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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s.captioning >> mark: there it is. video of a shockingic explosion in crocker park and the big question is how did this happen. >> romona: paul orlousky was at the scene minutes after that blast and he is live with answers as to what caused the problem. paul? >> reporter: well, romona, basically investigators are still looking for the exact cause but in short it was a chain reaction accident. look at the damage it did to the new crocker park headquarters. they were hoping to open that later this year. another question i was been
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person and on social media as well how is it no one was injured or killed? it is a miracle. but devine intervention hadding in to do with it. the video merits another look. a fire near the construction site two 1,000-pound propane tanks started a chain reaction. >> when bodes tanks started to be engulfed by fire one ruptured and blew through the building and caused the other one to blow away from the building. >> reporter: workers tell us they heard a hissing noise before the explosion which gave them time to get out. workers nearby confirmed that. >> a few minutes before the big explosion we felt rumbling and we didn't think it was thunder and the huge explosion. everything shook. the windows shook. and you could smell gas. >> reporter: other workers took to their cell phones in a parking garage to call loved ones to let them know no one was injured. workers and shoppers compared notes and stories what they saw. >> flames coming out of the propane tank and then an enormous explosion.
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>> reporter: as compelling as the video of the explosion is the remnants of that and what it left on the side of the american greetings building are compelling. look at the brown stains reaching to the top floor and coming down it widens out and the walls of the littling were blown out on the ground floor. construction workers who wanted to leave could. many did. reporters who crocker park tried to shoo out didn't leave. >> i have asked you to leave and you're not leaving, so that's fine. do. >> reporter: in all, ten fire departments rebound department responded as well as the hazmat unit. >> the barricades next to the propane tanks were destroyed. they don't exist any longer. >> reporter: what he is talking about there is huge concrete barriers dividing highways blown away. the green wall the damage isn't
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those were plywood walls put up to keep heat in during the winter as the workers did their jobs. it might not be as bad as it looks there but the burn up higher is a lot worse. what does this problem mean for american greetings and their year? that's one of the topics denise zarrella is going to touch on coming up at 5:00. reporting live in westlake, paul orlousky, cleveland 19 romona romona 19.>> romona: we are fortunate to one was hurt. we continue with team coverage with dan deroos. what have you found on social media? >> reporter: this is one of those events that blew up, sorry for the pun. crocker park on twitter when you can switch to cleveland trends and crocker park is one of the trending topics of the day, that's a pretty big deal, and you can just scroll there. there are pictures and videos that are pretty impressive. the most impressive did come from the aligned health center. i've tweeted with them.
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i want you to notice a couple of things in this video before i start it. shooting up there. notice the workers here. now when the camera flips away after the explosion, you're going to come back. these workers are picking themselves up off the ground. so the explosion is going to happen here in just a second. now when the camera comes back watch. some of the workers are actually now having to get up off the ground because that's how powerful it was. again, how nobody was hurt in this, there was enough of a warning because of that initial tiny explosion and fire before the massive one that they were able to get people out of the area. romona? >> romona: thank you. let's go now to jeff. he is at the weather center. the rain and visibility made it tough for the afternoon drive but things are going to get better? >> jeff: it will but not until after the evening commute. that's the problem. we're dealing with a steady rain. it continues, in fact, the worst of it has been this afternoon. let's go to doppler max network you see what i'm talking about.
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light rain and it just so happens the steadiest rain is occurring right now in the greater cleveland area and in let's zoom in here. you see this yellow color along route 82 here. strongsville right along the turnpike, north royalton, parma and a steady rain in cleveland. a heads up here. slow go. take it easy out there. it is going to take you a little bit longer to get around this evening. light rain, ponding issues on the roads out there. the rain will end by 1:00 a.m. so i think, you know, after this evening you can see on the evening forecast by midnight the rain is over and we're going to be dropping through the 40s. so i have us around 40 degrees or so by morning in many spots. right now it is 54. got a cold front coming through. 48 currently in mentor, but you are still at 61 in the akron area. there is the poor visibility and the rain downtown.
