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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from cleveland's news center, this is cleveland 19 news. brought to you by spanky's cam newton and flooring outlet. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> i'm a little nervous, anxious. excited all in one. >> the search for a new k9, we are following the emotional journey of replacing canton police k9 jethro. >> the super bowl sunday matchup is set, the only place to watch super bowl is right here.
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it's the broncos and the panthers. super bowl 50 in northern california. >> and the snowstorm may be gone, but we are still feeling the impact. this is live video right now. you see the long lines at cleveland hopkins airport where many flights headed east are canceled this morning. in fact, 25 cancellations, four delays and a lot of people may be asking how do you have 25 cancellations already this morning? those cancellations go until 6:00 p.m. this anticipating. of work to do. >> right. check your flights out of cleveland, new york, d.c., baltimore, either of them, they may be canceled, they may be delayed, some may be getting out right now. it's up in the air if you're going to get out. good morning, it's monday, january 25th, thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy fee. >> i'm let's talk about our forecast. beautiful day it seems like in store, right and it's perfect because it's meteorologist sam
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>> she's turning 21 today is there i'm so excited. isn't it crazy. only a few years until i can rent a car. like it's just crazy. i'm getting old. we'll see what's happening out there this morning. this is my seventh, 21st birthday. sixth, seventh. i don't know it's early. six eye 2:00 in the morning. good morning to you in downtown cleveland. these are the current conditions out at burke. it's 26. notice our wind is coming in at about 10 miles an hour sustained, so it might feel just a little bit cooler to you than it actually is. akron, good morning to you. we're at 23 at the airport. nice light wind there. not bad for a late january morning. you know, typically we have a lot of snow on the ground. we've maybe got some snowing falling this time of year, but problem free for today. you can see we are locked in with cloud cover, but these clouds will not be an all day issue. we'll see some sunshine breaking out through the morning and into
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but we're already tracking your next weather maker. here is your first alert that we have showers on the way. and this is why low pressure out of the southern plains, that's going to drag a cold front through here late tonight into tomorrow and that will provide the lifting mechanism that we need to see showers. unfortunately it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it, so we're not going to see a ton of rain, but there is a chance for those showers late tonight. i'll time everything out for you, and we'll talk about the week ahead coming up in just a few minutes. jon, how are we looking on the roads this morning. >> let's talk about the morning ahead, shall we. it is a quiet morning. traffic wise anyway, weather wise too as sam just told you. the roadways going along just fine. we're up to speed. we're dry. we don't have to deal with sun glare, don't have to deal with icy spots inbound. the west side, citizenship -- 60 miles an hour, 480 as well,
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speed. 3271. head out to the east side you're going to find you're moving along at a pretty good pace. here is the inbound traffic on 77, the ramp at east 30th and things are going smoothly. we'll you were back to brian and tia. i'll be back with an update for you. >> there's lots of emotions for the officer whose k9 was killed on duty earlier this month. the officer was actually in houston, texas, on the search to find the successor. >> cleveland was there as well. the only media member documenting this experience firsthand. craig joins us now to talk more about this very unique process. >> yeah, it's something else. this is how things are working out right now. officer davis interacted with and got to know the 3k9 candidates. now, cnn north carolinaer tells us he hasn't made a decision, but he is expected to fly home storm tomorrow and should have his
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the k9 at the nonprofit organization k9s for cops in texas. they will be donating a fully trained police dog to the police department, but officer davis says it will not be an easy process replacing his best friend. >> he's left a hole that will never be filled. he gave his life for me. >> yeah, he will be here in the next couple of days and hopefully bring home his new partner and coming up in the next half hour we'll show you why each of these dogs is unique. it will be a little bit tougher than jethro to train. >> i don't want to give away what we're talking about, but this whole process is something else. but the good news is, and you've been mentioning it, they've raised so much money with this gofundme account that they're not only going to be able to get a new dog to replace jethro, but a whole a lot of new bulletproof vests for their dogs. >> it's expensive.
