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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  August 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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>> we have several breaking news stories to get to you. so let's go to it. there are reports right now of shots fired at jfk airport in new york. multiple calls started coming in to police. one passenger tweetingic jfk. they've closed the gates at security for possible shooter. dozens of people have been evacuated and are standing around in parking lots. there are no confirmations yet of an actual shooter. and no information on any injuries. we're still waiting to get information on this. when we get it, we'll get it right to you. the next story we have got to get to is out of cuyahoga county fair. breaking news. there was an accident there tonight. we're told a ride employee was
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we're receiving information he was given meld care at the fair but then hospitalized and they'll be okay. as you can see, ride was shut down and there is an investigation under way. and breaking update on that huge accident on the turnpike amount of young girl is dead after a ten car pileup on the ohio turnpike near the cedar point exit in erie county. the highway patrol tells us a semi-truck failed to stop in a into nine vehicles. 7 people were hurt. five of them flown by helicopter to nearby hospitals. both the east and westbound lanes were blocked for several hours until crews allowed eastbound traffic to do a u-turn by removing part of the concrete barrier wall. all lanes reopened about 8:00. good evening. i'm dan deroos. lydia esparra is off. we're still tracking rain if the first alert forecast. let's get offer to jon loufman
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>>jon: a kind of a lull in the action right now as we take a look at our fair city and its signature building, the terminal tower. there's a garden variety shower heading across lake erie and off to peely point. and nothing around here. nearest spike of showers is splicing through indiana, yeah, has made an entrance into western ohio and now streaks down into the source of really the moisture that is moving across the region. the stuff coming out of southeast is just moisture laden influx of warm, muggy air, the kind that is hard to sleep in and hard to walk around in during the day. flood watches were out there, but there was no flooding this weekend. rainfall amounts, almost a third of an inch. i mean this is all weekend long. cleveland, almost a third at toledo. almost two thirds at akron-canton. an inch and nearly inch and a
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hammered. and .86 at youngstown. no flash flooding as well. where do we go through the course of the night. >>reporter: we take a dip from the lower 70s down to 69 before we recover and start the climb back up into the mid 70s about 9:00 on monday. you notice the icons, from time to time, a shower and even a rumble of thunder not out of the question. we'll talk more about that in a future view of what's ahead for monday hour by hour and day. it's all coming up in just a few. >>dan: john, thank you very much. remember, can you stay ahead of any rain and all the storms by downloading the free first alert weather app. you can get interactive radar and hour-by-hour forecasts, even customize it down to your neighborhood, all on your smart phone or your tablet. the power problems continue in parts of northeast ohio. more than 600 customers tonight are still trying to get their lights and ac back on. first energy says some of its
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days and expects all power to be restored by tomorrow morning. well, you're going to pay more to right rta from now on. a rate hike kicked in today. the first increase in 7 years. riders protested the changes for months. but the board members said they had to do it and make tough choices for a cash-strapped agency. if you have passes that you've already paid for, those will still be honored until they expire. we want to break down exactlyho going to impact you. let's first look at, let's go with the cash fares. we're talking a single ride, currently you were paying 2.25 for a single ride. that's going to go up a quarter. went up a quarter today. no increase next year but another quarter going up in 2018. let's get to, here's the passes. we're talking daily passes. again, you were paying $5. that's going up 50 cents.
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no increase next year but then up to $6 when we get to 2018. then there's a lot of people who ride it, buy monthly passes to commute for work. let's show you those increases. you were paying $85 for a monthly pass. it's going up ten dollars starting today. and then no increase, and again another $10 in august of are 2018. today we spoke to riders about the new prices. many of them said they wouldn't mind paying a le meant better service and more lines but they don't feel like that's going to happen. >> i understand that the, you know, they need to generate more money or whatever, but it's not doing the public no better. they're still doing the same service but they're increasing the prices. you know, i'm avid plus driver every day. monday through friday, sometimes monday through sunday. >> i buy a weekly pass and it's going up two fifty a week.
