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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter, cleveland 19 news starts pnow. p good afternoon. pi'm romona robinson. p>> mark: i'm mark nolan. pwe start with a woman that was pkilled and a mother of three and pwas a canton firefighter for pnearly 20 years. pcleveland 19 dani carlson talked pand is live in canton with more. p>> dani: obviously her friends pand family are going through pjust a really difficult time pright now. pwe are here at the canton fire pstation number 4.
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ptalking to those that knew her, pthey still can't believe she's pgone. p>> i love her, man. pi love her. p>> dani: her death just doesn't pmake sense for those who knew pand love tanya johnson. pit's too soon. p>> she touched so many lives. pshe was the most giving person pi've ever met. pand she made everyone around her pbetter. p>> dani: the mother of two boys pin her 20s and a teenage pdaughter was hit and killed pyesterday in akron. olice say she and her husband pof less than a month were in a pcar and got into an argument. pshe got out of the car, ran pacross three lanes of traffic, pclimbed over a median and was phit and killed by a truck going pthe opposite direction. pjohnson was pronounced dead at pthe scene. olice say her husband stayed on pthe scene and the investigation pis ongoing. p>> she was beautiful. pshe was elegant. pshe was intelligent.
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pbell went off, she gave you 150% pand you were glad that tanya pjohnson was around. pabsolutely. p>> dani: and now just within pabout the past five minutes, i pwas able to speak with tanya pjohnson's husband of two weeks pabout the moments before that pdevastating incident and also pabout what he's feeling right pnow. pyou can hear from him coming up ptonight at cleveland 19 news at p5:00. plive in canton, dani carlson, pcleveland 19. p>> mark: yes, it is. ptoday? p>> romona: it was beautiful. pwhen i left the house it was ptough to leave because of the psun. p>> mark: jeff tanchak says it's pgoing to be like that the rest pof the year. p>> jeff: yeah, right. pnot tomorrow. pwe have a wide range of ptemperature here because of a plake breeze. pi'm going to show you what i'm ptalking about. pwe are tracking this system that pis on the way. pwe have some hazy sun out there pright now. pand the rain will be arriving by
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pall right. pi think most of tonight will be pdry. pso if you're heading into the pbruce springstein concert at the pq, you'll be good to go. prain, thunder, wind tomorrow. pand then it's rain to snow on pthursday. pso we got a lot happening here pthe next couple of days. plook at the temperature pakron-canton. p52. p54 dover-new philly. pbut northeast wind is only 34 in psandusky. pand look at the difference here pin cuyahoga county. p34 westlake. pbut you get down to brecksville, pit's 49. pand it's 50 in shaker heights pand in moreland hills. plove the lake breeze. pcleveland 19 weather app pinteractive radar severe weather palerts. pwe have a lot of rain on the way ptomorrow and wind. pwe could see over an inch of prain. pso the forecast details for pdowntown cleveland here are the phourlies. pwe'll just hold steady in the pupper 30s. pwe'll start to rise in ptemperature. pand late tonight around p4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., that's
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pi would plan right now on a very pwet morning commute. pbut it's wet tomorrow. pwhite on thursday. pforecast details coming up a plittle bit later on. pmark. p>> mark: all right, jeff, pthanks. p so the canton city schools pboard of education has approved pa 99 year lease agreement with pthe hall of fame village for pseveral plots of district-owned pland. pthe deal covers tom benson pstadium, the high school parking plot and five acres north of the pstadium too. psuperintendent adrian allison psays the school district will preceive $285,000 a year for rent pand that will increase by 10% pevery decade. p caesars sold its horseshoe pcasinos to dan gilbert's rock pchanging last fall pt with a pchange of owners came the change pof names. pif you don't know jack, you pwill. pthe horseshoe cleveland will be prenamed jack. pcleveland casino by early may. pand you're going to see down pracing become jack thistle down
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pcasinos in cincinnati and pdetroit will also change name. p an akron business was pevacuated for about three hours pthis afternoon because of a pchlorine leak. pworkers at hygienic corporation pon homes avenue discovered the pleak in a tank around 10:45. pthe fire department hazmat team phad everything under control by pwork. phowever, firefighters left a pchlorine monitor in the building pjust in case. p and the search is on right pnow for this man. phe gave police the slip. pjavon smith was being booked in pjail when he got away and ran poutdoors. pofficers say the 21-year-old was parrested for burglarizing a phome. olice want smith to turn phimself in. p we now know the name of the pstreet yesterday afternoon. pcleveland police found duane pmcgee shot in front of a home. phe was taken to the hospital pwhere he died. pso far no suspects.
