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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: it's been a while since some of us have seen this. we'll show you where there are lining up for gas at 39 cents >> brian: wow. a gas leak is to blame for a home explosion in newscomerstown. we'll tell you how you can tell if your family is at risk.
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dangerous drinking water in a youngstown suburb leading to a disturbing discovery by investigators. >> brian: good morning. thursday, january 28th, 6:00. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. we're almost to the weekend. today is also have fun at work today. >> brian: we don't need that. right? >> tia: period. this is a fun machine. first, we have some weather to talk about this morning. you disagree? >> brian: no. >> tia: it's informative and fun at the same time. that's why people tune in. meteorologist sam roberts is informing us about the forecast. >> samantha: we have some snow on the way later today. there's not really much of anything out there right now. it's a pretty quiet start. even though we have the snow on the way, there are no winter weather alerts in place. no warnings, no advisories, no watches, nothing like that. we do still expect snow to come in during the evening drive. akron/canton, good morning to
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26 is our current temperature. it's a little breezy, so it does feel as if it's in the teens. cleveland, we're checking the current temp out at burke. it's 28, but again, with that wind at almost 20 miles per hour, it does feel as if it's in the teens. so pretty chilly out there early on your thursday. we are one day closer to the weekend. a lot of cloudiness out there, and i know the radar may look a little bit ominous and looks like a lot of snow, especially to the south and west of mansfield, but this is not making it down to the ground. the air is super dry, so it's going to be hard for any moisture to mix down to the surface until we get those lower levels a little bit more moist later today. for now pretty dry, so anything flurries. we'll talk about this afternoon's snow chance and how much we may see coming up in laura. west side still dealing with
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that water main break we've been talking about on madison avenue. there's a car going through now. we have heard that westbound lanes near west 105th street, westbound lanes have re-opened but eastbound lanes are still staying closed as they work to get it fixed. we hear it's really cold out there, obviously. we could freeze. we hear that they're salting the roads in this area. odot is out there putting the liquid treatment down on the highways as well. they're treating the roads to get everything, you know, so it's up to par on the roadways. this is where that break is, between 105th and west 106th. use western or berea as alternates. hopefully they get the water shut down and cleared up so you can get out on the roads. no problems on the highways, and your drive times all look on time right now. >> tia: flint, michigan is four hours away from here, and that story there with the contaminated water making national headlines. we have a story of our own right
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tests show five children in the youngstown suburb of sebring have elevated levels of lead. >> brian: q. mccray is joining us. what we know right now is the kids that have elevated levels could face really long treatment process if those levels are high enough. >> q.: exactly. that's exactly right. we found out researchers with the centers for disease control and prevention say none of the readings are high enough to require specific medical still, lead exposure can affect nearly every system in the body and can cause learning disabilities and behavior problems in children. i also just learned three of the five kids live on the same street in sebring. so, if you have higher levels of lead in your body, your doctor may prescribe key lags therapy. it uses medication that bonds with lead in your body.
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leaving your body when you use the bathroom. a child may be given key lags therapy with lower levels in the blood. it's on a 19-day course or a separate five-day course. tia. >> tia: in frint lint it's unclear how many children have been exposed to lead. in about 30 minutes q. is back with us to talk about how northeast ohio is rallying together to help people in need of water in the city of flint, michigan. >> brian: schools are open today in newscomerstown after a man was killed in a house explosion. the schools are across the street from the home that blew up. this was breaking news yesterday morning. the person is the homeowner, dean taylor. columbia gas confirms the cause was natural gas, but the state's fire marshal's office is still investigating trying to figure out exactly how the explosion occurred. you can see the house completely leveled.
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shook up this tight-knit community. >> it was like a bomb going off. i mean, it was a very, very loud explosion. >> i thought maybe my home was hit by a car. that's how brutal the sound was. >> brian: again, newscomerstown schools are back open this morning and police say it's safe for everyone to be inside homes. here are some of the warning signs you may have a gas leak in an appliance at your home. on your stove top there should never be an orange or yellowish-looking flame. it should be a crisp, blue color. if the pilot light always seems to be going out, you could have a problem. look for soot or a scorched area around the appliance. or if your windows have excessive condensation is a sign of a problem. a woman is in serious condition after jumping from a second-story window to escape a fire in elyria.