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we're going to warm up this weekend. night. mark? >> mark: thank you. we have an update about the wrong-way driver who killed 20-year-old kayla coates and i-480 last month. we have now learned he was trying to kill himself. investigators now say the crash was an apparent suicide attempt by mark rafter. rafter is charged with murder, aggravated murder, felonious homicide. he is still in the icu at metro health medical center. today mayor frank jackson gave the 11th state of the city address. one of the hot topics, this summer's rnc. is the city ready is the question on many minds and he was pressed on that and tells us what he said. dani? >> reporter: well, yeah, mayor jackson made a big issue of talking about just how many eyes will be on cleveland for the republican national convention.
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that the city couldn't buy if it tried. so we wanted to know will cleveland be ready come july? >> rnc, is the city prepared? >> time will tell. we have not had a briefing, the council on rnc preparedness. we've asked for that. administration. ready. steady it is like with anything. i plan for the worst and hope for the best, and until we get tell you. >> reporter: the mayor said today he thinks the overall economic to the city from the rnc will be positive as will cleveland's reputation in the world after the major event. we did press him on if the city is ready and why that council member says there has been no briefing. >> a lot of people in cleveland concerned we aren't ready for the rnc. city council says they haven't gotten a briefing on it. >> all of city council told you that? >> just one.
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tells you that, then you can believe it. >> so have some gotten a briefing? >> no, we constantly brief on rnc. i think we brief general managers on rnc. so it is not like we are concealing. >> is the city ready? >> we stay ready. we'll be ready. >> reporter: now the mayor also took the opportunity today to stress education and why he thinks that voters need to reapprove a school's school's levy and one-half percent tax. that's coming up. romona romona another high profile endorsement for ohio governor john kasich it is urban meyer. meyer made the announcement in a video posted to kasich's youtube channel today. the coach has an approval rating in ohio of 85%. >> i would like to tell you and karen the leadership you have
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have been back and even before, your friendship as a friend and as a true supporter of what you stand for, now that i really know what you stand for, we would like to tell you we wish you guys the best. romona romona tuesday tuesday's ohio primary is a must-win for kasich. it is winner take all with 66 delegate up for grabs. today he will hit the stage. >> reporter: republican center mike lee of utah is the first cruz. >> unity within the republican party is more important right now than ever before. we need to unite behind ted cruz. >> reporter: lee's endorsement comes hours before a critical g.o.p. debate in florida. >> you will be watching the debate tonight? >> i will. >> reporter: gregory cogar a political science professor from the university of miami says
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win over more republicans. >> for him to unite the party against donald trump would require everyone to overlook what he has actually done as a senator. >> reporter: cruz, rubio and kasich all say donald trump would be a disaster as the nominee guaranteeing a democratic win in november. who wins. >> people ask me all the time well, who do i want to run against? that's not for me to decide. but given what they've all said, i will take any one of them. >> reporter: but before hillary clinton runs against a republican, she has to defeat bernie sanders who pulled off an upset win in michigan this week. >> we got five states coming up including florida. if you guys come out to vote, we're going to pull off an upset here at well. >> reporter: sanders is trailing clinton in florida in the latest polls. cbc news, miami. >> romona: maybe the biggest question after the democrats debate last night is what color
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it has become the dress of 2016 with twitter in a frenzy saying feel the brown. others insisting black, still others blue. sanders' response director finally gave the definitive answer tweeting the suit senator sanders is wearing tonight is blue. >> mark: really? >> romona: looked brown to me. >> mark: looked like chocolate brown. >> romona: oh, well. history through performance. >> mark: a use of the arts to
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>> romona: alone at 14 with just memories and her dreams to perform on the big stage. running for her life during the holocaust that's one woman's story and her daughter is sharing it with the world. tie ewing from the school district. >> vienna, 1938, a friday afternoon. my mother lisa is 14 years old. >> reporter: a teenager ripped away from everyone she knew and love. it was 1938 in vienna, forced to bid her family adu. a jewish girl fleeing to england fleeing the holocaust. >> she dreamed she wanted to be
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was cut short when the nazis came in and her parents got one ticket on a rescue operation and had three daughters and they had the most horrible decision. who were they going to choose? and they chose my mom because she had her music. >> reporter: that story turned into this. a book, "the children of wilsden lane" written by lisa's daughter. >> good morning. >> reporter: a 90-minute long one-woman performance showcased at the cleveland play house last year and now in front of 6,000 cleveland ninth graders. >> all of you love music, i know that. whatever it is classical music, rap, country, pop, it tells a story. >> reporter: mona combines music, acting in a dark historical past to convey a positive message she says students from all backgrounds can understand. >> we had the privilege of bringing this to memphis,
