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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": breaking news this noon out of the cuyahoga county common pleas court. it just announced it's putting together a committee to review the grand jury process. >> laura: yeah, this comes right on the heels of that decision not to indict the officers involved in the shooting of tamir rice. judge jon russo says that despite recent criticism of the tamir rice grand jury results he's been considering changing the grand jury process since 2014. now the committee will look at the process and local rules to see if it can be made more efficient. >> "q": all right, we have some browns news for you now. the coaching staff is coming together in berea. >> laura: yeah the browns hired ray horton back as defensive
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conference in just about a half hour. tony zarella, he joins us live to try to keep up with all of this browns drama. tony? >> reporter: yeah, and this news conference will encompass a lot of things. this is the first time we will hear from the two knew new leaders. this time they will sit down together and we will get the philosophy of the franchise. there's been so much talk about the analytics. depodesta has been a baseball guy. he comes in to help steer the browns in the right direction. how will that translate to the nfl? those will be some of the questions. you mentioned the coaching staff, ray horton coming back. yesterday he was just here a few years ago. only had one season as a d-coordinater then the shazinsky coaching staff got blown out. a lot of people are excited about hair ton coming back, saunders coming back although hugh jackson says he will call his own play.
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say, under construction but seemingly headed in the right direction. it all start was those two guys at the top and for the first time today we will hear what they have to say about the new philosophy of our cleveland browns. we will continue our coverage later today beginning first at 4:00. >> laura: we will be waiting for that at 4:00, too. well, a stabbing in parma in a home this morning led to a police chase that ended when the suspect crashed into a brooklyn home. now, a man was stabbed inside his home on friar drive early this morning after the suspect crashed into the home, he took off on foot and was arrested shortly there after. no one was, fortunately, hurt. now a local high school is closed today after receiving a bomb threat. st. ignatious high school received the threat at 4:30 this morning. the cleveland police department dispatched a bomb squad. the threat has not proved credible but campus is closed as a precaution. >> "q": we have a gruesome murder to tell you about this noon out of warrensville heights. people thought they were looking at a deer in the street but it was actually the body of
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according to highway patrol, her boyfriend, gregory baxter, who is also 49, you are looking at him right now, admitted to stabbing her early wednesday. they stopped him in a stolen car in berlin township. today, a gas scare forced a school evacuation. students and staff at jon marshall high were asked to clear the building because they smelled gas. everyone was moved to nearby garfield high around 8:00 this morning. fire officials say the school is safe now so everyone was allowed back in jon marshall about an hour ago. >> laura: the save lakewood hospital committee delivered signatures to city hall. they have more than 3400 signatures they needed to put a referendum on the ballot to repeal city ordinance 2914 transferring ownership from the citizens to the cleveland clinic at just pennys on the dollar. >> "q": many businesses around cleveland are rallying together to help flint michigan. and all the people there who are
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yesterday, colombia road baptist church collected cases of water to send to flint and, two hair salons did the same thing to help do their part. today, bubba's que and the baker family are collecting water and gas cards for the group random acts of kindness. they are accepting donations until 8:00 tonight at the bubba's que in avon at 820 center road right next to the avon lake city building. the items will be taken to flint this weekend. >> laura: police are looking for a suspect in a robbery at a k.f.c. in south euclid this morning. a man entered the restaurant on mayfield road and pulled out a gun demanding all of the cash in the register. now, he fled on foot. 10 seconds later after realizing there were no employees at the registers because of a shift change. so the suspect was wearing a black coat, we are told, a gray sweatshirt, and possibly white sneakers. a kent state professor returns to teach on campus today
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f.b.i. for allegedly recruiting students for isis. professor julio pino is teaching two classes. f.b.i. agents are reportedly still interviewing people on campus. kent state president beverly warren said in a statement just yesterday that there is currently no threat to campus. >> "q": and we now have the names of the sisters who died in that house fire yesterday. but we won't be releasing them until we get the official word from the coroner's office. but we can tell you this. they were relatives of a cleveland police officer. this is a tragic story, really. the grandson of one victim, the nephew of the other, is in the hospital right now in serious condition. he tried to save the women. the state fire marshall is still working on what caused this fire. the heinan brothers announced they are opening a brand new store in chagrin falls soon. the one in downtown cleveland is terrific. i go there all the time.
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as for the new one, it will be inside the former giant eagle and russo supermarket in chagrin falls. it will be the 23rd heinan's to open in ohio and illinois. >> laura: people in the d.c. metro area got a bitter taste of what's to come last night when nearly an inch of snow -- oh, they have big changes coming -- brought onto the belt way to a screeching halt. even the president, president obama, he was stuck in that mess. it took an hour and 12 minutes to get from andrews air force base back to the white house. that's normally just a 35-minute drive. q.? >> "q": yeah. and that was just the small amount of snow. now, a much larger storm is on its way. correspondent craig boswell shows us how the region is getting prepared. >> reporter: hundreds of crashes across the d.c. metropolitan area made last night's commute nearly impossible. backups lasted late into the night. the cause -- just an inch of snow that froze over. >> it is crazy out here. i know it seem likes just a little snow.