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me quite a bit. >> for a full list of the new fares, you can head to our web site, now, northeast ohio is going to be the center of campaign 2016 yet again this week, with the candidates heading here of course, ohio is a big battleground state. and now that we're a few weeks into the general election campaign, we wanted to know what local voters are thinking at this point. so we sent out shelby miller to get those answers. >>reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton both as this week. trump makes a stop in youngstown tomorrow. clinton will be in cleveland on wednesday. we wanted to hear from voters about the race so far. they all told me they've never seen a presidential election like this before. >> they're just going back and forth, talking about each other. i've never seen anything like this in my life ever. >>reporter: in unprecedented presidential race, that's what many people we spoke to tonight call it. >> i never seen anything like this before.
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obviously thinking about the future of our kids, you know, so we're trying to kind of make an educated decision but that's hard to do right now. >>reporter: presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton each make a stop in northeast ohio this week. today many voters told me they still have not made up their minds when it comes to the november election. >> ohno, we can't stand either one of them. >> even some people who have made up their minds aren't sure what to do. >> i was a good big fan of donald trump for a l some of the things he says though has kind of turned me off. and now i just don't know what to do. >>reporter: many people told me it's because either candidate addresses the issues. >> let's hear the plan. >> they're talking about each other instead of, you know, fighting for us. what can you do for us? they're not saying that. >>reporter: voters hope the candidates start getting serious when they try to win over voters in our battleground state this week. >> what do you want to hear from them? >> exactly what they're going to do for the country.
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education, those are important things. not picking on each other. >>reporter: right now, all we know is trump is expected to deliver a major foreign policy address at youngstown state university. that's tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile clinton's camp said she plans to talk about taxes and the economy when she stops at john marshall high school on wednesday. dan? >>dan: thank you very much, shelby. now there are some major problems in milwaukee, wisconsin's governor calledn night of rage last night. demonstrations all over the fatal police shooting of a 23-year-old man. there was vandalism in several fires. demarco morgan has the latest on the shooting and civil unrest. >>reporter: buildings burned on milwaukee's northside. police in riot gear, protesters setting cars on fire, tossing bricks at squad cars, sending one officer to the hospital. chaos erupted taft 23-year-old
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cops during a foot chase. >> it all started with a traffic stop. milwaukee mayor tom barrett. >> this stop took place because two officers who were there to make sure that there's order in this neighborhood, and they felt there was is suspicious activity going on. as it turned out, two individuals, the gun was a stolen gun. the officer didn't know it at the time but there were 23 rounds in that gun. >>reporter: barrett says the officer with six years on the force ordered theus but he refused to. he was shot twice in the chest and arm. the mayor says the officers involved were wearing body cameras. tensions remained high into the morning, with some protesters vowing to continue the unrest. >> no, it's not going to end today. i can't tell you it's going to end tomorrow. i don't know when it's going to end. but it's for ya'll to start. we're not the ones that's killing us. ya'll killing us. we can't make a change if ya'll don't change. >>reporter: peace rallies were
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leaders calling for calm. coming up, historic floods slammed the deep south, forcing more than a thousand rescues. we have the latest still ahead on cleveland 19 news. plus, back-to-school spending. some kids return to the classroom this week. we're getting answers on how parents might be able to save a few bucks. >>jon: i want those answers. keep an umbrella handy. make sure your windshield wipers are working. more rain in the forecast. we desperately need it. we'll discuss that as well
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>> let's get back to that breaking news out of jfk. even though several hundred people were evacuated from the airport, it does not appear now that any shots were fired. the port authority is investigating there. they are now saying preliminary investigation does not indicate shots were fired at jfk. there were no injuries. at this time, no gun shells or other evidence of shots fired have been found. so we'll try and get an update
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there at jfk a little bit later. at least four people are dead as historic floods slam the deep south over a foot and a half of rain has fallen in parts of louisiana, which is in a state of emergency. more than a thousand people have needed to be rescued. there's also flooding in mississippi and alabama. omar villafranca has more. >>reporter: floodwaters continue to immerse much of baton rouge. emergency workers rescued at least 7,000pl here the crew from a coast guard helicopter pulled three stranded residents from a roof. a search crew on this boat came across a car just in time. saving this woman and her dog from drowning. nearly 2,000 national guard troops have been helping louisiana residents this weekend. according to officials, floodwaters killed three people, damaged more than 2,000 homes and stranded countless animals.
