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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> the fact is, every single engine of government has to move when you see a crisis like that. >> dan: so how is governor john kasich moving on the seabring water crisis. he talked about flint, michigan at last night's g.o.p. debate and the 2014 toledo water crisis but no mention of mahoning county. we will get more coming up. >> denise: what is marty flask up to these days? he was in the brass at 2012 during the police shooting now the former safety director serves as an assistant to the mayor. we are looking into his schedule tonight at 5:00. >> dan: plus how are iowans getting ready for the first election volt. they don't cast ballots they caucus. we want to explain to you what
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>> dan: first we want send it to jeff tanchak. we had snow today but is she sunshine on tap for the weekend. >> jeff: sunshine and a big warm up. you will be nowhere close thinking of winter-like weather over the weekend here. let's get to the trend here as far as temperatures go this evening. still be on the chilly side and the wind dies down dropping to the low to mid-20s and we start to rise in temperature through the 20s overnight. we are at 28 currently. wind is starting to go down. west wind at 12 and blustery on the lakeshore and 12 in the akron-canton area. we have a lot of sunshine out there. look at that. sunset time is at 5:39 now and warming overnight and big weekend warm up and an alert for light rain on sunday. i will also let you know how long this warm spurt will last coming up at about 5:17. >> dan: we want to tell you
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california right this afternoon. one of the three violent inmates who escaped from the orange county jail is now back behind bars. 43-year-old dong was arrested by police in santa ana where the three made their elaborate escape. he flagged someone down on the street and said he wanted to turn himself in. two escapees are still out there. >> denise: also an alert for shoppers. after a woman was robbed at gunpoint in north olmsted. >> this happened as she was walking out of the great northern mall wednesday night. take a good look at some of the surveillance video. a clear picture here. the suspects -- police tell us the suspects tried to use the victim's credit card in cleveland shortly after the robbery. we just got pictures of the suspect's vehicle. this is a silver or ford gray taurus and ohio license place
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if you see the car and recognize the suspects please call the police. >> denise: we are still waiting to learn the identity of a person found dead inside a burning building in mentor. firefighters were called to the print shack on eastern avenue at 5:30 this morning. it took more than 20 minutes to get the fire under control. the victim's body was found under some debris that collapsed. they still don't know how the fire started. the elyria woman badly hurt from trying to save six puppies from his home has been upgraded to fair condition. cindy redel is at metro and got out of her burning house wednesday and went back inside to get the dogs on the second floor. then she got trapped by the flames and went out the window. her fiance is treated for smoke inhalation. the fire is under investigation. friends say they lost everything in the fire including 6 of 9 dogs.
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help them. if you would like to help we have a seen-on section of our web site. >> dan: the water crisis in flint, michigan was a topic that took center stage at the g.o.p. page and john kasich asked if he has an answer and a lot of us are saying hold on, governor. >> the fact is every single engine of government has to move when you see a crisis like that. i have had many situations in the state of ohio when we have had to move, whether it was storms or horrible school shooting. there are many crises that come. a water crisis in toledo. you have to be on top of it and go the extra mile and work with the communities and federal government and you realize people are depending on you. so you go the extra mile. but people have to be alert. they have to be alert to problems. when you see a problem you must
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people at home are saying they have a problem, listen to them. because most of the time, they are absolutely correct. >> dan: governor kasich did not make any mention of ohio's own water crisis happening right now in the town of seabring. people have been donating bottled water after ohio's e.p.a. issued the water advisory alert for pregnant women and children last month. a local school even had to shutdown two days this week while water was tested for lead and cnn is reporting they knew about the water problem and didn't notify people until december. we want to know why governor kasich didn't address seabring last night and we contacted the governor's office today asking for a response. nothing so far and we have learned lieutenant governor mary taylor is also on the campaign trail. she was in new hampshire this afternoon for the governor. we have contacted our crews in iowa looking to talk to the governor directly as he
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you know we will keep you posted >> denise: act activist was on colbert talking on the colbert show. >> can i tell you the flint, michigan water situation is a crisis. we are not getting ready to face it, the crisis is here. since flint hit the national stage we found out seabring, ohio has the same problem and realized they have been delivering their customers lead. >> denise: after finding lead in the water in seabring and chagrin falls, it had us wondering if other area schools have their water tested. we headed to northeast ohio to get some answers and we will tell you what we learned coming up. >> dan: we saw it in the case of tamir rice what police thought to be a real weapon turned out to be an air soft gun
