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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  August 15, 2016 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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secon i remember feeling early o this administration when i was at t pentago tremendou frustration on som issue whe i fe like, president obama i only he bourb h wou mak t righ decisio he h the sta gatekeepe who weren' letti the important issues get t him and realiz aft certa point he's got the peopl there because he wants the there. th ultimatelresident choo t staff the wan a choose the staff w wil enabl them o enab them to b i bubbl >> goode people a empow them t d whatever they need to do i t leader's vision, and the natur of government large y really do ha tel upo them that t t way i i >> dickerson: williaohen yo kno abo communication what role does tha play terms residentia communication. let's talk about it externall and maybe somebo else c weigh in, i ter of intern communications. >> let m emphasi wha t ridge talked abou earlier, th what you want in preside i
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compassion understandi f the problems tvera person. in this country, hav dee raciivide you can onl loo what' taking place i ferguso missouri, in chicago i baltimore, i terms o t divide betwe t bla community a t polic community that serve the there ar rebellion takin plac i recal whe preside bus 4 wa tveli o californi in t wake the rodnein beatings a t rebellion tha was taking place out there, aske m "ho shoul addre this? how would y recommend an so was, t president o the united states, asking m h approach thi subject and langua becom important i think when i com to dona trump, h use languag to- h us languag t divid demean, anltimately, t divert. he diverti attenti fro
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you t media t b chasin everything down rabbi hol what does h mea was i sarcastic was clear was i delphical ambiguous and we go aroun a aroun meanwhile you have issues wit turkey a russi you have issue i terms o wha the russians are doi i syria you have big iss going i terms a y goi handle-- how wou y eve or providigiving nuclear weapons south korea these a b issue a y we're talking abo h lates comment about what h wou d under thes circumstances o we're cheating i philadelphi and elsewhere. >> dickerson: let me asou secretar ridge bas o you time also, ypent time th house donald trump i als negotiator, de maker he's h sonsiderabl success getting yes who knows h h get there he has talent getting yes isn't that somethi washingto need badly
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between a dea makin a consensu builder sometimes when i listen to som people, i think as i t 1 commandments yule commande turned to one o h aides a said, "le i b written let i b done i think one of t presidentia qualities we need i somebod who practitioner, w understands the constitutiona process, who i willi engahe house a senat from time to time i worr abo a government that becom v ideologica leaders become ver ideological it's my way o t highway th everyma t m a wom that make ameri work, they' looking for leadership tha understands th complexities o their world, th challenges th face, to bui consensus ronald reagan wa great tha he a ti divergent point o view, he d i president bush 41 told m las year, on o h proudes moments wa signi t americans wi disabilities a because it brought republica an democra together anything big i thi count h normally been around consens
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are looki for leadership that aspirational, th build a consensus aroun solvi b problems and n jus talki abouthe >> dickerson: govern levit secretary ridge has made t ca f t o bringing peopl together, but there's feeli in the lan tha tha jus doesn't cut inymore an tha somebody do nee t come i w might n hav t niceties of th establishment but ca bre throu a g so thin don wit different skil set centur require collaborati leadership and she that mean the ability bri peopl together a fin the commo purpose. there are times when you simpl have to st forwa a sho th direction, but i democracy li our what' bee missing i tha washington ha beco a abo prepari f th n electio and controlling theewycle because you're sur i y h
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the righ thing these oth peoplon' well, th reality that' t footh, a preside w can bring people together t fi th commo solutio i what's bee missing and i think wha peoplea fo an i-- the i cultu o divi thas real bor i ouolitic used tha winning a election, you keep you bas and ride t midd enough th yoca midd tha peopl get wil b lightin u the bas and enoug that th can hav the vote required that change t america politi but it doe requi n kin leader, think, fo t 21 searchr dickerson: all right, we' going to hav t i there thanks to al o y f helpi us sort throu little b about what preside doe t make bette choices we'll be back t talk about th highs and lows of thi wee a
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>> dickerson: now for our politics panel. dan balz i chi corresponde pe "washington post.
