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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: we start tonight with breaking news off the top. big developments in a 2-year-old murder-mystery. a grand jury just indicted an attorney for tampering with evidence in the murder investigation of alisa sherman. gregory j. moore was sherman's divorce attorney. her body was found outside his office building in 2013. she had been stabbed multiple times. prosecutor tim mcginty says moore tampered with evidence and lied to police during the investigation and didn't elaborate on that. our tiffani tucker is talking with the sherman family friends right now. meanwhile aliza's best friend issued a statement saying "i am thrilled there is some movement in the case.
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possibly getting justice." we will follow this all afternoon long and get up to the second updates on twitter and of course on >> dan: you want to stay tuned on details for that. clearly, this is developing. now at 5:00 get ready for a dip in temperatures. >> denise: yeah. that's not the only thing headed our way. chief meteorologist jeff tanchak is tracking snow moving into the area now. >> jeff: we are. one of these fast-moving systems and because the temperature made it up above 40, toledo starting out with a little bit of rain. i think as the temperature continues to drop it crests over the lake and weather sources i have a close up view of this and moving in. it won't be a lot for us, less than an inch of snow tonight. i think overnight there will be a window of opportunity and rather small and we could develop lake-effect snow.
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trace to possibly 3 inches in parts of the snowbelt. that could impact the early morning commute a little bit. with a few slick spots. temperatures go down. we have snow showers tonight into tomorrow morning. a brief dip in temperature before much warmer temperatures will be coming in this weekend. here you see cleveland at 40. norwalk 38. mansfield at 39 degrees and on the cleveland 19 weather app you get hourlies and snow showers overnight and dropping in the 20s. so much more on this and of course more on the big weekend warm up on the way with some rain at about 5:17. >> denise: all right. thanks, jeff. it. current and former rta employees using the transit system to benefit themselves and their families.
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the cuyahoga grand jury. they are facing charges including theft in office, tampering with evidence and identity fraud. chief investigator carl monday is with us in studio. carl, you broke the story about the investigation last fall. clearly, these workers were taking advantage of the system. >> reporter: we are only talking about three workers here. the scam dates back to 2008. it goes back 7 years and involves hundreds of rides. according to our sources and indictment, it went like this. destinations, phony riders and used the names of dead people to pick up. obviously they were not there when they went to do the pick up. involved a few people. giving rides to friends? happened. the people themselves benefited.
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work and school and used it to transportation for sporting events browns games, cavs games and indian games. >> dan: while they are doing this you have possibly other people that need special transit that aren't getting rides. >> reporter: we showed it in the fall. there were complaints about ridership and people waiting for rides and weren't getting picked up when they were supposed to and this was obviously one of the reasons why. >> denise: this abuse affects us in the pocketbooks and rates and everything and it is all about the money. >> reporter: 700,000 rides a year. it costs money. $20 million to run the program and it comes from somewhere. that's the sales tax and rta's general fund you pay for. every time you make a purchase and every time you buy a bottle of pop in cuyahoga county you pay a sales tax going to run this paratransit program. >> dan: solid work, carl. thank you. >> we have an update on the
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affecting more than 40,000 firstenergy customers. this was the map last night as we saw it. we were told by firstenergy at the time this was a problem with some equipment and they eventually cleared it up with us telling us it was some high power lines high volten power lines. most were in mentor, concord and painesville township. last night in our 10:00 and 11:00 newscast we showed you this map. it was red from all over. and mentor 20,000 out. this is the way you want the map to look. no color and tiny outage in huntington valley. when we look and see the color is clear they got back on it and power was restored 1:30 early this morning and that was a big deal for people to get their heat back on. denise, back to you. >> denise: seabring officials knew about high lead levels in
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thursday was when they told the people of seabring about the problem with the village's water supply and now people are forced to ration getting one gallon of safe water to use each day. denise zarrella has the latest from mahoning county. >> reporter: people have been coming to this center all day long today to get rationed water. and can i tell you people are anxious for a solution to the problem. >> reporter: she showed up for her ration of bottomed water at the seabring community center and scared of the water coming out of the tap. >> i am drinking the water and hoping and praying i don't end up falling over. >> reporter: homes and businesses tested positive for lead in their water, too. city council said at their monday meeting they just found out about the problem. the problem is, the city manager is to have known that the e.p.a. was investigating since last
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reason so many here are cynical about the problem being fixed. >> i don't think they care to be honest with you. >> in seabring there's a lot of old houses with lead piping and the city needs to tear up all theirs and start again. i know it would be expensive hey. it needs fixed. >> reporter: the city manager says he did not know this was a crisis situation until january 21st and says obviously, the town is working with the e.p.a. on solutions to fix the high levels of lead in the water. >> reporter: in seabring denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> of course water isn't the only way people can be exposed to toxic lead. they banned lead in household paints and exposure it can cause health issues skeen death. despite the ban thousands of children in cuyahoga county are poisoned by lead paint each year.