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pets. she became trapped and had to jump out the window. she was lifeflighted to metro. no one else was hurt in the fire and no word on a cause. a new police dog is on the parks. this is 1 1-week-old k-9 tieson. he's in training to become a patrol and explosives officer. tyson is sworn in and is now the fourth k-9 with the metro parks. we talk about these stories all the time. women attacked. i know it's not something people want to think about certainly so bright and early, but these stories, we talk about them every day, people becoming victims of crimes. would you know what to do if you were attacked. >> brian: january is self-defense month. nichole vrsansky will take us through a self-defense class this morning. very important. we know defending yourself to escape an attacker is the key to survival. >> nichole: i did an escape and survival class at the cleveland
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they say the way an attacker trying to intimidate a victim is grabbing that person by the neck, a chokehold with one or both hands. you can get away using a simple technique. it's a breath-taking grip around your neck, but breaking free is as simple as raising your arm. again, it's about targeting the weakness. >> lift that arm. >> nichole: this opposite arm? >> the one on the outside with four fingers straight up against your head. keep it straight up. turn your shoulder into those four fingers and keep turning. you release that thumb. you release the grim. so four-finger side goes straight up and spin in place and keep that arm straight up and you're free. >> nichole: if the perpetrator grabs you with two hands in a tighter grip, do the same thing. >> pick a side and make sure you turn the right way still and go. it also works behind. this can happen a lot of times
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>> nichole: the one thing that stuck out to me is i'm a small person, but highlighting these weaknesses of someone who might be grabbing you and then knowing your strength and where to focus your energy makes you stronger. i actually broke a board. karate chop. i'll show you at that 6:positive 30. the point is you're stronger than you think if you know how to focus your energy and trong points. >> brian: and using the right technique. it's important to take a class, get together with a group of your friends or something. you can get a good rate. >> nichole: they offer them. we have all the techniques on our website at so you can kind of go through the videos and look closer at how to do techniques. >> brian: thanks, nikki. >> tia: time is 6:09. something happened on this date 30 years ago that if you're old enough you'll remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. >> brian: it was sad. i do remember. we love the lower gas prices, but less is not always more.
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doing to your 401(k). what's going on, sam? >> samantha: with cheap gas i think it's a perfect time to take a trip out to peek n' peak for the weekend. 6 up to 40 inches of snow. that base depth there packed powder and they have 26 trails open. so plenty of space to get out there and have a great time this weekend. they have some snowshowers coming in the next couple of days, so there will likely be more snow by the weekend, which looks great there, by the way. straight ahead. >> tia: even donald trump is sitting out the debate, it's
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the story when cleveland fe a cd so comg on on abra cahealt ins few as twond aalf ys wn usedt thfirssign it penettes ep a stas to tolockhe vus a proct healy ces.. dot toh itut, knocit o, fa.
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>> tia: 6:13 on your thursday morning. tonight's seventh gop debate in iowa will go on as planned minus donald trump. he's leading the national polls but is refusing to debate with fox moderator megan yn kelly. ted cruz doesn't like it and is offering trump a chance to debate on donald's terms. >> if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates, i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with him anytime between now and the iowa caucuses. >> tia: trump's campaign is skipping the debate because he doesn't think he would be treated fairly. there's no comments so far on cruz's invite ation invitation. kasich will also be on the main stage tonight. >> brian: many of us might remember where you were 30 years ago today.