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pfood drive kicked off today. pour own carl monday participated pin the grocery packing challenge pto see who could bag the best pgroceries. p>> romona: go, carl. p>> mark: you can contribute to pcheck out hunger now at articipating food stores. pgo, carl, go. p>> romona: that's awesome. p presidential hopeful bernie psanders will be in berea pthursday. psanders is holding a rally at pbaldwin wallace university at p10:30 in the morning. pand he just picked up a big pendorse pendorsement spike lee is backing pbernie. psanders is hoping to increase phis support among black voters. p cuyahoga county prosecutor ptim mcginty debated his pdemocratic opponent michael po'malley at the city club this pafternoon. pcleveland's police union says it pwill not endorse either pcandidate before the march 15th rimary. p republicans in nevada head pto caucuses tonight. pdonald trump, the heavy favored pin the polls, but nevada voters
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ast. pdanielle nottingham has the platest now from las vegas. p>> reporter: marco rubio was up pearly this morning looking for a psurprise win in tonight's nevada pcaucuses. p>> marco. p>> i'm asking you to vote for me ptonight ptonight because li win. pthe democrats know i will win. pthey spend more money attacking pme than any other republicans. p>> reporter: he grew up las pvegas and has plenty of support ptogether. p>> he is what our country needs pright now. p>> reporter: but rubio and ted pcruz trail donald trump in the olls by double digits. pcruz is not phased. p>> now it's our turn. pit's the men and women of nevada pwho decide. p>> reporter: cruz is looking to pget back on track after he filed phis communication record for ptweeting a false story about prubio. pit didn't take long for trump to pattack. p>> this guy cruz lies more than pany human being i have ever pdealt with.
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pare up for grabs in tonight's pcaucuses. pdanielle nottingham, cbs news, plas vegas. p first alert traffic on pcleveland 19 news is sponsored pby ford. p>> romona: time to take a look poutside. pyou're looking at 480 there. palso 77 in independence. pbeautiful day out there. pstill lots of sunshine and ptraffic is moving at a pretty pgood clip. p north ridgeville police say pair soft guns are getting pchildren killed and they are pwarning parents they should not lay with them in public. pour sarah goldenberg tells us phow the boys and girls clubs are peducating children so they don't ut themselves at risk. p>> reporter: looking at these hotos, can you tell whether ptease pthese are real guns or toy guns? pit turns out they're all air psoft guns. pthey posted these pictures as a pwarning to parents saying look pwhat your kids are playing pwthere's no reason i can see pthat a kid should be playing
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pnothing good with come from it. p>> first of all, avoid buying pthem. pthere's no reason for a child to phave a gun that looks real. p>> reporter: ron soeter, resident of the boys and girls pclubs of cleveland, says they pteach children and teenagers to pavoid situations like this that pcould end up in tragedy. p>> they get this idea that it's p-- you know, it's make believe pand it's not. pand, you know, they're putting pthemselves at risk when they get p-- and parents by buying the ptoys. pinnocent. pit's not anymore. p>> reporter: the boys and girls pclub serve over 1,000 children pin the cleveland area. psoeter says they've held events pencouraging children to turn in ptoy guns. pthey also teach kids about how pthe justice system works and how pto interact with police. p>> our real job is keep them psafe and give them opportunities pand give them hope. p>> reporter: toy guns look a plot different than they used to, pand soeter says it takes the pcommunity to keep our kids safe.