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all too often kids are using fake guns to commit real crimes putting themselves at risk and also us. shanice dunning is here to tell us about a new policy leaders have put on in cuyahoga county to make the kids accountable. >> reporter: dan, for kids, getting a fake gun and tricking people into thinking it is real to commit a crime happens so much. now the courts are sending a warning to them saying if you abuse a fake gun, you will face real consequences. three weeks ago police say a 14-year-old took a toy revolver and managed to rob almost three people in one day. >> someone will rob an individual using a gun for all intents and purposes it looks real and because it is not they will face less consequences than if it was real. >> reporter: duane is chief prosecutor for the juvenile division in cuyahoga county and says more kids are turning to
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way to rob, steal and intimidate. >> bb's guns, pellet guns. they make them look just like the real thing. >> reporter: today the cuyahoga county juvenile court announced they are cracking down on replica guns. from now on juvenile defenders in the system caught using a fake gun to intimidate someone will face tough penalties including being locked up here at the juvenile detention center. >> if you are on pretrial release, the court f appropriate, can revoke your release and take you into custody. if you are on probation to the court from an existing offense and found in possession of one of these guns, gun, they can take you into custody and if appropriate revoke your probation. >> reporter: the court believes focusing on teens that already committed crimes will be most effective because they are more likely to abuse replica guns. deskins hopes the initiative will send a warning to young people and their parents about
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>> it is a way of preventing crimes before it happens. >> reporter: we reached out to the county to find out how frequent robberies with fake guns are. we don't have that information yet. but when we get it, we will give it to you. >> denise: all right sharks niece, thank you. cleveland police officers will soon have dash cameras in their police cruisers, cuyahoga county set aside $500,000 to buy dash cams for cleveland once the vendor is selected. right now they are in the trial phase with the same company used to purchase body cameras for cleveland police officers. the city says their goal is to have those dash cams in the field by the second or third quarter of this year. >> dan: we are staying on top of a story we brought you earlier in the week. we want to know where is marty flask, the former cleveland safety director. we have sent several freedom of information act requests trying to figure out what the executive
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special projects actually does. >> denise: dani carlson joins us now with some answers. dani? >> reporter: you know what, we started out and we want to know that marty flask and mayor aren't available for an interview today. we are told the mayor is out of the office and marty flask just isn't available. we got some answers to the freedom of information act request like what is marty flask's salary and what does he do in a way. we are not sure what projects flask is working on and what he completed since appointed to the new position in 2014. we are waiting for them to fulfill that freedom of information act but flask got a pay bump from his new gig. in 2013 he took home just more than $123,000 a year and jumped to $126,000 a month after he was appointed to his new job. and the salary climbed to 128
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as far as his schedule now, we got a chance to look at it, the only thing consistent is inconsistent, hours he is in varies and as do topics of meetings he participates, everything from talking to the doj about the consent decree and organizational structure at hopkins airports to talking about parking violations at specific buildings. obviously, the big question we are waiting on, what projects has flask participated in and has he completed and working on as the executive assistant for special projects to the mayor. we are waiting on that freedom of information act request. as soon as we get the answer we will update you as soon as we learn more. live in cleveland dani carlson, cleveland 19. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: we will take a live look at traffic right now in and out of downtown cleveland. this is 77. smooth sailing and the sun is shining.
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clear and an accident near dead man's curve and 92 at the split. apparently a vehicle is disabled there and we have reports it hit a wall there is a traffic tie up near dead man's curve westbound. remember, you can download the free cleveland 19 news app and tap on the traffic tab to get realtime updates on the go. >> we decided not to risk it. >> dan: coming up families are scrambling to change travel plans as a virus spreads.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> dan: apple is recalling millions of power adapters because they could cause electric shock. the two-pronged wall plug was sold in the apple world travel adapter kit and were designed for use in countries outside the u.s., apple says it will exchange faulty plugs for free ones at any apple store or authorized apple service provider. >> denise: this sunday is the last day to sign up for health coverage under the affordable care act also known as obamacare. you will be shut out the rest of
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deadline unless you have an event that qualifies you for a special enrollment period. people that don't get covered have to pay up. the penalty $695 for adult and 375 per child under the age of household income. we have been telling you about the zika virus spreaded new people through mosquito bites. zika is showing up in the u.s., and the illness is widespread in south america and caribbean. pregnant women are told not to travel to those affected areas and that has moms to be canceling trips. >> dan: including women who plan to take a baby-moon, sort of like a honeymoon, a sort of vacation before their little one arrives. >> reporter: stephanie is 24 and pregnant and plans to go to puerto rico. news of the zika virus forced her to cancel.
