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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news starts now. >> and meteorologist jeff tanchak here. we are tracking storms on this warm monday afternoon. updates as we move along. >> tony: and we have been closely following the presidential primaries since iowa's caucuses six weeks ago and our turn in ohio. a lot of stakes here voters in ohio, illinois, missouri are headed to the polls. in our states, 66 delegates are up for grabs and here it is winner take all. >> let's look at the current leaders in the buckeye state. former secretary of state hillary clinton is ahead of vermont senator bernie sanders in ohio 51 to 46. it is close according to a quinnipiac university poll. the poll shows a large gender gap with democratic primaries in ohio as women backed clinton over sanders.
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it's a busy day for bernie in the buckeye state for the cnn democratic town hall and senator sanders made stops in youngstown today and akron and thousands showing up to hear him speak. >> together not only will we overturn this disasterous citizens united supreme court decision. >> we are going to take on all of those republican governors. we will move this country to having one of the highest rates of voter turnout not one of the lowest. >> tough on the voice, that campaign trail for sure. >> supporters of all ages showed up at today's akron rally. one group dominated the crowd. >> cleveland 19 denise zarrella is there and joins us live with details. d?
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i would say most of the audience appeared to be millennials. a large group of people. many told me they would vote for bernie over hillary clinton because they didn't believe hillary clinton would bring about the kind of change they wanted to see. >> reporter: an audience of thousands welcomed senator bernie sanders to the akron civic theater. sanders talked over an hour for corporate greed, raising minimum wage, raising health care and college free. it was dominated mainly by younger people, many who said they believed a vote for hillary clinton would be a vote for the status quo. >> everything that she says today, if you go back two years she says the exact opposite. why would you want somebody in the white house saying things that people want to hear. we want somebody fighting for you. a vote for bernie is a vote for yourself. >> bernie speaks for the vote of
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lot of blue collar people here. >> and they kept saying if voters turned out to vote he would win and in fact, political analysts say millennials are a large group and if they turn out to vote will he give hillary clinton a run for their money and also donald trump. >> reporting live from akron, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> tony: thank you, d. you mentioned hillary clinton after stops and today she spent the day campaigning in illinois. >> cathrine: today is a battle for republican candidates. it is neck-and-neck. >> a quinnipiac university poll has john kasich and donald trump tied with 38% each in ohio. the poll shows a gender gap in the republican voters as men vote and women support kasich
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poll and and kasich ahead of trump. >> and the event not as an endorsement and trying to prevent donald trump from winning ohio. my kids are watching this. your kids, your grandkids are watching what's happening here. they are looking at a scene of people pounding each other. you think they are not using that for propaganda to send a message to people that america is broken and america is lost. >> tony: cleveland 19 dani in akron today. >> she spoke to an undecided voter waiting to pick her candidate after the governor's speech. >> that's right. governor kasich and mitt romney headed to columbus. there's a bunch of different groups, people who wanted anybody but trump and kasich supporters and undecided who
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information as possible in the next 24 hours. sheryl was third in line for today's john kasich event in north canton and wasn't sure kasich was the right man for the presidency. >> i think a lot is to be said for the angry and that the electorates are feeling. and i am not 100% convinced donald trump is the right person for that. >> so i wanted to come and hear governor kasich. >> reporter: kasich touched on familiar topics and three biggest issues are jobs, jobs and jobs and touched on fixing a broken health care system accident lowering taxes and balancing the budget and eluded to republican frontrunner trump. but this time didn't mention him by name. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land to get there. i can promise you that.