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out here. >> reporter: it was a little better this morning, but not much. truck drivers who had reached their shift limits had to pull over, blocking lanes of some highways. >> i had left fort brag, north carolina at 12 hours ago at 7:00. got into traffic here. >> president obama also got stuck in the mess. his motorcade skidded along roads as he returned to the white house wednesday. and last night's dusting is nothing compared to what's ahead. a major winter storm that could drop two feet of snow on the city over the next couple of days. the mayor of d.c. apologized for wednesday night's night's debacle and said the city is ready for the next storm with 40,000 tons of salt, 800 workers, and about 500 plows. >> i have lived in d.c. most of my life and i don't know that i have lived through a forecast like this. it's an extremely large storm. it will last for 36 hours. >> reporter: much of the northeast is in the blizzard's crosshairs.
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along the coast line. washington d.c. and virginia have already declared a state of emergency before the storm even arrives. >> "q": here's some good news if you are traveling. airlines are allowing passengers to rebook for free to avoid the storms. >> samantha: all the talk about that east coast weather, here at home, though, we had a little bit of snow this morning. let's take a live look outside. here's that feisle roof camera looking over c.s.u. a gray day, but some of you are seeing some sun right now. we will talk about when the little snow flakes we've got flying around will taper off. and -- whether or not that big storm will impact us. stay with us. >> "q": and, russian president vladimir putin accused of having a hand in the murder of a k.g.b. agent. see why, coming up next. >> laura: and this woman right
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likely signed off on the murder of an ex-k.g.b. sky according to the british court. alexander litvinetko died in london back in 2006. after being a russian spy, it said he fled to britain and was a fierce critic of the kremlin. two russian men have been accused of killing him. however, they both deny doing so. >> laura: amazon is offering refunds to anyone who bought toes popular hover boards over its website. the consumer product safety commission is investigating more than three dozens stances now of hover boards smoking or bursting into flames. experts urge wearing safety gear. some falls can be serious. >> "q": wal-mart's feeling generous, giving more than 1.2 million workers a raise. starting february 20. hourly workers at wal-mart and sam's club will get a bump. the average full-time hourly
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which is great, but that's still below the $14.95 national average for hourly retail workers. >> laura: oreo unleashing a new flavor across the nation, drum roll. and nabisco's cinnamon bun flavored cookies are on shelves now. fans showed excitement on social media when they spotted the packages in stores. nabisco says it will rerelease red velvet oreos for valentine's day. yum. >> "q": i'm looking at those trying not to break my regiment. >> laura: that and a glass of milk, oh, yeah. >> "q": straight ahead, a first in the nfl. a woman broke the glass gridiron. >> laura: and it's been a decade since pluto lost its status as system. now scientists believe they have
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>> laura: chicks definitely rule and this one totally does. a woman named kathleen smith has made pro football history. the buffalo bills hired her as its special teams quality control coach. now that makes her the first woman to be a full-time assistant coach in the nfl. >> reporter: historically, the nfl coaching ranks have been one of the biggest boys' clubs on the block. but the buffalo bills are changing that.
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announced that they had promoted catherine smith to quality control special teams coach making her the first full-time female assistant coach in the nfl. the league's newest coach has been around front offices for years. the 30-year-old began her nfl career as an intern with the new york jets in 2003. four years later, smith was ploated to player personnel assistant and in 2014, was named assistant to then-head coach rex ryan. smith followed rex ryan to buffalo after he took the head coaching job with the bills last year. ryan said he consulted with arizona cardinals head coach bruce arians whose team made history themselves this past july. >> i am very excited to have coach jen welter joinous staff. >> reporter: the cardinals hired jen welter. the first woman to hold a coaching position in the nfl.
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enough to imagine that this day would ever come. >> now it set the stage that it could be a dream for other girls growing up. >> reporter: smith wasn't made available to the media. a team spokesperson says show may talk to reporters about her new role sometime after the super bowl. >> laura: how awesome. in her job, it's no easy task, she will be responsible for for getting video together and statistical analysis of upcoming owe points. that's important. >> "q": speak speaking of making history, volvo is working on a death-proof car. a car you can't die in. the company says no one should be killed or seriously hurt in one of its vehicles by 2020. the auto maker is working on a car with an auto pilot feature that includes lane assistant, collision avoidance and pedestrian detection. the volvo xc-90 has had no u.s. fatalities in the last four years.