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you can do to make sure your family is safe. >> dan: state fire investigators still working to find the exact cause of the deadly explosion in newcomerstown in tuscarawas county. today the coroner did confirm. the victim was 77-year-old dean taylor. he was inside his beaver street home when it exploded tuesday night. it is expected natural gas has something to do with this explosion. the cause of the explosion and house fire that tore through three cleveland homes last february, that was quickly clear what happened. >> denise: that's right. it was arson. in fact, arson for hire. paul orlousky found that despicable act left one victim devastated. >> reporter: so often we see smoke and flames on the screen. rarely is it arson and more rarely do we see the real damage. want the bricks and mortar, the human damage. >> i can't put a price on this. >> reporter: suzanne board senn suffering that damage mental and
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she was wheelchair bound when the house exploded. >> my hair was on fire. i am still bald in areas and the hair has not grown back. >> reporter: she was in a coma and in the hospital. she got out but her cats, a bird and dog didn't. >> i couldn't get to her having the ceiling come down on me. blackened my eyes and not being able to breathe and collapsing on the floor. >> reporter: the man who set the fire was camacho who spoke through an interpreter and suzanne spoke to him. >> i pray for you, ismail. i hope that you come to realize how much damage this has done. >> reporter: camacho basically vanished into the night after setting the fire that destroyed two homes and damaged one on this side and outran those chasing him banishing into the
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hear more and more often, it was caught on tape. >> in the surveillance videos coming and going right before and right after the fire was set. >> reporter: these are the cameras on his apartment that led to his arrest and even seen carrying a gas can and ditching the clothing he wore to the crime. >> i am destroyed. my heart is broken for everything i did. >> this sentencing is difficult on several fronts. >> reporter: judge brian corrigan took into account camacho's cooperation and couldn't ignore suzanne's suffering. camacho got 10 years. paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> denise: a follow occupy a carjacking in ohio city. brandon clark was in court today. police say he stole a 67-year-old woman's car and ran her over. clark pleaded not guilty to felonious assault and robbery charges today. he is held on a $100,000 bond. >> dan: let's take a look at
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a better day on wall street just a bit after the dow plunged and nasdaq plunged wednesday. the open. can you see we closed up 38 points on the nasdaq. the dow up 125 points. that's a good sign. >> with gas prices under it 2 a gallon we all have a little extra money in our pocket. is that a good thing? news. for the most part it is. what about the theory that our 401-k's are taking a beating because of the low oil prices. brian duffy went digging for answers. >> reporter: you don't need to be an economist to understand that if you are paying less for gas, you have more money to spend in other ways on other products. what is the relationship between falling oil prices and falling balance of your 401-k? for that answer we went to baldwin wallace university economics professor dr. kay strong.
