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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom. kendrick lamar makes powerful statement and taylor swift makes history with the
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but we begin today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you have to be very careful. he's very unstable. >> the gop race gets ugly in south carolina. >> just going on about how i'm the most horrible person in the world because i keep repeating the things he says. >> how does it feel to have the band back together? >> george w. busch trying to turn the tide for his brother. >> i want to remind you what our good dad told us one time. labels are for soup cans. >> the supreme court concerns everything you are concerned about. >> if you go for it the other way, you can see the second amendment being wiped off the face of the earth. the 58th annual grammy awards. >> kendrick lamar delivering a fiery performance. taylor swift, the very first
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year twice. >> thank you for this moment. residents in the florida panhandle and mississippi trying to recover after one tornado. >> it sounded like a low-flying zip. >> making an emergency landing. >> all that -- >> hillary clinton barked like a dog while mimicking an old campaign ad. >> "star wars" fans have something new to get excited about. >> and all that matters. >> lady gaga generating a whole lot of buzz as she pays tribute to david bowie. >> on "cbs this morning." the cast of "hamilton" wonr best broadway musical.
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sebastien, daddy's bringing home a grammy for you. good night. >> amorning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs e to "cbs this morning." young artists shined in a historic night at the grammy awards. musicians made powerful statements with their ces highlighting racial and gender diversity. taylor swift made history by picking up her second best albumperformance opened last night's show. >> kendrick lamar's politically charged moment was the most talked about this morning. he was the night's most honoredve wins including best album. kevin frazier phrase with our partner of entertainment tonight, good
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>> what a night. you had the rap superstar kendrick lamar to the pop que swift. >> you had one sour note of someone dropping out at the last minute and adele with audio problems. thery was stark with kendrick lamar behind bars in chains. it was a raciallymessage as well as taylor swift who won album of the year for "1989." swift used her acceptance speech tofter some of kanye west's recent lyrics that say he is responsible for making her famous. >> there will be people along the way who try to undercut yourdon't let those people sidetrack you.
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you're going, you look around and you will know it was you and the people who love you who put you there.eporter: a strange sound like an out of tune performance marred adele's performance and then her microphone dropped adele tweeted the piano mikes fell onto the pea 'owe strings. that's what the guitar sound was. it made it sound out of tune.ens. and rihanna who sang sunday night at a grammy event pulled out of the award show at the last minute, her reps claiming she is and was unable to perform. but despite the glitches, other artists shined. lady gaga transformed herself personas to pay
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they took a nostalgicribute to those who passed away. jackson brown paid tribute to eagling' glenn frey and stevie joined in an acapella to honor maurice white of earth, wind, and fire. lioneld tribute to for his efforts and showed he still has what it has to bring down the house. you didn't hear was for natalie cole. her family actually reached out to us. they're very upset about that. other big winners of the night, kendrick and record of the year went to mark ronson and bruno mars for their inescapable hit "uptown funk." >> that was a big prediction.awards that
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i love adele's spot. blank happens and then she went to in and out burger.girl. we'll see you later at 8:00. we. we'll check in on the y stole the show 2,500 miles away. the last republican president is suddenly in the middle of this year's republicangeorge w. bush campaigned in south carolina. one headline this morning says the former president tried to give jeb $100 millioney couldn't. >> they took jabs at the front-runner donald trump and the president's decision to invade iraq. garrett is in south carolina with a look at this personal battle. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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most enthusiasticjeb bush has seen in south carolina. by itself the upbeat rally cannot reverse jeb bush's fortunes. he's still running a distant third or fourth but it dide edge off a nasty day of primary politicking. >> i think the voters should vote for the candidate who's got the most opinionated mother. >> reporter: former president bush came to south carolina on a rescue mission for brother jeb. >> in my experience, thet person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. >> reporter: recentld trump on leadership had jeb playing defense. >> he didn't know that 9/11 was going to happen, but he rolled up his sleeve and he inspired us. >> whybush. he's not competitive. his brother is here to try to
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think it's going to everything you see is an offshoot of that decision. >> reporter: during a press conference trump said bush overlooked warnings andence before 9/11. >> was it negligence? >> i don't say it was anything. the world trade center came down duringnk ted's a very unstable guy. i've never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. we will bring a lawsuit if he doesn't straighten his act orter: ted cruz appeared unfazed. >> you cannot scream liar when somebody points out the actual p. >> reporter: amid the ever nassier campaign, the bush brothers reunited. >> how does it feel to have the band back >> i feel good.
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we've still got it. >> reporter: he likes jeb's chances here in south carolina. meanwhile trump says he again an independent if he doesn't secure the gop nomination, charlie. he also said he might sue ted cruz over his eligibility to runouse. >> thanks, major. former florida governor jeb bush is with us from columbia,. good morning. >> good morning. >> what is it about donald trump and your family and these attacks and even say that the >> i don't know. i don't get it. he's basically mirroring the words of michael moore in a republican primary. it's kind of weird. i think it's altogether. i think he got angry on saturday and exploded. it's hard to tell.
