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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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en in watch washington up to two feet.
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looking 30 inches plus. that's the problem with this this is area that is not used to large >> we can handle this kinds of thing that part of the country can't. >> they don't have equipment. even two feet for you will is huge thing. >> and they are going getting when all said did washington, d.c., could have four times as much snow as cleveland. the season. just kind of put things in perspective what's happening here. we have blizzard warnings as well. for the philadelphia area. new york city going to be getting around a foot. of snow out of this. this where we think the heaviest snow will be falling. right here. we will focus in on the washington baltimore -- it is just beginning just down philadelphia, doorstep right now. going to get pretty bad there. winds expected to pick up tonight as well. and that's going to lead to blizzard conditions. now, as far as moment ohio concerned it is going to be a miss. areas south and east of canton,
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light know could be developing tonight. you could see the temperature in mid 20s. throughout night if not going up a little bit one thing that this system doing, is giving us windy conditions it will windy night. there you sigh current number. 27 warm spot there and there go to be windchill. we are around ten because of that wind even though temperatures, wouldn't be moving much here through the night. light snow possible. along and south of the u.s. 30 corridor especially south and east of canton. . flurries elsewhere into tomorrow morning, estimate windy and then, by saturday night or sunday, the winds will die down and we are actually looking for gradual warming trends here. but system just went too far south, for us to get in on the winter storm. much more on forecast details for our area and more on that east coast blizzard coming up. >> all right. thank you we need contour blessings.
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now track the latest air line cancellations. this is what they call their misery map. where air travelors are feeling the most misery today. you can see the misery growing as that storm moves east. tons of cancellations in new york city. charlotte, washington, d.c., and atlanta. we are going go to live to hopkins. how is this nim wack with a -- impacting travel here in cleveland? >> yes. so far, so good. but prepare trying to prepare. want you take peak right here at the board. you can see that there are several flights cancelled. new york, cancelled. newark cancelled. philadelphia cancelled. almost all of of the washington, d.c., flights are cancelled. oh, if you are coming to the airport if you have a flight this weekend, if you have a flight tonight, will every you will want to call ahead log on web site and find out if that flight taking off. i seen sooefrl people return in here all afternoon.
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board and find out is any flight going take off and so if you are going come to airport pack some extra patience most airlines are offering vouchers. trying to make preparations for this storm. so, even though the storm not hitting us here, in cleveland metro, prepare making preparations for that storm. on the east coast. so lot of flights will be affected. so we are going to be live here, for most of afterian and the evening so you can look at cleveland for all of that information. >> back to you. >> thank you. well people left the driving to gray round, well they were left end spinning their wheels too. snow storm helded to east coast, put stop to buses traveling past pittsburgh. the bus company advising people planning to take their bus, to call ahead and make sure their bus is still scheduled. >> speak of that let's take look at our own traffic hey much better than when he are dealing well in d.c. on east coast right now. is our aaa, tower cam.
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everything and we have checked with o dot everything going smooth for the drive this evening. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news it sponsored by: ford? >> we have new information now about a double murder in downtown cleveland. this happened thursday night on west 9th street in warehouse district. inside of the archer. that's the place that used national terminal warehouse apartments. police say two suspects, entered at apartment there about 8:30 thursday night. and fatally shot two men. one of the victims was just identified as 35 year old bandy of cleveland. three other people inside of the apartment were not hurt. investigators tells us large amount of drug were found at the scene. police are still looking for the suspect. >> cleveland police also investigating car jacking at dave sun market on carroll avenue in ohio city.
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woman pulled hit by the car. and as the car jacker drove off. and women seas silver honda. that person okay. police still looking for the suspect. and, the car. >> the splint watt terrible crisis is hitting a little close to home. as the led just been found detected some north east ohio drinking water. what you need to know coming up >> we can get stuck with dust and then we inhale the dust? and over a long time, it can cause damage in our cells in our lung cancer. plus we have warning on a silent jeff? >> all right. i have very latest on the east coast blizzard when things will
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blatt now statement it was put out from priority sports believed to be david blatt's agent, agency, here the statement from coach blatt i am very yacht gul to have had the opportunity to serve as head coach of the cleveland caveliers i like to thank dan gilbert and david gieven forgiving me this opportunity.