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money to spend, businesses, other than the oil companies should be more profitable. >> that should be helping the snook it ? but it is not. >> the time frame is short t. take as while for inputs to pass through the economy and be picked occupy the other side. >> reporter: so in this case dr. strong explains consumers have developed what she calls a cautionary bent. consumers without confidence don't spend. and that's the factor that creates the negative effect on the market and ultimately, your 401-k. lack of consumer confidence, however according to dr. strong is historically short term. recalibrate. balance will return to the economy both globally and nationally and we will be fine as long as everyone maintains a degree of confidence. >> reporter: so there is no such thing as a one to one tie according to dr. strong between
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and that makes sense in our multifast elliotted global economy. back to you guys. >> denise: thank you. some advice from dr. strong. try to avoid looking at your 401-k account too frequently, maybe just when quarterly statements come in. >> dan: while residents were digging out from the snow washington, d.c. was raking in the dough. a shocking number of tickets
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph
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cleveland 19 news. >> dan: one local college student is helping the homeless by providing the simple necessities. >> denise: what a great story. sia nyorkor is joining with us how this works. >> reporter: actually flowers tell me how brutal the winter can be especially for the homeless and that's why she got these things together for what she is calling winter survival kits. >> she is my main helper doing a lot. >> reporter: ashley flowers says she couldn't sit back. >> i feel people when they think of homelessness they think about people needing food which they food. that's not the issue. the issue is keeping up with hygiene to get out in the real world and get real jobs. >> she put together winter survivor kits, hats, gloves,
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and started an on-line fundraiser pledging to get over $500 in a couple of weeks. instead she raised $600 in four days. >> someone donated a sewing here are the gloves. >> she is putting it together trying to get it to the people who need them most. >> the homeless shelters have a cut off time and when we will hand out care kits, cut off time is 7:00. at 7:00 we will be out there to happened out care kits to those who can't get in. >> reporter: ashley will distribute the kits to the homeless people this weekend in downtown cleveland. back to you. >> denise: awesome. thank you, sia. >> we learned last week's blizzard was the fourth most powerful storm to hit the northeast since 1950. as the storm begins to melt, thousands of people in washington, d.c. are in for a rude awakening because a parking ban was in effect.
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tickets to anyone parked in the streets. and they had to tow them to get the plows through and 5,000 tickets totaling $1 million in fines. >> dan: that's tough. how are you giving out tickets. what do you do with the cars. >> people had no where to go. where can i move it? in the pott? >> jeff: i'm sure that happens all over even when we get a snowstorm, there's enough tickets out there. all right. this snow we have coming up and check this out even mixing in with some rain right now. we have some real light showers through norwalk and moving through lorain county and this will be less than an inch for us. no parking bans in effect with this guy. we are at 40. you can thank that sunshine we had earlier today. temperatures were able to spike
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as this rain and/or snow moves in, temperatures will drop in the 30s tonight. fast-moving clipper system won't give us much and as long as temperatures stay above freezing, wet roads. this snow won't stick to the road's surfaces and moving on tonight as we continue to drop and lake-effect kicks in, that's when we could get a little snow sticking to the roads here. let's time this out. 7:00 on future view, snow showers mixing in with a little bit of rain and by 10:00 tonight it will be snowing. accumulations should be fairly minor with this, inch or less as i have been saying. overnight we will get lake-effect snow with northwest wind and even with the northwest wind this could spread the snow around. even inland and west of cleveland everyone will be getting in on this. 25 will be the low in cleveland.
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24 akron-canton and inch or less of snow for you. here you see most of the snow will be in the early morning tomorrow. so when you look at everything tonight and through tomorrow morning, can you see most areas in the inch or less category. but then when we get into the areas south and east of cleveland especially the higher terrain, see that eastern cuyahoga county around beachwood indicating chardon here around 3 inches. it will mainly be in the early morning. that's why i am thinking in the snowbelt areas you may be looking at a few slippery spots. 26 for the high and there's your warm up. 47 saturday and 36 saturday night. partly cloudy. >> i went 54 sunday with light rain and wind and dropping monday and another system tuesday night bringing us some rain.
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going to be an exciting night at the renaissance hotel downtown where the sports commission awards are held tonight. >> one young recipient stands out overcoming huge odds against him. catherine bosley joins us with his story. >> reporter: colin's story is a heads up that kids can often suffer strokes or debilitating episodes sim already and how he got into the game of life and hockey makes him a shoo-in for the cleveland clinic courage award. >> if you get your hoke stick in there it is not coming out. >> with a physical therapy refresher, smiles come much easier for colin teets of westlake. most of his adolescent years. >> it was a struggle.
