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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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going on and we are seeing a steady snow. it is pretty light and although steadier stuff now occurring west of cleveland in the norwalk area northern huron and southern erie county and a problem with visibility. mile and a half visibility in elyria and mentor and 1 3/4 in sandusky. that's a good steady light snow coming down. we have light temperatures around 30 and only 28 ashtabula and 29 norwalk. as that sun continues to set and here you see across cuyahoga county generally in the low 30s here. as that sun starts to set, i do think some of this could accumulate on the side streets and entrance ramps and cleveland 19 weather app getting hourly weather forecast for your neighborhood and downtown cleveland and looks like it is 29 to 30 degrees and slipping in the upper 20s by morning. the snow will wind down flurries for the morning commute and then
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on saturday. more on that before big changes next week. that's coming up. mark? >> mark: thanks. it will be busy and you need the power of the weather center in your hand download the free first alert weather app and create your personalize the weather forecast. >> romona: the north carolina times published a troubling article saying cleveland is the number one distressed city in america. harry boomer is here to tell us what folks living and working here think. >> reporter: call it denial of pride. people i talked with today including a professor, director of economic development for the city, a business owner and resident all dispute the findings of the study by the economic innovation group for washington, d.c. >> cleveland has consistently ranked among some of the most economically depressed cities in the nation. >> reporter: like many studies it depends on whom you ask about its findings. the economic innovation group
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the most distressed city in america. >> csu professor ronnie dunn. >> there is growth and revitalization taking place in select neighborhoods throughout the city. downtown, for example, ohio city, over in tremont, university circle. >> reporter: there is no doubt cleveland has its pockets of poverty. just drive down some streets where the economic recovery hasn't helped yet. there's plenty of evidence to cleveland. >> one thing in cleveland the study did not catch is we have diversified our economy. for all the studies they bring up this negative study, we have all the studies that came out in the last year or so that cleveland is a great place doing great things. >> pun intended, things are buzzing at the all-state barber school on lorain road.
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>> it is moving down the street and detroit avenue and west 25th. the other areas -- >> the most distressed city in america. >> i don't believe it. it is a very nice place to live. every city has problems. >> just so you know, here are the things economic innovation group judge cleveland on. 1 in 5 homes vacant and 1 in 5 over age 25 did not graduate high school and 40% of people in this city live in poverty. >> reporter: in the newscenter harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> romona: we have a lot to work on. a high school teacher on administrative leave and investigated for inappropriate behavior. the school district is investigating the matter and police have been contacted. now, the superintendent says they learned of the behavior yesterday and immediately placed the man on administrative leave.
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what grade or subject he taught or if any students are involved. >> mark: this is pretty interesting. cleveland police are getting video remote interpreting training to get people in the deaf community. all five police districts have i- pads to allow officers to access sign language interpreters to ultimately assist members of the deaf community who need police assistance. medina county, aspca is looking for the owner of two dogs found near a dumpster. they were find behind deals in medina. if you recognize who they are contact the spca and remain anonymous. >> earlier this week we showed you new designs for the rock 'n roll hall of fame and the committee is saying not so fast. dani carlson is here to tell us why. >> there's nothing wrong with what you are presenting but it is underwomenning. >> i think you have a great start and suggest you keep
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>> reporter: the board voted to give the rock 'n roll hall of fame another two weeks to keep working on it. >> we were not walking out thinking it was finalized. >> part of renovations would mean putting in an outdoor concert venue with the hopes of bringing in more live acts like these guys and bring more music fame. >> they want to put in an outdoor cafe and welcome sign and giant red sculpture of the words "long live rock" in front of the museum, a sign intended at least in part so visitors can create the perfect selfie shot. >> when you have 500,000 visitors walking in your museum every day and everyone is carrying a camera in their phone and snapping stuff and we get hundreds of thousands of posts. this will give us more. >> board members say despite the push to get everything done in time for the rnc it was important to get the hall's plans on hold today.
