with pets. chris van cleve has details. >> good morning. we are checking out pets. >> for peter harold and his wife january shanty is part of the family which means when they fly their adorable goldendoodle does, too. >> but shanty is too big for the cab in and she has to be checked.
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it takes a lot of paperwork. >> starting they will not allow larger dogs to be checked onto the flight and be handled as freight and pets have to be arrive three hours and drop-off at the cargo facility which is a different location than passenger check in and the pooch could fly on a separate flight time. delta change also as united. and sue runs the airline pet safe program. >> we really have a better equipped facility at cargo and we can properly keep the animals in a safe environment and have professional staff that can look after them when they have a connection and layover than leaving them on the tarmac. >> southwest and jetblue won't let you check a pet. american does and only on certain aircraft and not when it is too hot or too cold. >> service animals are allowed on all flights.
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likely to be abused as airlines make it harder to check your pets. >> reporter: chris van cleve, cbs reagan national airport for virginia. >> delta says the change to the policy will ensure a high quality consistent service for pets when owners choose to ship them with delta cargo. >> tough situation. >> denise: it is. >> dan: people love their animals and want to make sure they are safe. it can be dangerous. >> denise: it is a family member and it is tough. rules are changing and used to be they could fly in the cabin up to a certain weight. >> i don't know. i think i would drive myself. bernie sanders is gaining steam. find out how he plans to pull ahead of hillary clinton in the
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cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. let's look outside and see how traffic is flowing i-77, 480 in the independence area and check cleveland and northeast ohio and everything seems to be clear at this moment and no real traffic snarls. can you get live traffic updates on the go with the free cleveland 19 news mobile app and click on traffic. finally we get the weather that ice fishermen have been waiting for and this is not a good day to be on lake erie. 12% of the lake is covered in ice and several weeks behind last year's pace. the ohio department of natural resources issued a strict list of guidelines when it comes to ice safety. if it is two inches or less stay off t. should be at least four inches thick for ice fishing and five inches thick for a.t.v. or snowmobiles and 8 inches thick before driving a car or pick up
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od & r suggest no ice is safe ice. find more ice safety tips on the seen-on section of especially this year. >> hasn't been cold enough yet. >> jeff: definitely not cold enough for anything like that. we will see this arctic air will not stick around and ice fishermen probably not too happy with the forecast. we will moderate it in temperature as the week goes on and into the weekend. there you see the flurries are pretty much over. i can clearly say lake-effect snow machine is done. for now. 20 degrees downtown cleveland west wind at 14 and we have been seeing that trend of the wind diminishing. it will feel better outside tonight. we will not be dealing with 10 below wind chills we had last night because of the fact the wind is dying down. 18 akron-canton and you are actually clear right now. here is the temperature trend
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throughout the night and sneaking up to 14 at 8:00 in the morning and awaiting the next system. it is colder tonight and another shot of snow tomorrow afternoon and east of cleveland and we will dry things out again on thursday. with the system itself we are not going to get much snow areas west and south some flurries. later in the afternoon going into tomorrow evening here is 1:00 in the afternoon and 4:00. you see how we get a flare up of snow showers and that's lake enhancement where we could get perhaps 1 to 4 inches of snow out of this. along the lakeshore and east. so that will affect travel in the afternoon and evening if that happens but travel outside of the lake-effect tomorrow you are good to go.
