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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: breaking news overnight on cleveland's east side. a police officer hits a trees with a cruiser and is trapped on the wreckage >> brian: parents are on edge in lorain county. >> tia: halloween is months away, but you will see lots of people in costume this weekend in downtown cleveland because comic-con is coming to town. >> brian: we have a live report minutes. good morning, everybody.
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i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. the snow is making its way out of town just in time for comic-con to move right on in. meteorologist sam roberts is in the first alert weather center with the details on what to expect. will it be a warm-up? >> samantha: a big warm-up this weekend, guys. . a 30-degree difference between today's high and sunday's high. it will be crazy warm by the end of the weekend. for now, it is chilly out there. i want to take you straight to the maps. if you're only up with us at 6:01 on friday because you're traveling, literally all the weather in the lower 48 is east of the mississippi river. to the west there is nothing happening, nothing. look out towards billings, denver, dallas, minneapolis. it's like crickets out there. everything is centered around the great lakes or up into the northeast and new england. the south is quiet. so if you're travel plans take you somewhere far away from the
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likely not going to run into any inclement weather. on the weather maps we have snowshowers out there this morning and some flurries. now, most of the observation sites are just reporting light snow or flurries, so this isn't heavy stuff. it shouldn't slow you down too much, although you may encounter a brief reduction of visibility out here in huron county, southern lorain county, medina, worcester, ashland, into mansfield. again, this is a little bit morsteady than flurries. again, we'll just call it light snow. shouldn't slow you down too much, though. you'll be okay today. temperatures are in the 20s. it's 26 in cleveland. because we are so below freezing, we're below 32 degrees this morning, i do think a couple of slick spots may pop up on areas that aren't treated. as long as the road is treated, you should be okay. 24 right now in shaker, good morning in strongsville in the
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but this big warm-up, i'm so excited to tell you about. stay with us, because i take you through the weekend in just a few minutes. laura. >> laura: let's go through the morning commute right now. i-480 at route 8 is what you're looking here. that part of the commute is a good one early this friday morning. fridays usually are a bit lighter and traffic, we like that. tgif. we really like that. let's take a look outside across the big map here. we see a lot of green this morning. all the arrows moving along perfectly if you're headed west to east. the other direction east to west, i don't see any troubles either. 480 looks perfect, 271 north and south, no struggles at all there this morning. 71 northbound as you pass by the airport over 480 here through linndale and brooklyn up to speed. minor delay there as you pass by the steelyard and you're looking over at the top of the walmart there and headed towards downtown. easy breezy commutes there. here's your drive times right
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akron to cleveland, a 37-minute ride ahead of you. north olmstead to cleveland, it is an 18-minute ride for you and 28 minutes inbound from elyria. we have perfect-looking commutes. tia and brian, let's hoe it guys. >> brian: breaking news this morning on cleveland's east side. this is video of the scene where a police cruiser crashed into a tree around 3:00 a.m. this is at east 71st and lawnview. investigating exactly what happened. they had to take the cruiser away on a tow truck. we understand the officer was hurt. we have more information on the crash as the information comes into the newsroom. >> tia: police in two lorain county cities are investigating separate attempted child abductions. >> there were three attempted abductions the in the city of lorain in less than two hours and a young girl fought off an abductor in elyria. q. mccray, this is frightening for parents and everything.
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morning. is my child next? do i send my children to school? police say you can expect extra patrols out and about this morning. this is the latest. all four of these attempted abductions happened in the morning in lorain. schools were placed on lockdown after three students say a man tried to grab them. these were all separate incidents. the girls ages 12 and younger were approached by a white man in his 20s to 30s wearing dark clothes, a black jacket with a hood and a mask. the first incident was at washington and ninth. police say the girl was punched twice in the face before she got away. then police believe the same man exposed himself to one girl, and then a third girl that he tried to grab. >> this is very concerning to us because, one, the description of the suspect is the same in all three incidents. the fact that he is not just approaching children but he's
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that increases, you know, our -- the threat level to anybody. >> q.: neighboring elyria, a man tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl from her bedroom, from inside her home. she fought him off and ran into her father's room to get help. we don't know if all four of these cases are related. the big question now is how do you keep your children safe? i'll talk more about that in about 30 minutes. >> tia: thank you, q. a sheriff says four people including a gunman are dead after a series of shootings in south-central kansas. the shooter is 38-year-old cedric ford. ford opened fire in and around excel industries, a plant that manufactures lawn mowers. they say ford was an employee at the factory. dallas police have completed their investigation into a domestic violence complaint against johnny manziel. the case will now go to a grand jury. jury.