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amazing group of players from la bron james irving and kevin love through our entire roster. then we skip right down here he says i am proud what we have head coach. and wish the caveliers nothing but the best this season and beyond in you want see the entire statement, we have retweeted this out. and of course there is press conference live press conference coming up supposed scheduled at 5:45 we will take you to that denise >> all right. big drug raid near metro health medical center. the sheriff and cleveland police swat team raid two houses on troy bridge avenue, just off 259. it was part cocaine trafficking investigation. and cleveland 19 news crews were on the scene, two suspects were taken into custody. >> alert for people live in mohne county some homes had he will visited levels lead in their water. during the recent test. the health department is doing retests, with schools being
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are at higher risk if they drink lead contaminated water. the emergency management agency will distribute bottled water any one who does not want to drink tap water. >> well you can't see it. smell it or taste it. but radon gas could lurking in your home. silents killer actually the second leading cause of lung cancer here in the u.s. and it causes more than 21,000 lung cancer deaths each and every year. well because ray done gas, it is everywhere. your basement off the look because, the gas reloosed from soil under your home, can get trapped there. it is important to note that radon levels can vary from day to day. it even change different times of the day. cleveland linkic doctor says radon exposure nor common than most people think. the epa estimates that one in every 15 houseses, is expectations he issed high level radon. he says people who been exposed
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time, who are also smokers should be most concerned. >> especially if you smoked in your life risk of having, a lung problems especially lung cancer can be higher than if you just smoked or just had the he can porsche she to radon. >> testing for radon is pretty easy. you can buy knows test kits at most improvement stores, or on-line. >> we fin to watch that east coast storm i am monitoring social media lot of pictures already coming in. people getting ready because of the bulk it has not hit quite yet. julie here has sent us a picture of this is what looks like on i-76 in pennsylvania. not bad but you can see the windchill this is kind of thing that's going to build up as you drive and southern ohio is going to get hit by this. jeff has been telling us that. one of facebook followers jeff lewis, now we don't recommend you do this. what we tell you not to do obviously while you are driving taking read. this near. >> that just a little south and
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look at this. this highway 23. you can ep road. so yes southern ojai so is getting hit. if you plans to travel, to the cincinnati to kentucky area over the weekend, could be a little dicey of course jeff going to give us a little bit more on that just coming up. denies. all right i want show you some other pictures. look at this. slip sliding away there. is in travelors south carolina. it is difficult to even stay on the road there. because of this storm. and, that's an s.u.v. i might add got 4 wheel drive. but yes. h guy having a lot better luck. of course. . >> so i think that guy may have been doing a little bit slow boating probably. not problem loot not safe >> not safe at all >> we are going to in avoid this one. >> yes. and you know, oh yes for sure. it is as you mentioned along ohio river they are seeing some snow as we just saw. but going to miss us. thing just went too far to the south. you know this is one of these
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had dayses of advance that had with a going to hit. so, obviously every shut down people staying in their homes, travel clearly not recommended here. but notice near you city the snow wouldn't hit new york until later on tonight. it is starting to snow now in philadelphia, washington. there is snow on the southern part of ohio. and kentucky, and tennessee, as well. so, let's zoom in to our area here. southeast of canton, you might get a little bit of snow tonight. it will be less than an inch but that's about at far north as it gets. here 7:00 this evening. that's when thing are really going start to get bad. in baltimore, and washington. that's when the blizzard conditions are going to hit. and you are going see throughout night and tomorrow morning going to be bad scene it will be snowing tomorrow morning, new york, philadelphia. . through new jersey here. and, two feet possibly as much as three feet of snow and all said and done even through the