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he's melti dow there o t cover. audie cornish hos o " thin consider" n new and michae gerso if donal tru wer deliberately trying t avo winning the election, cou hardly be doing bette j >> well, thi t reaso f that is this is chang environment in thi and by h o actions tru i drawing attention aw f t clinton o himse secreta controversial statement afte another. and there's a pattern tha i mea t pattern i h mak statement, there are sever days o damagin coverage, h rolls bac sor o doesn rol i bac so he keep t sto going a in som way h creat anoth diversion to g out t previous diversion
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he were to really b serio about trying to wi thi campaign. >> dickerson: michael in t piece in "time" t intervi with donal trump sever tim he seems t go- h says, y know, advisers w t behave the w d t abou tradition campaig doing things you'r supposed do prosecuting t cas again yopponent an stayi o message." it li he' wearing a it shir and today w tweete a wha " far lik t w r in the primari better. ev thoug he's no running i thrimaries it' differe electorate. trump is caught her i vic from the beginni h alway trusted his own g a h g di somethi whi nobod a this table or i washingto could d withi t republica primary. he was proved righ the problem, is it's n goi wor seconim and he h t wor again h ownstincts
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himself, in rac where bot candidates a way y w wate he needs to focu thi o clinton. it's ver har f him t d and he needs to find w keep his bra children i probably more important t h than winning t election, t idea that tru w tru i and cater it in w tha doesn' turn off majority the country, whi h i doi rightow he strugglin in o interview, he w struggling. if you see h rallies, he it's almost like publi therapy session he's having wit th american peop n whe he's trying really har t figu h h c becom t candidate everyone is contingen him needed b witho losing the perso h clear loves very muc >> dickerson audie, where you think we are i t campaign? newt gingrich compared donald trump ar truma i 194 he said he's a outside candidate, a scrap fighter not doing things tradition way, tryin t conju memorie d defee truman, in othe
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is donald trum i tha b position? is he needa bomebac or is this jus tempora little hiccup her sti thi he' playing t the rooms where h i mos enjoying support right he's still playing t the people in th reall i don't kno idona tru h met a vote wmbivalen undecided, nee cnvincing righ he either talks to peopl w ar hostile protester t medi biase a hosti according to him a peopl who lo him so i think h h zer conce of what to do wit peopl w need to convinced an s h sen o nodin t tu i around, think i n ther experts a peopl i t beltway can certainly sit aroun an s "wo he' reall g to d " "y, a "z" but he loo aroun ral a a room f o peopl pow adore him an says, w shouldn't i stic wit mut it' eve mor complicat than tha n solidifie
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hillary clinton faced tou battle witanders she 90-plu n amo attorne pretonsistently, tru is the lo 80s he has t chang that ord to b competitive in t election. a lot of those peopl a republican women, a l o the colleg educate w h i n appealing i anyway-- fact, drivin the awa >> dickerson: there wa reporting this week abou letter written to th r.n.c from 7 republica some who have been i t politica g som n s recently, saying t r.n.c. should cut donald trump focus on the senat a hou candidacies. that's not that easy to do, i it? >> negotiate it isn't that eas d "a i premature we're only i augus we're no i lat septemb mid-october for one an a peopl withi t par who have experience wit thi will tel you i y start t do tha n t mon ioi d u donald trump is helping them t
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going to take i a sen i elsewhere," he's going to say "well, we're going t sto raising money so t resourc won actuall be there it's mu mor complicat question than simp sayin wellet thi a everything else wi rem equal." >> dickerson: as somebody put it to m y can g t t bi fanc dinne a kic o the riu you still have t rai t bill they need the money he' raisi fo the michael, i was struck a interview with donald trump, when you ask abo bla a lati voters his answe is- i seemed li saidasically, all c is t truth. in other words, he's goi t ru hampaig there's not going to be special outreac who is your sense o thi we talked abo wanti t kno hiu b t stu y hav to do w campaig >> i w b shift from th primarie we asked about t sam votin blas yea and h w ver confident. he would say i winni republican hispani nesah
