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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> laura: now at noon on cleveland 19 news, flurries are just tapering now after snowfall last night and early this morning. now, if you were driving early this morning, especially over on the east side or to our south, you kind of dealt with the stuff. you had to drive right on through it. >> "q": that's right. but the good news is, things are kind of turning around as we head into the afternoon and luckily for us, we have a have samantha roberts in the house. >> samantha: happy friday. things will be warming up into the weekend. today, one little just burst of winter and then things will improve for the upcoming weekend. so some great news there. take you to the radar, you know we had all that snow this morning especially on the east side of things. snow is winding down for us as
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peeks of sunshine. but at cleveland hopkins, akron canton, wooster, still reporting flurries or light snow. reports of flurries around the youngstown area, as well. i think this will continue to the afternoon. most of the snow now is south of downtown cleveland with the exception of a little bit of light stuff there in geauga county. taking a live look outside, this is from high atop our feisel roof-cam. it is 26 at burke. it's windy out there. cloudy skies but again a few peeks of sun. sunshine tomorrow. we will talk about that and the big weekend thaw coming up in just a few minutes. guys? >> laura: gurney elementary students told not to drink the water at school. the chagrin falls school superintendent says it it's all a precaution after an alert by the e.p.a. he tells our nichole vrsansky about the water issue because
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e.p.a. website. superintendent robert hunt says he was caught by surprise. >> i was obviously taken aback because it was contradictory to what we had been told. >> reporter: a startling alert by the e.p.a. specifically to gurney elementary warning that children and pregnant women should use filtered or bottled water to prevent lead contamination. >> we were not aware of it. the statement certainly doesn't align with the action that we were told to takes a a school district. >> reporter: school had issues in august. ph levels from low use in the summer affected copper pipes and ultimately lead levels. two of 10 tests showed high levels. ph treatment was adjusted from powder to a more efficient liquid form and, by november, hunt says tests showed gurney was in the clear. >> the last communication we had from the e.p.a. was that, one, we didn't have to continue testing. we have that documented. and, two, that the water was fine moving forward.
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tests. results are expected february 3. but, as a precaution, the district has shut down drinking fountains and the school will be using only bottled water for students and staff. >> there's no indication that lead levels right now are higher >> reporter: parents i talked to dropping their students off say they aren't concerned with the situation. they are confident with the way the district is handling it. >> they have always been open about the situation. everyone knows. >> no. i'm not concerned. i usually send my daughter with her own water bottles. >> the water at guarantee comes from a well. others in the district are on city water so the effort is focused on the one building. >> laura: we are trying to get a hold of the e.p.a. for a comment. we have been referred to an office in columbus now for information and we are still waiting on a call back. we are looking for answers as to why the school was never contacted by the e.p.a. or if this alert could actually be a >>
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out bottled water to its residents. all sebring water customers are eligible to receive free bottled water unless your home or business has been tested as ok. there's a limited supply of bottled water and the village wants to make sure all those who need water are actually receiving it. >> "q": on cleveland's west side, a school building was put on lockdown for hours. a student found a handwritten note threatening gunshots while she was in the bathroom and immediately west park community elementary and middle schools were shut down until police gave the all clear. school officials sent a letter home to parents. and, this is brandy skepitella. she plead not guilty today for hitting a woman with her car earlier this month. witnesses say she hit the woman scene. she turned herself in this week. bond was set at $5,000. the victim is still recovering. >> laura: mentor firefighters investigating a deadly fire that happened this morning.
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before 5:30 this morning and called the fire department. firefighters got it under control, then found a body under some debris that collapsed. now the woman life flighted after a house fire in elyria wednesday remains in serious condition. cindy rodelle and her fiancee escaped the fire initially but went back in to rescue her pets. her fee on so say got some dogs out but cindy became trapped trying to rescue the puppies. >> "q": the f.b.i. raided an indiana home in connection with the disappearance of an indiana university student. lawyer inspirer went missing in 2011 as she was walking home. now witness told police that laura was drunk at the time and left her phone and shoes at the bar. investigators were seen sifting through dirt at a home and cadaver dogs were there, too. >> laura: a man in ohio for his father's funeral had the worst week of just about anyone in america. >> it's been a bad week. >> laura: yeah, he got a call from the city of san francisco
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him his newly purchased home had to be demolished because it was sliding down the hill. can you believe that? now the house separated 14 inches from the street and sank about a foot by the time the demolition crew even got there. neighbors fear a landslide could cause that home to topple on to theirs. >> "q": all right, well the g.o.p. presidential candidates are campaigning today following last night's debate and donald trump's benefit for veterans. marley hall has the recap from des moines. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie was one of the first g.o.p. candidates back out on the campaign trail this morning following last night's trumpless debate in des moines. g.o.p. front runner donald trump had bowed out in his ongoing feud with fox news. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> reporter: he appeared at his own event about five minutes away. in nashua, new hampshire, donald trump tried to rally more support. >> you got to be tough. you got to be strong. you can't let them push you around.
