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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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mid-teens generally 19 sandusky. the lake-effect machine is off. so it will be dry tonight. 20 lakewood and 20 degrees in euclid. let's look at the headlines. a quieter night because of the calmer wind and another shot of snow in the afternoon tomorrow mainly on the lakeshore east and drying out thursday, big east coast storm we will be watching and i will let you know how it will impact us. i will talk about it in the national weather story coming up. >> harry boomer joins us in the cold with other workers who have to be out in the elements. harry, what do you got? >> reporter: well, jeff, you know, you told us it was coming temperatures. but, you know some of us have to take it to the street to do our jobs and i, of course, are among them. but you got to do what you got to do.
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hotel at the holiday inn express. >> hannah manages a group of workers who have the task of braving the cold while doing their job. >> we like helping our guests. it is cold. we have to dress appropriate and day. >> her co-worker feels the pain and ready for the bitter cold. >> you have the proper attire on under here and you can get by when you are running but it gets real cold at times. >> when traffic lights go out, somebody has to fix them. frigid temperatures. you can see what workers have to do include repairing this light. a break. >> those of us warm and cozy inside somebody has to deliver them. let's not forget about those who struggle to keep up with the snowfall salting and shoveling as needed. >> we knew it was coming. the hawk, as it swirls through
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>> it's all right. years. >> ask donald who is hard at work shoveling the snow. his experience taught him things cold temps. >> gear up. gloves. go in and out and get warm. we have to do it. it is cleveland. >> you know donald dublin had it right. dress warm and face the fact it is winter in cleveland and there is another fact. my work day is over so i am headed in to get warm. back to you in the studio. >> mark: he is a smart man, harry boomer. thank you very much. stay on top of winter conditions any time of the day live radar and personal forecast on your phone. download the first alert weather app. >> catherine: a massive fire in starke county flames ripped through tristan rubber molding in jackson township. 18 employees were in at the time
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roads are now back open. a guilty plea many court for the woman accused of hurting a 4-year-old cleveland boy. little mikey reese has i don't understand gone multiple brain surgeries and crystal anderson was the father's girlfriend and pleaded guilty to child endangering and domestic violence and will be sentenced next month. >> mark: the shake up continues in the cleveland division of waste after carl monday uncovered a culture of overtime abuse and lack of supervision. carl has the latest list of disciplined workers. >> waste collectors, drivers and supervisors accused of gaming the system of garbage collection. >> reporter: 18 more waste collection workers disciplined for bad work habits and some cases not working at all. the latest round of discipline includes two workers who have been terminated and six suspended and others await disciplinary hearings. >> who is watching the workers?
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>> reporter: you are doing it. >> we are doing it. >> the city promised to crackdown on waste in the waste division after our investigation showed smith abusing the system. >> what's your last name? >> that's not important. >> reporter: i want to make sure i have the right guy. >> you don't have anybody. >> overtime ballooned to more than $1 million more than double the budgeted amount and smith was getting paid up to four hours of overtime on days we caught him slacking off up to 7 hours of his shift and the city wasted no time canning the waste collector. >> going about doing their own personal business while getting paid by the city of cleveland. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: also getting the axe some of smith's bosses, two foremen fired and superintendent and man at the top randal scott was reassigned. with the latest moves in case you are losing count, 30 waste
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disciplined since the investigation began. the current crop of slackers include waste workers who walked off the job in the middle of the work day, fell asleep or refused a job assignment. >> what is wrong here. collection. >> reporter: in a meeting where overtime abuse was discussed he every week i get calls about how poor waste collection is and 274% increase in overtime. that should be sending rockets off. >> they have a new acting commissioner and we are told he is on a short leash. if things are not cleaned up soon the city administration will make a push for private waste collection and turn it to a private hauler. >> carl monday cleveland 19. >> mark: carl, thank you. we got surveillance video. a scuffle on the bus at west 3rd and superior.
