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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> k-9 jethro left his mark on the world. getting national attention for his heroic last actions. today a difficult decision for the officer who jethro saved. >> a little nervous and anxious and excited all in one. partner. we will have more on this story in just a moment. right now we will check on what's going on outside. >> mark: yeah. it was a pretty good-looking day and looks like things are changing. jeff tanchak has more on that. >> jeff: yeah. we could go over to the chroma key wall and take camera 4 there. first i want to talk about the east coast storm and how it compares to the cleveland hopkins seasonal. this is what we have 8.4 inches for the season. look at baltimore. 30 inches new york city over 27 inches. washington, d.c. about 19 and richmond, virginia, a foot of
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we have light rain coming in here. here you see it developing along the i-75 corridor. this is in advance of a front with a windy night here. warm obviously. because it will be rain in the beginning of this and rain even tomorrow morning. no major issues here. a little wet on the roads and less than .1 of rain and over 30mile-an-hour gusts, though. that will be the case tonight and tomorrow and the morning commute could be impacted a bit and low impact and here you see the hour-by-hour forecast and notice we generally hold steady at 40 and if not, go up here a little bit overnight. this time of year very warm and eventually it turns warm with a temperature change and i will tell you about that gois back to you. >> romona: it's been an emotional journey for officer ryan davis.
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a burglary suspect shot him in canton and the suspect is locked up on $5 million bond. officer davis traveled to houston and choosing from three candidates at a k-9 training center. sia nyorkor, the only reporter in texas. this is not your average police officer getting a new partner s? >> no, this isn't. it is very emotional for officer davis. he told us that really no one can replace jethro. but he realizes he has to move on. >> mark: talk a little bit about the process and what they go through here. >> there are three potential candidates he is looking at. thee different countries. he said there will be a little bit of a barrier because the dogs don't speak english per se. one of the dogs speaks german.
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jethro and raised jethro when jethro was a pup. these dogs are a little older. so it will take awhile for them to get acclimated. there will be a language barrier and learn each other's movements and learn how to trust each other, you know. it is like starting all over. >> mark: is there anyone else with officer davis down there or in essence by himself going through this process. >> reporter: officer davis did not come down here alone. he came down here with his trainer from the canton police department. that gentleman has been working with all three of the potential new partners, the dogs. he is the person that is going to be doing the training. he is the one who had on the bite suit. he was engaging the dogs. they would take commands from him. just a little bit ago we watched he and officer davis throw
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dogs had to respond. they were on a bus. they had to drag the suspect. there was a little bit of role play to see how the dogs, you know, would respond to those commands. he is not alone. >> mark: excellent. enjoy your little bit of time with his new partner there. we appreciate it, sia, thank you. >> mark: got a chance to talk to sia earlier today and staying on this from houston and we will report which k-9 officer ryan davis picks our app, and social media and new at 9:00 our first look at the new k-9. >> at least 36 people died in the blizzard that moved up the eastern coast this weekend. washington, d.c. took one of the hardest hits. government offices and schools were closed there today. new york city got almost 27 inches of snow. more than 12,000 flights were canceled over the weekend. it could take a few days before passengers are rebooked.
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game number 2 for tyron. cavaliers getting backlash from firing coach blatt. will it be a distraction tonight against the t-wolves? mark schwab is live at the q with the answer. >> reporter: i don't think it will be a distraction. they have had lots of drama with the cavs season before and going into the playoffs and a week like they have had. and obviously talk about the fast pace they want to play and good enough shape to play. lebron talked about the fast pace today and said it has a lot to do with getting down the floor faster and 3, 4, 5 seconds to go through the possession and set up play and everything like that. it could lead to a better set up and lead to more possessions during the game. he was saying one player will benefit also kyrie irving. >> first of all, it creates more
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to get off the floor. we want him to do what he does best and work without a set defense for all of us. obviously when the defense is set it is harder to score. and if we can get the ball up the floor and get the defense before they set we should get easy buckets in. if that doesn't happen we have to execute good offense. >> mark: as far as what can the faster pace mean for the defensive side of the ball, lebron will talk about that in sports and how it effects them defensively if at all in the game against chicago. >> romona: mark, what are they doing to making sure their shots go in. i can't see behind you, are they practicing free throws i hope? >> mark: right now a few guys out with a shoot around. >> sometimes teams have nights like that where shots just don't go in.