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space shuttle challenger exploded just after take-off. one of the seven crew members was akron native judith reznick. today nasa is paying tribute to the crew with a day of remembrance. it was awful. it broke apart in air 73 seconds after take-off in cape canaveral, florida. i remember watching it. sam wasn't even born. i remember watching it, and you were like trying to comprehend what you were watching, and then when it kind of came over you, it was -- >> tia: shock factor. >> samantha: i can't imagine. >> brian: bad day. >> tia: not a good day for weather either for people commuting tonight. >> samantha: this morning no major issues, but later today, as you said, we have some snow around. you can see that the radar is lit up in white. we have clouds and we've got snow out there, but this misture looks like snow is
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no one is reporting any snow at our observation sites. just reporting cloudy skies and maybe a few flurries out there. again, this is not making it down to the ground. temperature-wise, we start off in the upper 20s. we're going to gradually climb, lunchtime. noon we're around 35 and highs today near 40 degrees. so a day here where we're above average. it will be windy and from time to time we'll have flurries, but the big story today, that snow that's going to come in this afternoon. so i want to time it all out for you. again, through the morning we watch that area of moisture that you saw on the radar. we'll watch that move off to the east and that may produce a few flurries. nothing more than that. most of the day is just cloudy, but 2:00, 3:00 our eyes are going to shift out towards toledo because that's where the snow is coming from. as it moving into our western counties here, it might start off as a little bit of rain or a little bit of a rain/snow mix.
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that transition over to all snow. snow continues to move off towards the east through the afternoon commute about 4:00, 5:00 in the cleveland area and about 5:00, 6:00 akron/canton. the temperature at that point will drop, so we'll be seeing all snow. this is 6:00 on your simulated satellite and radar. so evening drive, again, you're going to have to go slow out there, and it will continue to move off towards the east. 8:00, 9:00 we see snowshowers in northeast ohio. then the wind shifts. that snow moves out. we'll have lake-effect take over overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. we may pick up some additional snow primarily along the lakeshore and out in the snowbelt. so how much snow are we going to see? we're thinking a dusting from this afternoon through tonight into early tomorrow morning. up to 2 inches. here's futureview snowfall. out to the west we have lighter
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really for most of us a dusting. we get farther to the east, cleveland, chardon, mentor, warren, painesville, 1 to 2 inches of snow possible there. we get a break in the cold and snow this weekend. i put a beach in the background. look at that. 47 on saturday with a chance for rain midday. a break saturday night, and then look at sunday. 54 degrees. we will have light rain around during the latter half of the day, but 54 last day of january, laura, you can't beat it. >> laura: it looks like huntington beach over in bay village. not quite. wishing, though. maybe soon. this isn't so beachy or peachy, either. water main break at madison avenue. westbound lanes have been re-opened but between 105th and 106th is where that is. the alternates are on the screen, western or berea recommended instead of taking the area. it's a slow-go, and if you head eastbound you won't be able to get through.
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that as well. across the wide map, highways looking good and if you come up 71 past the airport and over 480, still in the green the whole way through linndale and bribing lynn brooklyn and the steelyard as well. the drive times are all on time. let's look at this, though. look outside. look at that price. have you seen that in a while? check out gas prices at a fuel stop in texas. 39 cents there. people came by the hundreds to line up to catch this hot deal. it's not the standard going price down there, though. it was for a promotion. the last time they were 39 cents a gallon richard nixon was in office in 1969. brian. >> brian: all right. with gas prices under 2 bucks a gallon, we all have a little extra cash in our pockets. that's good news, right? for the most part it certainly is, but what about the theory that's out there that our 401(k)s are taking a beating because of low oil prices? >> you don't need to be an
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you are paying less for gas, you have more money to spend in other ways on other products. what is the relationship between falling oil prices and the falling balance of your 401(k)? for that answer we went to baldwin wallace university economics professor dr. kay strong. it would seem if we have more money to spend, businesses, other than the oil companies, should be more profitable. that should be helping the market. >> it should, but -- >> it's not. >> keep in mind, the time frame here is really short. it takes a while for the inputs to pass through the economy and be picked up on the other side. >> reporter: so in this case dr. strong explains consumers have developed what she calls a cautionary bent. consumers without confidence don't spend, and that's the factor that creates the negative effect on the market and ultimately your 401(k). the lack of consumer confidence, however, according to
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short-term. >> things will start to recalibrate, balance will return to the economy both globally and nationally. we'll be fine as long as everyone maintains some degree of confidence. >> brian: it's hard not to get worried, though. i'm not looking at my 401(k) balance every day, but i look at it once a month. when you know, well, last month i remember it was this and this month it's this. people get concerned. >> tia: i know. iement i'm not near that stage yet. still, it could impact me eventually. >> brian: absolutely. the more money you have, the more money you're making. that's how it works, right? >> tia: that's right. time is 6:21. it's the video you're bound to see on your time line somewhere on social media this morning. we'll show you what caused a kid to go bananas on the sidelines during the cavs game. >> brian: good stuff. what has a shell, tail and two heads? >> tia: obviously, right there on the screen. >> brian: you don't need a big guess.
