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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> "q": we start this noon with breaking news. a case of the zika virus diagnosed right here in ohio. county. so, very close to home. a cleveland woman who just came back from haiti has it. now the centers for disease control and prevention reported 35 cases of zika virus in 12 states and the district of columbia prior to ohio's case, zika virus spreads through mosquito bites. there's no sign it can spread from person to person contact, but, it can be contracted through sexual contact. now on to our other lead story this noon -- a teen accused of murder. he was in a portage county courtroom this morning.
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boy from stow was accused of killing a kent state freshman. he was arraigned this morning. brian duffy joins us live with that story. >> brian: the judge has asked us to call the suspect t.k. police say he shot and killed 18-year-old nicholas massa sunday at the ryan place apartments just off the kent state campus. in court this morning, the prosecutor asked to have the 17-year-old stow monroe falls adult. t.k. is being held in the center. a 9-1-1 caller said there were three men who entered the apartment to rob massa and his roommate. police are still searching for two more men they would like to question. stow police and the school district now in stow are working with kent police. we are told the stow police department will have an increased presence at the stow schools as a precautionary
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>> "q": all right. well, sam, it looks like winter's back. >> samantha: oh, it's back. >> "q": snowing overnight. but it's pretty out there. >> samantha: i know. it's nice. you know, we're not dealing with a ton of snow right now. you are looking live out over 480. not bad. it is a little on the breezy side. we are sitting at 30. it does feel as if it's in the 20s right now with that breeze factored in. radar not showing much for most of us. cleveland south into akron, canton, back down to mansfield dry. but, out on the far west side of there. ottawa county south into sandusky and then erie county also seeing a few flakes flying. and you may be seeing a few flurries along the lakeshore, as well. but that snow is going to increase in coverage area tonight and through the day tomorrow and that is why the national weather service has
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for lake, geauga and ashtabula counties from tonight through thursday afternoon. we are looking at six to 12 inches of snow in many of these areas and we have actually bumped that up just moments ago, six to 14. with some isolated higher totals where bands persist. we could be looking at snow-cover asked roads and reduced visibility in these areas during that time. i'm going to break everything down for you, tell you how much snow we think everybody else is going to get coming up in just a few minutes. >> laura: thanks, sam. a mansfield man is being held on a quarter of a million dollars' bond for receiving stolen property. walter renz plead not guilty to using the stolen credit card of his neighbor, patsy hudson. she went missing about the same time neighbors were seen moving out next door. human remains were found in three locations in richland county. investigators are waiting for lab results to determine if they
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>> "q": a coshocton county man plead guilty to murdering an elderly couple. the court sentenced him to 50 years in jail. his co-defendant, robert clark, is already serving a life sentence. also, cleveland police are still looking for the gold chevy equinox stolen last night at a side. now that's just half the story. a three-year-old girl was inside the car at the time. but she was found safe and sound about 10 minutes later a few blocks away. police say the girl's uncle left the child and the keys in the car and went inside to pay. now he's facing child endangerment charges. now the latest on the troubles for johnny manziel. the affidavit filed by his exgirlfriend colleen crowley is out. in it, she says manziel hit her several times throughout the night before the final blow that ruptured her ear drum, leaving
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now, the affidavit also says that manziel threatened to kill himself and her on the drive that night to fort worth where crowley lives. >> laura: here's a hotted follow-up for you. the state fire marshall says last month's deadly house explosion in tuscarawas county was caused by a natural gas leak. 77-year-old dean taylor died when his home in newcomerstown exploded. the house was leveled sending debris flying all over neighborhood. new hampshire voters are at the polls today to choose their party's presidential nominee. donald trump and bernie sanders are leading in the polls. >> reporter: vote aves are already lining up to cast their ballots in the first primary a. >> new hampshire never lets you down. jeb bush is hoping time spent in
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korea, anyway. matter what. >> yep. and we've got a great organization in nevada, as well. this is a long, long process and a lot of thing cannes happen in a very -- things can happen in a volatile year. >> fellow floridian march -- marco rubio is hoping for strong results. >> reporter: donald trump is a front runner in the polls but he also led in iowa only to finish behind ted cruz once votes were tallied. for the democrats it would take a major upset for senator sanders to lose. today's votes are all about expectations moving forward. hillary clinton is pushing for every last vote. if she can close the gap on sanders, she can claim momentum just like bill clinton did when his second-place finish in 1992 earned him the title "the comeback kid." sanders himself will likely say
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want a political revolution. >> laura: sanders already holds a lead claiming all four democratic votes in tiny dixville moch new hampshire which cast votes at midnight. >> "q": a cruise ship damaged at sea is heading back to new jersey today. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was caught in a dangerous winter storm with massive waves hour. now more than 4500 passengers were ordered to ride out the storm in their staterooms. a florida senator now is calling for the ntsb to investigate royal caribbean for going forward with this cruise despite the weather conditions. >> laura: developing now, at least nine people are dead after two trains collided in germany. the trains crashed head on just as the morning rush was getting underway. correspondent don champion reports. >> hundred also of emergency responders carefully sifted
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two trains collided in southern germany. here, one of the train cars is barely recognizable. investigators say the trains crashed head on just as the morning rush was getting underway. the impact derailed several cars. at least 150 people were hurt. a steady stream of ambulances were seen rushing to the scene. some of the more severely injured were flown to hospitals. german news agencies report the rail line is used by commuters who work in munich. the accident happened on a single line that runs along a river which officials said complicated the rescue effort. no word yet what led to the collision. >> laura: german news agencies report the rail line is also popular with school children in the area. but they are currently on winter vacation. coming up on cleveland 19 news, a gas station awning topples
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their gas. >> "q": and, it's it's panzki day. people are lining up for the treats. >> there's a new sport coming to a gym near you.