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african-american students had not read about the holocaust or been taught it but they had their own legacies of racism, of what their families had told them of the most painful chapter in our history. and so they could relate. >> reporter: the performance from this grammy-nominated concert pee pee pianist is free for the students thanks to bob greece. >> he has been a cleveland person for many generations. he fell in love with it. >> reporter: that's the same sentiments mona hopes the students feel when they walk away there this auditorium. >> emotion filled with love and compassion for all mankind. >> no matter how scary it gets in the world and whatever
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never lose our humanity. >> >> reporter: tia ewing, cleveland 19. >> romona: there will be a performance today and final performance tomorrow. >> mark: louisiana could get another foot of rain from severe storms in the south. a foot of rain. there are mandatory evacuations, 3500 homes, more than 100 roads are actually closed down. some are crumbling away. drone video taken over shreveport shows entire neighborhoods under water. national guardsmen called in to help with rescues. very different story around here, jeff. what do we have going on? >> jeff: yeah, i'll tell you, this is the same system, by the way, that's producing the rain for us. but it just so happens that we are -- i don't know if we loosen up the shot a little bit here, guys, i'm awfully big right here. okay.
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bear with me. we've got some steady rain happening here, and you can see the entire area is just covered in this shield of rain. again, the same system that is producing the rain for us, it is causing all that major rain down there on the south. but here strongsville, north royalton over into walton hills, that's where we have heavier rain. also through medina county as well. you see these yellow areas? that's where we have some heavier rain and this one elyria into knowledge ridgeville, avon and westlake. here it is. all of this moisture. we've got the colder air to the north of us and that's going to filter in here later on tonight or as the night wears on and then into the day tomorrow. but we have, i would say, about another five to six more hours of this and then as i will show you on the future view model it
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let's look at futureview temperatures here. 7:00, now this model is pretty aggressive. i don't think we're going to be dropping this much but we will keep an eye on it. that wind will shift out of the north. clearly along the lake shore here dropping into the 30s and then this model has us dropping mid to upper 30s. i'm thinking around 40 degrees or so by morning. here is a look at the future view model. as you can see, by 10:00, the rain will finally come to an end. some leftover rain. it will take a little bit longer to clear in the southern counties and then as you can see by morning we will start out mostly cloudy tomorrow and then increasing sun throughout the morning. an additional quarter to half-inch of rain. now we've already picked up over a half-inch in a lot of spots, but look for an additional quarter to half-inch until it comes to an end here tonight. evening light rain, and we're down to 41. otherwise a mostly cloudy sky.
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could be steadier than areas to the north. 41 your low and then tomorrow becoming partly cloudy and a more seen onable day. we are not going to anybody the 60s and 70s tomorrow. 47, but i've got to tell you something. it is not going to last. because saturday we warm right back up to 61. showers saturday night and then on sunday we have showers in the forecast as well, 71. now this is the weekend that you turn the clocks ahead an hour but look at how warm it gets again. we got the 71 on sunday even with the rain. afternoon showers and storms on monday, 71. tuesday 70 with a partly cloudy sky and then it cools down. wouldn't you know it st. warm. right now mid 40s. we've got time though and there could be some light rain mainly the first half of the day, guys. over to you. >> mark: all right, jeff.
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4:00 in the buzz. >> mark: groomsmen get down to old and new school hits.
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>> mark: this is buzzing everywhere. two gramsmen gave a bride and groom the best wedding present ever. a dance routine to beyonce and n sync. >> romona: cole and daniel practiced two days and snuck in extra practice home alone.
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>> romona: pretty good. >> mark: i can't remember. there was a bride and groom there, too, right? >> romona: yes. they stole the show. >> mark: fellas it is okay. college is over. all right. lebron james. >> romona: remember this little guy? his pronunciation of lebron james was an absolute hit online. well, that viral video got him a real treat last night. >> for the visiting cleveland cavaliers, a 6'8" forward from st. vincent st. mary's high school number 23. >> lebron james. >> romona: yes, the sacramento king got the lebron james kid to come to the game last night and announce the lebron james as he took to the floor. how cute was that?