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know, something were to happen. >> mosquito-spread zika causing fever, rash and joint pain. the virus appears to be dangerous for pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant linked to babies being born with abnormally small heads. the major airlines are offering pregnant women and travel companions traveling to zika-affected nations a refund or rebooking and united's offer is for customers who are pregnant but customers attempting to become pregnant jetblue and delta will accommodate any customers with concerns. major cruise lines say they will also try to accommodate pregnant women. "usa today" travel reporter jones says so far the virus has not had a major impact on the travel industry. >> there's not a big fear this will cause widespread travel cancellations. it is not airborne and won't go from passenger to passenger. >> we kind azided not to risk it.
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and switched her baby-moon from the dominican republic to disney world. >> it is an odd choice for baby-moon but we will have a good time. >> reporter: it is difficult to look at the babies. the world health organization announced they will hold an emergency meeting monday to determine if the virus should be declared a international health emergency. >> denise: that's scary stuff. all right. let's talk about our weekend. a warm and sunny start. >> jeff: what a change today. we started with snow showers and most areas got less than an inch and a few spots in the sun belt got a few inches of snow and clouds are getting out of here. we have full sunshine in cleveland. sandusky, norwalk, mansfield and it will be a clear start to the night and eventually, the clouds in the snowbelt will be clearing out for a time as well. that will be replaced by this cloud deck coming in here later
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this is in advance of that warmer push of air. right now we went to 28 in cleveland. note 40s and we've got 51 in st. louis there. that's an indication of things to come for us tomorrow. shift. all of a sudden you will want to grill out tomorrow, just like that. watch the temperatures go up overnight. low to mid-20s this evening. the wind is starting to die down. that's good. watch by 7 a.m. there around 30 32 sandusky. still 20s inland. i went with around 30 with increasing clouds in cleveland tonight. akron-canton 28 by 7:00 a.m. and mostly cloudy sky. tomorrow, increasing clouds during the afternoon and i will keep it dry. 52. south to southwest wind. how about that. and then by sunday we will see some light rain, 58.
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sunday scattered showers with the front. it will be windy as that happens. monday we'll drop in the 30s by afternoon only to rebound again tuesday 46. overall very warm pattern here. light rain your first alert sunday that could mess up your outdoor plans just a little bit there. 58 for the high. a front like i said will come through sunday night. monday, a clearing sky. tuesday 46. wednesday morning and falling thursday, 25 and lake-effect snow there. denise. >> denise: all right, jeff. thank you. check out this view of the day guard. a lovely picture of the bristol bay on lake erie. the coast guard kicked off ice breaking on the bay. >> we continue to follow the
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we asked several local schools if they are testing their water. what we found next. >> denise: meet diesel. this little guy was badly hurt and now needs help.