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shelters. volunteers jeremiah johns and andre say they rescued over 150 people with their boat and truck because it was the right thing to do. >> people ask, why do you guys do this? >> it's just what we do as a community. we help each other out. i'd expect somebody to do it for me and my family. >> louisiana is very resilient. we have strong faithful people and i am extremely encouraged by the amount of cooperation we have we see folks who are truly being neighbors to one another. >>reporter: louisiana governor john bell edward toured the damage and says some areas have become islands. >> it makes it very difficult for people to get out and it also makes it very difficult for first responders and sometimes to get in. so we are asking everyone to be patient. surely the waters are going to recede over time. so, everyone, please just be very cautious out there.
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people were stranded overnight on interstate 12. first respond serious will use a helicopter to drop food and water to those people. omar villafranca, cbs news, baton rouge, louisiana. louisiana remains under a state of emergency tonight and the governor has asked for a federal disaster declaration. little bit of controversy at pitzer college in california. two students placed an ad looking for a nonwhite roommate. the ad included the people of color only. they claim with all the racial tension in the country right now, they didn't want those issues to distract from their studies. >> i do not hate white people. that's not way screamed in that post. what i screamed in that post was i am eagerly and desperate to create a safe space on this campus in order for me to return and be successful here. >> racist and racism is
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i'd need some system of power working in line with whatever my goals might be. >>reporter: the school's president called the post inconsistent with the mission and values of pitzer college. it has since been taken down. classes begin this week for some schools in northeast ohio. and most moms and dads look forward to this time of year as the kids go back to school. what many parents don't like is the expense. a yahoo poll found moms and dads will spend an average that can put a real strain on the family finances. >> looking at the ads, looking at the apps, everything to try and pinch every penny. >> we check the price online first and came to the store to see if there was a sale or a special. >>reporter: walmart and target are among retailers offering back-to-school apps. you may want to check those out. many stars also offer online coups to help parents save a little bit of money. the united states catches olympic fever. just every two years or four
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little different. the tv ratings are down 20% for the rio games. a yahoo survey found out over half the people responding are even watching the olympics. so, have you watched a little bit? >>dan: i've been watching quite a bit of the olympics. i like it. the u.s. is doing extremely well. >>jon: we're doing well, aren't we? 41 women's soccer team, that's another story. so we'll go on to the rain that is not falling we are going to be dealing with the opportunity to make up on our rainfall deficit here in the form of spotty showers right through the course of the night. the mugginess, the humidity in the air is going to stick around right through the beginning of the workweek. muggy and mild. and the risk of showers and storms is going to be with us through thursday. we're not talking about deluges, although locally heavy downpour certainly not out of the
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no flash flood watches in effect. but more like sporadic intermittent here and there scattered showers and thunder. pretty quiet right now as you can see, nearest rain in indiana and this is where the brunt is. this is where the system's center is. and it is going to be tracking northward. it's actually on a course for the thumb of the michigan milten. and it's going mitten. it's going to come close enougho need. the deficit is 2.39 inches since june 1st. a typical month brings us about three and a half inches of rain. so we are down. anybody who owns a lawn knows that temperatures will take a slide down to around 70 at 6:00 a.m. i think in between hours we'll slip to 69. and then start a recovery up to the mid 70s at 10:00 in the morning. we'll talk about where we'll top out in a moment. right now half a dozen degrees
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and columbiana from 75s at a cleveland and sandusky. everybody is under a blanket of clouds with nothing falling from the sky at the major reporting stations that you see here. you can see how quiet it will be as we make our way toward the monday morning commute. 8:00 a.m., a few spotty showers starting to move in. then we'll make our way through the day and a line of showers comes through by 5:00, here's where the stop down looks. scattered course of the day. showers, a rumble of thunder, began variety thunderstorms certainly not out of the question. when you get those, sometimes you get a short burst of heavy rain and that is not out of the question as well. for the most part that will be welcome. tonight, possible showers. it will be muggy, it will be mild. we'll dip down to 69. i think akron will get a break and head down to 67. could see a few stray showers working their way through the nighttime hours.
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day tomorrow. and they will doing everything they possibly can to get this game in. 1:10 first pitch right around 80 at first pitch time. on the lake with the water temperature of 78 and southwest winds, one to three footers can be expected through the endangerment you may have though dodge a raindrop or two and maybe even a lightning flash off in the distance. but scoot in anyway. lightning travels a long way. intermittent showers and storms through the course of the day tomorrow. intermittent is the keyword. we'll be talking about a tuesday that brings showers and storms. better chance on tuesday to get rain. and wednesday, scattered showers, 83. we'll head into thursday, with another alert button, so four days of alerting you to the fact that these showers are coming through and then friday and saturday at this point look dry with highs in the mid 80s. 78 on sunday. but another risk, or hope for little bit of rain then as well. dan, there you have it.
