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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: warm and super windy out there. that's the weather story for the weekend, too. saturday's high will be inching close to 70 degrees. >> dan: and it is so nice out today we decided to let chief meteorologist jeff tanchak have a little bit of a recess and send him outside. >> jeff: yeah. who needs a coat out here. cloudy skies and windy conditions today especially west of cleveland. as you can see, no coat on me here in february. i don't think will you need one tomorrow as well. let's look at the wind advisory because we do have that in effect through this evening, sandusky area, norwalk to richland and ashland county. let's show you the temperatures now. check this out. with the very windy conditions unseasonably warm tonight, i think 60s on the way tomorrow and well, for one day it will turn colder sunday.
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south wind at 20 and gusting over 30, though, akron-canton 50 degrees with a south wind at 18 and those all important wind gusts notice west, mansfield, 41 gusts, 38 gusts there in sandusky and it will still be windy this evening and unseasonally warm and more on the weekend and change they will see and of course you can get the latest information when you are away from the tv on the cleveland 19 live alert weather app. >> i'm jeff tanchak, we will see you back inside. back to you. >> denise: thank you, jeff. new developments in the fight for justice for aliza sherman. back in 2015 the nurse was stabbed to death in broad daylight in downtown cleveland just outside her attorney's office. now, that attorney was in court today. gregory moore is accused of lying to detectives during the murder investigation and tampering with evidence. moore pleaded not guilty today
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friends of aliza sherman were there. >> it is very emotional of course and very hard. we want everybody to remember what happened to aliza. she was brutally murdered. and she needs to be remembered. >> well, the day she was killed sherman was supposed to meet with moore to go over her divorce trial. police say moore texted her before and after her murder saying he was in her office. but the evidence shows he was not in the building. >> reporter: cleveland police have a suspect in the downtown double murder that happened last month. investigators say james johnson shot and killed two men at the archer apartments on west 9th back in jackpot in the wearhouse district. johnson remains on the run. we have an update on the east cleveland's family poisoned by carbon monoxide. >> denise: they are out of the hospital now talking to us for the first time since the
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against their landlord. >> dan: cleveland 19 dani carlson has the latest from east cleveland. >> it was scary for my life. i thought i was going to lose it. thank god we are still alive. for real, we could have died in one day. everybody in that house we could have died. >> thank you, god for letting us be on this earth, too. >> reporter: scared, hurtful and angry those were some of the emotions talking with the family poisoned by carbon monoxide in this east cleveland home. >> it was good when we got out of the house f. we wouldn't everybody would be dead. 13 children and 3 adults we would have been in there dead. >> reporter: 13 kids and 3 adults were sent to the hospital. >> it was just ugly. traumatic. it was just like, i don't know. >> who's fault do you think it is that you got poisoned? >> my landlord and the person he had to come and do the furnace. >> reporter: that's the
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fire department is investigating. telling us they hope to have an update within the week on what the cause of the carbon monoxide was. the property owner admitted to us he was out for days and he blamed the co problem on an old stove. the furnace repairman he claims was certified to do the work and also on the tenants themselves saying they must have messed with it. >> we don't know nothing about it. if my husband knew how to rewire a furnace and make it work we wouldn't have been in no cold for four days we would be in the heat. >> why do you think he is lying >> to cover his own self and so he won't number trouble. the truth will come out. the truth will come out. >> reporter: the fire department for the east cleveland the only agency investigating this case says they hope to provide us with an update in a week. we are trying to track down the person who came in to try to fix the furnace.
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was licensed and bonded. we can tell you the company the man works for is not a registered contractor with the city of east cleveland and also does not appear to be registered with the state. >> reporter: in east cleveland dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> denise: interesting. all right, dani, thank you. if you have questions how to protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning, we have a whole bunch of information you might find useful in the seen-on section on our web site. >> dan: in warren a mother and grandmother indicted in connection with overdoses of two children. carissa davis walked out of jail yesterday facing child endangerment charges and her mother faces drugs abuse charges. error this month her nine-month-old and 20-month-old had to be given the heroin antidote naloxone to save their lives.
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airstrike by isis this morning. >> denise: american warplanes attacked an isis camp in libya near the tunisian border. >> reporter: video broadcast on lybian newschannel claims to show the aftermath of overnight airstrikes. it's defense officials tell cbs news the strikes likely killed a top isis terrorist. senior isis leader is wanted in connection two a march assault in tunisha at the national bar doe museum killing 22 people and another attack in june when gunmen stormed a tunisian beach killing 38. tanisha's interior minister released this at the time of the massacre. airstrikes come when the white house and western allies struggle to contain isis. >> we believe these fighters in libya posed a threat to our national security interests.