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> laura: a california gas station awning caught on camera
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two maintenance workers were on the roof cleaning it at the time and they say they noticed some cracks. now one worker was actually hurt in this. so scary. honda is recalling 45,000 re-designed 2016 civics. the company says the engines can stall while the car's actually in motion. dealers in the u.s. cannot sell the cars until this problem is fixed. >> "q": and because nothing says love quite like coffee and chocolate, starbucks is brewing up three special chocolate drinks in honor of valentine's day. a molten chocolate latte, a molten chocolate frap key know and hot chocolate are available through valentine's day. well if you didn't know, today is paczki day. we spent the morning at rudy's village. take a look at the crowd. fans of the polish pastry waited fix.
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and expect to sell 65,000 by the end of the day. >> laura: wow. >> "q": all right. now there is a live look down in louisiana. it's mardi gras today also. and as you can see, thousands filled the streets in new orleans to celebrate, debt piet the cold weather. it's freeze -- despite the cold weather. it's freezing down there, we are told. bands entertained party goers. mardi gras is a final fling before ash wednesday which on the christian calendar is the start of lent, a 40-day period when many give up something they really enjoy. now on to a controversial topic. a t-shirt, to be exact, being sold online right now. you see, shirt's starting to stir up a hornet's nest on social media. >> laura: and also straight ahead, we will be talking about a new lipstick color fit for a princess. but, the person who inspired it can't even use the product. >> samantha: all right. it is 13 minutes after 12:00. i hope you had a wonderful tuesday. i know tuesdays can be a little
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to the weekend. valentine's day weekend. i will very that forecast after this. for now we are looking live from high atop our feizel roof camera. it is cloudy. a little chilly but we got some snow on the way and some cold. we will talk about it all when we come back.
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>> "q": welcome back.
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is in hot water after a t-shirt appeared on its website. this is the shirt advertised on a. sauce's website. customers called the retailer out for the image. the company quickly removed the branded product. the brand that made the shirt, wasted heros, based in england, claims the word "slave" was referencing being a slave to fashion. >> laura: well she's not old enough to wear it, but princess charlotte is inspiring a new lipstick. mark jacobs beauty announced a rose pink lipstick shade named after the nine-month-old. the charlotte shade is inspired by the deepest saturated pink tones of an english rose. unfortunately it's being sold exclusively at the british department store harrods. it sells for around $34.50 on their website. gosh. it.
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this story, i thought they were campaigning for children. >> laura: no lipstick for her. but fit for a princess. must be fit for anyone. right? i mean it always inspires people to do that. right? >> "q": well, then there's this. this is crazy. a florida man is sitting in jail for assault with a deadly weapon at a wendy's drive through. the weapon he chose -- a three and a half foot-long alligator. yeah, that only happens in florida. his parents say it was all a prank, though. their son knew a worker at the fast-food joint and was joking around when he tossed the gator through the drive-through window. their son used a credit card on a prior purchase and that's how they tracked the guy down. florida. you lived there. i lived there. >> laura: and i hate the gators for a lot of reasons. they scare me. >> "q": so much going on in florida. it's just -- >> laura: can you -- he had to handle it himself. i would be scared to death to touch it.