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it's clearly n happening it's clearly n working and i think th answer, it wa sort o a rar momen o modes fr trump it sort of- he' comin acknowledg thi now, i think we're sayin a thes thing abo h he' i troubl the poll sh t see o h he could a lea narro thi margin. you battleground poll i florida, less than a thi o people said he ha t temperament to be president, which terribl und b he's still winning o fixing t econom he's stillinnin o chang if he ca foc t conversatio away fro fitness for office, that' real path he f h a leas narrow >> dickerson: an audie o that point a we t pre kind o goi overboard t trum hyperbole, whi say, when say "obam w founder isis," doe h hav lesroom b hyperpollic tha other candidates who say thing that a total hyperpollic a sh nobod tak the tha seriousl but i bei fac checked
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this, th wee because i thi we areanchgi t outrage machine at rap pac and the thi about tru tha maybe disagree wi d littl bit, is that whe h say something, right, tha peopl say controversial, he n forces everyone repea t faulthoo to- quote unquote fact che i normal ey a contextualize it for him you se a lot conversation "what you reall mea w thi an that. and h c say n maybe, ju kidding. the media is doing a t wor might anoth context b consider sociall unacceptable. >> i think it's deepeha jus gafs. gaffe a unintentional >> b h n showi empathy when someone oppos him, h to degrade the he h t dehumaniz the when you g aft goldsta families, when y g aft judge, a jud i you cas that's different tha goi after je bus oka it shows that y lik empathy
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he h bas h life t notion tha not b loser he now i fac t prospec o being one of t bigge loser in america history i don't kno h h adjus t that we hav n see h h adjus tha could maj facto t danger is tt h adjus to it sayin t who process wa rigge a afterwards delegitimizing th democratic process, which could be reall hazardo f t country. >> dickerson: that's right. he mentioned when he was i wa it woul b t cas tha would lo pennsylvania i the system had be rigge th i t sta republica hasn't w sin 198 >> it dangerous ste tha he i takin an i sure there a peopl who will are saying him " not hat i n kno tha f fac but it wou n sho m i reince priebus in the constan conversations sayin "don' there don't that.
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michael said t delegitimize advance the outcome o a election in which you may be on th losinid dickerson: michael gerso let's ta about hillary clint for minut everybody has be saying ther things th donal tru could be talki abo wit hillary clinton, and the a more e-mai thi wee showi cozy relationship between th clinton foundati a t sta department. >> there significant porti of h sport tha doesn think she's hones a trustworthy. that is a vulnerability. she i vulnerabl candidate we couldav something damaging com out we coff u.s attorne d something in the cases there are a lot o factors o here but she is t luckies politician i t wor fac the opposition s h becau she's not a gre candidate she doe ha significa problems. i think republicans are kickin thenselves because the kno they could have competiti race at t point >> dickerson: what do y think of the e-mails >>hink i interesting
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wi something there's difference betwe commandi med attenti a controllin i as kan wes a tyl swift you think you hav people t idea of t narrati you wil be, and you c fac backlas i think clintoometime things that fly out o h mou fit narrati tha alrea have, he doubters alread hav which is i can tru you or does see lik eve tim you say something need back and check d line-by-line cop edi figur ou tar and it's t opposite wit trump. i think in the err tablo media, people know wha loo cannon looks lik if he sahings tha f t narrative a person w can contro themselveses, that' something th voters ca recognize, even if the thi want med bia dickerson: t difficult of hilla communicating, it not just about t campaign, presiden doi pre conferences it will have a effect on the way s
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>> i think t w s h conducted herse in so o those ways i thi campaig wil make her ability t govern al the more difficu i s becomes th president nability t acknowled a admit rea mista i clear part o h character >> dickerson: all righ thanks to all of you we're going to have t lea i there. we'll be right back. i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable
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>> dickerson: that's i f u toda thanks f watchi if y missed an part t show o want watch i again "face the nation i cab syst throu on-demand until ne wee fface t nation," i'm john dickerson w inch of the car from virtually r anywhere share critical information about ever brakes are getting war confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes understood, brake bias back 2 clicks