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the future. >> an article in the "washington post" says, quote, an urgency improve your candidacy. do you think it's fair and why have your brother come out now? >> those are obituaries thatmade for the past six months. i'm making slow progress. my brother is my brother. i love that he's in my in the past burke in a public way in south carolina where he has a strong bond and peel really respect himmote for him to come and i'll all in for the next five days. >> let me ask you about donald. iraq a big fat mistake.
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>> clearly in hindsight faultyas a mistake. what was successful was the surge because at the time of barack obama's inauguration, iraq was secure. it was fragile, but there was ay there that was abandoned. the creation of isis has been created by the void that was filled and i think that's the lesson of history is that you it to make sure you create stability. and what trump is talking about is conspiracy theories. literally talking about impeaching everybody got the same intelligence information and great majority of the people concluded he had weapons of mass let me ask you about your quest for the presidency. you pin finished sixth in iowa, fourth in new hampshire and fifth in south carolina. whatn dow 'do
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>> i think we'll finish better. i'm in it for the long haul. we've had three races so far.out 50 left. have a national campaign. >> you say there's a lot of other things you'd rather be doing than being on the campaign trail is.about the way the process works? >> the campaign is the campaign. every one is different. this one is a little different because of thend donald trump trying -- not trying, filling the space with vitriol and hatred. >> do you think he's -- >> i think he's a master oftion and i find it amusing on one level he constantly attacks me. i'm his primary target. i'm doing so poor in the s he going after me each and every day? because he fears me. i'm the only guy standing up to him. i don't think he's going to be party's nominee.
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doesn't have a servant's heart to let people rise up. >> have you ever thought about >> i thought about that. i thought, you know what? he's hijacked my party. i've been a conservative all my adult life. take a stand. >> governor bush, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, all. hillary clinton ice campaign also had a president's day. bill clinton held an event for his wife in south florida. he suggested thats cam sanders sanders' campaign is like another political movement. >> it's like the tea party. tell them what they want to hear, move them to the right, and we'll be they didn't get anything done. then that's gone on now in our party.
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at one point she way to fact checked the party. >> we've trained the dog and the dog, if it's not true, he's going to bark. i was trying to figure out howhat with the republicans. we need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say, oh, the greatn was caused by too much regulation, [ barking ] >> you know? >> she'll meet with reverend al er leaders today. hillary clinton posted ba ralk of tweets late last night e news for republicans who would put politics over the constitution. refusing to do your it's disgraceful. jan crawford at the supreme court looks at possible candidates for the high court.
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you have to keep in mind what the politicians are saying now are opposite what they said in the past. secretary clinton may be upset that they're going to president obama's nominee, but when she was with the senate she blocked bush's decision for justice alito. what goes around, comes around. >> they'll strike down every restriction on abortion. >> reporter: on both sides the y a rallying cry for their base. >> the only reason to block this is pure partisanship. >> reporter: as the white housets short list, one thing is for certain. there is a pattern. at the supreme court, sonya society my your and elena kagan. at the justice department,nd loretta lynch.
7:17 am
solid resume and is liberal. >> giving an of the country and of congress versus the white house. >> he says the president really has two ways to go. aike federal appeals court judge sri srinvasan who was unanimously confirmed by the senate three years ago. but guess who else was as pick by voice vote to the federal appeals court. clarence thomas and look how rt nomination was. >> this today is a travesty. >> reporter: the point, a nomination to the highestferent ball game. >> we try to draw analogies and parallels but ultimately it comes down to political orter: with republicans blocking any nominee the president could make like attorney general loretta lynch.
7:18 am
congress hillary clinton with her private server. >> he wants to put the ball back in their court to see if they'll put their money where their mouth is. - >> reporter: it's like the mccoys. this year with so much at stake, we'll see if that's different. charlie? >> jan, thanks achlt powerful winter storm this morning e severe weather and flooding to the east. the massive system stretches from florida to maine. it's blamed for at least southern states reported ten tornadoes yesterday. storms in mississippi wrecked a school and left thousands without power. two people were hurt in high winds blew the roof off of a car wash and into a pizza hut there.
