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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 23, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning, it is january . welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." a massive blizzard slams the east coast. one-third of americans battle freezing rain. nightmare. see how to storm has frozen flights and stranded drivers. >> gunfire on the vegas take down a gunman just casinos.
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a restructuring that hopesthe oscars diversity problem. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> record books. >> thought we were going to have a mild winter. >> braced for the worst. a deadly winter storm wallops the east. >> weo stay inside. >> states of emergency in ten states and the district of columbia. >> 85 million plus americans in the path of a deadly winter is where it's really cranking in the morning, d.c. towards philly and new york city and long island. >> just learned from that around 3,000 motorists are trapped on 75. >> country's air traffic is practically at a standstill. >> a mada as the shooter opened fire in a high school in saskatchewan killing four before being taken into to custody.
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after complaints for a second year about all white acting nominees. >> lot of things has to be do i preach this mike and make this work? >>. do itlady >>. dream on -- >> why am i showing you? >> all that -- >> go. >> and all that >> curry frameworks half court. and it's good. he banks it in. this one's good. onsaturday." >> it's ten day before the iowa caucus. donald trump, he's in it to win it. he showed it this with week because he brought out sarah n. >> negotiate deals kind of with the skills of a community
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neighborhood -- n arizona johnny mccain is going, you should have called me, dude. d welcome to the weekend everyone. we have a packed show for you this morning, including full coverage of the monster storm ast coast. plus speaking of snow, we'll take you to one of the world's most dangerous sporting events. it is happening today. some of the best skiers in the world wille the strife in austria. ledley. >> also a conversation on rock and roll with the passing of david bowie and glenn frey, at least one is he's next. >> and a unique display at the london museum uses raw data to create incredible
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how it is done. our top story, a big and powerful blizzard effecting more than 70 million americans.storm-related deaths are reported. snow, sleet, freezing rains and gale forced wins, combined with battering coastal areas. one in seven americans could get at least half a foot of in snow. >> in carolinas snowplows are ons are hazardous with many cars just skidding right off the road. in philadelphia not many vehicles are out making it easier for the snowplow.urging residents to stay home today. philadelphia's transit system has shut down. >> here in new york the mayor is also telling people to stay home. snow is
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there are ten states along the as of right now we've got about 13 inches or so on the ground here if d.c. >> defiant drivers hit the here despite a plea from the mayor to stay home. >> we want people to hunker down and shelt in place and stay you >> wind gusts 55 miles per hour and snow falling at 2-3 inches an hour, conditions are gettingplow trucks struggled co- to keep up with the historic snowfall. nearly three feet could be on
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expected dangerous winds. >> commuters are finding themselves on lockdown as well. the d.c. metro suspended service won't be up o. >> to close it down inside is just kind of use there are people that have to get to work at hospitals shut down. >> we came to have our neighbors, with our friends. we thought we would walk. because that was the better option. >> while kids went sledding downriday evening, the first dog got to play in the snow at the white house. but the scene wasn't quite as pretty friday afternoon when snowplow. >> how important is it for tonight? >> very. i just don't want people to be in the street, me personally. because of time.ehind the snow it is going to be a hard time
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>> there is great concern after about an inch of snow wednesday for hours. are running the storm's response. >> our first concern really are the residents. monikers of success for me personally is to make sure we don't lose anybody. that is>> forecasters have been warning about this monster storm for days but some waited until the snow started falling to stock >> what are you able to get? >> we only got 1078 snacks like
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it is bitter cold, well below freezing, if you're without e for days. >> reporter: good morning, the storm headline in the carolinas is power s of people are waking up in the cold and dark. er the storm also brought other kinds of winter misery. around lexing a car and series of car and truck accidents closed the highway miles. re
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nine people were killed in car the storm in four southern states, parts of k kentucky got more than a foot of snow, tennessee and arkansas got ark 8 inches. cities like raleigh, the issueo power. duke power, major utility in the ently wi carolinas reports 135,000 customers are without power. the utility has 6800 workersouth trying to restore it. if there's any good news, it is that temperatures are supposed to stay above freezing.hance of icy build up that topples trees, power lines, and causes different power outages. gives the south a chance to recover today. certainly what they need. t thank you so much. one of the biggest dangers is from the storm is threat of re coa severe coastal flooding. on one place on edge is new jersey which was hit hard by superstorm sandy. ch governor chris christie didn't cuat issue mandatory evacuation orders, but some shore tes
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get out before the storm hit.r from wcbs is in new h jersey. >> reporter: it hit hard. story are winds. and we have been warned about flooding. take a look. this i this is an inlet, this water coming over the this i first high tide of the day, by powered by the full moon. a dangerous combination of very g strong winds mixed with lunar that will cause major issues here and down the shore. behind me, you can see it is starting to flood.s a beach front. these housers on the beach only front, only a three foot blush of sand stor expecting waves up to 12 feet high, could create more damage along the coastline. winds are whipping down here. off the jetty. g o snow on the jetty behind me.