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>> denise: we told you earlier in the newscast we contacted local school systems to find out the last time they checked the water for lead and we are waiting to hear back. but we have an update on chagrin falls gurney elementary where tests showed elevated lead school superintendent robert hunt says in spite of alert still on the ohio e.p.a. web site a test in november showed gurney was in the clear but they spent today making sure bottled water is available to students and staff there and staying in touch with the e.p.a., and they
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another round of testing next wednesday. and of course we are staying on top of this story for you and report to you as soon as we hear back from other local school systems, on rare, on-line and palm of your hand on the cleveland 19 news app. >> dan: the northern ohio spca is asking for your help to keep deese toll keep on trucking. the public suffered a spinal injury after pinned under a broken porch nearly a week. he needs surgery for a chance at a normal life. animal clinic emergency agreed to do the surgery at a discount and it could still cost $5,000. if you would like to help with diesel's medical costs you can donate to the sbc parma shelter. >> denise: look at that baby. clinic. they saved my gabby. continuing coverage of campaign 2016 is coming up next
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candidates are making a last-minute push before the caucuses. >> jeff: feazel roof camera, here you go. clouds getting out of here. nice-looking sunset. we will keep on warming up the temps throughout the weekend. i will tell you about it
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>> denise: the marathon turned into a sprint. >> dan: only days remain before voters caulkous monday. >> denise: ryan nobles is in iowa with how the candidates are pulling out all the stops. ryan? >> reporter: denise and dan, to an extent you have to work at not running into the presidential candidates. they are all over iowa. with the race so close in both
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make they could have a big impact on monday. >> it is crunch time in iowa. >> if you stand up for me monday night and i will stand for you. >> they hold two dozen different events across the state hoping to convince voters still making up their minds. >> think hard about what you want in the next president and commander-in-chief. >> the economy. >> tim is still undecided. >> what are you deciding over? >> which candidate has less hate and more hope for the country. >> reporter: a strong showing in the nation's first showdown could be a momentum builder and candidates realize it working overtime to close the deal. >> i believe it is our campaign generating the excitement and interest for large voter turnout. >> reporter: the iowa caulk success an investment meaning candidates like hillary clinton have to hold as many big rallies
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their supporters up to get out and vote. >> reporter: lauren is one of them. >> it is nice her being a woman, she has our perspectives and just really strong county. >> reporter: a mad dash across the first voting state with the campaigning of many hanging in the balance. >> no question candidates are spending a lot of time in iowa but have not taken their eye off new hampshire. some candidates will split their time between here and new hampshire in the next couple of days and some republicans abandoned their efforts in iowa and focusing completely on the granite state. denise? >> denise: how about mr. trump? has he split town and what's the fallout for him not showing up at the debate. >> reporter: donald trump is one of those candidates splitting time between the two states and spent the bulk of the day in new hampshire after making a big splash with his competing event.
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was not as strong as past debates. if you take them in context with past years it is an enormous number and more people watching the debate than donald trump competing event on other various cable channels. this is crunch time. we will find out if donald trump is for real in the next couple of days. >> dan: ryan i saw you tweet earlier you talked to five people in the hillary line and all five are undecided. that's amazing to me. i know there's not a single second of commercial time that isn't a political ad and not a single second can you get to in your hometown. were you shocked that people are excited days away. >> i was really shocked. mainly because we were at a hillary clinton rally. this is the kind of thing where you think only diehards come out but it tells us what the iowa
5:27 pm
they spend their time trying to discern what they like about all the candidates and go to the rallies looking to be informed like the gentleman you saw in the piece talked about. he wanted to learn more about hillary clinton and hear about her positive vision for the country. normally i am accustomed to covering rallies in the later stage of the campaign and that's usually diehard supporters that come out and participate in these events. things that happen in iowa there are still voters that need to be convinced and hillary clinton made a special mention of that. she said if you are here and i don't have your vote my goal is to win you over. there's work still to be done by the candidates. >> denise: what about the batch of e-mails that the state department released regarding hillary. any news that will hurt her? any big news from that? there's big news. it is not necessarily in the e-mails and what we are not going to see.
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e-mails are not released to the public ever because the state department deems them as classified and republicans pounced on that. and there's a problem that the secretary of state had this private e-mail server and the clinton campaign is pushing back saying they strongly disagree with what the state department decided to do. they believe all the e-mails should be made public because she has nothing to hide. it is a big bombshell to drop before iowa and a week before new hampshire. >> dan: ryan you are in the heart of the battle ground and nice to see you standing in front of my former state capitol. good luck to you. it will be a heckuva weekend. thanks for joining us. >> reporter: thank you. talk to you monday. >> dan: it plays an important role for the race for the white house. what exactly is a caucus. we will break it down coming up in a few minutes. >> jeff: all right. another look right before the
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sunset time is 5:39. look at the sky over cleveland. a little chilly and wind died down. we will warm overnight. big weekend warm up. we will be above 50 tomorrow for some areas and then certainly on sunday. that's going to be the warmer of the two weekend days. 20 cleveland. 24 ashtabula. a little colder east and 25 shaker heights and moreland hills. we will see a little drop in temperatures this evening mid-20s here and it will be a slow climb. so by 7 a.m. right around 30 and here you see that temperature trend 27 at 2:00 in the morning and at 8:00 tomorrow, 31. once the south wind picks up and sun comes up. 52 will be the high. a windy day south to southwest wind bringing in the warmth. partly cloudy in the akron-canton area here and right
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check out the planner for tomorrow. 30 at 7 a.m. and partly cloudy sky and the bulk of the wind will be the first half of the day there and good day to take your dog out for a walk. there's no rain. make sure you pick up. [ laughter ] >> jeff: that's key. >> dan: gross. >> denise: carry a bag. >> jeff: yeah carry the little blue bag. >> denise: a saw a doaberman he was carrying the bags. >> dan: being that beautiful you want to stay healthy and eat healthy. >> denise: that's right bikini weather is around the corner. jen picciano? >> reporter: make me wince thinking about that. i have a breakfast promising to fill you up for the whole day
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as we have been saying, iowa voters will officially kick off the 2016 presidential election monday with caucuses across the state. >> denise: weijia jiang explains how the historic process works. >> i am asking to you caucus for me monday night. >> reporter: presidential politics is part of the resultture in iowa and voters do their homework. >> i am paying attention. >> reporter: at the university of des moines government students have been studying, too. >> why do we do caucus every four years. >> so we can choose what candidates run for president.
