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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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now, the terror attacks has u.s. officials on high alert. security has increased at american transit centers. >> belgian's prime minister called for three days of national mourning. 30 people died and 200 injured including several americans. jonathan vigliotti reports from brussels. >> reporter: two survivors. one clutching a baby pick themselves up off the floor moments after an explosion tore through the terminal, one of two powerful blasts at the brussels airport that blew out windows and caused a creeling to cave in. travelers ran for safety. >> we saw two people with hats, really covered with blood. >> an airport security camera captured this image of three men that belgian prosecutors say are behind the attacks. authorities believe the two men in black blew themselves up and third suspect. >> another deadly explosion rocked a busy subway station
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about an hour later. some passengers evacuated through dark tunnels. >> belgian authorities say there's a strong possibility of another terrorist attack. people in brussels have been allowed to return back to the streets and the subway system is slowly reopening. >> speaking in cuba president obama condemned the attacks. >> we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> the attacks come days after authorities in brussels arrested salah abdeslam a key suspect in paris deadly attacks. >> one thing that's shocking to me that you have had in the wake of the terrorist attacks yet another sophisticated coordinated attack under the noses of european authorities. >> it is unclear if attacks are moved up in the wake of abdeslam's attacks. >> jonathan vigliotti. happy to report kent state
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business administration are okay. the university confirmed in this tweet earlier today saying all our students and faculty on the educational trip are safe and in brussels and again they are all safe. >> and three mormon missionaries from utah are among those injured. the three were at the brussels airport to see the missionary. they are all hospitalized. fanny rachel was on her way to a mission assignment in ohio. she passed through airport security when the bombs went off receiving minor injuries. >> facebook is helping people to find out if loved ones are okay. dan deroos joins us with the safety check. >> we can imagine the chaos getting a phone call out which is next to impossible and everybody using their phone and facebook implemented a safety check and facebook came up with this technology and program as a
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earthquakes and tsunamis and flooding and tornadoes and getting word out. here is an example. your phone would pop up like this when you logged into facebook or opened facebook. it will show you this picture. give enthuse choice i'm safe or i'm not in the area. what it does, it instantly sends out a message to all your friends. they will get a notification saying your friend is in the area and they are safe. >> you are asking how does facebook know. think about it, when you log on you are gio caching and it knows you were in belgian and knows servers you are using and actual internet connections you are using. here is what it looked like to your friends when you open up the page for an earthquake scenario and people check safe it comes up on a list of friends in the area and they are safe. actually, a pretty interesting
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they have only used it twice for terror situations and the paris terror attacks in november and now this one mainly designed for natural disasters. mark? >> thank you. team coverage takes us to hopkins international airport. today harry boomer got an update for how prepared they are for a time of crisis. harry? >> reporter: mark, the bomb in brussels sent shockwaves from here to the atlantic on the north coast and shores of lake erie folks at hopkins international are taking more precautions than usual. >>. it may look like business as usual as folks do what they have to do to make their flights. they are aware of what happened overseas earlier today. here at hopkins additional k-9 units are being deployed. they are using what they are calling behavioral detection officers and as always multiple
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even interim director of the airport frank szabo says he gets screened multiple times a day. here is what he said at hopkins now. >> can you see as a result of this incident there's a heightened number of uniformed officers in the public areas on the roadways and ticketing and baggage claim levels and t.s.a. has employed a number of strategies to minimize any risk. >> mr. szabo says they are using curbside security. he says everybody should feel 100% safe flying in and out of hopkins. live at hopkins international airport harry boomer, cleveland 19 news. >> thank you. in a few minutes candidates running for president responded to the belgian attacks. >> this time of year, i never know which coat to grab. it starts out so cold in the morning and by afternoon you are roasting. >> jeff: we had a 30-degree