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governo state means n low visibility here. it is awfully slippery. it is freezing. as we go through the day, thisding is only sure to get worse. >> meg even those not in the direct path are effected. se the blizzard cancelled thousands of flights, creating problems for rail travelers, more from david beck no in philadelphia. >> reporter: good morning from the city of brotherly love. saturday morning. snow is blowing but it is cold around 25 degrees. amtrak says they'll continue running through the weekend but here at a modified air travel, boy has that been 00 snarled. yesterday to sunday, 8200 fo flights cancelled, more than d in and out of the u.s.
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cancelling over 2,000 flights. southwest over 1,000, and unitedhousand just cancellations. airports where we see the most cancellations from charlotte to philadelphia. charlotte, douglas nal, bwi, washington nal. dulles, philadelphia are all seeing mass cancellations this es weekend. in philadelphia, it will be a ncella ghost town, no flights in orout. many airlines are allowing travelers to make changes for hanges f free. if you planned a trip in or out rebo of any of those airports rgs call the you should have much hassle. on back in philadelphia, there was dan blowing snow earlier. storm we saw something of a snow a tornado as i was driving to the swirling in front of our vehicle. the sensors on our rental car were going off, the vehicle was senting some object in front of it, it was simply had ten inches of snow in
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hours. man, that feels cold. they expect another ten inches over the next 12 ke the meteorologists got this one right. >> we appreciate you being out in all of that, david begnaud inia, thank you. what's next for the storm. we turn to lonnie quinn in new york. is the worst of it over? >> >> no. will end up just to be as bad as the previous days in terms of winter weather, today is the worst day, then gone is the tomorrow. let's take a peek at 77 million are effected in some way, shape or form by winter i storm warnings and blizzard warnings. hape or we have a blizzard warning, new york city, philadelphia, you sawat wind blowing around. and this this big swathe of blue is not rain or snow, that's moisture. snow. this is drawing moisture from the is not going to fade away, there's too much moisture available. as it pulls it up. it wil
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morning, 10:00 a.m., clear and the islands. measuring this snow in feet. in this is a the cape ding york city, philadelphia, out elphia, into west virginia, spot. if you call a lot of snow sweet. two feet or more, 81 corridor in hat is t on the washington, d.c. on the ground, say 19 inches. i get another 10 today. if you get 29 p the biggest storm in d.c. biggest history. >> 77 million effected. lonnie quinn, thanks so much. a deadly school shooting in the canadian province of saskatchewan under investigation in a small town 400 miles north of calgary. calgary. officials say at least four tically wounded in the attack friday.
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the suspected shooter is ice opened fire on a man waving a gun as he walked in the middle of traffic in las vegas. last night from front of the bellagio on the strip.ointed the gun at people. he refused to obey police orders. the man was gunfire but two bystanders were lightly wounded. the intermural fight between donald trump and start ted cruz continues. the latest poll from fox news nationwide with 34%. cruz 14 percentage points, rubio at 11% and everyone else in single digits. donald trump/ted cruz rivalry hit a new high friday
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duelling attack ads.ards the iowa -- >> reporter: cruz hit trump for supporting and profiting from eminent domain laws, which allow the government to seize private >> it made him rich, like when trump colluded with atlantic city insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow. to twitter once again raising questions about whether canadian born cruz is eligible to be president. and he fired back at the national review for series of essays making a case against the republican front runner. while trump once called the magazine a true conservative voice, he tweeted in responseew read the national
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to criticize lead. in ab interview with abc cruz dismissed trump'sdes and said he'd steer clear of personal attacks in favor of policy. >> indishable from bernie olitics is not a soap opera. it is not a baseball game. >> sanders didn't mention cruz while campaigning in new e. where he's leading in the polls making clinton supporters neshs. to fight back clinton has been taking on sanders' record on guns, healthcare and financial regulation, while emphasizing her experience. >> we need ao can do all aspects of the job. >> for "cbs this morning saturday," julianna goldman in
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the tents caused by a defective air baghe japanese manufacture takata. dimarco morgan has more. d joe knight was driving this ford ranger when a his car struck a cow in the road.piece of shrapnel out of the air bag killing him. the spokesperson for the national highway traffic ration. >> this is a national safety crisis and precipitated by the tact that they manufactured millions of defective inflaters and then provided incomplete, on inaccurate information to nis
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force shattering the metal inflater and sending shrapnel flying into the vehicle.on vehicles are now involved. stephanie was injured when her air bag exbloeded in instant blindness followed by gushing blood. it was terrifying. >> takata vehicle are struggling to make enough air bags for millions of vehicles already rerecalled. and tens of millions more may still need to be recalledture. for "cbs this morning saturday" ." >> if to check if your car or truck is being recalled find an updated list on cbs ime to show you some of the mornings head lines. the new york city e
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consultant robert lechbsen. it did not know of lechbsen's where abouts during recent negotiations that. led to a prisoner swap the u.s. and iran. >> >> announcer: detroit free press say answer e expert in legionnaires is connecting the disease to the city'scondition problems. it is a reasonable link. though she can't prove the link. health officials say 70%le who contracted legionnaires during the recent spike in cases were exposed to flint water two weekssymptoms began. a listeria outbreak from dole packaged salads killed one in michigan while sending others to the hospital. rigid t at a packaging plant in spring field ohio.