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their presence known in libya carrying out several grew some beheadings. >> this shows militants killing christians on a beach near tripoli. >> reporter: jonathan vigliotti. more than 5,000 isis fighters are fighting in libya. >> twitter is taking apple see side saying they support the company's division to defy a court order to help break into suspect. apple c.e.o. tim cook says it would set a chilling precedent and challenging the ruling. the justice department filed a motion asking the judge to force apple to comply. >> denise: the public paying respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia today. scalia's body lies in repose at court. scalia's son paul scalia will be
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the funeral will happen tomorrow. >> dan: the question of senator ted cruz eligibility to be president of the united states went before a chicago judge today. the texas senator was born in canada to a cuban father and american mother. the u.s. constitution states to be president one must be a natural-born citizen. but exactly what that means is currently up for debate. an illinois voter lawrence joyce filed the lawsuit hoping to put the issue to bed before the republican national convention and worried that cruz will win the nomination and then he will be uneligible in the vote. last night marked part 2 of the republican town hall featuring candidates john kasich, jeb bush and donald trump. >> denise: the three took questions from voters during the last major event before saturday's crucial south carolina primary. mr. trump was back pedaling a little last night hours after
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suggesting his plan to build a wall at the border is not christian the billionaire candidate says he likes the pope and has a lot of respect for him and that the media is exaggerating his comments. >> dan: meanwhile john kasich opened the event reflecting on a moment earlier in the day when a young man cried telling the candidate about his struggles and how kasich's campaign helped him and the ohio governor gave his supporter a hug. >> we need to slow down and carry out our god given destinies, potentials and gifts and yet it changed me because it is slowing me down. you know, i have learned so much, listen, from everybody here. you have to celebrate other people's wins and sometimes you have to sit with them and cry. >> this was the last big televised event before voters go to the polls in south carolina tomorrow. >> denise: saturday is shaping
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democratic race as voters in nevada will caucus for their democratic presidential pick. the race tightened up in recent days. our political expert ryan nobodyels will join us to talk about the neck-and-neck race with hillary clinton and bernie sanders coming up at 5:30. >> dan: what would happen in the state of ohio if governor john kasich would make it all the way to the white house? ohio's lieutenant governor taylor says she is ready to take over if need be speaking in trumbull county thursday she said during her last five years as lieutenant governor she is always prepared to be governor of ohio at any time if something were to happen unexpectedly to john kasich and that includes becoming president. >> denise: the creator of ohio's controversial zombie nativity is putting up the zombie baby jesus up for auction now.
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fines for his christmas display in sycamore township. dixon says some of the money raised at auction will go to st. jude children's research hospital and go towards building a new nativity with brand new jesus centerpiece. >> denise: yep. that's what he says. i would like to know how are we going to know he is giving that money to st. jude children's hospital? >> dan: i think we will move to traffic. >> denise: the cloverleaf 480 and 77. not too bad out there. great to see the sunshine and clear skies for a change and nice to have the snow and ice melting. you can check the latest traffic by checking out our cleveland 19 news app and clicking on the traffic tab. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> dan: coming up. remember geauga county, geauga
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video is giving a birds eye view of what the now abandoned park looks like today and it is pretty depressing. plus the new list is out. the rejected license plates odot put out in the last couple of years. we will explain what can you and can't put on a plate coming up. more like freshman 15k. later, the controversial way thousands of ohio college students are getting the money
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toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> dan: not sure if you saw this video yesterday. pretty spectacular. the national transportation safety board is investigating how and why a tourist helicopter crashed into the water in hawaii. >> we heard two loud bangs and we thought it was gunshots and we saw people running which obviously made us scared in a high profile destination. >> >> dan: the chopper came down near the u.s.s. arizona memorial. a popular tourist attraction. firefighters and navy raced to the scene. all five people on board were rushed to the hospital. >> denise: a wrong way driver in dayton killed himself and four innocent people last week. after two deadly wrong-way crashes in northeast ohio in recent weeks, we were curious if anything could be done to stop impaired wrong-way drivers. and they were considering a bill
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drivers to have special ignition devices on their vehicles that would test their breath for alcohol. if it is positive, the vehicle won't start. the blow and go devices cost a few hundred dollars to install plus $100 a month to operate. >> dan: every couple of years the you bureau of motor vehicles puts out the list of licenses denied. we can run through the plates and talk about what gets denied. they cannot be vulgar and cannot incite violence and like this one, that's inappropriate. this is a category that's interesting. cow patty was denied. they get a lot of these of this subject matter and i won't get into this. dank life promoting illegal activity. and when we get to bad language, this was denied in the past couple of years.