7:19 am
winter storms are on for maine and the mid-atlantic region. temperatures today will rebound to the 50s. russia this morning denies a hospital in northern syria. united nations says a series of air strikes monday hit at least five hospitals and twohe front line. the u.s. is condemning the attacks that killed about 50 people. a rights groups blames russia firepower is helping >> samantha: good morning to you. of course, our big story this morning is the snow. it's a messy morning for us. that snow is going to be taper off from west to east throughout the morning. so by midday i think we'll all be done with it. the farther west you live, the
7:20 am
33 is your forecast for today with afternoon flurries, but again the snow is a morning event. a lot of kids out there sledding this afternoon. it's going to be a great time >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by nationwide. we go inside the saw today network investigation of the troubled teachers popping up in
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>> ahead, why school districts ng signs. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."er: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by brookdale. bringing new life to senior living. it may not seem like much, but to that resident it was the best thing in the world. it's amazing to me because it takes me seconds. nto the apartment, i'm there for half an hour. it is not just hanging a picture, it is conversing, it is being a friend. there aren't old people there.are actually young
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if you could see your cough, it's just a cough. you'd see how often you cough all day and so would everyone else.ssin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to twelve hours. new robitussin 12 hour cough relief. because it's never just a cough. >> tia: good morning. i'm tia ewing. if you plan to vote in the march primary, today is the deadline to register.
7:26 am
your county board of elections office or mail your registration form in, but it must be postmarked with tomorrow's date. you cannot register online. for a look at the snowy forecast, here's meteorologist sam roberts. sam. >> samantha: yeah, tia. it's been a winter wonderland out there this morning, but not so nice if you have to get out and drive in it, right? we have a lot of snow-covered roads and accidents this morning. please go slow. the farther west you live, the quicker the snow will move out. it's moving off to the east. i'd say in cleveland mid-morning we should be done with snow. but a few flurries are possible through the afternoon. 33 for a high today. temperatures barary e ary ary e ary ary -- bearly moving through the day and we fall into the mid-20s tonight
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girls teach a hallelujah saturday night and we're in the don't believe me just watch >> so catchy. justin bieber getting really comfortable in the passenger his gamey win. he appeared with james corden in a new car pool karaoke. you know the song, yt uptown 's the first time in matching
7:30 am
they're going to the grammys saying why are we wearing the same thing. james said he and are very close. >> he said he'd love to have bruno mars and beyonce. he named a couple of people he want deposit with. >> i think he'll get them. >> i wonder how many gopros they in that car. >> it's so fun to watch. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more grammy moments are coming your way. taylor swift doesn't shy away from of her historic win last night to apparently call out a long-time rival. we'll show you what many believe is an of kanye west. plus, thousands of teenagers are nowhere to be found. we're going take you inside to the investigation.ead. time to show you this morning's headlines from around
7:31 am
problems that a veterans affairs suicide main lines were too busy, soer william me were routed to backup centers, some to voice may. in 36,000. in 2014, more than 76,000. the v.a. agreed to recommendations meant to prevent this. >> that's outrageous.olutely outrages if you're in dire need and calling a suicide line and it goes to a voice mail? wow. >> hopefully they> the "the new york times" reports on testing for the zika virus. they look atrilizing may male months ski squitos. >> pope francis celebrated mass
7:32 am
he said the is exploitation of mexico's native people must end. during a ceremony he left the altar to bless a child lifted up in a wheelchair. and the "the guardian" focused pope francis and an american an intense and intimate bond that's lasted more than three decades. mark phillips looks at orning. >> good morning. if you look at the difference between the vatican's paper and the et something different. it's a story of their love and affection. there's plenty of argument for
7:33 am
in the beginning he was anamic polish preefts. she was a pole live immigrant living in the u.s. and married. yet when they met to collaborate on an english version of a booktten something on another level clicked. they began an exchange of letters that continued for the rest of his life and her letter make him uncomfortable. you write about being torn apart but i could find no answer for these words. particularly the words i belong to rose up the hierarchy, they continued to correspond. the letters sent away to avoid thest censors. it's good you sent your letters by hand. it contains thing taos deep for the sensors' dinal writes.
7:34 am
they spent time in vermont where she had a house nchl poland, more than friends some said, less than when wojtyla is elected pope, communication would prove more difficult but not impossible. he wrote, i promise i willthing at this new stage of my journey. i'm thinking about you. in my thoughts i come to your house in vermont every day. she is said to have come at his bedside as he was dying but she's been removed from the official vatican history. the letters are held in the library significantly his letters have now been released but hers are still kept secret. what a story this popular and now sainted pope. >> i want more, mark. i want more.
