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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 28, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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today on "face the nation" can anything or anyone stop donald trump or hillary clinton from going all the way to their party's nomination. and super tuesday, we'll talk to the three top republicanrs, donald trump who leads by big margins in most super tuesday states and texas senator ted cruz. there is no doubt if donald steam rolls through super tuesday, he may well bedon't think that will happen. >> dickerson: he's not the only one vowing to stop donald trump
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dickerson: hillary clintonolina with a big win. we'll talk to her rival bernie sanders about his future plus brand new cbs battlegrounders. it's all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbsace the nation" i'm john dickerson. super tuesday where there are primaries or caucuses in 12 our cbs news battleground tracker things are looking good for the frontginia donald trump is at the top of the republican field with 40%. marco rubio follows with 7% and ted cruz is in third at 22. showing 40% for trump, ted cruz second at 29%. marco rubio is at 22. but in his home state of texasup by 11 points over donald trump and marco rubio is in third with 19%. john kasich and ben carson areehind. we'll have more battleground poll numbers and results from
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primary coming up but right now we want to go to donald trump who joins us from his homealm beach. mr. trump i want to start with a tweet from you this morning in which you write, quote, republican establishment has been pushing for light weightto say anything to hit trump. i signed the pledge, careful. what does that mean? >> well, they're not treating meigned the pledge, i've been very good and straight and honest and honorable not treated me well. look at the way they stacked thes in the debate i've won every debate according to every poll. every single online poll but way they stacked the audiences, the way they talk. they have this light weightmarco rubio saying terrible things, just personal terrible things. i don't think it's fair the way that the establishment isp. i'll be honest with you. i signed the pledge.
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as far as i'm concerned they defaulted. >> dickerson: you wouldn't abide by the pledge because you think they're>> i think you understand exactly what's going on you pick up any paper, always talking about how we canrump. i'm representing tremendous -- millions of people. that feel angry and these are great people. i love them. i'll tell you what we're not being treated right. the republican party notnd they're not treating the people that i represent right. >> dickerson:let me ask you ask you question of taxes, you're. what about release knowledge summary that sometimes what candidates do, show your income,s, would you do that? >> i've already released my financials which are massive, by the way, it's over $10
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very small starter years ago. i've already done that.ed in the federal elections office if people want to see it they can. obviously your cohorts have goneat detail. i've been given very good reviews. >> dickerson: what about a summary. >> you don't learn very much. john,of much from tax returns when you're under audit you don't give your papers. i've been under audit for so many years, every year i getfor i think over ten years maybe even 12 years. i've been audited. i think it's very fair, i think i'm being singled out, it's noton that the i.r.s. audits me every year. i have friends that are very n ought it. why are -- am i audited every single year. until the audit is completed obviously i wouldn't show i'll show it as soon as it's completed i have nothing to hide -- >> dickerson: what about --
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in mym. >> dickerson: you said that in interview with cnn after the last debate you were being targeted because the fact i'm aan, what does that mean? >> it could be that. it could be because i'm ale of the tea party. i have a lot of different likes maybe dislikes. i don't know why. but why is it that every single year i get audited i has that are very wealthy they have never been audited. >> dickerson: would you produce the audit in terms of those who are skeptical maybe this is release your tax returns? >> i don't think i have problem with that. i assume i can give you a letter from a big law firm saying that but i've been -- i'll let you know how many years. i've been audited for consecutive years, many, many years i think it's unfair. i say to mye i'm always audited and friends of mine are never audited. >> dickerson: let me ask you a
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about foreign workers inthe "new york times" said there were people that wanted the job you had said basically only can find farm workers because there want the jobs. were people. >> they have to be qualified. it's during the season withine it's very, very hard to hire people, qualified people. lot of people didn't want the job because it's a three to four season. it's very hard to get people because it's just one of those things. everybody is working. off season it's easy we don't have the people during the off season because the club closes during off season, lot of people don't want part-time job.: you say that american corporations should build, come back to america, build their products here, have american work workers. why would those corporations sayt you're saying they can't find the workers here they got to go other places y. wouldn't they just say what
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>> because those are full timeat kind of thing, talking about full time jobs. lot of the people this we made offers to, when we make offers when they hear it's part-time job, it's four month or fivenderstand this they're not interested. they're american people they're not interested. what you don't talk about is the thousands of people that i dos and thousands of people on my payroll over the years that are tens of thousands of people that work moore me. pick up one club where it hasere very, very hard. it's very hard to get people in palm beach during the season, during the social season.michael hayden the former director of the national security agency said that if you ordered u.s. forces to kill the families of terrorists which youalso use waterboarding which you also suggest that they would refuse you. what is your response to that? >> i don't know what he means byonly tell you lot of bad things, they're chopping off
