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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  August 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> half the parents are crying. they are devastated. they just can't believe their kid got it. >> denise: we are talking about super lice, at resistant to most treatments. tonight we are getting answers on what to do if your kids get it. >> first we have breaking news involving thousands of students. the cleveland teacher's union authorized a strike. >> denise: this news coming as the kids are heading back to the classroom for their first day of school today. sara goldenburg is live downtown now getting answers on what happens next. sara? >> reporter: well cmsd says they are working to minimize
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students. the cleveland teachers union met tonight, but they will not comment on the strike right now. we are told the union will issue a statement on their status tomorrow. today was the first day of school for students at cleveland metropolitan school district as schools opened across cleveland teachers were working without a new contract. the contract expired on june 30th. the teacher's union and cmsd were not able to come to an agreement for a new contract after bargaining sessions throughout june. in to help negotiations. in july they said many matters were settled, but important issues were on the line. they held rallies citing these concerns. over evaluations and the need for more libraries and electives in all schools. now cmsd sent us this statement saying in part the district and the ctu have been in negotiations since november
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hours in bargaining. a significant number of items have been resolved, and only a few remain. it is unfortunate therefore that the ctu has chosen to put its efforts toward a strike rather than working to resolve the true remaining items. now under ohio law the union has to give a 10-day notice until the strike officially goes into effect. sara goldenburg, cleveland 9 -- 19 news. >> denise: the cleveland metropolitan dist second largest in the state with more than 38,000 students. teachers in the district were paid an average of a little more than $70,000 a year three years ago. with nearly 2500 full time teachers. >> always watching and always tracking, now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: a warm and muggy evening. we had mainly light rain coming through. and it continues to lift through here. there can still be light rain
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area. you can see how the bulk of it is out on the lake. what i am watching tomorrow is happening in indiana. better set up for heavier showers and storms. that is a flash flood warning for the south bend indiana area. we had rain in southern michigan and that's what is on the way tomorrow. a yellow alert for the rain and storms. a few of these could go uh veer. we -- go severe. it wouldn't surprise mooy if a few storms go severe. an alert for that. staying humid this week and an unsettled woke end -- weekend ahead. those are the weather headlines. look how warm it is. 77 degrees as of 11:00. cleveland and akron and low 70s. we are not going to drop too much further. you can always be informed of any storms coming your way
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weather app. get radar and customize the app to where you live. chris? >> chris: jeff, thank you. an update to breaking news we brought you at 6:00. roads are back open after a construction worker was killed earlier this evening. we are told he was directing a dump truck and doing some work along the road when he was somehow struck and killed by the truck. the ohio state patrol is investigating the accident. >> the marching band director and the assistant director are we are getting answers for parents on what happened. according to the district superintendent, the band was involved in hazing incidents. one included band members being pushed into a lake at night. in another incident band members were wrapping students in plastic wrap, and some were forced to take part in demeaning skits. the super -- the superintendent called the hazing unacceptable.