7:35 am
more than friends, but less thant clearly less intense. >> even though he was pope, he was thinking of vermont. >> thinking of vermont, that right, and the house. i hear they've gotvermont. mark, we thank you. taylor swift this morning is celebrating her historic album of the year win at the grammys. apparently included a sharp swipe at kanye west. >> there are going to be people will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishment or your fame. >> it may have been someblood with kanye west that fueled taylor swift's impassioned speech to young women at last night's grammy some day when you get where you're going, you'll look around and know it was you and the people who love you who put you reporter: the ongoing feud
7:36 am
>> taylor, i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish, but beyonce had onebest videos of all time. >> reporter: he erupted. that's the moment west is likelyis song. rejected it and called it misogynistic. it seems tension between these is something they can't quite shake off. tracy in los angeles. >> wow. >> she has spoken. >> she has spoken s made it very clear. maybe they should both just stop talking about it and keep singing because their music is good. >> congratulations to all the
7:37 am
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a new "usa today" network uncovers many flaws in the way some states mistreat and screen' backgrounds. more than 20 states received a "d" or "f" grade. yesterday. now david begnaud is here whereisiana to get a closer look. good morning. >> good morning. for your years the database analyzed millions of reports of ed
7:42 am
where they were disciplined but still able to get a teaching license and teach school across the state he resign after shoving, spanking, and f-year-old. battery charge was dropped after she year after that she resurfaced at northwestern high school in louisiana where she taught until just last week. >> the school district never told you about her no. >> she said she worked with her daughter's dance team. >> we trust our school system and don't like the idea of a aking care of my child. >> our background check system is almost set up as if teachers stay in one state for their whole career and they
7:43 am
>> reporter: "usa today" network investigator riley says it's the system. >> not only are parents able to find some of this information but education and state don't even have access to the f teachers who are unable to teach because of sexual misconduct or physical misconduct between orter: they found of the 9,000 educators are missing from a privately run database called the nasdtec clearinghouse.onwide system for tracking teachers' misconduct. over 1,400 had their licenses permanently revoked. at least 200 for sexual it's challenging because each of the states have their own rules and regulations that oversee the regulation in their state. is it perfect? >> no. do we work to >> every single day.
7:44 am
teacher resigned after physical altercations including ents. she still got a teaching license in north and south carolina. in 2006 stanley kindall was captured on c's "to catch a" allegedly soliciting a young boy for sex. >> i honestly didn't think he was 13 and i thought about driving away when i saw him at >> reporter: he lost his job and his texas teaching license. but he told them, quote, let it happen because i didn't have the money to fight it. he ituting in indiana, until someone saw a rerun of the nbc program and alerted the officials. >> the cases are too many to reporter: senator pat toomey has pushed for years regulations. >> varying states have wildly varying standards for doing s for employees. there's no good reason why
7:45 am
should be at risk than children in another state. as for reva, she after they contacted the school as part of its investigation. in a statement to "cbs this morning" she said, i made an error in judgment in florida. it was greatly exaggerated. is steak. i sought a second chance, and i got it. >> how do you track teachers like this? >> i guess right now you don't.s how is this going on and nobody's doing anything about it. it seems like our children are a -- worth a little bit more than that to me. >> reporter: we're told they did reach out for a reference and battery charge and were told it had been dropped but were not aware of a separate state investigation going on. louisiana hired her before the
7:46 am
suspended its own license. it's now going to require all states to audit their entries toir submissions are accurate and complete. >> a really eye hf -opening story. i wonder if it will raise for parents you can check your own. have they been accused of misconduct in the past. there's a database for it. >> and they're going to strengthen it. >> with all the technology, theree a better way to do it. thank you, david. good to see you at the table. >> you as well. a medical mar val. doctors say this baby was thell bird when she was born. ahead, the family's emotional milestone. plus "the price is >> samantha: good morning to you. of course, our big story this morning is the snow. it's a messy morning for us.
7:47 am
off from west to east throughout the morning. so by midday i think we'll all be done with it. the farther west you live, the quicker you get rid of the snow. 33 is your forecast for today with afternoon flurries, but event. this afternoon. it's going to be a great time >> announcer: this portion of let's go places. told ya somebody should've waited in the car. it says there's a black car three minutes away! that one! they gave authorities the slip, in a prius.t-wanted men in the world are stealing our hearts. is that us? public support is at a fever pitch. what started as an amateur heistphenomenon. one does have to wonder, how long can this chase go on? look, we're trending! let me see that. we're famous!go places.
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i'm offering you a chance to forget about the $120,000 car and i'll give you $25,000! try to get the car. >> good luck. a car! >> all right. it is dream car week on "the price is y excited contestant won big. she landed the aston martin. it's worth more than $120,000. >> whoa. martin. oh, my gosh. more on the grammys.
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>> brian: good morning, everyone. i'm brian duffy. in lake county medicine village is considering getting rid of the police force today. they're discussing dropping the police department. the mayor says it cost too much to operate. several weeks. madison township would take over policing the village. we've had a nasty morning. snow and even some fog reducing visibility out there. sam roberts will let you know when it will all end. >> samantha: long morning for our commuters, right? the good news is from mid to late morning we should be seeing things really wind down. you can take a live look at the radar by the way on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. just search cleveland 19 in your
7:56 am
but snow is a morning event, and then just flurries this afternoon as we barely move in the temperature department. we stay in the low 30s today. cloudy skies tonight and seasonably chilly with lows
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
it is tuesday, february 16th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including a miraculous survival by weighing less than a pound goes home with the mom and dad. but first here's es 's eye opener at 8:00.