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he might have a new gig out there. >> romona: he might. i'm sure we will see him on late night probably. i wake up every day in pain and go to sleep every day in pain. >> romona: a local mom wants you to hear the warning she never got with a fda approved
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>> mark: top story crocker road is back open. you can see were it was closed. a thousand pound propane tank ex proceeded this morning and caused a huge fire. construction workers were working on the american greetings facility scheduled to open this summer. they heard a hissing noise seconds before the explosion. >> romona: here is a live picture of the scene of where it happened right now. there have been no reports of injuries.
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osha is now investigating. scary. the rain is tapering off you said? >> jeff: well, it will be. but the problem is i think the steadiest rain is occurring right now or this afternoon and that's creating a slow go out there. a few traffic accidents reported. you know, it is just going to be one of those whenever you get rain during the commutes, and we had it this morning and this afternoon, i actually think it is a little worse this afternoon. it is going to slow things down. i have an alert this evening. i think by 1:00 a.m. the rain will be over here. it will generally be a light, steady rain but enough to create ponding out there on the roads. here is a look at doppler max network. the back edge of the steadier rain is moving through sandusky. still have light rain in sandusky but this is where we have the heavier stuff and everything is moving basically from southwest to northeast here. southern cuyahoga county
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see that yellow right here, right around fairlawn and back out west to medina, another batch here in southern lorain county. there you go coming out of downtown. that's going to be the commute. rain will end though, as i mentioned, from 1:00 a.m. we've got cooler air coming in. that will set up a couple of dry days for us. tomorrow and then saturday we start to warm up again saturday and more rain developing saturday night into sunday. but it is going to be a very warm weekend. 50 in downtown cleveland with rain and fog, akron-canton at 59 degrees. as we look at the evening forecast, 51 at 7:00, 49 at 9:00 and then by midnight cloudy sky but still warm for this time of year even though we are in the 40s. partly cloudy tomorrow and a more seasonable day or becoming partly cloudy i should say, 47. romona? >> romona: there has been
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controversy with a permanent implant called e-sure. shanice dunning spoke to a mom of four who has been dealing with a major misunderstanding regarding this. >> reporter: the fdi decided to keep the birth control on the market even after thousands of women complained about its side effects. now cleveland mom is giving others a warning about the birth control she wishes she would have heard. >> you ready? >> reporter: victoria lattimore is a proud mother of four and in 2011 after the birth of her second daughter she and her husband decided to try for a boy. but she wanted to go on birth control until the time was right. >> i wanted something that would last for more than just a year. >> reporter: her doctor suggested e-sure a coil-shaped birth control device that is inserted into the fallopian tubes and forms a barrier to block conception. >> we blindly trusted him. >> reporter: but she says there was a misunderstanding. she says it wasn't made clear that the birth control was permanent sterileization and
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migraines and pelvic pain. >> pelvic pain so bad it is stabbing me. >> reporter: although doctors couldn't prove the side effects were inc. willed to her birth control, she discovered a facebook group called ohio e sisters. it showed over a thousand other women were experiencing the same issues after getting e-sure. some of them wrote that they had miscarriages after getting pregnant, others had his entrepreneur hysterectomies or had to remove fallopian tubes which is the only way to take out the device. the fda approved the device in 2002 but over 5,000 women said it caused pelvic pain, headaches, moved to other parts of their bodies, moved to other parts of the body or had a nickel allergy. a doctor at university hospital said some patients are using e-sure without issues. >> there are some women who are having complications.