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pbe used for the wrong reason. p>> reporter: sarah goldenberg, pcleveland 19. p>> mark: all right, sarah. pthank you. plisten. pwhat can you do as a parent. pit seems pretty common sense. pif you allow your child to use pan air soft gun, make sure the porange tip stays on. pdon't let him or her use it in ublic without adult psupervision. pand police say if officers do pshow up, children need to know psadly drop the toy gun right paway and put their hands up. p>> romona: wow. p earlier today a window pwasher fell 16 feet while pworking at southwest general phospital. phe was treated this morning in pthe hospital's emergency room. pworkers brought him inside the per for treatment, of course. pno word yet on how serious his pinjuries are. pthankfully the er was backed up pand running this morning. pyou may recall yesterday we told pyou about it being shut down pafter a small fire there. p in garfield heights, trial pcontinues for the man accused of pa deadly crash into a group of pcyclists. pthree cyclists who survived the
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phe's accused of driving into pfive cyclists in brecksville plast september. ptwo of the cyclists died from ptheir injuries. p and when cleveland 19 news preturns, our mark schwab will be pjoining us from arizona. ptalk about indian spring ptraining. p>> mark: it's for real now.
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p. p live from cleveland's news pcenter
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ptoyota in kent, this is pcleveland 19 news. p>> romona: can you feel it? pindians baseball is right around pthe corner. pwe're joined live now by mark pschwab to talk about indian pspring training. phow is it going, mark? p>> mark: yeah, well, today is a pgood day. ptoday was a big day actually. pit's the first full squad pworkout. the position players phave been in camp. pthey got their physicals pyesterday. ptoday was the day to get them on pthe field. pone of the things they do on pthat day is the endurance test. pthey take all of the position pguys, line them up on i line and pthey run 20 yards back and forth puntil there is only one man pstanding. pand this year jeremy lucas won pit. pthat's noteable because he beat pout francisco lynn dorph who won plast year. pbut lucas got him in that event ptoday. pit was also just a day where he pgot guys in cages for the first ptime in official workouts and pthings like that. pit was also the day for the pmanager's meeting with the full pteam. ptido has done this before.
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pthem seriously. p>> the way we feel about the pgame, never going to change. pand so some guys probably heard pfor the fourth time a certain pamount of thing. pbut i think it's fair for the pnew guys to know how we feel pabout things. pand it's amazing because it's psomething that i've been doing pit for a long time. pbut i still get anxiety over it. pand until it's over. p>> mark: now, it's not like pfootball, you know, where the pcoach might have a big team psession ra ra before every game por after or whatever. pbaseball sometimes this is the ponly time the manager will sit peverybody down and talk to them. pyou hope it's that only time. pif he's doing it in the year, it pmeans they're having a bad year. p>> romona: well, mark, you ptalked about that endurance ptest. pi was just wondering if the guys pshow up for training camp in pshape or is that why we have pspring training to get them in pshape? p>> mark: right.
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p60 p60s, that's what spring training pwas for to get guys in shape. pthey're already in physical pshape as far as running around. pbut it's more for getting the pbat -- their swings down. pit's especially for pitchers to pget their arms built up. psix and a half weeks to get ptheir arms built up. phitters and bullpen guys could robably be ready in three to pfour weeks. phave their timing down and ready pto go. p>> romona: all right, mark. phave fun. pthank you. p>> mark: will do. p i missed it. pi miss the good old baseball pdays out there. pand beautiful in arizona. pthrow it out. pthrow it out there. pall right. pwe've got lake breeze. pbut we're much warmer inland. pwe're waiting for the next psystem to come at us here. plook at the temperature in pcolumbus. p54. pbut it's only 37 in cleveland. pagain, that wind off of the plake. pin general we are on the warm pside of this system right here.