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process or to get a new dog or to have the dog and keep the dog. >> so money is going to help somewhere, right. >> there you go. >> q, appreciate it. >> potential danger of lead in the water supplies has schools closed today in the small town of sebring, ohio. this is in mahoney county just east of alliance. the school district is just taking a precaution after lead was found in the water in nearby homes. the epa in the area is asking can. >> there's a suggestion not to use hot water at all, because hot water tends to hold the lead or leach the lead out. >> so far tests show water had lead levels 40% above standards. emergency officials are now distributing bottled water. >> parents in the westlake school district will be watching this story very closely. school bus drivers, secretaries and other support staff in that
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contract come tomorrow. sources tell us the vote is expected to be close and a strike is a possibility. westlake also buses to private schools in surrounding communities. so a strike would impact students in bay village and fairview as well. the union had been without a school year. well, in stark county a hearing this morning is set for this man. that's paul witt that you see right there on your screen. witt is facing his 11th drunk driving charge. he pled not guilty at his arraignment, but maching his plea to not guilty by reason of it's sanity. >> you might remember the name field police officer who made national headlines with his media. today we're expecting him to plead guilty to acting inappropriating toward a female officer.
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this story for us. nichole, that facebook doesn't even exist anymore. >> the facebook page was taken down last year at this time. it had almost 180,000 followers. that's second only to the new york police department. oliver wood posted candid pro police conservative opinions on popular stories from kanye west to legalizing marijuana, but now he's in the headlines for something different. alleged misconduct against a female police officer. today oliver is expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges. in late 2014 officer crystal casternine filed a complaint with. she said she was subjected to repeat touching by the chief over a two year period. oliver was suspended by the department for two weeks and then resigned the following month saying it was a medical retirement for post traumatic stress disorder stemming from his 20 plus years in law enforcement.
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today, so be sure to keep it tuned to cleveland 19 for the latest on this story. and coming up in the next half hour i'll show you oliver's facebook posts back from when he was suspended, when he says about the punishment and being accountable. brian? >> thanks, in this we appreciate it. this morning the east coast begins to dig its way out. >> what's a snowstorm without a whole a lot of fun? right? this morning we're letting you decide which skyler videos are the best from the blizzard of 2016. >> i've got to go with the panda. the panda was just really good. you have to stay with us. if you haven't seen these videos, they're hilarious. the folks for some folks no laughing matter, because it is a big inconvenient, right, and unfortunately several people killed and injured from this storm, but the good news is it is gone.
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begin to dig out today. i'll have your local forecast when we come back. i have a live update from cleveland hop kinds airport. more flight cancellations are ct right en y feea co sor abva c heait in afew twond aalf ys en ud athe fst sn. wiout theirusprea om cl toell. onlybrevpeneateseep anstar to rk iedialy to blockhe vus a prott hethy lls. you uld al yr coldore,ast, fasas t and haldays en ud athe fst sn. len hoabre stas toork imdiaty atbrevcom don'tougit o, ock outfast
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live from cleveland's news center, this is cleveland 19 news. >> 6:13. welcome back. we are following the delays and cancellations for people flying out of cle this morning. you're looking at live pictures from cleveland hopkins airport. right now there are at least 25 canceled flights, at least four delays. we are told that just moments ago, literally about 15 minutes ago, one flight did get out of hopkins to
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it's not going very well. everything, washington, d.c. and most of new york city delayed or canceled today. >> well, the snow is done falling, but it's not done blowing. blowing snow is keeping run ways closed at dellison reagan national airport at d.c. flights are grounded there today. they do have one runway open between d.c. and new york. more than 4,000 flights are either canceled or delayed and more than already 100 are canceled for team. crazy. >> meanwhile millions of people along the east coast are scrambling to dig themselves out of the snow and ice simply because many of them need to go back to work today. >> a lot of kids have a snow day today, though, especially in the metro areas. chris welch is reporting on what's happening this morning with those clean-up efforts. >> all along the east coast the diligent hum of digging. and scraping and of course plowing can be heard.