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number relative to how many people have had e-sure but enough that doctors need to counsel their patients appropriately to see if they are a good candidate for the procedure before going ahead with it. >> reporter: lattimore said she wishes she would have researched the device before having the device. she is seeking legal action and thinking of having a hysterectomy to remove the device. >> i go to sleep in pain and wake up to me. i have lost me. >> reporter: e-sure said it is an important birth control option with positive benefit risk profile. bayer will continue to work with the fda to implement measures to support the continued save, appropriate and effective use of e-sure. the fda last week issued their most serious box warning on e-sure to warn women and they will continue to monitor the safety of the device. >> romona: it sounds like what
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have you to do your homework and research the products and not just rely on the doctor. >> reporter: everybody's body is different and do your own research. >> romona: thank you. >> mark: president obama said it is about time, e had. during the first visit to the canadian prime minister of almost 20 years, the two gave a joint speech at the white house announcing an agreement to reduce methane emissions by nearly half. the president also announced movement toward improving immigration, procedures along the u.s.-canadian border. our own tia ewing at another cleveland art museum mystery. her friend took pick tuesday pictures of of tia and the diva's mouth looks like it is open and its eyes are creepy. the art museum is now trying to
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that is really neat. and a little scary. >> romona: creepy, as you said. >> mark: here's what's trending now. are you as fit as the president? good question. >> romona: let's see. the white house just released a physician's report from president obama's february check-up and he is doing better than most. here are his vitals. he is 54 years old, a little more than six feet tall. his blood pressure is low, cholesterol is good and resting heart rate below average. so despite the fact that the president's full-time job has probably cost him some gray hairs, he is doing pretty good. >> mark: he is doing great. 175. that's lean. i cannot do that. i can't that that's the case. >> romona: and i stood next to him when i interviewed him. he is a little more than six feet tall. they sometimes pad the numbers to be taller. >> mark: he doesn't play for the browns. hillary clinton stopped at a
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day while on campaign trail there and she made a mistake by instagraming it. here is what happened. after posting the picture the barista seen making hillary her coffee asked her to take the photo down because she feed for bernie sanders and she tagged the wrong coffee shop in the photo but fixed it later on. >> romona: ouch! the man known as the hot convict has done his time in jail. you may remember jeremy meeks. miss hug shot went vial when arrested for gun position more than two years ago.
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time to think about his future. >> mark: apple has introduced super-sized iphones in the next year but the company's next smaller. >> romona: still to come at 4:00, tony and i will discuss manziel, lebron and kobe's final face-off.
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>> johnny's career cannot be killed by conventional means. he is still here but not long. the browns if they really think that they can give a late round pick, something, anything in return for this guy, i think they're dreaming. but that is the second point. collin kapernick from the 49ers is on the trading block. word is he is not going to the jets and broncos the frontrunner and the browns. chip kelly likes johnny manziel. maybe package johnny with a pick and try to get him out of town and get collin hero row do we want him? i thought he facilitiered the
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>> last year was a tough year. harba left and through 19 touchdowns and ten interceptions and i think they made the playoffs. four years ago he was in the super bowl. >> romona: he has the build of a great quarterback. >> he has all the tool tools. [overlapping speakers] [laughter] >> romona: we are losing the reins over here. i agree the browns should go with someone really good. i'm glad that they are not spending a bunch of money on players who may not, you know -- >> not one or two players away. this is an overhaul. this is hard to watch. everyone says they're always rebuilding. no they're not.
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what you do now is the right track if you can stand it a couple of years and get the right guys in town. >> romona: let's talk lebron and kobe. tonight is the final playoff. >> hope he plays. 10:30 tonight. cavs had big win last night. kobe's good-buyer tour has been fun to watch. i think it is cool. some people say it is too much, every game where he goes. fans say thank you. >> romona: lebron is defending steph curry. i don't like curry. he is air grant. >> he doesn't rub me that way. lebron is saying everyone is saying back in the day, in our day curry couldn't do this. the day off oscar robinson said that i think the magic had a big guy on curry in his face and he pumped them.
4:44 pm
lebron says we are trying to carry the torch from one generation to another. >> romona: i like him unless he plays up. mark? >> mark: somebody's got to do it. a woman's photo went viral when the camera caught her looking rather unhappy at the happiest place on earth. she was caught making this face on the right. arms crossed, scowling, everybody around her looking like they are having a blast. she is now known as the angry splash mountain lady. here hey is with keanu reeves and the mona lisa. she said she did it on purpose because her husband wouldn't go on the ride with her. and now this. we are getting a closer look at mabel's barbecue. nice work. michael simon did a walk through of the e sports plays and these snaps.