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snowing and that's why we looking at the 2 to 3 feast snow totals. finely gets out of here by sunday morning. and here is look apt the additional snow on top of what already has fallen, and this is just by tomorrow afternoon. 18 inches in washington. 17 inches in richmond. around foot of snow in new york city. again that's by 15z. . . get closer to home here south and east of canton this is tonight. . less than inch of snow flurries elsewhere. and, windy conditions. tonight, and tomorrow. so that will be about the worm of it for us. so we are not really going drop in temperature tonight but there be windchill, with that 30 mile an hour gusts less than a think snow. . akron canton area tonight. 25. best south and east of canton. morning flurries. windy day tomorrow. if we get some sunny breaks i
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around 31 north winds 14 to 28. akron con on to. there storm ex its on sunday. we will at 37 here on sunday. monday, 41 degrees the high next front will move through tuesday. and that will be next alert day, rain, to snow, and very windy here on tunes esdays. >> sunday most low cloudy 37. there is 41 on monday. rain to snow change over on tuesday. and we are that i can talking snow slowers on wednesday. >> thank you. if you are in an emotional eating other tends overyou are going want to hear this. coming up next a local doctor
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the k56 levers fired head coach david blatt and case you had not heard. it is assistant coach tyron lui taking over this team i not lot of fans are shocked is after the loss warriers but tecced this. mid season move that has shocked the lot of fans. >> it will be interesting to see who comes out and -- >> again that news conference coming up around five i will to you live. >> we lot of people made new years rest lurks eat healthier this year. so now we are about months into
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effort a boost. >> one local doctor just put out book that might help you. health reporter joins us with more. >> you never what little peels of information can make a big difference when comes to sticking to eye deet. and doctor who wrote the book homes you can finds exactly what you need her pages with about soothing yourself without food. who about when dogs this kwj. >> take cun will deep breaths in, and then out. instead of that, >> or choosing this. i open myself, i open myself up. >> to other alternatives. >> other alternatives. besides comfort eating. >> okay. instead of devouring that, it is what cleveland dlin psychologist is all about. >> it is really exciting. to hear from people all over the world. know making an impact. different. helping to people to live healthier lies talking about leather wry we could plenty other things to sooth ourselves without food.
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aly he issed talked about 50 most ways to do that. simple as rubbing your wrists >> once you do it heart to go back to comfort eating. but other part of combatting emotional eating she says getting better aid standing of it. and her book load with some eye openers like you only get three-minute fix from that bag of chips or candy bar. >> it makes people really think twice about reaching for food and that moment. >> they think to them. >> >> she also explains. guilt can derail your efforts which means when you do cheat, enjoy instead of worrying about it. and, dieter are most prone comfort eating which means trying too hard to restrain yourself back fires. >> often knee-yes, reaction we feel something and immediately we turn to food. that's where she stresses giving exercises. this will is going to keep our food.
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off that snack you think will make you feel good. when ultimate he loo going to just the opposite. >> all right. really some interesting tricks but most part about redirecting your thoughts and keeping you hands busy doing other things than feeding your face. we thought that was pretty funny because you are not going to eat when you are going like this. i have more on our news -- no food! no food! in the mouth! . >> that's for sure. all right. let's go to ford first alert doppler rekeeping eye on this major east coast storm. blizzard conditions will be
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b politic donald trump continues to lead republican race for the president.
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slowing down that some conservative leaders nervous. ryan noble live in washington now with more on the dramatic steps they are taking to interrupt his campaign. >> yes. it is getting you willy here in washington. the national review one of leading mag magzs dedicated to the conservative cause, they are taking the unprecedented step of issuing a special meg mag issue this weekend that's completely dedicated to making the case conservative. but there little evidence that this or basically anything any with your tries will be do anything to weight supporters of mr. trump. >> there was time when the national review magazine founded in the 50s by conservative lion william f. buckley represented the outsider perspective. shaking up the establishments. >> but in era donald trump, things are changed. . >> he looks like nervous were trump turned conservative movement upside down.