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as best they can. cities like washington, baltimore and philadelphia are working to get metro, train and bus services up morning commute. >> this will be a long-term cleaning and plowing operation and i want to thank the city workers for their work. >> in new york even oh the travel ban has been lifted and buses and most trains are operational, officials are still urging residents to stay off the roads. >> leave your car where it is. don't try and shovel it out today. unless you have an emergency or something, truly urgent. >> washington, d.c. brought in 400 extra snow removes and canceled school for monday. the coastal flash flood warning has been lifted in -- flood warning where several cities were it's undated with high water that caused widespread power outages the officials say the worst appears to be over. >> we've done very very well in this storm and we have no concerns about flooding or damage from flooding any time soon. >> drivers in at least three states
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peak of the blizzard. while the storm has moved on, officials warn we're not in the clear just yet. >> it's still very dangerous. there's some -- some of our highways look great. it's down to pavement, and you might be cruising along at 50 miles an hour and then you're going to hit snow and we're going to have some accidents. we've been very lucky with no fatalities. we want to keep it that way. in wash, i'm chris welch reporting. >> the next question with this winter storm is what is the economic impact going to be. we hope to have the answer to that question. stay with us for continuing coverage on cleveland >> this is the d.c. cops playing a game of pickup football with some guys. police didn't give them any breaks either. did you see the stiff arm right there? it actually made it on to sports center. man, that's tough. >> in about a half hour we'll be showing you what we think. here comes the stiff arm again. watch --
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>> the officer catches -- right there. come on, man. >> that was a kid. come on. >> you can get involved with our twitter poll telling us what the best video, all these viral videos are all over the place. >> what's your favorite. >> the t-rex. >> it's hilarious. >> the fake panda guy. >> nothing can compare to that i like -- i like the guy snow york. >> i do too. i just said it was dangerous. if you missed it, don't worry about it, it's not that big of a deal. >> scary. >> beautiful day today, though. >> yeah. gorgeous. >> happy birthday again. what, is this like my third time saying it. >> it never gets old. >> 14 cakes in the break room. >> i know. >> food. tomorrow you guys remember this for
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>> we will. >> let's take a look at how we're doing out there this morning. that big storm, that's moved out. hey, that's great news for our friends who are trying to dig out. it's going to take loof time. a lot of schools closed on the east coast. i would be willing to bet some of these schools especially here in the virginias may not be going in some of the areas for the rest of the week. they have a lot of clean-up to do. here at home it's been smooth sailing. we had a little snow flying around saturday. yesterday was gorgeous. today really nice weather too. we start off for the most part in the 20s. we just dropped down to about 25 in mansfield this morning. cleveland, good morning to you, we're at 26. and as i zoom you in here, across the metro, a lot of upper 20s. lakewood, 28. 28 in parma as well.
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walked out the door was it really does not feel as cold. a week ago today we had some of you in the single digits with negative wind chills. this is a lot better. your school day forecast. 27 at the bus stop. lunchtime, 37 and then for the ride home we're in the upper 30 and is lower 40s. partly sunny skies today and a little on the breezy side, but overall 100% chance of outdoor recess today. we'll drop back to about 39 tonight. so notice the numbers don't really move much this evening. it will be breezy tone as our next system moves in from the west and we do have a chance for a few light rain showers as well. this is after 8:00 tonight. so if you have dinner plans tonight, you're okay. but as we take you through future view here you can see that the rain starts to move in from the west after 8:00 and then hangs around through the early morning hours of tomorrow. so as you walk out the door tomorrow morning you might be seeing a few light rain showers. now the temperature tomorrow is going to drop through the day, so
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around, as many as 7:00 in the morning on the model, may switch over to a mix of rain and snow and then eventually in the afternoon all snow. but the thing with this system is that it's pretty starved for moisture, so we're not going to see a ton of rainfall we're not going to see a ton of snow. it's not going to rain or snow on you every minute tomorrow, but we will have some moisture out there from time to time throughout the morning and into the evening as well. now, wednesday, that lake takes over. it's not frozen yet, so we have a chance for some lake effect snow showers. toll little to no accumulation, but wednesday maybe a dusting for some of you, especially out east. thursday a break. friday another chance for some lake effect snow showers and then the weekend. looking good right now. it does like like we may see a few showers, but the chance for now is very small. i'm loving those numbers. what about you, john? >> you bet. hey, you knoww what?