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the plant has been shut> the independent of london reports the man convicted of murdering meredith kurcheray s s he was trying to sell her something before she died. convicted and bout the cow which bolted from a slaughter house only to be rounded up by will apparently now go do a farm.
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mercury coming up. if you got a callor a political campaign contribution, look out. your money may not be going where you think. >> and later, new changes to fix the diversity break down the new system. also we continue to monitor the first major blizzard of the year. we'll have updates from the
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we're so proud of who they've become. as a result of one person, deciding to spend an hour of their life giving blood le,
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...and the crowd goes wild! coming up, why that smart phone in your pocket is forcing change in the banking business. >> also we preview tomorrow's face-off. tom brady versus peyton manning for what maybe be the last time.
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this is a live look at washington, where a declaration of emergency is already in force as a blizzard blangtss the nation's capital.f the east to. parts of washington very a foot of snow. that is epiic and think stale have another snow yet to come. >> speaking of washington, by the end of last year, presidential campaigns and outside groups supporting them raised more than 600 millioneen the candidates, party committees, political action committees and super pacs. that number is going to explode,t by donations from
9:26 am
with so many groups asking for money it can be confusing. julianna important for donors to do their homework. >> reporter: christina and jim were paid on commission to call voters. >> 35, 50, 75, a 00 hundred. a thousand. whatever you felt you couldthem. >> public records show it was paid $400 thousand by a political action committee strike force. he says one caller told her she was dying of cancer so she asked he >> and he said well why didn't you tell him that this is an opportunity to give one last big donation. >> to give one last big donation before he dies? also enlists on bhafr ehalf of veterans, saying can strike force count on your support or
9:27 am
but we couldn't find any money going to veterans causes. we looked at federal records and found since strike force and other packs raised over $33 million largely from republican retirees yet only 8%the causes they claim to support. the rest went to a group of companies who used those donations to make more money. >> is it a scam? >> no you can't say an organization out there that's spending 95% of its money just to raise more money and never has any intention things it is telling the people it is talking to that it will do. you can't call that anything else. >> 2013e for governor. conservative strike force used his name in their pitches without his approval. he says they made false promises to voters.them. >> literally, they listed eleven
9:28 am
we're going to do phone call, radio ad, television ads and they didn't do>> when donors give, where does the money go? the pack a as well as six others all have the same treasurer, a enzie. they also have the same address, p.o. box 806 at this store in virginia. he paid himself consultingirected over half a million dollars to one company where he's the treasurer. >> he's of all of these packs. >> he says he doesn't have any current ties for the vendors. a total of 25 packs he takes all the heat he says for the decisions other people make. already in this election cycle asked mckenzie to shut down his unauthorized group patriot for trump.