5:32 pm
it confusing. think of it as a get together with neighbors. every precinct has its own caulk us and every precinct depends on your home address. at republican caucuses. >> he wants to make college tuition tax decuctible. >> speaking on behalf of each participant and cast a secret ballot. for democrats it is more complicated. >> voters separate in groups depending on which candidate they support. >> their supporters are free to move to the other camps. >> this is about standing with your neighbor. transparency and being committed not just to the process but your candidate. >> the iowa caucus started in 1972 and the old school process hasn't changed much. >> this year it is going high-tech. >> application does the math in
5:33 pm
report results with this new app determining winners. >> what did you think of the whole process. >> this organized chaos is the first step in picking the in expresident. >> reporter: weijia jiang, cleveland 19. >> dan: this is pretty cool. a group of students from trumbull and geauga counties are getting a front seat to the process. >> lordstown maplewood and newbury are headed to iowa. the kids will pick a candidate and volunteer for the candidate during the day. >> dan: then attend rallies at night to get a firsthand look at the process. >> a great experience. >> denise: very interesting social studies assignment there. >> keep it here. we will bring you the latest on the campaign trail on cleveland 19 and social media and free cleveland 19 news app. mark? >> denise, thanks. >> a friday afternoon in northeast ohio. coming up at 6:00 on cleveland
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called a hero. what he did to help a woman malled by a dog. hear what neighbors are saying about the process. >> dispatch dilemma continuing outages of emergency services and worries some people. find out what's done to keep you safe. >> an ohio report card and how
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>> denise: a lot of us are trying to eat better in the new year and many are trying a organic or raw diet. maybe your resolution. >> and blending up fresh and healthy smoothies and a lean and tasty breakfast promising to fill you up in this week's cleveland cooks. >> reporter: i'm sure many of you have resolutions this year to eat healthy and feel better. i came to restore.
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what will we make so we feel good after we are done eating. >> we will make two things. antioxidant smoothie and raw steel cut oatmeal with chia seeds and almond butter on top. >> reporter: she tells me i will feel good and feel satisfied when i am done. let's hit the kitchen. >> christie says we will start with the smoothie. it is an assembly and right components need to go in to make it healthy and tasty. >> ginger, strawberries, pineapple and using detox number 1 from restore. can you substitute with any beet juice or apple juice. >> these are frozen fruits. >> if you add ice you are watering it down without the right consistency or flavor. >> we will take the juice and fill to the 16-ounce line and this is a good trick to make sure smoothies are consistent. >> we will stick it in the vita mix. >> this is a meal replacement?
5:37 pm
or lunch. it would make a great meal and getting enough fiber from the pineapple and strawberries as well. everything in here is good for you. ginger is anti-inflammatory helps with the system and great for your liver and antioxidants. >> now for the taste test. >> tart enough with the pineapple and refreshing with the ginger. yum. >> i feel better already. >> round 2. >> acai bowls and build your own overnight oat bowls and oats is definitely something you can make at home. >> steel cut raw oats we serve chilled and oats are packed with fiber. chia seeds are packed with fiber and omega three's and protein in it. and house made almond milk is packed with protein as well. what we will do is start with half cup oats.