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and cloudy sky tomorrow highs around 20. the wind not too strong with this system. 1 to 4 inches of some afternoon and evening snow further inland and akron-canton cloudy sky and just some afternoon flurries in the forecast and temperatures will be around 20 as we look at the day planner tomorrow and at 7 a.m. and lunch and there you see the snow at 5:00 at 20 degrees. >> the democratic race for president is competitive in the first two voting states of iowa and new hampshire. when you look beyond the two states it is a different story. >> bernie sanders is gaining. hillary clinton hillary clinton has her big lead. as ryan nobody els explains, the bernie sanders campaign is moving forward. >> in the race for the democratic nomination bernie sanders is competitive in new hampshire. in the last two weeks he closed
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>> one of the reasons i think that our campaign is doing so well and has so much energy we are touching the issues the right. >> get beyond the second week of february and the picture changes a bit. you're doing. >> reporter: the latest polls in south carolina show clinton leading by more than 30 points. in florida, a state rich with delegates a florida atlantic university poll shows clinton ahead by 44 points. clinton remains strong in the south in part because of her support in the african-american community. bernie sanders believes that part of the campaign hasn't even started. >> what we have seen throughout this race, the more voters get to know bernie sanders the more they come to him. >> sanders spent monday in north carolina and south carolina breaking into clinton's lead. it is not a lead clinton will
5:28 pm
the former secretary of state is focused on issues of concerns in the black community and criminal justice reform and gun violence. >> dr. king died with his work unfinished and it is up to us to see it through. >> a crucial voting block with enormous power over who could be president. >> reporter: in washington, ryan nobody els reporting. >> in addition to sanders in iowa he is gaining nationally. a monmouth university poll shows him trailing by 15 points and has gained 11 points since december. >> denise: we have breaking news in the campaign trail. sarah palin will endorse republican frontrunner donald trump for the g.o.p. nomination. palin who was republican party nominee for vice president in 2008 will make an official announcement at a trump campaign event in iowa. mr. trump says he is a big fan
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proud to have her endorsement. >> dan: keep it here for continuing coverage this election year on presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle and bring you the latest from the campaign trail on our web site, cleveland 19 social media and free cleveland 19 news app. the supreme court will consider a legal challenge to president obama's overhall of the nation's immigration rules aimed at allowing millions of undocumented immigrants to apply. federal courts blocked it in response to a challenge brought by texas and 25 other states. since then, the nearly 4.3 million immigrants who would have been eligible have been caught in legal limbo. heated situation in michigan where governor rick snyder will deliver his state of the state speech amid growing anger over
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water contamination crisis. in 2014 flint's water supply was tainted with lead after a state appointed emergency manager switched the city's water source from detroit water to the flint river water to save money. confront adrianna diaz has more from michigan. >> reporter: dozens demonstrated outside michigan governor rick snyder's home monday. many say the slow response to contaminated water is criminal. >> he should have switched back to detroit water as soon as he knew of the contamination. >> reporter: volunteers and state troopers spent the martin luther king holiday in flint handing out water bottles and filters named for the civil rights icon. >> need help with that? >> no, i got it. >> reporter: thousands others like patricia marshall are making daily trips to distribution centers to pick up water. >> every day we have to go out and get water.
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>> reporter: in an article published monday the national journal asked snyder compared of his handling of the flint water crisis to president obama's management of katrina is unfair. he replied no. it is a disaster. >> the governor says as soon as he found out the lead was coming from the water he told people to stop drinking it. >> that's bull. >> richardson says flint needs more than emergency declarations and bottled water. >> what happens after the water is gone. we will have the lead and pipes and poison and disease. >> reporter: governor snyder is expected to layout a more detailed plan and hundreds are expected to protest at the statehouse. >> reporter: adrianna diaz cbs news, flint, michigan. >> dan: governor snyder declared a state of emergency earlier this month and president barack obama signed an emergency declaration and denied snyder's request for disaster.
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for natural events fires, floods or explosions. >> denise: you are looking at what's called the great pacific garbage patch in the pacific ocean. the world is flooded with plastic garbage and getting worse. the world economic forum says there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans by the year 2050. that's frightening. they estimate in the next 30 produced globally will increase three times to 1.1 million tons. >> the same forum says the only way to avoid a disaster is massively improve economics and world recycling giving people incentives to collect plastic garbage, recycle and reuse reusable packaging. >> an epidemic hitting hard in northeast ohio.
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stre beer tn waarin and has a ecif vers trement talk tyourocto out adaxtoda >> dan: like much of the nation vermont is in the grips of a drug crisis. >> denise: the number of people treated for heroin use has quadrupled. vermont's governor is leading the call for new solutions including a monthly heroin vaccine. >> dan: correspondent kenneth craig shows how this emerging treatment is used to stop the caves. >> reporter: sean lyman brings his family to a standing appointment at the doctor's
5:36 pm
every 28 days, the recovering heroin addict is injected with a treatment drug he says turned his life around. >> when you look back where you were two years ago. >> it makes me sick. literally sick. >> the 25-year-old vermont resident battled addiction for years. in and out of jail and rehab programs that haven't worked and now among a small but growing number of addicts embracing the drug vively to, the first treatment keeping him clean. >> see you in a month. >> users go through detox first and monthly injections stops cravings and blocks the body's receptors so if they get high they don't feel it. >> you put it to the test. >> i try to. >> at the time i was angry i didn't get high and the next day i was thankful. >> vermont governor has been candid and outspoken about a state's heroin problem thinking vivitrol is part of the solution.