4:45 pm
a look at the menu. michael simon said the place plans to open in april. >> romona: can't wait for that. denise, what's coming up? >> reporter: the video all over social media today. that explosion and fire at crocker park in westlake. it happened at the american greetings building under construction. year. denise zarrella is asking what does this mean for the opening plans? then, police are hunting for the woman carjacker who held up another woman at a local gas station. that was all caught on camera. plus, prom controversy. in a principal said one girl's dress might be too racy for the dance. that's coming up at 5:00.
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>> romona: happy national pack your lunch day. i do it four days a week. health experts applaud the day for encouraging people to skip eating out and instead bring a healthy lunch from home. bringing your own lunch to work isn't just healthier, it is actually cheaper, too. >> mark: indeed. brought an apple from home today. vending machine. >> romona: that's not good. >> jeff: raid the vending machine. a day for everything. >> romona: it helps me to keep my weight down because i bring a healthy lunch four days a week and then i pig out during the weekend. >> jeff: there you go. part. >> jeff: we are going to focus on the seven day here.
4:50 pm
the wet roads are going on. steady rain. this has been a super soaker that we have been advertising. john laughlin was talking about it this morning and it is here. it is going to be with us, oh, i'd say five to six hours and then the rain will finally come to an end. tomorrow will be drier. becoming partly cloudy and note the cool down. 47 the high. but we're going to see sunshine. tomorrow night we are down to 33 but then it warms up over the weekend. we're up to 61 on saturday at least. very warm. alert those saturday night. here comes the next system. showers, 52 and would you believe on sunday we are going to be, i think, at or even a little bit above 70 as we turn the clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed. 71 on monday and an alert for afternoon showers and even some storms. tuesday will be a windy day but
4:51 pm
look at this. three days i have temperatures around 70 and then we've got the cold front that comes through on wednesday, 57. right now st. patrick's day looks a little wet, especially the first half of the day and colder and windy. so we will keep you updated on that, 45 on thursday st. patrick's day. here's traffic. >> mark: stay warm on st. patrick's day. a look outside. 77 in and out of the city. looks like 77 south is packing up as you expect on a rainy day like this. we will keep an eye on it through the rest of the afternoon. >> romona: up next the greatest gift of all. >> mark: a teen grants her father figure probably his biggest wish. we'll let you hear the
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>> mark: hey, romona. >> romona: hey, mark. >> mark: by the time you are over 60 you have lost half of your blank. >> romona: muscle mass. >> mark: no, taste buds.
4:55 pm
>> mar >> mark: there was not a dry eye in sight when an illinois n teen handed the man who raiseds teen her a very special gift. >> romona: take a look at this a video and try, try really hardk at not to cry.d >> i just want you to know you>> i are the most amazing man that i er met. have ever met.irst. you raise me my whole life from putting my hair in a tight princess lia bun, jamming out to t all current music, going to warp to warp to tour aurnd our first rock concert together, fleading up to us laughing at cats wearing lau gh leggings. i know we are so weird together we
4:56 pm
and i cannot imagine not having you in my life. youn are you serious? >> what? >> really? >> wow.he suspens >> [inaudible] >> romona: the video posted by misty nicole knight on facebook. by it has already received moreole ht on than 37 million views. >> mark: who sweet caption asked t says evheeryone has been waiting for this. me. i finally asked the man whoeart a raised mend to adopt me.s. can you love you w tith all my heart. job. can't wait to be a ferrell. >> romona: very nice. lane bryant ban. why major tv networks are
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these rtads.aying
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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live from cleveland's newscenter this is cleveland 19 news brought to you by bill dougherty kia of streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? cleveland 19 news starts now.
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now at 5:00 a massive explosion rocking the western suburbs, a fireball erupting at the construction site at crocker park in westlake today. we talked to people more than a mile away at the time of the blast and they felt it. >> denise: crocker park much more than a shopping center. some of the people who live and work there had to evacuate as well. >> dan: denise zarrella is live at the scene. can you tell us what happened? school fire investigators are here at the scene and taking a look at evidence that might be left behind looking at traffic happen. the one thing we are asking from everybody and we talked to eyewitnesses thank goodness no one was hurt. >> rachel told us she could feel the heat from this massive explosion at the new american park.


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