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off heads all over the middle east, isis is doing number,er -- isis is doing it now. all i know is that when they start chopping off heads we have to be very firm, we have to be very strong, we have to be very and i heard a statement i disagree with the statement that we have to be very strong, can you imagine these people that chop off heads ofy of other people and they do it routinely and they drown people in big steel metal cages, they drown in for half hour then pull it up and everybody is dead. they hear us talking about waterboarding, give me a bridge we have to get a lot tougher if win this war. if we're not going to get tougher we're not going to win this war. >> dickerson: thanks for being with us, we'll speak to you >> thank you very much. dickerson: we caught up with senator ted cruz on the campaign trail in virginia beach. what other states were you on
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this entire primary election. it is the most delegates awarded in at. i think we are positioned to have a very good night on super tuesday, about 65% ofthat donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. and we are the only campaign that hasp and we're the only candidate that can beat donald trump if you look at super tuesday states we're running neck and neck with across super tuesday. so it is my hope that all of the republicans who recognize that nominating a candidate whoclinton on host of issues, who has very similar record, is not the path to victory. if we come together,together we'll have great night. >> dickerson: if they don't is he unstoppable? >> there is no doubt that ifolls through super tuesday, wins everywhere with
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but i think if you're at home want donald trump to be the republican nominee then only candidate who can beat donald is our campaign. so i would encourage, even if candidate, stand with us if you don't want donald to be the nominee. if and when we stop him on sunner tuesday, that is how we end upbeating donald andng a proven conservative which is what it's going to take. >> dickerson: what did you make of chris christie endorsingon't think that was a big surprise. i think it was a blow to the rubio campaign. but at the end of the day, the washington establishment is going to go. this is super tuesday is a battle to determine where conservatives go. i think the debate this week was really somef clarity. we saw that donald trump substantively has the same issues on issue after issue as hillary clinton. he agreedon on libya. toppling the government in libya
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led to handing that countryd with hillary clinton supporting john kerry who agreed with hillary clinton on being, quote, neutral between israel and the palestinians. i'll tell you as not going to be neutral. america will stand unapologetically with israel. on domestic policy, donald trump agreed withhe wall street bail out. the bail out of big bank. i think the government ought to be standing with mainstream, with working men andand then you put on top of that the ethical issues. whether it is refusing to release his taxes. and that's a real problem.rson: why is that a problem? why is it a problem if he doesn't release them? >> i'm being audited for two years, then three years, then maybe five years.roblem his taxes, voters have a right to know because come september, october the general election, fox in the media are going to make a heydayblems in his taxes,
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right to know and his excuse that he's being audited. that makes it even more important.ease his taxes so voters can see if there is -- mitt romney suggested there could be bombshell there.e is or not. but donald is hiding them from the voters and i think he owes cannedder to the voters. pretty bracing things about you still like him. how can that be the case? >> donald is a charming person. he can be fun --kerson: but he can turn on you. >> just overnight he can turn on you get nasty and personal and vicious. i treat him as anh him off. it's like going to the circus seeing the acrobats and dancing bears. he's willing to say things that false. for example, at the debate this week he backed off of his health care position for 20 years. for 20 years he has agreed withbernie
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saying, obama compare doesn't go far enough. he wants the government to pay lth care and control it. and he and i had back and forth where i asked him. is it true or false that he said the government should pay forre. he said it's false. within minutes we put out video contrasting what he said there with video of him just few months earlier sayingpposite. and what i think the debate this week did, is gave real clarity to the voters. that to beat hillary, we need ant conservative, someone who has stood for free market principles, who has stood for constitution and critically who stood for men and women of this country. we talked a lot about donald's record on immigration. he center of his entire campaign immigration given that he faced a $1 million court judgment for being part of a conspiracy to hire illegalt
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he is hiring foreign workers at his fancy hotel in fl he did interview after the debate where he said, gosh, you can't find americans to do these jobs to be waiters or waitresses or bell hops. ridiculous nonsense. the "new york times" reported roughly 300 americans applied for those jobs, he only hired 17n foreign workers because they're captive workers, you can pay them less, they can't leave. and i think the working men and women are getting hammered right someone they can trust to stand with them and part of the reason so many conservatives are unaign i'm the only one that led the battle against am negligence tee, led the to security the borders and for working men and women. >> dickerson: the question about borders and your position on immigration with undocumentedbill o'reilly prepared with you hypothetical someone over stayed their visa, president cruz going
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output him on a plane. believe it. in an interview given similar scenario we don't have system that knocks on doors of every person inyou were not knocking on the doors and -- >> difference is how large. we don't have storm troopers that knock on the door of everye don't do that. but when we have evidence that a particular person has committed a crime we send law enforcement to apprehend question was visa over say. john, right now, current federal law requires a biometricm when you come in on visa. obama administration is just ignoring federal law. 40% of illegal immigration not people across the borders i who come legally on a visa and never leave. if we have a biometric exit-entry system we know if in for six months and hasn't left we know on the day after six months,
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with that exit-entry system law enforcement agents that exist to go get john say, you're here illegally. that is how law enforcement operates.r cruz, thanks so much. >> thank you, john. dickerson: we'll be back in one minute with another of the top consteppedders in the republican race, florida senator hing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. ugh about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, from start to finish. love your laxative.