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about this and hopefully get a timetable when this process will play out. it's likely after march 9th, which is the earliest date the browns can cut manziel from the team. >> brian: the cleveland clinic is making medical history again. this is a ground-breaking transplant surgery. doctors there performed the nation's first uterus transplant. this could main great things for women who have not been able to get pregnant. 26-year-old patient received the uterus from a deceased organ donor. the surgery lasted nine hours. we're told the patient is in stable condition. clinic doctors are going to talk about how important this procedure was in a news conference next week. >> tia: tens of thousands are heading into downtown cleveland for comic-con at the cleveland convention center throughout the weekend. this is going to be a big turnout, i think. >> brian: huge. people love it. nichole vrsansky is there this morning. it's a star-studded event, nikki.
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celebrities will be here, exhibits, artists and displays like this, guys. it's the batmobile circa 1966 when it all began. the tv show and the movie. adam west was batman back then. this is it. batmobile. take a look. we have our bat label and our phone. straight to commissioner gordon, right? this is where robin sits and you have all the buttons to push. of course, holy shark repellent, batman. we joked about how the labeling of batman was hilarious. everything was so labeled. you knew exactly what everything was. in the back. can we go to the back of the car? they're stuff for the parachutes and flames that shot out of this batmobile. i'm color-coordinated today. who knew black and red would be the thing.
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there's a replica. you know the bomb that they ran around to try and throw on people. very cool. also, guys, the jeep from jurassic park is here, and the vehicle from ghostbusters is here. there's a whole bunch. up next, an interview with a power ranger. we're going to stream live on facebook this morning, so you can see behind the scenes what we're doing and also the behind the scenes at comic-con. live in cleveland, back to you in the studio. >> brian: the about themobile. i used to love that show. did you ever see the original batman? >> tia: sorry, not the original. i came years later. >> brian: geez! they run this stuff in reruns, you know. >> tia: i've seen reruns. you said have you seen it at that time? no. >> brian: i don't know if i did even. >> tia: i've seen it since, man. holy mackerel. >> brian: if your plans include comic-con this weekend, the weather shouldn't slow you down,
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>> samantha: no, the weather will be great this weekend. get excited about it, or maybe you're looking to get away. head on out to peek n' peak this weekend. machine-groomed powder and plenty of snow to play in and the weather is really nice out there as well. your local forecast straight ahead. >> tia: and the snow that we did get, it is nothing like that. digging out from under just a few hours west of here. governor kasich was in a feisty mood after last night's republican presidential candidates debate.
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>> tia: thanks for staying with us. another republican debate last night, this time in houston, texas. it's one of the states voting on the upcoming super tuesday primary. donald trump did most of the talking. he spoke ten minutes more than any other candidate. our governor got a lot of flack about needing to drop out of the race. >> when people talk about me dropping out, they're washington types who i beat 25 years ago, and i'm going to beat them again now. >> tia: the main story line for the gop race is who is going to go up against donald trump. it will be a big test on super tuesday for ted cruz. recent polls show the texas senator neck and neck with state. >> brian: bernie sanders was at baldwin wallace university. among his many talking points, the cost of higher education. >> why is it we are being punished for what crime? the crime of trying to get a
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we shouldn't be punished for that. >> brian: sanders' opponent in south carolina. look for results on the cleveland 19 web page. of course, we'll have everything you need to know right there also on the app. onto the weather now. let's look back at how bad understand. cars off the side of the road covered in snow. this is the town of lowell. some places got more than a foot of snow. we were on the warmer side of this system. is that how it worked out for us, sam? >> samantha: yeah. the track of the storm helped us out so we didn't slammed like the poor folks did. can you imagine being stuck in your -- and there's snow all over the car and you can't move. that would be tough. good news for us, though. it was a little more quiet. look at the current temperatures out there. it's 26 in cleveland. why are you laughing at me? >> brian: we're not. >> samantha: i've never seen that much snow in my life.