5:37 pm
centers like mad in vermont. we wanted to try it in our prisons because that's a good place to do it. >> this state prison begins a pilot program this month offering addicts the injection before they are released. the drug maker believes vermont is the only state approving it for use statewide in treatment centers and all prisons. >> let's provide treatment in medicines that can get people back to productive lives. >> lyman says he is doing just that. he has a full-time job and a daughter. a constant reminder of why he is fighting to stay clean. >> reporter: kenneth craig cbs news white river junction vermont. >> denise: a lot of insurance companies and medicaid cover vivitrol costing otherwise a thousand dollars a month. if you know or somebody you know is battling addiction help is available in cleveland.
5:38 pm
call this number. (800)304-2219 or dial 211 to find a clinic or resource center mark? >> mark: tonight on cleveland 19 news at 6:00 remembering a fallen officer. the murder of a police officer hitting close to home for one school. how they are coping and their special connection. investigator carl monday sparks new action after his report on overtime abuse in a city of cleveland apartment. what's being done. new legislation centered on the relatives of domestic violence victims.
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we will see you at 6:00. conipatn and lly in ha my omacfeelg l knted . i'veriedaxates.. but symoms ke retning myonstatiofeel li a pe ofrick.. th kee comg ba. nzescan lp.
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out nzestoda welcome. when it comes to pass words you have one for about everything banking, credit cards and
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yeah splash put out the annual list of most used. the pass words you shouldn't be using compiling this list off hackers that put out the list of the most used and silly pass words ones like this. people who use every letter in the top row of keys and you went down the list. dragon master, monkey. let me in. that's an interesting password. 11 through 15. welcome. others. they put this out every year. football, 1234 probablyn the safest. jeff uses that for his weather computers. computers. first on the list, 1-6 and password. you have one of these, you need
5:43 pm
hackers will get into your stuff like that. >> i love it when they make you change your password. locked out of the weather computer. >> i need an engineer. someone just hacked into my weather computer. thank you. >> i forget my passwords so often. i just do. i have to change it all the time and you forget what the new one was. >> i jot them down. then i have to keep the piece of paper in the safe. >> and it is moderating. 7-day and focus on the 7-day right here. arctic chill. wasn't that bad. come on. >> everyone keeps saying, yeah was. all right. 20 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow and a shot of some snow in the afternoon east of cleveland. we will drop it down to 12 tomorrow night thursday partly cloudy sky and 26 degrees for
5:44 pm
now you will be hearing about this a lot in the national news and makes top national news. whenever this happens it will be a big east coast storm developing at the end of the week and weekend and affecting washington, philly and eastern pennsylvania there. it could give us a little bit of snow. we have some time and guys we could go back to that. snow friday evening and then on saturday 31. and looks like the snow will miss us. 31 saturday. 18 saturday night. sunday a mixed sky and 33 degrees. that is getting back closer to the average 34 that we should be seeing this time of year. monday cloudy sky 35 and monday night tuesday a shot of snow and i have an alert for that. that's day 7 though and that could change. looks like snow and mixing with some ice monday and tuesday.
5:45 pm
temperatures warming as i mentioned in the 30s and that's good and feeling better outside out there. denise. >> all right, jeff. >> denise: a local rapper rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.
5:46 pm
now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: starting with a local rapper rushed to the hospital. a guitar legend at the rock hall cofounding member of the eagles glen fry passed away at age 67. today fans were at the rock hall of fame in cleveland checking out the eagles gear on display. the group was inducted into the rock hall in 1998. >> denise: kaitlyn jenner plans to share more of her story with the world signing a book deal for a new memoir. the olympic athlete will document her transition and journey from being male to female.
5:47 pm
alongside pulitzer prize winner buzz and friday night lights. he wrote vanity cover story in july as she revealed her new identity. the memoir does not have a title but scheduled for a spring 2017 publication. cleveland native machine gun kelly was rushed to emergency surgery. the rapper told fans on social media he had an arm infection that was bad. it was so bad it made his elbow swell up to the size of a baseball. doctors told him if he waited 12 more hours they may have had to amputate the arm. fortunately kelly's surgery was a success. thanks to marsha winfield for our view of the day. check out the snow in leroy township this morning.
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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. now at 6:00 live pictures outside. the snow may be dying down for now. another shot is on the way. good news is, we get a bit of a break until tomorrow. we'll take it. it is plenty cold outside. jeff tanchak has been tracking it in the first alert weather center. jeff. >> jeff: it is cold. the worst of the arctic chill is over. wind is dying down and clear skies now and over downtown cleveland and eventually we will moderate the temperatures in general. but tonight still pretty cold between 12 and 14 degrees and not dealing with 10 below wind chill values and there you see by 1:00 a.m. down to 12 and by morning 12 to 14 out there.
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