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you can't upset other people. not sure why you would want to put on your car. and this is interesting. for the first time they had to deny an isis license plate. here was the request. i won't decipher this. i think you can figure it out. the first time isis made the list. denise? >> denise: all right, dan. a big honor for bay village. they nameed huntington beach and you can vote for huntington beach in the beaches best beaches contest. huntington beach is currently in third place in the fresh water categories. spent a lot of time there growing up. >> if you grow up in northeast ohio you probably visited geauga lake. the aurora amusement park closed in 2007.
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>> the project started as a >> the project started as a natural curiosity what happened to geauga lake, a once favorite childhood amusement park. >> we were in the air and saw how sad it was we put it together for friends and family. >> reporter: friends and family have seen it. the drone video has had 450,000 views in under a week. >> i was expecting maybe 10 views and the next thing you know it went viral. >> nick says the response shows passion and memories alive for it closed in 2007. can you still make out the big dipper roller coaster and opening gates. the images shows a delapidated park, nick says they are reviving a spirit of what was and bringing people together. >> sharing their stories and sharing their memories of the park. it is touching. >> stay tuned. this won't be the last production you see from aerial media. >> we have some ideas we are looking into now.
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see other ideas we are coming up with. >> reporter: nichole vrsansky, cleveland 19. >> denise: sad to see it like that. spent so much time there growing up as a kid. brings back all the memories. >> jeff: when i got her in '03 i went to seaworld. >> dan: that was before me. >> denise: a lot of good times there. >> jeff: exactly. >> let's look at the wind gusts now. actually we will get the wind speed. these are sustained winds. notice most of the wind direction out of the south. that's one of the reasons why we are warming up. we have a 28mile-an-hour wind in sandusky. and 41 gusts until mansfield. 38 gusts in sandusky. stronger winds in that advisory area in the western counties. cloud cover and i did put in for some evening sprinkles. we have a system coming through and that's why we have the
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up to 54 cleveland hopkins. 60 indianapolis and we are in the 70s in st. louis. i think tomorrow we will be on the northern fringe of that very warm air. it will be a close call. i think we can be in the 60s tomorrow. here is a look at the wind gusts now. you can see, you know 40 or better especially in the western counties throughout the night. it will be a windy night and windy day and winds will relax overnight and we will get out of advisory criteria but a low of 50. and you may see an evening spritz. otherwise a clearing sky for you. future view temperatures tomorrow at 10 a.m. where we will be around 50. it will be 1:00 in the afternoon and approaching 60. 4:00, future view, and wooster 6
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but i went with 5. i went pretty aggressive the sunshine southwest wind 30 and tomorrow night we will drop down to 31. clear to partly cloudy. sunday we develop low cloud cover and wind off the lake and just like that we go from mid-60s tomorrow. 37 only on sunday. becoming partly cloudy monday 37, tuesday 39 and the next alert day on wednesday and that will be a light winter mix 42 and it turns even colder it looks like by the end of next week. dan, over to you. >> dan: thank you, jeff. we know you are watching tv now. is your tv watching you? we have a consumer alert you won't want to miss next. >> reporter: the shipping of cleveland cadets was controversial.
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>> denise: the fcc is changing the way you get your cable bill. they voted to move ahead with a proposal letting cable customers buy and rent kibble boxes from companies like google, amazon and row cue. an indiana man filed a class action lawsuit against vizio. it claims they are collecting and selling your viewing habits. the company revealed a tracking alga rhythm. the program analyzes what you watch and passes the data to advertisers. the lawsuit contends people did not consent or know about vizio practices. you can't do that. >> denise: no way. they will be in deep water there. all right we are talking
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the democratic race neck-and-neck. later chef michael symon's dishes lolita the restaurant that went up in flames and will share awesome party recipes in this week's cleveland cooks. >> dan: also ahead this hour, one alternative to student loan debt, i guess, the controversial way that coeds are covering their college tuition. >> jeff: all right. take you down to independence. seasonally warmer in the 50s now and tomorrow 60s. but then, well, then, things start to change again. i will break it down for you in the first alert forecast coming up. >> denise: and our view of the day today, wow look at that from the akron zoo.
