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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from cleveland's news center cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: now at 11:00, a carl monday investigation revealed a potential hidden danger in many local homes. schools and hospitals. now knee is asking -- now he is asking lawmakers what are they doing about it? that report is minutes away. now a quick look at your first alert forecast and more snow on the way. >> denise: it could make things a little tricky tomorrow. jeff tanchek is here with the details. gentlemen jeff a couple spots -- >> jeff: a couple spots of light snow. we still have flurry out there right now even in the greater cleveland area. this is the system out to the
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on this track it will be here in about seven hours. it looks like late afternoon and early evening that will be the time frame on that. and that will bring us some minor snow. 23 cleveland. we are down to 20 in mansfield. mansfield, you have cleared out. we will start with a little bit of sun in the morning. it looks like low to mid20s. 25 there at 8:00 a.m. it is going to be an easy morning chute. commute. this next shot of snow won't get here until the afternoon and then tomorrow night it will be light snow. and then another shot of light snow on saturday. and that's where we have the alert for the saturday snow where we can see a stretch. the three men accused of threatening president obama was denied bond. jonathon smeed called them
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president and hillary clinton. as of now the 35-year-old was not charged with a crime, but he remains locked up tonight. smeed will be back in court next wednesday. we looked into his past and discovered some disturbing details. scott taylor is here now with what he found out. >> reporter: the man has a violent criminal record out of texas and what we found inside his bedroom his bedroom is really disturbing. i am taking you inside jonathon sneed's bedroom that he shares with his grandmother. he was arrested for calling the secret service and telling them "i want to kill the president." >> well he's a good boy. he's not a bad person. i mean i don't know what's wrong with him. >> reporter: he admits he made the call and sources tell me 16 minutes on his grandmother's cell phone and
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clinton to. clinton too. he doesn't know why he made the call. he said he was drinking and doesn't want to hurt them. he has a long criminal record. in texas he was convicted of making terrorist threats and multiple dui's and thefts plus assault and bodily injury of the his grandmother says he is fascinated with presidential assassination. this is jonathon's room and as you can see he does have books that detail the assassination of president kennedy. family members tell me he would say he is bi-polar or suffers from split personalities. on his facebook he lists his professional skills as two ruggar handguns and assassination of two presidents and sniper rifle. >> it is crazy. anybody that threatens the president has got to have a problem.
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police did have a run in with this man when he called a crisis intervention line threatening to kill himself. scott taylor, cleveland 19. >> denise: we did some digging into other threats made against the president and found mr. obama is the most threatened president in history. receiving more than 30 threats a day with most never made public in fear of encouraging copycats. >> romona: the university of akron will have to reimburse student feeses they paid for the school's budget problems. the state officials are forcing the university to repay each student up to $238 in increased tau silt fees. the -- facility fees. the total is $4.1 million. last year the school announced $40 million in cutbacks including cutting more than 200 jobs. carl monday first exposed the problem this week. a little known danger that
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business and even your home. >> and now his story has drawn the attention of an influential state lawmaker. tonight carl has new information you need to know before you do any digging on your property. >> reporter: for some time now we have been warned to call 8-1-1 before we dig. >> thanks for calling 8-1-1. call before you dig. >> reporter: to prevent a utility or contractor or even a homeowner from hitting a gas or sewer line underground. last year more than one million people responded, but not everyone was motivated to make the call. >> even though he have the billboards that say call before you dig, the average citizen probably doesn't believe you will ever potentially hit some type of line when you're digging. you can even do this when you are putting in greenery in your backyard or in your front yard. >> reporter: state lawmaker sandra williams is on the public utilities committee. >> most people just don't pay
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follow the rules when they are supposed to which is one of the reasons we had to tighten up the 8-1-1 bill. >> reporter: tightening up means passage of the underground protection law that took affect last month. now you can be fined up to $2500 for not phoning 8-1-1 before you dig. >> money talks. if you start taking money away from the citizens and penalizing them and contractors, i believe they will begin to follow the rules that are in place. >> reporter: utilities like dominion east ohio say they are already doing a good job at identifying potential problems before they dig. the new lot doesn't address a potential danger we exposed earlier this week. notice cross bores. utility lines that intersect with sewer lines. when a plumber is called to repair a backed up sewer, the results can be catastrophic. near cincinnati a cross bore explosion left one family's home in a pile of rubble.
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bores have been reported in communities closer to homes like bay village, north royal ton and westlake. equally troubling, the ohio public utilities commission keeps no records of older sewer lines around the state. >> some of the older pipes that were laid originally, there is no way to know where the pipelines are. >> reporter: after we contacted her on our story she agreed to share her concerns about the older sewer lines with her fellow committee members and tweaked the new law if necessary. >> if we can identify where they are, maybe we can stop the cross bores from happening. >> reporter: now that we have a pipeline to the state capitol, we'll let you know what happens next. meanwhile, just remember -- >> it is a violation of law not to call before you dig. >> reporter: carl monday, cleveland 19. >> denise: we checked with the public utilities commission and only one complaint has
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who failed to call 8-1-1 before digging. they point out that new law is two months old and they expect more complaints to come in as the law gets publicized. >> romona: we told you about more and more permits in ohio. there was a 23% increase issued statewide last year. there were more than 71,000 new permits issued last year. before. and there were nearly 45,000 licenses renewed in 2015. lake county had the second most total permits issued new and renewed in all of ohio in frank lynn county. >> denise: ben carson is skipping the debate and sees no path forward in his campaign.