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>> tia: time is now 6:25. so if you're in the kitchen, you may want to look at this and get the kids to look at the screen, too. this is interesting. a two-headed turtle that's 6 years old. the vet says he's surprisingly healthy. the owner is donating this unique creature to a zoo in the philippines. you might see a new clydesdale in the up coming super bowl. anheuser-busch announced the foal was born tuesday. they did not rule out an ad. how cute. >> brian: they better shoot it quick. there are two things to know about the cavs/suns game at the q. here's the first. >> down the floor.
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caught him in the rear-view mirror. it all depending on him. >> brian: very fresh. maybe the dunk of the year for lebron james. cavs hammered the suns 115-93. for the second thing you need to know from the game. this is video of a kid celebrating courtside during the third quarter. this little guy was all over twitter last night. during the game espn tweeted the video getting nearly 1,000 shares. >> tia: that's cool. >> brian: it's like he's saying hallelujah or something. the kid is fired up. the browns hired andy berry as the director of player personnel or pro personnel. what's interesting is he's from harvard, so now sashi brown, paul depot depot des at that. we'll see what they know about football. we know they're smart. >> tia: we know that. i don't know if we mentioned it
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and the rest of his coaching staff coach the eastern conference nba all-star team. >> if you win the east the year before, which the cavs did, your coaching staff gets to coach. >> so the new staff. we'll see what happens. we have an idea as to what may have caused the 911 system in cleveland to stop walking. >> brian: there are talks that niagara falls the american side
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>> brian: new this morning, so a pickle, a burrito and hot dog walk into progressive field. that's not a joke.
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they don't stop there at the new ballpark. we talk live with joel hammond from the tribe about what you will see that will be different come opening day. >> tia: we'll show you who is taking up a collection for the six police officers fired for their roles in a deadly shooting four years ago. >> i think of going right through it. >> brian: oh, man. don't get on nikki's bad side. if nichole vrsansky can do it, so can you. we'll show you simple self-defense techniques to help you and your kids stay safe if you're ever attacked. >> tia: if you're watching us in lake county this morning, hello. your power came back on overnight. i'm sure you're happy about that. good morning. it's thursday, january 28th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: hope your alarm clock went off on time. i'm brian duffy. a mechanical failure knocked out power to more than 40,000 people last night. all of it has been restored this morning. >> tia: we also have some
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morning. meteorologist samantha roberts is tracking a little bit of snow center. >> samantha: guys, good morning to you. good morning if you're just rolling out of bed. obviously, if you're watching right? let's take a look at what we've got going on outside today. we'll start off with the big weather stories, and, of course, downtown cleveland. not a bad start at all. looks like at least from this smoothly. laura will have an update on the roads momentarily. out the door with windy and cloudy conditions, and then snow on the way later today. but after the snow we get an extremely mild weekend around here. i can't wait to tell you about that. let's focus on the here and now. it is thursday, and we're waking up in the mid to upper 20s. 28 in cleveland. it's a little cooler out to the east. 23 in columbiana. you go farther west and it's 30
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we have some light returns on the radar. most of this is not making it down to the ground. anything that is coming down is going to be flurries, but your evening commute is going to feature snowshowers. we're going to talk about it coming up in just a few minutes. laura, how are we looking out there? >> laura: this spot we're dealing with this, this is that water main break. the trucks are out there. crews are working on this right now madison avenue between west 105th and west 106th is where this water main break is. they have re-opened westbound lanes and eastbound lanes are still closed in the area. i still have the alternates for you up on the maps if we switch over to that now. let's look at those. these are where the alternates are. western or berea in the area. this is where the water main break is, and also have the closure northbound west 105th street at western as well. across the rest of the map, that's the only place that we have an issue. highways are moving well. down in akron, same story.