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bumper to bumper chrome to chrome and and stop-and-go and brake lights. none of that applies this morning. it's all very quiet out there. thank you for joining us at 21 minutes after 6:00. we appreciate that. the news is an easy go across 480, up 77, across 71. 176, the jennings is in good shape. 90 at east 140th looking good. i mean, folks are picking lanes and moving along at the speed that they care to. traffic getting a little shicker -- it always looks that way when headlights head east on 480 and taillights west in and out on 77 looking good as well. rta is running on time. the airport may be delayed but the buses are on time this morning. no problems out there on the roadways. we'll turn it over to brian and tia. >> a lot of people have been giving me a hard time about that video. >> yes. >> of the snowboarder going down the street in new york city. >> someone called. >> good morning to the caller who
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>> thank you for agreeing with me. >> that's the only reason he's saying thank you. if you didn't agree with him. >> that's not true. i love all our viewers. >> i do too. they're awesome. thanks for calling. i'll try to lighten up. time now 6:22. >> grandma. >> he's talking go me being the grandma. >> after a plowing debut the cavaliers back at it tonight at the q. >> a possible late entry into the 2016 presidential race.
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>> time now 6:25. former new york city mayor michael blumberg may be considering running for president. sources say the 73-year-old is expected to make a decision storm in march and if he does run, it will be as an independent. >> well, it was not exactly a glorious start for the cavs after
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move last. the cavs fired head coach david blatt on friday, promoted assistant coach lue. they lost 96-83 to the chicago bulls. all right, the stage is set, it's denver and carolina in super bowl 50. over the next two weeks leading up to the big game in san francisco look for continuing coverage right here on cleveland 19. >> go panthers. >> i just want to see a good game. i don't care who wins. >> four buckeyes on that team. >> they do. and they all played well yesterday. >> denver has three. i just picked. >> buckeyes everywhere. >> i know. time now is 6:26. a former police chief known for his residents on facebook now faces a judge for some criminal charges. >> and it's been about three weeks since k9 jethro died on duty in canton.
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>> more restrictions could be coming today in cleveland against the sale of tobacco in the city. >> and the candidates to replace jethro on the canton police force will have to overcome a language barrier if the officer who will be the k9 partner. >> check this guy out. we're calling him panda man. this is just one of the many viral videos to come out of this weekend's historic storm. >> it's causing pand ammonia n. >> very good.
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>> good morning, it's january 25th, i'm tia using. >> i'm brian duffy fee. >> 40 degrees in january, really? >> meteorologist sam roberts is here with some pretty good january news, guess. >> 40s today, a little sunshine out there. a lot better than what our friends on the east coast have been dealing with. they've been snowed in. but here at home we've been pretty much smooth sailing since last week. we want to take you to the big weather stories. today it will be all about that good weather, but we have a cold front coming in from our west and that's going to bring us a little rain tonight and maybe a wintery mix for tomorrow. but certainly nothing like what our friends out to the east have seen. it's pretty quiet here this morning. we've got the cloud cover, but these clouds will not produce any rainfall we're going to stay dry for the whole daylight hour timeframe we're dry. but again, tonight we do have a chance for some showers.