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correctness is helped propel him to the top of the g.o.p. poll. but those in conservative movement are warning, he is not what he seems. >> this coverings about whether donald trump is or the dock conservative or not is a perfectly valid conversation. >> national review is leading the charge. the cover of the special inc. uof magazine reads, against trump. insider from 22 prominent conservatives, blister canidatecy, and pleading with voters to pick someone else. >> atrump campaign, is not concerned. >> i think this is publicity stunt clear for the national review it is publication when i has far ex yielded its lay day. it is clearly not run the way it used to be. but the republican party is. and they dropped national review as he could sponsor for debate in texas and late february. part spokesman, said republican are focusing on the wrong person. >> i really wish the same amount of effort and energy was focussed on hillary clinton's record with direction she will
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>> with trump leading nationally. and in the first three primaries states, should he go on to win the nomination the infighting within party could make things awkward once the general election begins. >> and trump himself hammered national review series of tweets he called the magazine, a failing publication. he also said it is founder william ashachldz what has happened to his it >> depending much weight give magazine until review, i never seen anything like this happen. i would expect this against you know, coming from the other side of the aisle from democrats to try and trash trump. never seen anything like this. within the one party itself. have you? >> no. that's why i said before i think think unpress entered, but the question will have any imi think the donald trump supporters are not necessarily subscribers to national review. they are not checking out
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they might listen to some of the radio leasts that are featured on in magazine. but you are talking a group of established conservatives who aren't necessarily connected to this sort of grass roots, kinds of grouch supporters that are really sick of establishments and what. bunch guys in suits and washington have to dell them. you know national review used to be this beacon of the conservativism that was not playing ball within republican party. we have whole new wing of this republican party they not part of f. so idea they are going to the group to sway the loyal donald trump supporters something i am frankly skeptical of it. >> really gives him more fuel for the fire. now, ryan i can't help but notice behind you, that is the white house. you guys are getting dumped on. is probably going impact the campaign. it is.
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often accused being narcissitic we are dealing historic snow storm here. and you know what's interesting these candidates for president actually gouft their way stay way way from washington d c. during the campaign. so most of them are in iowa and new hampshire but still going to have imare back the chris christie was governor the new jersey actually left the campaign trail fade. to come back to new jersey because the storm does extends up the east coast. he going oversee the situation there. it is probably going to have biggest equipment panel folks like me political journalists who are trying to travel to iowa later this week. i supposed on flight sunday night. i am no going leave until wednesday now. the register had headline in their newspaper today they are expecting 1600 politicsal jurnltists in iowa next week. so we are ones that are probably most impacted by this storm. so, when i talk to you guys next it will be from iowa. hopefully. if we can dig out from things here >> yes. be safe out there. we appreciate it as always. live in washington. thank you, ryan.
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be sure down loathed free cleveland 19 news mobile app to get very latest from the campaign trail. and you can click on election 2016 tab. these guys really, really want to get so super bowl check out the dedicated carolina panthers and their staff. they have practiced today in the snow. let's go to steve crump from our sister station for look at how snow could impact the nfc championship gham sunday. >> this is not center city charlotte many had hoped for going into nfl play off weekend. >> have ma change things. outdoor prep cancelled. down. we spent sometime charlotte international that's when we found security check points closed and ticket countering on. one telling that fans from
5:26 pm
here like so many other majesties that would follow phoenix word cancelled. travel agents say fans scramble finds airline seats to get here for panthers cared nationals match in impacted. travel industry in carolina larger city. here, in uptown area, virtually every hotel was book the during the play off weekend. but a lot of cancellations now means that there is room for a number of inns. for now, we are center city charlotte. for the raycom news network. we are dodging this bullet so i am glad. we are. you know chair let right now they are getting kinds of that mixed snow and ice put, however you slice and dyings it okay it is everything shut down there as well.