9:29 am
telemarketer in gave this advice. >> don't give anything other theou want to give something go to the website of the organization you want to support. and i'm sorry. i'm sorry for my part in that. >> for cbs this morning,dman in washington. >> all right this year some of mckenzie's pacs have reportedlydreds of thousands of dollars from voters across the country. >> coming up the most dangerous ski race in the world is hato up next, medical news in our
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time now for morning rounds with dr. holly flips and dr. tara narula.up, cd c guidelines for doctors caring for pregnant women who may have been exposed to zika.zil say it could be linked to a rare syndrome that can leave patients almost completely paralyzed for weeks.on reports s reports on this are really scare. how can it effect a zblooets
9:34 am
born andrs we've seen a lott arge spread in central and south america.oncern is over pregnant women. we've seen increase inhaly. since october we've seen over 3500 cases. this is characterized by a small head size. in many cases it can be mild but in some cases it can be severe where the child has problems with development, intellectual mile stones, feeding, vision, hearing there are no cure or treatment for microcephaly and noz t unusual we could see a viral link. we know viruses like others have been of microcephaly. >> if you were a mother and carrying would you only know at
9:35 am
this virus so hashd to track is 80%o symptoms. those who do get symptoms they are mild and resolve in a week. you see fever, rash, joint pain. which is redness in the eye bs also now a possible link with gee yoanich causes paralysis which is sometimes reversible but not always. >> you would treat it if you did>> the problem is at this point there is no vasquez ccine to prevent contracting the illness and no wn on it so at this point is focus is on avoiding infection.o are pregnant or looking to become
9:36 am
>> the cdc came out and said for women in any trimester they should really postpone travel to that he has areas. and if they have to go taketions like repellants and staying in long screened rooms. and also counseled women who may be considering getting pregnant e. this week went a step further and issued sfwerm guidelines telling practitioners to screen all their pregnant patients for recent in fact their prigt patients have traveled to these areas and reported two or more symptoms they should get the er testing potentially including ultrasounds. even if they have no symptoms but have traveled within tw two et an ultrasound. it is unclear however this is going to spread in our country. we think
9:37 am
sense we'll see more cases but hopefully it will be more focal because we have better sanitation, housing, air-conditioning and mosquito control efforts. >> next up an experimental testiversity researchers could help determine whether patients who are feeling sick need antibiotics. this seems long over due. i've heard you both say take when they don't need it. are the tus results successful? >> right now they seem to be really quite accurate. that is test that zpms specific that are sprstzed by the immune system when a immune system is fighting off eps tory infection. it had an racy rate of helping distinguish between whether it was caused by virus or bacterial infection like n if the symptoms weren't cause by infection at all. this is so important because we know that viral infection,
9:38 am
ple go to the doctor. as the general internist that is what i kind of coming through the door all day in d in three quarters of those cases people are prescribed spbt antibiotics but the vast majority of the time they are so a test like this can help us pinpoint who needs antibiotics and who doesn't. >> 50% of antibiotics prescribed saying? >> 50% are inappropriate and that means three billion dollars in excess costs. the test like saving number one. and two it could be help with adverse drug events. 5 to 25% of people who take ave some adverse drug event so kit certainly assist with that and then it can assist with the big public health threat of the swbte are about two million illnesses that are antibiotic resistance and it can'ts for
9:39 am
and finally for viral illdon't really have a lot to offer people now. we tell them go home and get in bed and rest. so test like this could help us bert and further theto the viral illnesses. >> this next story might come to mind next time you head out to eat. researchers in tufts universityund 92% of popular restaurant menu choices exceed recommended calorie limit farce single meal. the worst culprits were , chinese and italian eateries. federal guidelines recommend between 2,000 and a day depending on things like age and gender. >> i was surprised chinese. you would thinkeables -- vegetables. >> it is so easy to think fast food as the villain.
9:40 am
large chain and small localwhere they don't even have to list calorie counts and we're still getting a lot of excess calories from them. i think. >> dr. holly phillips, dr. tara >> coming up mobile payment apps industry to scramble. we look at what it means for your wallet. you are watchinginay." t a job for me, this is, this is my life. this is my family. being a part of helping people in need is who i am. working at brookdale for me is not just a job, it's a life for me. i love it. many connections with the residents. i feel like i am part of their family and they're part of mine. he morning, ya know, shake the dust and go up there and make somebody happy, when i
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from machine -- >> i wish you could see anthony dancing. these days those questions for how you shop isn't what is in your wallet but what is inart phone. more and more are turning to
9:44 am
>> mobile payments will reach 90dollars in 2017. up from 28 billion in 2012. what's driving the change?nnial pushing all this, isn't it. >> yes. except for vinita. millennials have a really different kind of relationship with financial they hate them and don't trust them but they lu technology. the disruption index. really trying to understand what sectors of the economy ennial will disrupt. 71% say they would rather go to the dentist than listen to banks. 73% excited about the new offering from google, amazon, apple, paypal or square . it is going to happen and mill ebls will be driving us.
9:45 am
questions also knowing it is all on your phone. is that a ligament concern. >> >> when you talk to technology exyou crazy? these mobile payment services are more secure than a credit card. it is the credit card that actually is a problem. and i thinks what if i lose my phone like the wallet. that is the big concern but the advantages are vast. security is better.obviously and for those who use we also have the speed and the merchants and it's cheaper than using credit cards. >> the banks have to respond to >> absolutely. this is where everything is going.