8:00 am
>> i think he's master at man in lachlgs i find it amusing on one level he constantly attacks me. >> with the supreme court have to keep in mind with these politicians, what they're saying now, they have said the exact opposite thing in the past. there were several toeshlds about ten homes were destroyed in the florida panhandle. his letters have now been released. hers have still been kept secret.y might tell of this popular pope now saint. >> we want more, mark. >> they analyzed records oncensed teachers. they were rep panhandled but still managed to get a teaching license. >> i love my brother. i'm glad he came. >> we spent a lifetime on anch to become tree farmers. it gives me a chance to practice my stump speech.
8:01 am
opener" is presented by insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. donald trump and jeb bush areinsults. jeb bush called out donald trump on monday for questioning the former president's leadership. he called him, quote, a master . >> president bush said his brother has what it takes to do the job. >> strength is not empty. it is not bluster. it is not theatric is. real strength, strength of purple comes from integrity and character, and in my experience,gest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. >> donald trump kept attacking the former president saying he e and
8:02 am
center came down during his reign. trump writes this is an op-ed for "usa today," if electedorse and enhance interrogative techniques. dnald trump said nothing should be take uf aftertable. the grammy awards were filled with glittering performances. lady gaga offered an emotional tribute to david bowie.n a politically performance. kevin frazier with "e.t." >> pop music really big award for record, album, and song of the year.
8:03 am
their irresistible hit "uptown taylor swift won album of the year and she also made history. the 26-year-old superstar book-ended the awards kicking off the show with "out of the later as the show was winding up she offered herself as a role model. >> as the first woman tom of the year at the grammys twice i want to say to all women out there if you just focus on the work, that will be the a greatest feeling in the shares one of her three trophies with kendrick lamar on their fantasy "bad blood." lamar electrified the audience in chains linked to men dressed as inmates. kendrick was the night's biggest
8:04 am
going to his plumb olitical song. even president obama is a fan of the white house tweeted shout-out to all the artists at the grammys. >> incredible feeling. he's got some good taste.ip-hop from 3,000 miles away, "hamilton" new york's broadway is the first to be featured in five years andk home best theater. they also said hello to adele. last night with you you >> reporter: she kept belling out "all i ask."
8:05 am
slimmed down star laughed it off tweeting i'm treating myself to an in and out so maybe it's worth it. adele in 2009 as the best new ardist and this year it was meghan trainor. this year it was an emotional one.rring tributes, lady gaga channeled david bowie. before going on stage she posted an the dressing room crying as she listened to bowie. >> kevin, therer with a lot offetime winners. any? >> justin bieber won his first ever grammy which was a big deal for him and i think it's a greatally got one. first-time people you're not
8:06 am
so i also loved that. i thought "hamilton" spectacular and and ga. >> a lot of people seeing kendrick lamar for the first time and he really put on a show. i thought he was terrific, terrific. >> gave a little exposure to what that album is i think you should go online and check out more and his grammy video. >> what about lady gaga paying tribute to bowie. how was she >> she was set to form at his passing. when david bowie died in january she was approached to pay tribute.his was the most challenging. she said he influenced her and helped shape her identity. she revealed she never met they were pen pals. the day before the grammys she
8:07 am
of her body of david i also have to mention nal talie cole did not receive a tribute. very upset. her son said the academy should be ashamed of themselves. >> i can understand e.t. will britain you more tonight. check your local listings. go to our facebook page and watch or for a more submersive experience, download the app. we'll >> samantha: well, i know there are a lot of dogs out there this morning that did not want to go on you, right? maybe your pet loves it, the cold and the snow. this is a live look outside. you should be able to see downtown cleveland's skyline, but poor visibility so you can't see much of anything.
8:08 am
here's where the snow is. a lot of this out to the west has started to erode, but to the east and in the cleveland metro area we still hang onto ow >> announcer: this morning's s sponsored by nationwide. a baby weighing only 10
8:09 am
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8:13 am
a north carolina family is celebrating a medical marvel. their daughter is one of the smaeflt babies ever born who has survived. with her parents. e'layah pergues is at home with her parents. she pounds eight ounces. she's final at home with her parents in charlotte. >> reporter: megan smith had ths for this moment, the chance to go home with e'layah, her baby girl. miss you. >> don't cry. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i'm happy.
8:14 am
>> we actually got to see a human being formed outside of >> reporter: megan and her fiancee were thrilled when she was pregnant but early on they could see this was not going to be easy. barely sixn hypertension put megan in a state for a stroke.n september 23rd, 14 weeks early. she weighed ten ounces and head to toe measured ten >> she's tiny like a small kitten or baby bird. tor said she was born half the size of smaller premature babies at levine hospital in charlotte. >> what did you tell the parents?