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pthey have severe weather going pon in the southeast part of the pcountry. pthis is the storm that's going pto be moving this way. pit will be here by morning. pso we still have a lot of real pestate left to go before that pmakes it here. pso that means we're going to be pdry tonight. pagain, it will be after 4:00 in pthe morning when that rain gets phere. p1:00 a.m. we're still dry. phere is 4:00 a.m. pand that rain is spreading in phere from south to north. pit's going to be a wet morning pcommute. pit's going to be windy as well. pright now it looks like the pworst of the rain will be the pfirst half of the day. pand then we may even see some pthunder during the afternoon. pso most of the night cloudy puntil late. p7:00 a.m. temperature. p41 degrees. pakron-canton very warm. p7:00 a.m. temperature 43. pso along the lakeshore, we're pgoing to be rising in ptemperature. pinland you'll drop low to mid p40s. pwe have the alert tomorrow more prain and thunder. pheavy at times. pwe're looking at over an inch of
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pwind gusts up to 30. pand i'm looking at slow commutes pboth the morning and the pafternoon. phere is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow pmorning. pit looks like that first wave pbegins to lift north. pand, you know, it's not going to pbe raining heavily the entire pday. pbut we're going to have showers paround. pand by 4:00 in the afternoon, pthis is where we may get into a plittle bit of thunder with that pline of showers. phere is a look at the future pview rainfall. pand you can see in some spots phere we're looking at over an pinch, especially from sandusky, pnorwalk, mansfield. pthis is the latest run. pbut at least three-quarters of pan inch of rain. pthat's going to cause a lot of onding out there on the roads. erhaps some minor flooding, palthough no flood watches are in peffect right now. prain and thunder, windy and pwarm. pthat evening high will be 54. ptomorrow night it's light pshowers.
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pother side of this system, it pturns to snow. pso my thursday snow timeline is prain to snow thursday morning. p2 to 4 inches area wide by 7:00. pand then thursday night we kick pin some good old fashion plake-effect snow as it gets real pcold. pthis is a crazy seven day pforecast, just so you know. pso we're at 39 on thursday. pthat will be the morning high. ptemperatures plunging through pthe 30s. psome morning snow on friday. pbut that will be light. pso no alert. p24. pweekend. p46 saturday. pit will be windy. pand an alert on sunday for very pwindy weather. pwould you believe we could be paround 60 on sunday before the pnext system comes in on monday. pcrazy stuff. pand you've just got to -- mark, p>> mark: wow. pall right, jeff, thank you.
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pnow to make a three-day break pfrom the state sales tax an pactual annual occurrence. pthe state had its first ever psales tax to help shoppers preduce clothing and school psupplies. pa bill voted on this morning by pa submit enate committee would make pthe three day holiday permanent. pit then go to the senate for a pvote this afternoon. p and time warner cable is padding more than 60 jobs to its pcleveland area work force. pthe company wants field people, ptechnicians in garfield heights, plorraine, ohio city and pstrongsville. phiring will begin thursday at pthe holiday inn in independence. p. p a new study shows that pearth's sea levels are rising. pthey rose faster in the 20th pcentury than the last 200 years. pit was studied by ten climate
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paround the world. p with nearly 100 confirmed pcases of travel-related zika pvirus in the united states, a plab in galveston, texas, is pspear heading the research to pfind a vaccine. pa cbs correspondent omar viafran pka tells us more. p>> reporter: white powder in pthis glass vile is the zika pvirus. p>> we have a sample of it. p>> reporter: this doctor in pgalveston has known about zika psince the 1960s. p>> until the virus really got to pbrazil and there were a lot of pcases, nobody was really pinterested in zika. p>> reporter: times have pchanged. p>> times have changed. pand now we realize how much we pdon't know. p>> reporter: zika may be linked pto the birth defect pmicrocephaly, the condition is pmarked by abnormally small heads pin babies due to stunted brain pgrowth. pbrazil is ground zero in the pfight against zika. p>> we got to see the people that pwere being affected. p>> reporter: where dr. shannon
4:22 pm
pfirsthand the devastating peffects of the virus. p>> it's heart-breaking and it's pcritical, i think. p>> reporter: the university of ptexas medical branch is home to pone of the world's largest pcollection of viruses, nearly p7,000 samples are stored at the pfacility. pwith the focus now on zika, prossy and a team of scientists pare working on a quick test to pdetect the virus in humans and peventually develop a vaccine. pare we closer to a vaccine? p>> yes. pevery sick ngle day that people plike me and fellow colleagues pwe're one step closer to a pvaccine. p>> reporter: there could be a pzika vaccine by the end of 2017. pomar viafranka. p>> mark: infectious disease pdoctors are always keeping an peye out. pbut scientists really say the pflu bug still kills thousands of pamericans a year and is still at pthe top of their list.