9:46 am
but other financial saw fidelity acquire emoney advisor.utual acquired learn vest for $250 million. these are platforms that allow users to interact with their digitally. and it is not just checking your statements. it is how can i get my numbers run for my student loan balance. how can i get advice from not abut an algorithm. >> you mention millennial and the real question, what about baby gen kpx xors. >> they are getting on board because they are going to have to get on board. when i first got inple said to me there is no way vims are going to push the buy or sell button from their homes. look how that has been trang to be transformative. we're going to pay for things with our phone. we're going to interact with our
9:47 am
we are going to see the full fledged integration of financial services and technology. there is so much money being thrown at that, start ups are venture capital is coming at this. it is the next phase of technology and the revolution. >> you made a very strong case and i still will do it heels refusing to do it. jill thank you so much. just over a month before the oscars the motion picture anges to its membership. we'll tell you how they plan to include a new generation and acted in decades. you are watching cbs the mork ning saturday. u know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms.
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changes designed to academy's voting body significantly more diverse. in response to a week of intense criticism over the lack of diversity among this years's g the changes by the year 2020 the academy will double the amount of women and minorities eligible to vote.tus will last ten years and will be renewed only if active in the movies during that decade. the board of governors will three new seats increase diversity. one of the first to respond, tweeting whether it is shame, true dragged kicking and screaming, just get it done because the alternative isn't pretty. >> some of the changes have i think the board recognized stars like jada smith and will smith and spike lee didn't want to be a part of the oscars. to do something. >> coming up next the latest on the blizzard of 2016. it is a huge struggle for
9:52 am
for some of you, your local news is next. around.
9:53 am
welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nair. this half hour we'll show you ers in the world. a most challenging and dangerous downhill course on earth. the strife in austria this >> and we'll take you out of this world. a museum in london displays amazing images of our solar system. >> and tom brady anding face off for the 17th time in their careers tomorrow.
9:54 am
our top story, the 2016 is affecting over 70 million americans. the deaths of at least nine people are linked to the weather. the storm, which isby powerful winds is blanketing the mid atlantic state, the tn valley and parts of the northeast. high waves along the earnard pose a significant flooding threat. >> snowplows in the carolinas will battling the roads. no many vehicles are on theladelphia but the snowplows are out in force. residents are being urged to stay off the roads. philadelphia's transit system has shut in new york officials are also telling people to stay home. at least a foot of snow is expected today. states along the east coast under emergency declarations. as well as new york city and washington d.c. krist van cleave is in theital with the latest. >> reporter: good morning anthony, the d.c. air is not one
9:55 am
snow well and we have a of the ground. now that the sun is up you get a better sense. this is pennsylvania avenue by the capitol. here more than 20 inches of snow spot. we've had a lot of wind so some of that is probably drifting. let's show you video. out all night long. it is an uphill battle. the snow is going to keep comingly another 16 hours before the storm has completely blown through. the metro system shut down. schools shut are expecting a multi day long dig out process. inches could call in the greater washington d.c. area. we've seen cars out driving around. it is not easy. it is not safe and the ry, very cold here.
9:56 am
could be a problem. and that is when authorities ares becoming a deadly storm. the national guard is out. we've seen their humvees on the road. they are going to help first responders get to calls aseteriorate here. that is the latest vip that. >> hopefully people heed that at vice and stay off the roads. the eaths we reported involved car crashes in four southern states. i-75 in lexington kentucky oth directions. it force ed d thousands to spend the night stranded in their cars in kentucky and in pennsylvania. and there are more thousand power outages in the carolinas this morning. fortunately temperatures are said to hover above freezing today whichavid begnaud is in philadelphia with more. >> reporter: good morning anthony.
9:57 am
when we last saw you an hour i would say it is clocked at 22, 25 miles per hour. but there has been one wind gust in the city of philadelphia clocked at upwards of 50ur. despite that, amtrack says they will continue service through the weekend as at a modified schedule. but when it comes to air traarled across the east coast and the mid atlantic. for yesterday, if you look at yesterday through sunday, we're talk act more than 8200 flights and would more than 33 hundred delays in and out of the u.s. more the same time period, american airlines is canceling over 2,000 southwest just over a thousand thousand. the airports we're seeing with the most wide spread om charlotte, north carolina all the way up here to philadelphia. mass cancellations. but many arms are saying this. if you have to reschedule, if our trip new york city worries.