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ohio today as donald trump was in youngstown to layout his plans to battle terrorism iffy lie detectorred. if elected. >> military, cyber and financial warfare will all be necessary to dismantle islamic terrorism. >> mr. trump didn't repeat his call for a ban of muslims, but wants a new test for immigrants coming in from countries with ties to terrorism. the nominee also wants to stop nation buildin removing dictators to install american-friendly governments which he says doesn't work. >> denise: looking to wednesday hillary clinton will be in cleveland on wednesday. the democratic nominee will tour the new john marshall high school and then we will talk about tax fairness and investing in ohio. doors open to the public at 11:15. if you don't like either candidate, perhaps you would like a third choice. the libertarian candidate gary rejohnson will be on the ohio
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today the secretary of state said he will allow the third party to swap out a temporary candidate's name for johnson's. >> denise: with kids heading back to school there is a beg concern among parents, super lice. >> it is a new form of the bug that is stronger and harder to get rid of. tiffani tucker is getting answers on what you can do to keep your kids lice free. tiffani? >> i thought they made a mistake. i thought, no, we were at the beach the day before and maybe something. >> she said at first she couldn't understand why the school nurse wanted her to pick her daughter up from camp right away jaivment to think there are bugs on your child biting your child just the thought of it makes you itch. >> reporter: it turns out 8-year-old kayla had lice. >> i thought it was just weird for little bugs to live in your hair and hatch and
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>> reporter: lice is common among kids especially at school. momma shell knew she had to treat the problem right away, but worried about using toxins on her daughter's hair and even heard some of the over the counter shampoos are resistant to lice. but there are effective and in expensive is lice treatments you can buy over the counter that costs anywhere from $14 to $18 like a200, rid, nix and pronto. different route. he has been treating the pesky bugs for seven years and has seen thousands of patients. kayla is now one of his patients and during a check they discovered her younger sister also had lice. >> half of the parents are crying. they are devastated. they can't believe their kid got. it a lot of palm have a misconception that lice is for dirty people.
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hairs on each individual follicle. gilbert uses a nontoxic enzyme spray to help remove the lice. >> what it does is it melts the exoskeleon of the bug. >> you have to do the treatment every night for five to seven days to get rid of them unlike the over the counter chemicals that take at least 10 days. >> all right, sweetie, be really still. >> now michell checks both girls to make sure the lice doesn't return. she is glad she found a safe way to get rid of the bugs and is now educated in what to do and how to treat it. >> i know more about lice than i ever care to know, but i am happy to share it with anyone. >> according to the study published in the journal of medical entemoloy42 of the states tested are over run
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for more information on the new form of lice head to cleveland chris? >> chris: tiffani, thanks. there are several home remedies to treat lice including putting mayonaise, olive oil and lotion on someone's scalp, but doctors can't guarantee the effectiveness. >> denise: official at the cuyahoga county fair would like to reunite three military medals with their owner.>> took a bullet from somebody. we need to get it back where he belongs. >> the medals are two purple hearts and a bronze star from world war two. they were dropped off on friday at the announcement booth at the fair. if you know who they belong to please call the cuyahoga county fair office. >> if you are coming this week on wednesday or thursday get ready for some traffic.
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and paul mccartney is playing two soldout shows at the q. and thursday everyone knows this, 67,000 strong going to the browns' pre-season home opener. there will be long lines of cars everywhere. to help they will add extra trains to alleviate some of the extra traffic. >> get ready to start packing your child's lunch for school. what will give them more pep in their step? >> and you may want to check your credit card statement after that summer vacation. there may be charges you didn't make. we're getting answers on the hotel hack next. hi, jeff. >> jeff: looks like the rain is letting up for now. the feazel roof cam cloudy skies it and it is tough sleeping out there. a better risk of storms tomorrow. a few could be on the strong side. i'll detail that coming up. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app. powered by the calvetta
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>> driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> a warning if you stayed in a hotel over your summer vacation. 20 hotel properties including hyatt, star wood hotels were
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there is credit and debit collection going back to march of 2015. if you see any unusual charges just report them right away. >> they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. when it comes to performance at school, dieticians say parents need to pay as much attention to lunch. jen is getting healthy trends for lunch ks bos. >> reporter: to ensure healthy, kids resist the urge to put a bag of chips, an apple and the same old pb and j in here. some fun ways to fuel their afternoons. taking your kids' lunch from trade bait or tossed in the trash to coveted and nutritious only takes creativity on your end, says this ridge -- registered dietician. >> they need that to have better behavior and a better attention span and to be prepped to learn. it is proven.
