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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> laura: now at noon, lots of spinouts this morning. especially on i-77 in stark and summit counties. the snow made driving to work hazardous especially if you were driveing in our southern viewing area. >> "q": and this morning i spent all my time on the east side. they were breaking out the heavy equipment to move the snow in and out of mentor. drivers maneuvering through inches of that white stuff to get to where they were going. listen, if you are going anywhere this morning, chances are you were slipping and sliding on the roads. >> laura: it was dangerous stuff out there.
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be winding down. that's why we turn it over so samantha roberts in the first alert weather center tracking the snow that's been a big old pain all morning long. >> samantha: i know. spinouts, low visibility, not a great morning on the roads but as you know, the steady snow has moved out. that's great news. lunchtime commute, evening commute, should be pretty quiet. i'll show you what's happened over the last three hours. this stuff has really gotten out of here quickly. so, good news there. there are a few flurries hanging around. but, nothing major for the afternoon. as we take a live look over downtown cleveland, you can see, though, that travel isn't perfect. typically from this shot, we can see the beautiful skyline of downtown cleveland, but, oh, you can't see a thing there. 31 . there is a lot of fog out there. as soon as that snow moved out, the fog settled in. visibilities down to a quarter
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in at about three quarters of a mile in cleveland. it looks like the worst of the fog is on the west side. but, there is a little fog on the east side, as well. so, take it easy out there. fog will be with us throughout the afternoon. temperatures are seasonablely chilly, but we have a big warm-up on the way for the weekend. we will talk about that and what you can expect for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. >> "q": all right, sam. well stark and summit counties seemed to get the worst of it this morning. den east zarella joins us live from the road. >> reporter: hi there, q. as you can see we are on 77 southbound, the roads looking great right now. wet in some spots but for the most part completely clear. sides of the roads look like a winter wonder land down here. it will be interesting to see what it looks like as we get off the highway on to some of the secondary roads. we are heading into the akron
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obviously one of the hardest-hit areas over the last 12 hours. we have heard reports of eight to as much as nine inches of fresh snow that's fallen down here. the morning commute obviously was a tough one for people traveling in these areas especially very, very early in the morning. so we are going to check out the situation here. we are going to be bringing you reports through the day, follow us through the day on twitter, facebook and cleveland and we will see you also live coming up at 4:00. for now we are live, driving here along i-77, denise zarella, cleveland 19. >> laura: thanks, denise. a number of power outages reported in lakewood, rocky river and bay village, all reported electricity problems. first anything says they do believe it to be weather related so that brings us to where we are now. fortunately so much of that power has come back on. but we want to give you a lock at where some of the current outages still exist. this morning, right about 8:00, lakewood, rocky river, west lake
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up and they came to about 10,000 power outages. lakewood looks to be good now, rocky river also in the clear, and westlake less than five outages. elyria up here to the north, about 100 power outages still. the area. we move down south to the akron area, we can see norton appears to have about a little less than outages. out west a little bit more. randolph, or east a little bit more excuse me, you can see more outages as well as in heartville. all of these outages i have just shown you, this means that first energy is aware of the current outage problem and they are working to get it become on. thankfully they have gotten so much of it restored already, and we can only hope that it will continue to get those back on. >> "q": here's another weather-related story. meals on wheels of stark and wayne counties is closed today due to the weather. they are told they delivered blizzard boxes so they were on
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each has two meals that require little preparation. they expect to have deliveries back going again by tomorrow. also, for weather information any time of day or night, download the first-alert weather app. you can customize it to where you live to get up-to-the minute radar and conditions. >> laura: severe storms took down trees and power lines in florida this morning. there may have even been a tornado in the miami devastated -- miami dade area. >> reporter: powerful storms uprouted trees and downed power lines in southern florida. in pompano beach, heavy wind gusts tore the roofs off buildings leaving debris everywhere. cell phone video captures severe weather coming down in miami. national weather service reported wind gusts of 69 miles per hour. one tractor trailer overturned on i-95 snarling traffic for miles and fire crews in miami
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an apparently ruptured gas line. winds ripped letters off the sign at the good year blimp hangar in pompano beach. in fort lauderdale, folks fished out furniture from the ocean. most of the damage appears to be minor. >> laura: the national weather service has not confirmed any tornado did touch down, but the service lifted tornado warnings in southeast broward and northeast miami dade around 8:00 this morning. here's an update for you this noon. we learning more about the wrong-way crash on i-480 over the weekend. investigators say this man, mark rafter, was driving his ford f-150 pickup east in the westbound lane and slammed into kayla coats' ford fiesta. coats died at the scene. rafter was seriously hurt and is still at the hospital recoupating. also a man received a sentence this morning after a fatal stabbing outside chapel
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deandre baskerville is sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years. he stabbed terrence howard to death last august. and bedford police department's canine mike who you are looking at right now just got a bullet and stab-protective vest. the nonprofit group vested interest in canines donated the gear. each vest costs more than $1,000. >> laura: a basement fire in orange village is being blamed on a hover board. firefighters said thankfully the family had a fire extinguisher to use until they got there or the fire could have been much worse. scary. >> "q": all right. well, coming up right here on cleveland 19 news at noon, a man suing facebook over its birthday reminders. >> laura: and it's being touted as an uber for kids. see how this man wants to change the traditional car pool. >> "q": the police department is using a new software program to
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calls to 9-1-1.