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>> tia: i was thinking, the i can imagine. it's happened before to me. i didn't want to say that . >> samantha: you could have said that. samantha. i don't want to be stuck in that mess. canton, good morning to you at 22. our sandusky observation has been a little fickle lately and keeping dropping out on me. why, sandusky! don't do that to me. i have to let you know how cold it is out there, right? we're also in the 20s. i checked it a few moments ago. i don't know why it's not showing up. maybe the camera is taking an early weekend there. the traffic flows smoothly from this vantage point on 480. the snow is not slowing people down too much. i just spoke to our assignment editor julia as they came in from the north olmstead area. she saw snow-coated side roads
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most of the lake-effect stuff is light, more along the lines of flurries. we have some snowshowers around norwalk, ashland, north of mansfield out into wayne county, medina, southern cuyahoga county and then akron and ravenna probably seeing some light snow as well. again, be aware that some side roads may be snowy, but the main roads, especially out west, appear to be okay. watch for slick spots and, of course, it is cold out there this morning. it's going to be cold all day. 28 is your forecast high, but it will feel as if it's in the teens all day. so really one of those days where you sfa bundled up for lunchtime and for dinnertime as well. flurries around, light snowshowers mainly in the morning. i'm thinking we can get most of the lake-effect to shut off this afternoon, but we have to keep a close eye on that throughout the day. any additional accumulation would be very light. mostly cloudy tonight and seasonably chilly in the akron area.
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we drop into the lower 20s tonight. not a ton of movement temperature-wise until tomorrow. look at that weekend. 45 tomorrow, 57 on sunday. the whole weekend at least during the day is going to be dry, but sunday night there will be rain moving in. it will briefly transition to a wintery mix before moving out before your monday morning commute. tuesday into wednesday look more active. rain on tuesday and snow on wednesday. >> laura: look at today right now on the roads. 176 here right at about spring. it does look like the roads still out there. do have spots with some water that accumulated, some ice. be careful out there. odot is out there this morning. i saw them on my way in. probably on some live shots this morning. traffic is moving good through here towards 71. minor slowdown by 71 on the
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it won't hang up the morning. in akron it looks good as well. route 8 to the north 50 miles per hour there. out of akron, 63 miles per hour and towards points north from fairlawn and thej ridgefield. keep on going. 77 is rolling along over 82 brecksville area there. independence off in the distance and there's downtown cleveland. nothing is stopping you down and no accidents or broken down all. menthor to cleveland a 28 minutes ride on the east side. north olmstead to cleveland 18 minutes for you. 28 minutes on in from elyria. we take that ride from mentor into downtown cleveland in about guys. >> tia: smooth sailing so far. time is 6:19. the trade deadline has passed, but the cavs may still be trying to add players to the team. >> brian: there's something on
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>> tia: what a beautiful city we live in here in cleveland. as you take a look down chester avenue looking at cleveland state university's campus, you see all the beautiful lights out there. oh, what a time to be alive. instagram is changing the way the video views -- what's wrong with that? what a time to be alive? >> brian: it's funny. >> tia: it's a great time to be alive. >> brian: carry on. >> tia: i'll keep it moving. instagram changing the way we view videos. according to the company, users care more about how many people watch their videos opposed to light liking those videos out there. adding a view count is the first of many changes expected this year. >> brian: we might have a new cleveland cavalier by the end of the weekend. numerous reports are out there now saying the cavs are interested in veteran sharpshooter joe johnson.
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he becomes a free agent on saturday if he clears waivers. i don't know how the cavs will play them all. he's 34 and seven-time all-star and been to the playoffs ten different times. an abandoned california cat is an internet sensation and for good reason. she has a mustache. this kitten is sally ann. she has a perfect mistash on her upper lipt. she was rescued from a salvation army donation bin and is now looking for a permanent home. she won't have a problem finding a home. >> tia: she's not the only girl with a stache. we just shave it down or thread it. >> brian: i have not noticed a mustache mustache. >> tia: i get it threaded. i'm smart. we have the latest on an overnight crash that sent a cleveland police officers -- >> brian: i shouldn't be laughing.