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and fresh cheese and colorful veggies is better than pre package ked meals. >> if they get a lot of processed food and sugar they will not have the attention and they will be hungry later and quicker because their body is digesting it quickly. >> the energy boosting lunch doesn't need to be kept hot or cold either. you can also give in to the urge to snack and pack them finger foods to satisfy their hunger and all of the food groups. >> it is a very nutrient lunch which is so important because with not enough sleep kids typically get is they are not eating nutrient dense foods. >> if a dip like ranch or humas will get them to eat veggies, just do it. if you need to up your sandwich game swap may for smashed uh vaca toe and try sprouted wheat bread. >> this particular bread has five grams of protein per slice. you are getting 10-grams of
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>> and to ensure an empty lunch box get them involved. >> if they can help you the night before they are more likely to eat it. >> good luck with that, right? a healthy lunch for your kids can have a trickle down effect for your lunch. are you likely to prepare your own lunch while you are on a roll. better for you too if they are eating healthier. chris? >> chris: jen, thanks for that. a n using methods that could put their babies at risk for a sleep-related death. researchers looked at video recordings of nearly 170 infants and up to six months old and they found many were placed on their bellies or their side to sleep instead of their back. more than 90% had items in their crib that shouldn't be there like loose bedding, blankets and bumpers. >> the crib is safest place and they are not going to hurt
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is what pro techs them from the bars. >> parents are bombarded by unsafe baby products. no matter how much you may want to take your baby into bed with you, don't do it. it can lead to dead looy consequences. >> gift cards are easy presents, of course, but criminals have figured out how to drain the cards before you can even use them. tonight we are getting answers so you don't become a victim. the best thing to do is buy a gift card directly from the stor ask for cards that are kept behind the counter or in a cash register. this way the hackers don't have access to steal the numbers or tamper with them before you buy them. >> many of you may be wondering who this is sitting next to me here. this is our new colleague, chris tanaka and it is your first day on-the-job. >> chris: it is and it has been a great first day. >> jeff: busy. you guys were at the zoo earlier.
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how is the weather looking, jeff? jeff -- >> jeff: the weather is looking fine. you are from hawaii. well you came from hawaii. you are not originally from hawaii. >> chris: yes. >> jeff: are you used to the warm stuff. >> chris: it is a nice, balmy day, absolutely. >> denise: let's get it out of here. >> jeff: it will feel hawaii-like. >> denise: we can handle it. >> jeff: the best chance of rain will be tomorrow and then things settle down. doppler max network we are seeing a you have to go to the bay. kelly's island, good stuff. and of course sandusky is always a hotspot as well. cedar-point. got a shower on the live scan there. here is a look at the loop and you can see that wave of rain coming in. it mainly affected the western counties. people were clipped with a light bit of rain.
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bit of a low. a shower could pop up at anytime throughout the night. it is mainly going to be light rain and to the morning drive. out to the west, notice this orange and red and southern michigan seeing steadier rains. this is the showers and storms that i am watching. better set up do happen to the west. it looks like the focus will shift east tomorrow and then by afternoon. a br see showers and storms at that time. so just a heads up. they will be around. here is a look at 5:00 in the morning. again a few light showers around. tomorrow morning it doesn't look like much. the latest run here of our future view model still seeing isolated showers here and there. but then by 2:00 in the afternoon you can see how things kind of pulse up here a little bit. showers and storms and heavy rains and perhaps a few of these severe. it looks like we could have light showers around in the
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though i think those will be more isolated. youngstown and colombiana county. this is where the slight risk is or the better opportunity. marginal for most of our area along the front. look at this. tonight muggy and tomorrow we sneak up to the oppressive. it will be uncomfortable and even on wednesday it doesn't go down much light rain and 74 is the low. you will slip down to 69 degrees there for your low. tomorrow morning i have us at a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. low to mid70s and just a few showers around and perhaps a rumble of thunder. the wind will pick up. it is going to be a windy gay >> it will be a windy day. 86 with showers and storms developing by afternoon. seven-day forecast 3 at 8:00 a.m. and then by 2:00 we are up to 83.