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so talto yr door, d fodetas, vit jaianccom. >> dan: young, ambitious and
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still ahead at 5:00, the controversial way hundreds of local coeds are covering the cost of their tuition. but first let's talk politics. saturday is a big day on the campaign trail. voters cast ballots in the next big leg of the presidential process. ryan nobles is live in columbus, south carolina with a preview. ryan? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, denise. talking about two different states. two different political parties and a lot on the line. and auto the eve of the democratic process in nevada and south carolina. it is about setting expectations. >> over the next 24 hours, the remaining six republican and two democratic candidates will hold more than 20 rallies making a last-minute pitch to get supporters to the polls. >> tomorrow we have to go out and vote. >> reporter: in south carolina
5:31 pm
trump's race to lose. and another battle is second place where polls show marco rubio closing in on ted cruz. cruz is banking on the support of socially conservative voters. >> one more justice on the left and the second amendment is written out of the bill of rights. >> reporter: more than 2,000 miles west, a similar battle is playing out with democrats. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are locked in a tight race in nevada. saturday, the party faithful will caucus. >> i understand that the african-american community has been harder hit than other community in america. >> nevada has a more diverse electorate than iowa and new hampshire and a win for bernie sanders shows his appeal could go beyond white liberal voters. that could shake things up a week from saturday. a concern the clinton campaign is aware of announcing the
5:32 pm
rights leader and south carolina jim clyburn. i believe the united states of america will be best served with the experience and know how of hillary clinton. >> reporter: a fight for votes playing out in two different parts of the country both with the potential to have a huge impact on the race going forward. >> reporter: there may not be anyone who has more on the line here in south carolina than jeb bush. the former florida governor has thrown everything at the wall in this first, in the south primary state. anything less than a third place finish could spell the end of his campaign. dan and denise. >> dan: we like to talk about ohio governor john kasich. what is he is expected to do? it is weird to say third is considered a win for john kasich? does he need to get 3rd or 4th and what does he need to
5:33 pm
with momentum? >> reporter: dan, you say third place would sound like he is winning. i make the argument than anything coming in dead last is a victory for john kasich. and this is not a state he set up to win his politics do not necessarily mesh and he is able to beat out ben carson and have a relatively strong showing better than what polls are saying and it gives a degree of momentum going into the states up ahead and michigan is a state where john kasich could do potentially well and he should ride the wave and not do too much damage and survives to the next stage. if someone like marco rubio has a better than expected showing he is able to do better than ted cruz and perhaps that's more important to john kasich than his performance and right now kasich and rubio are trying to make the argument they are the
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candidate to take on donald trump down the road. >> what about donald trump and comments about the pope? we heard him back pedaling with anderson cooper. has he changed his tone when it comes to the flap with the pope? how does it affect voters. it affects evangelicals and still a lot of christians. >> reporter: yeah, i am not sure that the comments about the pope really move the meter here in other. you are right. there are a lot of christians here in south carolina only about 10% of south carolinians know and would describe themselves as catholic. in fact, some of the hard core conservative christians in south carolina and in the country in general aren't necessarily big fans of pope francis because he is taking stances and this is about being the best example. regardless, it does not appear donald trump wants to fan the
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more than it has and he has backed away and has a much softer tone when it comes to pope francis and he has gone back to attacking someone like ted cruz and gone after ted cruz repeating claims he is a liar and found a new global personality in tim cook, c.e.o. of apple calling for a boycott of apple one of the most profitable in the world how they are handling the situation with the justice department and terror attacks in san bernardino. he decided to take on apple instead. >> dan: from the pope to apple. he takes them on all on. >> denise: tweets have been priceless. >> ryan nobles, thank you for the time. a bizarre case of identity -- false identity in a western ohio high school. a few weeks before state senator david burke was supposed to speak to a civics class at mohawk high school in sick more, an 18-year-old showed up
5:36 pm