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thousands rescued from deadly floods. by air, by boat, and raw courage. at least 7,000 are saved as floodwaters rise in the deep south. >> also tonight, wildfires, cars an california's air dangerous to breathe. >> this is the police. you need to leave the area. >> in milwaukee, a night of rage after police shoot and kill a young black man they say was armed and refusing to drop his weapon. >> ryan lochte and three other american swimmers robbed in rio. >> and the muslim-american olympian hoping to be a game changer outside of her sport. >> we are in this time where
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know, speaking out against muslims. ? ? welcome to the "cbs overnight news." three people are dead as floodwaters continue to rise to historic levels in the deep south. rescue crews have saved the lives of at least 7,000 people and their pets. since thursday, parts of louisiana have been hit with more than 30 inches of in heavy rain continues to swamp some areas as creeks and rivers spill onto roads and highways. omar vichllafranca. >> reporter: floodwaters continue to immerse baton rouge. here the crew from a coast guard helicopter pulled three stranded residents from a roof. >> do you have something? >> yeah. >> a search crew on this boat came across a car. pulling this woman and her dog
2:02 am
>> i got the dog! >> nearly 2,000 national guard troops have been assisting louisiana residents this weekend. according to officials, floodwaters killed three people, damaged more than 2,000 homes. stranded countless animals. 5,000 people are currently in shelters. volunteers jeremiah johnson and henry dufrance say they rescued 150 people with their bet and truck because it was the right thing to do. >> people are going to ask, why >> just what we do as a community. we help each other out, you know. i would expect somebody to do it for me and my family. why i do it. >> louisiana is resilient. we have strong, faithful people here. i am extremely encouraged by the amount of cooperation we have gotten from people. we see folks who are truly being neighbors to one another. >> reporter: louisiana governor john bell edwards toured the damage and says some areas have become islands. >> it makes it very difficult for people to get out.
2:03 am
difficult for first responders and sometimes to get in. so, we are asking everyone to be patient. surely, the waters are going to recede over time. so, everyone please -- just be very cautious out there. >> more than 1,000 people were stranded on interstate 12 overnight. elaine, first responders are using helicopters to drop food and water to those people. >> omar villafranca reporting, omar, thank you. other parts of the country are dealing with dangerous heat and humidity. the national forecast from pamela gardner at wvz in boston. pamela. >> elaine from west coast to east coast dealing with hot temperature thousands. through monday at least. heat advisories are posted. right around the los angeles area. excessive heat warnings in effect from philadelphia all the way to even boston the heat advisory in effect as well. monday's high temperatures out west. los angeles, 98.
2:04 am
here in the east, also dealing with humidity levels. temperatures, low to mid 90s. also with the humidity factored in, heat index around 100 to 105. rainfall also tracking what is going on in louisiana. devastating rain totals. right outside of baton rouge, watson, flood watches and warnings in effect through sunday in louisiana. also through tuesday as the same system tracks through the ohio potential. that center of low pressure starts to move through missouri and up through the ohio valley into indiana by tuesday morning where we could see anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of additional rainfall. >> pamela gardner. pamela, thank you so much. in west extreme heat combined with thick smoke from wildfires and air pollution from millions of cars is making the air in some places dangerous to breathe. here is mireya villarreal. >> reporter: back in the '80s,
2:05 am
part of the los angeles skyline as the hollywood sign. today, while l.a. county's air quality has improved, health officials say pollution kills 1,300 people a year making it the deadliest air in the country. according to a new study, that number is more than triple the number of air pollution related deaths in new york and twice the total in texas. lead author kevin cromar. >> we see the annual number of excess deaths is quantitatively similar from alcohol related traffic fatalities. >> reporter: in california heavy traffic, industrial commerce, lack of rain, and wildfires are all to blame. >> bad air -- high levels of pollution become deadly to a society because chronically people are ingesting these particulate molecules. >> reporter: dr. anthony cardillo, e.r. doctor and has seen a rise in patients suffering from pollution. you don't need to be a medical


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