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more dynamic and unique to cleveland not copying from other cities. >> we only get one shot at these things. and our job is to be looking out for the welfare of the whole community. so it is really important to be thoughtful. >> reporter: in cleveland dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> romona: a popular program in northeast ohio is teaching children important lessons about confidence and self-esteem. in a way you might not expect. ballroom dancing. we went to cleveland to find out in this week's romona's kids. well, you are watching kids from cleveland's mary bay thune elementary showing off salsa, foxtrot and rumbaugh skills at the cleveland clipic. 5th andth graders take
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a program and not all about ballroom dancing. dance is only the tool to teach the young ladies and gentlemen about honor, respect and cooperation. >> this program is really fun. it helps us with social skills and having respect for others. >> as my own children at orange high school went through this program and i saw some of the transformation from teamwork, respect and elegance. >> romona: dancing classrooms and the cleveland clinic are holding a gala next friday at the westin downtown to raise enough funds to serve 400 more children next year. find out more about it on our web site on having a lot of fun while learning important lessons. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 4:00, a victim of identity theft is fighting back. paul orlousky shows us how to better protect ourselves against
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>> jeff: all right feazel roof camera out there. there. you see it, more of a visibility problem wet roadways and slow going as you see there. but it won't stay this way. one more system and big changes. more on that next segment. >> and carl monday exposed a
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live from cleveland's newscenter, driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: we have focused on the issue with identity theft this week with it being tax season and there's more reason to be vigilant. >> paul orlousky found out someone filing for your income tax refund is a growing concern. one of the targets is fighting back. >> she did make a fake driver's license with her picture and my name and all my information because she had my driver's license number. >> theresa jones is the face of an operation that stole the
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had no luck getting authorities to do anything about it. >> i'm not sure why they have not arrested her. >> reporter: we have gotten responses from people to this story worried using a credit card at the mall and worried about security and make you scratch their head and why don't they scan social security numbers for names and addresses. >> 52,000 ohio ans had their identities compromised in 2015 and one a guy is doing about it. an ohio congressman. his story is a bold identity thief. my personal identifiable information was stolen. a fraudster used to electronically file information in my name. a fake house of representatives w-2 claiming a refund. >> the person didn't get a refund but she got a notice from the i.r.s. stating questions about his return. he hadn't filed yet. identity fraud and tax fraud is
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the i.r.s. stopped $24.2 billion in fraud in 2014. 5.2 billion got through. he sponsored a bill. details are being worked out and has bipartisan support, a rarity these days. >> reporter: paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> romona: carl monday first exposed the problem earlier this week, a little known danger that could lie beneath a school, business or your home. >> his story has drawn the attention of an influential state lawmaker. tonight carl has new information before you do any digging on your property. >> for some time now we have been warned to call 811 before we did. >> thanks for calling 811. call before you dig. >> to prevent a out reor contractor or homeowner from hitting a gas or sewer line underground.
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people responded and not everyone was motivated to make the call. >> even though we have billboards to say call before you dig you don't believe you will potentially hit some type of line when digging and can you do this when you are putting in greenery in your backyard or front yard. >> state lawmaker sandra williams is on the ohio senate public utilities committee. >> most people don't pay attention to it and most contractors don't actually follow the rules when they are supposed to. which is a reason we had to tighten up the 811 bill. >> tightening up meant passage of the underground protection law that took effect last month and you could be fined $2,500 for not phoning 811 before you dig. >> money talks. if you start taking money away from citizens and penalizing them and contractors they will begin to follow the rules in place. >> reporter: utilities like
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doing a good job of identifying potential problems before they dig. the new law doesn't address a potential danger we exposed earlier this week known as cross bores, utility lines that intersect with sewer lines. when a plumber is called to repair a backed up sewer, results can be catastrophic. near cincinnati a cross bore explosion left one family's home in a pile of rubble. and our investigation found cross bores have been reported in other communities closer to home like bay village, north royalton and westlake. equally troubling the ohio public utilities commission around the state. >> some older pipes that were laid originally, there's no way to know where the pipelines are. >> after we contacted her about our story senator williams agreed to share concerns about older sewer lines with fellow law if necessary.