of the senator. isaiah aikens said the senator was sick and was sent to be in his place. the superintendent says aikens looked the part and let him speak for about 45 minutes and a few weeks later the actual state senator himself showed up for the scheduled speech officials realized what had happened. >> all the things you see in the news that go on in schools, schools need to be on their toes about everybody who comes into the school. >> reporter: the superintendent says the school will be more vigilant in checking i.d.'s before allowing visitors inside. >> denise: that's embarrassing, huh. >> time to brush off the tux or gown for the oscar party next weekend and we have just the way to impress your guests even if there's no red carpet at your house. jen picciano is plating up a beautiful cheese board with none
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this week's cleveland cooks. >> at cleveland cooks we have a special edition, one of the best party planners in the city iron chef michael symon with us. >> thank you for having me. >> i love that you are wearing the browns jersey doing the superbowl. we are talking about oscar parties now. you also did the football -- tailgate party when it came to the fabulous food show and tell me what you want to do for the oscar party. everybody likes to have people over for hours and getting something. >> you want to have a party where you enjoy the party as much as your guests and it needs to be slightly more elegant. i love a cheese board for parties like this. i always include a bleu cheese danish bleu cheese is beautiful. it is earthy and has a great natural richness and acidity and beautiful, beautiful cheese and
5:38 pm
it has a great crystallization to it because it is aged and everybody loves, you know, a rich, rich cheese the double cream white is a good variety and pair it with things salty, sweet, textures, all those things on your board and you are in a nice place. >> reporter: speaking of salty we have mediterranean in our blood. let's talk about olives. >> greek is sicilian. >> everybody on our street was eating pretzels. we were eating olives. >> my mom paired them with feta cheese. i like the danish bleu cheese and extra virgin olive oil. you can keep it simple. >> how long do you need to have it marinate on your cheese board. >> it is tasty almost immediately. if you let it sit 30 minutes it
5:39 pm
i will put everything in there the night before and them crumble in the cheese. >> do you have your tux picked out for the oscar party, chef? >> you know me. >> i am always rolling in a tux. >> reporter: i don't think i have seen you in a suit. >> my jeans and t-shirt. >> reporter: he says he has 40 pairs of levis and two tuxes in his closet. >> denise: he's always been casual at lolita. what's going on with that place. >> reporter: to my knowledge this is the first time he has spoken about lolita about the fire since last month. he said they are still not even in there renovating and assess it. they are still in the insurance part of it now. he says we will absolutely reopen. he figures it will be about a year and says this is my first born, my baby and owes everything he has in his life to that restaurant. it is 19-years-old this month. >> denise: i remember when he bought it.
5:40 pm
the food is fantastic there. >> dan: thank you, jen for the time. jeff, what do you have for weather. >> jeff: all right let's look at the feazel roof camera and it is a cloudy sky and could have sprinkles or light showers this evening and the system coming through and so far nothing showing up on the radar and not seeing returns on the radar and let's look at the wind gusts and camera shaking and 41 mansfield and 31 cleveland and no wind gusts reported akron-canton or eastern counties. this is where we have the wind advisory. erie county, huron, richland and ashland county this evening. these temperatures already very warm. 54 cleveland. cooler east. and ashtabula at 48. cleveland 19 weather app. >> it has us in the low 70s at 7:00. dropping in the 40s. i think the wind will hold up
5:41 pm
from dropping below 50 in cleveland. it is windy this evening and unseasonally warm. 60s tomorrow and then it will turn colder sunday. >> i went 65 tomorrow with the sun mostly sunny sky out there. southwest wind 15 to 30 akron-canton. you will be at 63. one day, one day we get this unseasonally warm stuff and more on changes of what to come in the 7-day forecast here in a little bit. denise? >> denise: thank you, jeff. studies shows it takes the average person four weeks before seeking treatment for the chronic cough. not all coughs are the same.
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>> denise: it's a familiar sound this time of year, that hacking cough. >> dan: doctors say not all coughs are the same. don champion with a look at how you can tell the difference no cough. >> i have been ill a week and haven't gotten any better, bronchitis. >> reporter: what exactly does your cough mean? mt. sinai doctor says this time of year most patients have a cold and cough from post nasal drip. >> what starts out with cold and congestion and mild cough that
5:45 pm
the chest causing a drawn-out illness. >> reporter: if a person has a dry cough ending with a rattle it may be asthma. when the cough is wet with colored mucous that can be a sign of new money. >> coughs particularly concerning that should prompt someone to go to a doctor earlier would be coughs associated with real difficulty breathing. >> reporter: other coughs to watch out for, a dry cough that gets worse when someone lies down or eats meaning reflux disease and severe hacking cough by high-pitched whoop could be pertussis or whooping cough. >> she suffers from asthma. a which is x-ray ruled out new money and determined she has bronchitis. >> unfortunately, that's not uncommon for bronchitis. it typically lasts two to four weeks. >> the doctor recommended an asthma medication to open her passageways and dark honey to soothe her throat and cough. >> reporter: don champion cleveland 19.