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>> who will you support tomorrow? >> john kasich. >> what did he say to make you change your mind? >> his message was inspirational. with donald trump, i don't feel the inspiration. donald trump feeds my anger, i feel, with government as it is now. i like john kasich's message of inspiration. obviously governor kasich hopes a vote for him tomorrow and ohio as you mentioned is winner take all state with 66 delegates and governor kasich says if he doesn't win his home state he will drop out of the presidential race. >> live in cleveland dani carlson. >> tony: youngstown is a political hotbed and kasich held a rally with jim trestle and senator robb portman and tonight donald trump will be in the youngstown area speaking at winter aviation youngstown road
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>> and doors open and it starts at 6:00. >> aside from the presidential primary several races and issues are on the ballot. we will talk about that at 5:30. >> cathrine: it turned out to be a pretty good day to stump on the campaign trail. >> jeff: that's right. we have showers and storms on the way and these contain downpours. in fact, tornado reported over in the dayton area with the same system at about 2:15 this afternoon in the town of phillipsburg that produced some damage. here we go, this is clearly a line of storms here. we have heavy rain moving through huron county and more in this track and wakeman a thunderstorm and this line is about ready to move into the mansfield area. on this track henrietta you are next at 5:13 and amhurst at 5:24. we have the alert out tonight
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evening and i expect a half inch of rain area wide and ponding is an issue. 34 in downtown cleveland and akron-canton at 70. we are monitoring the situation closely here with showers and storms and what to expect for primary day. that's coming up. >> thank you. in cleveland a father who took his 5-year-old son from his mother's alabama home pleads guilty in court. bobby hernandez lives in cleveland under new identities and pleaded guilty to kidnapping and other charges and his 18-year-old son did not attend the hearing and hernandez will be sentenced next month. developing details now, canton police investigating the death of a child. paramedics called to a home on 7th street after a 1-year-old girl reportedly fell and had trouble breathing.
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an update on a crime spree in lake county. juan razo pleaded not guilty to a number of charges to avoid the death penalty. prosecutors say last july razo murdered a woman in her home and shot another on the bike path, tried to rape his niece and shot at two rangers. he was in the country illegally. sentencing is set for april 27th. >> traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> cathrine: smooth going on the roadways, independence, 48 and independence cloverleaf and just the way we like it for monday. avon road between avon and westlake closed two years, the inconvenience for many. cleveland 19 traffic anchor laura demaria tells us a new project will reopen the door beginning today. runs parallel to i-90 at nagle and bradley and westlake and brian jenson, the mayor of
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shut it down years ago. >> they thought it was a hazard for people driving through. >> westlake doesn't have it on the high priority list and it's kept closed. the city will push away barriers at the city's border and johnson asked westlake officials to open the road temporarily while construction begins on nagle road limiting traffic to one direction at a time to nagle for months and the city of westlake agreed to help out. >> just traffic. when you go down there it's busy. >> it's no secret avon has been growing for years. levin's built a new showroom. and city officials hope to ease some of the traffic pains by opening nagle road while construction goes on. some nearby residents are feeling the headache. >> people come flying down there. it's a narrow road. it is easier not being open.
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big road closed sign is a bone of contention. >> and some wanted to stay up and some moved out of the way for good. >> and it is set to stay open until mid-august. come august some roughly 300 homeowners off avon road will be happy, the others will be upset all over again. >> reporter: in abc laura demaria, cleveland 19 news. so they were saying nagle road is expected to wrap up mid-august between nagle and jaycox road. meier grocery store will build their new location at the avon middle road location. >> and are you a parent with piles of kids clothing sitting around you? a way to delieutenanter and make money kids can use and fill
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as polls showed donald trump losing ohio, he attacked our john kasich with unhinged, bold-faced lies. but, guess what donald? four hundred and seventeen thousand of us now have good jobs here because of our governor. kasich cut state spending, cut our taxes, increased our wages. ohioans are too danged smart to ever trust you. new day for america is responsible for the content
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lively from cleveland 19 news driven by don joseph toyota in kent in kent this is cleveland 19 news. oh, yeah. you probably know this. most parents can find plenty of clothes and toys in their home that kids have absolutely outgrown. talking about stuff that takes up space and collects lost of dust. >> i can find toys here, here and here. jen picciano live in lyndhurst with a way to spring clean and clean up. jen?
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that's what mine looks like. high end resale shops are offering parents for a way around dropping big bucks on stuff your kids will wear once, maybe a first communion dress like this and offers a chance for parents to save money, time and storage space. >> it is the thought of having a garage sale sounds as awful as the idea of spending hundreds on clothes that actually fit your kids now children's resale shops like revolve kids may be what your household needs. >> it is hard to find good stuff for the boys. when i came here it was like where is all this stuff. because they grow so fast. >> the owner says expect high-end brands in great condition. >> we have a range of brands from old navy, super affordable up to true religion, patagonia, north face, we have burberry stuff for kids. >> reporter: you can find toys and baby equipment.