6:26 am
for late january, it's 26 in cleveland. good morning to you out in elyria, 24 is our current temperature. 22wooster. feels like january out there. but later today we actually go above average. 38 by 1:00 in the afternoon and then as i mentioned, highs today in the lower 40s, not bad, but you have to enjoy it while it lasts, because it's going to be a lot cooler starting tomorrow. we'll talk about that in just a moment. for now let's get a check of the roads. jon, how are we looking it. >> sam, i have to tell you, you have always been way above average in our book. believe me. especially on your birthday. happy birthday. all right. easy go this morning. nothing doing on the roadways, everybody is moving along at speed. we're coming across 90 from the west side. up 71, across 480. 60 or better and a lot of people are doing better than that, because it is just dry out there. dead man's curve on the shore way
6:27 am
49, 50 miles an hour day, an easy go. here's the inbound traffic. this is outbound on 77. look how sparse the it's downed traffic is. that's the taillights you see and nobody getting off at east 30th. things have been very quiet out here. no accidents, to no broken downs, a very easy go so far. we'll turn things over to brian and tia. >> a police chief who made a name for himself outside of social media. >> his radio show is now under fire. david oliver was accused of harassing his coworkers last time this year. >> cleveland nichole has the latest in his case. >> oliver will be in a courtroom today where he's expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges. back in 2014 officer crystal casterline filed a complaint saying she was subjected to touching and
6:28 am
chief over a two year period. oliver was suspended by the department for two weeks. at the time when he used the department's facebook page for his popular posts, he wrote this. being the accountable fellow i am, i fully accept the punishment and apologize for anyone impacted by my failure to adhere to follow the rules. he goes on to say, no one is above the rules and that i have learned a great deal from this experience and i will be a better chief and a stronger administrator when i return. however, oliver would end up leaving the department for what he called medical retirement for post traumatic stress disorder stemming from his 20 plus years in law enforcement. his facebook posts were taken down, but the brim field police department does still have a facebook page. he will be in court for that court today, so keep it tuned to cleveland 19 for the latest on this story. >> smoke restrictions possibly
6:29 am
the health and human services and planning to discuss a ban on the sale of those flavored tobacco products. this would mean it could only be sold in retail tobacco shops. last month the sale of cigarettes to people under the age of 21 was completely banned by the city and the city by 2017 will hire only nonsmokers. >> in cleveland the five suspects charged in the connection with the murder of ramon burnett will be in court today. the 5-year-old boy was killed last september. police say the little boy was playing outside when he was killed in a drive-by shooting. >> well, cleveland 19 new yorker is it is only reporter in houston, attention, with canton police ryan davis. >> he sadly lost his police dog jethro earlier this month, but he'll chews a new partner today and is expected to bring him home tomorrow. cleveland 19q mccray joins him and, q, we're told these k9 officers proceed a unique
6:30 am
>> these k nines at the training academy are all hand picked. the trainers actually go to europe once a month and select the top dogs and bring them back to the united states to train. here's the 1caviat. he will have to learn new drilling commands while working with the dogs one on one. this video sent back from cleveland 19's cnn new yorker who is in houston right now is the potential partner, officer davis will be selecting from. davis said the specific dog he's looking for is a street dog and all of these potential partners come from hungary. even the people who are helping to train davis' partner can feel his pain. >> the fact that someone would take an animal's life like that, had hurts -- every time i hear that,
6:31 am
>> well, head to our website, cleveland you'll find live blog on this journey with officer ryan davis. plus more information on the plea k9 candidates, k9s for cops, and the k9 academy in houston. guys? >> all right, looking forward to seeing how that story unfolds. >> i think q's story is -- his point here is really interesting. the dogs don't understand commands in english. they understand them in -- i would assume german. so really -- really interesting. >> yeah. now, ryan davis, the officer, the canton officer has to learn german, commands in german. >> time now is 6:37. if you're flying or driving to the east coast in the next couple of days the trip won't be easy. >> here's a live look from cleveland hopkins airport where we are still seeing a number of delays and cancellations. although we did get word that one plane was -- got out to laguardia
6:32 am
made it out to new york city and now a few scheduled later on too. also most new york city arrive always into hopkins are canceled. sam? >> some headaches there for folks about. the good news is on the east coast conditions have majorly improved. it's just that they're in the digging out process, you know, so that's why they can't get planes in or out, but the forecast for today in new york, d.c., a lot better in terms of the weather at least. we're sorry if your flight got canceled. hopefully within the coming days things will only be getting better. i'll have your local forecast straight ahead. >> next the east coast snowstorm was no laughing matter, but there are some pretty funny viral videos that are coming out of it like this one, and we want you to decide which one is the absolute best. check it out. we are running right now on the
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medicaid. medicare. marketplace. for more information,
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. >> good monday morning, everyone. thanks for starting your week with us. a look from the roof cam this morning at downtown cleveland. a warming downtown cleveland. >> 40. should be pretty nice. yeah. >> great weather for your birthday. >> well, thank you. yes. i'm excited. >> i was not hoping for snow on my birthday. >> yeah. >> but we have some really cool snow videos. have you seen some of these. >> we have a twitter poll going right now. let's check out this first one. this is one we've been talking
6:37 am
is on twitter as well. i mean, this video was everywhere, this one about the richmond zoo. these two were made famous on their facebook for their very unique relationship. on twitter this received a percent of the vote for best viral snow video. >> now, this one is my favorite, and it got 27% of the vote. some film makers in new york city posted this on youtube, as you can imagine as they go snow boarding down the streets they drew a lot of attention. >> resealed a few feathers. >> last week we talked about injuries while shoveling snow. it's called hoveling or shoveling white on a hover bored. 27 of you voted for this video. >> is that a banana. >> i think so.