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>> dickerson: we're back with marco rubio who is at the airport in arkansas getting ready to head to have to the next upper -- super tuesday campaign state. i'd like to ask you about" headline this morning that says, rubio's strategy for super tuesday is survival. do you agree with thaton? >> no, i don't. we're not the front runner here we're underdog that's role that i relish. i've been an underdog my whole'll pick up a lot of delegates on super tuesday. we're going to move on. here is with is never going to happen in this race. never time rallies around that you have to
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around donald trump. donald trump is not a republican. donald trump is notdonald trump is trying to pull off the biggest scam in american political history. basically a con job trying to take over the republican partyple he's someone who he is not. we'll do whatever he takes. we'll be in this race as long as it takes. be in as many states to make sure i'm the trump never gets the 12236 delegates which he needs.e hear your campaign gotten a lot cappier about donald trump. the for a umer wanted it to get to this point. by own course the way the media covers politics people would open their eyes see who donald trump really is. that unfortunately has not happened.s and early states indicate he's been able to fool a significant number of people to believing that he is something that he is not.
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people that signed up for trump university now trying to do the same thing to republican voters. he's trying to convince them that somehow he's the guy thatp to illegal immigration but he hires illegal immigrants. that he's fighting for american workers but he's hiring foreigns totals, go to bring back jobs from china and mexico but in fact he's creating jobs in china and mexico because that's where all of his suitsls are made. it's a con job, it's a scam. we're going to unvail it here, going to reveal it i believebout that the less support he's going to have in the weeks to come. >> dickerson: donald trump is one in three states. you say voters there were about voters in those states? >> well, i think has lot to do with the media coverage as womenut you in particular, but the media coverage has been cheerleading over the last couple of weeks i'm convinced it's because manym to be the nominee. one, they think it's going to be good for rating, two, because they have lot of material to
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if donald trump were to ever immediately the hounds would descend on him, going to tear him apart, everything he's ever done from not releasing taxes to all of his failedand hillary clinton is going to have clear shot to the oval office i think there are many out there rooting for that outcome so that he's the nominee you can see it in the coverage he's guy has not offered single serious policy proposal which is important if you want to be president of the united at the debate he refused to outline health care plan. they just moved on instead of pressing him on it. he gave a on without pressing him. no other candidate could have gotten away with that. i think there's a weird bias in the medianald trump because he's the easiest republican to beat. >> let me ask you about all the thing you've said about donald trump a. big scam, it's a consibly retain position that if he's the nominee you'll support him? >> because he's never going to
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i'm not worried about that's never going to happen. donald trump will never have 1,236 delegates which is what he needs. it won't get those delegates. we're going to continue to work hard to make that happen. all these things we're talking about now it will take time to sink in when voters realize what against here, what he's trying to do i think you're going to see a sea shift here. >> dickerson: what's confusing you say if he were the nominee would destroy thve movement. then you're saying he'll never be the nominee. you signed on to the #never trump. you say all these things chris christie said bad things, turn around endorse him once he gets the nomination? >> well, again, he's notthe nominee because we are not going to allow. people will wake up not allow con artist to take offer the party of lincoln and reagan. he's pulling off aam here.
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these things, he's fighting for the little guy. the working class. he has spent his entire businesscking it to working people. his projects go under. first people that don't get paid are contractors that some of them have gone bankrupt. p e-mails and calls from people that have been scammed by donald trump and their stories are heartbreaking. >> dickerson: you say you're going to stop him. are you going tobeat threw? >> absolutely. we're going to win florida. florida is not going to vote formp. he has the benefit of the fact that he's dominated media coverage. literally dominated media coverage because of thengs he says. that's going to end. there's going to be real fight for heart and soul of the republican partys not, i will do whatever it takes to preng taken over by a conartist i ask people to sign up to our effort atke this happen. >> dickerson: you'll do whatever it takes.
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about contested convention,way to the convention. in that case, basically taking nomination away from donald trump. wouldn't that just cause an uproar from all those people who voted for him, who him their support? wouldn't that create calamity in the party? >> well, that we beat him out right in the primary process i what's going to happen in the next few weeks as we move to winner take all states. terrain begins to change. i feel very good. get to that. let me just say the rules what are they are in the republican party, you have to have x number of delegates in order to be the don't have those number of delegates then there's a process in place. here is where there is calamity for donald trump to become our nominee. d be the end of the republican party. it will split us and splinter us in way we may never be able to recover the democrats will be it. >> dickerson: we'll have to end it there. senator rubio thanks so much.
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>> dickerson: now for the platest in the race for the democratic nomination. last night hillary clinton had a big win in southwon a whopping 73% of the vote compared to 26% of bernie sanders. and democratic race in our superround tracker hillary clinton is up over bernie sanders by 20 points in virginia. she leads 59 to 39. in texas clinton has from democratic primary voters sanders has 37%. finally in georgia she is at 63% sanders at 35%.
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