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laugh while you were doing that. >> tia: not over this story. we know. we have more on the cleveland police officer coming up. >> brian: ladies check this out. the man in your life may enjoy going to the spa. >> samantha: women might like that as well. right? 6:25 on this friday morning. happy friday to you. 24 is your temperature at 7:00 as you send the kids off to the bus stop. moms, dads, everybody getting the kids ready this morning, bundle up.
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good morning. a cleveland police officer is injured in an overnight crash on the east side. >> tia: what police say all parents should do to keep their kids safe after four children r nearly abducted in lorain county. >> brian: and this is the weekend for you. look at these guys. you can channel your inner superhero or movie hero, comic comic-con invades cleveland this weekend. >> tia: i want to point out have some delays out there in terms of school districts that you need to know about. here on county south-central local schools, richland company, maple ton local schools delayed there. >> brian: it could be icy. it got really cold. we'll get to sam roberts with the latest from the first alert sam. >> samantha: week jeopardy looks great, but until then a cold day. let's go straight to the maps. i want to show you where that
6:30 am
lake-effect out there. the lake, you know, is still relatively warm water, not much ice, either. a lot of moisture to work with, and, of course, it's very cold. you can see that that snow is coming in from the north and west mainly impacting our west side communities and inland. out to the east it's actually pretty quiet. ashtabula, lake, geauga counties just kind of flurry stuff, trumbull county same thing. you start to go farther west and we're down 71, and that's where the snow picks up for us. so i'm willing to bet those delays are courtesy of the snow that you see out here and then the fact there may be slick spots as well. our road surfaces unlike this time yesterday have dropped below freezing. you know, this time yesterday the road temperatures were still pretty mild. so we weren't seeing a lot of issues with the snow. this morning they are a lot colder because it was so cold
6:31 am
may be slick. flurries, light snow your forecast for today, and pretty chilly, too. we have temperatures right now in the 20s, but they're not really going to warm up much at all. it's 26 in cleveland. good morning, akron. 25 here and warren 22 and ashtabula low 20s and looking out to the west, mansfield, norwalk, we are in the lower 20s. temperatures today stay below 30 degrees. the windchill is actually below 20 all day because there is going to be a breeze out there. by noon if you walk outside and you don't have your skin covered up, it will feel as if it's about 16 degrees. so big, puffy coat for today. but forget that coat this weekend. put it up. i don't want to see it. it is going to be nice and warm. we'll talk about that weekend coming up in a few minutes. laura. >> laura: looking forward to that. hopefully it feels as good as last weekend.
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traffic is moving well through the area. we're picking up more and more with the morning commuters, but they're really traveling along well. no big issues other than this accident on the east side off highway. we talk about union avenue here on the east side. so no big issues i'm seeing of anyone getting towards the highway. i want you to be aware of it as you head out the door. across the wide map, no big problems either. we are moving in the green and a little bit of red there at i-71 along the metro curve. very, very typical. it is friday so i expect today to be lighter than usual traffic we deal with. not as many of the morning sticks around for us. miles per hour. the rest of the way, you get to i-90 and 60 miles per hour all kurn. let's take the ride behind this guy right here as he makes the final stretch into downtown this morning. perfect commutes there flying right by those cleveland 19
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look at the drive times really quick. 22 minutes in from strongsville and north olmstead and elyria on the west side. you have easy breezy commutes into downtown as well. guys. >> tia: thank you, laura. we're waiting to hear back from cleveland police about this. it's a crash that happened on the city's east side this morning. that police cruiser hit a tree around 3:00 this morning at east 71st and lawnview. the officer was taken to metro. we are still waiting to find out how badly injured the officer is. look for updates as we get them in tv but also online on the cleveland 19 mobile app. a very terrifying situation for parents in lorain county this morning. police are looking for at least one man who they say tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl. >> brian: that happened in elyria. in lorain schools were placed on lockdown yesterday after a man approached three separate girls as they walked to school. q. mccray is here with what
6:34 am