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coming up next in sports, apparently progressive field was a little dirty this weekend. so the tribe brought out the brooms. mark has all the details coming up in sports. today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere.
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>>mark: the indians appear to be out of that slump. they earned four game sweep over the angels today. this not a blowout, it took a rally. jared weaver on the mound for halos. tribe did get to him in the first, kipnis cracked 20th 20th homer of the year. 1-0. but halos would come back off trevor bower. choy, a two run shot to put them up a run in the fourth they got
11:27 pm
solo homer out of soto. it was 4-1. now here is a weird play. the indians would get a run on this infeld hit by napoli. one run did score, eventually santana thrown out. lindor was safe at second. naquin deep at right. still enough to bring home ramirez. that's a long rbi double. they were tied at four and moments later almonte would get them base hit to score naquin to put up a run. tribe a winner, 5-4 the final. now bauer made it through six innings. did get the win. but he went six, gave up four, tagged for two home runs. given up fur runs before the fourth inning even ended. to hit credit he settled in, gave them six big innings.
11:28 pm
to choy, right in the middle he hit for the home run. made some costly mistakes. but then you know what, he kind of found it a little bit and started competing a little bit. got through last two innings for us. and with no more damage and gave us a chance to win. >>mark: going six versus going four, is huge. tigers took care of business today against texas. four home runs and beat the rain, 7-0. cabrera went deep. there remain five back in the central division. marlins dealt a big blow this weekend. jean carlos stanton is done. likely for the season. he has a grade three groin strain. ow. they're hoping he can be back in six to eight weeks but would probably have to make the playoffs to get him back and that's if he came back in six to eight. browns had josh gordon and corey coleman out on the field today.
11:29 pm
coleman a bad hamstring. they were there for the walk-through. about as far as the team would let them go. they did not do any real drills or anything like that this is a positive step though. gordon's conditioning had been mentioned as a problem before. coach hue jackson says he has lost some of that weight. sounds like both gordon and coleman should be back on the field soon. just don't ask when. >> i'm going to talk to our doctors when we are done. but i think they're closer to being out there than they are further obviously josh has been out for quite a while. corey has been out quite a while. >> joe hayden another guy on comeback trail. ankle issue, surgery and recovering from that would not look for him on thursday night. coach says he has no plans to play hayden. he's not concerned about not having enough time though to get him ready for the season. >> no. that is not my plan right now. i think again i just want, again
11:30 pm
ready. hopefully we'll play him before we get to regular season. so we got three more left. we'll find one that i think is suitable along with our medical staff that we think best for him. still sorting out running back spot. zeke gone of course to nfl. they need a new guy. mike weber is one of the front-runners. but not a lock at this point. pass protection will be key. they'll need to be able to bloc curtis samuel, dontre wilson and demario and antonio are fighting for that spot. right now mike and current advertise are top two backs from the program. they're not zeke level yet. curtis is pretty close, each for a guy that doesn't get as many reps of pass protection. mike is pretty good and won't play if he won't. that's something very important. he's a stand-up guy, so that's
11:31 pm
too. at john deere classic, winner gets a free tracker. no, he doesn't. but they should give one away, flight par three, ben martin got it close to the hole but did not get the ace. would settle for birdie. he was good but not as good as ryan martin. shot four under for the endangerment held off the other moore held off martin by two strokes winning at 22 under. >> she should probably put an asterisk. the world's best are obvious >> that happens on the pga tour, whether the olympics or they just take a week off. some of these tournaments, it's
11:33 pm
i got shot down over vietnam and spent eleven months in a pow camp. what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way.