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for the first time and running neck and neck with trump in iowa, ted cruz became a target. >> gosh, if you guys say -- ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. [laughter] >> reporter: morning, dr. ben carson gave his own performance high marks. >> i had probably the least amount of time, but i think i probably had the most substance. >> reporter: some political pundits say chris christie gave a solid debate performance last night, but the new jersey governor is way behind in the polls and he will likely have an uphill battle here in iowa. christie asked potential supporters this morning to tell their neighbors why he should get their vote. >> he is the most tested person on that stage. he's the person who is most ready. >> reporter: voters like roger ediger have been following events closely. >> i hope it's not trump. >> the candidates have their hands full with last-minute campaigning this weekend and the
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caucus begins monday. >> "q": ohio governor kasich was asked last night about the way michigan's governor handled the flint water crisis. but, he ignored the water crisis right here in his own state. the one in sebring we have been telling you about since last week. we asked the governor why. you will hear why coming up at 5:00. >> laura: coming up on cleveland 19 news, love concerts but just can't seem to get tickets? well, a new investigation says that's all because the ticket sales are all fixed. that story is coming up. >> "q": and the doritos super bowl competition is on. a native ohioian is one of the finalists. >> laura: and we are talking disney princess movies and just
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>> "q": ever wonder why it's so difficult to get affordable tickets to concerts and sporting events? well, new york's attorney general says the system is rigged. a three-year investigation put on by his office found that half of the tickets to many events are set aside for industry insiders and promoters and are unavailable to the public. brokers then re-celtic at the times on-sites like stub hub for more than face value. i always knew there was something up with that. they don't go on sale until saturday, but these people are already in line for new air jordons. limited edition shoes cost $650 bucks. some of these people have been waiting in line since monday. now i love a good pair of jordons.
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i don't know about sleeping outside in the cold? >> laura: yeah, your little ones. you always get them for the little ones, too. all right. move over uber and lyft, facebook is getting into the ride-share game. they want to expand its event feature so that people can arrange a car pool to the event. it can also connect you with someone you can travel with on public transit. this news comes weeks after facebook announced a partnership with uber to allow users to book cars from facebook's messenger app. >> "q": mayor mccheese isn't going to like this one. mcdonald's cheese sticks are getting bad reviews because many what are cheese sticks without the cheese? dozens of images just like the ones you are looking at hollowed out, sad breaded shells, mcdonald's is aware of the problem and are working to fix it. they believe the cheese is melting out during the baking. >> laura: that's disappointing. to say the least.
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back. >> soon she starts getting ideas >> laura: yeah, ideas like taking charge of her own destiny and fighting for her family. up next we take a closer look at the changing disney princess movies your daughters like to watch. >> samantha: all right. are you looking for something to do this weekend, maybe you are already planning to hit the slopes. that snow this morning got you in the mood. peak and peak, good weather this weekend and they have 26 trails open. plenty of room to get out there and have a great time this weekend.
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>> laura: a new study about disney princess movies noticed a surprising trend. >> she's singing! >> laura: that was my favorite disney movie right there. the little mermaid lost her voice to the evil sea witch but she isn't the only disney princess left speechless. after analyzing every spoken word in the disney princess movies, linguistics professor car monfaught and her team found there were more male characters than female in 11 out of 12 films. >> even if the princess is the most empowered feminist role model you can possibly imagine for a girl, she can't be the shop keeper, she can't be the person in charge of lighting the
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>> laura: and in the 2012 hit 74% of the time. that's more than any other disney princess film. while in frozen, it was just 41% even though it's a story about two sisters, which is interesting. now, written and codirected even by a woman. but many say it's less about the word count and more about women being in charge and taking an active role in the plot. now i thought what was interesting here, too, is a lot of these movies are focusing on women. >> "q": yeah. >> laura: but still have more male vocal. pocahontas was another. >> "q": now that i'm thinking about it, i can think of several disney flicks that are about young girls and yeah guys are all over 'em. >> laura: yeah. >> "q": mmmm. >> laura: but there's a trend toward changing. >> samantha: that's a good thing. the time is now 12:17 and we are tracking cloudy skies across northeast ohio. current temperatures are in the mid 20s but it doesn't feel like it.