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ptemporary ban on re chargeable plithium batteries because they pcan catch fire. pthe ban is on cargo shipments pfor planes. pthe batteries are used in cell hones and laptops. pmost are transported by ship, pbut at least 30% are shipped by pair. pmost countries are following the porganization's recommendations. p it's going to cost amazon pcustomers more to get free pshipping. phow does that work? pwell, now you have to spend $49 pbefore you only have to spend p$35 in the past. phowever, members of amazon prime pwill still get free two day pshipping on all orders. pamazon says the reason for the pchange is pretty simple. pbecause shipping costs have poutpaced its revenue. p and facebook wants to bring plife. pthey're launching a birthday pvideo cam. pit lets you record 15 second pvideos for your friends on their pspecial day that will appear on ptheir facebook page. pyou can also add a pbirthday-themed frame.
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papple ios. p>> mark: hum. p coming up on cleveland 19, a pnew app lets a very famous voice pnavigate your commute. pwe have your buzz coming up.
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p. p now it's time for the buzz psponsored by national carpet pmill outlet. p>> romona: in today's buzz, pcanadians are being banned from pa popular game show. p>> mark: but first, move over psiri, there's a new app that plets morgan freeman narrating pyour drive. phe's almost as famous for pnarrating movies as he is in pacting. pfreeman is the newest voice
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pnow you can let the oscar winner pguide you to working home or the prush hour traffic. p>> romona: i'd like to hear a plittle bit of that. p re ihanna is working on her platest single. pthe song has hit the top of the pbillboard hot 100. pit's her 14th number one. pthat makes her third place all ptime for hot 100 leaders. pthe two artists in front of her pare none other than mariah carey pand the beetles. pshe's in good company. p>> mark: wow. pabsolutely. p jeopardy host alex trevec is pfrom canada. pthey have online privacy laws. pthough it's unclear what laws pwould keep canadians out of pjeopardy. p>> romona: they're not thrilled pabout that. p>> mark: little problem there. p an a bon done -- abandoned phome and running water has left pa mess.
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p. p welcome back. pthe woman who was killed pcrossing route 8 in akron pfirefighter. pinvestigators say tanya johnson pwas arguing with her husband in pa car going southbound. pshe got out. pshe walked across the three psouthbound lanes and then jumped pthe median into northbound pkilled. pshe is survived by two sons and pa daughter. pjohnson worked as a canton pfirefighter nor nearly 18 years. p>> romona: just awful. p release four pieces of pschool property to the pro phall of fame village for the pnext 99 years. pdon benson stadium, the mckinly phigh school parking lot and five pacres north ever
4:33 pm
pthe school district will receive p$285,000 a year for rent. p the horseshoe cleveland pcasino and official down race pcasino are getting new names. pit becomes jack gaming. pall of the casinos he owned will pbe renamed. pjack thistle down. pthe name change happens next pmonth. pjack casino makes the switch in pmay. p a burst water pipe has pflooded an abandoned east pcleveland home, but neighbors pgetting that water turned off phas been more frustrating than pever. ptheir calls to the water pdepartment went unanswered. pso our sia nyorkor stepped in. pshe's here now with the story. p>> reporter: yes. pthe neighbors on sixth avenue in peast cleveland say they've been phearing water running at this phouse for months. pno one would do anything about pit. pthey tell me not only is it an peyesore but it's a waste of presources. p>> wow. poh, my god. p>> reporter: shannon marshall psays she has enough.
4:34 pm
puntil i started hearing the pwater running. pit sounded like it was a pwaterfall in my driveway. p>> reporter: the water has been prunning at this east cleveland phome for month. pshe's been trying to get someone pout here since last december. p>> i contacted the water pdepartment to let them know what pwas going on. pno one lived here and the water psound like it was running. pi contacted the city. pno one came out. pi called 911. pno one came out. p>> reporter: so she called pcleveland 19 and within hours pcleveland water department sent psomeone to shut the water off. pthe department says they have no precords of anyone's call and ponly found out about this monday pevening. pdo you think the water has just pbeen running for three months? p>> at the minimum. pi think it's been running for psix because it had to be running psince the last tenant was here. p>> reporter: some of the water pseeped into her home which is pright next door. p>> i know it's wet and i ain't pnever been wet before. p>> reporter: a closer look pinside the house shows quite a pbit of damage. p>> everything is just pcollapsing. peverything in the house is just p-- ceilings are falling.