8:15 am
on the hope. >> reporter: but hope seemed like a stretch. less than 1% of babies in the u.s. are born as early aser world for weeks was an incubator, a respirator, and a sears of challenges, medical,he's not supposed to be there. >> none of her organs were working like they should. her skin was 1ck like the bottom of a blister. >> because she was so small, she really was reaching the limits of our technology, so we had to and get creative about our approaches to many things. >> reporter: one night her heart rate plummeted. cpr broughtlife. she left the hospital six weeks
8:16 am
weighing 5 pound, 9 most ten times her birth rate. >> never doubted it. she was here for a reason. everything happens for a reason. >> tiny was born with faith. >> did you have faith? >> i had fade, everything. >> dr. herman says e'layah shows no developmentalissues. >> i'm still in awe of the parents and the team. >> i fought for her to live and she fought to live and i'm sitting in my living room holding my baby. i love it. like i finally have my baby home. >> e'layah has more than lived up to her middle name. "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, charlotte. >> and she's so cute. it's amazing. it is a miracle.
8:17 am
>> a shout-out to all the doctors and nurses. >> it just shows you what a great care she received there. a great care. >> i can see that's getting to you. >> i know. when they said her middle name >> i know. she's a miracle indeed. the westminster dock show is expanding its paw print. don dahler is there this >> this is d.j., one of the dogs hoping to be crowned king or queen later. coming up. i'll introduce you to the newying to fetch the title. only nicorette mini has a patented it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. only choose
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8:21 am
mpete at westminster for the first time. this is berga masco. number >> what do you think. >> that's a cool dog. that mop top is making its debut along with six other breeds at thelub dog show. one dog will be crowned a winner tonight from some 3,000 competitors. don dahler is backstage. hello. >> lucky me indeed. look at these beautiful creatures. these are black russians and i want to introduce you to my new is is ave tafrmt one of the
8:22 am
those additional breeds that you mentioned bring the total to 199. when you this started back in 1977, they only had 35 breeds. that's a clear indication that the organizers are trying to keep this fresh andso huge are the traditions that make this the most prestigious dog show in the world. each year the backstage area here in midtown manhattan gets a fluffier, and the competition rougher. new jersey native cheryl gaines spent the last 15 years loibing the west minister include spanish water dogs. >> it took a lot of hard work but we're here and it feels good. >> reporter: despite the passion
8:23 am
face an uphill battle.tition this one comes with familiar favorites. >> everyone wants to love a collie, pet a collie, and get >> reporter: rumor, a german shepherd drew crowds. >> she's got a great attitude. a great personality. >> that's really part of it. they have to enjoy whatdoing. >> exactly. >> reporter: they leash their competitive spirit at home. they just want some face time with their new four-legged i hope you win. >> reporter: including the famous canine companion martha shone a couple of times, not this year. i have my grandchildren with me and i want them to learn about the different kinds of dogs. they're it about dogs that makes this event so big? >> whether it's a purebred dog
8:24 am
dog is so important and youed a competition and applause and glamour and it doesn't get any avatar competes a little later today.
8:25 am
>> samantha: not much has changed in cleveland since the last time we talked. the traffic looks like it's flowing better from this perspective. 32 is going to be your current fp temperature so we're at the freezing mark and stay there the rest of the day. most of you off to the east still see snowshowers. back to the west not a whole lot going on. it's pretty quiet in sandusky down into mansfield. we have light snow that developed through medina county. cleveland is still seeing snow and everyone else to the east is dealing with the snow. when is it going to end, right? you're sick of driving in it early this morning. we will see improving conditions into the afternoon, but for the
8:26 am
the thick of the snow, especially out to the east. an additional 1 to 3 inches possible this morning in far eastern ohio. for cleveland we should be done i'd say by about 9:00, 9:30.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
ld be introduced as the ride around the world. but here they may be lucky enough to experience it for themselves. check out this happyn. it lives at the melbourne zoo and showed an unwaveringould be excited about being on tv. why not. maybe he just likes the reporter. >> that smile was very telling.