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>> laura: facebook just hit with a class-action lawsuit over its birthday reminders. a florida man said they sent unauthorized texts to his phone. he wants $1500 per message. facebook isn't commenting. >> "q": all right. well we have heard and have had
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but now there are smart shoes. yeah. they are called io fit. they were developed by a start up that's part of sam sung. embedded sensors detect posture and the app sends tips on improving your walk or government swing. you can have a running shoe or an oxford. >> laura: interesting. a massachusetts dad is starting an uber for kids sauled zem car. it's in the google play store and parents can set up rides on demand or schedule trips in advance to make sure their kids get to school or to activities on time, promising stringent background checks of every driver. now, there's even more video monitoring and parents can turn on the camera when the child is scheduled to be picked up. it even records a permission slip. >> this message will get delivered at the right time to the driver, to the teacher, and to the kid. on the map, you can see all
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you can look at their profiles. >> laura: so far, the drivers signed up are moms, nannies and teachers. drivers can make up to $35 bucks an hour. so -- there's obviously going to be security questions which he seems like he's trying to cover parent. what do you think? >> "q": really quickly i think it's an amazing idea but i have an issue with sending my kids off with complete strangers even if there is a background check. that's just me. sense. if you can cover all the bases it seems like a great idea. >> "q": i don't know. just the dad in me is i'm not sure. >> laura: protective. >> "q": yeah, you know, well, straight ahead on cleveland 19 news, an ohio sorority making headlines for its views on diversity. see what happened when one of its sisters decided she wanted to be a brother. >> samantha: all right. time now for a live look outside. this is from high atop our feizel roof camera. cloudy skies and a lot of fog out there, as well. that may slow you down this afternoon.
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be tracking more snow for you.
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>> "q": welcome back. a central ohio sorority is setting new ground for inclues. the sorority at otterbein university is a gender-neutral sorority.
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out as trans gender. now the women had a decision to make. >> we felt that that was the right and proper thing to do. if we had kicked him out, it would have been so counter to everything that we all believed in as individuals, but then also what we wanted our chapter to stand for. >> "q": the sorority says its decision was met with support from both students and the university. otterbein honored the decision with a martin luther king peace and justice award. that's a great story right right? >> laura: well, i give the sorority a lot of credit for honoring what they said that they stand for to begin with. because sometimes it's really easy to backtrack. >> "q": this could have been a p.r. nightmare but they turned thing. good for them. >> laura: all righty. a new piece of crime-fighting software is now helping police gather online data about potential criminal suspects. but some say the program called
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lead to people being unfairly targeted. chris martinez reports. >> that's how fast it happens. >> the software program called beware dives deep into the web, searching public records from property archives to arrest reports. it's giving police a heads up about who officers may encounter before they head to a call. a star warns of prior crimes. >> somebody who has had a past arrest for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, that bit of information may cause the officer to handle that differently. >> shots fired. >> we watched fresno police use the system after a man opened fire on two officers. [gunfire] >> they ran the license plate of the suspect's car through beware, which revealed the vehicle's owner and his criminal record. a short time later, he was caught. but beware is controversial. the software assigns a threat level of red, yellow, or green for residents and a given address. how that color score is calculated is unclear.