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you can see the cloud cover there. our cedar point camera, little bit of blue sky. that's nice. right? sunshine is breaking out in some areas but overall, more clouds than sunshine. sandusky is actually our warmest spot at 30 on the nose. the rest of us are in the 20s. canton is the only reporting site out of those that is reporting snow right now. and you can see we do have some snow from summit into stark county. back toward wayne and medina counties. again, this is really light stuff. but it stretches down to the south even inland toward steubenville we have light snow. back to the west we are mainly dry. out in the primary snowbelt most of us have dry now as well. the rest of the afternoon i think pretty quiet stuff here. we will continue to see the snow taper off, but it's going to stay windy. so, it's going to keep feeling like it's in the teens all afternoon. that's on your bare skin, of course if you are covered up, you know, you got the gloves on
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ears, it will feel like the mid 20s. but any exposed skin, going to be talking around feeling like the temperatures in the teens. little bit of sunshine breaking out from time to time but overall we keep a lot of these clouds and tonight we are mostly cloudy. no snow in the forecast for tonight. if you have dinner plans, you know it's friday. right? want to celebrate the end of the week. you should have pretty good weather. but, thinking about my ladies out there getting the hair done and stuff and you go out tonight, you know, be aware that it will be windy even through the night and cold, too. might even see a few slick spots out there where we had a little bit of rain late yesterday evening before the snow started. i think any slick spots mainly confined to sidewalks. between. no major concerns in the world of weather for tonight or for tomorrow. tomorrow actually looks great. variable cloudiness. temperatures top out around 47. day.
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an hour. now i've got 47 right now. but i suspect that as we start to get new data coming in to the weather office, jeff is over there right now working on the forecast, new model information, continuously coming in here. so, i suspect that that number may be bumped up a little bit. i'm getting a fist pump from jeff tanchak. and then sunday we are going 53. i suspect that that number might be bumped up, as well. so -- you got to tune in at 4:00 to see how high we are going for the weekend. >> samantha: i know. above average. 40s, 50s. >> "q": no 30s or 20s? >> samantha: well the end of the way. >> laura: a roller coaster. >> samantha: weather whiplash. >> "q": we will take it. thank you. well, there may be good news for one ohioian.
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he's betting on doritos to make a super bowl spectacular -- >> get get get [growling] -- >> "q": yeah. chris has a million reasons to hope his doritos dog commercial will run in super bowl 50. the ad features three dogs trying to get inside a grocery store to get their paws on some doritos. he plays the store manager trying to keep the dogs out and he's hoping his ad takes the prize. >> it's like $1 million prize. there's also the director gets to work with zach snyder, who is doing super man batman movie. i have high hopes. i don't want to -- you know i have been out here in los angeles long enough. 20-plus years now. and -- i don't want to be completely naive and optimistic, but i am also -- i want to still be excited.
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he isn't just banking on his doritos ad. he got a reality show in the works and is in the movie that's festival. so he's really busy. if you want to vote on the doritos ads we have a link on our app and on our website, you can see if crisp ad made the super bowl right here on cleveland 19 on february 7. kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. >> laura: that's funny. and i always love the doritos commercials. they always come up with great ones. >> "q": the one i remember is the one with the kid and the dog last year or -- >> laura: oh, the digging it. >> "q": yeah, yeah. pretty cool. >> laura: all right. there's still more to come on cleveland 19 news at noon. >> "q": yes. many have tried, some successfully, to distract visiting players by doing something crazy behind arizona state's curtain of distraction. see what famous face got into
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>> laura: it was a star-studded curtain of distraction at arizona state university. >> "q": yeah, michael phelps made an appearance in the student section sporting olympic gold medals, a cap and a six-pack under the basket. yeah, you guys can calm down now, laura. >> laura: he's pretty fit. >> "q": after the player missed the first free throw, he dropped and revealed a speed-o. he's training for the 2016 games
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coach at a.s.u. after he retires from the olympics. >> laura: got steamy. been training. straight to the forecast -- cool temperatures dropping into the week. hey, light rain on sunday. jeff will have more at 4:00. >> "q": he's been training. listen thanks for joining us. the young and the restless is up next. they have a quarterback that has more appearances on tmz than touchdown passes. they also have a disillusioned, angry fan-base after another disastrous season. now, the cleveland browns have a new head coach that has to fix the mess and build a winner. hue jackson has head coaching experience. his one year as the top man with the raiders produced a respectable 8 and 8 record. most recently, he was the
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cincinnati bengals, one of the best offenses in the league. he is considered by many nfl analysts to be a smart and he' ll have to be. the browns were 3-13 this season and have lost 18 of their last 21 games. the team has also been a revolving door for coaches and general managers. the browns are on their sixth head coach since 2008. no other team in the a.f.c. north has seen that kind of turnover and instability. building a winner will be an uphill climb assessing and drafting players that can contribute on the field and won' t be a distraction off it. hasn' t exactly been the team's strong suit. we' re looking at you, josh gordon and johnny manziel. so we' d like to welcome coach jackson to cleveland. the fans here are second to none and never shy away from wearing we don' t deserve to wear bags on
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nightmare season. i' s how we see it. >> we encourage your response to this editorial.
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