6:38 am
>> but this is the morning. panda man. the one on the left of your screen is what actually won. i am dating washington national zoo's panda video that was the number one trending video over the weekend. this takes the cake with 38%. >> that panda almost looks human like. >> it is. >> it's crazy. poll. >> it was close. >> very close. the hoverboard, street snow boarding and a guy in a panda suit. cheeta cub is old. >> the snow video, it's the story from the dog with their weird relationship. >> that panda had human like tendencies. >> it grabs its leg. >> that was weird. it was weird. >> scary. >> they like the snow, i guess. >> evidently. >> no snow in sight here at home. >> at home. smooth sailing here.
6:39 am
totals from our big storm. law guard i can't almost 30" there. d.c. pits. pittsburgh, 4.5" and then 6.1 as you get up towards boston. the big totals were basically from new york south into west virginia, northern virginia, southern pa. as you get farther off to the north and west, things get lightedder and our snowfall total from the weekend, that .1, that's not even associated with this system that was a little bit of light lake effect that we had flying around out there. we don't have any snow this morning. a week ago today that commute was not so good, and it was bitterly cold, but this morning big improvements. 26 in cleveland. good morning to you in akron. we're at 26 as well. 23 in canton that's one of our cooler spots. here. a lot of cloudiness but no snow or rain to stand in your way, whether
6:40 am
side, west side or coming in from the south, at least in the world of weather you shouldn't have any problems. maybe a little glare once the sun comes up, but that won't happen for a while. over an hour until we see the sunrise. a mix of clouds and sun for your forecast. today it will be a little breezy from time to time. the temperatures are the big story today. 42 degrees. not bad at all. canton, 43, a mix of clouds and sun. >> our record today is in the 70s. i'm still okay with 40s for today, i hope you can get outside and enjoy it. we're going to see the clouds thickening up tonight. here's future view starting off at 7:00 tonight, increasing cloud cover and then after 8:00 the rain starts to move in from the west. this is just going to be rain at first and that will continue through the overnight and into tomorrow morning. but by the time you head off to work or school tomorrow and that
6:41 am
bit, we may see a little bit of snow or soft hail makes in early in the morning. and then we actually transition over to all snow throughout the afternoon. any precipitation we see would be purely snow, no rain or sleet or anything like that. i don't think this system will cause you any major issues, though, because it's very starved for moisture. it's an approaching area of low pressure, it's associated cold front. again, just not a lot of juice to work it with this one. so the precipitation, the rain, the snow, all of it will be pretty spotty, and any accumulation really little to nothing there. wednesday the lake gets going, we bring that back into the occasion. we'll have light snow showers, particularly out in the snow belt up to a dusting there. notice how much cooler it is tuesday into wednesday. a break on thursday. and then friday light snow in the forecast for us and a big weekend warm up. >> jon? >> wow.