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>> we want greater transparency. >> aclu attorney jessica price is also concerned about the program's ability to roanoke screen social media posts. >> people want to feel they can post without fear of government profile or harassment just because they did post something like criticism of police. >> fresno opted out of the color-coded threat system after public backlash, but the chief insists the program is necessary. >> when you look at the amount of technology that is out there today that criminals are using, it's important for law enforcement to access those same tools. >> he believes beware is keeping both police and citizens safe. >> samantha: on this tuesday afternoon, all the steady snow has moved out. now we are just kind of left with what fell on to the ground. there's not really much snow
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but, we certainly had some nice accumulations earlier. i love this picture, i have to show it to you. this is from our noon producer jodi. her sister jennifer in louisville, ohio, not kentucky, we have a pool here kind of the juxtaposition of seasons. you have a beautiful pool but a lot of snow on it. so, i don't think the cover will be coming off that pool any time soon. but, a reminder that i guess spring isn't far away. it's what, 40-something days until spring starts. here's another shot. this one from kevin goodman. waterfalls. beautiful picture here and if you find that it's tough to see the detail in this on your tv screen, i did post it on my facebook page. that is roberts and this is from our own paul orlousky. you can see the free stamp there covered in snow. a nice shot. just a couple of reminders that
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for your morning commute, winter right? it was a big wet snow. jeff and i were just talking about this. it wasn't really windy. so, it was a pretty snow. not so pretty if you had to drive in it. right? but, nice if you get a snow day out of it. we do have a few flurries still flying out in ashtabula county but the rest of us are pretty quiet. i think it will be a quiet afternoon. we do have areas of fog that we are dealing with and that should start to erode as we get deep near the evening. cloudy skies, flurries likely for us, but no more steady snow for today. a few flurries possible tonight, too. but, i think we are done with measurable snow for today as we drop down to about 25 overnight. tomorrow, another chance for snow. we have been talking about this for a while. snow showers mid-to-late morning and even into the afternoon. total accumulations with this on the order of an inch or less. just a little clipper dropping in. we'll have highs in the lower 30s. i don't think this will be as
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we had this morning when it was really disruptive to local travel. we had a lot of accidents. of course you will want to take it slow if you do run into any of those snow showers tomorrow. but, it's not going to be as widespread as what we were dealing with today. we will dry out and cool off wednesday night. 11 on thursday morning. it's going to be so chilly but, thursday overall, looks pretty good. we'll have some sunshine, it will be cold. we will only be in the upper 20s. so, unseasonablely cool. but, look at friday. 52. we do have a little rain. i know you are excited about that, q. melt, baby, melt. >> "q": i don't care about the rain. all i care about is those temperatures above 32. >> laura: wear some shorts. >> "q": 52 is nice. even if it's going to rain. >> samantha: still get out and enjoy it. >> "q": exactly. >> laura: a health alert now about over-the-counter heart
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prilosec, nexium and one other are in a group that might risk a senior's group of dementia. german researchers found people 75 or older who regularly take the medications had a 44% increased risk of dementia compared with seniors not using the drugs. now the study only found an association, however, and not a cause-and-effect link. well, there is still more to come on cleveland 19 news at noon. >> "q": yes, there is. we will talking about the grammys, the highlights of the show in case you missed it. we'll have them for you coming
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. >> "q": musicians last night used the 58th annual grammy awards to make a statement and pay tribute to music general ends. >> laura: kendrick lamar walked away with the most grammys but taylor swift nabbed three trophies including the night's most prestigious award. put your hands up >> reporter: pop queen taylor swift opened the grammy awards and ruled the show winning the top prize. swift's 1989 earned the singer her second career grammy for album of the year. she urged young women to not let nay sayers get this their way. >> you just focus on the work
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side track you. >> reporter: uptown funk won. >> stevie wonder teased before announcing the winner. and meg an trainer couldn't hold family. >> and my mom and dad for always believeing in me. >> this year's grammys stirred up a lot of emotions with performances that paid tribute icons. others used the mic to make a statement. i'm african american >> kendrick lamar sent a powerful message with his rap that won him five grammys. the audience was brought to its feet by tributes that honored earth wind and fire's maurice white, eagle's cofounder glenn frye and b.b. king. this is ground control to major tom >> and lady gaga brought the late david bowie's work back to
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>> laura: i have heard fantastic things about lady gaga's performance. got it see it. >> "q": we go to sleep early -- >> samantha: don't think we didn't want to watch it. >> laura: i watched the first 30 minutes. taylor swift started off with a bang. we love her. sam and i have -- >> "q": she does a great job. >> laura: it was an awesome event and gosh, the grammy world, the song world, everyone that's in the song artist world, that was a night. >> "q": great night. i can't wait to watch the highlights when i get home. >> samantha: well it's nice and cold outside so you can snuggle up with a blanket and sit inside and watch the d.v.r. performance of the grammys, right? of course it was right here on cleveland 19. tomorrow, we are tracking snow showers for you, not a major snow maker. jeff will have more coming up at 4:00.
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week, guys. 52 on friday. >> "q": there, you go. thanks for joining us. the young and the restless is up next. >> laura: be sure to join us for cleveland 19 news at 4:00. thanks for watching.
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