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alone compared to yesterday 4 yesterday and 60 today and 20-degree change and a lot of changes happening here. >> it will be unseasonably warm tonight and drop in the low 50s here. and i will keep it dry. the wind will stay up. we have been seeing gusts over 30 miles an hour. it is 58 akron-canton. downtown cleveland is at 61 still. just nuisance light rain tomorrow. showers and storms likely on thursday and that will be the next cold front and i will tell you about that at 6:17. >> sentencing in a deadly hit-and-run case. prison. last august he was drunk while speeding and ran a red light on wade park in cleveland and he hit a person in the street and collided with a car killing the driver of the car and the
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cantie's car were seriously hurt. cantie took off and later turned himself in. >> to the republican national convention we could see upwards of 50,000 visitors this summer meaning to $0 million in direct spending. as denise zarrella reports a poll shows residents are concerned with security. >> reporter: what do you plan to do when the national republican convention comes to town. >> i will come downtown. i want to see what's happening. >> i probably will avoid all the hustle and bustle. >> if you are like most clevelanders, will you avoid coming anywhere near downtown during the rnc. baldwin wallace university released a poll surveying 530 registered voters in cuyahoga and six neighboring counties. the survey revealed 73% polled says the city needs to focus attention on security for the
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63% surveyed says the city needs to focus on 50,000 visitors expected to be here. dr. copeland of the community research institute. >> we know we will have 50,000 people coming into the city and benefit economically from that, it raises a lot of security concerns. i'm sure that all of the coverage about the protestors at the trump rally doesn't help. >> what would lure clevelanders downtown during the rnc? discounted admissions to museums and open and closed at the top of the list and perhaps the saddest statistic that 69% of rnc chose cleveland to host their event to begin with. >> the city's attitude is a lot like the attitude about the browns, like why us, why pick us, like we are never going to win. >> clevelanders thought they were up against stiff competition when it came time
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rnc and how is this for bipartisan support republicans, democrats and independents alike agreed they were excited the rnc convention was coming to town. >> reporter: in cleveland, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> mark: all right, denise, thanks. we contacted all the sheriff departments in ohio and 85% responded saying they have either not been asked or don't plan to send manpower to the rnc. chief colin williams sent an e-mail to the association of police chiefs in january asking for as many law enforcement assets as able. cleveland will start accepting bids for riot gear at the end of the month. bids for ballistic helmets and vests opened last week and police leaders are concerned the gear won't get here in time. >> denise: a husband got life in prison for murdering his wife. henry ashley , jr. will be eligible for parole in 15 years. last september he got into a
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fight with his wife at their home on martin luther king boulevard. ashley attacked her, picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed her multiple times. a jury found him guilty early they are month. >> mark: could judge angela stokes be back in the courtroom. >> i gave you a warning and i'm not going to give you another warning. you will not conduct yourself like this in a court of law. >> reporter: you will never hear that outburst from the bench. could you soon hear her voice in the courtroom. the ohio supreme court cleared the way for stokes to apply to get her law license reinstated. it kept a long expensive legal battle that began after her license was suspended and she was temporarily removed from the bench. after months of hearings and more than $1 million tax dollars to defend her a deal was struck and she would resign and agree not to run for judge w. that
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reinstatement but not until the supreme court would allow it. this does that. >> and applying to the supreme court doesn't mean the license will be granted. application and fees paid and classes taken and then the cost to taxpayers. >> can i slice and dice from you here to next week but i don't want to. >> attorney larry zuckerman put on a fierce measure and was correct when he told us in december when asked about his bills. >> it is none of your business. >> can't you just redact a name? >> it is none of your business what die for any client. >> reporter: the city could waive the privilege and make it transparent how they spent this money from january to march the total up 55,300 and the bill 18, 117,000 and what it bought hidden behind black redactions made a thick stack of bills.
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>> reporter: paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> up next we follow details breaking news on the terror attacks in brussels. >> presidential candidates responding. >> how rta is taking precautions here. >> jeff: windy downtown cleveland looking at the reserve cam. it is warm around 60. rain on the way especially thursday.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: back to our top story now, the terror attacks in belgian. >> denise: a belgian prosecutor says police raids are happening around the country thinking two men probably staged suicide bombings and a third fled. more than 30 people fled. about 200 are hurt. there are two bombs at the airport and at least one other bomb in a brussel subway system. isis claimed responsibility. locally, rta is making sure people are safe. officers and 8 k-9s are overseeing security.