8:30 am
>> he does. very cute. >> a boy orangutan.g her out. that's a great picture. >> all right. what's his name. >> i don't know. we've got to figure out his smiley. >> why not call him charlie for now. i've seen that expression. >> yeah. really? >> i didn't say he was looking at me, but i'm just saying i've let's go, norah. >> all right. i'm glad you're back, gayle. we missed you yesterday. welcome back to "cbs this morninf hour, zac posen, one of fashion's hottest names wants to bring chic to the street. he's showing how his empire is working to fit wo cuisine. first on "cbs this morning," bow "bon appetit" is showing how y social media
8:31 am
>> hey, those are my na chos. >> are they? >> or just nachos. >> cow it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "washington post" reports on a major overhaul for the lincoln memorial. the memorial will be expanded to 15,000 square feet. the memorial will be scrubbed clean. it's funded largely by an llion donation by philanthropist david rubenstein. take in a campaign ad is pointed out by marco rubio. it pays tribute to it.g tribute to reagan. it's a shot in vancouver. they acknowledged the mistake and the
8:32 am
>> how i do do they do that. >> it's called oopsy, didn't > another episode of "star wars" is in the works. production is under way. the movie is scheduled to reach theaters just before christmas in 2017. some new cast members including vin's yeo del toro and laura dern. >> that's what happening. working on another one. "the wall street journal" reports on a controversy peanut allergy. at claims a success rate up to 92%. it may produce shocks that prove> the millennial drink nearly half of alwein in the united states. they drank 42% of alwein in the u.s. last year.
8:33 am
group. they average two case as person. >> the millennial people, they're happy people. >> they are happy. you, lewis. "forbes" reports on a massive diamond worth $14 million. the 404 carat is described as near perfect. it's almost three inches. miners discovered it in the african nation of angola. >> how much is it going to cost me? >> it 14/ $14 million, but i bet you could get it for $10 million. >> you can sflit two and give half to me and half to that would be better than your ipad. >> we're not complaining. the designer launched his own label 15 years ago when he
8:34 am
like michelle obama and naomi watts have posed. he's recently taken onllaborations with global companies. how his touch should extend beyond the runway. these are going to be all the different looks. >> potentially, hopefully. >> >> you never know until you fit the model. >> what's the look you're going for? >> you'll have to see. i want it to be a surprise. zac posen's fall and winter 2016 collection debuted last night, the fashion world took notice. >> why are all the fabrics on the ground? >> they're doingon. >> reporter: his ability to make gracefulness by simplicity has made this generation's designer one of this talents.
8:35 am
land covers and magazine roles. last month demi moore wore adress to the s.a.g. awards. he designed it in 2002. >> she worn it.lywood this is what a great star is. that's not something you can create. >> reporter: what's the business effect of such a high profile actress wearing one of your >> you can't necessarily directly quantify that unless that piece of clothing is in the store at the moment. >> reporter: when posen got his start 14 years ago departmentr his lines, now as shopping habits have evolved, he's ready to sell his pieces directly to his customers online. >> you'ret to ecommerce. >> i didn't want rent. i'd love to have a store.
8:36 am
could this dialogue with consumers. >> the dialogue include as contemporary line, david's bridal, the engagement rings he all well creating his nation shows twice a year. >> has burnout become an issue. >> it has. the pace is pressure is very high. >> when i read that burnout has being a phrase, one of the % reactions i not pumping gas for a linking or digging ditches. is that cause it's real, however, in working with fashion, it's an honor and a great luxury. there's no question. and physical burnout is real. there are moments when i get home after overseeing almost 16
8:37 am
where i can'teporter: in addition to those 16 yearlily collections he's also pairing up with brooks brothers. the brand recently their creative director. >> wow. look. you've got a nice display here. posen's hourglass gowns, billowing trains, colors out of the crayola box hits the practical floor. >> when i saw you onu do these a great shots and everyone is spinning and the full skirt and i thought, oh, my gosh, the design element. ice big couture fashion as you s different. >> this is very different. this is streamlined, a great discipline on my part. >> you didn't want to -- >> no, no, no.bout making people look chic on the street.
8:38 am
experience to hone what the working woman wears. >> i wear a dress so i don't have tod bottom to go together. >> i think a dress can be liberating. >> the separate thing is too hard to coordinate. >> set to go and you're on.t power. knit suiting. comfortable on the go. >> reporter: the idea that a designer known for his $1,000 gowns now wants to dress everydayound unbelievable. >> we used to do color story. >> reporter: but it's distinctly democratic. >> what about to someone who says, well, zac posen, he models and hollywood actresses and now i'm not going to look in good in anything from brooks brothers. i'm a regular >> the steam starts coming out of my ears. since the beginning of my
8:39 am
women of all sizes, ofd that's a big part of who i am and what i want to give to the world. >> yeah. that was his show last night. and so, you know, you know him asthis. he's now going to the airport runways. delta has chosen him to redesign its uniforms for 60,000 so flight attendants, customer reps are going to in depression dressed in zac posen. >> i love the burnt orange. >> they're under assault from 's difficult. they want to go straight to the consumer, changing the way we all shop. >> i can't wait to click and see what he's doing. very nice. you could be chowing down on revolution. first have you heard? there he is.