9:58 am
we will do it for free. we're going make it as easy as we can. sthaz whating. back in philadelphia they have gotten nearly phenotype foot of know over the last 12 hours. when i around 11:00 there was nearly four inches. this morning there is a foot. >> and before another foot falls you a hat and some glove there is dave. >> for a look at what is next were the storm we're joined byn. >> well for new york city it is all cranking up right now. new york city has a blizzard outside. right outside the walls we got a blizzard going around and it is justed. today will be the worst day in the big apple. and it is gone from the east coast tomorrow.s. washington d.c., new york all the way out to the hamptons on
9:59 am
winds, gusts up to 50,r hour. coastal flood warnings and advisories from the chesapeake all the way into the tri-state area into portions of southerngland. the worst of it right now new york. this is going to continue right day. it is not going exit until about 7:00 a.m. on sunday. looks like you are going to be measuring this snowfall in feet. feet. the bull's eye two to three feet somewhere in northwestern virginia. >> lonnie quinn.> a nashville couple did not let the snow delay their pyle and jessica reed met a year ago friday and decided they had to exchange i dos exactly one year later so they didng in the middle of a storm for a white out wedding.
10:00 am
wins. this is the perfect wedding.orever. i now pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiz your bride. >> by the way groom went on loaner on that response. the couple took that as a sign of good luck. a nice day for a white wedding asl would say. >> and they have a story no one else will have. and a snow storm did not stop the carolina panthers from practicing. the snow and ice hit friday but players. the coach said the offense looked sharp but they did finish about 19 minutes earlier than usual. carolina faces the arizonanday night in the information championship game. and in the afc championship game, one of the greatestin pro football history with two players with nothing but respect for each other.
10:01 am
is he plays the position the waye play. >> i think playing somebody 17 times is pretty cool. especially a spot in super bowl 50 on the line. in the book brady versus manage, untold story of the rivalry thatd the nfl. gary myers takes readers inside this history. good morning. >> good morning. >> everybody is talking about what makes these two guys so special? >> well first of all.
10:02 am
special is you have other only three times. what makes these players special is theirir preparation, holding their teammates accountable. and most of all just a play on the field, just terrific n the 16 match up, tom brady has won 11 but manning has more passing yards. it is sort of hard to put one on isn't it? >> it depends what you want to value. if you value victories than tom brady without question. you put him over peyton manning. interested in statistics, peyton manning is the greatest regular season quarterback in nfl history. but i really think that ches are measured by what they do in the playoffs. tom brady has more playoff victories than any quarterback in the nfl. he's got four super bowlonships which ties joe montana and terry brad shaw for the most.
10:03 am
he's got a losing record in the and nine different times his team has been eliminated in the playoffs which is a record you don't want to ows has that influenced both players. >> peyton was born into the football royalty. not that to him. he had to work for it but having the manning name the expectations were always y grew up in a hard with three older sisters. all athletes. all made fun of little tommy in high school his freshman year his team was 0-8.n offensive touchdown. he couldn't get off the bench and didn't play one snap. gets to michigan. redly transfers. when he gets on the field he's always looking over his shoulder at drew henson. in talking to tom for thee it very clear that although it was very frustrating
10:04 am
he is today. it taught him to be tough, and nothing for granted and he really has carried that chip on his shoulder straight through his nfl career, despite all his being to six super bowls and winning four, he still approaches practice every day as if he has to convince his coach that he's still the best the patriots. >> so what are you expecting in this 17th match up twheenz two? >> well what makes it really special is we don manning to retire.o expect the patriots to win tomorrow. i think the brokz have a chance. peyton just can't turn it over.w. for the first time since they
10:05 am
quarterback mismatch basedw he's playing right now. the whole thing with peyton over the last two years his health has really dedeerted and it is t two years ago he threw for 55 touchdowns which set an nfl record and we're looking at this championship game tomorrow as the broncos just need toyton doesn't turn the ball over. and they don't necessarily count on him to win but just don't want him to lose the game. >> the manning is on sale right now. and tomorrow the patriots take on the broncos.
10:06 am
up next it's been a shocking start to the new year for rock ing david bowie and glenn frey. and it is not just the fans struggling. we'll hear the thoughts of the fellow musician nash who's now contemplating his own mortality. this is "cbs this morning saturday." come on in pop pop. happy birthday. i just had a heart attack... and now i have a choice. for her. and him. a choice to take brilinta. a prescription for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. with a baby aspirin more than 100 mg. as it affects how well it works. it's such an important thing to do to help her heart attack.
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10:09 am
> there ooze been an outpouring of grief in the world in the new year. i spoke to of famer graham nash about the loss of two contemporaries. january's been a cold month for music lovers.glenn frey suddenly gone just a week after david bowie.