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there are similar scenes in cities across the u.s of course candidates for president responded after the attack including governor john kasich on who says president obama should have cut his cuba trip short. >> and they have begun to assemble teams of people, intelligence experts who can take a look at serious breaches we have in intelligence. >> reporter: president obama should be back in america keeping this country safer. president obama should be planning to travel to brussels. >> we have to defeat isis where they hold territory in syria and iraq. we are making progress and we have a lot to do. >> mark: donald trump tweeted do you remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was. not anymore. from a different world. the u.s. must be vigilant and smart. bernie sanders says today's attack is a brutal reminder the international community must
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this barbarism cannot be allowed to continue. we have continuing information on air and on-line and cbs evening news will be an hour long tonight. five acres burned in south amherst. firefighters battled a brush fire to be seen from the turnpike t. took crews under an hour to put it out. no word what started there and thankfully, there were no homes in the area. in lakewood crews battled a house fire on clifton boulevard starting on the back side of the house and flames spread to a neighbor's home. the good news is everyone got out safely. >> got out and on my way over here before the wind kicked up today. >> that wind was fierce. how about it. >> we'll take it. >> absolutely. sunny and warming up. jeff? >> jeff: it is. firefighters don't like it when the wind is like that. battling fires we just talked about. we have 24mile-an-hour wind out
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rapid warm up today. 36 gusts in elyria. starting to go down a bit. the trend will continue and a breezy night. i think we will lose the over 30 gusts. there you go. a big warm up. warm front to the north and in this warm sector of air. we had a little light rain. a quick shot that went through ashtabula county. may still see some areas of light rain early this evening. look at the futureview temperatures, 11:00 tonight still above 50. i think along the lakeshore. 52 the low and cloudy sky and breezy night out there. 49 akron-canton, cloudy and very warm for you. now, tomorrow i have a little light rain in the forecast. it is not going to be much.
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you can see 2:00 in the afternoon. futureview indicating just a little bit there and by this time tomorrow we might have light showers. other computer models are giving us more. this will be more of a nuisance thing. you may have to put the wiper blades on delay. it will be .1 or less. the bigger risk is thursday with the cold front. 55 the high and cooler tomorrow. here is tomorrow night at 8 p.m. and 2:00 in the morning. most of it is still north. we have the cold front to deal with it on thursday. waves of showers. that's the actual front thursday morning. that will be cruising through. i have the better opportunity of rain thursday afternoon. it will be windy and well in the 60s here on thursday. even some thunder. showers and storms likely. it is a cold front.
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look what happens friday. low clouds and cooler, 41. that will last one day. all right. after the two alerts tomorrow and thursday and on saturday back up to 60. saturday night 48 and right now eave sunday an alert and most of the rain will come in the afternoon and evening here on easter sunday. monday and tuesday next week sunshine and both days around 50. tony, over to you. >> thank you. another cleveland showdown with a quarterback in the spotlight. could be the deal.
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news.
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>> you may not like this one and i am not thrilled asking it. i am obviously trying to diffuse this a little bit. it appears you unfollowed the cavs on twitter today and it caused quite a stir. why did you do that or what would go into that? next question. >> tony: all right. i have a question. if you are lebron and you know exactly what the reaction will be if you unfollow your team on twitter, why not hit it head on when asked about it. lebron knew the question was coming last night. in my 30 years of sports i haven't met someone smarter than lebron james. he orchestrates much of it and it isn't a bad thing or deeper meaning to his messages or actions. as i said last night before he lit up the nuggets, it could have been as simple as gearing up for the playoffs and shutting down social media as he has done before and same with the sound system in the locker room. he is mentally flipping the switch.
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than normal. it is right around the corner. i wanted to mentally prepare myself for the distance. >> of course it has to start with him. the rest of the cavs will follow his lead and lebron doesn't have to explain every move he makes to us but we keeps sending out messages. when we get them, they carle weight. i think i may join the snap as in snap chat this week, another way for my fans to ride with me throughout my journey. next the bucs stop here. milwaukee in town. the game is changed to a 7:00 start. can you catch it on fox sports ohio with fred and a.c. i want to update you on robert griffin iii. browns consider the frontrunner. it could go down this week. denver broncos reportedly in play. gary kubiak's offense similar to the one mike shanahan ran in d.c. and stay tuned to that.
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it could happen. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. >> snap chat. at least they don't last long.
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all right. a lot of changes in three days. we have a little light rain tomorrow 55 and then showers and
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evening on thursday and windy and 66. and then we go down for one day. 41 on friday with low cloud cover and then looks like we go back on saturday then. >> wow. there you go. >> denise: it is that time of year with the 60s. >> we'll take it. thank you for joining us at 6:00 cbs evening news is next. >> denise: we hope to see you
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% >> pelley: terror in brussels. [screaming] bomb, attack the airport. >> everyone panicking. we had to run. >> pelley: and the subway station. dozens are killed, hundreds wounded, including americans. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> pelley: isis claims responsibility. >> we cannot let them succeed. >> pelley: and america goes on alert. >> i would close up our borders.


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