try to protect their kids. >> q.: those incidents we're talking about this morning all happened in the morning. as a matter of fact, the three in the city of lorain happened at around this time. so this morning parents there can expect to see more officers patrolling their neighborhoods. lorain police say this is the time to have a talk with your er r danger. they say kids should be prepared with a plan if something like this happens to them. child safety experts recommend kids use the buddy system and travel in groups and never alone. they say children shouldn't walk close to any cars that approach them or talk to any strangers. we spoke with a teacher who said she had the conversation with her students yesterday. >> you scream, yell, fight, punch, scream, whatever you can do to get away or make a lot of noise so somebody hears you. one of the students had a great question. it was, what if nobody hears me? you do anything and everything you can to just get away. >> q.: this morning it's still
6:35 am
of lorain are related, but the suspect descriptions are pretty close. both are described as being white men in their 30s wearing a hoodie at the time of the incident. we'll keep you posted with new details. on-again/off-again >> tia: if you have a child in the cleveland school system. it failed most of the important categories for the statewide testing, they received a d because only 56% of students passed for graduation rate they get an f because only 66% student graduates actually graduate in four years. if you want to see how your school district was graded, we have posted a link to the report cards on akron/canton airport has announced the 20-year plan, $240 million master plan that is. the faa approved this months ago. it basically outlines the completion of current renovations along with plans for new projects like additional gates and a new parking structure.
6:36 am
today for downtown cleveland's new hilton hotel. today you have the opportunity to meet with managers from noon to 1:00 and fwen again from 6:00 to 7:00. they will take place at the global center for health innovation downtown. if you can't go today, try tomorrow 1:00 to 3:00. get there early. fire up the engines. the auto show has arrived again at the i-x center. doors open this evening at 5:00. look for cleveland 19 while you're there. we'll have a live report this evening. tickets cost 13 bucks but parking is free. the show runs through next friday. always a lot of fun. >> tia: it's right here in town. you don't have to travel to detroit. a lot of people like that show. you can see it right here at home. go out and enjoy it. cleveland has some serious comic and pop culture fans out, too. i can't get that out.
6:37 am
year we had the best turnout in the country for the annual event. >> brian: comic-con travels to 22 different cities every year. this weekend they're at the convention center downtown on lakeside, of course. that's where nichole is this morning. she's learning more about the big local fan base we have. >> nichole: yeah, big local fan base especially for guys like this. this is jason david frank from power rangers. apparently our producer, jake, you're one of his favorite, the green power ranger. >> jake, thank you so much. yes, the green power ranger. >> nichole: you love this. you love being part of the fans. any fun fan moments that you think of off the top of your head. >> i was the green ranger and white ranger and red turbo and black dyno thunder. i have the mom with the daughter, and the daughter that has the daughter. three different generations. it's just great.
6:38 am
together and argue over tommy and stuff. >> nichole: the focus is on martial arts and you do that more so than the acting background? >> yeah, i have a martial arts academy caused rised sun karate. i teach thousands around the world. i have the first online training website called train me i can reach people all around the world. mostly through that to build confidence, self-esteem and stuff like that. i'm a teacher at heart, but i love acting and stuff like that. i'm an mma fighter and fight and do other stuff. i do it all. a little bit of this and that. >> nichole: we were talking about your fan base. you have 20,000, 30,000 hits. you do periscope and you talk about reality shows and the day's happenings. >> i have a reality show called my morphin life. it's very strong on facebook.
6:39 am
i'm very active with the fans on my social media, even though i'm on instagram. it's jdfffn, by the way. that's for jake to follow me, >> nichole: you're from texas and in cleveland. it's a little cooler. you like it here, you said? >> i love it. people are nicer. it's just a great crowd. coming here to wizard world again, it's everything -- if you don't know about comic-cons, which i didn't. you have like comic books and toys and pop culture. it's safe for the kids. >> it's a little big of something for everyone. 20 20,000 to 30,000 through the weekend. we're streaming live on facebook, so after this tune in. obviously, still watch brian and tia. back to you guys in the studio. >> you're a fan of the power rangers rangers, too? >> tia: i'm a fan now of the green one. you asked the question. i'm being honest.