5:46 pm
it hurts to listen to her. doctors say seek immediate medical attention if you experience any pain trying to breathe. >> dan: a topic many college students have been schooled in student loan debt and instead of going broke local girls are searching for financial assistance from a sugar daddy. >> denise: they call themselves sugar babies. the web site seeking arrangements pairs coeds with people willing to pay tuition and other expenses in exchange for championship. >> the dreaded freshman 15. more like freshman 15k. >> well, nearly 2 million students worldwide are using the web site seeking arrangement. they say the average college sugar baby collects about $3,000 a month in gifts and allowances and benefactors typically make 200 grand a year and 40% of them
5:47 pm
>> dan: we found hundreds of students in northeast ohio seeking some sort of financial arrangement. kent state is 4th fastest growing sugar baby school in the u.s., 998 students are registered on the web site, also making fastest growing list ohio state university, ohio university and university of cincinnati. >> romona: shocking. coming up at 6:00 parents complained about how kids were punished at schools and forced to stand outside in the cold. we get reaction from the district. plus we dig deeper into a 2-year-old's disappearance. she is safe now. there are many questions as to what happened during her four hours outside.
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>> dan: take a look at this. an unexpected dip in lake michigan.
5:51 pm
condition when is a small chunk of ice actually broke and sent him to freezing watered and jumped back to the ice and both able to get to dry land. >> denise: not a place you want to be. >> dan: nope. not smart. >> jeff: we don't have a cold winter this year. i never recommend anyone going on lake erie doing ice fishing. nope. smaller lake is fine but not lake erie. >> jeff: all right let's look at the weekend here. 65 is what i am thinking tomorrow. it will be sunny. a lot of times when we get the warm ups it is usually associated with, you know, on the warm side of a strong cold front moving in. tomorrow we will have sunshine. it will still be windy and saturday night we will cool down to 31 overnight and sunday just like that with the wind shifting to the north. we have colder air coming in 37. 65 tomorrow.
5:52 pm
i think i have time to show you the planner for tomorrow here. 50 at 7:00 a.m. 58 at lunch and 58 at 62 at 5:00. wow. monday becoming partly cloudy 37 and 37 tuesday and clouds with the next alert and featuring a light winter mix on wednesday afternoon. 42 and it turning even colder by the end of next week and snow flying by this time next friday. >> and coming up next...from the buckeyes to broadway.
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> denise: from buckeye football to broadway. >> dan: and talk of a sequel to mary poppins. [ music ] a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
5:56 pm
from an iconic movie. julie andrews with special powers. a mary poppins sequel. 20 years after the movie. emily blunt stars in this new version. >> i won a heisman trophy. >> is everybody here? is everybody ready? hit it! from columbus to broadway. a new stage for the former ohio state football star eddie george. he won the heisman trophy and spent nine years in the nfl and george caught the theater bug after his career wound down took theater lessons voice lessons and is in in "chicago." >> a lot of talent, too. >> dan: that's nice. we warned you on monday coyotes on the prowl in our area
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>> romona: now at 6:00 out in the cold. parents upset with what they call improper punishment at school. >> she was a nice, beautiful mother and friend and did not deserve this to happen to her. >> mark: friends still want justice for aliza. she was murdered in downtown cleveland. today her lawyer appeared in court accused of lying to investigators. >> romona: plus we are back in lorain a day after a little girl was found after disappearing for hours. but was she alone? live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: i believe they call these the winds of change blowing through our area. >> romona: some of those winds are pretty strong. jeff tanchak joins us with an unseasonally warm forecast.
6:00 pm
the western counties with a wind advisory in effect going to the graphic from erie county to the norwalk, richland, ashland county and the strongest winds 6:00 hour in sandusky, a 43mile-an-hour gust. although it will remain very windy throughout the evening here. we will kind of hold steady at 50. i don't see us dropping much because of the strong southwest wind and look at the temperatures. south wind 21. downtown cleveland at 56. a little cooler though, akron-canton there at 48 degrees. you will be dropping mid to upper 40s tonight. very windy unseasonably warm and i have us in the 60s tomorrow and it won't last because of the winds of change again on sunday. we will shift the winds out of the north and turn much colder. forecast details at 6:18 or so. mark?


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