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>> welcome back. i'm joining jon loufman here in the weather department as he gets ready to tell us how we're going to do tomorrow. i got a little golf game tomorrow. am i going to be okay? >>jon: yeah, you're going to be okay. you may have to take shelter
11:35 pm
stop and have cold refreshment. there it is. our city and here it is, the look at the showers that are moving across the lake right now. really nothing of any consequence until you get off into central western ohio and indiana. this is the next batch that will come in. again in passing scattered variety. the rainfall over the weekend has been negligible everywhere except an inch and a quarter nearly there. but no flooding and that is the good news. our forecast hour by hour carries us down to around 69 in the overnight hours and back up into the low 80s tomorrow. but i'll recap that in the 7-day coming up. >>dan: thank you, jon. stirring new video has surfaced in nigeria. it allegedly shows some of the dozens of schoolgirls who were kidnapped by the terror group boko haram. two years ago.
11:36 pm
it shows a masked man standing guard over the schoolgirls. the fighter called on the nigerian government to release detained militants. if our members in detention are not freed, the man says, know that you will never find these girls again. the militant also warned the government to tap airstrikes. boko haram released video they claim shows several of the girls killed by government led bombings. ge confirm that. in the past two years, this schoolgirl says 40 of her classmates have married militants. one girl in the group is even seen holding a baby. today's video is the third released by boko haram of the girls since they abducted more than 270 of them from their school in 2014. >> that was jonathan vigliotti reporting. next month will be the 44th anniversary of the
11:37 pm
when terrorists kidnap and killed 11 israeli athletes. here's a look back at a man who will never forget the massacre at munich. >>reporter: these are the moments good is a berry wants to remember. the opening ceremonies of the 1972 munich olympics. psabari recall it is pride he felt competing. recalls every moment of those games. >> even the moments he wishes he could forget. on september 5th, a palestinian terror group called black september took part of the israeli team hostage in the olympic village. psabari, a wrestler, was only one to escape. >> i saw an opening. the ak rifle was here. i pushed it out away from my stomach and ran away. he never chased me. he only shot. i never looked left or right or behind. i just ran. >>reporter: the memory haunts him to this day.
11:38 pm
international olympic committee has created a memorial site in the olympic village to remember all olympians who have died during the games, including the 11 israelis murdered in munich. they will always be psabari's teammates. >> i will remember every second until i die. it's not a dream. it's like i feel every second until this moment. something like that is impossible to forget. >>reporter: despite the painful memories, the olympic games for what he says they are, a chance to unite the world. they once asked me if they should've continued the games and i said yes. it's for the whole world and it continued. it's a festival that gives a good feeling to the whole world. >> before leaving for rio, the israeli olympic team paid their respects at the munich memorial in israel.
11:39 pm
site. he's grady judd psabari's nephew. he will compete in windsurfing for the second time. perhaps that's the strongest way of remembering what happened by carrying the name of a survivor to another olympic games. oren libber man, cnn. coming up, muslims want justice after the murder of a religious leader in new york
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>> outrage is swelling following a double fatal shooting in new york that killed an imam, which is a religious leader of a mosque and another man. the killings happened in broad daylight as the men walked home after an afternoon service. tony dokoupil has moore. >>reporter: police say 55-year-old imam maulama akonjee along with an associate, thara uddin, had just left the mosque in blank la dechy neighborhood when a gunman approached from behind, shooting both in the
11:43 pm
nypd deputy inspector henry sautner. >> video evidence shows a male with a medium complexion, dark colored pollo style shirt and shorts. >>reporter: early this morning police released this sketch. with no one in custody, the community here is on edge. he lives nearby. >> we feel really insecure and unsafe in a moment like this. it's really threatening to us and threatening to our future. threatening to our mobility in the neighborhood. >>reporter: at a vigil, many said they want the police to investigate the shooting as more than a double murder. >> this is not a robbery. this seems like -- this is not an attack to imam. it is attack to community. >> hate crimes are on the rise. sautner asked if this crime is part of that trend. >> there is nothing in the preliminary indication that would indicate they were
11:44 pm
>> chow did dewey heads a morning nearby. >> we won't this. >> police are reviewing several surveillance tapes and continuing to talk to witnesses, trying to figure out why these two men were targeted. they leave behind large and grieving families, including ten children. tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. pollution is making air in parts of california too dangerous to breathe. and we're getting answers on why the air quality will only continue to get worse.
11:45 pm
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>>dan: in the west, extreme heat combined with thick smoke from wildfires and air pollution from millions of cars is making the air dangerous to breathe in califoia here's mireya villareal. >>reporter: back in the 80s, thick hazy smog was as much part of the los angeles skyline as the hollywood sign. today, while l.a. county's air quality has improved, health officials say pollution kills 1300 people a year, making it the deadliest air in the country. according to a new study that number is more than triple the number of air pollution-related deaths in new york and twice the total in texas.
