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tv   19 Action News at 630  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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it may be the middle of winter, but it sure does feel a lot like spring outside. temperatures in the 50s and a hint of rain has removed all the evidence of any ice or snow. good evening. it sure doesn't feel like the last day of january. you can see the weather radar behind me and the best chance of rain comes in later tonight. beth, they were trying to finish gulf in california and that rain is coming our way? >> it is, it's a very long system that's going to make to us by the middle of the week. i have it on the first alert
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if you're watching the gulf, here's the rain happening in tory pines and you can see how the cloud cover comes all the way to us. it's just starting to come a little closer to us. a little light sprinkles out towards sandusky but it felt like springtime today. 55 in canton, 55 in whistler. well above average. temperatures stay mild through the evening and we stay in the mid 50s tonight until the rain showers come through. the opportunity for heavy rain is 10-3:00 and then the cold front comes through. we stay in the mid 30s, maybe upper 30s for some of you. the rain showers, it comes overnight. we stay above freezing, but more importantly, the ups and downs and everything in between, we
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up. >> we sure do. thank you, beth. you can follow the weather here in northeast ohio or anywhere in the country on the app. in other news, cleveland police are investigating fights between to groups of girls. a 16-year-old was stabbed in the back. reporter: hi, lidya. we're learning that a woman on the scene who was there says this is more than just two groups of teen girls. this was a big fight with dozens of teens standing by and it ended with a 17-year-old stabbing a 16-year-old in the back. police say the fight happened yesterday on east 119th around 7:30 p.m.. that woman we spoke to says she saw close to 30 boys and girls. temp in their teens and some of
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around the house on the corner. one of the groups of girls ran up to the other group of girls and that's when the 17-year-old stabbed the 16-year-old in the back. woman: it's crazy. i really wonder what they were fighting about to have the bats and sticks out here in the first place. usually, when the young people fight, they have weapons. but it was a lot of boys so i i don't know if they were protecting themselves. it was a lot of young boys on the other side. the ones over here had the bats and sticks. it's just sad. it's crazy and sad. reporter: and that 17-year-old girl was arrested later on. and the 16-year-old was taken to rainbow children's hospital. right now, police here at 4th district head quarters still trying to sort out the details and most importantly figure out
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we'll have more on this at 9:00. all right, thank you. now to a cleveland 19 news follow-up. on a shooting in garfield heights. we just checked with police and there were no arrests to report. this happened on broadway. a brawl broke out inside and the fight moved outside into the parking lot. officers say a man was shot in the head. he is at metro but his condition is not known at this time. to a deadly crash last night factor. the 73-year-old is accused of hitting two people who were walking on the road. a man and woman died at the hospital. baked is due in court tomorrow. lakewood. crews responded to arden avenue and found heavy smoke and flames. the back of the home was heavily damaged. no reports of anyone injured. the cause of that fire is still under investigation.
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so called "incident" involving brown's quarterback, johnny manziel. police in texas are investigating a possible assault. "altercation" between manzie l and his former girlfriend. they were aware of the incident but made no further comments. to a growing problem of deer in suburbs and the solution is drawing protests. the video may be disturbing. reporter: those against this method of killing deer say you need to see it. traps, similar to this one will be used to kill deer. only, the city's traps do not collapse like this one. woman: they can die of fright
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and then what they do, they come and put a four inch metal rod in their head to kill them. reporter: they're determined to fight city hall. they want the city to abandon the trap and kill method of deer population control. woman: when the people come to put them down, they hold them to bolt them in the head. reporter: they approved the use of traps last year. i did speak with the mayor here who said yes, the traps are out there but they haven't been set yet, they're just being monitored right now for traffic. they're not convinced there is a deer over population problem. she says she contacted the police department to get their reports related to deer. woman: i received 31 reports for the past two years. and a lot of the calls are saying there's dead deer on the road, can you please remove it. there has been no injuries. and no deaths. reporter: but if the population
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say the city needs to look at more humane alternatives. woman: that's cruel and barbaric and we don't want it to happen here. and coming up next on cleveland 19 news, iowa countdown, a new port on the road to the white house and it may offer a glimpse of the results. some areas are near 60 degrees at this point. temperatures are going to fizzle tomorrow afternoon. we'll be on the chilly side and you'll need the sunglasses. i'll tell you about the entire week coming up.