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could be more concerned. a one night deal where they don't shoot well, i wouldn't freak-out. every team has one or two or three nights in the course of the season. >> romona: all right. i will be watching. thank you, mark. >> mark: in mahoning county the sea breeze meeting is expected to be packed. residents are concerned about the water. the ohio e.p.a. suspended seabring's water superintendent. they suspect bates falsified reports and opening a criminal investigation now. water samples were taken from 28 homes. three of those above the federal allowable level. schools today were closed today as the state conducts additional water testing. >> romona: in cleveland an update now on a hearing impaired defendant who pleaded guilty to a harassment charge. rico dancey claims he was denied an interpreter and did not understand the ramifications he originally fought to change his
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exchange for throwing out his probation sentence. this may not be over, though if dancey decides to file a civil lawsuit. all eyes will be on cleveland during the republican national convention. but will the police department department be ready? paul orlousky uncovered eye opening numbers. >> as police chief calvin williams sent the 135th cadet class off for training it was different than any other class. training by the highway patrol in columbus hadn't happened before and always done by cpd officers here. it was controversial and eventually allowed by the courts and another story brewing beneath the surface. manpower. the city wants as many officers as possible on duty for this summer's republican national convention. and right now the numbers don't add up. >> we are going backwards. we have been going backwards since 2004 and 2005. we are not keeping up with a tricks.
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retired and only 31 replaced them resulting in a net loss of 58 officers. the hope for the new cadet class was 50 officers to be street ready by july. so far 8 dropped out. at best the number will be 42. here is the satiable in all this and the question unanswered right now. how many officers will decide to leave the force before the convention. many say he plan on it. instruments as many as 100 will turn in their badges. >> mass. it will be mass retirements. guys don't want to put up with that. >> reporter: is the reason the city is not prepared? >> yes. absolutely. >> that translates to a net loss of another 58 officers and many retirements can't be held off because what is known as a drop program setting age and time limits and city council refused to extend the deadline to keep officers on the job. >> a lot of times those guys are the most senior and guys we want to be around. to help guide the younger guys.
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numbers don't lie. paul orlousky cleveland 19. >> romona: the drop program was envisioned as a way for the city to anticipate police retirementsen and courage early retirements. its benefit was lower labor costs. >> >> mark: gas prices it to follow providing savings at the pump. dan deroos joins us with that. >> dan: not all great news. oil trading at $18 a barrel and trading that low because this country has the highest amount of gasoline in reserve than 1990 and that's translating to the lower prices. the green section of the map that includes ohio, northeastern, ohio you are looking at an average price of 1.40 to 1.55 a gallon and red areas in california where they are notoriously almost a dollar higher than the rest of the country and only at 2.30, 2.45 a
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further into cleveland. 1.37, 1.38 and prices falling. >> not such great news saving money at the pump but your 401-k is taking a beating because of the low trading. it is kind of the cyclical move. enjoy the prices and don't look at your 401-k. romona? >> romona: we are staying on break news in cleveland. we are watching a standoff closely at west 127th and triscuit. a police source tells us a man is refusing to come out holed up in a house there. s.w.a.t. is on the scene. hopefully, trying to persuade that man to come out peacefully and surrender.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> we have been following breaking news this afternoon a triscuit. tiffani tucker is on the scene right now. tiffani.
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can tell you. dispute. a man is holed up inside one of an hour speed limit sign about three or four houses down the road there. the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene. s.w.a.t. is on the scene and not telling us much and happening before 5:00 this evening and they have been out here quite a time west 127th and triscuit here in cleveland. we did see an officer speaking with a woman. was involved with. i can tell you they have been evening. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. tucker, cleveland 19 news. >> thank you, tiffani. after four months in jail a dismissed. >> a serious crime he says he did not commit. dani carlson spoke to the man and his attorney.