6:40 am
i'm going to find his facebook page, his twitter, instagram. they had a movie. >> brian: was it? >> tia: they had a show. >> brian: i was in any late 20s then. >> tia: oh! i'm just kidding. time is now 6:40. hey, it's friday. fun friday, right? >> brian: are you okay? >> tia: i'm good. the power ranger dude gave me a little jolt. trying to get it together. time is 6:40. if you drive up for comic-con this weekend, you may not have to ruin your costume with a big winter coat, right, sam? >> samantha: who knew. you will not have to wear the big winter coat this weekend. it's going to be nice and warm, and it's cold out there right now, though. how are we doing in terms of snow totals? cleveland has just over 21 inches for the season, so far the whole season, fall and winter. typically by this point in the year we have about 50 inches for fall and winter.
6:41 am
that's no surprise to you, right? will we see any this weekend? i don't think so. your forecast is after the break. >> brian: all right. you want to hang out at the spa and maybe you don't. how about if you could grab a beer at the spa? that would be good, right? >> tia: yeah, next some of the coolest video of lake erie we've seen in a while.
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fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. >> brian: good morning. a live look from the feazel roof cam. it's a beautiful shot. sam just mentioned it was. beautiful looking out onto lake erie, and we've done a bunch of stories this year about how much ice is on the lake this year. we haven't really gotten it all frozen over.
6:45 am
lake looks like this time of the year, here you go. this is drone video over lake erie near willoughby shot by digiaerial media. we had them on the show last week. you saw their viral video of geauga lake park. a below average year for ice on all the great lakes and the meteorological spring beginning tuesday it's unlikely to get more ice coverage this year. pretty shot. there's more ice than i thought. >> samantha: that's old video. >> brian: it melted back a little bit? >> samantha: uh-huh. it was so mild last weekend. it was 67 on sunday. >> brian: that's why i'm convinced we'll get a big, huge, monster lake-effect snow before we're done with this. is there enough open water there still? >> samantha: there's a lot of open water out there. if we have the cold air to go with it, we could get big snow. we haven't had that this year either. i'm not going to complain about it.
6:46 am
let's look at what's happening out there this morning. it's 24 in cleveland. good morning to you. it is a little breezy, so it's going to feel as if it's in the teens. you can see that from this vantage point 480 is moving a-okay. there's some snow out there, but out here it doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down. it's mainly out on the west side of things and inland that we have some impact from this morning's snow. so i would watch out for snow-covered side roads. i don't think every road will be covered in snow, but a few back roads may. slick spots are possible as well. we are way below freezing, so anything that's not treated may be a little bit slick and, of course, it's cold out there. bundle up. we're below average this morning, and we will be throughout the rest of the day. our average high is actually 40. we don't get close to that. here's the snow from the near east side and southwestern
6:47 am
akron, worcester and novrt of mansfield. richland and ashland counties here, there are some snowshowers and then huron county and also into lorain county. medina, wayne county. so, again, it is really inland and out to the west that we have the most widespread snow. just south of cleveland, we have some snowshowers here as well. just watch out and take it a little bit slower. this is very light for the most part, but some of it may contain a few pockets of steadier snow to be aware of for the morning drive. i think as we get deeper into the day we finally shut this lake-effect off. really, the first half of the day you could see lake-effect snowshowers or flurries. temperatures in the 20s today feels like the teens all day long. it's going to be cold and then tonight we drop back down to about 23. no rain or snow tonight. if you have any plans this evening, you should be good to go. then let the warm-up begin. look at the weekend.
6:48 am
get a little cooler monday, and then go right back up on tuesday. then we are right back down towards the middle of the week, 32 on wednesday, 34 on thursday. so you pretty much need all of your spring stuff, all of your winter stuff over the course of the next seven days. no rain to go with that warmth this weekend until sunday night. laura, we have a hans for showers. you'll be out and about, which you probably won't be, probably sleeping sunday night when it rains. watch out for it if you will be out. >> it's hard on sunday to get back into the typical morning groove. it's tough for everyone. we struggle because we live a normal sleep life during the weekends and go back to the early morning wake-up call during the week. sundays can be very tough anyway. let look outside right now. looks like the light is really starting to shine bright in the skies above the cleveland area. this is i-271 in mayfield. i don't see any issues on 271.