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entire way. not much of a slowdown there. as for your drive times right now, they're still in the green as you head out the door this guys. >> brian: laura, 6:34. it's too early to tell for sure now if the water is to blame, but five kids in the youngstown suburb of sebring tested positive for elevated levels of lead in their system. >> tia: many northeast ohioans are banding together to help end a water crisis in another city. cleveland 19's q. mccray joins us now with details. q. >> q.: several businesses and organizations are doing their part locally. wow internet cable and phone are collecting water in flint, michigan at the giant eagle in lakewood from 5:00 to 8:00 tonight. donations are collected at all four huli houses. drop it off in the parking lot between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. >> to be without water and
6:28 am
for three or four days, and it's very hard. so i can't even imagine what they're going through. >> q.: people in flint need much more than just water. they can use baby wipes, hand sanitizer, jars of peanut butter and jelly, and even children's books. guys. >> tia: thank you so much for that, q. this is a story we're following this morning as well. we're still asking a lot of questions about recent problems with cleveland's 911 system. three city councilmen share concerns in a safety committee meeting, and for good reason considering the non-nj -- non-emergency and 911 lines crashed twice since saturday for more than 20 minutes at a time. we did check, and fortunately no serious calls were missed. michael brelo and five other cleveland police officers fired for involvement in a deadly police chase and shooting. they have more than $13,000 raised on their behalf in less than 24 hours.
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officers. ohio lawmakers took the first step to add the right flyer to ohio state seal. the red flyer is the first successful heavier than air powered aircraft designed and wright. they heard the bill yesterday. it's the latest effort in the wright brothers home state to reinforce their place in history as aviation pioneers. if you were attacked, grabbed by the arm or neck, would you know what to do to escape and survive? helping you say why is a goal of a seminar at the cleveland academy of self-defense. >> tia: january is self-defense awareness months. nichole vrsansky has showed you techniques all morning long to help you escape and survive any attack. what do you have now, nikki? >> nichole: it comes down to knowing your attacker's weakness and taking advantage of that. all that information is on the
6:30 am
escaping is also about knowing your strength and trust me, you're stronger than you think. >> just think of going right through it. go right through. you did it! >> nichole: never thought i'd be able to do that, but christina and ray say a simple technique change helps you pack the most in your punch. >> the natural reach is going to be incorrect. someone is just going to reach straight out and hit with the wrong knuckles, either break your wrist or fingers. you do more damage to yourself than your attacker, especially talking a child or woman against a full-grown man. >> nichole: instead they say think pounding on a door. >> it's the hammer fist shaped like a punch, but you hit with the outside of your hand. you can hit really hard. you can hit a really large man and do some damage without hurting yourself. third time go right through. that's actually like with an attacker it's the same mentality
6:31 am
you're going through it. you're doing damage again to escape the situation i and get free and survive another day, basically. >> nichole: the academy offers these classes for children as well. christina and ray told me a story about a 10-year-old girl who took their classes. she was able to escape a would-be attacker because of what she learned. we have more on that story in the next half hour. make the switch with us to cleveland 43. >> brian: the last thing you want to do is say it can't happen to me, because we have a couple of people in the newsroom that this has happened to. careful. >> nichole: kind of like a fire drill, you hope it never happens prepared. >> brian: thanks very much. >> tia: time is 6:38. if you can't start your day without a coffee, now may be the time for you to stock up. >> brian: if you like dimples and tiny smiles or plain cuteness, you'll love this
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sam. >> samantha: so cute. the time is now 6:38, and we want to let you know that today is a first alert weather day. we have snowshowers moving in. now, your morning commute is not going to be impacted by this at all. the evening drive today will feature snowshowers. so plan ahead. we're looking at up to 2 inches of snow in some areas. haven't seen a lot of that lately, right? we'll talk about that and we'll take a look ahead to the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> tia: we're talking about this, too. if you're planning a trip to niagara falls in the near future, there's a chance that it manlt be open. that story and much more when
6:33 am
i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extend release technology, helps prevent the ur to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time that's why i choose