4:35 pm
aint is peeling. pit's just eyesore on the inside pnoo marshall says she's glad the pwater is off but now worries pabout how this will affect the prest of the neighborhood. p>> it just looks unattractive. pany time anybody pull in my pis that. pit's not me. pi can't do anything about it. pbut it just look atrocious. p>> reporter: i've also been plooking into who is responsible pfor paying that water bill. pthe cuyahoga county auditor's pwebsite shows the owner urchased home back in 2009 for p$800. pwe have not been able to get in ptouch with her. pbut the cleveland water pdepartment says there's no paccount for this home and it's pvacant. pthey tell me no one will be pcharged for the water and it pwill just be a loss. p>> mark: wow. punbelievable. pthank you, sia. p president obama unveiled his roposal to close the detention pcenter at guantanamo bay, cuba. p>> it's counter productive to pour fight against terrorists pbecause they use it as
4:36 pm
p>> mark: there are 91 prisoners pstill being held at gitmo. pthe plan is to transfer 35 of pthem to other countries. pthe remaining 56 would be moved pto a facility here in the u.s. pthe white house says moving the risoners to america will save pas much as $85 million a year. pbut it will take a one time cost pimplement this plan. p micro soft founder bill pgates say congress and the pcourts must strike a balance pbetween security and privacy. pgates says there should be psafeguard so the government pisn't completely in the dark but pthe government should not have ptotal access either. pwhen talking specifically about pthe case of the san bernardino pkiller's phones, gates says the pcourts will decide. p a federal investigation pgoing on right now about those pabout. pstory. p>> mark: this is actually video pfrom earlier about a house pexplosion that occurred out in
4:37 pm
pit's all that is left. presidents say you could actually phear the explosion several miles paway. p>> romona: that blast was so owerful it blew out windows in pan elementary school a thousand pfeet away. pinvestigators have not found the phomeowners and do not know if pthey were home at the time. p entrepreneurs are getting pthe chance to make their pitch pto change lives in northeast pohio. pcleveland 19's cue mcgray tells pus more. p>> i am so excited about this pevent. p>> reporter: jackie adams is pall smiles and for good reason. pshe is just hours away from pmaking a pitch that could change plives right here in northeast pohio. pshe's one of the very few resenters at cleveland pleadership center accelerate p2016 sponsored by citizens bank. p>> when you look at accelerate p2016, it's really a way that we pcan help northeast ohio improve. pand we're going to do that by pempowering individuals that have
4:38 pm
phelp our community build, grow pand develop. p>> reporter: like jackie. p>> women only make up 24% of ositions in stem-based careers. pbut women working in stem-based ositions make more than 33% pthan women in other industries. pso my question to you is why paren't girls flocking into the pfield? pand i think one of the reasons pfor that is the way that pminorities are treated. p>> reporter: her initiative pwill enrich women and encourage ersonal growth. pand she isn't alone. p24 other social entrepreneurs pwill pitch their idea during paccelerate 2016 in front of a pcrowd of hundreds. pthis is footage from last year's pevent. peveryone in attendance voted on pthe winner. p>> when you have these ideas and pconcepts, even if you're not one pof the presenters, it gives you pthe opportunity to meet some of pthe people that might be able to phelp you move your thoughts and pideas forward. pit gives a chance to take those pwonderful ideas and accelerate pthem. p>> cleveland has a great stamina
4:39 pm
pi'm really, really excited about pthis opportunity. p>> romona: the top prize is p$5,000 and the event starts ptomorrow at 4:00 p.m. p. p okay. pwhen cleveland 19 news returns, pi'm joined by tony zarrella. poh, no. pfor timeout we're talking about pthis photo the golden state pwarriors posted to instagram.
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p. p now for a quick timeout with promona and tony. p>> romona: okay. ptalking about kyrie and those pbed bugs. pi don't know, first of all, how phe stayed in the room with the pbed bugs. pwould i have had to demanded i pget a new room. p>> tony: how about a new hotel. pwhere are you staying in poklahoma city. pthis was the hilton. pit's not exactly -- it's a nice photel. pi think you might be a little plimit in the oklahoma city. pthis was on sunday. pkyrie, you see lebron holding phim up. ulls himself out of the game pfor what you call flu-like psymptoms. pi have to be honest, i'm glad to phear it was bed bugs. p>> romona: i'll take the flu. p>> tony: yeah, but, ro, michael pwon an nba title with the flu. pbed bugs are no laughing manner. p>> romona: oh, no. pjust hearing about it makes me pitch.