8:40 am
is in our toyota greenroom with ne became, oh, >> samantha: thanks, gail. here's a live look outside. this is a different vantage point this time looking over 480. the big, fat raindrops on the camera, you really can't see much. it's 32 right now in cleveland. overcast skies, and we are reporting snow at burke lakefront. also at cleveland hopkins, and we've got this new burst of snow that's developed to the south. of course, you're still in the thick of things to the east of 77. new snow popping up now around medina. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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8:43 am
mcmillan orders it every year. >> are you all right? >> i don't think he likes that. cuisine has come a long way. about what's on the plate. it's become a lifestyle. "bon appetit" is featuring its first ever culture issue. all of thephotos were shout on an iphone. first on "cbs this morning." adam rappaport is here. he joins us once again at the ome back. >> the funny thing is, i hate caviar also. that's the one thing i don't want to eat. >> i'll take all of yours. >> just knowing fish eggs, him.
8:44 am
longer for the foodies. food is cool for everybody. >> yeah. it's more ex-exclusive. it used to be you had to be a foodie. the biggest reason why is this. the phone. i remember growing up i was interested in food. i would read gourmet watch pbs "a great chefs of new orleans." it was cool but not cool. >> people use dodd eye rolls when you'd take out youand take pictures. >> now it's like food porn. the likes you'll get whether you're on snapchat or instagram.he chef is cooking today. i can see what a chef in tokyo is cooking today. i can see where they're going, where they're eating. you own pictures and you can become your own.
8:45 am
mention rene's name, chefs have become yeah. they've become superstars but they don't necessarily have to be on a tv show in a traditional way that they did ten years social media and through vice, now you can be on vice munchies and that has more pull sometimes on jess epy is not on tv, right? >> no. but he has a thousand followers. every day he'sse amazing ingredients and you get to know the chefs on more intimate levels. >> you have rules. share these y're annoying rules too. so many of them. >> norah's working on it. >>
8:46 am
>> in shooting food, a couple ofe in a restaurant, don't use your flash. that's one thing that annoys other diners or your wife or husband. i know that from experience. shooting the nachos -- >> i have to point out i took that picture. >> get directly overhead natural light. if you have bad lighting the to look good. some will walk over to the window, put the food there, get a photo. sometimes it's nice to make the food look nice but not. if you have an egg yolk, make it want perfection. >> if you look at our clo, you see the cheese gooeyness. >> what do you think this is because it is your culture our celebration of food and
8:47 am
>> i think we're at a point now where food has become cool. zac posen was just on. he has a cookbook coming ou should follow him on instagram. he makes dinner almost every night. >> there's a great shot ofyonce and her kale sweatshirt. they're sort of in the know. >> and you also have sandwich of the year. you sacik season going to replace the fried chicken sandwich. >> i look at this. i can tell the bun is warm. i can tell it's soft. >> you can taste that. >> gayle this morning at 5:00 in the morning said, look, you can see the ok how good this is. >> it all starts with chick-fil-a. everyone from the south knows chick philae. >> i want learn more about the culture go to "bon appetit." you're watching "cbs this
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
(church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> samantha: well, i think that this picture here over 480, this is a live camera. that sums it up nicely, right? it's snowing, and we have the big, fat drops of moisture on the camera from all the snow we've seen this morning. we're sitting at 31. we'll pretty much stay in the low 30s for the rest of the day. we have some new snow that developed. this off to the west of the akron from far southern cuyahoga county down through medina and wayne counties, and this is steady snow lifting off to the east. so if you're in akron or canton, you will be getting some steadier snow before it's all said and done, and you're seeing snow right now. it's just there's heavier stuff on the way.
8:53 am
ashtabula, lake and geauga counties, all of cuyahoga county seeing snow, and that goes all the way down to 470 there. so we still have a little ways to go for my friends that live out to the east. it will be late morning before
8:54 am
8:55 am
i have ahma. fe. on mlongerm ntro mecine i talked to docr an fod a ssinpiec in my thmareatnt. onceailyreo even asta sympms. eo ifor ults wi asta nowellontrled on lontermsthmcontl
8:56 am
liken inled rtictero. breoon'tepla a rcueinhar for suen bathi proems. breopensp aiays hel improvbreaing r a ll 2 hos. br conins typef mecine thatncrees t risof dth fromsthmprobms and may ineasehe rk hostalitionn ildr anddoleents breos nofor oplehose asth is ll ctrold on long-tm asma ctrol mecine like ainhad coicosroid once yr asma iwellcontlled yo docr wi dece ifou can st breand escre a differenasth conol dici, li an halecortosteid. do notake eo me th escred. see ur dtor youasth doesot irover ge wor. ask yo docr if4-ho bre coulbe aissi pie foryou. s if u'religie fo
8:57 am
jeff: today on "flip my food," it' s a very special day. i' m hanging out with the new orleans cheerleaders, baby. they' re also known as the saintsations. [music playing] announcer: today on "flip my food," chef jeff gets things cooking with the saintsations cheerleaders. they' re heating things up with some blazing hot buffalo wings and a spicyage. to top it off, condiment king terry ho scores a flavor touchdown with his
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