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aggravated robbery, a crime he says he didn't commit facing up to 10 years in prison. the scary situation he says was hi reality for four months. >> it was awful. jail was not the place to be. >> reporter: that was where michael artis lived four months for something he says he didn't do. >> actually, i thought it was a joke. >> the crime allegedly happened here in lincoln in lakewood. the victim was put in a headlock by one guy and another guy held a knife and took his wallet, watch and cell phone. the suspects ended up giving the empty wallet back which cops checked for dna. artis was one of the suspects and picked him out of a photo line up and artis was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and sent to jail. >> i sat in jail for 123 days in the county, which was not that
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>> artis has an extensive juvenile criminal record and court records say the 24-year-old wasn't found with the dna and his defense attorney says it would have proved artis was on a bus at the time of the robbery was deleted meaning charges were dismissed 123 days later. >> greatest day of my life. i literally ran out of the jail. i felt free. it is nice to see the prosecutor's office take a step back and evaluate and say we may have got ten wrong here. >> the prosecutor's office wouldn't say anything about this case other than the case has been dismissed and no one has been charged with the crime. i asked artis' attorney if a possible civil suit is planned for the future and tells me they have not talked about that yet. >> we just got an update. we told you officer ryan davis was going to get a new k-9 after
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the new k-9 is tuko. >> okay. looking forward to meeting him. >> we have rain moving in. >> jeff: we do. check out the temperatures. made it to 47 for the high. it will be a windy night. across the state most areas above 40. how do you like that. >> that's why it will be rain. can you see the cloud cover quickly moving in late day and here is a little bit of light rain. this won't be a big system here. there is the actual front that comes through in the morning and iowa. like i mentioned the wind comes through and south wind 15, sandusky and mansfield reporting that. >> here is 10:00 tonight. that will be the first shot of some light rain. akron-canton area and tomorrow morning this will be the next
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this is what the actual front itself and once that passes it will diminish down to a drizzle. as we look at future view rainfall now you can see most areas getting less than .1 of rain with this guy. but there will be a temperature change as temperatures are falling tomorrow. headed out this time of year you won't have to bundle up too much. southwest winds and 38 by morning and akron-canton 38 by morning for you and just isolated showers and tomorrow cloudy, windy, areas of drizzle and 38 will be the early morning high and then we go down. southwest wind gusts 30 and planner tomorrow and 7 a.m. and noon tomorrow drizzle and windy and 36 and 5:00 we will drop to the freezing mark. >> here comes some colder air with flurries tomorrow night and flurries wednesday and could be lake-effect snow east of cleveland on wednesday.
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and these are little shots coming at us. windy thursday and light show 38 and morning snow showers and windy 31 and pop up to 48 saturday and more light rain and alert sunday. >> thank you, jeff. >> coming up next in sports, the latest game 2 that will start at the q in less than an hour. we will hear from lebron on the
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now this is a serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. i don't think i am in bad shape at all. just need to get in better shape for what we need to do. i am not this far out and i can
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>> mark schwab at quicken loans arena. cavs and wolves. the shoot around. i don't think i am in bad shape. it's been thrown out there. not like beer guts running up and down the floor. give it a few weeks and see if they need to go as fast as tyron wants. >> how does it effect them on defense. it can help on the defensive side. they are tired and give up a lot of points and lebron says i don't think it affects us that much and we should be okay on that side of the ball. >> we play a great pace. we have to make a shot. it didn't affect our defense. at the end of the day and wend 96. and jimmy and tosh hit a jump shot. and 90 points. >> cavs and timberwolves tonight
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fred and ac have the tip. >> big football game coming up in a couple of weeks. super bowl 50, the stage is set. a tremendous day of championship sunday. the carolina panthers are moving on and denver broncos moving on and carolina throw and a half point favor and denver knows they have their work cut out for them beating cam and carolina. >> throughout the course of the year top 5 offense and turn the film on briefly and watch and dominant in all phases and knowing what we have to get done the next week and two weeks from now to be successful. we will understand that. the guys know. it is championship time and you have to may like one. >> superbowl sunday two sundays away. of course will you see the big one here on cbs 19.
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>> romona: again the standoff at west 127 and triskett is over. the man was taken into custody peacefully. 38 and slowly falling tomorrow. early morning light rain and drizzle the rest of the day
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colder wednesday and flurries and maybe lake-effect. all right. thank you for joining us at 6:00 cbs evening news is next we
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