11:49 pm
of excess deaths is quantitatively very similar to the number of deaths from alcohol-related traffic fatalities. >>reporter: in california, heavy traffic, industrial commerce, lack of rain and wildfires are all to blame. >> bad air, high levels of pollution become deadly to society because chronically people are ingesting that's par advertise plant moll cull. >> the err doctor. , he says he's seen a patients suffering from pollution and you don't need to be a medical expert to figure out the solution. >> if we had tighter restrictions and better control over our air quality, we would see a drop or decline in these acute crises that people have with these underlying chronic conditions. >> the pollution in california is so bad federal health standards for ozone levels have only been met three days out of this entire summer. experts believe with another heat wave hitting the west coast and sticking around through the
11:50 pm
quality will continue to get worse. mireya villareal, cbs news, los angeles. a local mom who lost her son to a heroin overdose is calling for a state of emergency in ohio to fight the epidemic. she's even started a petition to get it done and it's getting traction. sara goldenberg has her story. >>reporter: camellia carter's son rj was just 25 years old when his addiction to heroin cost him his life. >> he had a demon that followed and if he wasn't careful, it would swallow him whole. >>reporter: this past may rj left behind his son, going on two years old. >> my baby boy was an amazing human that would do anything for anyone. >>reporter: camellia wears the neck lace holding the ashes of her son. she started this petition on calling for a state of emergency in ohio. more than 7,000 have signed it and that number keeps climbing.
11:51 pm
people i realized we need a state of emergency to make this happen. to get people to help the they need. >> her goal is unlock additional funding to get more resources to fight heroin addiction. we contacted governor john kasich's office and a spokesperson sent us this statement. the governor's heart breaks for parents who have lost a son or drawer to drugs. we applaud camellia's strength and her determination that no other parent should ever know the pain she's experiencing. the governor is treatin t emergency and not a day goes by where he doesn't talk about what it will take to make progress against this ever evolving war on drugs. camellia says the small stems to fight heroin aren't enough. >> it's spreading. and it's not going to stop. and i'm not going to stop. i'm not going to shut up. i'm not going to go away. >>dan: that was sara goldenberg reporting. camellia hopes to have 50,000 signatures for her petition by
11:52 pm
donald trump may be behind in some of the polls but he's way ahead in another way. thieves seem to be targeting his signs. s the story is up next. i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time. looks like you're all hooked up. game's about to start. let's do it. we're watching here? oh yeah.
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>> welcome back. donald trump may not be ahead in the polls but he sure seems to be leading when it comes to stolen yard signs. jeanne moos explains. >>reporter: you are looking at perhaps the most endangered species of yard sign. >> four signs i had uph >>reporter: they tend to be drive-byes, someone makes a bee line for the trump sign, grabs it, then jumps in a getaway car. and check out this dainty thief. the most recent theft involved a runner in his dale, new jersey. she jogged past a house, waited for a car to leave. then came back. picked up the sign and took off. when a video went public, she turned herself in. but the sign owner declined tow press charges.