10:10 am
their fans, imagine how it hitow musicians. >> yeah. because who's next? >> talking with graham nash about another topic this week, we kept coming back to the shock of it.omething particular apply jaring about both of them. >> yeah. because it was completely unexpected. >> yeah. >> i mean glenn was what?>> yeah. >> wow. bowie is 69. >> are you feeling the clock anymore after this month. >> i've been feeling the clock a six months. >> gnash has had a career in music, starting with the hollies. and then with nash and young. >> with all due respect we've talked many times. and my 74
10:11 am
and it is stunning to me that i still feel like this kid in a sion that i still have for communicating. it is amazing to me. and i'm just going to go right along with it until, you know, it comes to bowie's end came just days after he released his latest album, "black star." died just months after the eagles had wrapped up a two year tour. >> it is really weird. i listen to cbs news a lot, you n my car. >> yep. >> and you hear, you know, co-founder of the eagles glenn frey died today and blah blah.elf in there and i go, well, you know, rock and roll hall of fame twice gnash died nash died today and it will be gone and in five minutes it will all be over. it's kind of interesting.
10:12 am
time left?we it to yourself as an artist and a human being to have the best time you can, you know, as we face our >> artists hope their music lives forever. we've been reminded of that this month when an eagle left us and the star man looked to the he our floor crusade ew crew said putting a good band together up there. up next, dangerous course. we'll take you for a ride on the strife. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in
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10:16 am
letting it go downhill instead of just straight cross. >> a race that's produced for more than 70 years. the world's best downhill skiers are in austria this weekend to take on the most challenginge planet. >> the documentary strife win hell of a ride takes an in-depth look at the notorious course of terror. >> how difficult that course is has made history what i it is.rife. >> pure goose bumps. you don't even have tou just have to finish and it people are l say wow you had the guts to ski that course. >> the movie is available on itunes. course and legendary race is nathaniel vinton. author of the fall line. good morning.
10:17 am
in this documentary. is it the speed? is it the incline? the squlumps. what makes it so hard. >> all of those things, the e and the importance of the course to the racers. this is the downhill that is really itiation rite for the downhillers. >> only ten seconds in they are hour. >> right. and soaring off an enormous jump. >> as you talk about in the s degrees off can throw off the entire race for someone. >> they need a lot of explosive strength, anaerobic power, but ical strength. they really have to train their minds to memorize the course, to know where they are going and then to trick themselves into being confident to do it. >> how do they do it? downhillers spend their entire life building up to this race.
10:18 am
it is a race that's been around19 1k30z the one they all really want to prove themselves on. so i think they works on it >> you have actually skid this course yourself. >> not racing but i have been on the course, yes. >> and what did that show you. >> i tell people if you cut in half you would still have two of the scarest courses in the world. the top part and bottom part are steep, big jump, icy and relentless. it doesn't stop. >> what did you notice was the common sort of psychology of all of the skiers? as you average person would say pass. not interested. >> yeah i think the there is any breakdownen in their confidence it is going to hurt them.idence it is going to hurt them. and i noticed that in covering them through a season that weeks
10:19 am
>> there is a moment of cockiness that has to come into this. >> there is. are known as coming across as the little arrogant. but i think they really have to trick themselves into the can do this. because a lot of them when they do it for the very first time they don't think they can. >> is there anything comparable in the u.s. to this? and if not how do u.s. racers it? >> there is no single run in the world that can really prepare part of the reason is is it ice. the snow is so dense and icy. they spray wit water. o soz so there is no real the u.s. ski team has a very challenging training venue in colorado but there is nothing to prepare somebody foruntil they actually do it. >> lots of strife on the strife. thank you so much. the fall line is on sale right up. bringing art and science
10:20 am
meet the man turning outer space into a breathe taking exhibit.
10:21 am
love that. would end. weather sledding, sprinting,r cleaning up, dogs are having more fun in the snow than their owners. >> the first dog, bo, patrolled n as the blizzard started in washington. >> two more feet in d.c. >> the first dog's head still hurts with the garage door. half hour with an amazing, beautiful voyage to other worlds. other worlds is the name of a unique show at the natural m in london.
10:22 am
images of the solar system. >> reporter: explosions in thers away come into focus in ways never seen before, from the very active volcanos on a jupiter moon to rings of they're spectacular landscapes of the solar system reserved usually for space missions, now on display for all to see at theeum. t london's natural history museum. americaniter michael benson gave us a preview billick. >> i'm quite proud of this one because saturn is a show stopper end so i note. >> not just the unusual clarity the process that gave him an up close and personal glimpse of worlds. each photo is actually a
10:23 am
different details. this series of photos is snapped spacecraft over the span of the agency's 60 year history. >> that is part of the fun of it of course. putting together a images. so typically you will see an even more astonishing thing as you assemble. >> it took him years to complete. the end result is an exhibit of ing composites. a perfect fusion of art and science. >> dr. mccows kowski is a scientist in a technical sense this is very clearly ab art exhibition for the natural history museum. we hope people who appreciate art will see that we hope people who come here for science will be pleasantly surprised by the art. >> and of all things art there tion. many of the original photos are received in nasa in black and white.