5:27 pm
winter storm warning in charlotte area you heard say that airport there and charolette major hub, and when you know shuttle down. you no, of course, that shuts lot of things down as far as flight travel as. and's see the snow starting spread into the fill phil area. eventually new york later on tonight. it is snowing in the far southern parts of ohio. and that's about as far north as the heavy snow is going to get. we think. let's look at the weather headlines could see a little light snow along and i should say south and east of canton. morning flurries, and wind day tomorrow it will windy tonight and tomorrow. be will see gradual warming trends throughout the weekend. 23 akron canton snfrt >> this storm is producing some windy weather for us. and there going to that winds capitol hill temperature won't do much tonight. it is 25 downtown. absolutely there you see wind
5:28 pm
so, plan on that. and as you head out this evening. we look at the evening forecast you could see i even have temperature going up a little bit. 24 at 7:00. 25 at 9:00. midnight 26. and some flurries in forecast. tomorrow, morning flurries, windy day. and 31. note winds off the lake. noeshths at 14 to 28. in akron canton air i think you will hold steady around 26. because you are going to hang out some thicker cloud cover. for further south. and north winds at 13 to 26. and then as we look at the planner, seven -- am for saturday. 23. as noon. 26 at 5:00. >> on the first alert weather app.
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range ger cafe. it is fully operatal restaurant lakewood high school. well cool program run by students at the west shore technical district call i will fair reprogram. one of their chefs in strange schooling our je investment on classic dish in this week's's cleveland cooks.
5:30 pm
at lakewood high school and i got chef in training, steven watkins here with me. what will you make >> we are making a lorain. it sounds sophisticated. can i handle that? >> i am pretty sure you could. i think it is fairly simple. okay. we better get ranger kitchen. all right where do we start. >> all it is cake flour and then we got salt and pepper then we got eggs and but der. so, then really mick it up blender what not we will rollout some eight an inch thick or towel thickness when you rolling make sure it is not flour so does not stick or anything we get perfect wedge the plate. and then this just like a -- you want spray hold it. want start middle work your way out. >> okay. i will watch you first. >> you want form it around the top 12346r789. once could you kind of press down middle a little bit.
5:31 pm
flattel >> comes right off. it is this kroupt not going to be sweet like pie crust >> it is not -- no. it is like -- look at that! . like i have done this before. right. >> they will bubble up if you seen like bubble in it. okay. they poke knows it so the steam with release it is keeps the shape we will he take sheets. what are these? >> you want to put these in here. . >> and like this. but most like this. going stay going to upon out. we do you kind of get angry with we yum be. then you can shape it up there. nice little trick. fan will fan probably blow out. we have these --. we will probably put on sheet tray pop in oven. we have is our swiss cheese we have our bacon bits and filling. >> >> the filling is very simple like, an egg mixture. just heavy cream, it is milk and
5:32 pm
for taste. how much is cheese? >> just about table spoon. cheese we will put on it in there we will take our bacon. and we will take about railed of it right there. there we this is our. we have pin itch like in. that go back in oven for about 350 for another 30 to 40 something minutes until the egg solid and firm and does not wiggle when you shake it. >> okay time is up. let's see how we did. give a little jiggle. you are going take this it will should pop right out. you pick it up with your hands. dip and then flip it over in your palm. pull the shell off. that's should come right off. so go over. on the tray. there you go. my first one! . this delicious. it is flakey. i love the bacon. this something you could make for brunch, or for lunch, >> or even for dinner it you wanted. i think i need another slice!
5:33 pm
>> there bacon in there. everything impe see them working align during buths sigh lunch at ranger cafe. i didn't even know it was there. it was really cool. any one can go. it make rears vase they have un >> good. ! bacon. it is phenomenon. bacon swiss cheese. come on. no one want some over there. >> he will finds this ache on cleveland 19 facebook page. and hey if there addition me make tweet me at: . . ends e-mail. >> for this it may still over we will see what happens. water worries after test came back positive for traces lead and copper we went to the county where officials are being care is his to -- they think may be mistake but hearing impaired man pleads guilty court but now says he did not understands the
5:34 pm
about his unique sections.
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at the 2016. moon dog corn bawling quicken be michael: revisited that's what called now. and donnie and cruiser also take the stage on april 27bdz at the q. tickets go on sale next friday. >> going to be goods show. let's take live look it is the roof cam.