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babies like this big $130 brand new and we have them $39.99. babies don't wear them out. >> kids want basketball tennis shoes. they are extremely expensive in the store. they have them here. i saw a pair for $40. i am so excited. >> parents selling items can expect to make 30% of what revolve will sell it for. >> comparison to selling something on-line like facebook pages it is an easier avenue because you can come in. if they buy it, they buy it. if they don't it is in a bag ready to donate better than getting a few dollars on a facebook page. >> reporter: here at revolve kids you can expect to pay 50 to 75% off retail. when you are getting -- if you are selling getting a third, you won't get rich off this but clothes are making you more
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closet. >> reporter: live from lyndhurst jen picciano, cleveland 19 news. >> bloom artist and cafe open and in addition to pastries fresh squeezed juice and european coffee. it serves up lunch, sandwiches, soups and salads. it is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the week and 7 to 6:00 on saturdays. >> tony: let's talk tournament. still not enough to get into the tournament, the ncaa tournament and lost the title game to buffalo and miss out. >> reporter: of course they will settle for nit against another team we know and love ohio state buckeyes who missed out on the big dance for the first time in years. buckeyes started slow with a young team finished with 20 wins
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round 1 around nit at 6 p.m >> might be better than you think. >> akron shoots the three's. now that march madness is underway filling out brackets nearly 51 million workers are expected to take part in office pools. if they spend one hour and talking about everyone working on the bracket costing businesses $1.3 billion and lost productivity. >> wait a minute, though. >> this is good for cameraderie. >> it does. >> right. >> there are plenty of workers that put in extra time they don't charge for and comes back. >> michigan over ohio state. >> you have to because you are sports. >> i am on it. >> the racket is ready to go. >> okay. >> i am not going to say anything. >> we are tracking this line of showers and storms here and this is how you are getting in the springtime mode and seeing the storms and we have a system
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storms right here with rain and lightning bucyrus and mansfield and showers and storms rolling through. huron county approaching oberlin tracking through elyria and through huron county and main line right here. that's a strong storm. shelby, heads up. this is the interior right now and tracking to the northeast. and approaching mansfield here and that areaweller and ashland and new london by 6:00 on this track. the main line and could be hail in that and downpour by 8:00 and 8:00 futureview model has us moving through cleveland getting quite wet out there and heavy line of rain and storms and then as the night wears on this will settle to general showers i
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system moves out we will be dry other than isolated showers east of cleveland. you can clearly see futureview is indicating over an inch. look at that sandusky, cleveland, mentor and see how things set up and about everybody here will be looking at least over half inch of rain. that's going to cause ponding out there on the roads. akron-canton, you will be dropping down to 53 degrees with showers and thunder. tomorrow primary day in between systems. it is a mostly cloudy sky. more sunshine as the afternoon wears on and 59 for the high. tomorrow night for the most part looking dry. until we get to the overnight. this is 2:00 in the morning going into early wednesday morning and another wave of showers and could be thunder with that. that's a cold front. it will turn windy on wednesday
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will come in here until st. patrick's day. that's why we only go down to about 55 there for the high. again, recap 59 tomorrow mostly cloudy windy kay wednesday 62 and partly cloudy. there's the st. patrick's day. a few showers and storms. i am not looking for a lot of rain. but it will be windy, cooler, 55. showers around friday and i have an alert there. 44 only, in fact, look at this saturday night. we could be dealing with a winter mix. 49 saturday. saturday night the winter mix and sunday mostly cloudy sky 45. it looks like it stays cool into early next week. there you go. >> the perception is you are drinking fermented grape juice and in reality that's not the truth.
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>> tony: about 25% of americans drink wine on a regular basis. >> cathrine: before opening bottle tonight you should know there may be more than wine inside. >> when you drink a glass of wine and relatively inexpensive wine you are drinking a huge array of compounds and chemicals you have no idea are present in the wine. >> cathrine: oh, no. there could be 200 additives in a single bottle of wine including sulfites and mega purple for the coloring gelatin for texture and a chemical which kills living organisms. sometimes grape harvests are not so great and additives are added to make sure bottles taste the same. they require winemakers to state if sulfites are present.
5:26 pm
a couple extra bucks. only 25%. >> you thought the number was low. >> yeah, that's low. >> in somebody's wine cellars and organic bottles down there. >> maybe there's living organisms. >> tony: donald trump says he doesn't drink, otherwise he may be popping champagne. >> gearing up for super tuesday round 3. all eyes on ohio and florida. we will talk about that and issues on the ballot in the buckeye state next at 5:00. >> cathrine: also a community in shock. an service gunned down outside his police station.