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suspended his campaign carson may do that in a speech he has scheduled for friday. and to night there is more fallout from yesterday's super tuesday showdown. donald trump and hillary clinton were the big winners. we wondered what does each candidate need to do to win the nomination. dan deroos is joining us with a look at what he has found. >> dan: i have been through all of the numbers and the scenario and there are a couple of ways to get each candidate to the nomination. i hate to say this, but we democrats. hillary has not quite locked it up, but pretty much because her margin of victory is so big. she needs to get to 2,338. want to focus more on the republicans because it is so heated and because there are so many candidate left. what does donald trump need to do to win? exactly what he is doing.
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margin of victory get bigger because he will collect more delegates as he tries to get to 1237. what does ted cruz need to have happen? he needs the rest of the field to drop out right now. he needs the rest of the votes that these candidates would have gotten to go up to ted cruz for all of the people who say, well i am not voting for donald trump so i'll vote for ted cruz. what does rubio and kasich need to do? they need a couple of big tuesdays. let's talk about where the votes will be first. march eighth, michigan and mississippi. for john kasich these are two big states because he is spending a lot of time there. obviously michigan is a neighbor and then another two. then on tuesday march 15th, that is the ohio primary. john kasich must win his state. right now trump leads by five points. when we look down at florida this is where marco rubio has put all of his eggs in one
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flaw flai and yow -- florida and ohio are winner take all states. you win you get all of the delegates. if trump goes in -- he is leading by a lot, but if he goes in and wins florida and ohio it is pretty much trump. >> romona: mitt rot -- mitt romney will have an announcement. he will layout his reasons why the billionaire should not be the party's candidate. >> you have heard of couples turning to doctors to get help getting pregnant. what about pets? this clinic is actually helping pets conceive and businesses -- business is jumping. see why tonight. >> romona: and a health alert on breast cancer. the new link between vitamin d and the deadly disease. jeff? >> jeff: more on the two
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coming days that will bring us some snow. we are looking at our roof camera. still flurries down there, but if you are looking for spring weather you will love the seven-day forecast. see you next segment. >> denise: and the latest wedding registry trend. why couples are asking wedding guests for donations instead of gifts. >> breaking news and weather 24/7. download the cleveland 19 news
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live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: some couples turn to doctors to help them conceive. and now pet owners are doing the same thing using artificial insemination to breathe their animal -- to breed their animals and they are coming to northeast ohio to do it. tiffani tucker with the details at 11:00. >> we store the semen samples and when we do that they are probably good for a thousand years. >> reporter: he is one of the first veterinarians to offer artificial insemination for dogs. dr. robert hutchinson is considered one of the best of the best. the well respected vet has been doing ai's for more than 35 years. people from all over the world
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northridgeville where the doctor performs more than 700 procedures each and every year. >> so many times the father and the mother and the puppies never have met. it gives us a chance to increase the people's odds to help them breed the better individuals, the healthier individuals as i say to help people achieve their dreams. >> reporter: dr. hutchison takes the semen from living and deceased dogs to continue the gene breeding process and artificially inseminates cats as well. kathy has been a breeder for 20 years. she brought her dogs to the clinic for the procedure and jo recently one of her pets had a litter. thousand she wants her 18-month-old labrador retriever, violet, to be artificially inseminated. >> i am fortunate number to be 40 minutes away from one of the renouned repro guys. >> reporter: they have tested violet's blood and monitored her hormone level so they know the best time for her to get
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now it is time to be artificially inseminated. the donation is from violet's boyfriend. >> i will put the catheter foo the uterus which we do right there. then we will take the sample and inject it through the catheter. this is the semen sample we collected from the dog earlier. you can see it is going through this catheter. it is filling the uterus. >> reporter: a five-minnesota mallly invasive procedure. no pain, no sedation. it is more economical than the surgery route. >> this time we go home without my having to worry about anesthesia, recovery. >> reporter: violet is on her way home and in less than a month she will be checked out to see if she will be a new mom. >> it is relatively not that expensive and not as cheap as it would be if they were in the backyard doing their thing. >> reporter: the cost for the procedure is about $350. now things go well, violet
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if not, then they will try it again in august. back to you. >> denise: for more information on how you can reach the doctor we posted it for you on the app. >> romona: that was an eye opener. according to a new study a lack of vitamin d causes breast cancer tumors to grow faster and spread quicker throughout the body. this adds to previous research that found a vitamin d deficiency increased a risk of developing the disease. we mainly get vitamin d from sunlight, but it is also found in salmon, eggs and some breakfast cereals. >> denise: the pentagon is looking for a few good hackers, but not in a bad way. they are inviting the computer wizes to break into the network and test the vulnerability. if they pass a background check, they will have limited access to the files.