5:36 pm
does not look like this on the east coast. jeff tell us what we can expect ahead we might get some snow next week? >> yes. we do have some know next week. we just getting some winds and some flurries am for the most part here from the east police scared tomorrow, windy day morning flurries 31. tomorrow nieshths 22. with mostly cloudy sky and on sunday. we start to warm things up. 37 will be the high. and, there you go. the warm up continues in monday' as well. partly cloud why you skies. and next thing that watch is the monday night and tuesday. and this look like rain changing over to snow situation. that's pretty strong front coming through. very windy conditions will be developing on tuesday. 40 degrees that's why it will rain morning and then turns colder. snow showers. on wednesday. 30 degrees and some lake affect snow in there. so we will keep our eye on that knock too cold.
5:37 pm
and 37 this going to be quicker system and friday. we expect to cloudy skies now on 32 actually as guest into the ends of january, and the first part of february, beginning of february, the long range forecast, has this warmer than normal so, look like no artic air in sight. in extended forecast. again, 31 tomorrow we will climb unto 41 here on monday. there is that front that comes through throughs day. dropped down to 30 and then
5:38 pm
independence cleveland lynic courts. gave griffen speak. let's listen in he was living without his family. he was working mole group of individuals that are very willful. that's not easy and i understand that. with that said when you have clarity of purpose we have as franchise, decisions like these tends to make themselves, ownership has instilled very deep level this organization. what we are all about. and every decision made as answer to the following question: does to put in best position to deliver championships to northeast ohio? with that. i go to bed every night thinking team.
5:39 pm
this decision made and out of a lack of connectiveness i see in our team. and i have witnessed this over the last couple of weeks. really over last months or so. it is made because we have lack of fit with our personal and our vision of how to use that personal. so, i am not may sure more wins and losses. i am focussing on bill ger picture in my evaluation, and i am really trying to decide are we working towards championship or are would building championship culture? >> and really, moment importantly for me, in i think lot of you have seen this over the years, are hearts minds and souls in what we are doing? are we all in on this? are we of this? are we really trying to achieve some thing as unit or collection of individuals. and what i see that we need to build the collective spirit. strengths of spirit. and collective will. elite teams league always have
5:40 pm
and you see it everywhere. to be truly elite, joe wee have buy into set of values and principals that we believe in. that becomes our identity. >> and if we can do that day in and day out that becomes who would. through the season, we have not yet developed this identity. and each step forward unfortunately i think you is seen we have taken two steps back. >> we know that the clear identity we strive for is not going to happen overnight, and frankly pretty good is not what we are here for. and i think, you could look at lot of different measures of our team and we are pretty good right now. and, that's not in business to be. >> this decision going to be measured entirely by whether or
5:41 pm
bring championships to northeast ohio. i know and you have all seen that we have a lock or room of guys that really overcome adversity well. i think we have than she over and over again. when we made the trade last year, when you saw us play with injuries last year in finals and throughout the play offs. group of they believe in each other. >> we are team unfortunately, that's strugglings more than any good team i ever have been this my 24th year in the nba. with prosper city. i have never seen locker room not be as connected after wins, as they need to be. we have only been galvonized when expectations were not high. artificial. otherwise we have been grouch tremendous individual talent, with individual hopes and dreams.
5:42 pm
>> leaving team pay roll, in all of efforts that everybody that work in this organization, to chance. so today we elevating ty law from his rolled associate head coach to the role of head coach of after the cly >> he will not be serving interim role. i am more than confidents that he has the pulse six our team ask that generate the buy in required, to start the refined habits and culture that we have yet to build. his work defensive coordinator over the past two seasons or past season and half i suppose. has resulted in some tremendous game planning on that side of ball he has been conduit for both coaches players and staff members. >> he was overachiever as player. he was gritty.
5:43 pm
and he was all about winning. he was on great teams, with first rounds pick struggled through injuries. >> importantly through all of this he was type of person that was humble enough to learn from those coaches. so be that fill jackson doc rivers. both of scott. he has been tremendous tremendous basketball coaches. our most glaring need is to understand and communicate roles delyn nation and team sacrifice. we have to have group buy in, team first habits in order to become the team that we inedn to
5:44 pm
can do that we can learn this
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