10:24 am
data to determine the most accurate tones. >> sometimes i say oh darn, i have to reprint this. >> benson's work is casting newpace much like ansel adams photography revealed american's wild national parks. >> obviously i didn't haul my to sat earn. >> as a kid he grew up wanted to go to space. instead he's bringing the solar system back to earth. >>f growing up as the species to recognize where we are in the universe. that is part of what i'm doing. the message with a little bit of help from nasa and the european space agency. >> forturday," jonathan vigliotti london. >> i see that scientist's point.
10:25 am
the other up next, the dish.hef is soaring in the world of cooking. and here with examples from all to l.a.
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orn and raised in brooklyn new york. a jock who played sports. he traded in a baseball scholarship and a 92 fastball for culinary school. >> he now has a restaurant empire that spans coast to coast.t is slated to open in march. he's the author of "it's about time: great recipes for every day life." food and wineed him
10:29 am
back east. you get the idea. this is like the perfect meal for the blizzard. now have to the shelves have been wiped cheen. but what better way than to than to cook. and maybe senator with the oni. that is my favorite cocktail. i made some of my favorite dishes they are all from different theme. but a little that una tartar. pasta dish over here. and broccoli rab.
10:30 am
this is my dad's absolute favor job. and it is like the perfect thing for a snow last but not least is a really decadent chocolate tart. and i think question feast. you know it is all good stuff. >> we mentioned in the beginning aspirationing to be a baseball player. >> what little boy doesn't. an hour fabl. >> i but the reality is this career lasted a lot longer.d before baseball i knew i business. >> you were a dishwasher at 14. >> and i loved it. and i was really bitten immediately by the bug. there was something about the interaction of the guest and restauranteur they loved. in fact my very first boss, hethe recommendation letter to get me into the culinary school. and i haven't seen him in many years but he was a big influence in my life.
10:31 am
almost nine restaurants i read aid how many more restaurants do you need dad? >> she was funny one day. i was going wid exactly how many and i said i enjoy this. this is my life and passion. and as long as owe you get up and are you doing something you love you are a success. and it is no not about the money in your wallet. so from that standpoint i'm really happy. >> you have to keep track of nine restaurants but you still cook every day. >> i do. i cook all the time. especially if a restaurant is brand new i'm in tevery single day and i want to try to lead through example and i have an amazing team of chefs and managers that work with me and that is whathis. i'm only one person and whether you are one restaurant or nine you need a great team of people around you.tunate. i. >> as we speak there is this huge blizzard going on and you have a restaurant in bst as
10:32 am
how does weather like this end restaurants. >> it can be catastrophic. but we actually build it into right into our budget. especially in boston. 20 years ago where we will do 49 weeks of revenue. because we know that between weather will happen. people say i want to stay home today. in d.c. you don't plan for it you don't expect a 30 inch blizzard in d.c.n today. at the rigsby and the tico in d.c. we put everybody up in the hotel and we're open.urants can be a magical place in a snow storm. you get all bundled up. >> well everybody i going to be going now. n, still, even though you have lived in boston for a long time. >> you don't say that too loud in boston but i am. >> and how?
10:33 am
very carefully. actually the owners of the red sox come to our restaurants,f ours and they are awesome people. i'm a baseball fan. i happen to stick to aie allegiance to the yankees but i ugh to throw out the first pitch at fenway. i just don't root for them whenying the yankees. >> if you could have this with one person who would it be? >> i would have to say my dad. if there was one personim for sure. he was so influential in my life and i think about him every day. certainly it would be him. >> excellent dish. >> and for more on michael and >> up next our saturday session, louisiana native dillon leblanc. influences from neil young to holes sound.
10:34 am
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> starring in this morning's saturday session an artist rolling stone magazine says you need to know. dylannge 20 he released a critically acclaimed debut album that quickly took him from working as a waiter to being hailed as the new neil young. er he's out with " "tionary tael le and it is
10:38 am
here is dylan leblanc spr
10:39 am
[ applause ] >> don't go away. we'll with right back with more music from dylan leblanc.
10:40 am
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tomorrow on cbs sunday morning, one year
10:43 am
lee cowen talks with him about the economy and what he'll least. >> then mund monday on cbs this morning, taking workplace relationships to a new level. the company that organizes blind dates for its employees.nd everybody. >> we leave you with more music from dylan leblanc. this is "look how far we've
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