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as polls showed donald trump losing ohio, he attacked our john kasich with unhinged, bold-faced lies. but, guess what donald? four hundred and seventeen thousand of us now have good jobs here because of our governor. kasich cut state spending, cut our taxes, increased our wages. ohioans are too danged smart to ever trust you. new day for america is responsible for the content
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>> jeff: line of storms moving through richland county, rain and perhaps hail tracking
5:30 pm
an update in a few minutes. >> all right, five states, millions of votes and hundreds of delegates at stake. >> the candidates making the final push for yet another super tuesday in race for the president. ryan nobles live with us from miami, florida, of course the state with the biggest prize. ryan? >> reporter: tony and catherine, if you are keeping count this is our third super tuesday and one iowans have an important say. an important vote in florida. 99 republican delegates at stake. 214 democratic delegates and the stories in both ohio and florida are part of what will take place here tomorrow. >> the race for president is getting heated. donald trump is crisscrossing america in the closing days before tuesday's vote and now beefed up security. after his event friday night was
5:31 pm
trump is blaming the protestors for the problems. >> i would like to punch them in the face i tell you. >> opponents on both sides of the aisle believe he is playing a role. >> donald trump is running a very cynical campaign. fear. >> reporter: the controversy may not have any impact on the final vote. polls show trump leading in illinois, south carolina and missouri. >> we win in ohio you have to take pictures because you may be taking a picture with the next president of the united states. >> ohio is winner take all state. a john kasich win could secure delegates before the convention difficult. as always trump remains confident. >> delegate math is becoming an important story as the campaign moves on. not just for republicans but democrats as well. hillary clinton may win the most states tuesday but all the
5:32 pm
proportionally on the delegate side leaving bernie sanders and supporters a glimmer of hope. >> if there's a large voter turnout here in illinois, i believe we are going to win illinois. >> reporter: a picture that could be much more clearer after tuesday's crucial vote. >> reporter: of course a lot at stake for marco rubio here in florida spending all of his time here in the home state ending with a rally and homecoming rally not far from where we are in west miami. if rubio is not able to win florida and john kasich able to win ohio it could be the end of the road for both those candidates. tony and catherine. >> tony: you mentioned rubio and kasich. rubio says listen, do yourselves a favor. vote for governor kasich in ohio and the governor did not take kindly and they are not working
5:33 pm
comes to donald trump. >> reporter: it is a weird situation. john kasich never bought into this hashtag never trump movement. he has been kind to donald trump in totality. kasich firmly believes if you are a supporter you should vote for him no matter where you are, a strategic thing. his super pack is running ads specifically targeting kasich and cruz supporters saying if you don't vote for marco rubio you are voting for donald trump. it is an interesting strategy. four campaigns going about it in different directions. >> interesting. i was taking part in early voting this morning and i notice the polls, a lot of people who are registered democrats won the republican ballot. what is that saying to you? >> well, what it is probably
5:34 pm
trump's impact on the race both positive and negative and there are certainly donald trump supporters that have probably been democrats their entire lives and working class and blue collar folks identifying with the message and some fear donald trump as potential republican nominee because they have seen what he has done to the republican field and could do the same thing to whomever democrats put up as well. good and bad donald trump has brought a lot of people into this political process never a part of it before. i am not sure what you saw in your polling location, catherine and i imagine that's at least part of it. >> cathrine: i think that's part of it and ohioans having their say, too. >> tony: great stuff, ryan nobles, thanks again. >> cathrine: of course it is not the only race ohioans are voting for. senator robb portman seeking re-election on the republican side.
5:35 pm
strickland is running for a senate seat and several judge races and voters are looking at city-specific issues and issue 23 in cleveland a health and human service tax renewal and issue one in akron and proposed ordinance on gas aggregation in the city. to read up on issues in the state and find your closest polling place download the news app and click on election 2016 tab. you can get election results and polls open at 6:30 in the morning and close at 7:30 p.m. cleveland 19 news special election coverage getting you ready to vote on cle 43 and 11:30 on cleveland 19 and read up on issues and candidates on-line. on election night a full night of results and analysis beginning with a mobile cast at 7:30 followed by expanded coverage on cle 43 and cleveland 19. >> overseas there are more than
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bombing in the turkish capitol of ankara. at the city's bus stop on the main boulevard. the city says kurdish rebels are behind the blast and third devastating attack in five months. >> tony: another attack of the ivory coast claimed a dozen lives. and men connected to al qaeda opened fire on beach goers popular with westerners, this is the third terror attack in west africa in less than four months. maryland police mourning the death of a colleague gunned down near washington, d.c. yesterday. >> cathrine: outside police headquarters. craig boswell has the latest on the unprovoked attack. >> reporter: maryland flags flying at half-staff in honor of officer coalson shot and killed outside a police station sunday afternoon in what officials call an unprovoked attack. this man launched an attack at the police station and engaged prince george's officers
5:37 pm
responded heroic. >> dennis lives nearby and heard gunshots. >> turned tv and heard four or five shots and i heard the helicopter and came outside and saw policemen and everybody in a frantic state. >> reporter: police shot and injured the gunman treated at a hospital and arrested two brothers and evidence shows the gunmen intended to die in the shootout. >> law enforcement officials who came to the hospital where coalson was treated are distraught after dying from his wounds. >> he lit up a room. he was a tremendous personality and made everybody smile and wanted to be everything to everybody. >> we witnessed again another act of evil and this is an act of cowardice. >> sharp says there could have been more injuries. >> luckily they were closed. and if the center was open it could be 50 to 100 kid at the time.