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86 your high. you will see storms around by the afternoon. not the best of boating. a small craft advisory will be issued tomorrow. by the time we get to wednesday, we got the yellow alert tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday a small chance of showers and storms. mid80s it will be humid throughout the rest of the week. saturday is a risk of storms going up. here is the next front. 84 a saturday and 76 is the low. it is very warm. 82 on sunday. that's when a front comes through and then a pattern shift as we turn cooler and less humid. chris, over to you. >> chris: thanks, jeff. cleveland 19 is a proud sponsor of the komen race for the cure. the event downtown in just 12 days. nearly 16,000 people here in northeast ohio were touched by a donation from the program. that's where you come in. sign up on our website,
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you can become part of our team. registration begins at 6:00. the 5k will get started at 9:00. >> denise: a warning for pregnant women who take acetaminophen. it can raise the risk of emotional or behavioral problems . doctors say it should only be taken when necessary. we are getting answers for you on what medications contain acetaminophen. it is the main tylenol, of course and can be found in medicines for allergies, colds, flu and sleeping aides. >> chris: josh gordon says his commitment is not the only thing that has changed. tony z with sports. >> the new dangers of charging your cell phone in public. and where you can get the back to school haircuts for free. >> and we are tracking more
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> i don't know who should be happier about josh gordon being back on the field, josh gordon or rg iii. griffen knows what gordon can do. if they turn out to be play makers again, lookout. the first step for gordon isge today and getting the work in before the nfl shuts them down. as for how he feels he says not only has he changed, but the culture in berea has changed. >> i am excited to be back. these guys are great. this opportunity is like none i have felt or seen before. i really want to be a part of it. everybody feels differently. you feel more enthusiastic coming to work when guys are going to commit themselves. >> that's just what the
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i bought into it and the rest of the guys have. >> the nfl flexing its muscle again threatening to suspend james harrison and three other players if they don't provide interviews to the league in 10 days. harrison and clay matthews and julius peppers and mike neil are at the center of the performance-enhancing drug probe following the al jazeera documentary. stay tuned to that. no day off for the tribe. thisy have a make up matinee with the red sox. the former first round pick on the hil he takes them deep in the fourth. he drove in both runs for the tribe, but not enough. big papi, why is this guy retiring? 27th of the year. josh tomlin made two mistakes. that was one and this is another. we lose 3-2. that was a tight one. white sox are in town tomorrow. before we go, there are coaches who are hands on and then there is p j-flec who got his start with the buckeyes
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walk on-line backer can stop them at the goal line we all go home. carson delivered on the field and then sly stallone delivered on the scoreboard. >> the fact that you are a walk on and you accomplished this is extraordinary. i forgot one thing that is important. you have gotten a full ride scholarship, my man. you are the man. >> how cool is that? sly stallone and as you can see, well that will get your team going >> oh my gosh. how did he pull that off? >> alumni. the guys of left hour right went to western michigan. >> thanks, buddy good to see you again. a great recruiting pool for
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>> a squirrel in connecticut found itself in a sticky situation. >> chris: luckily paramedics came to the rescue. they even recorded their life-saving actions. it is easy to make fun of, i suppose. he got his head stuck in a yogurt cup. >> denise: poor thing. they were able to free the animal. it does go to show the dangers of littering. how does the morning commute look the heavier stuff will come in the afternoon. low to mid70s and it is going to be muggy. 76 at 9:00 a.m. i have us warming to 86. showers and storms by the afternoon. it will be a windy day out there as well. >> denise: all right, jeff. and thank you for joining us tonight cleveland 19 this morning begins at 4:30 a.m.
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( knocking ) >> stephen: hey, senator warren! thank you so much for being here to talk about donald trump's speech tonight. >> it's good to be here. >> stephen: hey, is there any chance i can announce on my show tonight that you are hillary clinton's v.p. pick? because that would be a huge thing for o show! >> stephen, i think if it were me, i would know it by now, so probably not. but look, she has lots of good choices, and i'm excited to see who she's going to pick. >> stephen: all right, fair enough, i had to ask. anyway, have a great show. i'll see you out there. all right, bye. ( laughter ) >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert!


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