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networks will not be a part of the program. >> romona: there is a new trend amongen gained -- among engage etd family and friends to pay for their honeymoon. they use sites to raise money for the trip. many warmed up to the had why because more and more people are getting married later in life and have the traditional gifts. one site raised $90 million for users. this has been a hot topic on our facebook page. join in on the conversation. what do you think of the honeymoon cash request? is it tack key or inrope interpret? >> denise: i like it. i think it is great because the wedding costs so much money to put on. you often don't have money for the honeymoon and then it takes you five years later. >> romona: young people just starting out need the cash. >> jeff: just give money.
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>> jeff: i collect those in case you didn't know. >> denise: i was telling ramona i still use the ice bucket jeff gave my husband and me. >> romona: he didn't give uh >> jeff: that's why i said that. let's get to the radar. flurries are out there and we can't seem to get rid of the lake effect. it is not adding up to much from cleveland to highland heights and chesterland and getting light snow. and then here comes our system for tomorrow. it is still looking like the bulk of the energy with this thing will be more in the southern part of the state than the northern part of the state. seven to eight hours is when i expect this to be in here. i have light snow developing late afternoon tomorrow. and as we look at future view temperatures, yeah 4:00 a.m. to about 7:00 a.m. here low to
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we will see a brief break in the clouds and that's going to allow the temperature to drop to about 15 and then we will go back into the 20s by morning. we will start off by sunshine and then 1:00 in the afternoon mostly cloudy and between 1:00 and 4:00 this is where we will develop light snow. and then by 7:00 to 10:00 tomorrow evening the snow will pick up a little bit. it is not going to be much. most of us will see less than an inch of snow. that's by 10:00 tomorrow evening. light snow after 1:00. 33 will be the high. that's a little warmer than today. 34 in akron-canton. here is a look at the planner tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. 21 and noon, 29. and then right there at 5:00 a little light snow around and 32.
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saturday as the alert day. we may get a little more with that guy. it looks like around an inch. we go up slowly. 33 tomorrow. 34 on friday. and then saturday with that inch of snow. 36. a little light snow on saturday evening. and then we start the warming trend. 44 on sunday. 53 on monday and 62 on tuesday. i have us next wednesday well into the 60s and there is rain in the forecast there on wednesday. remember, you get my 10-day forecast from the palm of your happened here by downloading the first alert weather app. it is free for your smartphone or tablet. here's "the buzz." >> now, it is team for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> romona: in your wednesday night buzz, a southern california county honors robin williams.
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"fuller house." netflix ordered another 13 episodes of the 90s reboot. "fuller house" features most of the characters from the original show. no word on a premiere date, but in a tweet netflix said it was coming soon. >> romona: it has been a year and a half since robin williams died. the senate voted to name a tunnel that connects marin county to san francisco after the comedian. now it is official. yesterday workers in stalled two signs to mark that stretch of road. >> denise: after yesterday's cryptic tweet, lebron was down in miami working out with d-wade. tony zarrella has his take in sports. >> reporter: coming up tomorrow morning on cleveland 19 news this morning, tomorrow is national anthem day. you hear it every time you show up at progressive field to see the tribe nationally. we have heard great versions and not so great versions. we'll play them out and have
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> tony: alex mack is leaving 24 million on the table because he wants to test the market c. so it tells me it is not just about the money. of course he will get paid, but he is one of the highest paid centers in football. this is about hooking up with a contenda and seeing the playoffs. he is 30 years old and been with the browns for four years. maybe the browns don't want to pay their center 8 million to 10 million while they rebuild. although if bernie was playing he would say something about that. >> having guys, offensive line men is something obviously i would like to have more of and i think that will put more
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make it imperative especially if we go with a young quarterback to have an offensive line to protect the young quarterback. >> tony: wade lives in miami and it is 25 degrees here. any extra room on that jet? he blew up social media asking why he is not hanging out with kyrie and k love? my take is they have had their share of frustrations and i hope he enjoys his break. it will be the last one this season. i don't know if the hitting is ahead of the pitching or pitching ahead of the hitting. they let a 4-1 lead slip away. and nelly rodriguez and losing it in the sun. the sun. they train here and they wouldn't have that problem. that's how it ends 4-4.
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straight day tomorrow 6789. let's go to miami for two days. >> romona: if we had it like
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>> denise: how cold will it get tonight? >> jeff: we will be dropping into the teens. 22 at 5:00 a.m. downtown. colder outside the city. and then low to mid20s to start it off. later in the afternoon and tomorrow night, a shot of some light snow. that will be an inch or less. and then another shot on saturday before the big warm up next week. >> denise: tony wants to go to
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