5:38 pm
investigation later today. >> in prince george's maryland craig boswell cleveland 19 news. police did seconds ago and saying they are investigating the death of officer coalson has the result of friendly fire coming off a shootout involving police officers. in seattle a suspect is dead after police stormed into a 7-eleven convenience store and wildly was swinging a hatchet. without saying a word started swinging and injuring a customer drinking his coffee near the register. that customer happened to be a licensed conceal carry. he shot the suspect. police do not have a motive. an investigation underway in kansas determining what caused an amtrak train todale overnight headed from chicago to los angeles when it jumped the tracks west of wichita. 7 cars derailed. of the 128 passengers on board 29 injured, two critically.
5:39 pm
going when it went off the tracks. in north carolina, more than 100 vehicles involved in multiple crashes on a highway 20 people received nonlife-threatening injuries and were encouraged to avoid the area for hours with a combination of sun and rain made the roads blinding conditions. police are still investigating. >> cathrine: you know how it feels. the sun and rain and if it happens in the evening time. >> thunderstorms can mean business. we have heavy rain in the area right now. this is what's going to be tracking through here. an alert mainly this evening for the showers and thunder and some will be containing heavy rains. watch out for ponding out there on the roads. everything is west of cleveland right now. henrietta, amherst, wakeman area, these are storms rolling through huron county and this cleared shelby area and starting
5:40 pm
the main line is tracking to the northeast. putting them in loudonville area and city of ashland, 5:52 and wooster 6:12 and wooster at 6:44 and moving to cleveland after 7:00. >> a heads up. this is april line. i am not gotting any severe reports. looks like lightning cloud-to-ground lightning is starting to diminish somewhat and we will continue to see what happens. all indications are that line could weaken tracking through cleveland and we will have showers and storms around. interactive radar is what you need. with the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. 62 at 6:00 rain and storms. 56. and overnight we will drop to around 50.
5:41 pm
this evening and diminish to showers overnight. 57. rain-cooled air in mansfield and 73 dover new philly and rain and thunder tonight, drying tomorrow and another shot and wave of rain and thunder later tomorrow night. tomorrow for primary day looks dry. not too shabby. 59 cleveland akron-canton and your forecast high is at 62. looking at the planner tomorrow 7 a.m. starting with a low cloud deck by lunch 54. we will continue to monitor things. >> cathy and tony over to you. >> cathrine: so many know the feeling frustrating achey shoulder situation. it can be tough and instead of resorting to shoulder replacement, a new procedure using parts from cadavers doing the job for some.
5:42 pm
>> as polls showed donald trump losing ohio, he attacked our john kasich with unhinged, bold-faced lies. but, guess what donald? four hundred and seventeen thousand of us now have good jobs here because of our governor. kasich cut state spending, cut our taxes, increased our wages. ohioans are too danged smart to ever trust you. new day for america is responsible for the content
5:44 pm
>> tony: many know it well, serious shoulder pain and know the dread of needing a full joint replacement. >> it happens a lot and doesn't have to happen. a cadaver saturday ledge transplant. >> raise your arm as high as you go. >> the cleveland shoulder institute could not be more pleased to what he is seeing in sara.