6:42 am
where do you get a panda costume? do you walk in, i'd like a panda costume in a 40 regular, please? i don't know. really. think about it. okay. the traffic situation is not unbearable. it's moving along just fine. we're in good shape here coming up from the south on 77 across 480. 176 of course is the jennings. don't see any areas with yellow markers or red, of course caution, red pretty much stopped. 98, east 140th looking really good and here is the eastbound traffic on 480, the webb is the taillights and in and out on 77. look. i mean, there's a lot of space between these cars on seven stephanie as they head into town today. no accidents, no broken downs, it's been the story all morning long and that's let's hope it stays that way. we'll turn things back to you brian and tia. >> time now is 6:48. all morning long we've been showing you exclusive video from houston
6:43 am
davis is training with potential k9 partners to take over for the fallen k9 jethro. >> coming up in our 7:00 hour we will have someone here who can show you a few simple things you can do to get your own dog to do what you would like him do. can dinky do that? no, she he would be like i'm not stepping foot in that snow. here's a look what we've got going out there this morning. no, come back. you looked really nice. there you are. let's go back to downtown cleveland. a beautiful start for us this morning. temperatures in the 20s. oh, we have a nice warm-up on the way.
6:44 am
>> copacabana. the time is now 6:52 -- it just changed. it's 6:53 on your monday morning and we're looking live out of our washington, d.c. oh critical condition my goodness. look at all that snow there. it's a beautiful sunrise, though. it is going to be a beautiful day ahead in our nation's captain toll and it's a good thing that they have good weather too, because after what they saw over the weekend. they need a break so they can clean up all that snow there, even on 95. a main artery at the east coast. there's still some slick spots. they have to get that cleaned up, they've got clouds headed in their directed, but no more snow for at least today, the east coast very quiet in the wake of that big storm. here at home things are very quiet. you can see on our doppler radar and our sat right imagery, there are a lot of clutched but the radar is empty.
6:45 am
it's going to be a very quiet drive into work for you. you have a green light. no fog. nothing to slow you down in the world of weather. we start off in the 20s, but we top out in the 40s, so your drive home also very quiet. i don't think you'll even need the heat on full blast this afternoon, because it's going to be so unseasonably warm there. about 6 or 7 degrees above average depending on your location. jon? >> all right. well, i'm guessing that a lot of folks are traveling along at 6 or 7 miles per hour over the speed limit, because things are pretty easy out there this morning. here's the dead man's curve and the lakeshore near burke. yeah, 49, 50 miles an hour, no worries. working your way out east across 422, across 271 over 480 in or out of town pretty much up to speed. 54 to 60 miles an hour and here's the inbound traffic with the
6:46 am
at east 30th and the headlights are folks headed out of town. rta is running on time even if the airport do have some delays, but so far a really easy morning commute. we'll turn it over to you, brian and tia. >> thanks, jon. as you head out the door to start your day here are some stories to know before you go. an up great on cigarette restrictions possibly going to cleveland. today the city health and human services committee is set to meet. they plan on discuss a sale on flavored tobacco products. this would mean flavored tobacco could only be solid in retail shops. last month it was banned in the city and the city by 2017 will hire only nonsmokers. >> all right. we're following delays and cancellations for people flying out of cle this morning. these are eli apple pictures from the airport. right now there are at least 25 canceled flights, at least four delays. a few are getting out to laguardia, but everything to d.c. is canceled. if you're picking anyone up, arrive always coming in slow also this
6:47 am
>> also this morning, we have a birthday in the house. >> look at that. >> happy birthday to you. thank you guys. >> i can't sing. >> i don't want to ruin. >> happy birthday, sam. >> make a wish. you have to make a wish. come on. >> what do you wish for? >> there you go. very nicely done. >> you guys, thank you guys so much. >> that's the one that remains intact. the one in the break room is gone. >> they tore through it. >> thanks, you guys. >> happy birthday, sam. >> we appreciate you. we love you very very much and happy birthday from all of us. >> as you know, based on average temperatures, beginning today, the temperatures start to wall, so you've got that going on also. >> if if you're not sticking with
6:48 am
otherwise make the i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extend release technology, helps prevent the ur to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time
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