5:38 pm
bit of madagascar vanilla bean and chia seeds and add a cup of almond milk. this is a big hit with local athletes. they will actually have this in the mornings, before games. >> reporter: sky's the limit with this. you top it with what you want? >> we like to go with fruit or almond or peanut butter there's at least 20 to 25 grams of protein in that. >> reporter: look at that. it almost looks too pretty to eat. time to taste test. this is virgin territory. i have never eaten anything like this. i am a meat and potatoes girl. this looks appealing. >> it is good. it takes pure for lack of a better word. i think i would miss warm oatmeal but you don't because of the way it is nice and creamy and tart berries and won't feel guilty like eating a donut. >> coconut in mine.
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>> reporter: you are a meat and potatoes guy. >> dan: this scares me. >> reporter: i know you have questions. but choosing a donut for breakfast or something like this, people report they are full even through the lunch hour after they eat something like this. >> denise: this is a big bowl. i never would have thought to put peanut butter oatmeal. >> try the juice. mine is better. >> dan: it is like a giant bowl of oatmeal and stuff. it is good. >> reporter: if you are going for this thing like a lot of people are, they are trying to figure out ways to eat healthier and eat raw, it is in there. i was satisfied by it when i tried it. i liked it a lot. >> denise: this wouldn't necessarily be for someone looking to diet but for someone working out and drinks are like a meal replacement. >> reporter: right. >> denise: healthy living not necessarily dieting. protein, fruit. >> dan: it's a lot.
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through the whole thing. that's a lot of food. >> reporter: they are opening a couple of new places because they have done so well and popular opening in hudson and jackson coming up next month, too. >> denise: mine is awesome. >> reporter: we are ducking chicken wing for the superbowl next week. don't worry, dan. >> can you find this on the cleveland 19 news facebook page. if there's a dish you want to see me make tweet me or send an e-mail to cleveland cooks at >> denise: maybe i could dip a wing in that. >> jeff: yeah. >> dan: jeff agrees with me. >> jeff: see. chicken wings, there you go. now you are talking. all right. 52 will be the high tomorrow. 52. this is not a wrong forecast. tomorrow night we drop down to 46. and that's very warm. sunday an alert for a little
5:41 pm
i actually think the best threat of rain will come sunday night with the cold front. now because of all the temperature swings it will be windy tomorrow and windy sunday as the front passes. this monday 40 the high and drop in temperature. tuesday, windy, cloudy and back up to 46. rain tuesday night and then rain to snow on wednesday. this will be a powerful system. very windy here wednesday and temperatures falling throughout the day and here comes the next shot of very cold air thursday only 25 for the high. lake-effect snow and we could see snow showers friday as well. obviously, we have alerts there. weekend. a little bit of a drop here and bigger drop by the end of next week and of course you get the forecast details on the first alert cleveland 19 news weather denise? >> denise: all right, jeff.
5:42 pm
>> i have a bad feeling feeling about this. >> denise: coming up in "the
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> we are about a week away from the big game. earlier in the week we talk about the high cost of superbowl >> denise: yeah, the average person can't afford it that's for sure. did you ever wonder why it is hard to get affordable tickets to sporting events and concerts? the new york attorney general says the system is rigged. a three year investigation from his office found half the tickets to many events are set aside for industry insiders and promoters and unavailable to the general public. brokers then resell tickets on sites like stub hub for far more than face value. >> dan: when it comes to the big game some don't care about the game, they are there for the commercials and halftime show. ftw for the win, a sports blog for "usa today" ranked the best
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i can tell you this is the worst one. it was 1995. it was an indiana jones theme and it was terrible. now we want to talk about the good. that was the bad and the ugly. we will do number 3. number 3 aerosmith, 'nsync and britney spears, 2001 and number 2 the janet jackson/justin timberlake performance wardrobe malfunction and number one on the list is...the 1993 michael jackson performance in pasadena at the rose bowl. you might remember it started with michael jackson starting there motionless for 90 seconds. it was quite the performance. i do remember that. >> denise: be sure to join us
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february 7th here on cleveland 19. >> dan: there's a new push for
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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. how about that, clearing skies and cool as we take a live look outside. some big changes headed this way meaning a weekend warm up for northeast ohio. i love it. we are talking 50 degrees or higher for the last week of january. >> denise: there's also a chance of light rain. meteorologist jeff tanchak is here with a first look at the forecast. >> jeff: not thinking winter this weekend, that's for sure. let's go to the currents. it will be on the cool side out
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continues to die down.
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