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>> tia: come on. get out of that bed and do a little dancing. get dressed. >> brian: get moving. >> tia: oh, yeah. >> brian: it's the fiesel roof cam in downtown cleveland looking east. i think that's chester. i'm pretty sure that's chester there in the middle of your shot. it's a great morning and should be a good drive in for you. watch out on your way home. it doesn't look like it's going to be a complete mess, but could see a lot of snow in the afternoon commute. so make sure you're listening to what sam has to say here in a couple of minutes. the water may not be flowing this time next year at niagara falls. don't worry. it's a short-term deal. they want to replace a 115-year-old bridge that connects the u.s. to goat
6:35 am
crews have to build a temporary dam that would direct the niagara river only to the canadian side of the falls. plans are not official yet, but if it goes through the american side of the falls will be dried up for about nine months. have you been there? >> samantha: i haven't. >> brian: it's worth it. take the trip. >> tia: i want to go. >> brian: make sure the american side is not dried up and they're going through this. i've been there when the water, it's cool to look at the rock formations. it's a great way to spend a weekend. >> tia: we have to go, sam. come on. we're closer now than we were before. >> samantha: that's true. i've never lived flaen where near niagara falls. >> brian: it's really cool and go across the canadian border and there's great restaurants. >> tia: me, you and wrigley. >> samantha: wrigley wouldn't know what to do with all that water. what is happening?
6:36 am
way, not like a child. this is her dog son. in case you're new to the show and you're like who is wrigley? that's tia's dog. we're looking at the radar. you can see we have a lot of cloudiness out there, and there's actually some snow showing up on the radar. this isn't making it down to the ground. the air is much too dry to see there might be a little bit coming out of the clouds, and it would be flurries. we've had a few reports of that this morning. no steady snow. cleveland at 28, 27 akron/canton, 26 mansfield, sandusky good morning to you, upper 20s and lower 30s there. it's a pretty nice start for us. we have a ways to go. by the noon hour we're at 35 and highs today in the upper 30s and above average. of course, we have the snow on the way for the afternoon, an alberta clipper system brings that snow from west to east.
6:37 am
sandusky, norwalk, mansfield and bucyrus. it will arrive at 2:00 to 3:00. then it moves off to the east. so cleveland, akron/canton, worcester into dover and new philly, that arrival time wind doe is 4:00, 5:00. farther out to the east, lake, geauga, ashtabula, trumbull, youngstown, that arrival time is about 5:00 to 7:00. this might start off as a little bit of light rain or wintery mix, but as the temperatures falls eventually we will see all snow. it will last off and on through the night, because once the clipper moves out, we get the lake-effect going. we have snow in the snowbelt tonight and into the early morning hours of tomorrow. a dusting up to two inches of snow possible during the time. colder by tomorrow, 28 for a high. it will be windy, too. we're dry in the afternoon. then the weekend, major warm-up there. 47 on saturday, 54 on sunday.
6:38 am
rain on saturday, small chance and a better shot, though, on sunday. that's why we issued an alert there. laura. >> laura: i am worried about that evening rush hour, because uf had a long day at work. then you want to go home. you just want to get home. be extra careful on the roads this afternoon and evening when you deal with that snowfall. right now we're not dealing with any issues. 77 looks to be moving pretty well as we near closer to rush hour. we still have that water main break issue with eastbound lanes closed. westbound lanes are open. that's madison oef over between west 105th and west 106th. your alternates are western and berea. across the rest of the map, highways really looking good, and as we look over at the west side, i-90 comes from the turnpike through the avon area and westlake and the west of the way towards the inner belt bridge really looking on time. then we also look at the drive times really quick. look at those all in the green this morning as well. tia. >> tia: good news for us coffee drinkers. i know laura will love this, too. the bean prices have hit a
6:39 am
they're down two-thirds since 2013. thank farmers for that price drop. they had a good harvest this year, but as for your $5 latte at starbucks, maybe $7 in some cases, experts don't think this will cause that price to go down. depending what you get in it, it can be in the upwards of 7 bucks. mine is about 6 bucks. look at this face. this 7-month-old ila is this year's gerber baby. so cute. she's from troy, michigan. her parents will receive $50,000 in prize money. her photo was picked from more than 170,000 entries. she is cute. i mean, just adorable. >> brian: are you kidding me? that's great. >> samantha: makes me want one. >> brian: in case you haven't heard, it's national have fun at workday. slider is clofrping around on the set. >> tia: he's having a great time. we've been known here to play around a time or two. we love our jobs, okay?