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actress jamie lynn segler says she has multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease she's battled for the past 14 years. now at 34 years old, she said she was diagnosed back when she was 20 working on the sopranos. she lived symptom free for several years but the disease which affects the central nervous system took a toll over the past decade. >> "q": well, after more than a decade without a ninth planet, we have one again, apparently. researchers at the california institute of technology found an object that could be a real ninth planet in the outer -- excuse me, in the outer part of our solar system. the new find has the highly creative nickname of -- planet nine. yeah. it has -- [laughter] -- moons circling it as well. cal tech says it's about 10 times bigger than earth and orbits about 20 times further from the sun than neptune. >> laura: all right. fats that you should eat -- hey
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healthy fats you need to eat more of for a longer life according to a new study from the journal of the american heart association, you need to swap bad saturated fats like from meats and dairy for heart healthy unsaturated fats like nods, seeds, and avocados. >> "q": a mama mia style reunion. abba, the four former band members are opening a new business in stockholm. the dinner theater is based on the greek diverna featured in the abba themed show. there's a mediterranean style buffet while the show starts. >> disney star jake t. austin is dating one of his super fans. he told people magazine she tweeted him for five years before they started dating. austin is best known for his role as max russo in wizards of waverly place. danielle tweeted him since 2009
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it could work out. justin bieber could be in your path, sam. >> samantha: i sure hope not. >> laura: just tweet him. >> samantha: jeff tanchak, i'm just throwing it out there . he's going to kill me. it is 20 minutes after 12:00 and we are tracking cloudy skies now over cleveland. this is a live look out at our feizel roof-cam. 21 is the current temperature in cleveland. not bad. compared to the last couple of days at lunchtime. it's been a little colder than that. clouds moving back in and we've got a little bit of snow out there. this is mainly along that i-77 corridor. through cuyahoga county. heads up around brecksville, parma, out toward solon if you step out to lunch you may run into some snow flakes. but this is nothing serious. we have been seeing this lake-effect off and on throughout the morning and for the most part it's been very light. that will be the trend into the afternoon. although everything kind of shifting gradually off to the east.
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we would see in the afternoon very light, very spotty, and again east of cleveland, variable cloudiness everywhere else although as those clouds have moved in now, want to go mostly cloudy in most areas. mid 20s your forecast high temperature this afternoon. we will drop back to about 19 tonight as lake-effect snow showers continue off and on out in the snowbelt. little-to-no accumulation and during the day tomorrow, most of us will actually get a nice break from any rain or snow. mostly cloudy skies your forecast now it will be a little windy tomorrow. so that will make 28 feel a lot cooler. but hey, at least when we get close, a few degrees closer to that 30-degree mark for tomorrow. so, all the talk really in the world of weather is focused on this major east coast storm or the potential for a major east coast storm. because it's not there yet. it hasn't quite come to fruition. i'll tell you tonight through
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blizzard conditions. coastal flooding and power outages. all here through the appalachian mountains, portions of the deep south, the mid south, virginia is going to get hammered by this thing. and then it will move up the eastern seaboard into the northeast and new england through the weekend. d.c. in the cross hairs here for major snow potentially up to two feet. so, what does that mean for us? you know, it's funny our friends to the south getting the snow, but here in cleveland, we are like -- are we going to see anything from this? now most of it is going to stay well far off to our south and east. however -- there is a chance if we see any shift in the track that might take it a little bit farther to the north, my friends south of akron into canton, wooster, mt. vernon, dover, we could see a few snow showers friday night into saturday. certainly nothing like what they are going to see on the eastern
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friday night through saturday, south of akron, on the order of one to three inches. most of us will be dry this weekend and i will have your weekend forecast in just a few minutes. >> "q": super. thank you very much. all right. >> laura: all right. well there's still more to come on cleveland 19 news at noon. >> "q": yeah, including this little guy who knows exactly what to do for dinner.
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>> "q": after long day when you get home, there's one question most of us always hear that's -- what's for dinner? >> laura: sometimes we talk about dinner the day before, too. this dog knows what she wants. >> do you want potatoes? >> laura: that it's i want potatoes. the parents in the video were asking their son to help make potatoes in the kitchen and the boy said he didn't want potatoes so he asked the dog and the dog definitely wanted them. when that happened the little boy agreed he would help dad make potatoes in the kitchen because of course mishka wants -- >> "q": if a dog wants to ask for potatoes, you got it make them. >> laura: did they teach her that? >> "q": a smart pup. >> samantha: let's look at your forecast. hey if the dogs like to play in the snow, we have plenty of that right? few flakes flying around. no additional accumulation in the forecast today. chance for snow south of akron
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the rest of us get through the weekend dry. >> "q": ok. cool beans. well listen, thanks for joining us. the young and the restless is up next. and stick around for cleveland
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