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where they are and maybe figure out a way to stop the cross bores from happening. >> now that we have a pipeline to the state capitol we will let you know what happens next. >> just remember. >> it is a violation of law not to call before you dig. >> carl monday, cleveland 19. >> we checked with the public utilities commission and only one complaint is filed one so far and the puco points out the new law is only two months old and expect more complaints to come in as the law gets publicized. >> all right, the snow is coming down. don't panic. this isn't a big snowstorm. it won't be with us throughout the night. >> one thing i like to do before a systems snow is look at the visibilities. it gives a good visibility how
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you get to a mile and a half, two mile visibility it is a steady light snow and once you get below a half mile to quarter mile you are dealing with heavy snow. as you can see we have a mile and a half visibility in elyria and mentor and here is how it looks on the radar. the thing about this system, it will be with us through most of the night and it won't zip on out of here. it is fairly slow moving. pretty much what we are getting now with the steady light snow is what we will get throughout the night. here is where we have little bursts of steadier stuff along the turnpike here erie county, wakeman and the amhurst area beginning to pick up a little bit in elyria. the back edge of this is right here. we have all of this to go. and it will take all night for this to clear out. good news is it will be out in time for the morning commute.
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areas will get around an inch. yes, some spots could see up to two inches. 31 cleveland. and we have milder air out here. the air mass isn't too cold but cold enough and accumulating snow now that the sun has gone down. at 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., this is 1 a.m. where we are still seeing the snow. 4:00 in the morning where it starts to move out. by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning it will just be flurries. the futureview snowfall. can you see the general accumulation here one inch area wide. so forecast from a meterology standpoint because this is not lake-effect and we will not get big surprises out of this. 29 the low. inch of snow akron-canton and about 29 degrees as well.
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mostly cloudy and chilly and 34 the high. a break tomorrow night and then saturday we will deal with another one. futureview is going to say this will be a mix of rain and snow. but a temperature at 38 that could happen especially south of cleveland. light snow here saturday night and a first alert saturday for snow possibly mixing in with rin and it won't cause big problems. i have an alert for that. sunday we clear out and here is your warm up. 57 monday and 68 degrees tuesday. how about that. >> romona: nice. >> jeff: wednesday we have rain and wind off the lakes and thursday. stay tuned. wednesday could be a pretty wet day. >> romona: i didn't know you had the power to cool it down. the lake does, though. >> romona: thank you, jeff. >> tony.
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: well, lebron may have known questions were coming but didn't mean he had to answer them. from tips and tweets, enquirerring mind wanted to know. hanging with dwayne wade lebron said he didn't care and made sense to fly two and a half hours south than five and a half hours to l.a.
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made a mistake just be able to live whatever comes with it and be with you who protect you at all cost. all he would say they were not directed at a teammate. do i want to explain my tweet. i said no. >> that's why i was asking no, you don't want to talk about it at all. >> no i don't want to explain. >> you didn't say no to the questions. >> no, i don't want to explain it. no, it wasn't directed towards teammates. it's cool. i'm okay to leave when i want to leave and be back to my work at time. two hours before. okay. last one to leave the gym. all right. >> wow. drop mic, exit stage. >> will they ask the question and he handled it how he wanted to handle it and some case he had a point. >> the q belongs to the mack tournament, akron zips come in as number one seed.
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second in the nation as three pointers and sat down with the commissioner. >> past two games, 19, three pointer and 20 three pointers. it is incredible. they have been knocking them down. not to give a scouting report but that's key how they play. >> tony: indians and reds one more time three straight days they squared off. danny salazar and next two adam duval. we lose big. big. 9-1. you want the good news? it is only practice.
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>> jeff: all right. there's an update on the snow. it looks a lot worse than what's going on. around an inch or so. some spots may be more than an inch throughout the night and winds down in the morning to just some flurries. 34 the high and inch or so saturday mixed with a high of 38. sunday we clear out. there's a bigger warm up by tuesday. maybe near 70. are you kidding me with that. >> threat of rain on wednesday. >> take it.
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thank you for joining us at 6:00 cbs evening news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you back here at 11:00. have a good evening. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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>> pelley: the grand old party establishment fights back. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. watch, by the way, how he respond to my speech today. >> pelley: we did. >> mitt is a failed candidate. >> pelley: also tonight, our correspondents give us a rare look inside syria's civil war. >> reporter: so this was an american air strike. >> pelley: major donors cut off the largest veterans' charity after we exposed how the money is being spent spp and a soccer star pledges to donate her brain to study concussions. >> the more we know, the more we can help protect the next generation and the generation after that. captioning sponsored by cbs


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