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yeah, welcome back. a big health insurance deadline tonight. if you don't get coverage where you work, you only have until midnight to sign up for the affordable care act or obama care. the deadline will not be extended. the penalty is $695 or 2.5 of your income. now, to the latest on campaign 2016. we are now just hours away from
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and the latest poll shows donald trump regained his lead. and three points separating bernie sanders and hillary clinton. you can find the latest updates on or on facebook or twitter. an unusual star wars caper at columbus. someone walked in dressed as a storm trooper and returned a stolen painting. the por trat was wrapped up in a trash bag with an apology from the man himself. vader. the pizza shop owner plans to frame that note and keep a
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art. here you have another live look outside, downtown cleveland. what a day. cloudy with temperatures in the 50s. yep. like to have that again tomorrow. beth is here to talk about some
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played this in the commercial before this because we're not tracking a lot of snow our way. but as january comes to a close, it's going to go down in the record books as the least snowiest januarys. i know you're well over 50 inches at this point for this time of the year. at hopkins, we are down for the season. two feet. that's a lot of snow to be missing. you can see it's all courtesy of el nino. but looking ahead to february, the last time we had an el nino as big as this year, we had a trace of snow in february. but look at the temperature outside right now. 59 degrees. cloudy skies. oh, my goodness, hopkins is reporting 58 degrees. but that colder air is just lurking, waiting to come your way. yes, overnight, but tomorrow
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to notice the difference. now. a couple of sprinkles starting to work their way in. nothing very big. overnight tonight, we'll get a shot of rain showers and even that isn't a big deal. future view, tonight, yeah, the cloud cover stays in place, here comes the showers. you can see 9:00 is what i went with. 1:00 in the morning, it will no additional rain will be coming down at this point. that's always good news. better news yet, we get more sun sunshine by the afternoon. you need the sunglasses for your 39 degrees tonight. the rain showers make an appearance, just kind of
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surely, no big deal. tomorrow, we'll probably start off our day at 40 degrees and we'll start with a lot of cloud cover. this upcoming weekend is going to be awfully windy and the roller coaster effect of temperatures and are we getting rain or snow. you'll start in the morning by 40 degrees. lunch time, 57 degrees. we're basically cutting today's daytime high right in half by tomorrow at this point. it will be telling how how windy it's going to be. but at least we finish the day on monday okay. ground hog's day looks like mostly cloudy day. could see showers on tuesday night. from tuesday through the next couple of day, it's going to be really windy and that rain you
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that's our for first alert wednesday. that's when we'll see more rain that could transition into snow. right now it's just a chance of some of these things but it's going to be a windy week ahead with temperatures all over the board. monday is going to be colder, tuesday is going to be warmer, wednesday is going to be warmer and then we fizzle as we head towards the weekend. one week away from the superbowl 50. it's packed with interactive games, thousands of fans are already there. mark. straight ahead in sports,
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cavaliers head the day off no game, no practice. that's fine, they earned it. winners of four games in a row and that win last night. they were in control of the game
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the finish. and kevin love going, too. but the pacing was also the key. they seem to have picked it up and they sped up a bit more and they might be starting to hit their stride here. man: it's just the conscious effort of doing what the coach wants us to do. they want us to push the tempo and get up the floor and the best thing about it, not turning the ball over while we're doing it. it's been good. man: i think we're playing at a faster pace and guys aren't thinking out there. they're just playing. i've mentioned over the past week or ten days that we're pretty devastated when we play downhill, especially with the two guys on the ball. man: i think our team, we responded well, played fast, getting easy shots. attacking early and getting kevin in the loopholes and
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i thought tonight was picture perfect. the pacers at indiana tomorrow. coming up after the late news here, tony sits down with bud shaw and piers tonight. ranked 8th in the nation. ohio state and brudest looking to pull off the upset. the buck eyes were hanging with them for most of the day. first half, getting it down. jake lamen threw it down, that put them up 35-31. second half, still tight. and throw it down, force feed the rim, that pulled them two, and then they get a lead.
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they could not hold on. 66-61. ohio state football was being honored here in cleveland today at the osu football appreciation bank wat. i always thought that 0-5 team could've won a title if they had a playoff. they were playing as well as anyone in the nation including texas and usc. nfl news today, a big time retirement, calvin johnson is hanging them up. mega tron told the team 2015 was his last season. he finished with over 11 thousand yards and 83 career touchdowns. carolina panthers and broncos are not done playing. superbowl 50 and don't forget, it's here on cbs 19 on a week from today. kick it off at 6:30.
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right now. right now. >> probably in that first commercial break will be amazing. >> let's relax, we still have a week to go. all right and let's see what our weather is going to be like. that's more exciting. thank you very much. our temperatures are near 60 degree days. definitely not coming back tomorrow. tomorrow we'll be colder and get rain showers overnight and get ready for a whacky week of unbelievable weather. we start off warm and then get much colder by the weekend. wednesday looking kind of raw and ugly. thank you for watching tonight. cleveland 19 continues at 11:00. we're also on at 9:00.
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they also have a disillusioned fan base. they have to fix the mess and get the winner. hue jackson has head coaching experience. he produced a respectable 8-8 record. most recently, he was the offensive coordinator of the cincinnati bengals. one of the best offenses in the league. he is considered to be a smart and strong candidate. he'll have to be. the browns were 3-13 this season and have lost 18 of their last 21 games. the team has also been a revolving door for coaches and general managers. the browns are on their sixth head coach from 2008. no other team in the afc north has seen that kind of turnover and instability. building a winner will be an uphill climb, assessing and drafting players that could
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won't be a distraction off it. hasn't exactly been the team's strong suit. we're looking at you, josh gordon and johnny manziel. we'd like to welcome coach jackson to the season. we don't deserve to wear bags on our heads during another nightmare season. i'm
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