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you name it. >> when i woke up my right side was peril liesed. >> age 11 when he would have what's comfortable to a stroke. his dad will never forget it. >> he was laying on the floor and couldn't move. you could see in his eyes asking me to help him. dad do something. dad do something. >> colin was rushed to the hospital into brain surgery and then coma and his family was told he might not survive. not only does he pull through. >> a lot of work. worked very hard and he pulled past everyone's expectations. >> he made improvement in his ability to do things in spite of the fact he has this weakness. >> he has adapted to the weakness.
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from the begin and one of his many cheerleaders as he makes it to the ice for last two years of high school. >> hi to relearn how to push on my right side. >> came back enough. >> hitting hero status he has been an inspiration. colin plans to be just that with years to come and anyone else battling hardship. >> don't give up. shoot for the skies. and you have family that loves you and support you. and you shouldn't give up. >> shouldn't give up. words he continues to live by himself with more recovery to come. >> the award he admits is a surprise and even adds to his
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for the skies as he puts it. >> reporter: in the newscenter catherine bosley. >> dan: what a great kid. >> denise: really deserving and makes you really think about little things we complain about. >> dan: we will there be tonight when capitol sin given his award. will you see it on cleveland 19 news at 10:00 and 11:00. >> denise: he is one of many who will be honored tonight and many making a world of difference in the world of sports. mark schwab is covering the
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>> dan: can you bet donald trump will be at the center of many attacks on the fox news debate and the republican frontrunner will not there be to defend himself. >> denise: mr. trump's move to boycott it is creating
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>> and ryan nobles joins us. what's going on with trump. what's the latest? you are right. uncertainty is the word to describe what donald trump has done, this unprecedented move to skip the debate before voters go to the polls t. has opponents and party leaders scrambling and no one 100% how to impact monday's vote. >> reporter: he has made threats before. >> i said bye, bye. >> reporter: this time donald trump is going through with it. debate? did trump win it. >> the leader is holding firm to his pledge to not attend thursday's debate announcing firm plans to counter program with a fundraiser for veteran's a few miles away. >> even pleas from bill o'reilly don't seem to sway his decision. >> would you just consider, i want you to consider, all right.
5:26 pm
you wouldn't ask me that. >> reporter: as he has many times before trump's unpredictability left opponents unsure how to react. ted cruz, chief rival in iowa challenged him to a one-on-one debate. >> i would say to my friend donald, if he wants to engage in insults and engage in attacks, my advice to donald is stick with me. >> reporter: meanwhile other candidates are reaching out to as many voters as possible and build clout with the drama. >> this is a serious election opportunities. and that's why today i am asking for your vote. i need to you caucus for me monday night. >> reporter: all this with three days left until voters in iowa decision. it is not just the republicans who have a lot going on here. the democratic race has become increasingly tight.
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sanders will be crisscrossing iowa this weekend holding events just about everywhere. they are also flooding the local television airwaves with as many campaign ads as possible. dan and denise? >> denise: i'm sure. ryan, trump says this is all about megan kelly and fox news, you can't help think this is a strategic move and he doesn't want to do it because he is ahead and might have more to lose in taking part in this debate. >> reporter: as a very astute observation on your part, denise. you're right. the megan kelly thing is a smoke screen. there's no benefit to donald trump participating in this debate tonight. he is the frontrunner. we look at the debate he has been a part of. he has held his own and hasn't helped his position in the polls. he leaves ted cruz completely
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cruz has always had the benefit attacks. tonight there's no doubt he is the number one target of everybody else on the stage. >> dan: you are on the ground in iowa. have you talked to voters, do they applaud trump for skipping it? do they think it is a dumb move? my feel for the voters on the ground in iowa. >> reporter: you know, dan, that's the crazy thing. it is hard to get a read on this. to kind of absorb exactly how iowa yanns are reacting to this. their opinions are all over the map. how his event goes off and the debate itself goes off and people flipping back and forth on couches here in iowa and across the country and we will not know for sure how they will react until they go to caucus monday night. >> a night where it won't be dull.