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passenger grabbed bus schedules and threw them over the floor and things got physical and the driver said you have to pick those up transit police showed up. the suspect needed treatment for minor injuries and the prosecutor's office is looking into it. the murder of a knox county police officer is sending shockwaves through the community. tonight the tragedy is hitting close to home for one school. dani carlson now with the story. hi, dani. >> reporter: danville is located with akron and columbus more than 1,000 people and officer cottrell was one of six police officers in the department with a fiance who worked at the local school. now an entire community is dealing with an unspeakable tragedy. >> knox county in danville, i kind of froze in my tracks. >> it makes everybody, whoa. you know. >> you don't think about it until it hits home close to home. >> danville community stunned over the death of tom cottrell
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targeted because he was law enforcement. danville superintendent dan harper says he learned of the deadly shooting hours after it happened and he says he couldn't believe officer cottrell was dead. >> tom was a very friendly outgoing person. was well respected by the students and by the staff and by the community. >> reporter: harper called in counselors, ministers and mental health specialists to care for grieving children all day and teachers, too. they have a special connection to officer cottrell because he was engaged to the school nurse. she and her two sons are being embraced by the danville community. >> trying to do our best to support her and to support the children. >> teachers were tasked with making things normal for students used to seeing officer cottrell at their after school activities. >> a lot are still in shock about how could something like this happen in danville which goes to show us it could happen
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around the state or in our country. >> police did arrest a suspect in the shooting herschel jones. his exgirlfriend called 91130 minutes before the shooting saying jones was threatening to kill a cop but by then, it was too late. >> catherine: dani, thank you. max and erma's is closing 1 stores in the midwest including two in our area crocker part, westlake and canton. the company claims restaurants were underperforming. >> mark: okay, there's no denying what happened. warriors crushed the cavaliers. >> catherine: it was painful. 132-98. dan deroos with what fans are saying on social media. can't be pretty. >> dan: a bit of a shock at the thumping and great memes coming out. lebron, like what cheat code warriors were using and looked like an arcade game for warriors at times last night.
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craig says i have never seen one team take so much public scrutiny over one regular season game. boy this has gone viral. the second worst thing coming out of the game. that appears to be two cavaliers fans, one asleep and one enjoying a recreational activity. yes, somebody said that's what it is like to be a cavs fan. this guy here louie said cavs played yesterday? technically maybe they did. they sure didn't look like it. it is a brattle day on social media for cavs fans. there you go. catherine? >> i can't even look at the picture. >> bulletin board material to get the cavs moving. >> we will have lebron james reaction coming up in a little bit in sports. >> mark: coming up next, an effort to create a new ohio law. we will tell you why a woman behind it thinks it is important to protect addresses of domestic
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>> jeff: hey, all right. let's go to independence out there. there you see the clouds breaking up. but eventually clouds will come back tonight. not as cold. tracking more snow tomorrow. details on that straight ahead. >> catherine: and one massive beer can collection could be yours. the current owner only hopes for
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. welcome. there's a proposal for a new domestic violence victims. a local woman is pushing for it after what her ex-husband did. found his ex-wife address and then murdered their two young children and her mother when a jury sentenced thome death he had no apologies. >> i had a reason to kill them. >> reporter: 38 states have confidentiality programs that
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victim's address from attackers and ohio is not one of them. >> alexandria is a senior domestic violence cases. >> any time you have advancing technologies and and you have release of information by government courts it is extremely easy to get the address andcast shall information. >> ohio are pushing for a vain lawmakers pushed for a bill to have domestic violence victims to have addresses protected. >> victims can apply for confidential address and that address would be used on public records and the secretary of state would forward mail to the real address. >> and if from what i have heard these programs help victims who
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forward with their lives and create safety nets for the victims and on balance work well in protecting a victim's address. thank you. >> and today we went to the rock hall to talk about the latest big loss in music glen fry glen fry died the week after david bowie. he was 67 and suffered multiple ailments and best known as cofounder. >> we have aged with the music and thought the music would always be with us. >> and you think about when you first heard it, what you felt and if they are gone you feel your mortality a bit.