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gator mccray when i worked as a reporter in l.a. >> laura: that's a story we will need to investigate. >> this one, fluffy snow heights. warmer weekends in the front yard of this home. you won't be playing volleyball for a while now that the snow is finally falling this february. >> samantha: with respect to them for leaving the net up. i mean we have had a pretty mild winter. so maybe they have gotten some use out of it. right? i'm sure you have, again last weekend was gorgeous and it was so warm on sunday. but, as you know from yesterday, it has changed. here. right? we've got lake-effect snow that we are tracking for you here out toward sandusky. that snow extending out into the lake. and as it slowly drags generally off toward the south and east, you may start to see some snow here. lorain county over into erie county and ottawa and sandusky counties, as well. so, be aware of that in your afternoon travels.
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become more widespread into the afternoon and into the evening hours. i want to take you through futureview and help you plan your afternoon and evening drive. here's 5:00. we've got some scattered snow showers out there and these will overnight. here's a model at about 9:00 and you can see a decent little fetch of snow coming in. stretching all the way down into medina county and out into the snowbelt, as well. snow showers continue overnight especially out on the east side of things and then into tomorrow morning, we continue to see snow showers and the same areas. lunchtime tomorrow, a few snow showers out there. drive we may so snow hanging around. if it's going to snow off and on from tonight through the day many to, you might be wondering how much are we going to see? here's our first map for this particular lake-effect event. now, this is valid from tonight through tomorrow, through about
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so, this is an extended period of time. your storm totals here. two to five inches for a big chunk of real estate from youngstown through akron canton and out to sandusky. in the cleveland area, downtown and out to the east side, four to eight. and then my bullseye here for the highest totals is going to be in that watch area. southern lake, geauga county and then out into western ashtabula, as well. six to 14 inches of snow possible from tonight through tomorrow through thursday morning. so, the commute tomorrow morning could be a little bit tricky in some spots. we want you to be thinking ahead. maybe some school closings or delays in these areas. again, nothing out there right now. we just want to get you ready for the possibility of that. and then it gets really cold. 18 on thursday. look that the weekend. we never get above the middle teens. a good, good appropriate
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day weekend. >> laura: snuggle alert. >> "q": there, you go. there, you go. well listen -- there's a new sport popping up everywhere from kids' birthday partys to social media. players aren't just having a ball. they are wearing one. >> laura: mm-hmm. >> "q": and mark albert is here to explain. >> reporter: when these players face off, they get knocked off their feet. it's a new sport called bubble soccer. and it's a big hit. >> it's hilarious. it's actually a great game. if there was a league, i'm sure i'd be signing up for it. >> after seeing it on social media, steve put a team together. >> they have these videos of people getting knocked out and who doesn't want to do that on a saturday? >> reporter: like traditional soccer, the goal is to get the ball in the net. although at times it looks less like soccer and more like bumper cars. despite appearances, organizers say it's mostly injury free. >> and they just get up laughing
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no holds barred going at it. >> reporter: ryan and jon bought their first bubbles in 2014 and now average 30 to 40 rental as month. >> we have had eight-year-olds up to 80-year-olds play. and, we have done corporate events, little kids' partys. >> now playing soccer while wearing 20 pound of plastic is not as easy as it looks. this one's pretty see-through, but not all of them are. >> oh, it it's possible. i was identifying my teammates by their shoes. so, that's about all you can do. s the balls are very hot. you can't really breathe in them. it's like being inside a thermos. >> reporter: the short bursts of play give everyone a chance to catch their breath. a crash course in fun bubbling up in cities across the country. >> laura: that looks like a blast. >> "q": you are really excited about this. >> laura: i think we should get
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sam, would you be game? >> samantha: let's do it. >> laura: i think we could get some people. jeff, you going to play? >> jeff: yep. >> laura: stay tuned. we will see if we can get those some day. that look like a blast. there's still more to come at noon. >> "q": yeah, including a video of a bedtime ritual that looks
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breaking news to tell you about now. an amber alert has been issued for three children in northeast ohio. they have been missing since yesterday and police are now looking for a gray kia soel with license plate number fzh3275. we have the mom's name, right? >> laura: yeah. so the mother has been believed that she's attempted suicide in the past. >> "q": exactly. >> laura: they do believe that these children could be in danger. the three children are 10, 6 and 12. the names are barden, carter and coulton. this was issued by the lawrence township police department and they want us to really keep a look out for this vehicle. >> "q": that's right and the mom's name again, tara rooks, last seen with her three young children driving a kia sole, gray in color. again, this amber alert's really for the entire area of east central ohio.
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>> laura: the license plate is fzh3275. >> "q": we'll have more information on this amber alert
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