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we will check back with you jeff? >> first alert traffic on by ford. >> jeff: all right. we will pause right there. let's go to the first alert outlook here. i do have one overnight. opportunity for lake-effect here. basically between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. where we could be looking at up to 3 inches. not everybody will be seeing 3 inches. chardon has the best opportunity of getting 3 inches of snow tonight. check this out because temperatures are around 40. we've got some rain developing here. elyria to norwalk. it will transition to snow showers i think fairly early this evening. 37 at 7:00. 34 at 9:00 and all snow at this time and dropping into the 20s in fact well in the 20s by
5:30 pm
moving in tomorrow. 42 cleveland southwest winds akron-canton 41 is your temperature. >> this could start out as a brief period of some rain or sleet at the onset of this. less than an inch of snow tonight. morning snow showers tomorrow especially early on. and then after that cold day tomorrow for one day big warm up over the weekend. here is 7:00 tonight. got a mix of rain and snow by 10:00. and it is snow showers and 1:00 a.m. the system snow moves out and now we will deal with lake-effect and it is a northwest wind and maybe we can get banding, just about anywhere across the area and 7 a.m. tomorrow morning could be slippery travel and especially areas east of cleveland. here is a look at the future view snowfall. most areas getting an inch or so
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eastern cuyahoga county and i- 271 geauga county and ashtabula a couple more inches there. 26 for the high tomorrow with trace to 3 inches of lake-effect early on and that wind will make it feel in the teens. a pretty chilly day tomorrow. 24 akron-canton and drying out in the afternoon. more on the 7-day coming up. dan? >> dan: we want to take a quick look at traffic independence area, aaa tower camera i-480/77. we checked downtown, everything running smoothly and hope dinner is ready for whenever they get home. >> denise: earlier we mentioned lead poisoning. it poisons more than 1,000 children in cuyahoga county each year. >> dan: exposure to lead paint can be dangerous.
5:32 pm
help. >> lead poison congress lower a child's iq and affect them the rest of their lives. the board of health is helping them fix their homes before it is too late. >> reporter: charmaine patterson was four-years-old eating lead paint and side effects were not immediate but her mother says they were serious. >> she was aggressive at one point and angered quickly. >> reporter: we brought you her story in 2010 and the cuyahoga county board of health calls pediatric disease affecting the county today. >> in 2013 there were 2,000 cases where children had lead levels above and that's a measure when a child is considered poisoned. >> reporter: john and kathy worked for the county public of health and tell parents to have their kids tested each year. symptoms are not obvious. >> irritability and sleep disturbances and complain of a
5:33 pm
>> the cuyahoga county board of health is trying to reduce the number of children affected by lead poisoning with grants. homeowners and renters can get $8,000 to repair homes and provide lead-safe environments for their children. >> critical areas we are focusing on windows front porches and bare soil. >> eligibility based on where you live and income. if you live in an area where homes were built before 1978 lead poisoning could be a hazard for your children. >> the older the home, the more likely it is to have lead-based paint and lead-based hazards. >> we have more information how to apply to that program on our web site on dan? >> dan: thank you, denise. >> i was detained by homeland security. that's one of the excuses someone actually used when late for work.
5:34 pm
running late happens from time to time bad traffic or hitting the snooze button too many times. >> dan: many times it can lead to being late for work and people come up with creative excuses.
5:35 pm
>> how long have you been late. >> 3 out of 5 days. >> my baby pooped. sick. overslept. >> reporter: did they buy it. >> yeah. >> reporter: others are more creative. >> someone from my family died. >> i didn't think it was a work day. it was a holiday. >> reporter: how did that fly? >> not so much. >> think that's bad? a survey from career builder asked hiring managers the outrageous excuses they have heard. they included my hair caught on fire from my blow drier. there was fresh powder on the hill. hi to go skiing. a vaseline truck overturned on the highway. cars were slipping left and right. security. >> a third of employers say they don't care if you are late every once in a while. a survey shows we are late at
5:36 pm
>> why an excuse? >> to avoid trouble. >> or actual reasons are boring. 50% get tied up in traffic. a third oversleep and 15% were delayed dropping their kids at school or day care. >> dan: apparently, we feel guilty strolling in late. if workers arrive late they stay late. we check out with career builder surveys to see excuses people use and how about all of my clothes were stolen. >> i had to chase my cows into a field and finished watching "my name is earl." and a store grand opening and i wanted the grand opening sales. >> i wasn't sure if it was spring forward or fall back. >> my lizard had to have emergency surgery and died during surgery.