11:56 pm
woman. it could be worse. >> respect my opinion to vote for how want to. >>reporter: this artist created a giant t for a yard in staten island in the middle of the night someone set it on fire. the donald himself called to computer models earth. what's an artist to do? rebuild. >> going to be huge. >>reporter: this house in indianapolis lost a dozen trump signs in three weeks. we found very few hillary signs reported stolen. either her supporterre posting them or they're being left alone. in haverhill, massachusetts, one of richard earl's signs was painted "never" over trump. he had signs tossed in the streets. >> some bipartisan tips for protecting your yard signs, a pennsylvania man slathers roofing tar on tension. hard to get off and easy to spread to clothing and car. another person went and bought a
11:57 pm
and smeared it over every inch of the sign. when hillary for prison signs disappeared out in the hamptons, the owner reinstalled them on 12-foot poles with surveillance cameras and electric fencing. it may not be easy to steal an election, but an election sign? jeanne moos, cnn, new york. okay, electric fencing was a nice interesting touch. i don't know about nice maybe. scattered passing showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. could see some locally heavy downpours. maybe a quarter inch and a burst in an hour. but otherwise just passing through. on tuesday, on wednesday as well. what about thursday? more of the same, yep. humidity levels will stay high. friday, mid 80s. saturday mid 80s. both look dry at this point. sunday another risk of showers but cooler nigh the upper 70s. >>dan: thanks for joining jon
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
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? ? this weekend on "extra" -- the stars who make us cheer! [ cheers and applause ] >> the stars who make us smile. >> julia! >> the stars we love. >> extra extra. >> it's j. law raw. >> what the [ bleep ] is going on? >> from her shoot from the hip humor to her life as a single celebrity. >> guys might find you a little intimidating. >> why the star hasn't fallen in love and why she keeps falling. >> it's my thing. >> then, our a-list interview with julia roberts. >> i am going to stay here all day. >> the oscar winner tackling every off-the-wall topic. tattoos --
12:01 am
>> four. >> scherr celebrity crush. >> isn't that weird? >> and what she said that made mario blush. >> and we're globe-trotting with tom cruise. >> where are we, tom? >> we're in london. >> aj's on the road with the "mission: impossible" star talking death-defying stunts. >> and being one of hollywood's most eligible. >> you're hot on the market again. >> police sly, matthew mcconaughey's mom. >> they like his butt. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone welcome to "extra" i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm rene posh. and our interviews with tom cruise, matthew mcconaughey and sandra bullock. >> and we start with one of my favorites, hollywood's it girl, jennifer lawrence.
12:02 am
list of richest stars with $52 million for her action hero role as katniss in "the hunger games" franchise. >> turn your weapons to snow. >> why does ew's entertainer of the year, jennifer lawrence make our stars we love list? >> what the [ bleep ] is going on? >> because jlaw is the down-to-earth, unafraid to say anything photo-bombing, interview-bombing, hollywood supe fame and good fortune seriously. >> tell me about the haircut. >> she's dated actor nicholas holt and coldplay front man chris martin. but jennifer always jokes with us about her single girl status. >> no date tonight? >> i've got a lot of dates tonight. >> guys might find you a little intimidating. >> i mostly don't find guys i like. i think i prefer to not be approached. and that's possibly why i'm single. >> but there is someone new in
12:03 am
>> she's the best. >> amy and jennifer hit it off after meeting last summer. jlaw revealing to us they're writing a new comedy together. >> there's not a lot of boys in the story. it's mainly me and aim were. >> we also love jlaw because she's a self-confessed klutz who has a knack for falling down at award shows and premieres. >> always falling in style even when she fumbles the fashion designers' names. and even with her two left feet, she takes time out to take time with her fans. and there are many more reasons jennifer's one of the stars we love. well he's arguably one of the biggest box office stars in the world. i'm talking of course, about tom cruise, and for me, the ultimate tom cruise movie is "a few good men." >> i want the truth! >> you can't handle the truth!
12:04 am
say "jerry mcguire" is my favorite. >> another great one. here are a few more reasons tom cruise is a star we love. he's been a box office "top gun" for four decades. his movies banking more than $8 billion worldwide. tom cruise still living by a simple motto -- >> work hard, play harder. >> not hard to see why tom makes "extra's" list of the stars we love. >> where are we, tom? >> we're in london. >> we take him for taking us globe-trotti jet to promote his new movie "edge of tomorrow" three countries in one day to pull it off. >> did you see that? it came out of nowhere, man. >> we don't just love him because of his shout-out to his favorite tv show. and not because he's one of hollywood's most eligible bachelors. >> you're hot on the market again. >> low priority. >> nobody better to his fans than tom, always stopping to pose with selfies and sign autographs like he did on his
12:05 am
>> it's the most elegant evening i've ever been to. >> tom's death-defying hang on an airplane as it takes off stunt he did himself. >> i was going down the runway. >> his mom would have been going -- >> oh, my lord, oh, lordie. >> tom kept his crazy hanging on a plane stunt a secret until it was over. >> tom, is that -- honey. >> tom admits he'd do it all over again. >> when you think what it's going to be like for an audience to there's an exhilaration. >> another reason he's one of the stars we love. >> this georgia peach never dreamt she would become one of the world's most popular stars. she wanted to become a veterinarian but she became hollywood's "pretty woman" julia roberts. >> her movies have made more than $2 billion, she's made "people"'s most beautiful list 50 times. it's not just her smile that


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