6:40 am
take a look at some of our fun moments. >> very nice. >> that's far enough right now, boy. fired up. >> girl! >> whoa, look at that. that is cool. >> they were separated at birth with an '80s movie star none other than that the karate star. >> brian duffy. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. >> that's right. i won that. >> you cheated and you still are talking about this. months later you cheated. tell the truth. that was some big hair that day. whoo! >> remind me not to grow that mustache again. i'm all for the cause. >> tia: you're still claiming that you -- look at those great people. hey! slider. >> samantha: 67 days until opening day. 67 days. it's going to be a great time taking on boston, but it will
6:41 am
>> samantha: time is 6:52. we are tracking some flurries for you this morning on the radar. you'll have to excuse my sniffles. i have come down with a bit of a cold. so this will be a sniffly forecast. you can see we have those returns on the radar. again, most of that is not making it down to the ground. if you are seeing anything right now, it would be more along the lines of flurries, and that is what we'll have off and on throughout the day. windy with flurries today, 20s now, upper 30s later. after 4:00 in the cleveland area snow will move in from the west. it will hang around through tonight. so be aware of that on your evening commute. hey, if you've missed the comprehensive look at the forecast, head on over to cle43. we'll be there starting at 7:00. >> laura: this is still the look you see outside this morning if you're on the west side and we're talking madison
6:42 am
look at that water and the way it's flowing there. it's been quite a mess down there this morning. the water main break is right between west 105th and west 106th. it's causing some closures out there. westbound lanes are re-opened and eastbound lanes are not. let's go over to the maps if we can. you'll see the 29-mile-per-hour marker by the steelyard. we sail on rush hour with on-time times at mentor, elyria and akron. >> tia: cleveland pickle, ohio city burrito and happy dog are the newest vendors at progressive field. my stomach is growing growling things about it. >> brian: to talk more about what's going on at progressive field is slider. he's checking his hair. >> tia: oh, boy. >> brian: slider has to make sure the makeup is on right. joel hammond is here.
6:43 am
in the corner by fanta counts, i don't know how it worked out for you guys, what great additions. now we transition to -- what are you most excited about at the ballpark? >> we're trying to replicate that right field district expanse, which was very successful in the infield and left field district. tia mentioned cleveland pickle, happy dog and ohio city burrito are coming in this season. we have three or four more big names coming in march i'll tease right now. we'll announce that. they're names your viewers will recognize. very excited about that. you saw the scoreboard. dramatically enhance the fan experience there. also, just better views of main concourse. >> brian: that's what i'm most excited about. >> when you walked around behind home plate, you couldn't see the field. we knocked out some structure and you'll be good to go. >> tia: with the new additions how many vendors?
6:44 am
district and six or seven in the other district. >> brian: you have done a great job with that. it's local. when you go to progressive field, you go local. what about fan fest? >> tribe fest is this saturday. $5 to get in and you can bundle that withen an autographed ticket and get autographs from four players. everybody will be here, and actually new this year you see the pictures here of it at the ballpark. it's aloft cleveland downtown this year due to construction atle ballpark. >> brian: in the flats. >> it's showing off the new district in cleveland. >> brian: you have been very successful with this. >> it's grown each year. this year is different because of the space restrictions, but we're still hoping it's a great event for fans coming down. you can get all the information about the event. >> brian: if you missed progressive field last year, get down there. it's a whole new ballpark. it really is. the ballpark is phenomenal, but the changes have made it really fantastic. >> we have rave reviews and
6:45 am
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