5:37 pm
to have the lizard disposed of or bring the corpse to work to prove it. >> denise: most outrageous excuses. never heard that one about the lizard. >> dan: jeff, are you ever late? >> jeff: always early. feazel camera. cloudy skies and going to snow showers. we will turn colder tomorrow.
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a colorado man's cell phone has been blowing up after a friend who is a steeler's fan put an ad in the denver papers. this friend put in the denver diehard's house on the market for sale with the asking price just a pair of superbowl tickets. it says getting divorced. leaving her with nothing. will sell home for two tickets
5:39 pm
well, it was his way at getting back at his gloating friend and the broncos fan says it is not true please stop calling. >> with friends like that who needs enemies. >> it's great. >> that's awesome. >> i would like to offer you tickets for yao house. >> what are you talking about. >> it is in the paper. >> oh, man. a nice day and windy but the sun was great. >> we had sun and now we got rain coming in tonight. that will switch to snow. we have snow showers tomorrow morning as well and looking at the 7-day here. lake-effect especially early in the morning. note the drop in temperature. it will be a cold day 26 especially with the wind. we have a lot of wind coming up next several days with the temperature changes. then we have the big warm up on saturday here. just some sprinkles. 47. saturday night partly cloud and
5:40 pm
on sunday light rain and wind. 54 the high on sunday there. that's quite the change. let's get back to tomorrow. i want to show you the planner here. 25 at 7:00 a.m. 24 at lunch. feel like an end of january day for sure. at 5:00, we actually go partly cloudy and 25. there's the warm up. 47 saturday. 54 sunday and drop monday. still above average. tuesday back up to 52. night. another drop in temperature on wednesday. and then thursday another risk of snow showers and 267 degrees. of course not only we have a 10 day forecast on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app and download the hourly forecast and severe weather alerts when we get them.
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coming up the rock 'n roll hall of fame induction ceremony and
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now it's time for you and "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: all right. so we know the next class getting a permanent place in the rock hall of fame and we know who will perform at the big induction. >> dan: big news, big announcement. every year they tell us about who is being inducted. it is cheap trick, chicago, deep purple. steve miller, mwa and bert burns and they get a whole cast of stars to join them on stage to sort of help with the festivities. we know lars ole rick from metallica and a big push to get deep purple inducted. rod thomas from matchbox 20 and boys from akron, the black keys will be part of the ceremony. it will be a huge show.
5:43 pm
to it in cleveland but this is one of the years it will be in new york june 7th is the induction ceremony. denise. >> denise: the internet is going nuts over this picture taken at a motel in north ridgeville. dan will tell you why coming up on cleveland 19 news at 6:00. this is a cleveland 19 news editorial. >> they have a quarterback that has more appearances on tmz than touchdown passes. they also have a disillusioned angry fan base after another disasterous season. now the cleveland browns have a new head coach that has to fix the mess and build a winner. hue jackson has head coaching experience. his one year as top man with the raiders produced a respectable 8-8 record and most recently was the offensive coordinator for cincinnati bengals one of the best offenses in the league.
5:44 pm
analysts to be a smart and strong candidate. he will have to be. browns were 3-13 this season and lost 18 of the last 21 games. the team has also been a revolving door for coaches and general managers. the browns are on their 6th head coach since 2008. no other team in the afc north has seen that kind of turnover and instability. building a winner is an uphill climb assessing and drafting players that can contribute on the field and won't be a distraction off it. strong suit. we are looking at you josh gordon and johnny manziel. we would like to welcome coach jackson to cleveland. the fans are second to none and never shy away from wearing their hearts on their sleeves. we don't deserve to wear bags on season. i'm dominic mancuso.
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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news >> romona: now at 6:00 we continue following breaking news on a murder in cleveland two years ago. aliza sherman was stabbed multiple times and her body found outside her lawyer's building in 2013. now a grand jury just indicted that attorney for tampering with evidence. >> mark: our tiffani tucker talked to the family and joins tiffani. >> reporter: well this is big news for the family. a few moments ago i spoke to jen sherman aliza sherman's daughter and investigators are doing
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