6:49 am
480, no problems either. 90 is good over to the east. look at the wide map now. really a lot of green out the door. we move towards rush hour now, so we worry a little more about what is going on out there. the highways are still accident-free right now. that's perfect. i have one accident here, and it's over east 91st at union avenue. that's where one accident is off-highway. just letting you know about it in case it's part of your morning commute. 480 looks good. that's perfect as well this morning. all the way through westlake, keep on going. here's rocky river and then lakewood and cleveland. perfect rides towards the innerbelt this morning. drive times are still on time as well. 57 minutes from canton. mentor to cleveland, you have a 28-minute ride. 28 minutes from north homestead and elyria to cleveland. >> tia: the tanner family is back and i'm talking about "fuller house" a sequel to the
6:50 am
it released the first episodes on netflix this morning. so far the majority of reviews on facebook seem to be very positive. giguere >> brian: good. new idea on tap for people looking for a new way to relax. this is a beer spa in oregon. settle down, fellows. you don't drink beer here but instead you soak in the beer. the spa method it a big deal in europe where some believe sitting in a tub of brew can be good for you. >> you're going to soak in a proprietary blend of beer, hops, barley. >> i soaked in and used it and my pains went away and i slept great. >> brian: this is the first of its kind in the united states called hop in the spa. we have to be brutally honest. do you get it? >> tia: i get it. >> brian: soaking in beer won't get you drunk. >> tia: you can occasionally lap up. >> brian: oh. >> tia: time is 6:50.
6:51 am
she's one of the hottest young stars on nickelodeon. she'll have a movie out in the fall, and she's going to be right here in our studio this morning. >> brian: isabella monair will talk about 100 things to do before high school and her movie just coming out, "middle school: the worst years of my life." she's going to perform today. we're very excited, sam. >> samantha: that is going to be great. it's snowing. we'll talk about that when we come back. if you just woke up and missed your forecast catch up starting at 7:00 on cle43. make the switch at 7:00, but we still have a little more news
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:55 am
>> tia: as you head out the door to start your day, here are stories to know before you go. in lorain police are looking for a man they say tried to grab two girls early yesterday morning. in one instance he hit a young girl in the face. in another he exposed himself. over in elyria a man tried to kidnap a 10-year-old from her bedroom in the middle of the night. >> when i say regime change, i don't have to talk about what exactly that means. >> the questions kasich got he seemed according to analysts unprepared to handle. >> four are dead after a series of shootings in south-central kansas. >> police are currently investigating what happened here. they had to take the cruiser away on a tow truck. major medical breakthrough at the cleveland clinic. they announced they performed
6:56 am
>> we're waiting to see what if any charges browns quarterbacks johnny manziel will face. >> his domestic violence case is now in the hands of the grand jury. >> samantha: welcome back. time is 6:56. hey, my west siders, good morning to you. we have some snow out there, and it may coat the roads briefly or slow you down just a little bit. so please watch out. we've also got some light snow on the near east side. your forecast is on cle43. >> laura: none of that is affecting the morning commute. 480 is rolling along perfectly there and roads are clear and odot is out there. we have easy goes of it. drive time is still on time, akron to cleveland pretty much everywhere looks good. >> have a great weekend. >> brian: we have isabela moner. >> we have a comedian, dominique, who will be on the
6:57 am
u.on right en y feea co sor abva c heait in afew twond aalf ys en ud athe fst sn. wiout theirusprea om cl toell. onlybrevpeneateseep anstar to rk iedialy to blockhe vus a prott hethy lls. you uld al yr coldore,ast, fasas t and haldays en ud athe fst sn. len hoabre stas toork imdiaty atbrevcom don'tougit o, ock outfast
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it is friday, february 26th, welcome to "cbs this morning." marco rubio and ted cruz tear into donald trump in the final debate before super tuesday. could this be a turning point? a gunman storms a kansas factory, killing coworkers. victims describe the chaos as they tried to run from the bullets. and spike lee is in studio 57. we will talk about the oscars backlash and creating change in hollywood. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. seen the guy pull up and


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