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'n roll hall of fame. in loudonville meeting a man trying to sell his father's massive beer can collection. >> i would love to see somebody buy this collection and do whatted it dad did with it and that's how i would like to see it go. >> steve says his dad was a great dad world war ii veteran and collector and since he passed he is looking to sell his father's home and thousands of cans in his basement. the only hope is the new owner will keep the collection growing. we have buying details on our app. >> mark: cleveland city council signed a proclamation claiming it is star trek day. a loose connection. he was from shaker heights and the federation fan club was created here. the official celebration is at pj macintyre's irish pub until 8:00 and kamm's corner and
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appreciation to members of a fan organization raising $15,000 for local charities. >> all right. jeff tanchak the forecast that is not out of this world. >> jeff: no, it is not. things looking more in this world. i don't know what that meant. >> snow on the ground, 20 inches south madison and there you go. that was one of the winners, ashtabula, claire done and obviously in the snowbelt area snowbelt east of cleveland peirpont conneaut and kirtland and willoughby 10 inches of snow on the ground. >> all right down to 17 and some high clouds with the next system coming in here as the night wears on.
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from cedar rapids, iowa to st. louis and will fall apart by the time it reaches us. >> most of us tomorrow will see flurries with it during the afternoon. but on the lakeshore and east of cleveland you might get more than that. >> let's talk temperatures future view. 10:00, well, wooster, mansfield down to 9 and fairly big drop in temperature this evening and overnight temperature will either hold steady if not rise and looks like low to mid-teens by 7 a.m. to start your wednesday off with the increase in clouds in cleveland about 14 degrees or so. not a huge drop. akron-canton increasing clouds. mainly light wind right around 11. tomorrow first alert day in the afternoon. and it is primarily along the lakeshore and east of cleveland here impacting your late afternoon or evening drive. but outside of that you are good
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it looks on future view. this snow falls apart. see that. >> just some flurries. watch what happens along the lakeshore and east. see that between one and four and we start to get more kick from the additional lake moisture. i am thinking 1 to 4 inches of snow along the lakeshore and east tomorrow afternoon. and right around 20 for a high and look for snow showers to linger into tomorrow evening and gradual clearing thursday is looking drier with more sunshine around here. 20 tomorrow. down to 12 tomorrow night. 26. now, the wind will pick up with this big east coast storm that develops moving south and east of us. we could get light snow with it by friday evening. >> not much more than that. we will get wind with it. 31 saturday.
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increasing clouds and 33. monday night, tuesday another system bringing snow and freezing rain there temperatures tony. >> thank you. more on cavaliers on a night they would like to forget learn from and then forget and lebron and how it unraveled and johnny reaching out. maybe. i will let you judge for yourself when we come back. basketball hall of fer ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. so i asked my doctor about works
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: i remember that joe haden and browns won four games in 2013 costing them their jobs and the defense had its moments and one coach may be coming back. the browns are not wasting time with ray horton one day after
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they had them in town today f. ray believes he has unfinished business with browns it could happen quickly. he had the one season 2013 and not as blitz crazy as everybody suspect expected they racked up 40 sacks. since then horton has been with the titans and sticking with dick lebeau. horton is here all ears and hue jackson will be able to seal this deal. stay tuned. >> i give you five things to watch into last night's showdown. one of them home sweet home and cavaliers dominant at home until warriors came in and completely rattled them. >> jefferson, and three on two. rattled them and ran through them. watch curry. my god, the defense. >> lebron on how and why. >> we have some inexperienced guys that haven't played enough
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where they can fall back on. when it gets tough sometimes it is not like they can fall back on previous experiences to try to help them get through it. we will have a lot of bumps. >> they came in with a chip on their shoulder to prove in the fight and caught us while we were down and, you know we don't want to make excuses. they came in and kicked our ass and didn't do things we wanted to tonight. it took us out of a lot of our stuff. yes. before we go, has anybody heard from johnny manziel lately? actually, yes. >> no, roger. this looks nothing like you. you are much sexier. what are you wearing right now? who is this? johnny manziel? oh. no -- adios. i am not touching that one.
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funny. he gets that even.
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>> jeff: 20 degrees tomorrow. some snow showers in the afternoon especially on the
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26 thursday and partly cloudy and wind picks up friday and we will be up around 30. perhaps light snow by friday evening. >> all right. thank you for joining us at 6:00.
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