4:43 pm
phe didn't get a lot of sleep. phe bounced back last night. pyou can't hold him down. p>> romona: and i wouldn't have pwanted to sit next to him pknowing he had bed bugds s in his proom. p>> tony: you take this serious p>> romona: i do. pgibson with the browns wants to pleave. p>> tony: no. phe wants to stay. pray horton is the guy that kick pstarted his career. pgot it going a few years ago. phe's been strong. phe was down a little bit this ast year. pbut, come on, the defense was pdown. pyou had guys being used pimproperly. pyou had krueger back in pcoverage. pyou had mingo trying to rush it pshould have been the other way paround. pi don't put a lot on gibson. phad he an ankle situation. phere is the bottom line, he pwants money. pwe're talking 9.5 million a year pmoney. pso brown has done his contracts pbefore. pif he doesn't -- he's not ptalking to shawn right now. pif he doesn't think he's p$9.5 million guy. p>> romona: what do you think? pdid he produce enough to get p$9 million? p>> tony: no.
4:44 pm
ptoo far below that. pand he's a play maker. p>> romona: we had another guy pon the team that made 9 million, pand i don't think he played pmuch. p>> tony: come on. pthree catches last year. pthree catches. p>> romona: i just thought i pwould throw this in there. p>> tony: let's goat through pthis one. p>> romona: let's talk about pandy's holding the warrior pjersey. p>> tony: i told you he couldn't pwear 17 because it's retired. phe's going with 18. phe was on the bench last night pfor them. phe didn't play. phe'll probably make his debut ptomorrow night down in miami. p>> romona: it's hard for me to psay this, but i'm really happy pfor him. p>> tony: sure. pabsolutely. pit's not like he asked to leave. pand he went to the best psituation. pne needed a center. p>> romona: i know he thinks phe's going to get a ring this pyear. pbut no. p>> tony: it's good to have you pback. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: all right. p let's go are you going? p>> tony: i don't know. p>> jeff: i heard -- i heard san pantonio was interested in him ptoo if he didn't go to the pwarriors.
4:45 pm
plet's look at the seven day pfocus here. p [ laughing ] p>> jeff: romona. pall right. plet's check it out. pclouds building in. pit's rain by morning. pand then rain and wind tomorrow. pwe're going to briefly hit the p50s early in the evening. pso tomorrow rain heavy at times. pcould even be a little thunder pin there as well during the pafternoon. pbut then on thursday, down we pgo. pthis 39 is going to be the pmorning high. pwe're going to crash through the p30s, i think. pand it's going to snow. pand then look at how cold it pgets on friday with some morning plight snow here. plet's show you the timeline on pthis. pthis is thursday now. prain to snow during the morning. p2 to 4 inches by 7:00 with the pfollowing temperatures. pgoing to be windy throughout the pday. pand then the lake-effect snow pwill kick in thursday night. pbut if that wasn't enough for pyou as far as these changes go, psaturday it's going to be sunny pthis weekend.
4:46 pm
psaturday night is going to be pvery warm. pand look at sunday. pi went aggressive with this one. p60 degrees on sunday. pbut it could be very windy here. pwind gusts over 40. pso that's why i have the alert pon sunday. panother rain to snow change over pon monday as temperatures crash. pand then tuesday looking sunny pand 35 degrees. pbut look at this trend. pit's like a cedar point ride. p54 tomorrow. pdown to 24 on friday. pall the way up to 60 on sunday. pand then we go back down again. pkind of looks like what the pstock market has been doing. plet's see what is coming up at p5:00. p>> jeff: i can't talk. pthat was a mess. p coming up at 5:00, we're pgetting the whole story, sorry pfor the pun, on a giant hole pacross the street from the avon plake water plant. pwhat the water department is pdoing there will prevent another
4:47 pm
pof water because of frozen pintake pipes out in the lake. pand we look at how much the roject is going to cost. p and, parents, ever feel like pyou can't help your kids with ptheir homework? psome parents are actually headed pback to school to be able to pkeep up with the kids. pdenise and li i will have those pstories coming up a little after p5:00. p>> romona: why does it seem
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
p. p a northern california mom pisn't holding a baby bottle, but pa wine bottle in this new viral pvideo. pshe created the wine workout. pa facebook video she posted for pfun showing how to incorporate pwine into your exercise routine.