5:45 pm
>> honestly, immediately. >> she suffered chronic problems since she was a kid and we want through several procedures hoping for a fix. >> finally found it when she went with a cadaver cartilage transplant. >> i was a little nervous but try this and get my joint replaced and i was 24 and it wasn't an option for me. >> she would be the perfect candidate for what the doctor says he worked years to perfect. >> it is a passion for me. i love it. >> and it is specially designed for people under 50 who's deteriorating cartilage bone on bone shoulder joint. >> it is daunting and scary for them. it is for good reason. for alternatives that are biologic if you will. >> and less invasive compared to cartilage tools sculpting to match the original cartilage and
5:46 pm
is used done through small incisions and no muscles have to be damaged. patients like sara who is a stylist. >> and getting back to lives quicker. finding cartilage match there's no worry. and this is a relatively new procedure and not determined how long the cadaver replacements last. more information on >> researchers at the university of cincinnati say blueberries may help fight alzheimer's. patients with mild cognitive problems taking blueberry powder for four months ate a couple of blueberries a day and showed improvement in brain function, heart disease and cancer. a big day and campaign 2016. we are getting several visits ahead of the ohio primary including donald trump.
5:47 pm
rally set to begin in a few minutes. plus a father accused of kidnapping his son years ago and living under fake names made a plea in court. those stories and more.
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
all right, taking a live look at the feazel cam. it is beautiful and i know what's coming. >> what a phenomenal day. >> cathrine: it almost looks like a summer shot. not enough green. we have showers and storms. that's how you know we are talking spring stuff. 70 cleveland hopkins airport and cooler at the lake with the lake breeze and then this. a heavy line of rain and storms that extends from about amherst area through huron county northern richland and holmes
5:51 pm
this is coming in from the southwest to the northeast. everybody's going to get hit with this tonight. the worst of it will be this evening and overnight it will diminish to some showers and then tomorrow, dry for primary day. we will get this thing out of here. cooler, though. we will be around 60. there's another wave of rain and thunder early wednesday morning. during the day wednesday it turns windy and partly cloudy and 62. st. patrick's day we have a few showers and storms under. it will be windy. 55. not real warm. look at the temperatures, parade time in the low 50s. a few showers friday and even cooler, 44. on saturday dry, 49 and during the day and saturday night here is another system with a winter mix that will be with us as we
5:52 pm
and sunday 45, the trend continues down on monday. next week. so it looks like a much cooler extended forecast. we are pretty warm the next couple of days downward trend through the weekend into early next week. catherine -- i'm sorry. download this cleveland 19 first alert weather app when we get severe weather into our office will you get it at the same time. >> important stuff going through tonight. >> where is richard simmons? that's what everybody is talking about. >> and coming up, one thome park
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. >> cathrine: in today's buzz you have never seen a roller coaster like this before. >> tony: and they said i'm fine. i went off the map but workout guru richard simmons is alive
5:56 pm
an article posted saying he hadn't had phone calls or e-mails in two years. he wanted time to focus on himself. >> fans of "friends" can look to the stage for the revival unauthorized musical making its way to chicago. "friends," the one where they sing is a 90 minute parody of the first season. you have to buy the ticket soon june 10 through july 29th. >> tony: it is the dumbest idea i have heard. >> get ready to have your mind blown six flags of georgia unveiled its fist virtual reality roller coaster. you go through drops and twists but wear the virtual reality headset with lasers, explosions and aliens. >> cathrine: my goodness. >> tony: it looks phenomenal. >> cathrine: what a great idea. you need a stomach for that. you will be off balance before getting off the roller coaster
5:57 pm
candidates know how to campaign and know how to campaign on the internet. we will show you how they are selling themselves on the
5:59 pm
live from cleveland's newscenter cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: a day away from the ohio primary, three candidates came to our area today all with stops in youngstown. bernie sanders also in akron, ohio governor john kasich and donald trump has an event tonight in youngstown. >> romona: we are live at the trump event set to begin at any moment. we will take you there in just a few moments. >> mark: we begin, though, with the weather. storms and showers blowing through our area at least in the southwest. >> romona: that's right jeff tanchak is all over it tracking
6:00 pm
>> jeff: tracking northeast. this is a strong line of showers and storms. nothing severe. it is containing heavy rain and perhaps some small hail. let's update you on doppler max network and zoom in to the northwest part of lorain county here. this moved through amherst approaching vermillion, norwalk, willard and greenwich and this line as well in ashland county and down to millersburg all tracking to the northeast. it puts it in the wooster area after 6:00 oberlin 6:35 and montrose 6:53 and i expect in the greater cleveland area after 7:00 tonight. showers and thunder, the heaviest early this evening. over half inch of rain expected with this. we are already getting reports of ponding on the roads as this line was coming through. the mansfield area.


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