4:51 pm
p>> romona: her funny fitness proutine went viral and has been pseen by about 25 million people pworldwide. p [ laughing ] p>> i was getting ready to do a pworkout and i saw the wine there pand i'm like, you know, that pwould be kind of funny to pincorporate wine into this pworkout video. pwhat i want to show people with pmy videos is fitness you can do pevery day. pyou can do it anywhere and you pcan use anything. p>> romona: well, people are now pmaking their own versions of the pwine workout. papril just says if you're trying pher workout, don't forget the pcorkscrew. p [ laughing ] p>> mark: i feel like one of pthose would be lighter after a plittle while. p>> romona: i actually worked pout -- she was doing the arm pexercises with a heavy can of psoup. p>> mark: there you go. pbig chunky can. p>> romona: it works. p britain's bristol soup precently celebrated a baby pnewborn. pa little gorilla. pdelivered by cesarean section pearlier this month when the pmother showed symptoms of a otentially life-threatening pcondition.
4:52 pm
pthe c section, he says he's done phundreds of human c sections. pnever a gorilla. phow about that. p>> romona: they're so human plike. p a pair of utah sisters who pused in vitro fertilization to pget pregnant hit the mother pload. pthe women twins themselves each phave two sets of twins. p>> mark: that's a lot. p>> romona: carrie had a set of pfraternal twins and just gave pbirth to twin boys. pkelly had 5-year-old girl twins pand just gave birth to fraternal ptwins. p>> mark: that's a couple pairs ptoo many. p>> romona: that's a lot. pthey're going to be busy for a plong time. p all right. pquestion, what prompted the psweet moment between siblings? poh, a very special gift from a plittle sister to her big
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
p. p it's time for a little puseless trivia with me, mark pnolan. phey, romona. p>> romona: hi, mark. p>> mark: brace yourself. pa sleep study, 15 people of eople a admitted to falling pasleep where? p>> romona: in their parked car? p>> mark: no. pin the work bathroom.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
p. p well, a 9-year-old had been psaving up for a pet hamster. p>> mark: but his 6-year-old psister had another idea. ptake a look. p>> i bought you a hamster. pi paid for it. p [ laughing ] p>> romona: oh. p>> mark: oh. psweet little moment there pbetween siblings. pdaniel hugged his little sister. pshe had the idea. pdaniel loved it. pwanted one of his own. phe was doing extra chores to pearn enough money to buy one but pher sister took her birthday pmoney and spent it on a hamster
4:57 pm
pdaniel wants to buy his sister pan american girl doll now for phis sister. p>> mark: i told you that was pgoing to be a tear jerker. p>> romona: that's how i feel pabout jeff when he buys the chia ets for us. pyou want to hug it out. p>> mark: exactly. pe pe pe pexactly the same thing. p [ laughing ]. p all right. plet's look at the feazel camera. psunshining. pclouds roll in.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: hi there. sunny and dry out there now. that's all about to change overnight. >> you will definitely need to take that umbrella to work in the morning.
5:00 pm
is in the first alert weather center with the details. >> jeff: oh, you definitely will. throughout the day we've got quite a bit of rain moving in. some spots over an inch of rain. then on the other side of this system, it will be changing to snow this thursday. all right. let's go to the cleveland 19 weather app with severe weather alerts. if we do get some flood advisories anywhere. you can see downtown holding steady. mid to upper 30s and we will warm overnight. but the rain will be arriving to north. look at the temperatures ranging from 53, dover new philly and 34 only in sandusky and that's because we have the wind off of the lake and look at what's going on in cuyahoga county. 34 westlake. 30 lakewood and on the other side of the county you have 40s a wye from the lake breeze in shaker heights.


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